Fashion History Now #32: Dressed in Paris


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We are fashion historians and your hosts april callaghan and cassidy zachary well-dressed listeners. You've heard us talking about it now. For two plus years we've finally went to paris and now we are back to tell you all about the dress. Fashion history tour of peck lee. Yes as just and we had so much fun. That apparently i will admit. Apparently i just can't let the fun. Go because i still have not unpacked one of my suit and it's you know my suitcase never even arrived. We'll maybe a little bit about that. Yeah we were actually there like ultimately for over two weeks and cassidy. Suitcase never came the entire time and as everyone kept pointing out to me. It's like others worst places to have to shop to refill your suitcase or your wardrobe. So i did a little bit of shopping although not as much as i would have hoped because i'm very particular with the things i purchase But yeah we had such a blast. I mean we keep talking about this but it's just insane. I think it's been over three years. Since our travel agent extraordinary laura hart reached out to us and said hey you know i'm starting this new business like mine travel and i think it'd be really cool if you went to some destination with your listeners. And you and i are lake. That is an excellent idea. Yes so hopefully we will continue to do this and paris was just i stop so i guess kind of what we wanted to do. Today is just speak a little bit about the trip where we where what we saw some of our favorite parts and yeah i mean i don't where do we even start was as a fashion capital of the world. Right i mean. I do wanna professes. Episode was saying that we did travel responsibly. Obviously these are very unprecedented times. We've actually canceled the trip twice because of everything that's been happening in the world with cove. Ed we did a lot of research before we even remotely considered going to france. We all had to have our vaccinations. We had to get kovic tested before we even set foot on the airplane. And then actually in france which i think is maybe an interesting way to start this episode april. France has this very specific health past system or past sanitaire in which you cannot even go into museums restaurants excetera without proving that you negative cova tasma past seventy two hours or your vaccination proof of vaccine and then it actually changed while we were there. We kind of even use our vaccination cards. We just had to get the cova testing so it's still a little bit of a volatile situation. The very first day we had lunch in paris we actually were a block away from thousands of people protesting the health pass and it was. It was quite funny because all of a sudden. They're this huge group of probably like forty riot police in full riot gear on the block fronting down for sitting outside on the sidewalk. And they're like running behind me like a foot behind me and one of them just yells bought apetit but as we've talked about to. It's very very much part of the french. Dna to protest straight. It's kind of part and parcel to their performance of democracy there so super interesting To witness and to be in france at this time but we still had quite an amazing time. Did we not. We certainly did so. Perhaps we should just kind of jump into what it is that we were up to so our guest joined us and the evening when everyone i arrived we had a lovely little cocktail reception. That was put on by our hotel which was about as parisian. And as charming as you can get and we were actually in the mamata pigalle neighborhood and we're staying at this place called maison naby and the breakfast fred alone. That they put on every morning was pretty incredible. I don't khorasan's. I literally do not eat croissants like i would never put that as my favorite breakfast or anything but i ate croissant. Every flip in morning. Because what else are you supposed to. Their pastries are so so good. Yeah we had that lovely cocktail hour. We gotta meet everybody. Who's been with us. Many of them had been with us since the very first time. We announced that. We're doing this tour so it was just a treat to meet some of you. Our listeners and person for the first time i mean as we've talked about so many times. I am in my upstairs bedroom and new mexico and april. You are in my apartment in brooklyn clementina snoring on the chair next to you while we're recording so this is our usual working method and like i pretty much talk almost every single day about like various things pertaining to the show or whatnot but we kind of record in chelsea slow like once a week so this is this is our methods so we got to see all of you in person i r. l. And in that was really cool for us. It was super cool and then the next morning we woke up and started the dress tour of paris which the very first stop was on the historic shopping. Street of paris wants the most luxurious shopping street and the world an international destination of glitter ati of society. The pays so we're not gonna go into too much detail because we actually are going to offer this as an episode coming up. I believe next week so we can take us through the ruutel. Pay tour of your ever in france and you want to us tour by yourself. You can take our episode with you. We had so much fun doing that. Yeah for sure. And we say hey. Let me just throw a couple of names here in terms of like the fashion history points. That were touching on like we went to the house of worth we went to the hasselbeck. Can we went to also scalper rallies original location and then just around the corner to the location that she moved to in the nineteen thirties where schiaparelli and this cafarelli couture house are still located today and just a little side now. We would like to thank you. Everyone at schiaparelli for welcoming in cats and i A few days before everyone arrived for a little private tour. So thank you also much. Yeah that was really really cool. We got see pieces from the latest haute couture collection which in my personal opinion has been one of the best. It was so so cool to see these pieces in person and then many pieces of the ready to wear line and then also you know like they have this whole section you walk by and it's perfume bottles and You know scalise stark perfume bottles and just like it's so cool to be there and imagine what it would have been like from the nineteen thirties. Onward yes and we'll talk about that in the middle of episode coming up as well. So do you wanna talk a little bit about some of the destinations perhaps like one in particular that was originally located on the russillo pay and then we took a little side. Jot actually visit the archive. 'cause they're shop is no longer on the russillo pay but cast we wanna talk a little bit about develop wa. Yeah so we actually did this the first week. We did something different the second week but it was so gracious of develop. They actually invited us to not only their but into their archive to see the pieces and their collection from this very historic fan making shops. So it's actually the oldest fan maker in paris in existence to this day the company originated. And we'll talk about this when the riddle a paid tour again but jean-pierre davila created this fan shop in eighteen twenty seven and in two thousand and ten michel magnon elouise geel and raphael abode relaunched this historic house and. It was actually a louise who invited us. Thank you so much to your incredible team which included johanna who gave us this archive tour april. I'm dying to know. Because you and i went separately. What were some of your favorite fans. Thought johanna shared with us. I mean i don't even know because it was just like one thing after another that she was pulling out of their drawers for us to see one of the things that i really really loved is actually one of their signature. Shapes one of their signature shapes is a balloon shape swiss with a little bit fuller and a little bit plumper than some other fans shapes and the examples that she pulled out had exquisitely hand painted little renderings of cat and dog faeces pets on the fans and those have become such a signature of the house that they actually offer kind of modern day twists on them and their contemporary line as well but the ones that really like were jaw. Dropping to me were a lot of their feather fans Including one which was a flamingo. Feather fan and yes. The feathers were white and pink. Another one where swan feathers and then and we. We also had kind of like within the group that i was with we. I did a little bit of a discussion about the use of feathers and fashion in the fashion trade. And of course we have already done an episode on that called murderous millenary about the use of feathers in millenary or hats but also at this time apply to fans as well and then johanna was telling us a little bit about how certain feathers when they can't be proven where they came from even if their feathers that were harvested far far far in the past that devil was still has in their possession still hasn't their archive they can't use them in their contemporary products. Because all these laws and ethical regulations surrounding the use of feathers in the fans that they still make today and one of the really cool things as she pulled out this box from separate shelf and inside the box for all of these thousands of tiny beautiful blue feathers that apparently were taken from blue jays but even though they have all these thousands of feathers in their possession it is illegal for them to use them in their products but but they still keep them there because it is part of the history of the house. Yeah absolutely on the history of fan making something that was super interesting was there was a fan that had like hundreds of feathers on it and she told us that the bird that supply. These feathers only had three each. So how many birds were killed just to create this one fan Yeah so if you haven't listened to her murder smell episode definitely check it out but of course. This is from the history of the house today. They're still creating wonderful fans and we of course went into their shops. Something that i wanted to say real quick before we talk about their contemporary line is that they created in the nineteenth century and early twentieth century. These animal painted fans so apparently you could commission a fan of your favorite pet. And what's so lovely about these handpainted fans is they did the front and the back of the pet so like the face of a pet and the back of their head which i just found so incredibly charming and lovely. And they've done a version of this and their contemporary line they have hamsters. I think a dog. I want to say it's a sheba. No but i could wrong and then a cat. So a fan and i know a lot of the dress listeners. Who went shopping. Got got those fans because they were superfund. I've got a fan from their contemporary line. Has the is cut out so that you can kind of hold it in. You can hide behind the fan but still see out. Essentially i also got a peekaboo fan and mine is different style than yours. Mine is all black But has little dot cutouts cut are kind of like in this. Minimalistic geometric designs. You can again see through the fan if you're behind it but people can't necessarily see you this lovely gentleman who was running their storefront. He'd only been there. I think a month or two but he gave us the most wonderful tour of their contemporary line. Which i mean fan making is an art form. These fans are still being made by hand and they had they basically range from what we would call a ready to wear fan all the way up to haute couture level like there fans in there were like thousands of dollars and they were works of art. It was absolutely incredible. Yes yes yes so we did. Stop there on the first week of our tour because we actually did two separate trips since they were two groups of what week one and week two and unfortunately because it was august and many parisians go away. All calls are on vacation in august. We weren't able to visit the second week but what we did do on. The second week was equally cool. Yeah we actually went to the oldest haberdashery and paris which who knew so cool. We went to a super cool store. Called ultra mod. Actually has two different storefronts an originally opened as a hat shop in eighteen thirty two and then it expanded to become a haberdashery which is selling small sewing notions in nineteen twenties. So we gotta check out both of those shops april. I think you about some grow green ribbon. They had like vintage ribbon and more contemporary ribbon. It was just really cool experience yet and they were showing us some like really super rare hat making materials as well that were entirely. They look like textiles. They really really look like like. I mean i guess technically it is textiles but but what they were made of straw and you couldn't tell. They looked like they were made of linen or something but You know some of their back stock they have all these really rare and precious items that can be used them sewing or hat making that date back decades and decades and decades. So and it's massive if you need buttons that is your one. Stop shopping you have. We had so much fun and therefore shirt and then actually this is all in the same day. We actually went to the eliah foundation to see an exhibition april. Do you wanna talk about that. Yeah sure so I don't think we've ever really spoken about azzedine alaya too much on the show and we will rectify that hampshire finish my but as eliah basically. He was born in tunisia and nineteen thirty five. You studied art and sculpture growing up and it was very kind of fun story about him. Studying are one of his. Mother's friends was a huge faster niece. Sta and she was a little bit eccentric so in order to help him get into art school earlier than he was actually technically supposed to because there is an age limit. She helped him by lying about his age for him on his application for. But you know he really was this prodigy essentially so while he was studying art and sculpture. He was also working for a dressmaker. Who specialize in making mature copies. So that is ultimately how. He ended up becoming a fashion designer and and throughout his work. You can really see that that art sculpture training how it overlaps into his work. He moved to paris in the nineteen fifties. Initially he was hired for a very brief moment as a taylor for christian dior but then he went on to work under fashion designers gala. Roche and syria moog lower and it was really moog ler who even though he was working for him. He was like look. You need to do your own thing. You are so good and you have such this incredibly unique point of view and your skill you need to launch her own line so he really did that in the late nineteen seventies and just grew and grew and grew in prominence You know all across the eighties. So yeah i mean his. His work is amazing. Unfortunately he passed away in two thousand seventeen but you can go and check out his foundation at the foundation eliah in paris which is located in the marais. And it's in this incredibly beautiful building where it has like this really long. Kind of like atrium. Space and exhibition that we saw actually was pairing of garments and then there's photographic representation that had been shot as fashion photographs by his longtime collaborator. Peter lindbergh so the show is just absolutely beautiful and then they do these shows. There's not like a permanent exhibition or installation per se. There's always like a a new fresh show. That will be coming in having to do with elias work. Yeah so it was really cool and exhibition design was amazing because when you enter the space all you see are peter's photographs and then as you come around each bay each separate bag you see the garment or a similar garment. That was in the photograph. In real life and on a mannequin. I mean as it is very famous for creating clothing for glamour. I mean all of these women are six foot tall plus models. I mean. it's absolutely incredible to see these pieces and on and he was such a master of construction and technique. So it's very maybe at the surface or first glance like very simple designs but so sophisticated and execution and fit. My favorite part was going upstairs because it was basically dedicated to his relationship with tina turner. So you saw some of these incredibly iconic tina turner garments on display. And then another thing that i loved about that museum. Was there flipping fashion book. Gift shop was amazing. Yes and containing book spy so many of our fellow fashion historian friends and people. That have already been on dressed. I was like going around taking pictures of everyone's books in the bookstores texting. Yeah so it made its fashioned. Centric that bookshop and side. No we all by as eliah facemasks at the bookshop. And they're the coolest construction their hand. Washable they are that kind of like breathable mesh fabric. That a lot of face masks are made out of but in true eliah forum. They are little works. Are on your face. 'cause they're very sculptural or three d. Yeah very very cool and then just kidding. That was the end of our day retired. It's crazy how much we have to pay for outdated impersonal healthcare and even crazier that we all just accept it. It's time to face facts. Healthcare is backwards. 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We actually went to two exhibitions. Wednesday was like our museum exhibition day so we went to a von cleef and arpels which was really cool because it was in a very late untraditional exhibition space right for jewelry. It was harris's natural history museum which was really really cool. Yeah and so. We learned a little bit about the history of in cleveland arpels. We're not exactly sure forever. I've been saying our pell but the english tour guide version calls it arpaio. So i'm not sure if that is british english or if it's slight differentiation just throwing that out there but yeah the the show was really really cool because in addition to vanclief. Mind boggling pieces of jewelry. Because it was in the natural history museum it talked about the gemstones and had examples of them in their rough state. Like sometimes still embedded in the rock and then examples of those particular gemstones like emeralds or other of pearl or opel's or whatever like halfway through processing and then also the finished product and we gotta learn a lot about then cliffs you know signature things that distinguish their jewelry from other companies. Relearned about the mystery set. Which is this way of setting jewels. So that you don't see any of the prongs attachment essentially it's almost like these tracks that the jewel slide into you. So when they're trying to cover a surface like all the emeralds will appear to be exactly next to each other nothing separating them which of course takes a ton of time and planning and those teeny tiny stones. When they're doing that have to be the exact right shape to fit in that track. We also got a see. Just some of their other signature pieces like ballerinas. Dance is a theme throughout their work. We got to see some of those pieces. We got to see some of their iconic zipper necklaces. It was really really really breathtaking. Did you have a favorite piece cast. i mean i had so many favorite pieces. There's like the whole time thinking. How do they ensure this show. Because there's like millions and millions if not billions of dollars worth of jewelry and there. That was so so incredible. The exhibition is actually called gems at the french national museum of natural history. Oh i do have a favorite piece. Actually one of my favorite pieces was also one of the smallest. It was actually this be. That's over ninety thousand years old and the fact that this little shell had been perforated is proof that people have been endorsing their bodies for ninety thousand years so basically. That's just proving that to dress in a door in the body is one of our most innate and natural human stinks so you know just a little pitch for our show but the way we dress our bodies matters so well and then after that After we everyone had a nice lovely lunch break we head on over to the musee days. Art decorating heave where we had a plethora of fashion related things to look at again another jewelry exhibition which i really really loved. This one was not necessarily about a single designer brand but it was his overarching survey of the history of jewelry. Starting in the middle ages. Yes you heard me right. So it starts with jewelry from the middle ages and it goes all the way around to contemporary designers. And of course some of my favorite pieces and just pieces at the museum check Teeth in general where the art nouveau pieces. Oh yeah there was like a crown. Art nouveau crown. And your end you know those beautiful sinuous broaches and hair co. i know. And i might be mistaken but i think that's a permanent exhibition. I could be wrong so that was really cool and you know. The museum has a huge fashion fashion and textile collection. Which i had no idea about it was actually founded or at least the foundational aspects were created by fashion francois boucher. Who wrote this incredible book. Twenty thousand years of fashion standard text and apparently created this fashion textile collection in nineteen forty eight and it was his collection that would prove the a basis for the matt collection so so cool they have over one hundred fifty thousand pieces. I think from the third century to the present Something that was also really cool as they had a history of photography exhibition apparently they're collection includes over three hundred and fifty thousand photographs and they had a whole fashioned section which was awesome before we all went and we a little brief history of modern fashion photography and then also talking about you know par as significance that edwards. I can photographs from nineteen eleven etcetera. My favorite part of that whole exhibition was that pauper as one of his bustle gowns from night. The nineteen twenties was on view in a photograph. I've only ever seen it illustrated and it's so often referenced in the historical narrative about how he was kind of out of touch whatever in the nineteen twenties. But i'm like no. This man is like revisiting. The bustle for the twentieth century. As we know so many other people would do in his footsteps. Yeah else caporale. He did it in. Nineteen thirty nine right before the war broke out so yeah comes back again and again and again also to speaking fashion designers themselves. Can we just talk about the fact that jen lavas bathroom is actually at communicate. Desert decorative yes yes. It is complete with leopard-printed toilet seats what i'd just i mean. That was the first thing i saw before. Even it was long bands actual bathroom her bedrooms there as well and it's a super interesting story and i guess when her daughter passed away her husband preserved before a lawn. Vans house was I guess it was taken down. It was bulldozed at some point. Maybe in like the sixties. He preserved his wife's mother's bedroom her sitting room. And then the bathroom. And they're now recreated in this museum so unexpected and what's so lovely about her bedroom it's in her signature lawn bam blue and this covered in daisies which is of course what. Her daughter marguerite stands for daisy's so just a beautiful image to her daughter as she dead throughout her design career so many modules to her daughter so it was a very lovely treat. Yes it was for sure and that is also apartment permanent exhibition. 'cause you know the museum itself has a lot of those kind of like room re-creations oh there was also the quarters on bedroom very cool as well and speaking of kurdish on that pertains to the next day we went to side was amazing. And i have a lot to say about this. But i'm gonna let cast you share your thoughts. I yeah i mean we had such a wonderful time at verse. Sei we arrived. We did a little lecture which may or may not become a podcast episode as we talk to you about court etiquette adverse i. It's such a beautiful overwhelmingly large palace. Twenty three hundred rooms to be specific. Yes we did not spend much time there and we encourage our fellow travelers. not to as well. i mean. obviously if you've never been diverse you need to go through and enjoy the sheer magnificence. That is the hall of mirrors and to see marie-antoinette's bedroom with all the flowers. And all the you know feathers at the top of the bed i mean. It's incredible but what we did. That was so lovely. April is you and i walked and a lot of us walked through the gardens which was just incredible. We saw that wonderful fountain show which was completely unexpected. And yeah and then we walked all the way back to the grand canal where we picnicked leisurely as one would have in the eighteenth century so that was very very much a treat And i'll let you talk about the queen's hamlet perhaps if you'd like yes so when cast was saying earlier that we didn't spend much time what we're talking specifically about was the main royal palace the really really big palace so i guess the main takeaway because i have now been oversights several times me to and the first time i i didn't realize that all this other stuff was at the palace so there's the main palace the first time we went there. I only went there and then the gardens that were like kind of like immediately behind it. But what i encourage everyone to do is to keep going. Because there's this whole other world that if you don't keep exploring you don't know exists like the gardens themselves at kassar just referencing with the with. The water shows. Some fountains will be on if you keep going back further and they're set to music and there's all these little hidden like features called boss gets back there as well that might have a little amphitheater or a garden to the goddess diana. You could just keep going on an aunt but after the picnic where we did a little lecture. On marie-antoinette's we actually went to petite trianon and teach in on is ranch. Would let's kind of country getaway. It's not really in the countries on the site of the grounds of her psi. It feels like it's on in the country though that's how divorced it is from like all we have to say to. There's nobody back here like there's people back there. But there compared to the grand palace. The big versailles. There's nobody at the petit trio non or that queens comparatively. Yeah and that's because it is a thirty five minute walk from the main palace or train ride. There is a little tramp too so petite non was really kind of getaway where she hung out privately with her entourage. And if you've heard our roseburg episode where she was wearing her chamisa i'll read. You know this meson goal. This like everything was less formal. Because she was really over the etiquette and strict court life at court and the main palace so she lived out here with a lot of her friends and they even constructed like a whole other little hamlets in addition to her petite trianon-palace that cast. You are the one that took me there. Because i had never been there before. Yeah it's really really special. My sister and i was actually on this trip with us again but we went a couple of years ago and Walked back for the very first time. And we're just awestruck like completely floored because if you don't know about it you have no clue what to expect. And it's basically she recreated a normal village of an everyday person right so late you're not royalty. You're living in the country. What would your house and this little village look like while it would have a little lighthouse in a little lake right and then we have a moat and it would have it would have animals. There's pigs and bunnies and thatched roof to houses and there's gardeners that live out there and are actively working on the gardens. I mean i don't know if they actually live out there but that's the idea right is that you're just in this completely and to get there. It's so magical to walk there right. You're like walking through all these like wind deep pathways. They're covered with the trees and it's just such a beautiful way to get away and out into the country essentially And then the thing is is like once when it's a hamlet. We kind of like circled back to the like the main structure petite trianon and we just discovered this whole other part of petit dot. I had never been to and that was actually behind the petit trian. I've been in the petitjean on. But i'd never been behind in those gardens which was such a treat. Thank you to valerie steele for encouraging me. To find the teeny tiny little jewel box opera house. that is separate from petite trine on. That's back there in those gardens that she had built. And there's all these little like little separate structures that were just for parties. Are this or that. And i mean. Next time i go to versailles. i will go back. I think it'll be my six time the next time i go back. I'm just gonna head straight to the to the bigger gardens outside the main palace and then head back over to petitjean on and keep exploring back there so yeah and the grand jury known is back there too. Which is you know. There's a teacher in on that. There's there's a bigger house but still not even remotely close to versailles but that is also just. There's not that many people there so again you get a walk through these. These rooms are decorated. They have you know they have furniture in them and imagine what it would have been like to live there i. It's such an epic place epic experience. And i will say april. Perhaps the next time we go back it'll be to the fete galant. Which is the annual costume party that they have. I think once or twice a year the only time you can go to versailles in historical costume. otherwise you have to wear contemporary clothing That's literally part of their rules. But it's this one night once a year where it's just like this incredible party. All these people in eighteenth century costuming essentially. So you really get imagine. Just what might have been like during the day of marie-antoinette that's definitely gonna be like a kind of a once in a lifetime experience type thing especially because we have to figure out how to get dressed all light tree thou hair. I mean not the most fun. I think to get your hair done But yeah that was incredibly epic part of our trip and i think it really was for our listeners who attended as well yeah and and just a shout out to the company that are picnic because that was the most fabulous picnic. I have ever been on in my life. The food was phenomenal. Quiche we have salads. We had shark attr- boards. We had cheeses some of the best cheeses i've ever had. I mean the whole thing was just magical. We're right by that really big lake. That's behind a tonight. Yeah and there's like swan swimming by cetera and you can rent boats and something. That was really cool. The first week we were there is a. I think there was about ten women on horses because the royal horse stables reopened a couple of years ago. And so this whole group of women on the horses Came by so it was just so so cool. So if you are heading to versailles in the near future or in the future just be sure budget your day because we were there from ten. Am to six pm and did not even get remotely close to seeing it all and venture past the main palace because honestly. I think that's where the treasures really are. Yeah absolutely hey everybody. I'm adidi kinko. Voila on mikey and we are the hosts of nfl explain. It's the podcast where football fanatics come to learn everything they always wanted to know about football but didn't know who to ask they can ask us now and of course we're going through all of these topics adidi and i know you and i are so excited to start. Disseminating nothing but football nuggets. Well i've got questions of my own like do you know why the packers named the packer juno that it has nothing to do with pacman and it has everything to do with cheese not cheese meat. Meat-packing it was a meat-packing company that put five hundred dollars up for the uniform. Or how about this now. But like what constitutes an actual catch in football which i would imagine all my years of covering college. Football is a different answer now covering the nfl and unfortunately make. I don't think that we will possibly have enough time to figure that one out but the point is you're going to be able to join us every thursday to talk about every interesting detail about the game we love. It's nfl explained. Listen on the iheartradio app on apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts. I want to get back to being a community group. I want to continue having a soccer season. So i can throw parties again so i can go to her. Party's it really be nice to dine in instead of getting delivery for a change so i can feel safe and protected for myself and my students we each have our own reason for why we're getting vaccinated against covert nineteen. What we are spe- visit get vaccine answers dot org for information on the cove in nineteen. Vaccines it's up to you. Brought to you by the ad council four decades. This area has been a hotbed for paranormal sightings. This is a strange place. This part of the country about it just doesn't feel right. Strange things were having him back then and strange. Things are happening again. This other worldly corner of southeastern massachusetts bridgewater trying iheartradio in grim and mild presents. Bridgewater starring measham collins. Melissa ponchio and nathan fillion created by aaron monkey and written by lordship and listen to bridgewater now on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to podcasts and learn more at grim and mild dot com slash bridgewater team. The next day was our free day. In april and i went to a museum. That was actually a perfect companion to our si- april and i. If you had been falling through that exhibition you would have just heard us whispering to each other calling to each other you to come here come here to like kitty. School children who had found the candy shop because the musee carnival a peres now official museum. The museum of the city is a must see. Yes and the thing is is the reason why we didn't take our travelers to music. Hardaway was the fact that has been closed for five years for this massive massive massive renovation and it reopened literally like two weeks or our trip and there was no way of us knowing that it was actually going to reopen at that moment and specifically because cova vid but the section that cast and i were freaking out about basically was their higher area is the history of the french revolution. And what is in there is jaw-dropping not only some of the really famous paintings of cuiaba. Bevy us that we've already done an episode and covered and have appeared on our instagram feed. But also things like a shoe that belonged to marie-antoinette and one of her chemises is that she wore in prison and that chamisa amis was just insane. I think april. And i were just in shock honestly because i had no idea that that existed and then to learn about the history. They would not let her embroider her initials on it so they actually like the nichols that appear on it. I believe were was whoever was like in charge of watching her essentially guarding her cell. I can't exactly remember but that was just incredible. And then they have like all those relics of the royal family as well. Which is you know. It's all very sad sad. Obviously it's very very dark subject but it's pretty incredible to see it because it's a chronological exhibition. Right you start at the beginning. You learn all about the history and there's a fridge in bonnet and they're the red bonnet which was really cool to see i mean. Is there anything else you wanna talk about before we move onto my next favorite part in that museum. Well just i have a request. Are that i would like to request from the musee carnally in the french revolution section. There is a pair of earrings that are little guillotine teens that i think they date to that time period they date a little bit later to the nineteenth century but i pretty sure in the past that they used to sell reproductions of those earrings and the gift shots so dark and so i was all on board. I'm like i'm gonna go. Get this guillotine eric gifts. They did not so or gosh. It's so dark. I love it but if you did sell them my the so moving out of that section i was about halted in my tracks again because the madame wreck amihai portrait by francois girard. Is there a so early. Nineteenth century portrait very famous. She's and she appears in her on peer gown white chemises scown of the early nineteenth century with that yellow kashmir shawl. I mean i audibly gassed. When i saw that i did. Yeah it was so so incredible. And then there's also like precise bedroom is there which is more was super unexpected. And one of his jackets is in there. It was really just one treasurer after another so highly highly. Recommend this museum. Yes and if you've been before go and check it out again because again. They just went through a multimillion dollar renovation and the museum is really beautiful now not that it wasn't before yeah one more thing. The fouquet one of the early twentieth century art nouveau jeweler. Extraordinary shop front is in there. Not even just the shop front the actual store interior as well so definitely check it out. It's like the sublime example of art. Nouveau architecture yes only thing you could possibly imagine. It's like the jewelry translated architecture or vice versa. Absolutely wonderful and speaking of anything that you can imagine the next day. We jam packed day. But we started off our morning at leap. Which is the paris flea market. Which is technically not all located in paris but more so like a northern suburb called saint. Alon it is only open on the weekends. So if you're visiting paris please know that. Because i have tried to lupus several times before and for whatever reason like when i was trying to go wasn't the weekend they weren't open. We're not gonna go into a ton of detail about our shopping at lupus right now. Only because because it is the world's largest flea market where actually gonna do a separate episode and give you some perhaps some some insider tips about lip. Who's what you might find there and where to find it and what we found there because we found some treasures. Let me tell you. And then from les poos. We actually went to. We ended our entire dressed. Fashion history tour at the eve saw laurente museum with the exhibition. E laurente behind the scenes of haute couture and leone and actually. The museum is at the site of the former haute couture house where. Ysl operated his business for many many decades before retiring in the early two thousands a really incredible exhibition. It's a celebration of the forty. Plus year relationship between yves saint laurent and the most imminent leon textile houses. So here's actually seven leone-based firms that are featured And that he wurley worked closely with throughout his career to create his masterpieces. Those is this really mutually inclusive relationship. April did you have a favorite part of exhibition. Because i certainly know mine. I think maybe we might share the same thing so just a little pro tip because if you go into a museum s. l. There's like kinda up some steps and then you're at this ground floor which they have to separate exhibition spaces and if you don't know to keep going up the stairs to the other floors you might kind of miss some things so please know that that kind of like opening floor. The to exhibition spaces is not the entire museum. Just keep going up back staircase and up there. We found some additional video works and on the top floor. There was another exhibition. Space had some unbelievably beautiful evening gowns. That were definitely threaded through with lyrics or metallics. Grouping was one of my favorite. They're incredibly opulent these textiles but just around the corner from that. You actually get to go into wyatt. Els off s. o. And it's maintained as it would have been right. It's this light you're in this dark exhibition space. And then you walk into this window lined office that's just completely bright and warm and welcoming and basically it's been preserved as it would have been when he worked there. It was very moving actually and it was very lovely to be there and see like for instance. He has all of his books. He has this huge bookcase. Awhile of books right. And there's so many fashion history and art reference books that he used throughout his career that was super super special. And then one of my other favorite parts actually was very unexpected and it was the paper dolls that he created before he was an haute couture area. It's basically how they start. The exhibition and basically the wall taxed says between nineteen fifty. Three and fifty. Four eastbound. Wrong created the haute. Couture house of his dreams is before he was a correa so he was a teenager. Boy called ease match use on the wrong ochamchira plaza dome and he cut out the silhouettes of his favorite models from his mother's magazines. And then he designed entire wardrobes for them. And it's so incredible. They have some of those pieces. So it's kind of those behind. The scenes elements that a place like an archive dedicated exclusively to one designer. Is able to provide you. With these elements that other exhibitions are exhibition. Spaces just aren't going to be able to bring that level of intimacy to the exhibition. And i really really loved that part s and so we concluded our trip that evening with a really wonderful dinner at one of the most beautiful art nouveau restaurants still operating in paris and we had lots of wine and lots of courses and the food just kept coming. Absolutely yes thank you so much to the wonderful staff at brewery malarde which was just a transformative or trans sportive experience. It's literally like we are back in the early twentieth century. The tile mosaics incredible ceilings. It was so beautiful. We had a wonderful four course meal and yeah it was a really really special way to conclude what had really been just and unforgettable trip to paris in more ways than one. I made unforgettable just because of everything that we saw. But everybody that we gotta hang out with and we just want to give a huge shoutout to all of our travelers on the trip trip. One including robin tom chardonnay. Sophia gee-gee victoria khloe julie alison suzanne andrew. Melissa catherine heidi lawrence erin julia. And sam and we to jennifer jen chris. Susan aaron sally mary. Vivian sarah judy. Kerry heather stephanie. Mariah scott brindley. Sean and ali thank you all so much for joining us and of course extra special. Thanks to laura for making this all possible. Thank you thank you thank you. Well that does it for us today dress listeners. Make you consider what you aware on your future ship to paris. Next time you get dressed and if you all are interested perhaps in future trips similar to this perhaps to paris perhaps two completely different destination. Send us a dm send us an e mail. We would like to keep doing some of these things here and there perhaps long weekends but let us know if your interest and also we will put links to our show notes. Many other places we mention. And hopefully we provided you with a guide for your next future ship to paris and also of course special shadow to casey pilgrim. Our sound editor extraordinary producer extraordinaire. Who gave us so many wonderful recommendations. Thank you casey. Yes and also of course thank you as always to holly fry and everyone else at iheartradio. That makes this show possible. Each week we will catch you soon. Trust the history of fashion is a production of iheartradio for more podcasts. From iheartradio check out the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Arouse you listen to your favorite shows. The stories that are affecting the black community are being covered on the black information network. Not a show or a podcast. Bin is a twenty four seven news network covering stories from a black perspective. Listen to the black information that network on the iheartradio app and get news four and by the black community anywhere anytime keeping you informed keeping you engaged the black information network news dot com. I want to get back to kissing it cheeks and my grandbabies megan sunday dinner. What a house full of family and lots of left kobe. Nineteen has changed how we live and how we feel for now there are vaccines and they are the very first step that let us get back to what we miss most. It's okay to have questions. Is it safe now. Get the facts. Visit get vaccine answers dot org so you can make an informed decision when vaccines are available to you brought to you by the ad council guys mike. And i'm kim kabbalah. We love football so much. We figured let's start a podcast and call it. Nfl played where we just answer all the crazy questions. We get about football all the time. There are a ton of those questions. Dd we can go through team. Dame's like how the buffalo bills got their name even came up with the skycam is that is actually a really cool idea. Answers to questions like that and more every thursday. Come join us for the. Nfl explained podcast on iheartradio app or on apple podcasts. Basically wherever you find your podcasts.

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