How to Fix Leaks In Your Business with Kenny Chapman


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I Paul Edwards influence our networking secrets and exciting episode episode here joining us as Kenny Chapman author of in Home Sales Accelerator Kenny Helps Service contractors create raving fans increase their sales and employees improve of their online reputations in thirty days or less <hes> he joins us by way of the best seller publishing mastermind. We got acquainted that way. I want you to listen. There's a couple of key items items here that are really important and this goes for whether or not you're in a specialty trade contractor business or not but Kenny really believes you can design mind your business to serve your life and work on your business instead of in it and he also believes you can attract recruit and keep superstar employees and there's a a common thread here which if you've been tracking with us for a while you're going to recognize if you haven't that's okay. We're GONNA teach it to you right so be alert for those things watched them as they they keep coming up and start and pay attention follow that because no matter what kind of business you're in. You're going to end up making nobody happy. If you try to make everybody Gabby and that's really what it boils down to both when it comes to designing Your Business and attracting and keeping the right people working for you so if this episodes useful helpful for you in any way please be sure to leave us a five star rating and review on Itunes and now let's get started with fixing the leaks in your business with Guinea Chapman everybody for tuning in welcome the influence or networking secrets Paul Edwards with you and I'm excited. We've got another international bestselling author joining us today. <hes> please welcome. Kenny Chapman to the show Kenny in in his book <hes> in home sales accelerator. He helps he teaches service contractors plumbers electricians h FAC how to create raving fans increase is there sales and improve their online reputations in thirty days or less. Kenny welcome to the program Paul. Thank you so much for having me. Thank you everybody for tuning in. Hey I love having a good high energy guest and Kenny and I were chatting just before we got on here and I can tell that type of person so this is going to be good but I I got a little bit of information about your background right started out in plumbing <hes> but it sounds like what happened. was you had a really good aptitude for the a business management and productivity side <hes> because you go in and you create this what's called the Blue Collar coaching system and then you find founded. This group called the Blue Collar Success Group. Now you've got a podcast and you write columns for trade magazines so a little bit about you in your own words though Kenny. What's the story behind this. That's how do you go from fixing leaks to do all of this now. Well thank you all and and really I want everybody to know this is not about me about if you can take something from my journey and use it to write your own life because real reality is my lenten start is dead broke drain cleaner write. I started my plumbing. Career is dead wrote drain cleaner by myself often a truck however what put me in that place was actually the United States army. What do I mean by that. I I was a massive a kid. I was in trouble. I had a choice to make about jail or armed services in one thousand nine hundred ninety. I didn't know that stuff existed but had an amazing judge gave me that Opportunity I witnessed service and I got my stuff right but here's what was challenging. All as I became a good soldier once I took the Madison became disciplined when I watched really good soldiers get promoted right along with private Chavan ride along with P.. Three Chapman what I learned is I needed to be paid for my performance. Somehow and to me that meant. I needed to become an entrepreneur. I need to have the ability to call my shots now what I didn't know that's one of the dumbest things that most people go entrepreneurs renew observer do because it's the hardest thing in like. Michael Gerber says you end up working for lunatic and that's you right so point is that the only resolves able to create the path I was is because I was so clear about why I was doing what I was doing and I never got into drain truck to become the best drain cleaner cleaner in the world. I got an drain truck to build a drain business that worked and served a team and serve the market and so on and so forth so I think a title anything people are doing you. GotTa get out why to have that that passion enough fire. The entrepreneur's needs so so very much as that's interesting. I didn't know <hes> from <hes> from what I've read so far. You've been in the service because I'm also I'm a fellow veteran and I observed. I observed the same thing I saw that no matter how hard I worked or how much I didn't work. I got paid the same and so did the guy next to me who did an excellent job and so did the guy next to me who didn't at you know and that was a big part of what led me to always have a desire in an interest just to be in business was as like you know. I can really. I can really perform well in that culture but I it doesn't matter you know I'm still going to get paid the same based on how long I've been there and what rank I hold which and so and that that's where it was such. An amazing lesson was willing undertaking a lot of people. Don't take the less in the way that you and I did so what was good for me as I was able to go. What did I like about the military. Honestly I liked uniforms uniforms. I like discipline. I like structure so I said well cool. Let's bill businesses that have the great things that it had and then let me fix the things that I didn't agree with why because we live in America yeah yeah and that segues right into the I decided to call this episode fixing the leaks in your business all right <hes>. I wanted to use a little plumbing analogy for obvious reasons but I think some of the things that you talk about in your book are worth describing that way <hes> anybody who owns a contracting business or any type of businesses going to recognize. This is a multifaceted reality as the entrepreneur. You face that challenge orange of you know. There's a problem over here. There's a problem over here. There's a leak here. There's a leak there. There's no but you make two key arguments that I think are on. My audience should always have in mind which is you can design your business to serve your life so that you can work on it. You can work on it instead of in it and then you can attract and recruit and keep superstar employees. Yes yes yes and so back when I was in the insurance business. I worked with a lot of contractors and I know how big a problem that is for them so we we can all guess the answer but I'd like to hear your take. Why why are these ideas so it's so elusive and yet be so important so number one on <hes>. I believe I believe polity that the ideas are allusive because it's not general consensus right it we we we know that if we eat at McDonalds every day and and drink lots as that have all the sugar starbucks. We're GONNA get early onset diabetes and yet we do it by the masses so it's not about information people go well. That's kind of what everybody else does so when you do something completely against the grain of what everybody else does it's very uncomfortable and a lot talks at many stone. I call the client this morning this out really upset with a keyword in front of it and he's like. I'm not sure if it's at you're if it's at me or if it's I like his okay you you can be upset with me right so my point is that as long as you're telling yourself that story you'RE GONNA get those results and I'm not talking high level fluff often. We gotta sit in the Lotus position. People are just going to show up through our doors. That's not what I mean but every time that you say there's not enough tradespeople. There's not enough good people people out there. What you're reinforcing is the fact that you don't believe you can solve it. Guess what we had clients grow by thirty million dollars last year from seventy a million to a hundred million they had higher law people to pointed trucks. Don't tell me now. Here's the challenge on the three truck operator. Let's say and I have this mindset that I've got to go out and fix the trade person issue in America. I gotTA GO Battle Higher Level Colleges and lobby on Wall Street so as easier for me not to do anything rather than go. You know what when it helps spread the message. I'm going to build a model business. I'm going to show that when you create when you recruit utilizing magnets really good things happen. Why because what do magnus do all they dressed up right in toward you well people forget. What else can I do. They completely repel so you're putting on your team. You should be putting people on your team because you're lacking some business clarity about really who you are what you want this to be and then you buy into what people tell you trade trade shows and conferences and coffeeshops. Vietnam meetings that there's not don't give your on us a great organization. I'm just saying whatever you get together and share be careful who you're sharing with because that's which will create. That's funny you use the the the magnet <hes> there because that's the first chapter of my book I talk about a magnet not a pusher. You know there you go and it's not necessarily in the same context there of <hes> of attracting a team but it is attracting clients attracting the right kind of prospects and <hes> yeah you know the the the thing that's interesting there is as if we can preserve the presence of mind and that when we hear the right thing if we can remember that message and put it at the front of our priorities so you talk about <hes> you you know having the clarity of the visions to wire running this business. It's not to become the best drain cleaner in the world is to build a business that serves the people who work there serves the marketplace and it's a great place to work. If you can somehow keep that as your priority and be willing to say no to somebody who you can sense his not part of that <hes> by saying no to that person then you say the you end up getting the opportunity to say yes to the right person who does dovetail. With the vision and once that person place if you can maintain that same priority in how you treat them and how you pay them in how you reward them for their service. You know you get the exactly the kind of results you're talking about the seventy million to one hundred million you know when when you think about in you're absolutely right on what I want people to realize too you is it's about the clarity. It's not about the seventy two hundred you can. You can run a two three truck. A eight. I mean average company. America's three trucks eight hundred thousand dollars in our space. So is that okay. I don't think so because what we got clients to run for trump companies. Make healthy six figures. Take the riquet okay. That's fine but it's about what you want and here's what people need to remember. Paula on our listeners fit to realize something we forget sometimes is because we're very hard on ourselves as often as we are ourselves at the same time right so he's that that helps. I think is that we need to remember or that. Our greatest thinking created our biggest problems right. Now your greatest thinking at the moment created the biggest problems you have in your business right now and you go well. No that wasn't a good decision. It was the best decision you made at the time what I went through a situation recently where I took on a partner and then moved on partner a different things and as I look back here's the deal if I would have had a board at that time him and I neither one would amend decision. Our relationship <unk> change different bruce. What do I mean our best thinking that turned into a challenge or problem right however we forget that that's okay because now I get to think differently. I mean him that. If I start going wealth there's not enough people you know I mean there are hundreds of thousands of what you need now operated in a small market <unk> most of our work in eighty two thousand people and I basically ran toy like age twelve trucks depending on season what we were doing whatever her. I knew I didn't need one hundred fifty team members. Sometimes we need to back up you. Watch the News Watch C._N._N.. You Watch reports. Come out go. Nobody wants to work and and then you bring that energy to a team meeting and then the next thing you know you got an hour spiral in the cool. Thing about Paul is most. Everybody's doing it. How we're operating the greatest economy slows back down because what I know in nineteen ninety four. I started April First April Fools Day April hoops in ninety. Four people were saying there's no good help we went through a pullback. A one people said there's no good health we hit the greatest recession adver and people go in without the good ones are still working. Everybody else got what is what story. You're telling yourself today. Stop trying to be right and go wit yeah yeah. I like that and that's and that's exactly what I remember Kenny when I was you know meeting with people who own contracts and companies and all that and say I just can't find on anybody to hire and I'm like where you're looking you know and and not that I really had I didn't I don't think I would have had the skill at that time to help them overcome that <hes> but but but nevertheless I mean whether they were consciously or unconsciously or just sort of passively accepting that that's that's all I heard for years and wouldn't you know boom you know last couple of years. The economy turns around and now it's an at an all time high and unemployment's at an all time low and now the whole thing is will now we not only can. We not find any anybody who wants to do the job but everybody's got a job and we can't get them away from it. You know something like that. I mean you just write it runs the gamut and it doesn't it never goes out of style. Apparently that doesn't it yeah. It's like it's like going long or short in the stock market right with your mindset. If things are going up you can do well. Things are going bad. You can do well then and that's a perception what I want to remember so we're heading into the recession. I'm in a national show. I operate a talk to an operator this one of our most successful clients at the time <hes> was only valid a fifty million dollar operator and I looked at him today. What do you think man. This thing is downward spiral spiral ever carnage everywhere like what's going to happen in the industry and this is what he said. I want you to think about this. If you're listening on your office as a day of Dude Dude. What are you saying what's going to happen. He said you know Kenny. I don't know I've never seen anything like this. I have no idea but what I do know is when it all shakes <music> out whatever the pile looks like. I'm going to be on top now. When you say that in two thousand eight when you're heading into and so what does that mindset mean that mindset means he now operates the largest company in the United States that does what he does but she had a mindset where everybody else in that room was like me going. I'm not sure what do you think what do you think and a guy that has confidence. I I said man. You're going from fifty million to a hundred or you nervous. He's like yeah. I'm terrified what I was one of my mentors. Dan Sullivan from Strategic Code says you're either as an entrepreneur. You're either scared stiff or you're moving stairs or give me right then we look at. These people have built what we think. We want. The very mindful what we sink we want and we think they've got it all figured out and one of the greatest abilities I got was to be able to coach is being small businesses. Big businesses and big businesses are just back. They just just larger small businesses that have people involved and have the same challenges but they only got big because they sol certain things think about that. Yeah you know it's funny like looking back at that. At the time I remember being carried along in the pessimism of the of the recession not not to the degree that I was immobile but certainly to the to the extent that I thought yeah pretty it's pretty dark out there but as I worked through six years in the insurance business what I noticed was everybody that I that I networked with and encountered in the marketplace in real estate date in construction trades in accounting law whatever their profession they had worked to do they were getting paid which is just a just to say number one one of the things I like to tell my clients do not watch the News C._N._N.. Wasn't stanford constant negative news. That's what it turn it off. I I've had an off for the last. Four years have been the most blissful for years of my life secondly. <hes> don't don't listen to don't you know don't pay too much attention to the the opinion. The people just constantly spewing their opinions about everything you know anyway I don't. I don't mean to get off topic. Pick from here all well. That's where a lot of people are getting this nonsense from. They're just reading it with people who <hes> just you know. Take take this sort of huge huge. <hes> I know all in see all even though I'm blind way of looking knots and that's I think where we gotta check where we got really chunk down to your point right like we're not advocating. They bury your head in the sand what I say about not watching the news. Here's the deal of something big. Enough happens in today's world. I'M GONNA find out about it. I don't have to watch enough enough beyond the role emotional rollercoaster every night in order to have that happen what I've got the opportunity to travel with Les Brown. If you haven't watched any less brown videos do yourself a favor and watch them less round videos at some point but less taught me this when we're on the road together this valuable for a lot of of our audience today on you and I always one remember this to never take advice from untrained eyes and ears. They are not willing to write you a check so right because what happens you walk off the state. Wow that was a great keynote o the family so your family. It's the best book ever written some. Your family wants to dog it why because they got whatever it is. Here's the deal set yourself free when you go to these meetings when you do. They have their recruiting figured out if they don't have the recruiting figured out. Why are you even have that conversation not that you don't WanNa have but you can't do things. The way that everybody else does right. Live looks like no heels today. So you can live like nobody else tomorrow and yeah we still create the definition of insanity on a daily basis okay so we sort of covered the the the question. I had immediately after the the first one <hes> which brings us to another one here <hes> before we got on Kenny you told me that you had started out with your first book <hes> with a targeting a much broader audience Manhattan through I think it was through coaching. You said you were able to figure out I better narrow this now. I'M GONNA ask listen context not of a coach but of an owner operator <hes> with in a in a trade contracting job because <hes> I had the same conversation with Kurt who I told you about <hes> do do plumbers electricians. They checked. They stand to actually gain something by not taking any old job that they're offered in specializing. How how another words could they potentially earn more by doing less yes as a matter of fact that one of one of our kind of things we hang our hat on at blue collar is simplified to multiply when so okay if you're a contractor on the line owner or leader thought provoker in the industry. Here's the deal your not to do. List is far more important in your to do list and that's where we get lost. Paul because we started thinking while heck I don't we don't have we're plumbing only company company but we don't even have a rug machine but heck. Some of our clients have had cloud people this week so they wanted us to do carpet cleaning and the next thing you know your carpet cleaning wait. Here's here's some advice. I've had that we we push forward. I'm channeling things that I've learned that are successful than my team coaches now which I'll have all alone reporter together we oh here's here's what we know. If you get crystal clear about what type of business that you want to be versus your life. Ah The owner know what you want then get clear about who you Wanna serve in the marketplace. If you WANNA be a new construction that's fine. We have plenty of clients successful there. A lot of them chased money every single week. That's not a life that I wanted so I picked an industry where I could cut control not an industry but a vertical within in that industry so here's the challenge I was blocked. Paul by by geography will say I was in a bowl of a market market. We're the largest city between Salt Lake and Denver but each was four hours away so for me to get heavy population. I had to go to other big markets so while I was growing growing. What that did is forced me to stay home now? I live in the Phoenix Arizona area now. I've got clients. That could get one call here on one. Aww Town and it's two hours to go to the other side but they're trying to be all things to all people. I have to go. Here's where I'm going. It's kind of the mining diamonds kind eh analogy get clear it. I'm a plumbing company and consultants and unfortunately some trade publications in best practice groups go hey or franchises franchises or some of the worst sometimes why because so and more territory gets more things I had a client that at three locations spread out all over Reno Vegas this makes no sense get really clear and here's the thing we focused a lot plumbing heating air conditioning electrical restoration roofing whatever here's a do get really really good and know your numbers and where are the most profitable at and and really flows for you and then go do a ton of that now double down on what's working yeah right. I bought a plumbing. I bought a four truck out a million dollar. Our climbing company wants on the that was tuck yet and we're doing about forty. Think about this on the line. Whatever your trade is think about this? I'm doing forty. Service calls a day in that company. I buy this little business that has three count them three residential homes under construction not so much for coming to bed about whatever not three bench about simple stuff. If you're in new construction plumbing our motto was if it had blueprints. We don't touch it. That's cleared right. It's very I don't have to wonder when Paul comes in well. You're kind of buddy of body. Were building out now if it's got blueprints we don't touch it now. I bought this business. Has these three on what was it less than one of the best things I could have done those three jobs eight up so much of our time our energy our resources then we went cool or GonNa get even better at this and I was able to let go the thing that was all all entrepreneurs minds the foam. Oh Gee ride also air M._S.. Now what if we were service what if we did new construction what get really clear Pirie another recession to yeah. I like that I just I it's that is one thing I observed I would I would <hes> just from contractors. I interacted with <hes> some of the ones that I where I did the insurance for them. <hes> getting a hold of them was impossible because because <hes> and not because <hes> you know they they had their phone turned off because they were they were putting out fires nearly every minute of every day. Whether it was is in their business or with a client that was unhappy with them or a client they couldn't get paid or they're you know and on and on and on so I want to put this to you and maybe this is something you teach already pretty <hes> but Kurt does it and I. I'm just curious to hear your take on it. <hes> he started encouraging his CON general contractor clients to who charge for estimates and I don't know if that's realistic and especially trades. I'm just curious. How do you feel about would you? Would you advise clients to do that. Yes yes so here. Here's the deal about estimates in whatever form if you're a service company called a dispatch fee or a or a now dispatched trip charge. Sometimes it's called whatever that is in service then we go into D._C.. Men bigger estimating there's a little bit of a fear but what it does either either way if it's contract or I mean like like bigger bigger bigger project will call it contracting or let's say service business like commercial residential. Whatever what walk once the reason that it exists in both forget this right so why why do I have a dispatch fee? We're looking for people that want to do business is with us and that can fluctuate based on volume and people forget that Oh I got a twenty nine dollar fee charge one hundred and fifty estimate whatever were those numbers are is what hey leads her a little slow. We gotta shoulder season going on you can drop your normally seventy nine clients to change it on a daily basis is based on alcohol's schedule is so it is when you do those things you eliminate the fear monger that runs your business most of the time why because you go well we haven't done that number. Won't we've never done it that way. That's your biggest concern right number. Two is I wouldn't pay for that. Many of us have a the biggest you forgetting that you're not your own customer. I guess what nothing's finite you do it. It doesn't work how a plan. I'm for it and then figure it out but yes because we come from a place of Value Paul one on the Walmart game here. We're in the value game. I'm going to have value with you one. You're going to have to invest in that financially to you're going to need to invest in that with a relationship because I want to have a relationship base. If it's a whether or the contractor I might charge the first few for one of the things we used to do is get a car on file and you have thirty days. Okay where's the O._D.. Business your commercial. We want give you the time space. Whatever so you can you can you make it how you want but make sure everything free has no value period? Don't abandon the principle suppose that has one dollars launches or whatever they Microsoft use a charter buck for lunch why because people walk out and I get I get this amazing cafeteria. Syrian only costs a buck out of my check every week Bill Gates you flooded for free but how you the dollar that's remember that yeah now I loved it. You know I was I was listening to when I listened to it. Put in in that regard. I'm I'm very <hes> I'm very privileged for my time. I'm in the insurance business and I learned a lot about it not looking to go back to it but I've often thought if I ever did I mean that would just be the perfect setup to eliminate one. Hundred percent of the people I don't want to do business with to begin with you. Know is to say well <hes> yeah. I'm happy to give you a quote but it will cost you a hundred fifty bucks and as a car porn outside for anybody wondering when off right at right at the right time there too was like an exclamation I hey it was yeah and that's the whole thing I mean. Can you imagine how many how many like all these 'cause. I don't know if you know this but like the insurance businesses is a train wreck of price wars right and it's all nobody cares about anymore and so whatever expertise or knowledge or foresight site you can bring to it is totally disregarded in favor of while I can get it cheaper somewhere else right and I I would just I've always wondered I'd love love to see an insurance agent actually begin to do that. Just challenge the marketplace so we'll. I'll give you a quote but it's cost you a hundred fifty bucks or whatever you whatever you whatever the number would be yeah. I'd say here's what I think. millennials are going to drive this or as that. You're going to the market. The market requests what look businesses become and millennials are going to drive that specify they they wanna work with experts. They don't want a gym coach. The teaches yoga qualities that they they want their specifics and they wanna be able to go to Paul for this specific thing right in and we are seeing it on there so many as you know crazy regulations insurance that that it makes it challenging obviously medical is challenging but we are seeing some medical doctor. I feel so bad for my family. Doctor is live is hell. Oh my gosh doesn't make any money runs around like crazy all the time on call. I've talked to him I do. Let's do this thing where just charging like your jobs to keep people healthy but Louisville's we're seeing in a financial services as well to your point. I help you but it's not free and I'm not going to bury it in a point here on this commission now let's talk Turkey and everybody knows I love that model. I think we're GONNA see more and more industries yeah and it's and you know hats off in the meantime to doctors actress who are actually doing that. I mean there's not many of them but there's one here in Olympia Washington where I live. It's a clinic and you pay a monthly membership fee to be a part of it. Yeah that's easy money easy revenue especially for a guy like me who I've had periods stretches of time like a year years without going into a doctor. It's easy money but then that way it's just like it's just like paying your insurance bill except you don't need insurance you walk in you get seen ordinary clinical stuff and the what you'll pay for that will be dwarfed by the occasional visit to the doctor who's going off. The old system is they're going to send you a bill for like five hundred bucks anyway you might as well pay fifty bucks a month for ten months before you actually got to use it. I like it. It's common man Yeah Yeah Yeah Okay so we've talked about a couple of different leaks. <hes> business in the parallels are are just stacking up on top of each other. <hes> what I see. Kenny is the behavior of the vast majority of people in other words people who are not yet <hes> dialed into what you're talking about is they serve anybody and everybody which ends up being valuable to nobody <hes> it's great to have more more people ringing your phone but it but not if you're going to charge the same price you did yesterday. If you have more people ringing the phone the way I see it as the value of your time also increases on the other on the flip side of this contractors artificially decrease <hes> the supply with with regards to reliable diligent Labor they take on too many jobs indiscriminately they wear out the commitment of good employees in resort to hiring bad ones which winds up leaking money back into the marketplace instead of their profit margin so big mouthful there but let's say we have someone like this like that listening Kenny. They're like about to tear their hair out for the umpteenth time. What's the first steps to reversing this trend you know the the reality is when they're the again going back to? There's a fallacy that there's never going to be leaks the challenges it or what we want our better leaks and more profitable leagues and we don't get that by doing the same thing and trust me one of the reasons I do what I do. Policy <unk> industry has been so amazingly good to me and I'm so grateful for the mentors before me and I don't have children so grabbed the ability to travel in and Magas to change this industry with my touch what I can while I'm here because these are really good people and I'm not saying that that white why callers not on one of the reasons I want blue collar is just because we need a champion and I want to be eroded this industry in a way to hey. You know what you can't have an insurance words agency without contractors. You can't have the Doctors Peo- thing we just talked about without plumbing heating air conditioning electrical but the world world has forgotten that and we have a place value why because it's too easy to be in business in this country so therefore we get into business and a lot of people don't have any but I was in I had no business being in business but I took what my mentor Frank Block all the medicine and I got my head out of where it was when he told me and I started thinking a little that differently and a going back to you've got these leaks got these different. Things Michael Gerber from Enid taught me many years ago when I became a certified coach two thousand whatever job you're doing place the value on that so when I love team at the Academy Gerber gave his hats on fronted said on the back said on it and so what I what I conditioned my mind is when I was in office by myself if my dispatcher wasn't in yet answering the phones now I'm just okay what's the dollar amount of the job that the owner of the businesses doing right now and whatever your market is. It doesn't matter whatever you pay Susie. That's the job that you're doing right now. There's nothing wrong with it. We need suzy in that job to be done but we have a challenge as an owner and going well. Just jump over here but I'm not working on a marketing plan now turning now. I'm working on on it. What's that that's an executive type role that helps susie be able to grow in hers but we go to the path of least resistance we we go to whoever screaming the loudest and to your point earlier we're talking leaks talking firefighting? We're talking. These things right. Here is the reality and I'm going to hit some hard as you're at home listening. Just hear me when I say that most of the time when we show up I just saw it last week. In California's Hornos on side most of the time the biggest biggest firefighters in any company are generally the biggest artists and that's hard for people to realize we'd take a six month motorhome traveling my wife six and a half months. I didn't walk through the building of my contracting company and I had people on that road trip. Tell me how you're so lucky. I really want a business like yours. I really want to run my company like you Paul would look at them and I'd say now you know but you don't and they're like no I do. I do not all here's here's the difference you get. You get identity from that phone rain. You get identity from having the answer you get identity from being the best armor in your company or whatever it is doc I found a way to get identity from empowering other people and teach them to be rockstars at what they do and get the hell out of the way so now walk out of my building for a month <unk>. I feel successful about it. Most people feel lack of Tennessee. They feel guilty. They feel that that's a mindset. We need to challenge to stop those leaks. Thanks I like that Shaun Harper who I interviewed last week <hes> former N._F._l.. Player but he owns a security firm now in Columbus Ohio and he said I have to be careful with that because I you know I'll I'll walk in and he's got big personality right so so if if he suddenly gets passionate about something and he starts overreaching then he starts you know shrinking his office manager his you know the lady who runs this company and he wouldn't mind that I told you this because he confessed it on the podcast last week but this is a great example of that that the inverse verse the Counter Intuitive Nature of entrepreneurship is you're actually they're trying to train yourself out of a job in a lot of ways. You're trying to bring in people and train them to such an extent that you're you don't WanNa be absentee but you're just sort of your just sort of there. You're there air to offer an an and to bring. You know you still own the company but you're not you can't get caught up doing what they do and that's that's a that is is remarkable to hear you. Phrase it that way well. I think it's just the you know. Sometimes we forget that we are tech. Were most of us are wired like technicians ignitions in in most service business. Whether it's insurance doesn't like my town's is is technician is just happens to have that skill. It's no different unabomber right. So what does that mean. Most of us wants to become really really good at being the best technician by to most of us go into business because I'm a little bit smarter than my boss. Aw is whatever happened. Most of us don't start to become amazing owners. We started because we're really good technicians eight generally until we figure that right so once you get clear and guess what he the ones okay I've got clients that literally walked into a technician meeting bunch of plumbers offers in the room. Everybody's in uniform. You wouldn't even know the owners technician there. He figured out his box is being a good plumber. He makes more money than anybody in that company and he gets to do what he loves to do every day yeah yeah that's that's like the sweet spot of the sweet spot there. I don't uh I think people look I guess what he can't jump up and interrupt his manager during a meeting he can't say wait a minute. I wouldn't do it that way. He's rolling you only need to stick to that really well. That's amazing yeah and that would be that would be a I don't know that ironic is the right word but just yes <hes> <hes> <hes> what's the word I'm looking for surreal. We'd be surreal to be standing there as an employee and the owner in the manager you know and and and you've Gr- by agreement obviously you have agreed. I'm not going to challenge putting in the place who can do the management a lot better than me when I think you know when. I don't think it's the right way to do things yeah. It's incredibly it's incredibly challenging. You know I believe in unique ability and I believe that we all have certain things that were meant to do and and I'm not meant to be in a plumbing truck or or even speak on a daily basis but I'm definitely definitely meant to build tools and help coach build a team of coaches right so where when you start having opportunity go cool I'm on I got into it as technician but the world has is what we call strategic byproducts to right so the only reason I'm on your podcast today with these amazing people is because I was a dead broke drain cleaner in nineteen ninety ninety four beer wasn't for that maybe different industry maybe different pads but we forget what got you here's amazing but won't get you that. That's where we're okay. GonNa make your shift. I'll feel good. We looked at everything like Oh. It's a diet. I'm going to miss out on my food. I'M GONNA know you're building. The business that you wanted supports the life that you want that attracts team nothing wrong with that and the naysayers that are giving it to you most the time yeah tune amount I granted ah Kenny it's been great having you on influence or networking secrets <hes> and the one thing I want our listeners to be aware of <hes> if they want to know more about <hes> the blue-collar Success Group Your Book <hes> what you get up to your coaching programs and all that where's the best place for us this to send them. You just go to be blue-collar success group DOT COM and check out what we've got going on there. Shoot us a message love to jump on the phone with coach on to see where you're at what you can do it again. Arte what we do. I mean fees totally separate. I totally would love to have a chat because what I know is this is sometimes those you know. What we forget is little hinges? Swing Big Doors Ryan sometimes just showing somebody while you're doing and they go. Have you ever thought about service and you know it can completely change your course when you write for that reach out. We'd love to have exactly that's that's that extra said is is not meant to do this alone. Everybody so listen up and go check out Kenny site well any last words anything that I didn't cover that you want throw in there Kenny for <hes> for the good of the order. The only thing I would leave you with <hes> is it. I was recently asked if I had five more four hours in a week would do with it right and I think it's a powerful question and so I would ask everybody on the line. Just give that a little bit of thought but here's here was my answering. A lot of people didn't know didn't like cross. I was asked a question off the cuff in an interview in five hours a week. What would you do and here's what I would do? Think how what now you go wait now. Why because what you're talking shutting off the news very challenging taking digital truth re days no phone no email no T._v.? No nothing getting business of Congress in my wife and I own this company together true free days where we don't talk about it right. You've got a position those things all the lies. All all you're doing as an entrepreneur is thinking about it all the time so when I say think categorically I would go and have an hour with myself thinking about the number what happened meeting agenda for how you want to think about this hour of time and by Gosh. I don't recommend doing it at the office but if you are at the office the building better be burning down if my door gets knocked on my phone just rang 'cause this is my solid tot. That's the space otherwise allies. It's Groundhog Day. Everybody's busy. Everybody has similar challenges but as long as you believe you don't control those you will continue to create them. <hes> thinking gives you the ability to go. What's working? What's not working? What do I WANNA do different and and you can you're in America? You're in a free country country. You're hearing this. It's an amazing thing. Embrace it yeah yeah absolutely that's. That's the very thing we're going to be talking about on on my Webinar tomorrow how you know people don't people think they're in in not in control of a lot of things that they really are absolute but they but maybe they don't always know how to execute that control so I'm glad you brought that up. Well Kenny great having you on again my friend thanks so much we'd love to have you back again some time and best book and <hes> we will we will see down the road my friend Mary good thanks again all everybody thanks for tuning in stay connected enacted with all and all the work that he's doing. He's doing great work. Stick with it until we talk make it a better than fantastic all right. This episode is sponsored third by business beyond business the International Bestseller by entrepreneur coach Paul Edwards if you're tired of stress and anxiety from the rat race in life being all about the benjamins you're not alone. Do you

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