Dan Patrick Show - Hour 2 - Louis Riddick (04-22-19)


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And I heard from you loud and clear. Yes, James harden had a rough rough night over the weekend after I said that he was unstoppable. Hey, Mr. unstoppable was stopping himself. That's how great he is. The only one who can stop him is. James harden harden, still had a big impact with twenty two points. But he started out over v. Teen. He ended up three for twenty from the field. But he accounted for twenty two of Houston's thirty points in one period, scoring fourteen assisting on eight more the rockets held on and virtually against all odds there and beat Utah. But you know, that showed to me it says more about the rockets than harden harden had an off night he's going to have those off nights. It's what does everybody else do and Houston stepped up? Granted it's Utah still you can't afford to do this against golden stick. But over the weekend. There was some good basketball. Interesting basketball, and it feels like it chippy. I love the Oklahoma City Portland series. It's fun, by the way. Feels like the Celtics are back that nobody's worried about the Celtics. You know, good sweep calms everybody down because I thought the Pacers. We're going to give them a good go. And all of a sudden, we're done we're we're good. And now you look at the Celtics and you're like, okay, maybe they figured this out. And this is a great final four in the east. You know, these are the teams who expected to be there. We're going to find out just how good the bucks are and few doubted them during the regular season. Let's see him in a seven game series when they're facing the same team. And then some of your issues are exposed a little bit more. But the Greek freak putting away Detroit. And now you have your final four. I watched some of Denver that was interesting against San Antonio. But you've got stuff happening during the game prior to the game after the game. You got front office people going in and challenging the officials in their office. Demar derozan. Throwing a ball at the official. But everything else, you know, there's chippiness with Lillard and Russell Westbrook. This is good for TV little bit of drama. And although I can't have the GM go into the official's locker room. And I probably don't wanna have Moro's in throwing a basketball at an official but other than that there was some excitement. It's interesting. Feels like it's. Little wide open in the east. Maybe not so much in the in the west poll question, mclovin. From the first hour, we'll go number one overall sixty seven percent say yes. Yeah. I'm still in that camp. I just don't think you bring in cliff Kingsbury who was a controversial higher unless you're bringing in Cuyler Murray. I know that cliff Kingsbury can help Josh Rosen. But I- feels like Cuyler Murray lets him showcase his ability to be an offense of innovator genius. If you will and bringing Cuyler Murray, you you might be changing the NFL. I mean, that's how big this pick is plus lift Kingsbury future's going to be attached to this pick. He's probably saying look, I'll take this job. But I wanna make sure I bring in my guy who I'm going to coach not that he said that. But that would be the approach I would have if I if I'm going to do this. And I get to bring in my guy, then you know, I have I have a pretty good chances succeeding here. Yeah. Mclovin. If they're gonna take him number one. Why not just say now it's Monday. What why still hold out sort of this drama? I guess you still have to hold out the possibility that somebody offers you a whole lot more. I don't know what's going on with the raiders now that they sent all their scouts home. They don't trust them. They can't keep any information. You know, they're worried about leaks there. You got to media savvy guys in Mike Mayock and Jon Gruden. You would think that they would understand what you can say not say, and what you're going to even tell your scouts in a situation. Like that. All I want for my scout. Is I want information? I don't want to give you my opinion. I want to give you I want you to get information for me to come back and say, you know, what here in great things about drew lock. This is what I'm hearing about him. Great. It's not where you go. Okay. We'll take him fourth overall. You get your information. And you gather your information, and then it's up to you know, one two three people select people that you're gonna share your opinions with and those front offices are getting tighter and tighter. And tighter. When it comes to information getting out eight seven seven three DP show as we do every Monday best and worst of the weekend. What you saw that you like to didn't like more phone calls coming up. We'll give you our best in worse to the weekend. Got the poll question say good morning to be our live dot com. Those restraint. The show for free and also audience channel two thirty nine directtv. All right. Do you have the odds? Paulie? Yes. For this. Is Josh Rosen. Now, this is Kyla Murray. Okay. This is Vegas on if he's going to go number one. Yeah. These just are updated this morning. So you know, how odds like usually three to one six to one ten to one. The odds right now are one to twenty five that Kyle Murray will be the number one pick and the draft that means you would have to bet twenty five hundred dollars to win one hundred dollars. It's almost a sure thing like as far as you know. The odds are very high now Bosa Nick Boza, you could put one hundred bucks on him to go number one overall. And you'd win six hundred if he goes number one. So basically, there's no real way to make any money off betting on column or any number one. Okay. But how does this story come out? Then according to a report from pre Pete Prisco CBS sports the cardinals may pivot from selecting the former Oklahoma quarterback Kyle marine the first overall pick. Months of rumors and speculation the decision not to select Murray would be stunning and cause a strong ripple effect throughout the first round. But it doesn't say why it just they, of course, they can. I don't think they will. But. I don't know. What the what is the new information on this, mclovin? Just that they could pass on him. They could and the forty Niners. Could somehow forget to put in their pick on time. Who knows like you said, maybe an agent is saying something maybe Rosen's campus saying something? Yeah. I don't know. It just seems strange because it feels like the Commissioner said to the cardinals do not tip your hand here. Don't even tell Cuyler that you're taking him number one. Overall. Don't have anybody videotaping you making up a jersey for Cuyler Murray. In fact, make up a jersey that has Quinton Williams Joey Bosa, and you know, you're in Kyla Murray. Do do that like this TV show. They want to build up the excitement there, and it feels like the less information that comes out the more that somebody feels like maybe there's something going on like we're not hearing that the cardinals are locked in on Kyla Murray. Although I assume they are. But you're getting that feeling of I don't know. They haven't said it's official. They haven't said he's that's the guy we're taking maybe there's something with the Yarmuk loving. So who's lying which teams are out there? Like when the you said you heard the giants like Daniel Jones about a month ago. How did you know like that's not a that? They're putting that I don't know how at this time of year. How do you discern a lie and the truth? I trust these former scouting occurrence count. So I trust them. Because what they've told me they haven't missed me on anything. And it didn't feel like I'm leading the parade for Daniel Jones. When I told you Daniel Jones wasn't even on your radar screen because everybody locked in which Wayne Haskins at number six the and I've been asked this on social media with don't you think you're being used here with these scouts that? I understand that until I misled on it, then I'm going to continue to go back to the well and ask them these questions because I ask them. They don't come to me and go, hey, got got something for you. If they did that then I'd be a little more concern. I ask them questions and there are times when they'll go I'll go member the scout. Who said drew lock he loved drew lock. Because thought if drew lock came out last year, drew lock was going to be really high on some boards here. I go back to him last week. I said you still love drew lock. And he said absolutely absolutely think he has the potential to be the best quarterback in the draft. But that's potential to be the best quarterback that sodas Dwayne Haskins. I'm. Sure collar Murray does Daniel Joan L. But I wanted to know if he fell off that he c- he just said he wasn't as consistent as you would like for somebody who is staying UC. You stay in you, improve your draft stalker. That's what you're trying to do trying to show look at what I did better. You know, like basketball players will stay if they need to work on her mid range jumper or they have to prove like Steph curry did that I can play point. He didn't think the drew lock proved anything by staying one more your Missouri, the amick level. There was a report that the patriots have quote unquote, taken a shine to Daniel Joan as well, that's one. I don't believe anything. The patriots has got gotta be you can't trust that team. Right. No one ever got any of their picks right in a mock draft ever. Well, the patriots don't tell you anything. Right. Who had the patriots taking Sony Michelle last year? No one they also don't follow any logic. Why would you take? Why would the team that reinvented the passing game take a running back at twenty seven or something if they had a quarterback that came out of Rutgers, then I would think okay, Bill Belichick for some reason. He loves players from Rutgers defensive backs. I also saw this do you know what you get? If you're one of the top twenty three draft picks. This is from the NFL. Yep. Like, a gift pack back. You will get each player gets ten round-trip airplane tickets, plus corresponding hotel rooms for three nights. And so your travel party gets this, you get hotel accommodations, and you get you'll get people who will shuttle you to the draft. And you know, you get travel two hundred and thirty plane tickets roughly one hundred eighty. A luxury hotel rooms that is what the NFL ponies up for you to go to the draft. And it's only for the top twenty three draft picks. But I don't know. So it's the top twenty three prospects not draft picks, which that's that's different because you could be we expect you to be drafted. What if you're not drafted? But we still gave you the round trip airfare hotel accommodations here. But that's what you get. If you're one of the top three prospects and gillibrand who great respect for one of the great talent evaluators in NFL history. He's in the hall of fame. He said Daniel Jones reminds him of Peyton Manning at this time when Payton was coming out of college pan where we're laying on thick and it wasn't long ago where nobody was saying anything about Daniel Jones. And now all of a sudden, it's like, Yep. He's a nother Peyton Manning here. I just looked at pictures. I mean, they both have bangs. That's about the only comparison you can make the Daniel Jones and Peyton Manning's college. Yes. Mclovin, ally or Cooper. I mean, he sure you've had paid Peyton Manning of the manning family. Not like, yeah. Yeah. But you know, that's why you start to hear wild stuff. Usually this is where the smoke clears. And you start to hear some real information. But that's not the case this year. Starting with Mondays headline. You know is Arizona thinking about you know, passing on Kyla Murray. Question, mark. Yeah. Mclovin. Every time I see a clip Daniel Jones. He's wearing a Duke football jersey. I'm like, oh, that's cool. Those are high school highlights like Duke football does not resin. What's Duke for have? You ever watched Duke football game. Accidentally. Yeah. Like, four o'clock you watch by AMI. Yeah. Like Thursday night Duke may be playing or something it feels like the game was always in the rain and it's against NC state for summary. Right. They lose by three closer. We were talking about how it's hard to discern quarterbacks from the same school. Like, Seton was saying, we'll Greer is. You've got the Dido Smith problem. I was saying drew lock. Yeah. But Blaine gabbert didn't work out. That's not a real fair comparison. Right. A quarterback from eight years ago in the same program. I wouldn't think so unless you had the same offense because Jeff Tedford at Cal that you didn't draft a Cal quarterback. And then all of a sudden, you know, you had Kyle fuller. Will you can't dry Aaron Rodgers? He's in the system with Jeff Tedford. And all of a sudden, you know, he he drops to the end of the first round and people were tributing not too. Well, he was in the system. Jeff Tedford system at Cal. Yeah. Pulling you're absolutely right. I watched back to that draft on NFL network yesterday. And they all kept saying well Aaron Rodgers either it's because of the system and Kyle bowl. Or something. We don't know they said twenty times as you sit in the green, and what kind of more with it was system. Do you have system quarterbacks? And I I remember back then I'm like, I think I said at. Air Rogers is such Jeff Tedford quarterback. There's no way, but we realize Alex Smith was an urban Meyer creation that probably wasn't the greatest number one overall pick. Do you do you have a pick is the best quarterback in the draft? You know, I would think Murray, you know, what it was about color Murray. He was so much bigger when he was hanging out with us like thicker than I thought he was and Kyla Murray. Yeah. And now I'm convinced that he's going to be Baker Mayfield. These Baker Mayfield was so good. So I'm leaning Kyla Murray. But I have no idea, but you also have member when the scout came out and said the Kyla Murray, there's questions about his arm strength. And I went I don't know how you could possibly say that if you stood next to him and watched him throw football because he's just thrown at twenty yards to you. And there's zip I can hear the boy there's so much zip on that ball that I'm going, and you're going to tell me that that guy doesn't have arm strength. Somebody didn't do their job or there's a smear campaign because Kyla Murray can throw a baseball player. Mclovin. When I saw the P Prisco headline that Carl's might not take him. I thought about that Sports Illustrated article and wondered if the cardinals this is probably dumb with the cardinals worried about our interview with them like the sl article talked about that. And like do they are they if they double clutch on kinda Murray because of that or is that a relevant team? I'm assuming that cliff Kingsbury and Lincoln Riley are buddies that Kyla Murray and cliff Kingsbury have the same agent, you're going to get a good sense of who this kid is you already have a good sense of who this kid is. I look at that one interview as a one off. Now, do I think he's the same as Baker Mayfield in that personality? Absolutely not I want Baker mayfield's personality. Cuyler Murray is just going to show you, and then it's going to lead, by example. I don't think he's a raw raw I'm going to you know. Shouted people. Follow me to freedom that kind of stuff, it's different. But I don't think that that interview would be the reason why I didn't take her. Now, would it add to it? If I saw that. There was his dad was a little too controlling and we saw that firsthand then I'm a little concerned about that. You know, my going to have a helicopter parent here always hovering and asking questions, and once always wins his son going to start playing time and touches, you know, throws and all that stuff not that that would happen. But we've seen that before. I don't want a lavar ball situation here. Now, I think he's a talented player. I would take him number one overall. And I would trade Josh Rosen. And I still think that's whatever zone is going to do. All right. We'll take a break. We'll talk to Louis Riddick. Does a great job on the mothership? Get his thoughts on all of this. Because I don't know if anybody's telling the truth yet, but they will be and Michael wilbon will join us in the. Final are best and worst of the weekend. Your phone calls coming up as well. Eighteen after the hour. This is the Dan Patrick show. Okay. This is just a thirty second commercial. And I'm gonna throw a lot of numbers that you, please. Please stay with me in just fifteen minutes. You could save fifteen percent or more on car insurance. The company that has been offering great rates and great service for seventy five years. It's gyco. I'm using them for a long time, I self and anytime you need help you could speak to one of their trains specialists, twenty four seven no recordings the company. Gyco. Go to Geico dot com today. Sorry for all the numbers, but I've been a fan and a customer guy go for a long time and five four three two one. I'm out. Outdoor pants and shirts made with durable fabrics moisture management and UPS thirty protection. Wrangler outdoor ensures. 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So best of the weekend is, you know, I'm glad to see the drama back in the NBA playoffs. Man. I mean, it was good to see the tip in between Philly in jersey. You know, you got Damon rust on that it. I mean, I love seeing that like I grew up in the nineties. So I I grew up watching that, you know, that hardcore, you know, hardcore for me, not probably probably for you. But you know, it's like I miss that. And it was good to it. Worst of the weekend is the reactions from it. Oh, we can't have this play. We can't have this recklessness. You know, you know, suspend them do this met, you know, come on where where's the grid? Where like, where's the grit? We gotta have that again, baby. I loved it. It was great. And you know, that's all I gotta say for the phone call. You boys? Have a great week. Thank you Gus best and worse for the weekend. We're phone calls coming up. Yeah. I'm fine going up to the line. I just I worry about if you cross the line in what could happen because you had. The fight with the seventy Sixers in the net. I like the trash talking. I Neil Westbrook against Lillard. I I would that's pay per view. I love that. I just let him play basketball in the octagon all four that. I just I don't wanna see tomorrow Rosen throwing a basketball at an official. I mean, I watched it in real time. And I went he just threw the ball at the official. They didn't connect. But he did throw the ball in his direction. I do you know if it got so old that I've watched the NBA when teams didn't even talk to each other hated each other. And then all of a sudden you had respect, and then he had you know, is AM magic kissing each other on the cheek before a game. And now, you have it where it's maybe not as much mutual admiration society. And I like that because I wanted to matter. You know, you can still have an edge to you. You can still be a sportsman. But I wanted to matter to you, if it matters to me I wanted to matter to you. And sometimes you watch these games, or at least it used to be where you go. I don't think anybody's that bummed out. Because. No big deal to that's a loss still doing well and still getting still getting paid. Let me see is Louis ready to join us there. Fritzy? I believe so thirty seconds. We'll get to him coming up here and more tweets Twitter handle at DP show. See did you ever get into a fight while you're playing? Valuable like Embiid. You would walk away in your teammates would pick up the scrum. Did I ever get into a fight? No, no. I because I know my dad would have been he would have been down there on the floor. You know, yelling at me mad at you. Yes. Yeah. That why would you let somebody get to that? You would fight. I just don't remember that ever happening in high school. It doesn't happen. But you know, you a little bit older. Maybe it didn't need to fight. 'cause you're allowed the foul. Hard fouls back then get away with that. You can't now is a little more physical. Probably. Yeah. They were called hord fouls back then. Yeah. Playoff basketball out all of that aggression, like Joel embiid's elbow to Jared Allen like that would have just been play on, you know, now, we're sensitive, and you know, they they should call those things. Louis Riddick part of the two thousand nine hundred NFL draft on ESPN this week live from Nashville a cast of thousands. They're A, Trey wingo milk, hyper draft expert booger McFarland. They'll be on the main set so Todd mcshay will be involved in it as well. Louis riddick. Does a great job with the NFL joining us on the program Lewis. Good morning. How are you? Doing great, Dan. How are you? Thanks for having me on. Sure, let me start with a at the top. I don't know. I'm sure you saw where Pete Prisco CBS sports dot com. Had a headline that said, you know, maybe the cardinals are going to pass on Kyla Murray. Question, mark. Why would that be out live with that information? Be out there today on Monday. Well, there's a lot of information, quote, unquote, that's out there on Sunday that doesn't certainly credible information or good information because you know, every team right now is play is by they like to play. I'm gonna trick you I'm gonna put some feelers out there just to kind of keep people, you know, guessing as to what exactly it is that they're going to do because they doesn't really benefit them to have anybody knowing exactly what they want to. And I'm sure so look if you look at it, objectively there's a number of different reasons as to why not drafting a quarterback would make sense for them. Also as far as building out the rest of the football team. And besides the fact that you know, what just a little while ago about a year ago, they they trade up to draft a kid named Josh Rosen who happened to be there. You know who happens to play just one season behind the baseball ball of line? It's actually going to sit down the road for another quarterback. So does it number absorb? I'm sure that in that organization that knows drafting there. Zac for their meeting. We're right now at the highest levels of that organization. They're sitting there going we really gonna do this. Are we really going here? Rabou of drafting what we thought was our franchise quarterback on another one. Well. I guess it's possible considering that they you know, coach out of there and less than a year as well. So philosophically, I don't really know. They know what they're doing. So how you can really tell about what they're going to do at the top of the draft this year. I mean, it's it's a weird. It's very weird unique situation with them. All right. What would you do? And what should the cardinals to if you were the GM and you had the final choice. What would you do at the top of the draft? Well, I'll tell you look if I if I hired clip kings Burs, and my owner was sitting there at the press conference to introduce him saying. Did you watch him at Texas Tech? Remember how that offense was I want some of that here valley. I want an the high-power political. It's like that. That's what's exciting to me. That's one of the league's going that'll put people in the seats. That's what the people excited. Well, then I'm going. Well. Okay. Well, how are we going to get the book what really gives us the best chance to bring all those things that he really just described to this football team. Well, our coach has already said how much he loves Carla Murray that if he drafted number one overall previous to get a job. Well, I think that you know, that that that's what we want, and we're really resetting this organization once again in the coach feels very strongly that this guy gives us the best chance to bring all this things that the older ones that I'm gonna kinda Mark. That's what I'm doing now, objectively speaking if we hadn't coach we were just looking at this football team organically and trying to build it. Yeah. You could look you could look at making the case for drafting one of these deepens the lime in particular. And the this football team front to back and make sure we take care of line. Then you'd be looking at both. Did you be looking at quitting moments? That's kind of guys looking at because those kind of guys that make sense to go to in terms of kind of build this football team, you know, objectively, but it's not like that. If the only reason why college being talked about at the top of the draft because unique circumstances surrounding this coats what he said. Just kind of owning the breadcrumbs as far as what Michael Bidwill set. They're opening press conference, and why they hired quitting burn the best place. So what we would do objectively with this team is probably going to do in the lie in the lines along with their thinking, they don't match up. And that's what makes it so intriguing. That's why you're gonna have people saying maybe they don't car people saying running nine percent they draft Khali. We don't know. That's why you gotta tune in. There's not second best quarterback in the draft or second quarterback to be drafted. If that's one in the same. Yeah. And they're not the best quarterback in this track. Between second quarterback to be drafted. Maybe drew lock. Maybe I don't I don't know where it's going to go. I don't know how I think all teams had got that they're differently because quarterback is about flavor. It's about of style about. Okay. Wait Lewis knows let me go back in. So you're saying the best quarterback in this draft is is letting. Is Wayne has no doubt. There's no doubt about it is, and I know his resume limited one year. This started. What kind of coaching that? He got it. Ohio State Ryan base in the NFL people be knocking down his door to try and get him to the NFL why because his passing game concept is he gonna explode into the other nineteen honestly have reached their potential as far as what they can do all of that. And that's a whole nother scored weighing highly highly football intelligence just listened to the guy explained the highest dates passing park. That's listening to explain how defense has tried to play them. And why he made the decisions that he made. The far as doing the football classic pocket passer, who has underrated misdiagnose mobility in the pocket. He's a guy. Great the ball horizontally vertically to throw it at all three levels had some tremendous leverage go to state there's really nothing not to like about him. Nothing. He grew every game this past to your. I know he only has one store owner. But within that one year you sold him face, it versity within games from week the week in all ways desert out always come out on top. But when I went to his pro day, looking I'm one of those people who said don't get it Namur with pro days. Just it's just a piece of the puzzle is another piece of information to us telling you he worked on everything that he needed to work on between the kind of season other than that pro day to kind of, you know, come people's fears that one he didn't have quick feet or didn't have ability in the pocket, which is see does to that. He couldn't go on the run with consistent accuracy, which if you watch pro day the kid has a tremendous army tremendous. I there's nothing to like there's if you put him in a situation. Where ideally going sit for year really get comfortable with the offense continue to work or his physical Mets. And and learn a watch how some of the best professionals who play that -sition prepare play the game correctness dates after the game is over prepare the next week to care their body to themselves off the field. 'cause the guy who actually took fifty touchdowns issue the second year in the pros who had who had the benefit of sitting in wearing the same type of guy in Kansas City. That'd being Patrick Mahomes learning about that when you can get that situation. I could see the same kind of thing happening to him provided that they put the weapons around him with Andy put around Patrick, I can see the same type of thing happening. And you know, what's ironic? I don't think it's passed fifteen to Washington anyway, he goes wants, although he may never play, and we don't know Alex Smith well in Washington case kid, it's a perfect situation hitting the word now they have a lot of work to do as far as getting them weapons. But I'm telling as you could see I could go on and on about it. Him tea is fantastic. Plastic cross that who I've gotten to know personally, pretty well now, I just as this that that process is going on. I'm all on all number seven miles that the best player in the draft is. Wow. You know, what I I would say this this. This is Ted some people by surprise the best player in his some people take where wins and people and say look Bosa I pay this for my money pound for pound. The best player in the strap is Devon Bush from this. Inside linebacker. If you can tell me exactly what his weaknesses weakness is. I consider it a play that. So tells it's not a weakest I play with his father that Lanta nineteen ninety six ninety seven ninety five one of those. Anyway, his father was the safety compliance. Could this kid has all of his father's panache speed striking ability? He had better football instincts his football smarter off the charts. But is that an important position, though Lewis that that would be my my question. You know, what the great question the game is things, Dan. Right. I mean the game as far as how people are attacking you on offense has it's become critical to have great athletes smart athletes in the middle of the field at linebacker that safety. That's why you're seeing roquan Smith drafted as high as he got drafted by Sakata lesser. That's why Devon whites gonna go top ten this shift LSU, that's like. Different Bush is going to top ten some Michigan this year better be able to defend teams that can attack with running backs tighter. The middle of the field where you're not allowed to hit anybody or some great athletes who teams will just club you up between the numbers right down the field. I down I down is how New England has this kind of made the rest of the lead look silly. They started doing it years ago with gratin then they still do it. Now. Now, they just change their philosophy a little bit as gronk got older, and they started running backs that's burqa James white guys who catch passes over and over again, go house crates doing this has always been out ahead of the curve you'd better start catching up as far as getting athletes in the middle of the field middle linebacker say either not throw with physicians anymore. They're just not. If you don't have them, you won't stop anybody in the NFL. Maybe that's what the league once that how he's kind of Hugh Hewitt that way as a as a team Goater. They're not gonna stop anyone. That's why you're seeing more and more. Guys play defense like that to combat something's hybrid Titus. You'd better have it's the same thing. Like, why did Clinton Nelson goes high tea did to the Annapolis last year? Well, more teams are looking for Fletcher. Cox Donald why. Because all the best quarterback says hit me defensive tackle if I ever because tackle that's gonna just absolutely just terrorize me right up the gut play after play like Aaron Fletcher. That's how you could rattle. The getting me off of them that day. Well, the only way you can bet like they're causing their Donald is. He's quitting Nelson. The game team man, it's not just about. Well. I gotta have a corner in a left tack on it at a pass rusher. At that. I'm good. You can just find any old skiff off the statistic lake gardens. It's not like that anymore, and that's positional change more. And if you're not with that just not you that's not gonna be playing again way than alternately within in the best teams. Doing it. And the Team New England's in doing it. Yeah. I add a scout. Who told me last year that Nelson? He thought was the best player in the draft. And that's why when the colts took him. I said, you know, what they got a guy that going to be there ten years. He's going to be an all pro. And he's he plays with an attitude, and you know, he's he's ready for the challenge. And he lived up to the hype is well we're talking to Louis Riddick from ESPN. I'll leave you with this Louis the potential top fifteen pick who makes you nervous. Oh boy. Probably say the one that makes me nervous to both as Montesquieu from Mississippi State and not necessarily because well, obviously because you know, there's some there's some concern about, you know, his health for me heart condition standpoint. That's you know, that that information is out there, you know. But are teams that will take them off the board two teams that won't be concerned about it that it's that it's a deal that he can play with and teams are not that concerned. Another team say we won't want to risk going past that though, despite the fact that he is absolute freaking phenomenon from an athletic standpoint as tall as long as fast running low four as big as this ridiculous. They're not supposed to do that. But what he's one of those guys watch the dome. There's still doesn't always look like his combine workout at those guys. Always scared me and proper about somebody can go maybe in the top ten and who may have the health concern. That's a tricky one for me. That's one of those guys that on remember his name on Thursday night. Because I'm sure you'll if his name starts sliding etcetera. We'll start getting Khris about is it the health concern is that the concern that maybe his clay doesn't match up with his measurable. So he's the one that was scared me the most great stuff. Lewis have fun in Nashville till the boys we set a low, and we appreciate your time. As always, that's what we think's a lot. That's Louis Riddick. ESPN NFL analyst. I think he likes to Wayne asking just a little bit there. It's a little bit of a warm take their for Louis Riddick. ESPN's coverage. Live from Nashville seven rounds. Thursday night, Trey wingo Mel kiper and booger McFarland on the ESPN main set ESPN two the main set Friday night and Saturday they have their coverage throughout the weekend as well. We'll take a break more phone calls. We'll give you our best and worse to the weekend coming up and the man who gave us the thought today the headline today. What if the cardinals do? Do pass on. Kyla Moore is their chance that they will pass on Cuyler Murray. We'll talk to Pete Prisco from CBS sports dot com. Also, Michael wilbon, what's he think of the new NBA this chippiness and should players speak after games. You saw Russell Westbrook. Now, Paul George next question next question will ask that question to Michael coming up next hour? We're back after this. Hello guys. It's gonna make fighter kale Senate. Check out my podcast. You're welcome with jail son and every Wednesday and Friday right here at podcast one. We cover the latest in mixed martial arts and everything else. Going on in the world of sport. Listen, three to your welcome with jail, son and exclusively available at podcast one dot com and on the podcast one app. If you love the show share with a friend and leave us a rating and review. Stay tuned for sixty seconds of AP news headlines, right after this podcast. This is firefighter Raphael. Poor yet for firehouse subs. Introducing new firehouse payers pair, your favorite small sub with a signature side, like the awesome, five cheese, MAC and cheese. And remember a portion of every purchase at firehouse subs goes towards helping first responders firehouse subs joy more subs. Save more lives. Participating locations only. Firehouse of donate a minimum of one million dollars in two thousand nineteen to the firehouse subs public foundation by donating point one one percent of every purchase. Best and worst of the weekend. It's our turn the danettes. I'll start with you fritzie best and worst through the weekend. My best of the weekend. It was mentioned actually earlier, but I like to so much. I decided not to change it up. James harden, Saturday night and game three at Utah. Keeping his composure after missing his first fifteen field goal attempts. Most consecutive misses from the floor in any game of his entire career scores. Fourteen to twenty two in the fourth. It's three of his last five field goals. Houston goes up three. Oh and the jazz worst of the weekend. What happened to Andre Drummond disaster game three Sally between the bucks and pistons shoots five for fourteen overall to for ten to start the game two for eight from the foul line four turnovers five thousand couldn't shoot couldn't hit a two foot bunny? Couldn't stay out of foul. Trouble drummond. Not good, mclovin. Okay. Bass I'm going to do game of thrones. I'm gonna do for the next four weeks for more episodes two words giants milk, which if you saw the episode, you know, what that means. My worst is going to be and I hate to do this by Sixers that blown call at the end of the game were Jared Allen got hit by like three is. They didn't call it caused a lot. Controversy. They really miss that one Seton O'Connor best and worst of the weekend. My best in the weekend is watching Jimmy Butler during that same incident where he starts the fa- historian arc through the beginning of that fight in the end of that fight is hilarious. It's only about ten seconds long. But he starts the fight basically by pushing Jared Dudley, right? Then he immediately starts holding other players back. So they don't get into a fight. And then somehow at the very end, he's the guy who's like get off me. Let me add them. Let me add again. Like, wait, not just two seconds ago. You were holding other guys back. And now, you're like lemme Adam it is whole Larry watching the video. My worst of the weekend, though, is the nets getting knocked out because that rivalry was Jared Dudley been the most interesting part of the playoffs for me because he he's been talking more trash than any Dudley has ever had the right to and it is so funny watching him get all fired up. Paulie vista. Where's the weekend? All I got is. Is worse than the weekend. Dan, you're Manchester United squad doing nothing against Everton four zero Manchester. United loses to Everton ugly for new for Nilda. Correct. They're trying to translate. I Manchester City. Oh, that's her team. Yeah. Not interesting Night Live at. Yeah. Gotta get it. Right. Sometimes you have to remind me who I'm rooting for Pete Prisco is going to join us top of the hour has his mock draft. He says the following time to change things up with my latest mock draft. I no longer have Oklahoma quarterback Cuyler Murray going first over all to Arizona. But instead have. Not Nick Bosa Quinton Williams from Alabama. We says call it just a hunch. I think the cardinals realized the wise thing would be to stick with Josh Rosen and take a top defensive player, it could still be Nick Bosa. But for this draft, I have Williams in that spot. So Quinton Williams, Nick Bosa. Josh Allen goes to the jets Cuyler Murray goes to the raiders at number four. Let's see if there's anybody else. Interesting drew lock goes to the Broncos at ten. Haskins goes thirteen to the dolphins. Daniel Jones fifteen to the Redskins. See TJ Hopkinson the Iowa tied in to the titans at nineteen any other quarterbacks in here that seems to be all Josh Jacobs the running back for Alabama going to the raiders at twenty seven. And I think that's it from the skill position that you'd be interested in by the way, I always got two tight ends that are going to go in the first round. When's the last time out of team had two tight ends go in the first round. So I got Hopkinson. And then they got who's the other kid? Fant is that Fant yeah. No Fant got him going thirtieth too. The packers. I can't imagine paulie seems to have someone. I can't imagine that's ever happened. Hasn't a tight end too tight ends from the same college. I thought Florida, but Amina be I run make like first second checking, that's crazy. Chris and Sacramento, Chris will squeeze you in. Yes, sir. I got a best and worst of the weekend. My best is she kneels gold. Jackie on Easter. And my worst of the weekend is the reaction to the stuff and Brooklyn how they want us to spend players for that. But then a few games ago. Alessio Vasskinn gonna fight and knocks Knox kit out for the rest of the series. And all he gets his five minutes for fighting. And that's all. So I just think it's weird how the NBA reacts to little stuff will. And that's all. All right. Well, thank you, Chris. But you know, hockey allows fighting they cut down on fighting, but you can still do it in the context of the game. Now, you pay a price of five minutes, the NBA, the we we can't get to that point. Because funky would have enforcers job, you know, that was their job to enforce that you protected the star players the NBA used to have those players, but they would just give you a hard foul. I don't want guys out there. Six nine. Hundred and fifty pounds. Throwing punches final hour coming up. Have you checked out the big podcast with shack here podcast one? Yeah, we talked basketball. But we're a lot more than just sports Magoo's for those lady she's had to be in a seven. It's knew everything about me, everything sports. And then she says, I love you podcast and laugh all but I hate that John. Listen free to the big podcast with shack exclusively on apple podcasts podcast, one dot com, and the podcast one f- if you love the show share it with a friend and leave us a rating and review this is firefighter Raphael poor yet for firehouse subs. Introducing new firehouse payers pair, your favorite small sub with a signature side, like the awesome, five cheese, MAC and cheese. And remember a portion of every purchase at firehouse subs goes towards help. First responders firehouse subs. Joy more subs saved. More lives. Participating locations only firehouse subs. Donate a minimum of one million dollars in two thousand nineteen to the firehouse subs public safety foundation by donating point one one percent. Every purchase. I'm Rita Foley with an AP news minute. Several Americans are among the almost three hundred dead in the suicide bombings and three Langkah. But we don't know exactly how many Americans AP correspondent, Emily small is in the capital city of Colombo by. Whatever deter concerns officials may still have the feeling on the streets is to liberate normalcy and calms relinquish says a local militant group did this democratic presidential candidate. Elizabeth Warren wants to eliminate almost all student loan debt for forty two million Americans at one time cost to the federal government of six hundred forty billion dollars. Congressman Jerry, Nadler, chairman of the judiciary committee says some of the obstruction of Justice allegations in the Muller report could lead to impeachment. Are you think that this if proven if proven which hasn't been proven yet, some of this if proven some of this would be impeachable? Yes. He was on NBC's. Meet the press. I'm Rita Foley.

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