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NPR podcasts are now. Available on every platform checkout. All our shows at NPR dot org slash podcasts. That's NPR dot org slash podcasts. Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Janine Herbst. Lawmakers in Virginia are meeting today to discuss the state's budget, but an ongoing scandal involving a racist photo from governor Ralph Northerns medical school yearbook page loomed large over their work. Ben pave your from member station. W C V has more from Richmond. Northbound denies that. He was one of two men dressed in racist costumes, but nearly all elected officials in the state are calling for his resignation, including senators, Tim Kaine and Mark Warner the state legislatures democratic caucus is meeting to discuss the budget, but delegate Mark sickles. Who says he's friends with north on says, the governor scandal will probably also come up. I think that there is enormous pressure coming down on him right now. I'm not sure we need to provide any more frankly north. Mhm has not made any public statement since a press conference on Saturday. His spokeswoman says he attended his hometown church on Sunday morning at the eastern shore before returning to Richmond for NPR news. I'm been pave you're in Richmond in New York, a federal detention center in Berkeley has been without power for over a week now and only recently has he'd been restored from member station WNYC in New York, Stephen Nessin has more. That's the sound of inmates at the metropolitan detention center. Smacking the glass windows outside dozens of protesters and family members communicate to the inmates through a megaphone and loudspeakers dozens of them rushed inside Sunday. And we're repelled with pepper spray. Von Murchison was one of them. She came to check on her son and says she can't believe power has been out for over a week. How would that we live in that world country, whereas the president on this? He's wind about the long issue when I think he on this everybody in Nasr, not guilty. And even if they weren't guilty that human being the warden told officials he expects power to return by Monday afternoon. Elected officials are calling for a federal investigation into conditions at the jail for NPR news. I'm Steven Nessin in New York. A European Union deadline on Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is drawing near with no sign. It will be heated Teri Schultz reports. And e you lead international contact group is due to meet Thursday to try. To deescalate the crisis. Nikola doodo maintains he's Bill legitimately elected, president of Venezuela and won't step aside for his rival parliamentary leader one Guido to take power until a new vote is held. But at midnight Caracas time if muddle hasn't relented eighty you governments will join the US and others in recognizing do as Venezuela's president, the twelve nation context group made up of e you and Latin American countries has given it self ninety days to organize a new presidential election. Teri Schultz reporting from Brussels in California, Orange County. Fire officials say two people are dead. Several others are injured after a small plane crashed into a neighborhood today. Sending homes on fire and scanning drew Brees across several houses. The cause of the crash isn't known. You're listening to NPR news. The special l'envoi for North Korea is in Seoul for talks with both north and South Korean officials. This ahead of a second summit planned later this month between President Trump and North Korean leader, Kim Jong own Francis has arrived in the United Arab Emirates becoming the first pope in history to set foot on the Arabian, peninsula, and pier. Silvio Pohjola reports before his departure from Rome, the poke spoke of the war in Yemen that the U A W R UAE rather is waging alongside Saudi Arabia against the Iran supported who the movement while in the UAE the pope will attended into religious meeting. And will celebrate a mass that's likely to be the biggest public display of Christian worship in the Islamic heartland. There has been much speculation whether during the visit the pope would address the years long conflict in Yemen. He did. So just before his departure in his Sunday message from Saint Peter's Square Francis said he's following the world's worst humanitarian crisis with great concern. Turn and urges all sides to ensure food and aid reached those who are suffering adding there are children who are hungry thirsty who lack medicines at who are in danger of death Soviet Pohjola. NPR news Abu Dhabi in Germany groundstaff at Hamburg airport could walk off the job early tomorrow morning over pay the German news agency DPA says a labor union is calling for the strike demanding a raise for the nearly one thousand ground staff at the airport. That includes luggage handlers. The international airports has passengers should plan for delays. I'm Janine Herbst. NPR news in Washington.

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