Bonus - Angela Manuel-Davis on Holding Space, Feeling Worthy + Living on Purpose at Propel CoLabs Fitness Festival


<music> i got to a point where i needed to completely lean and surrender to the call on my life. It wasn't okay for me anymore not to that feeling of not being sold out and fully committed it felt so it kita me that i couldn't help but put a demand on my potential. I couldn't help but be all that. I was intended to be the and strive for that. On a daily basis. You're listening to the almost thirty podcast hosted by christa williams and lindsay simsek almost thirty started as a conversation about the transition from our twenties toward thirties but then we realized realized life is full of transitions so be expanded our mission. We are an intuition led wellness focused lifestyle podcast that promises to deliver authentic conversations diverse points of view and insights rooted and optimism growth and intention the almost thirty nation community is a group of purposeful dreamers dreamers who are smart passionate and always seeking the full potential in every aspect of their lives at almost thirty were making magic together the dream it and then we do it. Thanks so much for tuning into the almost thirty podcast here we go hello everyone welcome to almost thirty podcast young girls lindsay and krista and we're super excited to bring you you a special bonus episode. We were live from the propel collapse fitness festival in l._a. This summer the fourth year of one of the biggest fitness suggestive <unk> out there and you know that almost thirty is all about bringing people together. We are all about community. We are all about learning growth inspiration and really celebrating everything that we're doing and everything that is good in a really authentic way so propel collapsed is such a fit for us. It's actually the third event that we've done with them and we've loved partnering airing with them. We've loved the community that they built and we've loved the what they're building with propel co labs and we were so lucky to interview leaders and fitness and oliver mind body health hyphen wellness and are excited to bring you this series every friday powered by propel. These episodes are thirty minutes but packed with inspiration ration- and just really grounded. Insightful conversations could not be more excited yet. They're a little bit different than our style so it's more question answer style rather than conversational but i love how impactful these interviews are so we are pumped and our first interview is the lovely angela. Davis angela is one of the world's top cycle instructors doctors and she has been on tour with oprah poor. Her super soul tour and this conversation is incredibly powerful. Please enjoy choi. We wanted to create you know a place where people your little less alone. You know so we're not gurus. We're not experts. We're learning right along with you so <hes> this conversation today. I've been looking forward to this for for quite a while. When i heard angela davis was on the roster for us to talk to him. I've admired angela for years now we <hes> <hes> worked together formerly and i just have always seen and felt her light so deeply and i know you wilted this morning. She is a former elite athlete. She's a motivational speaker and one of l. A.'s most. I think the world's most in demand indoor indoor cycling teachers and just can't wait to dig in with her today's. Let's welcome angela davis. Thank you thank you thank you hi. Hi guys so excited to you know for me. The first thing that comes to mind when i think about angela is her ability to hold space so i would love for you to just talk talk about where that comes from. You can go back as far as you want but that is such a gift and such a talent for lack of better terms good morning good morning hi hannah good morning. I think for me it's been asked before like were you always this confidant and i wasn't. I wasn't always this confident but what happened for me is that i got to a point where i needed to completely lee lean and surrender to the call on my life and it wasn't okay for me anymore not to do and that feeling of not being sold out and fully committed. It felt so a key adamy that i couldn't help but retire. I couldn't help but put a demand on my potential. I couldn't help help but be all that. I was intended to be an strive for that on a daily basis like that just really really drove me and so <hes> i think being able to hold space is is you feeling worthy of space you now now. I think that's key. I think a lot of times you know i i once heard someone say it was actually brown's. She said that that people well don't achieve their goals a lot of times because they don't feel worthy of them so it's not until we even feel worthy of the dream team you know we feel worthy of the call on our life that we can really begin to achieve and for me that was like the first step in and holding space was filling worthy of the space that i'm holding you know and taking ownership of that like hey. I woke up this morning. I'm here not everybody was on the wake up this morning. You know what i mean but we're we're here you know and just to to shift the perspective and to take every step and gratitude and i think that's what allows me to hold space that gave me chills. It's also for me the ability not only to hold space for myself but it also puts the responsibility on me so it's the radical responsibility that it's all my responsibility to feel worthy to make myself feel that way because i'm i even struggle with that. Now you know with our podcast the ability to feel worthy of of being in this room with amazing people all the time so i'm so glad you said that that was really really beautiful. I've taken your class at seoul. It was like church. Honestly i was like oh wow aw this is a great. Who's taking her class quite the experience i was like twelve. I'm like i will get in and i somehow got it and honestly they were like. I don't it was like a holiday weekend or something. I don't know waiting in the back. <hes> i would love to hear about your journey there in in how you know your process to become the top instructor there in your process to really find your groove and differentiate yourself among some of the best in the world well not everyone knows this but my father was drafted out of high school to play professional baseball so he was a professional baseball player all of my life life and he ended up coaching and the major league and managing in the major leagues and in two thousand he was manager of the year you're <hes> he has a world series ring with the florida marlins and he was just this extraordinary coach in this extraordinarily manager and they would compare him not like <hes> a phil jackson like he was really you know philosophical and he was just this brilliant coach and and his whole idea and intentions behind being a major league baseball manager and coach wise whereas i have to get the man to be as great as the athlete so here i am here. I'm talking as i'm him so oh he's saying here. I am managing these hall of fame athletes these amazing athletes but how do i help promote bat father that man that brother so we can't just have a great athlete and a not so great man like what is that they need to match. They need to match. You know so that's kind of where i had come from as a coach. It's not really about you on a bike. It's not you you know in a room and boot camp setting. It's it's how does that translate to how you are in your life and i knew that being a professional athlete myself you know coming from being ranked in the top twenty five in the world at one hundred meters and traveling the world and wrap in u._s._a. I knew that it wasn't a bow just being being an elite athlete. I knew that that wasn't it. I knew that that there wasn't gonna be fulfilment and that i knew that who we are on the inside inside needed a match those achievements in those accomplishments that we make and for me physicality and movement and coaching was the vehicle to get someone to see that and to understand that and to make that connection and so that's where i come from and that's the heart and the intention behind how and why i coached the way that i do your <hes> history as an elite athlete athlete just kind of brings up for me the idea of attaching to an identity and it sounds like you were able to not do that but i'm sure you had moments where you did right but in terms of you know as a coach and coaching human beings you see people attaching to a certain identity and how would you say say if someone just says they are will i am. I am a nutritionist and that's kind of how they attach themselves. It's to their life. How would you coach them into really embodying the true essence of who they are attaching more to their soul rather than to that title well yeah. The title is what you do. It's not who you are. You know so that's just you know from jump it it it you know we are in a day and age my sister just did this beautiful show it was on the hills on a hill song network and it was now with natalie the and she really talked. She really like dove into that. I did episode with her but it was talking about a lot about the false identity you know and and we're kind of in a day and age where like follows and legs and like attached to all the wrong things that we think make us who we are interesting interesting. Are we find validity and our worthiness. N and that's just not like you know you can be extraordinary at something and not a good person. What's that you know so i think attaching yourself tha kindness and humanity the and compassion and empathy and forgiveness you know i think those are things that make up the material of who we are. You know it's not what we do but it's it's you know how we treat people. You know i i mean and so that's huge for me is really getting someone to you to to understand that you know because what happens is when you attach yourself to what you do and you're no longer doing that. Then you lose who you are where that was never who you were in the first place. It was just what you did and we have to understand that the gifts you know we're all born with talents every single one of us is born with gifts and talents every single. No one of us is born in purpose on purpose for a purpose. We're not created to find purpose. You're not going to like oh. Let me find my purpose. I mean fine wine here here. You are already created in purpose with purpose on a per like four purpose like already created with that so really life is about exploring that in leaning into that and operating in those gifts and talents and so i think you know for me. It was just really like understanding that and that that changes you know i used to be. I used to run track professionally. I don't do that anymore you know and so what is the extension of the guest you know coaching you know coaching became an extension of the gaff speaking became an extension of the guests you know making music now became an extension of the gas by get just what is the extension of what is the remix. What is the remix and never attaching just the one thing but what's the remix you you know and like fine at flow and i think that can keep us free you know and something that doesn't keep us free as limiting beliefs and i know that we have you know we all have different ones that were working with whether we are aware of them or not. How do you coach people to recognize and then worked through their limiting beliefs that they may have. It's lenny beliefs are so paralyzing and what's crazy is we could take on someone else's belief system for us like someone can look at me and say you're a woman your mom your would can listen to all kinds of things and i only hold you to this and then we somehow come an agreement and partner with that isn't that crazy like how quickly we relinquish our right to be all that we were called created an intended to be because someone else had an opinion about us and then we just relinquish the right okay well maybe and so in coaching someone and a breakthrough that it's really reminding them of the dream. By what is that dream you've had since you are a little girl or what did i dream. You've had since you were a little boy. What is that. What is that thing that keeps you up at night that has you toss an intern. And what is that what something that you've been able to see that you've been given a vision for that. No one else can see that's hatched to your purpose and not everyone everyone is going to be able to see that for you and that's okay but get around people who will breathe life into that get around people who believe even you own. We'll speak to the gifts and talents and those were the people that will help you break through those ceilings but you may not have even put their for yourself and help you break through those limitations and help you break through to the next level but it's really surrounding yourself with people that can speak to the gift i and it's about not partnering and coming into agreement with someone else's limitations for you and remembering remembering remembering what you've seen for yourself. Remember that we so easily forget we forget eh. We forget and we were talking a little bit back. They're like it's easier for you. You know the opposite of this too when someone else can see it for you but it's okay to see it for yourself like it's okay to have a dream. It's okay to have a vision. You know visionary someone that can see the future with great imagination. It's okay. It's okay you know and not to be you know embarrassed embarrassed by that. Maybe it's not for you to share with everyone. You know because not everyone can handle it. Not everyone you know what i mean and not everyone's one is going to support it. It's not for everyone but whatever that is. I hold that and don't forget that like remember that remember that dream you know if god let you see it. He already put it in you to be it. You know and i believe that with everything that i am like if you can see it you can be it and surround yourself with people support that yeah i love the idea of thinking back to when you're a little girl little boy like just being so clear and like not having any limits and you know wanting. I wanted to be like the first dancing tennis player. You know what i mean but but you know it's so clear there's no judgment around it but like where did that. Go you know there's so many layers that are just put on top of us that we really have to work now to peel back but i just i love that that reminder. You know i'm curious. You mentioned like bringing people around you that support you and really help you to realize it's just how full of purpose you are. How have you done that and i know you are meeting and around different communities unity's all the time and were in l._a. You know it's it's a lot it can be chaotic. So how do you create that cultivate that and then also manage your own energy to be able to give as much as you give. That's a good question. <hes> i think what connects us. I've first of all we were all all created to commune. We were every single. One of us has created to commune. It's not like we're created to to be isolated by ourselves. We are created. It's a commune and the thing that brings community together is 'cause sharing a 'cause you know sharing an intention and and i think that's what's so beautiful about the communities that i am. A part of an loss angeles is that there is a cause and there is an intention and we are working towards in high a higher expression of ourselves. We're holding each other to hire you know you are the total some of the five closest people to you so being mindful of the people that you put around you and are the people that are around you are they are. They poking holes in your vote. Are they growing your boat or they in your boat and rowing your boat and when you can't row there rowing and so i'm really selective with who i choose to be around and not in a way that i feel like better than or anything like that but i'm just really really selective selected about my time and my energy because what i do matter so much not who i am what i i do matter so much and i know that i need energy to do what i do and to be excellent at what i do. And have you ever been around people where you leave them and you feel like it ki- okay well. They're not that's doesn't work right or if you've left people you feel better. You know like like we pay attention. Pay attention to and i just i pay attention to that. I'm really sensitive to that and i know that maybe maybe hanging out or doing something that energetically. It's gonna cost me more than i'm willing to spend and so i'm okay with saying no. I'm okay with that. You know i'm i'm probably a lot older than a lot of you guys in here and i'm okay with that like i'm okay with no no no. Is you know a full sentence. Can you now now. You're gonna wise just so we always want to put something on it like we always trying to put some on it now. Now tom and just being really okay with that girl. Really i need to go in the mirror and just be like no we can all practice are knows i make the longest knows ever. I'm like well. Maybe if i meant to say. No one thing that i've noticed too is when i am on my self care game and i'm really being thoughtful about it. It does include no and no is kind of where it starts for me not for everyone and then kind of a guest myself nauseous to myself. Can you tell us about yourself carretero. My family really feel me. My my family feeds may and so self care for me is being able to be with people being able to be with my family. You know people who know me really well. I'm kind of the worst with texting or on my phone because i don't have my phone by me. You know i'm not that gray on instagram. I don't even know how to do the story because i'm not if i'm with you i'm with you. You know what i mean and sure it'd be better for in my life and my brand if i were to do that but my love language is time and so so if i'm with you i'm with you you know and i'm just going to be in the pocket with you and so self care for me is being with people that breathe life back into me you know and just at just feels really really good feels really really good to me and and south care is sleep you know as a mom and a wife and <hes> a working mom mm-hmm sleep is important eating good. You know really bad food. Bothers me like like bad. Food is the worst to me it just as a waste like i you now so like really eating good food being around on people i love being able to sleep until my body says it's time to wakeup if i can get that in that self care for me speaking of your family and your husband's here and you have two beautiful boys one of your kids tell you wow my kids are so different like completely different. My little one teaches me freedom. He's free. He still lets his stomach hang out how he eats what he wants when he wants aunts and he just leans in to life he's just free. He's just where's the good time and if it's not around around i will be the good time i will make it the good time and he has taught me that freedom <hes> and my oldest child has taught me grace. He just has grace he just he saw he's kind he has manners. He's really excellent excellent at what he does. He's very gifted and he has a grace about him when he uh-huh moves in and out and through the world so my kids have taught me freedom and grace it's beautiful and your ability to be so present and and give and receive that time allows you to release you that because i you know we're all moving so fast so public it could be easy to miss that those are the lessons that they are here to teach you and then i'll follow up bay saying what is being in a loving committed partnership taught you well. I wouldn't be doing what i'm doing. If i didn't have <hes> has been that is so extraordinary and he was the one that was able to see the gift and speak to the gift because i had walked away from all of it. I went through really bad postpartum depression. After i had my second child i went onto really bad <unk> postpartum and i was depressed and i was on the couch and i i just like like living was a lot living with a lot and you know just the weight of the day just yes. I couldn't even get off the couch. There were days where i just couldn't even get off the couch and i was breastfeeding and i'm like i got kids and and he was the one who said you are and encourage her and the world is waiting for you. I just went down the street and talk. There's this yoga spend spend studio down the street. I just went on the street and i talked to the owner <hes> they're waiting for you and <hes> that is literally like like how it happened. He was he started to speak to the gift and was just like on and he just did it. In a way that was so kind and so loving where i was able to receive ziva because someone can love you and you're not able to even receive a ray but he did it in a way where i was able to receive it and i was able to hear here it. I was able to hear a weight. Wow you're right. That is who i am and and i and i and i lost you know like i you you know i am an encourage you know and so i think that's everything i think having someone that loves you and knows how to love you. Oh i think you being willing to receive love and give love and beautiful partnership and you having someone that i can speak to the gift and see the gift. Even when you can't is key anything that ties it together to with the limiting beliefs in the sense of you could attach to others limiting beliefs of you you can also attach to their vision for you and the the beauty they see in you so that's such a beautiful mirror. How can we best support report our family our community our friends you know i think that's such a beautiful example of this support that he had for you seeing the best in you and seeing your gifts when maybe you couldn't because of <hes> post-partum. How would you recommend people to support others. I think the best way for us to support each other to search for the good and each other like you're gonna find what you're looking for. Every single one of us will find what we're looking for. If you know someone is standing in front of us and we you know go to nitpick nitpick. We can make fine every little thing that we want to say that is wrong but if you search for the good you know if that's your lens sounds if my lens to search for the good and and people and my community and situations and speak to that and breathe life life into that i think that's how we support each other. We we speak to the good. We speak to the gift and we hold each other to hire there. You know friends. Don't let friends subtle like if you've got people in your life that don't call you on your staff. That's not your friend friends. Don't let friends subtle. I don't want people in my life and might tight group. That won't call me out or homey accountable like that. What does that do that doesn't serve me and that doesn't serve anybody so i think having people in your life that are super honest. <hes> speaking to the gift is a way to really support each other. That's how we support each other. You know honesty and speaking life yeah and it's it can spread so it's you know i think if we look for the negative the other person's gonna find a negative in someone else. You must see it happen so i just think i i completely agree what something right now today this week that you're really proud of. I'm writing a book finally. I'm really proud of it. It's a big deal. It's one of the hardest things i've ever done in my life and i was kicking and screaming the whole way. I'd even sign the book deal on. I was like i'll give the money back. I'll give it back <hes> just because it's just it's just that hard. I i guess just that hard to write a book. It's just that hard you know. It's not like you could say it and take it back like it's out there and so really really really every word counts and matters and and really me writing. A book is just a tool to inspire. You know it's not like oh look at me. I wrote a book. I've never wanted right above. I didn't want to write a book but it's just a tool. You know they made me someone will get this book and be inspired may be someone get this book and turned the corner and believes that their dream is valid. Maybe someone will get this book and feel worthy of their best life. You know like it's just a tool and so when that matter so much to you everything that you put in there matters and so it's just the hardest thing i've ever done but it's worth it. Is it hard to relive stories and kind of go through uh-huh yeah all of that. I've been like processing those those while you're writing the bug well everything that we've ever gone through and our lives have brought us to this moment has brought us to right now you know so and that's why in in the heat of something hard i can look at someone and say you know this isn't happening to you but for you. Just shift your perspective. It's is not happening to you but for you and there's a reason why and it's changing the material on the inside of you and posturing you for what's in front of you so just go go through it be able to go through it be able to sit in the pocket be able to lean into the challenge and so i i am who i am as a coach as a mom as a wife has a sister as a friend because of all of that stuff and so i'm okay with sharing airing that because i know it's changed me and allowed me to be who i am so i'm okay with that. I'm okay with that. Yeah yeah the honoring of who you've become. It's just a tribute to that. That's beautiful last question from me lately. I've been like trying to think about things you know. People people ask not me but in general like what are you working on and i want to know something about you. That may be. You've been told you need to work on on or you think you need to work on but now you really celebrate it all right. This is being really really honest. I have come to a place where i do honestly search out the good in people and there was a time in my life where i was younger and <hes> where i felt like i it could take that information that negative information about somebody and draw conclusions or be judgmental and i literally in the people people who are the closest to me know this. I don't even wanna hear it. I don't even want to hear it mike. I just wanna get to know people on on my own. I don't you don't have to bring me any information you don't have to and and that is a place where i honestly worked to be to not participate in the gossip and the judgment don't even participating brings me. I don't care on even pair pair on even care. I've really worked to stay clean and clear of that so that when i'm in a moment with someone that i can truly be in a moment was one inc you so much. We should all take a little breath so our body and cells can didn't take in all of that information. Thank you guys so much. Where could people connect with you. <hes> on my instagram. I'm not great on <hes> angela manual davis and <hes> amnio method dot com a. m. d. i o. Oh man angela manual davis change from the inside out method dot com. Thank you guys beautiful. Thank you so much for tuning into the almost thirty podcast live at propel co labs this summer in l._a. We will see one the next one you can connect with us at almost thirty podcast dot com and almost thirty podcast on instagram <music>.

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