66: Stage 1 | Beccles Stowmarket | Women's Tour 2019


You're listening to the cycling podcast Femina an association with Reifer the fastest clothing in the world tour, the home of cycling with character ride and watch with rougher in twenty nine thousand nine estate partner, ES education, I and canyon shrimp. You're listening to the cycling podcast feminine brought to you by Skoda dedicated to closing the gender gap in cycling, one race one scientist time. This is our time. Today. We're in star market. Limited gavitt increases. One zero t to the front one more bright job, Abby. No. Switch. Come on. Less than ten K Audi may come on less than ten Kate. Come on. Come on you. This does years at trading all those years of recreation. Come on. This is it Dr draw Dr dig dig dig, come on. Advances for right in eighty five. Chase your license finish IB might really good job. Very, very proud of yourself tonight. Great job, come on. Goes behind this Justice doll. We're here to rights, let's show. Everyone we're here to rice come on. Well, ruse Manley. What would we played in with their oh, well, that was of my day in the droops car. I mean there wasn't much to say for most of the stage, but then I'd be made Parkinson made an amazing solo attack, and Vanni was just going for it, giving the extra warts shouting, lots of motivational things some kind of swear things if and but actually she couldn't hear them. So did you find it inspiring? I did. Yeah and Graham hood, who was in the car also said getting by dying. He said, give me a bite right now. I will go win this state. You know, it was giving you know, like you know, it should have given her. This is hard too much. Extra. We should play that clip. Char sells every morning here do like a Mr. motivator type stroke. I heard quite well, if inspired him then. Shimura am with rose roundly on Orla Shinui. This is the first of our nightly daily podcast from the women's tour stage one today. Where are we Orla? We are in still market, which is in East Anglia level market time, we started in the market today in Beccles, which was be utilized place. It was like a living museum to English Quinton us and Iran's to market where the race finish way. Here's all but dried up, and I think the weather played a part today in the races quite breezy and wet and quite long stage of it wasn't that far. They were not far apart a lulled stage today. So what happened all we're going to do your story of the stage. We are straight sation. Failing the burden of expectation any bulb in my year, giving me encouragement because we'll we decided we were going to deal few cultural or geographical themes, didn't we? And so I was trying to think of high to him, the story, the state should enjoy Milton used to make regular visits here. Did you both know in your Wikipedia research, pulling a face, I did? Because it was John John, Milton on the, the wall of the weatherspoon's that we were briefly it. And then six and came here, down off point bedfellows. John Milton and weather's all reading. Noise here haven't, we have is a bit laughter cutting through in the weather. Yeah. Quite frankly, we only want our own fun. But anyway, yes, I was actually going to base it, Ron John Milton and his famous poem paradise lost, and which tells the story of Adam and eve, essentially, so I was waiting for pandimonium or some sort of redemption, in the race, I was going to mistakenly neom monon Lloyd, mum on one of Satan's followers, but we didn't see her very much in the race. And I thought it was unfair as well. It's very nice. On also the poem follows the epic tradition of starting in medias race or the midst of the race of the background then coming later. But if I did that there wasn't much of a background there wasn't much at the start of the race. I thought sold that sold Milton sorry, John Milton and I went for John Pagel instead because he lived near here and there's a jaune pay sort of arts and culture center nearby his. Peel early on. I didn't want to correct. Ronnie on John Peter center. We're in the mix. Mix Joan peel centers nearby think, but we did have a guy from the John peel center, playing amazing acoustic music earlier. Mrs peel. Bill pay. What why do you say? Don't peo- is high. I would say P A, L E like if you hadn't had enough sun. Peo- peyot. Yeah. Say okay whereas if you peel, an orange appeal it, you don't pay L it because that would be like, impel it. Oh, the vagaries of our accents. Any each other talking about time is, basically before we go. But maybe peel was J radio DJ principally started off in radio Carolina's. Not what it was called. The is old enough. What was your favorite genre that John peel championed, Richard? What do you think in the end? Smith. So that kind of stuff he loved all rose got to be a connoisseur for dub reggae say, yeah. You look at me think found there's a reggae dub gal. Anyway, we ain't talkin by dub. We took it about the women's to gave you a bit of a cold because I've thrown it in some Joel paid song. References see. Hi. Manny you can find. Right. Well as already said it was fairly on. What? Sorry, start the story of the stage roundabout fashion. Yeah. Okay, we've given a cultural background to where we are. But for the stage itself fairly uneventful for the first part of the reassume. No one, okay? In the UK the heavens opened shortly after the stuff back. Oh this morning. Not the nicest of days in the road, as you said. Richard didn't stop the good vibrations along the route site though, we had the usual fantastic crowds school children lining the roads with flags, teenage kicks and older fans alike. I just love that by modern racing in the U K. It's become quite common people hasn't it to have just this atmosphere. That spectators coming people know, I'm calling itchy people, quite Komen. Yes, you do. Done anyway. No matter what the weather, the fans turn out here and all of that. It's great to see again today. No a happy day of happy cycling, though, for, on a travec of Ali Cipollini Shida, crash fairly early on didn't finish the stage who are first, abandoning the first intermediate sprint went to last year's winner corn. Rivera of sun Webster, quite a groovy feeling for her to know she's coming into form and it matters. Again, shaded Gutierrez reas of movie star in seconds under varies young team. It in third Suzanne. Anderson. The sun web writers thick is th-it's and the second sprint with Rivera Anderson ugly, Kirkman, taking the points there then Christine, Mazaris shoot. She had plenty of mountain energy taking the first set of Queen of the mountains maximum points. And we spent much of the first one hundred and thirty five kilometers, no last with the bunch mostly together battling through that Rian, then with twenty two kilometers to go out of this was darkness emerged. Abby may Parkinson with our first attack off the front the first time with twenty kilometers to go says a lot. And the jobs writer built up a lead of forty one stage. And she took the second of the munches points over Mazaris again, Parkinson did get across the finish line first, but only on the races. First time over the finish in still market are lone wanderer with a still decent lead taking the third intermediate sprint over Mariana voice, and Gutierrez Ruas, again of movie star. She was call it before the line, though, awarded the competivity award for her brass neck, move, quite rightly, so I would say, maybe but of whiskey in the jar for their team. DSP Varney tonight. I think you might be celebrating that one we did have a bunch sprint for the finish in the end. They say love is the drug, but winning is a drug for Jillian Dora. She got her second opening boy, high on life. Yeah, it's got a loss for life, that guard took her second opening win in a row at the two Britain, East Anglia. Once again, spooky, Amy PJ's, herbals elements team at finished in second. Lisa Brenner of. W. N T third. So the evening the jerseys. Goatee Corrina, VERA of San ramp. He takes this prince jersey Queen of the mountains. Christine, mergers of bulls Dolman points jersey to Jillian Dora, as well as the green jersey for the overall leader best, British writers, Eleanor Dickenson tonight of drops and the best team is bull. So looking at the end of stage one but who will have what when Saturday comes dots, a question on that is your stage story of the stage. The fastest clothing in the world tour, the home of cycling with character 'em watch with Rafeh in two thousand nineteen as they partner e f -education fast and canyons ram shorts are the most essential part of your cycling kid. Hi, my name is Alexis Ryan, and I raise for Kenyans ram. It's where you get the most friction. It's where you get possibly get the most discomfort, and have a pair of shorts that are comfortable and reliable, they wear, well, and they're made out of high quality materials. It's that's really important for us as professionals, my wrath. A bib shorts are the best in the world. Thanks very much indeed, to Rafah or headline sponsor, very grateful to them for their support. And I think we can offer a prize, if you can identify all the song song titles album titles, over the also. Three of the states that you can win pedalos to Sharm or peddler Sharm, t shirt, I think I kind of give it away. Because every time I said, one, I could hear the smile in my voice, it was like being released leaky here. Joe wing. Every time. Everytime. Everytime. Morla winks them up. You go to name the song tight this as well. And Email us contact at the cycling podcast Carmen, if several you get it, right. We'll pick a winner. I the hats. I'll be impressive. Anyone gets all of those actually, I think snuck in one. You know, some of the McQuay difficult, I was some of them, I wouldn't know that they were songs had a peaky look of your showed us, I'm not going to be entering the competition today. Or Manley London. Well, listen today stage Yolene door was the winner. Amy pizzas. Second one two for bulls. Domes Lisa Brenner, third. And that was good points for former winner here. But I think fool marts Abby may Parkinson today for taking it on because we were able to watch the race which is a unique challenge of covering this race. Where we're talking about the stage before we've seen it. We'll watch the highlights tonight. And there wasn't an awful lot happening there one aspect or one factor in that was that was the length of the stage, another certainly the weather and also the length of the race as well at six days, that is anything else is talking to bowl before the stage today, and I said, you know, are you guys relishing they, they difficulty of this year's race, given that it has been bells as toughest ever its longest ever. And he said he had two point night, the guys last night, that last year, for example, like we said in the previous episode. There was an awful lot of talk about the final stage being so difficult. And in the end it wasn't anyone ears difficult as people that expected? And so, I think he was trying to encourage exactly what we saw today, which was go on the attack. Don't be afraid. Don't be saving yourself for the perceived stages to come because if no idea what they're going to be like, and they may not be reaced is difficult lay as hard as, as you might fear. And that would be the only concern, I guess. With this race to come that, that would be that neutralization of the racing would be a factor buff to skip ahead. It's why think tomorrow's age is going to be really exciting and it's a good that they've broken it up like that. Yeah. I mean it was really a dream day for drops actually being in the in the raising. It was upstate Jayme. But no. But both actually has a piece of paper on his lap, which says objectives in big black letters. And then it says, like one two, three, one of them was like top ten Elliott concern, which, you know didn't quite get almost go that she finished. Number two was like the best British jersey of the back of Ellie doing well in the final sprint photo was being attacking getting competivity. So really tick tick tick for for him. So they did incredibly, well, I think it's just a, a great sign to see drops have taken that kind of attacking which, I don't think we kind of associate with that much. But I saw into of California they were attacking in the tour and good. And they were attacking and was saying that Abby may Parkinson felt a bit like should missed out in the turing into because people marking her a bit more inch ever. She was trying to attack make a break. So she'll be as you wish she was absolutely delighted to have made a solo attack and held on for so long and just built up quite a decent lead. Right. The end and just been out to be showing us off on those the British Prime rights washer, we hear from me partisan and Elliott concern who is twelve on the stage. Abby making up the capacity tries. How was it out there? But the cars incredible like all the kids from the schools are good like chairin on that really made me think the. No one seemed to have got away into you did. And it was very late on in the state. You know what does that say about the siege in, in total? Yeah. I mean it was supporting stage. It was one hundred sixty K K of neutralist wiles. It was a super long day. So. Yeah, it was pre steady the first hundred K and then flow to talk ten I saw a just counted and managed to get away so, yeah, that was really good. And you putting that Lido more more more get the, the did you think you're gonna get to the finish? Your. I had my doubts like it was always going to be a sprint finish. So I knew the lead out trains become in coming in. Oh, yeah. I wanted to say. Keep key on. Yeah. This must be one of the best days that we've been stores. It, it was such a fun day out just coming through the finish line with one months ago and everyone shave. My name was per. Yeah, I love by. It was. Yeah. I really I think, anyhow dot must be your target for the day. And you succeeded, what is that, as a feeling, wouldn't really say it was obviously, every fresh ride wants to be in the best fish rider jersey, but I never ever started the thing can all be in the best ratio has it does so many good British writers, so. Yeah, it was stick a talk ten that got me. Yeah. The best fraiche ride, and how is that to also be on the podium, when Abby may was up there competivity as well? It was so good. It's such a good. It was such an inspiring rod I in the last twenty eight here and it was you just you want to do well, because yeah. Did amazing see you want to do well in the bucket. And the for the state's tomorrow is a weird one kind of like a crit you'll do. Well, I'm just to keep the jersey for then not teach your. Yeah. To hang onto jersey, but it would be nice to just get round syfy. I think could be cottage tomorrow. I'll be made Parkinson Elliott Dickinson Elliott inside. She a lost of the first group Lizzy Diagne finish the place by number four seconds. There was a little split there. I'm not sure that will be significant. Although mine evolves. Interestingly was in the first split. She was fifth on the stage and, and those four seconds for her may be important as the week goes on. Who knows am? I mean, it's easy to sit on the so far sitting in the car and wonder why there aren't any breakaways why nobody even seems to be trying to form a break and, you know, why not be made parking somewhere away. Nobody went with her on it's easy to, to sit and criticize that. But you do wonder I mean, we wanted this Jing the JIRA as well in certain stages. Why teams with clear objectives in the race weren't at least trying to put themselves out there? You know there's a HAMAs television program on tonight. They're going to struggle for highly. Lights? And if you if there had been a break away, even if at being a few kilometers a few rise, they would have ended up on the tally there, there are quite a few teams here who have strong GM Bishen Nazi only thing you can really say. I mean for alvie made to go away, on her own isn't necessarily a threat for any of the writers or any of the other teams really, if it was a stronger breakaway don't mean anything on abbey may, but if it was stronger in numbers than it would have been more of a danger. But it makes you think that with the caliber writers here, we've so many former winners here, it could Welby wide open. And we've seen this reaced one early in years, gone by last year. For example, when Cassini Duma one a few years ago, as well on the gas is what's many rivals, unless it's your team you know you wanted to try to avoid that and keep that race of the risk for as long as possible. So it only suggests to me really that hopefully there are few teams with strong ambitions, and also everybody's talking about this race being a recipe haves and you've got the first three. Ages and the hard in terms of mountainous, second three stages. So maybe there's a little bit of cards being played close to the chest. But I didn't know about that. Because also the g c Cam be very one bump, very narrow margins here, and the intermediate sprints are really key for that because you get bonus seconds every intermediate sprint. And we saw that today because they were quite tightly contested and teams on what really were trying to dominate those. But you'd think that breakway would be even more vital stage when there was three intermediate sprints. So that's like you get nine seconds of nice extracur-, even get more than that you plenty of seconds. If you wanted to kind of give a little either getting early jersey or do something on the first aid. So you can give your team a little bit bit more exposure. And there was to Queen of the mountains. And so in the end when Abby may win. Attacked. She ended up getting cwm pointed up getting into media sprint points. On Saturday thing, if people are looking at where they want to become Saturday stage, one oversea Oviously on our one lost on seconds or at least they can be. But if you're if you're if you've got your eye on the overall by the end of the week, then avoiding losing time is almost as important as gaining time isn't. No, that's true. But I think I mean current VERA said that she was that is why she was up and competing for those intermediate sprints because she knew that. I mean, we saw at the toward a Yorkshire. Didn't we lost you in Donnie rose made it onto the podium because of how she was performing at the intermediate sprints? Not how. That was last year. Wasn't it? She was in the podium. To Yorkshire though, as well and then the women's tour as well. Yeah. Had that eme temple crafts shape with couple of days ago. But then that kinda shows how key those could have been oversee. They, you know. Sunwest played played it out that way. But none of the other teams seem to be interested, but, you know, it could be it could be one of those seconds. Well, the winners on the day where both domains and they've come with a strong with their, you know, their, their leader, Vander Bragan with very rounded team of the sprinters, you'll endure Amy pizzas. I'm did did Erickson who wanna sees? She has very good sprinters. Well, so they seem well equipped to challenge for stages when be spicy, the Derek there tomorrow. And they've also got some strong TC writers as well including Christie Madras, who is Luxembourg champion and clean the mountains in this race night. Let's hear from Christine measures and then Lizzie Deichmann a monkey a monkey there are there today, but taught me through the finale solvency worksite. Well. And then you guys yeah. Early are quite perfect. Also, timing was really good to time. There was a soda writer alone, which is pretty easy to control. When you are big Paladino Vinci's easier when you have more than being learned. Yeah, we started with five K to go to the GP, and deliver to Jillian perfect. The name USA finished second. So yeah, it's a good thing for the for the two I'll be may parks quite a big lead. At one point where you where you worry the toll about her possibly staying away. Or did you feel it was all under control? No, it was on the control. She had him in it, and it was still ten K to go and she was loan. I mean, if it would have been a group for three or four, we should have been worried. Lonely writers extra pretty easy to control. Especially on these roads, vets like appellate on this has really been over the vantage, but yeah, it's too in the to win like this the first day and it's a good saw to, to you brought a lot of fast strong fast writers with you find strong faster rollout means, but is that is the aim here to, to try and win as many seats as possible. Is that what you're, you're planning to do here? You will see day by day, and if that works and then the whole to it's going gonna work. I mean, the last days are pretty hot. So we have to see how we gonna feel today. How DiPoto developing with tiredness by the end of the week today? I we will see day by day, and yeah. We have strong push sprinters, like Jillian and normally, and we have a little bit around us like Amien me. And I mean all Caros going back from training Chem today, they will love home. They are pretty good. So we haven't have a bit costs. Everything. Are you are you the, the, the leader of the team or is that something that's been discussed? I think gee see, we'll have to see after four and then and then plan around, it's pretty hard to control this race like that. It's pretty unpredictable. And it's hard to come river GT plan from the beginning on so day by day. Has just one of these days, you help too much time to think about how much nicer it'd be on the safe. It was just long and it was inevitably going to be a sprint to kind of one of them. Boring long days. Everyone's coming back with mud splattered all over their faces. It looks like the weather very kind. There was racial. I mean is fairly mild? Actually just once you through it was ready to colts. I, I went back to the car, and I was wearing t rain Ducasse's points, say that says a lot, what was your game plan for today, then just to get through the race safely? Like we don't ever sprinter here. So actually, we wanted kind of rivals, like Mariana, who's a g c come tend to get points seconds in sprints. And so should breakaway when great just kinda save ourselves Rudy on TV sales for wall, then what's the overall invasion? What's your personal goal this week to be honest? I'm having arrest after this, so it's kinda just like a consolidation of the first block. And just that race as just keep on denies that really. Hi, I'm Elliott. I'm a cyclist. I race all kinds of bikes mountain bike marathon, get Chris road races downhill enduro, too. I write about journalist. I'm a blogger video maker cycling coach and guide, I suppose Skoda's campaign to close the gender gap in cycling. This is our time. I'd like see more women riding bikes, mainly because I want move into ride with, and I want more women racing because the more women at racist, the more fun is for everyone, but also kind of feel like I get to enjoy this really, really cool thing, and all the women aren't experiencing a night, I think they should be missing out. So I'll do anything I can to get more women involved. I mean, every time I go to race me and my mates all he's trying to recruit more female races. But yeah I mean not just for racing though. I just think women should be riding bikes for. It's not a while pushing yourself it can just be just for recreation as well. Thank you very much indeed, to Skoda for support thing, cycling podcast Femina, again, they did last year and give a lovely Carlos year and they've given us a lovely car again this different car. What do you think of color? It's great. The usual unusual, but quite grown Amee three. Find myself embarrassingly cliche. Whenever people talk about cars because somebody asked you earlier. What kind of Skoda we have an I was like? It's about as far as I go on for. Why we don't know the color of the Skoda all all day. I didn't is because we right at the airport. Oh, yeah. By Richard Moore in his fancy Shkoder code Skoda. And he didn't turn up so Thome carry of the telegraph. Airport because. Head. I was listening to really good podcasts. Can be landed two yards two and a half is lit because my flight was delayed thinking, oh, per Richard will be waiting for me at the more God loves, you know, his little island to message saying, oh my, my son, just told me that I won't be there for another, however long. I'm stuck in horrendous traffic. Minute by minute. As his arrival time, go minute later but is assume given that he was supposed to be at the airport at dot say Susan be stuck in them twenty five or something. It's only when toll picked us up that he informed us that he was he was messing us from London bridge over tar bridge, he hadn't even left London. Southland. The scuba sprouted wings. I don't think he would ever made on, but you would just enjoying yourself, yet, putting the good Skoda's. Cards. We don't mind being stuck in traffic is come this far? No longer this. We'd love to know. Nighted phoolan. I'm like. With with Bob volume. It's an Oktay via VRS very sporty. It's really very nice car. Thanks to school, though. We're going to do thing during this women's tour are at the end of it. We're gonna do a press conference, which we do the other grandmothers. Please leave a voice memo on walks up on the number plus four four seven nine seven one three three eight two five, that's plus four four seven nine seven one three three eight to five. Leave us a message don't for the number but leaves a message on wheel no-one on sir, and we will we'll deal with those questions towards the end of the race. Looking forward to now I know. So we're going to do that. The one thing that caught my eye. When we got the official start she this morning was the big LA had only four riders in the race. Couple of blind spots in their team, which was unusual. They've got team in Brittany competing there and headed by Cecilia blood, vague four writers here, only instead of six which oversee unusual. So I thought there must be through their search of their sports the right to Thomas companion. Now. Thomas companion has been in the news as well over recent months. Well over the winter really when a story was published in a docks newspaper, alleging some inappropriate behavior will bullying fat shaming and intimidating writers, several writers spoke against his management of the team that they'd be in, in years past, including eatery slop and Dell and Carmen, small. I'm so I went to speak some primarily, first of all by the absence of a fool team. Here but also asked him about some of those allegations as well. So you've got. Yeah, you're right writers here out of team of his birthday. What was the reason for not bringing food team here? The reasons very simple out of twelve writers, we have six, Reuters injured at the moment last one was Sophie was planned to be reserved writer, and she broke her collarbone yesterday, and you call it also crash in the last stage because of motorbike went into the bunch and Elise Chebbi was planned for this race was right. A number five she was called unexpected to, to university to make a final exam. Dr. Degree. So we couldn't couldn't get her. So unfortunately we have only four riders here. I, I know the race in Britain is kinda revived race was a race that appealed to the light Cecilie. Just because of the, the course, maybe Sutera by her. No say the reason why Cecilia was there was simply the the the date of the race. You can see most of the Jiro contender writers are not here and Cilla belongs to a possible podium contender, and they need to do. They need to go to attitude so we, we finished that race. And we flew into to the mountains, and she's already, they're preparing for the euro. I mean we've been asking him. But is that do you think the claiming of the researchers incompatible for somebody who's wanting to go to the Jiro? Yes. Yes, we can see beautiful racist like this race. Or also play his is suffering because the good writers are not showing up because they're in world championship preparation. The toot he and this case, most of these contenders line attitude for the Jiro. It's true. It's, it's, it's, it's a problem for practice reducing the number of races, and specifically, preparing for, for this does events. And that means that all the competitors of those writers need to do more or less the same. And this is why more and more top top writers are on not here. It's, it's, it's, it's a bit of a problem, I would say cannot here, but from the stories around you in the team over the winter, the you know there were some allegations made it but what's going on in the team? I mean the team did respond to that. But what, what's your response to, to some of the things that were said? Yeah. I mean, there was only one opinion heard so far, no journalists spoke with me about it. I when when news contacted me I offered them to open up the records because it's a very old case from two thousand fifteen review by the UCI. By four inspectors over period of four months, and there, they closed the case in the way that they say it's not nothing. We can we can find against him. So he did everything right to say. Now, the rules were different at that time, I think it's pretty cheap. No, because the rules are the rules. If you go to court, the existing rules are in force. And more. I can't say we are here we are since for years. I'm eighteen years T Mona. I think we have produced of success people call me a hot spot director. I'm not hard to support his heart so people need to exp- except the sport. And if they come for something they have to stand for something and disgusted many times before the entered the team. And sometimes they pretend to be ready for something like this for challenge, like coming to our team goes through this development. And then during the season day they cannot make it, and then we have open talks, and some are released because they simply don't have the quality. And if they feel that they have to answer in a way that they say he did this he that which is still unproven. I think that's a very, very easy way and it's not the correct way what I can say is we are running the strategic. We are continuing to run this project and at the end of the day. The best answers always success were there. Questions are spy your sponsors. You know, was an uncomfortable time for you. Absolutely not. Because the whole case, the ethics commission looked included. It was a it was a serious case. And when the case was closed the documents were presented to the sponsors. So the sponsors where where line, of course, when that came up three years later, it is just an old story cooped, again, they asked me what is going on? And I said, it's, it's the case that have presented to you and then they closed it for them. It was clear. It was a twenty four hour activity for a lot of clicks, I'm happy for all these online platforms. But I have to run their team. This is how I see it. Thomas companion there. I mean, I didn't have unfortunately are to hand when I spoke to because the recovery things he said, they're the didn't really ring true in terms of the, the number of writers who who comply. Land. And it's worth saying that when this article was published other writers have been on the team that back it up, including the van Velzen who was there for one year. And they did go back a few years twenty fifteen as he said, am, but yeah, I mean he came up this line of, but it being a hard sport. He's not hard. It's a hard sport. But I mean, certainly, you're slopping though, somebody Univer. Well, don't you Orleans, she runs a cyclist alliance and in that role there really campaigning to improve conditions for women cyclists, very aware of the of the difficulties within the pallet, on, as you say it wasn't just combining said that, that it was a testament one writer, but it was it was four he recruited in at one Arctic on the volts contest slapping, smaller, gee, said VERA, coda and ours, Pfizer. And I would just say that I mean, I didn't know heiress incredibly, well, but I've gotten to know our beds, at least since I moved to the Netherlands, and she's far from what I would say. Someone who's not hard. You know, I had a conversation with her by exactly what it is that makes ducks writer sue good. And she thinks it is because they are tougher that they're mentally tougher than a lot of the other writers because it's a very direct Pete. They're evade direct people. There used to take criticism, they're used to giving out criticism. None of it is personal not just the way the operation. So I certainly don't think that she would be someone who would be some sort of a what is it that Piers Morgan Kohl's? Everyone. Like, yeah, she's not exactly snowflake issue. I mean. But everyone's got their side to the story. And you can only take everybody signed to the story. I mean there are one or two other people who've committed being nut team didn't want to be drawn into moving passengers on that team for several years. Someone else who worked for him today, who said that there were two sides to every story, but he did say some other stuff that was interesting as well by this race. And by the five Cecilia blood has opted, not to right here and following on five lewiston and uninventive Bragan who are not here as well. And that approach last year, worked very well, especially if I'm missing this race going to Alta chewed and then going to Jerusalem really cleaning up. Am I wonder you know, this is falling into the same habit as the man of, of racing fewer times. And it's a problem women's like because there isn't the same depth so big races like this, if they are deprived of the big stars, we talked about this, and the previous episode last week can leave a glaring absence. You know in, in the lineup. Mean current Rivera said that on in her interview, the was it lost. That listen to branded very well of coming here and then going to juror Rosa. So I mean, it's kind of different approaches for different riders. And it depends whether priorities arm in the Joe. Rosa is just a mammoth race. It's incredibly climb me. Those in his is ten days and I suppose if you are a pure climbing his way you would go, but if you're anywhere. We're actually movement who immensely in order to finish second year road. Very, very well, but she's come here this year. I think there's an element. I think this is meant men's likely to of herd mentality. And I think kind of companion hinted at that the, you know, they're watching, what other writers are doing to prepare for the kind of copying that approach, and it's not an econ. It's hard. You can't conducting spannis you don't actually know which is the best approach because you only know what the result is in then. But you don't know what it would have been had. They redden taking a different. Hi differently would today have been reaced if those writers hot been there, I don't think any differently, so their presence will make a difference. Maybe in, they Hillier stages, but I can't see that today would be any different. We didn't have a categorized climb into a hundred and twenty four kilometers end. I mean not to me suggested it's a route that decided high today was ridden more than anything else. I mean, when we look at stage three for example, the polish stage you've got a categorized climb to categorize climbs right at the start. Hopefully, my theory will be proven on. We'll see lots of attacks from the off. But I a Porsche times gentle refined tax Austria. Likes go cash navy mom, and she is absolutely. The pinnacle of an exciting ride who animates raised to attacks and you can climb really well, so I don't think you go to bit of an obsession with unav- under bregman on the mainframe. Flu. Have they have very much copied while the man do in terms of going to altitude and doing a lot more training as opposed to raise saying? But I think it's good that so far K Cecil. He's done at night as well. But she she was racing, not just the the altitude bit. I think it's good that that hasn't happened as yet because you don't have the same strength in depth as the man's peleton. But yeah, I don't I again, don't think the racist any the poorer on, on a on an obvious level for not having Vanderberg and in here because we've enough, we've enough top-quality writers. And as you say, ruse attacking writers, who, hopefully when, when the Reese and the re allies will completely blow, the race apart, all Suber. Hi, I'm Anna Christian from team drugs. And the women's told be very British. This is my time I've ever been in the race. And what it, it was pretty hard already. But I think it's good that, that kind of pushing on China, make it. Yeah, a bit harder every year in seventh level. So I'm quite excited. Hi. ST Momon Paseo and the woman's to a will be the most exciting race of the year. Maureen ham Lonnie from from drops sport stretch on this race. I think the women's tool will be the best race in the world of game. I think there's a lot being harder. And I did sense, genuine apprehension from some of the goes, and like any stage race. We got take one stage at time. Yeah. Who was expecting unexpected. So I think the only thing I would say is it's going to be the most professionally run race in the world. And I'm last year's over energy, women's tour winning the women's tour, this year will be really hard. It's funny because it's not so many spinners here. I think very many pure spooners. I think they're really banking it to be a pretty hard race. But I think in my place in my favorite harder as I like to show the bigger sprinter. So I think it works caver and I just have to keep surviving. My name is Davy wondering, I'm from Hobart, I think, do almost doer is going to be a real really hard. I'm looking for too difficult. If the race it's also they're very long stages. Hannah vows from sham racing team. The women's toll will be aggressive. I'm Marie on the voice racing for CC live and the women's through our will be one stuff exciting battle. I think it's interesting that the raises one day longer and harder than ever. But yeah, the ride is always make race. So it doesn't really matter how tough it is. It will be tough. Anyway. Tiffany, Cromwell Kenitra racing to will be exciting challenging hod victorious. It's always challenge the peleton more and more wins to have definitely ever you tried to step it up. Stotka much less challenging on guess. Mates. You make it more difficult. So then everyone wants to bring a game and similar support behind it so much the organization's top notch. So I think it's great unite. It's definitely for a lotta goes daunting. I doubt. But at the same time, we want to pressure spoilt, we want people to be sure, who's the best riders out this, or bring it on. Cycling podcast femi- now is supported by science in sport. Science in sport few why science. Thank you very much indeed, to science sport for supporting the cycling podcast Femina you can get twenty five percent off. Ilias signs of sport. Science and sport dot com with the code SIS, P twenty-five. That's SIS CP twenty-five at science and sport dot com. And before that we heard a little montage of voices from the star this morning and Beccles for some of the writers looking ahead to the week's racing and the one or two of them seeing what they thought of the course and, and this game of two halves that we've got where there are three difficult stages towards end what you to looking forward to most with you say, I'm going to go for stage, two the stage I've got lots things that I'm looking forward to, but I like to live in the moment, that's as close to the moment as I can look forward to. Because it's something different in the women's to your and because we will see a real difference. I think in the writers, who've done lots of credits crass raising and those who haven't, and unfortunately because we won't to see many different writers up there as possible for as long as possible. I think it's a stage that will massively sit Coren Rivera over most of the other contenders and she's something like seventy two isn't it national titles to her name, including credits and all the rest of it. So I'm excited to see how that's going to be raised. And that's partly sorry for any the right is listening, because the writers themselves are prohibitive about it. And that always Piques my interest. I think when they're a bit nervous. I think ooh, what will this unfold is? So states is what I'm looking forward to. It's funny. Isn't it that because that's the prize me as well, because I've been spoke to Rivera this morning, then she was at prints of about. She I think probably people are like playing Jones's of winning it. So he's really trying to be a bit more like it's not exactly like an American crit. And then when I say to riders. Oh, it's a bit like you know during the tour series credits. They do round the u k I mean, the roads will be similar, and then they're trying to play that it's not really like that is so you'll be interesting to see what the results, we do have a few tax and we have a bit of action and it's not just lots of laps of the track. But yeah we'll we'll see in the day. But at least we get to see it. I'm going to writing in the morning as well. Yeah, how many proper Recci? Yeah. How many laps will, I think we can go for a nice little bite rise in the morning because it's a lay starts more as well? The question. You can give us back. We'll just sit on on. Yes new the plan to bring bike. So, yeah, we'll have to you can run run of the same speed is mostly forward to Thursday's first hilltop finish. It's not these aren't they all we're talking about. But Burton, DASA country part. There's a little claim up to the finish. And it's quite a lump e finale to the stage of the loss. Twenty thirty minutes is pretty hilly, which could be with the two stages still to come and keeping opportunity for somebody Willoughby writers, who are holding back and waiting for the supposedly decisive next day, in particular, am Friday stages. Is particularly hard, but not one is, is an opportunity for somebody thing last year. Remember we saw along four Guinean Cecilia booed vague try and spring, a surprise on the stage into lemming ten spa. Wasn't it? Think it wasn't spot, and it was quite lumping, quite challenging, and they really the bunch under lot pressure. It came back. And then, but this hilltop finish that could be quite good little stage for somebody to, to have a goat, ammos, put my one down to bet because you made it seem like the one that I'm gonna pick as a radio this choice, and it is, but that is stage five. I'm just I'm just hesitating looking a lot of consonants and not many vowel. I say. Hundred plundering dote while it, I'm on the fan. To tell Condron. Well to pull throws. Oh, my okay. I've lost it. The first well stay it was. That is just completely. Okay. Because is they've got to massive category, one climbs there and the EPA climb, which is the last climb, which one. Twenty one loss like fifteen kilometers, very end. And that's going average gradient of nine percent. So I think if there's, you know, the ones the one climb that's going to be a leg leg-breaker will be that one and I like breaking legs. What can I say? It's why we love cycling next week and watch other people Basting themselves while we try to stay dry and warm. Absolutely. We'll look forward to, and we'll be back every night with podcast and yet tomorrow from graves where we must drive to now. Let's, let's go. Oh, yeah, thanks for mimicking piano. Kind of. So I did guitar. Yeah. This is why I thought we were in the John peel center, John vs, because when we can dine here already have our lunch for sitting in this sort of the night-clothes cafe, but there was a guy playing acoustic guitar in the corner. And it was beautiful and his name's altern Walberg. And he was from the joint pain center. We got challenge the guys from the jumping center, Rony was telling us a bites sort of upcoming concerts and whatnot. And they have the wedding present play over on Friday. John paints favorite. Yeah, they're playing there anyways. So it sounds like grit. Repertoire of concerts coming up, but ultimately signed, it, absolutely beautiful, and he's got an album. I'd at the moment called foot graphs and memories. And I went to for an held my food aloft next to the speakers, just we could share in the beauty of the music with all of you. We're gonna play the wedding present all the way all the way to our thanks to well that, and while we've been recording lineup Bernie has sent me a little music suggestion as well Dolly Parton, Julie done any of the stage winner. But this. Oh.

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