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Countdown to World Sleep Day with Podcast Four Ricky Kalmon


The following sleep better. Podcast is brought to you by the Sleep Forum for more information. Visit the Sleep Forum Dot Com. Hello this is Ruth Marion and I'm editor at the sweep. We were a publication reporting on sleep health and fleet medicine for everyone. I would like to welcome everyone to podcast number. Four of a special podcast series. The sleep forum is doing to celebrate the upcoming World Sweep Day sponsored by World Sleep Society. I am happy to have with me today. Alan O'Brien who is executive director at World Sleep Society? Hi Ellen tremendous in the show so thanks for being your and Ricky Cowman who is mindset expert motivational speaker and celebrity hypnotise. Hi Hi Ricky Ruth and Allan thank you for being here absolutely I I'd like to start by asking Alan to tell us a little bit about World Sleep Society and World Sleep Day dip thinks ruth and the world's seats society. We're a nonprofit membership based organization and we represent sleep researchers and clinicians from around the world and focusing on onto programs both awareness and education. Our leadership is volunteers With really mission to advance the health worldwide and one of our main programs. It's coming up is world sleep day. World Sleep Day is designed to raise awareness of sleep as a human privilege that is often compromised by the habits of of modern life coming up on March thirteenth Next Friday thank you for the background. so We have Ricky Cowman here today. And I brought Ricky on bit to talk about Mindfulness and lake. Let's start with a little bit about what you do Ricky. Thanks so it's kind of a crazy story. Is I guess when really think about it when somebody's has what do you do for a living and I usually tell people help change the way. They think they changed their entire world. Usually questioning went when I say that I've been a stage hypnotist motivational speaker and mindset expert for pretty much entire career. My entire life been doing Mike Comedy show for thirty three years around the world. I really focus on corporate events in the end. I I've been so grateful I've had the great opportunity work with you know. Tv shows and sports teams and just a wide variety of different avenues. In venues. But really what I do. Is I train. People how to use a simple technique to help them in their lives to reduce stress to sleep better to focus to to really leverage their mindset to put to action all those great intentions that we really want to make happen. What's holding us back? Dr Mindset to. That's my job. I get to do that to show people how to do that. Whether it's a small group of fifty people are five thousand event. Okay Ricky what do you really do? That's really it. That's that's that's really what I do or were you joking. Are you serious? No I'm joking areas. Even though it's really a very unique. I mean you know people. Ask me all the time. How do you hypnotize people? And I always tell them I don't you know I don't at all and they look at me. Go seriously what I don't understand. I go no all hypnosis Tip NOCES SO. A hypnotist never really has power over someone. You always have the power and so if the suggestions resonate with you do you. WanNa relax. You want to feel better. Do you WANNA sleep better. Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to be more successful and if that resonates with your like yeah i WanNa do those things. So what's holding us back and it goes back to the simplicity of a program of thought. I doubt a disbelief. Or maybe it's just Need a little more direction. So you know it's funny that you said what do I do? I just I help. People look at things differently and help them update their own internal software and in doing so. You're you're going to improve your sleep. Absolutely I mean I think. That's that's the basis whether I'm working with a professional athlete or corporate executive or anyone that wants to change something are improve something. I believe it starts with relaxation and when people relaxed better. They focused better. They sleep better. I mean nobody wants to go to bed with running thoughts of of doubt or could have done this day better. What do I have to do all your you lie down to go to sleep because you need the sleep? Your Body craves it. We need it so when we sleep. We should have a pattern of a productive way of doing it. So we actually really you know If you will Benefit from it. How do you keep somebody mindfulness? Well that you well I like. I can't keep somebody. I helped them really hold themselves accountable to becoming more mindful and it's a daily process. I mean both Y- both Let me ask you a question. I mean how. How often do you do? We actually stop throughout our day in really hold ourselves accountable to find out what's important to us right at that very moment. Or are we going from one checklist of the next and then we realized that at the end of the day. We really didn't have time for ourselves to answer your question that that describes me. Pretty Much Allan. Yeah and I think that that's important to kind of reflect in inside that process of reflecting what you've accomplished what you need to accomplish and of course what is important You know to to get done and I look at the same thing at at night when people tried to go to sleep. You can't just shut it off and turn it back on But there is this process of a behavior that you enter into to to kind of put your mindset into You know fallen asleep and then I guess that's probably where you're you're you're suggesting that you go even during the day is that you have this kind of formalized thinking of what is important and what needs to get done and accomplish throughout the day right and all. Those things are really important. Whether it's our careers are hobbies whether it's our responsibility towards other people but when we really start to hold ourselves accountable did we invest in ourselves just as much as we invest and everything else and so if you actually gave somebody personal audit of how much time they give themselves or really calm awakened inspire fire themselves all too often. They don't admit that they lack that actual personal time on what leading into is when we start to give ourselves a little bit more extra time to calm and awaken and relaxed during a day. You becomes easier for us to understand that when it's time to go to sleep when it's time to rejuvenate wants time to shut down and really just embrace our natural ability to sleep we do those things better and you know we offer you and I. We were talking about cognitive behavior. It becomes a behavior Becomes a program we know we create a repetitive habit of doing the exact same thing and if that same habit as a negative habit we are going to do it really really well. It's interesting what what if somebody says they just cannot be hypnotized where they cannot be mindful route. Dennis a fantastic question in my answer is you're absolutely right. Now what do you? Why do you think I responded that way? I don't know if you say you believe it. No different I believe that if you say I cannot sleep. I'M GONNA have bad night's sleep tonight. I could never be as successful as the guy next door. I could never lose weight. You know when we say things like that they become very powerful statements to the subconscious. Mind doesn't WANNA let us down. If we believe something think it and we give it direction or give it some purpose it starts to roller coaster in starts create momentum. Out would you? Would you agree with that? Yeah I'm trying trying to go ahead and in an emphasize I I think if people have problem with sleeping and Elvis and they start looking at the clock at night and they are you know experiencing insomnia symptoms at that itself then creates the anxiety that then creates the insomnia. Absolutely absolute- I had a woman a ten one of my seminars. One time in literally came up to me before she goes. I don't know why I'm here. My family told me to come but I'm going to do. I'm going to sit here. And she goes. I said okay. All right well you know. Listen if you don't like it you could leave. You know you don't have to be here because no no no I go. Why are you here and she? She said what was corporate events and and she told me why but she said there was important aspect was as that. I CAN'T SLEEP. I I have a bad night's no different when I said a minute ago but I have a bad night's sleep tonight. I have a bad night's sleep and you're right and because she kept saying that her body and I believe one aspect of it and again wasn't diving into I wasn't trying to dissect or open up Pandora's box there with her but is it possible. Is it possible? Because you're saying you start to manifest this momentum in your body wants to fulfil what you're thinking about and she looked like while I never looked at it that way I simply because we were just in the same pattern inhabited of saying the same thing is possible the tonight you can actually say to yourself. You know what I'm GonNa do some a little bit different. I'm going to say I'm going to have a great night sleep tonight and I don't want to say just GonNa be that simple for everybody but sometimes the simple programming of the words that we say ourselves internally can have a profound effect and women that I'm speaking about approach me the next day at that event instead I had the best night's sleep ever again. I'm not promising that anybody but sometimes when we become more self aware more accountable towards at own in our own internal voice that inner voice that we have that can be our best friend or worst enemy. That's powerful you know. We have Several recommendations for good sleep hygiene and this kind of fits into that Same type of mindset thinking as you know establishing regular bedtime uh making sure that you avoid certain type of foods beforehand and use comfortable inviting bedding us You know good sleep temperatures so that you feel Comfortable during the night You know these are all things that we can do. That are non farmer related to getting a good night's sleep and you're also suggesting that mindset is something that needs to put yourself in the position to to say to yourself it's appropriate to have a good night sleep absolutely give ourselves permission. Lily give ourselves permission. That we're gonNA feel great again. I'm a coach here. So my job is to help the the athlete the individual if you will To really fulfil what they really. WanNa make happen and self talk is is very powerful stuff. You know I go back to a child. If you're having a child get ready for bed. it's that standardized routine You know having a book that's read to them making sure that there's you know time to go to the restroom making sure that there's Ability to you know Kinda that that normal routine schedule And many times adults don't have that routine schedule that they just want to then click on and off Just to immediately to sleep and that doesn't happen. Well our brains like a computer in so the brain needs software to run our likes or dislikes our feelings. Our abilities are skills that they're like software and sometimes it saw just needs to be updated because at some point it was just running in the wrong direction and the negativity or doubt or disbelief or frustration. That we sit there and we lie in bed or we do the same pattern and habit that software can hold us back from doing exactly that having a great night. Sleep so ricky. Is there some recommendations that you can provide us to help it? Get a night's sleep and the help better. Mindfulness what you can kind of touch already. Are we becoming more mindful towards in the Environment? The temperature our surroundings our clothing all those things obviously are important. I truly fulfill those are the first step. The second step is kind of what we were talking about. The fact of what are we doing? Moving lie in bed. You know a lot of people say well I just? I like to relax watching. Tv Maybe need to not do that. If you're having trouble sleeping and maybe just Changing some patterns and habits one thing I tell people to do in. This sounds really really simple is completely change. Your your your. What would you what you were doing before? Line in bed getting that position that you feel truly comfortable. I mean just get into that. What side whatever. It may be just getting in position and just breathe be conscious of your breathing just breathing out and your body naturally responds to that in. I know that sounds simple often when we look at something that's simple. We discredit the power that has but let's put it this way. Sometimes the most simplest things in life are are the most powerful Lying in bed and just being conscious of your breathing now you can if you want to add some white noise to that. I'm a big fan of it. If you want to add some music to it instead just put little off of a phone or some type of device. It is just very very soothing. No problem but just be conscious of your breathing. It's a normal natural thing and your body will just change as it continually breeze in and out. No and that's exactly what we're all also recommend is to block out all that distracting noise especially that white light as much as possible I know you work. Extensively with some of the major Professional sports athletes and and some of the different two teams. That are out there. What are you working with them on on? Especially with the e getting a good night's sleep and the restorative aspects of sleep. Well the cool thing is what I do is as a hypnotist. I've always been able to that as an entertainment factor to really show people because you're going back to the fact of when somebody says I can't be hypnotized. I don't I don't think it's GonNa work on me this this meditation stuff isn't for me. I. I can't meditate. I can't come down in what I was always able to do. Especially with the organizations is go in and do it really entertaining show and have fun with the team where it becomes team building you know inspiring and this is what I do with corporate you know and then be able to deliver a message that leads into literally very similar. What I just said it just takes time for yourself because all too often we just don't slow down. We will focus on. Our skills are craft our professions but even professional athletes or to a corporate executive to a mom and dad an aunt uncle grandparent. You know sometimes we just need to re think what we're doing every single day by giving ourselves that little personal investment time. So what am I saying? Take four or five minutes. GotTa Your Day today tomorrow tonight before you go to bed and just become. Don't read a book. Don't don't listen to music. Maybe maybe it's just being calm just being present and that brings gratitude and happiness that those are some of the things that instill in my corporate audience when I've talked sports teams when I work with an individual athlete. I I have a golfer that I'm working with right now professional golfer and again you just this. Simplicity of just becoming more mindful now not working on their skills. 'cause I can't correct the mechanics of the game to throw the the pitch whatever it may be. I'm there to help them. That plainfield that we've all heard this before in some way the playing field between our ears and that that goes for. I'm sure every listener out there. That playing field between our years can be truly a very very powerful field. But let's let's tackle it and let's let's teach it that weren't there commanders. Were were insurance. Not Our thoughts and I think you raise a very important Comments and especially related to insomnia One of the now first line treatment of insomnia is not a pharmaceutical drug. But it's the cognitive behavioral therapy which is to put yourself into a mindset and give yourself permission to fall asleep So looking at your website. Ricky Helmand DOT COM They've got some great information that's out there But what other recommendations can you provide us? And what does that you know? Two three minutes of of support that you're able to provide so. I'm a big fan of that continual learning process i. I do offer free emails online. If you go to Ricky Kelman DOT COM very small pitch here R I. C K Y K L. M. O. N. DOT COM Senate from emails. They're not newsletters. I'M GONNA give you techniques techniques at might also appear in the audio programs or when I speak to large groups and I I this is the way I look at it. This way were all students of life in that every day of Educate ourself with something new. Something powerful that we weren't doing yesterday today's a better day. It's like that saying it's becoming so profound now that's it sounds like oh who started this. Well it's been around the saying of today. I'm going to be a better version of myself. We hear this now more often than not and yet it's been around for a very long time. Be a better version of yourself. Well now. That's a big BUZZWORD. Well let let's embrace that. Let's embrace that tonight tomorrow. So educate yourself tonight with something new whether it's a motivational email. Whether it's some new information people listen this podcast. This is awesome. If you're listening right now you were educating yourself and if you get one little thing out of this this time you spend with US listening to this conversation for. That's everything that's great information ricky. Thank you so much You I think you really hit the nail on the head as they say you know just hearing you and speaking with you for a few minutes is already got go and Taste very much for being here. Alan thank you so much For All that you do and all the world sleep society does to raise awareness and bring education about sleep to Everybody we appreciate it. We appreciate all you do and appreciate being your today and thank you great to go ahead and get some additional back in and background as well. Bricky appreciate that comment. Hey thank you both. Thanks again. I'm going to piggyback on that. Thanks for putting this information out there. It's it's very powerful. I think that we get into a pattern and habit of doing their old things that are holding us back and I truly believe that success is always available. Whatever you do and I think relaxation sleep is the number one priority. Thanks again. Thanks for being with us today. Thank you guys. Thank you. This sleep better. Podcast was brought to you by this sleep forum for more information visit the sleep forum dot com.

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