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Thank you for listening to this. podcast one production available on Apple podcasts. And podcast one thousand nine hundred eighty three Eddie trunk has been the voice for fans of rock hard rock and heavy metal of bestselling author host of. TV's that metal. Shell and seven national radio. Radio shows including trunk nation daily on Sirius. Xm Interesting Eddie. Offers the world is news making interviews passionate analysis honest commentary and who who knows what else so. Welcome to the trunk podcast again. My friends try for another episode. PODCAST which is new every Thursday podcast podcast one dot com and of course apple podcast. Thank you for subscribing and listening every week and checking out the podcast and it's great to be here with you on this Thursday. Hey if you're listening on Post Day the Twenty Eighth of November Twenty nineteen is the day that this podcast post and it is significant for those of us in the US because today is Thanksgiving so to all of my American audience. A very healthy happy thanksgiving Thursday teach and every one of you a big extended weekend for many so in America. Big Four Day weekend just about everybody gets the Friday the off after Thanksgiving not everybody but a lot of people do as part of the holiday weekend. So it's a nice long weekend just such a great holiday and and Hope everybody has a chance to spend it with family and friends and enjoy. Whatever it is that you are doing if you are indeed in America and celebrating a Thanksgiving giving weekend? I often think about this time of year because although it is a joyous wonderful four day weekend for many if you work in the retail sector. It's anything but and I know that because for years I worked in a record store and for years. I was traumatized faced with the prospect of having to go to work on the Friday after Thanksgiving universally known as Black Friday and deal deal with the insane amount of people and customers that converge on stores and malls on that Friday to say it left trauma. PTSD from the black. Friday's I worked. So just a word of advice to people who do go out shopping on that day and God bless you if you do. I don't know how you do it but if you do go easy on the people working. Don't get caught up in the mania. Don't buy into the door. Buster under verbiage. That's thrown around. I don't know call me crazy. The prospect of busting through doors and finding people in door buster sales never quite appealed to me on how to spend a holiday weekend. But Hey whatever you're into take take it slow take it easy on those folks that do need to work some of them having to wake up at an ungodly early. Our to be there to deal with the valium of customers on that Friday I will be nowhere near malls over the holiday weekend but whatever it it is you do have fun and hey if you WanNa watch some TV you might WANNA check out Pluto TV the leading free streaming television service and who doesn't love to stream stuff you can watch over one hundred TV channels thousands of movies on demand all completely free Pluto TV. They never ask for a credit card. You don't even need to sign up to watch for free that's because Pluto. TV is the easy and completely legal way to watch your favorite TV shows and your hit movies for free. So what are you waiting for. Never pay for TV again by downloading Pluto. TV You can download Pluto TV four four free on all of your favorite devices today including your phone Roku Amazon Fire TV apple TV smart. TV's playstation and anywhere else you stream so what we have for you. 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XM Right now if you're in the US and Canada totally free even if you aren't a subscriber because because they're not free listening period until I think December first so if you have an inactive radio or if you'd like to go to the APP up or Sirius. XM DOT COM. Everything is wide open and free for you to listen so you can actually sample for free my daily show on Sirius various. Xm One. Oh six keep in mind. It is a holiday so some of the programming might be a little bit different but starting on Monday of will be back live starting at two. PM Eastern time and. They're still the usual programming in the usual slot. So be sure to check it out. Great opportunity to sample it for free if you're in the US or Canada right now free listening period is happening. I am getting ready and I WANNA thank. I heard from a few folks. I'm going to Switzerland folks. I'm going to Zurich actually next week and it's a pretty long story. I think I touched on it on this show in in the last couple of weeks but I was supposed to be going to Switzerland for a surprise party for Billy Gibbons that was cancelled they were Nice Ace enough to invite me to this huge bash and then the party for reasons completely on not fully known was cancelled so I had the plane tickets tickets and figured what the Hell I'm going with. My family never been there before. Ironically the one band I know from Switzerland Crocus is actually playing in Zurich. When I'm there although I don't know if I'll be breaking free from family obligations to go to Crocus but hey you never know so? That should be quite an experience. It's not tell you about it when I do a podcast when I get back I'm GONNA have to front load a couple but I'm only going for like four or five days. I have very little experience going to Europe. I've been to England four four or five times in my life outside of that though nothing never to France Germany Italy certainly Switzerland. None of it. So this'll be fun experience variance and a rare trip that get to take with the family so looking forward to that some stuff coming up before we get to our interview December fourteenth eighteenth. Well a few things this I can announce right now so you know I do these monthly broadcasts from the Rainbow on the Sirius. XM Show we call it the trunk trunk nation L. A. Invasion the next one's going to be a little different it will happen at the rainbow it will be free and open to the public. It will be live seven seven to nine. PM Pacific as usual and it will be broadcast live on Sirius Xm volume however this time around. Because it's December. We WanNA WANNA do Christmas party so I want this one to be a lot more loose a lot more fun. Maybe put some of the audience on the air. I have a variety of different gas S.. Just dropping by and drop in have some prizes babe even have a Santa given away some. CD's it's going to be a really fun festive event. I hope you come and join me for it. If you're in southern California it'll take place on December twelfth. That's a Thursday night from the Rainbow Hello in La on the patio. The first ever trunk nation. Christmas party folks broadcast live on volume across America and Canada seven to nine. PM Pacific everybody can listen to whatever mayhem ensues and if you're in La mark the date come down. Well no admission no ticket no list just come join US December twelfth the rainbow the next trunk nation. La Invasion in this time around it. It is and our our I what I hope will be a great Christmas party. Event for December our final broadcast for twenty nineteen from the Rainbow Abo- bar and grill December. Twelve th is the date December fourteenth. I am in Erlanger Kentucky. Which I'm told is just outside of Cincinnati ready and I'll be there at peacocks doing a speaking show again December fourteenth and December twentieth? Checking my own calendar right now just to make sure that I give you the right dates. Yes I am. December Fourteenth Orlando Kentucky which is basically Cincinnati Cincinnati at peacocks for speaking as show the final appearance for the year December Twentieth Clifton New Jersey. The annual that metal show Christmas party at Ding Bats. Great Time Music Hang Drinks Fun. Come Join US December twentieth. If you know it you'll love it if you're in Jersey New York Area December Twentieth Thing Bats Don Jim Myself the annual Christmas bash all right. There's your rundown everything is on any trunk dot Com. Please follow on twitter at any trunk and Instagram at Eddie Trunk Hunk as well the interview I have for you on this. Thanksgiving Thursday is an incredibly moving and powerful interview. That that I was very happy to be able to do this. Interview took place a little less than two weeks ago from the Sirius. XM STUDIOS IN L. A.. When I was out there for the last invasion and it is with quiet riot drummer? Frankie Bonelli if you know Frankie store you know already Eddie. Y I'm saying it is moving and powerful. Frankie Bonaly announced a few weeks ago that he has been diagnosed with stage. Four pancreatic cancer a reached out to Frankie when I knew I was going to be. La asked him if he'd be open to coming on the radio show and talking about what he's going through remarkably he is still playing shows. Yes he has a great spirit about him. A great drive and a determination to beat this and I am hoping and praying that he truly does Minoan Frankie Bonaly for a very long time. A great guy always very warm. Nice Guy we've had some great times over the years. I hope for many more more to come. Frankie came in and did this interview directly from getting his latest chemo. As a matter of fact he was getting chemo at the time of the interview. As you're about to hear through a pack that was on his belt this is about as serious as cancer gets what Frankie is dealing with and the way he is handling it is truly truly incredible and you will hear the whole story. And here's some stuff about music and his prognosis. And how how. He's bringing the two together where he's still very much playing and performing while still getting these treatments so with nothing but the best west of thoughts and prayers out to Frankie as he is in a tremendous battle here but handling it brilliantly and let's talked for a great outcome for him so I am very very honored and pleased to be able to bring you this interview with Frankie Bonaly talking about all of of what he is dealing with on this week's every podcast coming up Bonetti drunk podcast Hey really pumped to be welcoming hot box in with Mike Tyson to the podcast. One family. Listen is Mike Tyson. The baddest man on the planet horses soul into conversations with fascinating minds celebrities and athletes along along with his cosmic millennial sidekick and former. NFL are even Britain kid. Dynamite dives deep into the issues impacting acting us all today. This podcast will change the way you see the world. Don't miss hot boxing with Mike Tyson. Every week on apple podcasts. And podcast last one. This is the Eddie Trunk podcast Welcome back everybody to the trunk. PODCAST and without further ADO. Let's get to our interview this week. It is with quiet riot drummer. Frankie Aqui bonaly talking about his recent diagnosis of pancreatic cancer as well as some music stuff and even brought me some kid cats from Japan enjoy Frankie Bonaly on this week's podcast. It is wonderful to see my friend. Frankie Bonelli how are you. Oh it's great to so you my brother Youtube Man I said through the rain messy up a little bit but you like now. The rain was fine. He liked the rain. It's like being in a long island. How many years you lived in? La Okay now I came out the first time I came out within seventy two Didn't get anything Actually seventy five and Didn't get much accomplished. Went Back East regrouped and then came back out again But I've been here mostly since nineteen seventy five. What brought you here in seventy two just chasing awesome chasing the dream as a musician? Yeah I mean for me In the music business it was only two places to to do music New York or La and the weather was much better in La. If you're GonNa be couch surfing exactly so you when you came out in seventy two nothing. No connections no nothing. You just let me go out and see what I could find. Yeah I came out. I came out And I pack very light But nothing was going on when I came in seventy five. I came with my nineteen sixty nine Green Ludwig drum set that I'd taken the drum heads off and put my clothes inside of it and I had three hundred dollars to my name and I get to lax. And I'm in the White Zone. You know no no parking white zone sitting on my cases trying to figure out what I'm GonNa do next and An van from a pass by and put on the brakes and the guy backed up and he gets out. Because Frankie said Greg there was a guy that I knew there was now working for us. Irony goes what you do. I told him and and he goes on. We'll we'll store drum set aside. You could sleep on my couch. Wow started from that. What was your first paying Gig as a drummer? My first paying gigs. The drummer. I was fourteen years old. I put a band together called the pound of flesh. This is in New York. Yeah and in a story Queens and We played a church social. We made thirteen dollars a piece. The first dollar to hit my hand my right hand I put in my pocket and the other twelve dollars in the left pocket and then the next morning I went to the five and dime. I'm bought a cheap frame and frame that first dollar and I still have it sitting in my office in the same shitty plan. What was your first Gig landed when you got to La? Because you play on some things that I don't think a lot of people realize it's you on mony mony billy idol wreck and baby talk okay. So you're billy idol uh-huh and also The Hughes Thrall album. Yeah that's you on a bunch of that too right. Yeah but that came later. My first the first time I was actually on a a tour bus and went out on the roads Robert Fleischman who had recently leftist vocalists for Germany for journey had gotten a record deal with Ariza And he used all studio musicians for the record but wanted to use. You know live players and I came an audition and And I was out with him For Ford that entire tour which was Basically opening up for van Halen I might have been the diver down tour. Oh Wow so. That was my first time and then we came. That was. It's a seventy nine. What was that being called Robert Fleischman perfect stranger. Wow Okay and then and then I came back to La and I went to see quiet at At the Starwood and I'm upstairs you know and I'm pat quite a few drinks in me in this guy comes up to me any goes. Are you frankie. Been Elina said IAGO's Nick Saint Necklace from Steppenwolf. Call me tomorrow gave me a piece of paper was named number and I called him up and he told me to get. I think with live wolf album and learn it and I did and And he called me up for rehearsal and I went up to his house for rehearsal. And we've rehearsed sounded great and And he says okay you leave next week we're leaving tomorrow and I said He goes yeah. We're GONNA fire drummer on the road. Road Yeah Wow. I didn't really realize you played in Steppenwolf. Almost two years really eighty. Yeah what were your your thoughts so you went to see quiet right obviously with randy in the the original band right. I'd get on the guest list and everybody bought me drinks. Oh it's a no brainer. What were you like like? What were your thoughts seeing that version of the band where you a fan? I imagine well at this point Kelly Garni was already out of the band who was in playing bass anymore Rudy Stars. who was playing base now rudy and I have met in Nineteen seventy-two Because on November seventeenth my local garage band. A three piece called Ginger opened opened up for David Bowie at pirates world for one show on the Ziggy Stardust tour and unbeknownst to me Rudy and his brother Robert SARS aware ride in the audience. Now the next day is Is the eighteenth number Murray team. That was rudy's birthday so I went to this club called the flying machine and then Rudy went to the club called Flying Machine and he comes up to me and the base- I looked similar so he thought I was the Bass player. And he's going on telling me you know how much he loved the drummer and I just. I was just reeling at all in and then when he was done. I put my hand on said By the way I'm the Drummer Franken and Ali and he turned around and walked away. That's how we met that one of the early history. I always wanted to ask you mony mony by billy idol is to this day like a classic rock staple it's played everywhere in every nightclub. They play it that every everywhere. How did you? How did it come to be that you cut the drums on that? I received the call to this data know-how Keith Foresee Billy's producer Sir Got My phone number. I think another producer recommended him to me Because after the fact you told me I heard that that you're real professional you learn the material you cut cut fast and you leave and I said Yeah. That's that's pretty accurate So I met billy and we went to the rainbow and had a couple of drinks and and were discussing. It's not even music with discussing films that that we both enjoyed And the next day one to the studio and took forty five minutes to get the drum sound thirty minutes to cut the track and they said it was great and you do some more said. I have time for one more because I was double book that was booked to go into the studio with Roy. Thomas Baker that good evening To CUT PRODUCTION DEMOS FOR JC Crowley. who used to be in player? Oh Wow was there ever a side of you that. There's there's all these drummers that are unbelievable session guys and they go in and they cut the track and you know. Sometimes you don't even know they're on the record or even any musicians this guy like Steve Lucas. There are all these guys that are just the pros that go in. They do it and they're very comfortable. Make a great living doing that. The hired guns behind the scenes sort of guys with was it. Sounds like you could have very well. Went Down that road. If it hadn't been for joining quiet riot was out of interest to you or were you always a guy that wanted to really be out there on the stage and be recognized while I enjoy both sides of it. I I enjoy being in the studio under the microscope. Because it's it's very unforgiving But I differ differ with a lot of studio drummers whereas A lot of studio drummers wore learned the entire thing you know from top to bottom and they will play that the same way every time I will learn the entire song and all the signposts that need to be fixed ext but what happens in between those spots I leave to spontaneity otherwise it becomes sterile to me So it's got to have a field it's gotTa have a pocket it's gotTa have have a groove otherwise it just becomes mechanical the other side of the coin is I love bulloch performing live because what you get back from the audiences with spurs you on to the very best Austin. Yeah Yeah for sure all right so you walk in here and you give me this. I didn't want to open it until we were on the air. But you give me this very nice Christmas bag here with the bow on and I'm gonNA open this for the first time here frank through now I just realized that I missed it and I apologize for missing it was. I should be giving you a gift because it was your birthday the other day. That's okay. I've had plenty you get some life so well. Happy Belated to you. Thank you so this is from Japan. Yup just what I need. The Big Chucho. Am You give me Candy Candy. Help but look look at the flavors Kit Kat. It's kids kickout with Japanese lettering on it hold on. What is the flavor? I can't let me see this one. Thank you gave me a bag of candy. Just what I need Frankie. I appreciate it but I'm looking through this way. What is this Kit Kat? It looks like Green Tea. Green tea flavored. Yeah Wow and this is that might be sake. Flavored sake or it looks like a like a cantaloupe. Oh yeah that's the Calo flavors impeach. He hoped I like Halloween all over again here. Now these are for me those are all yours yours ourse. You're too kind. These are really cool. Is that a thing in Japan like different flavored. Kick cats other crazy about it. They have their own their own stores and stance and then they're also in in department stores and they do Certain flavors have certain time of the year that you can't ever get again really. Yeah my kids. Love this to some of these home. Because they're all about stuff from other countries now. You were just in Japan so so let's get into it so I ran into. I was here a couple of weeks ago and I ran into Chuck Right Right right on outside of the whiskey on the sidewalk and I had reached out to you when the news came out about your illness and I know you were dealing with a ton of stuff but your voice mail was full and text a couple of times. I Texted Regina. Please let Frankie know thinking of anything I could do. I know how much you're dealing with when you made that announced sure now you ran into chuck on on this on the sidewalk on sunset And the first thing when I saw him I said. How's Frankie? I tried to reach him. I haven't heard from him. I said I know he's dealing with a lot but I am concerned and he he said Oh Frankie's Japan to play we because we just played here at the whisky a couple nights ago and he played and now he's going to Japan to play with Mister Jimmy during his Chicago. Wait a minute the same. Frankly just announced he's ill seriously ill. He still plays playing great. He played in Wigan's going to Japan. It's GonNa Japan and that made me feel really good to know that you were feeling well enough to do all of that but talk about what you just obviously brought me. This candy candy just came from Japan. And then you did Zeppelin show there with the guitar player from Jason Bonham Span. Tim Sakarai with his band. Mr Jimmy And for the last few years I go over to Japan once or twice a year and do the Mr Jimmy shows over there So the last one we did was the EH recreation Three and a half hour recreation the nineteen seventy seven. La Form Show top to bottom and mazing thing is the X.. Theater is technologically the most amazing place when it comes to acoustics so much so the my understanding is Sony. Records goes there and plays masters for approval and And when we were doing soundcheck you know I went out in the audience and various spots and up into the balcony and it sounded exactly the same in every seat but but the Japanese are so So technically perfect in what they do that the ex-leader has all these amazing state of the art. Led Lights but in nineteen seventy seven Those didn't exist. So they brought in two hundred seventy five park hands on scaffold. Just like led Zeppelin upland data and the drum riser moved up to the front of the stage for the drum solo and concussion bombs and everything went off in so we did that and now I'm scheduled to go back Unplugged show with quiet riot in in the Saint Louis area on the twenty seventh of November. Then I go in for her chemo round nine. On December third December sixteenth. I'll leave for Tokyo. I returned the twenty seven the twenty second from Tokyo. Oh Kyo and I leave the twenty ninth For Michigan to play the last show of the year with quiet riot. Wow amazing now we should tell L. people when you walked into the studio just now you as we speak. You are getting Chemo Korea. Yeah The way the Chemo works now is as you go into the hospital as I did yesterday morning And from the time we walked in checked and checked out it was almost six hours And that's the first step of the Chemo Komo then as soon as that's done. They take that same chemo formula and they put it in a pump. And some wearing this. You know this fanny bag not a fashion state. Hey Frankie goes. This isn't a fascist. Actually doing something. Yeah but if you can if you can see here here are the lines that Ila fluid that you see going through the line yeah Goes to report. That's in my chest here and then this thing. That looks like a vein isn't vein that's an actual Tube that goes to an artery in my neck and then another another tube goes to my heart And so the Chemo is constantly being pumped through through my entire body Through through my heart is using that as a propulsion. So I am now here doing your interview. 'cause I love you on Chemo a day to now how do you feel do you do. I mean everybody look. Cancer has touched. If not anyone directly. There's not a person you can find family member someone close to a loved one or something. I've certainly certainly had in my family. And all that and you hear people have different feelings about how they feel. You seem really obviously there and you seem like you have a great that same great energy and spirit about you. How do you physically feel right? Now we'll after previously this after. Doing seven rounds of Chemo. The reason we stopped up we stopped at seven about two and a half months ago Because I had gone down to one hundred and thirty. Five pounds and Mayan colleges felt that I was too weak. Go on to the next level And during that period of time I had two tubes that were inserted into my side because I had some fluid that was leaking. I'm from various areas into my domino cavity. That was being caused. By the tumor on my pancreas and the tumor might liver pushing on on different. Oregon's what what that meant was that I couldn't eat any solid foods because the the tumor was pushing down and wouldn't allow me to get any food into my stomach So went down onto one hundred and thirty five pounds What what did you way I on April seventeenth win was diagnosed? I was I was a a A very healthy nineteen seventy seven John Bonham one hundred ninety seven pounds okay and went down to one thirty five And so they tried to put a stent foul been which would have made it possible for me to eat solid foods And for it to get into my stomach and the intestines and all of that And after three tries they just couldn't do it and so the doctor when I came out of anesthesia from surgery You know said so. Are we good Ed. And he goes no. We couldn't get past the blockage and I said I'm GONNA have to be wearing this tube in this bag for the rest of my life and he goes. Yeah it's likely and I said I I I don't accept that I'm going to stop treatment. Because this is a very poor quality of life and he says well hold on and he left and had a meeting with his with his surgeons and he came back goes. We're going to try one more thing and it was literally a hail. Mary play I've been to the hospital since nine in the morning that day. Going through through. All of this. It's now six o'clock in the afternoon or six o'clock in the evening they wrote me back into surgery and by nine fifteen when I came out of anesthesia. He says they were you. Put The stent in so in due course the two was removed. And I've been able to start eating food and do you have your you gotTa Skate. You're going to. Japan is not across across the street. And you're you got quiet riot gigs. You're going back to Japan. You've got a lock you have now the energy and the stamina to do that you have the energy and stamina wanted to to play a full show no problem yes impacted. You're playing your wind or anything. No here's here's a strange thing like there's there's so many side effects that come along with Chemo and and side effects get added on to you As you do more chemotherapy and the recovery time is is a bit longer each time. The amazing thing is that right now. I have no feeling in my fingertips and no feeling my toes and I sit behind the drums and everything. Nothing works flawlessly. Wow I mean I don't I don't know why I don't question it for fear that if I quest. Yeah but but it's been great. No you know I did the Whiskey whiskey show which is which is The one that I did a week after I went public with the disease and You know timing was great. Energy Energy was great. You played the whole show. Power was great. No mistakes all the all the correct things that that you know. Chuck and Alex and Jesse Pro used to hearing thing That the sub drummers got over the summer just didn't get your it was a great experience. Talk about the decision to go public with this because you. How long had you been known? How long have you known and been dealing with it before? Because I started getting calls to this show that people went to see quiet light Ryan and seeing Frankie wasn't there and I figured okay there's a conflict or quite honestly I figured maybe Frankie's trying to pull like the Foreigner Mick Jones deal where he just do you want to go out to every show and he's going to get somebody else and give them its blessings and whatever and then of course the news came out that you were battling pancreatic cancer. Oh that is. How long have you been dealing with it before? Going public with it over three months over three months. Yeah what happened was diagnosed. The the series of events says I was GONNA play a couple of songs with Alex's side project hooker some blow for the Rainbow Parking Lot gig And and and this was in In April so I went to my storage unit to get some supplies and while I was there all of a sudden my calf was ridiculous. Amount of pain. configure it out on my right foot and I gotta drive back home so I barely made it that drive back home. It was that painful the first symptom was in your calf and my calf. So what happen up in is You know my wife's you know suggested I get in touch with Kaiser I couldn't get an appointment for a couple of days and hospital here. Yes okay and the next morning morning I got up and I and I walked ten feet and and I couldn't go any further out of breath and I was really weak so Regina and rightfully fully so insisted that I go to emergency so went to emergency And did did an ultrasound of my right calf and did a scan of my upper and and And what is showed was that I had a blood clot and my right calf Blah Blah Blah cloud my left lung right lung and in the saddle in between the two lungs. The concern was if they dislodged the only take two routes one. To your brain aneurysm and of story the other one to your heart heart attack and story a byproduct I product of the scan caught a little bit of my liver and they saw something. That didn't look right so now. This is three thirty in the morning. I'm absolutely are And and they will me back into the scan the scan the lower In about an hour later about four thirty in the morning the The floor surgeon or the doctor in emergency comes in and unceremonious. The says You have stage four pancreatic cancer that has metastasized. You'll ever ever and I really like you music. And he signed off on the paperwork walked out. Oh my God talk about bedside manner. That's how I found out so my my first Chris Concern was you know how do I call. I'd WANNA work. I'd send Regina home about one thirty in the morning because she had been with me all day So my first concern is how Roy told my wife. My second concern is how do I take care of quiet riot so I decided not to go public at that point because they don't WanNa at that point all. I knew that I had you know what they consider a terminal cancer And they gave me six months which initially meant that the middle of October I would probably have died so I don't WanNa go positive month ago. Yeah so I didn't want to go public with just bad news so my first consideration ratio was okay. Well let's see where this goes because I'm refusing to accept that I'M GONNA be dying in six months even though I started you know. Oh making arrangements just in the event. Because you don't know but I refuse to accept it My second consideration is And this is now April I actually. After was diagnosed. I flew to Florida and their festival with quiet riot. You know against my doctor's orders because of flying and the altitude and the blood clots and then in May may I did The M three festival on May fifth But after that it just became impossible to travel so now we're going into into the summer months and quiet ride ahead full calendar something and myself. Okay I can't go but how do I take my guys. You know. They'll have expenses. They have families. He's and everything so I got in touch with my age and mark hyman at Ti and And you know we discussed Having the ban go out with substitute the two drummers there were Some promoters that you know were concerned that I had to talk off the ledge. We only lost two shows With the promoters aware of why or did you just say you couldn't play the date. No initially they. They were not aware of why because no matter how much you say you know this is private information. You know it's going to be the Internet is going to be out there But by and large were able to talk the rest of them off the ledge There was one promoter that that's a a longtime friend for about thirty years that he's the one that put on the The Heavy Montreal all festival And and I was straight up front. You know with him. The reason why I asked that question is because if you're a promoter and you're told Frankie Bonaly can't play just well he just doesn't want to show up or because he's battling cancer right. I think I would think there'd be a different Approach Different Oh. Let's try to help out here. Let's take the date Frankie get better. Send us who yourself. Let's go sure versus if the if somebody says I 'cause 'cause you know there's a lot of that out there now with the the band that just the guy's not showing up. They don't WanNa do it. They want to stay home and just run it and there's a lot of that so that's definitely different. I think Read on it if he knew what was going on. But I also understand you not wanting to 'cause you're right no matter who it's going to get out there yeah. I mean it would have been playing. The rightfully saw the sympathy card. But the problem is that headless say promoter so and so gets off the phone and happens to said resistance. I can't believe this. You know I just found out Franken. Has You know. Yeah a really bad cancer. Yeah Oh foam on the Internet So I wanted to avoid that But you know by and large there were no issues But I'm I'm ready to go back out on the road again with choir riding up made that very publicly and very clear and we already have a number of dates of chloride for twenty twenty on the books. Well let's talk about some of that more to talk about with Frankie Bonaly. Let's take a break right now. Frankie is here and it's it's great to see him and he brought me this nice bag candy thing on a trial of Do you have a favorite of these. Have you had some of these. Yeah I I like like the green tea one a lot The MELA one is good. I mean they're no bad flavors when it comes to when it comes to Japanese cats I and they're very precise about everything they do. Are there any bad flavors when it comes to Eddie Candy anything bad for you Frankie really good for the soul. I'm going to try one of these things during the break. I don't know what flavor this is. What we're GONNA have one gotta take a break? We'll be right back with more with Frankie Bonelli on the Eddie Trunk podcast after this. This is Eddie Trunk podcast. Let's get back to more of my conversation with Frankie Bonaly right now on this week's any trunk podcast or the cat was delicious. Just really was it was a dark. Chocolate is the one that I went with I. You know I'm on the road more than I've ever been frankie in the last three years so I'm going to just carry this sack around around with me through the airport. Whatever need a little snack whatever? Tsa Love Kick at TSA guy here. Lax's me so much like like you like your doctor. He's like a big Fan. I could be bringing anything through there. He's just WanNa talk to me. Hey let's do a stump the trunk or whatever well. Aren't you supposed to be checking my bag dude. This this is when you know this is when you know. You've been to the Kaiser Hospital too many times in every hallway. I run into somebody decided. We'll me into a room. We'll be out from a room where there to proceed. Oh really oh yeah every day. Ten Twenty people. Wow Yeah what's the. What's the prognosis? What are the doctors telling you? How our you tolerating this game? I want to talk about other things. People have questions about what you're going through but also just music and quiet riot so at the time have I. I don't WanNa just. I'm sure you don't want to a pound away on this but at the same token I think it's wonderful that you're talking about it that you've been public about it you've been on online talking about it because in a lot of ways I would think if there's people out there dealing with what that are fans dealing with what you're dealing with in a way it's it's it's really inspirational to see what you're able to do still and your your spirit and attitude about going after this. I think that it's I think it's wonderful. I think it's great your public about Out what I think is important for people understand that First of all if if they have any inclination whatsoever that cancers and their family They should really have themselves checked out. Because I have done physicals with my doctor religiously for twenty thirty years and and nothing ever showed up and I did my last physical in February of this year and no issues and here comes April and I've got Stage four it's star Stage one stage two stage three stay Shoygu quick. There's no stage five so it was it existed but a physical didn't didn't catch so you really need to insist on having cat scan. It is incorrect from wrong. But what I've heard about pancreatic and what makes it so difficult is there really aren't symptoms until it gets more advanced. Is that correct. Yeah that's correct matter of fact A week or so before. All of this started I was in in the backyard in one corner of the yard. There was all this construction material that had been dumped there by previous owner years ago and it was such a beautiful full little area that was marred by about two hundred and fifty paver stones. Ten cinderblocks fifty or sixty bathroom tiles and about fifteen gene huge flagstones and I moved all those by hand from from one end of the yard over behind the greenhouse. You know were in a stack them them all nice and need and clean them all up so yeah no symptoms whatsoever now. He's they're screening. Is there a proper screening for four pancreatic cancer. I don't believe there is what would I believe you can do is if you do a cat scan If there's any abnormalities especially in pancreas and if it if it has moved over over twenty the other organs it's GonNa show up I think probably doctors and hospitals are reluctant to order it. Because it's expensive but but you know if you can afford it or if you have the insurance do it. It's worth doing it because if I could have caught it at stage one or maybe stage to It won't be severe stage. Four is considered terminal because my my My family has a history of colon cancer so get screened. I get colonoscopies and I talk about it. I talked about it on TV. It's important to let people know like you said we're all getting older. You gotta get out there. You GotTa get screened. You gotta get checked out so I get my colonoscopy every two three years doctor tells me to go I go do it sure. My mom had leukemia. My Mom was cutting the lawn. Pushing you know. Oh my mom's old school you know. She's all the Talian woman chess. What two zero cutting a log on and I was like she got the call you? She got leukemia. And the doctor. Said what are you doing right now. She's a RAV outside cutting along. He said you do what you're not supposed to be able to do. But you know and then all of a sudden you know it hits. It's you and obviously you've got to deal with it so so look being honest. Yeah you're you're dealing with the most severe thing you could be dealing with stage four an at a cancer that is obviously extremely brutal. Yeah you're getting chemo right now. You have a great spirit about you. The fighting fighting this thing. What what are the doctors tell you? Is this working well. Why oncologists At at a recent visit us at that the that the tumor and and the packers has shrunk them so that was positive There was no more fluid in my lungs And that there are a lot of the problems with deliver They didn't see any more except that there's two areas there that they have some concern which is why justice just this week. I did another CD SCAN and I'm waiting for the results that come back on that My regular doctor called me because she he came in to see me after Chemo one when I was still in the hospital and I looked like death warmed over at that at that point because the first chemo was very brutal all my system and and she couldn't she couldn't believe it And she called me up last week because she follows all my reports. Come from from the different technicians in my in colleges. And she says that that the improvements have have made or or nothing short of a miracle And I attest that obviously to the treatment that I'm getting But also my diet because thank God. My Wife Regina got me off years ago from being a complete and total talion carnivore to being a vegetarian. Well that's interesting because you're saying Italian carnivore four and and and you and I've talked about this before and you've been nicer. I've got to make a nice pasta days and I grew up in my mom's Italian very hardcore Italian family. I grew up in a Italian liquor. Deli store my vice in life as a predominantly Italian background is carbs is her hoste is red. You're saying saying you were big meat. Guy Hung all the meatball the sausage all that also buco. I mean you all the way down the line. My father was born in Sicily and he loves to cook so it was authentic learned from him. My mother was born in Spain and she loved to Cook and everything is authentic and I learned with from her at least four times a week. We have pasta at the house. When when I was a kid but with the meatball with the meatballs and sausages the carnivore aspect comes in? Yeah and then the other three days of the week it'd be something Spanish which you know was more more carbs rice and beans and the fish and this that and the other but the thing for you was the meat you knocked out. You became a vegetarian win. I don't know how many years ago go it was but I I can't even remember how long ago was because it's been that long But you know now. I use the a lot of the beyond meat products so I make very believable meatballs very believable Italian sausage sandwiches. Yeah but do you believe that the meet the amount of meat had some in relation to getting sick while I think I think if you're using you stopped a long time ago. Yeah I think what I'm saying is is that I think it's helpful For my recovery. That that I'm not eating Meats and chicken or pork any foul That for the most part have all these different. You know. Things added to the food that they're intaking but if the doctors told you that I mean everybody makes a personal decision. How they want to handle their health but if the doctors told you that in in other words if you it's a plus it's a plus it's definitely what you're dealing with positive Stephania plus and I think the other thing is is having being able to assess your the particular situation And once I did that You know I'm very aware that cancer there's no cure for it so I know that cancer will be the death of me. The question is when and I think Having a very positive attitude is very helpful. Yeah it's okay to have you down days because I happen to be depressed about it but it's not okay to stay there. It's more important to continue to live your life Not just for yourself but for your family early members and your friends. So they're not you know they're not sitting around getting depressed because you're the press or or going on facebook and And having you know death watch twenty twenty nine teen or Death Watson Twenty Twenty So it's very important to be To be positive and realistic. I'm not a M- Nada I'm not pessimistic or optimistic person. I'm a realist. I I deal with with facts as percents to me. Frankie Bonelli is my guest and We WanNa talk about some stuff with music and the band as well and I have people you know people on the line that WanNa talk to you and ask you questions about quiet riot and about wasp in about this and that and so many things we have probably about twenty minutes left to go maybe fifteen in the show. So let's do this. Let's get our last break taking care of right now and then when when we come back we'll be clear sailing until you know about About three fifty five eastern time. And we'll try to squeeze in a few calls. A lot of people wanted to want to say hello to you in wishy their best. I but last thing for me about this before we go to the break and take the calls when this news came out First Person I heard about it from was Mitch Lafan Mhm who does a podcast out of Canada and he had posted something about any told me about it the day before that is he knew we were friends and And then it started like you said the Internet boom it it just goes what about the outpouring from the music community. How how has it been? I imagine I know I tried to reach out to you like everybody did. It was probably probably overwhelming. I would think right in a very very good and positive way. I mean you know my my text messages. I mean a one point my phone to shut down because it was just so many. Were coming in private messages on facebook. Emails everything all the posts on facebook. It's amazingly I didn't expect it. I mean it's amazingly wonderful it warms my heart And the fans really lift me up to continue the fight So you know although it's happening to me as one person alone There's a whole lot of people out there that They want to see a positive outcome. And it means the world to me. Yeah and it's interesting the way you've handled this and I think it's it's it's a testament not to you that that that you've handled this with such dignity and such class and you are putting it out there and you are fighting it and you're taking all that love that you're getting from people in using that but everybody does handle stuff like this in a different way. Every single day I get a call to this radio show asking about Eddie Van Helen and there are a million rumors out there every day about him potentially dealing with this we just don't know nobody really knows her but they say nothing ever I. I mean it's in now it's in. TMZ Land now. It's just to the point where people see a picture of Eddie van Halen. It's news now has he. He's physically. There's a photo of them and they say nothing at all. So they've taken that route new obviously after dealing with it internally for a little bit decided to take the route to go public and that was something that you felt was the best way to handle it for you. Well I mean I think it was important for a couple of reasons. It was important because I received an awful lot of Hate from I'm from people that we're going to quiet riot shows and and not see me play And I said I got those calls here to and and there were there. Were Pretty Pretty mean spirited for it you know And I get it. I understand it because they went to acquire riots show and there's some guy playing drums. It's not me let's be honest. You are the you're the guy with all respect to the other members of the band you're the guy with the history rooted in what everybody knows. Is the classic quite right mental health there. I've been the constant since one thousand nine hundred and the documentary mentioned everything. That's so I get it and I never responded to it. I never lashed out or anything Because I knew that at some point I was going to have to go public. It was just just a matter of when and how And you know hopefully people now you know and especially those that were so incredibly critical of my absence I hope they now understand that you know I wasn't sitting around at home. You know collecting the money and getting fat. It was a complete opposite. I'm sure more people more more than understand that now for sure Frankie Bonaly is here. Let's get a couple of quick calls for Frankie before we have to wrap up. We could go hours here. And hopefully we'll do another round When when Frankie schedule permits and back out here but let's say a low real quickly to Let's say a little ricky in Maryland. Go ahead ricky with Frankie. Hey thanks for letting me get in. Here Frankie brother. I love you man and all the best wishes to you your wife. Zina your daughter I've got a signed copy of your DVD here. I watch it dude all the time. I enjoyed it just as much every time and I've seen you a whole bunch over the years with All all the Good line-ups man you know what I mean and and just all the best wishes to you and I if you beat the shit out of that crap man well thank you so much about. Let me let me let you know that that personally. I really appreciate your support. It means a lot to me and it gives me additional strength to continue this fight. Thank thank you ricky for the call. This is Joanne Louisiana. Hey Joe hey how you doing I'm good Frankie No I. He's in my prayers for it every night along with his family. I kind of know what he's going through. I'm a little dumbfounded. 'cause I'm actually talking to Frankie Bonelli one of my favorite all time guys in the band uh-huh and I got through to you Monday night. You give me grief about death leopard. If you remember that I gave you grief about DEF Leppard. Yeah you you you cut me thirty years to see him. O bus never lost because you said you said he said he went to see DEF LEPPARD I. I said they'd been around since one thousand nine hundred eighty. How'd you thirty years? Joe told me he was like fifty five. I go well. How did you miss the boat thirty five years ago? Don't feel bad. I've only seen away. I've only seen him once. And that was nineteen eighty-three at the Doorman Pop Rock Festival The first and last time I saw them they were really good. Joe Thank you. I'm just moving quickly because we WANNA get as many people as we have So we can't because they have to end right on time. Of course. This is AL WHOSE JERSEY. Hey I'll go ahead Eddie Eddie thank you man. Hey Frankie it's a pleasure to talk to you A senior many times over the years. I just WanNa say that this world is not ready if you leave it yet if anybody could beat the odds you can. You've heard over many hurdles and you got the strike brother Man Right. We need you To stay around for a long time all right. That's all I really wanted to say. I love you and you know the good fight my friends well with your support word. I intend to be around as long as I possibly can. And continue to entertain you with my loud drumming. There you go thank you. I'll we're holding the news that Frankie knew that this is Dell. WHO's in Pittsburgh idle? You're on with Frankie Bonelli. What's up guys? Hi So I got a question for you guys and it was. What's your favorite Ban that either open up for you or you opened up for. It's good to see you're going Sean. yeah first time caller fifteen year old fifteen years old big rock had wow new the next the next wave of the future generation Dell in Pittsburgh so thank you for the call so the question is your favorite band you ever open open four or that open for you. Well I gotta be honest with you. We were fortunate enough choir. I was fortunate enough in one thousand nine hundred eighty three to support Some of my favorite band. Dan Scorpions. Iron Maiden Judas Priest Z. Z.. Top Black Sabbath. It goes on and on and I can tell you that across awesome board All those bands treated us with with a great level of respect and we never had any problems and they were all great every single night when we had in nineteen eighty four. We had whitesnake open up for us. You know that was like the dream version of Whitesnake with John Sykes Guitar and especially Cozy Z. Powell on drums and I got to become friends with cozy And that was a drum lesson every night so in that regard I have no regrets or no issues. With any of the band's that we supported supportive or any of the band's to support a choir. I've been very fortunate. This is Raymond who's in California. Hi Raymond real quickly weekly I know you've done a lot of drum work with WASP. Y You never actually Join band well. The whole thing with wasps started in an eighty nine black was looking for a permanent drummer and I was busy with quiet ride. We were working Actually this eighty seven Canadia. Were working on the fourth quiet riot album. And I said to Blackie. I can't join the band but if you want me to do the record I will and so I did the hell children record. which is my favorite of the? I think eight played eight or nine have played up with wasp as it turns out when I was in Tokyo In eighty nine I decided added that I wanted to put on hold for a while. Because his simply wasn't working with that particular lineup and Blackie I don't know how he found out about it but I got a call from him and he says Stay in Tokyo for another week. Do Press for the Hell of children fly to London and we'll start pre production rehearsals the following week in London and at the world to a for headless children but blacking. I really really good friends. You know we've we've had you know like like any brother You know we had issues in the past that have all been put to arrest long ago But he's great. I just was never a permanent touring part of the ban. So we got about ninety seconds before I have to and Anything that you want to say to the fans or on the air before we have to wrap up anything you want to mention. Yeah please know that you know the volume of of messages. That I've received the across the board has been Amazing for me I have read them. All I apologize for not being able to respond onto each and every single one. Because there's just not enough hours in the day And I continue with my therapy both in and out of hospitals and private clinics So so my main focus is to get myself healthy and to continue to to play drums With arrived live. I speak for all the the fans we love you. We're praying for you. I've known you for a long time and we go way way way back. We really do and I say with all my heart I love I really do. And you're a true brother to me. Let's say I'm here and I'm honored and thankful that you took the time out. I know with what you're going through to be here with me today and spent some time talking to me and the audience and I got a lot of confidence in you man. You're you're fighter and I got I got said nothing. But the best vibes out to you my brother Ahmed service anytime. You need me for anything at all. Likewise here to here to Allie. Everybody I love you Frankie. Thank you buddy. All right brother well a very moving moving interview and I cannot thank Frankie enough for dealing with what he's dealing with. Still coming in and doing that interview with me as you heard. He was literally early getting Chemo at the time of the interview. And I mean the guy's a trooper in a fighter and you can do nothing but root for him and think of him and pray for him for a quick recovery from this it is a bitch what he is dealing with it as the absolute worst but he seems to have a great spirit and a great attitude about it and Anyone will tell you dealing with stuff like that. That is a big part of it as well so we will be thinking of Frankie. We'll keep you posted. We'll keep pulling forum and hopefully get good news on his prognosis in the near future. By thanks to Frankie Bonaly also his wife Life Regina for bringing them in a great conversation we had there at the Sirius. Xm Studio in Los Angeles. And if you missed while you you just. I heard it but if you want to see video of it it is available. We shot the whole thing and there is video on the Sirius. XM APP so be sure to check that out. We're putting a lot of video content up there of a lot of these interviews being shot as well on the APP. Remember if you are not day Sirius. Xm Subscriber in the and you're in the US and Canada when a free listening period right now. So the inactive radios are on and you can also listen if you don't have a radio on the APP trunk nation. My show is on everyday two to four eastern live. replaying every night ten to midnight and all the stuff stuff is on the APP as well so be should've listened and the free trial period chance to check out some of the music and some of the The up should the shows my show being talk show but you can check out all sorts of stuff during this free listening period so have a listen and enjoy and hopefully come on board with us if you you are not already a subscriber. That's where the interviews you here on the podcast. Every week originated from. You only get a small sample here on the podcast. Outcast of what I do on a daily basis. Be Sure to follow me on twitter at Eddie Trunk Instagram as well at Eddie Trunk Eddie. TRUNK DOT COM is the official online. Home there is a fan page on facebook as well and if you are in Erlanger Kentucky just just outside of Cincinnati December fourteenth peacocks December twentieth at Bats with Donna Jim for the annual that metal show Christmas party Clifton New Jersey Z.. And don't forget just announced December twelve. I'm back at the rainbow in La for the trunk nation. Christmas party live from the patio. The rainbow seven to nine. PM Pacific Time Live on volume Sirius. Xm One six free to get in. If you're in southern California. Come join us for some holiday day. Shenanigans should be a blast. You guys have a great great holiday weekend in the US. And I'll be back next Thursday for another episode. showed the Eddie Trunk. podcast free as always apple podcasts. And podcast one and

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