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These are the daily Tech Headlines for Wednesday November twentieth. Two thousand nine hundred. I'm Tom Merritt. Google assistant has a new feature called your your news update that can be played by telling the assistant to listen to the news. Google assembles the update from various Google partners. Based on what it knows about you including your location and among several dozen participating partners are Fox News the NBA Aljazeera wired and many more stories in. Your update can come from multiple of those sources with the source read out before the news item place updates generally start with big national and international stories followed by local news than more personalized bits. Like sports you can go into assistance. Settings to prioritize or mute various sources researchers from chuck marks coordination with Google and Samsung have disclosed vulnerability in Google Gulen Samsung's android camera APPs android systems that have not been updated since before July of this year checkmark discovered that in the pre patched version of the camera. Ah APPS that had storage permission for the SD card could access camera to take pictures and record video without permission. The vulnerability was closed used in July. Two thousand nineteen with a Google playstore update and patch was issued other vendors the US Department of Commerce confirmed to Reuters Wednesday at has begun issuing licenses licenses for some US companies to supply non-sensitive goods to while away the extension of these licences assists some US rural network operators facebook's ace books experimental APP folks called the N. p. e. team have released wail an APP. That lets you decorate photos with text and stickers a meam creator if you will it's free to use with no in-app purchases or subscriptions and the APP is only available in candidate. The NPA team is charged by facebook with rapidly. Developing APPS to experiment experiment with new ideas. Bill Gates back to energy company Healy. Jen have used computer vision software and automatic edge detection to direct a field of mirrors to use sunlight to create temperatures above one thousand degrees Celsius. That's about a quarter of the temperature of the surface of the sun. The solar heat could be used to make cement steel milk glass and other materials with no carbon emissions. The next step is to demonstrate the process at scale later on helium believes it may also be able to create hydrogen at scale Gail at hearings. Tuesday the US National Transportation Safety Board determined cause and responsibility for the death of a pedestrian. who was hit by an Uber? Autonomous Car safety driver Raphael Vasquez was found partially at fault for being distracted by her phone. Uber's Advanced Technologies Group. Received partial blame for inadequate safety procedures offers and ineffective monitoring vehicle operators Uber did not have a system to keep safety drivers from becoming complacent the victim. Elaine Hertzberg was found partially at fault for Having methamphetamines in her system which may have impaired judgment when crossing outside the crosswalk and the state of Arizona took partial blame for insufficient policies to regulate autonomous vehicles. The facebook announced it's eight developer conference will take place next year may fifth and sixth at the mcenery Convention Center in San Jose. California can sign up to get notified for win. Registration will open at the website. F eight DOT COM verge reports that the head of Disney's direct to consumer division Kevin Meyer Fire says difficulties with the Disney plus APP launch. Had to do with the way the company architect that the APP Meyer said that Bam Tech Aka Disney streaming services had never seen gene the high volume of streams even when hosting things like HBO IN MLB and did exposed limits to the architecture. Mayor says Disney will recode the APP within the next couple of weeks to fix issues affecting things like the continue watching feature the robot lawyer behind the do not pay parking ticket dispute service has a new service called old do not sign included in. Do not pay three dollars subscription. Do Not sign that you upload scan or link to a license agreement service then uses machine gene learning to highlight clauses. It thinks a user will want to know about and methods for opting out of data collection. It can even send letters on your behalf to take advantage of opt-outs do not China available in the US on the web and in the do not pay. IOS APP NEO in noticed apple has posted job listings for people to quote build build. THE NEXT GENERATION OF MEDIA APPS for Windows Apple maintains itunes. I cloud for windows. Both are fairly old and itunes has been broken up into separate TV. Music Zeke. And PODCAST APPS on Mac. Os IOS. The listing says universal windows platform experiences at plus which could mean apps for both windows. Ten and the xbox Apple Launched Apple Music for business plans to get licensed music to play in retail locations. Apple provide human curated playlist with recommendations matched to a stores whereas brand consumer versions of most music streaming services do not include the rights to play music in commercial locations. spotify also has a division to work with retail locations for more discussion of the news of the day. Subscribe to daily Tech News. Show DOT COM and remember to rate and review daily tech headlines. Wherever you get your podcasts? Thanks for listening. We'll talk to you next time.

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