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We'll get a mysterious universe season. Twenty five episode nine coming up on the show we've got taking a stroll in the astral meadows the transformative power of the nda and the magical flesh. Light of occult power. I'm benjamin grinding joining me. Aaron right it's never anything simple is it has to be a cult power. It always has to have some filthiness attached to it. Have you ever noticed that will definitely on ordinary flesh off. It's a magical so what happens. Why is it bad jiggle. Will you're about to find out. Okay plus extension. This is way to r. rated. Go in the free version of the show. Of course but i've been looking into this book that came out from monaco. William west called six magicians. How could we resist the lives and spiritual practices of pascal. Beverly randolph alliston curly. Of course jack. Possums magyari cameron anton levay and others. And it's the end others. I'm going to focus on mostly on this episode right because we know about some of these other filthy sex magicians all. He's got a in great detail. Croly being roger advise assistant in the desert of while we know very well invoking the god pan and turning into hermaphrodite when he goes home. Let me try to summon. Some demon is well. It wasn't just pain. Wasn't it's something else that was that was was. The name of the demon is showing. They were yes summoning a great con demonic force and it worked apparently they Rigid each other in the desert. God is just. I caught white here. It's actually not as a as dirty as you would expect although the the fullwood is from hannah haddix. Who details her own gruesome Explorations into six magic which involves a lot of bodily fluids. Yeah i'm going to skip over that. That's what i expected the whole book debate. Yeah but no west has done this really fascinating look at the lives of these individuals and some of them. Just start at like. Pascal beverly randolph. For example who started before all these people he was way before croly and these magical orders he was around the same time levinsky his life is fascinating bam booze. Old that there isn't a hollywood movie about this guy. Really first of all you know growing up in the. I think he was like the eighteen thirties. Or something he was born but he he grew up in abject poverty he was in This the five points. I think it was cold in new york city which was considered to be the most violent place like the most murders of any place in history on planet earth. Wow apparently in this borough of new york and he rose to eventually be lecturing. The french in paris about his magic sexualisation. He taught how to read and write by reading street signs on the on the state of new york city when he was a kid. It's just an amazing story And he was he was like an eighth black as well one. Who's at that will. The policy for the time period was an octa rune. So he's he's ancestry was a quarter black right So essentially for the time. He was considered a black man. Yeah so he just faced all this adversity and just came out of nothing to become this incredible figure that went onto to lay the foundation. Full this wall to cult madness front spread through the west. Is this the god that ended up actually going into a battle with At one point yes. He had a bit of a beef right. Oh both releasing distracts vascular release swan and haywood release on. Yeah and i eventually came down to a shootout. And there's all these conspiracies about how he died cool or to that okay. So he's kind of like the two pack of the occult. He's yeah he's a two pack of the looking forward to that but this show. I actually wanted to go into a couple of things and i was looking at some synchronous cities recently because of course You know there's a new book out that is describing some of the most incredible coincidences the people of had beyond coincidences stories of amazing coincidences of said that were too many times and the mystery and mathematics that lie behind them. It's martin plymouth and brian king. And as i was Flicking through that. I started getting this concept of how synchronicity is play a role in the near death. Experience as well all this stuff that we look at in the paranormal. In the unexplained in the occult world. As i've always said we try to compartmentalize them in reality. Everything is all kind of mixed together in some of the way. And there's these deep connections between them and synchronicity in coincidence plays a really big role in that and it just so happened. That as i was going through beyond coincidence. I thought i'll just try and find some background. Some of these stories visit a few stories in here which i'll mention a little bit later on but as i was going through looking for the background i saw defined this heavy thread of people that have had these comforting synchronicity. He's often. i've had the loss of a loved one. Okay and a really good example is it's really funny as well because like when people seem to have poltergeist activity when they going through your highly emotional states soul your distress of some kind. It seems like synchronicity lineup. For people in these highly distressed states after losing someone. It's like the power of the motion. We'll just discussing the loss. Plus show the idea that full higher higher realms to communicate with human beings way down here. They talked to a directly. Yes the only way that can communicate is through the we'd security carrying a kind of hidden message that for you is very remaining and i think you recall Recall that you said that For some people the whole idea is because these realm beings. Let's say that someone's pasta. Why may have actually moved onto the upper realm. They can't communicate with us because it would be like marketing us. There's this summit. This much energy energy in the higher realms would just you would blow up that they tried to talk to you so that so the idea was the only time you'll hear a direct conned of communication is with something lower like something from the loa astro realms is the research donaldson was saying. This is that the the lower entities will speak directly to you and pretend to be something higher which becomes very clear when we go into the sex magicians. Yes just they end up Offing themselves in horrible ways. Yes it's just incredible actually how that happens and this is one thing that happens to people that are going through these states of extreme distress which is totally understandable. When you lose someone but it's also fascinating that it seems like depending on the type of death the more likely that the synchronous city. Oh the message is gonna take place for example. It's like if grandma but grandma has been suffering from a long illness and you know you knew that she was going to pass away on point. Synchronicity is are there for some people but the likelihood of them occurring seemed to be loa whereas if it's a sudden unexpected death of a partner or a child it seems like those synchronicity even stronger but what does happen to some people been and this ties in with what you're saying is that some people become especially in those extremely distressing states become so addicted to getting a message or communicating with them that they do stop directly communicating with something through wrapping also and turns out to be some low level entity that is preying on the person's misery. Leslie kanes book on the evidence of life after death had that really moving story of her brother passing away. I am was on the or something something williams. She was getting lots swing on and off in her apartment and yet tapping in the kitchen. You know she started to communicate back with but what came across from her was. It didn't feel good. yeah indulge. It didn't feel right to indulge that communication though something off about the whole thing yes no she ever went there. I think she was convinced it was a brother. But i'm certainly not convinced yet. I i. I don't know what these things are. No it's it's very common and a couple of stories that i was. I was looking into which didn't go any because actually became quite unsettling. Is that these people. Essentially they because. I was so caught up and they couldn't move past the death of someone. They start communicating so much with these things that these things essentially destroyed their lives but it prevented them from being able to move on and ultimately some of them resulted in. You know very Upsetting situation to the person going through it but then you look at the other side and this is where i think there is a genuine communication that comes through all of this pull woman in the nineteen eighties. That lost her daughter. So what had happened was that she had a dropped her daughter off at. I think it was like a ballet class or something like that. And as she driven off some she didn't see it but some car had lost control and just after she dropped her daughter off had knocked zero ad and killed instantly and a terrible thing. And this woman didn't know it because she went home to do whatever she does and then she came back to pick a daughter up from this lesson defined. This is before mobile phones. Sonoma's getting contact with her and she didn't know what was going on to find. Her poor daughter had been killed instantly and understandably as i said she was so distraught. She was just such a mess and what she did is that she started getting the sensation that a daughter was still around and she was saying to yourself. This is ridiculous. I'm just obviously on. i'm upset obviously. This is just wishful thinking but it just kept on coming through right so ultimately go to the point where she felt like she had to move on but she needed to disconnect from this nagging thought of. She's still here. She's still around me so what she does is she says something. She just yells out just kind of just look. I want to communicate with you. You need to move on but just tell me that you're okay. Just tell me your. It's like audibly sending this out into the universe and she claims that after this would have happened is that she happened to be driving. Back plot pasta where The ballet lesson was for some reason. This happens quite commonly as like even though you are completely in control of yourself. Sometimes you feel these compulsions that and you don't know where they come from. It's something just tells you. Stop here get out. And that's exactly what she. She stopped the car she got out and she was kinda standing there for a moment and trying to like. Oh my god this boy. I lost my daughter like accomplish. This is a location where i lost her and she looks down and when she looks down this perfect brand new pencil lying on the ground just perfect and like his brightly colored pencil and her daughter. Just you know. I love stationery as as young girls are kinda into those sorts of things at so she leans down. She picks up his pencil this on shop and in brightly colored pencil and with this perfect rubber on the brand new kind of weed because if it was just a pencil that was lying there. They're expected to be to. And yeah exposed. You know having suffering from exposure so she picks it up and has almost glistening are. She says that the way that has comes through and written on the end. The pencil is just simply. I'm okay. oh wow. Isn't that incredible offer. You just going to stop it. There was a pencil. No wow on the end of this was i'm okay. And that's all she needed and strange enough that released her from all these emotions and everything was going on. 'cause you know she never forgot her daughter and obviously deeply loved her daughter but at the same time she was able to move on and then look after her other children and going to have more children and it just becomes. You know this thing. That is a part of your life doesn't completely consume me. So that's a really positive thing that happens with these these new deaths. Synchronised won't even need death after death synchronicity but there are other ones that pop up and it just happened that this week The latest addition of lesson. The release of dr. Bruce grayson's oughta has come out. Yes i sold. This came out. Amazing to see grayson releasing. Grayson's a really fascinating character. And i'm gonna go into a little bit of his background. But the book is author dr explores what near death experiences revealing about life and beyond and i strongly recommend that you pick up this book even if you are familiar with a lot of the need experiences. There's just a few of these little details and that really gives you some understanding about the possibility of their truly being life with a death is a transitional space to another consciousness to another existence. Another dimension we don't know what that is but there is enough scientific evidence to suggest that we do go somewhere else that it's not all black doesn't fade to black. It doesn't end something and it's an endless loading screen. Yeah exactly yeah. And i really liked about about bruce crisis. And bruce christ himself has undergone these his own experiences of essentially trying to come. It's funny how you like your childhood impressions and what happens with your parents strongly influence youth throughout your life like it's and it's a much longer than you actually ever expect and this is something that will. Yeah it really is. And this is something that comes out in ingraham's research but ultimately dr bruce grayson he's worked with people like raymond moody in stevenson he's the co founder of the international association for near death studies and he was dealing with near death experiences before near death experiences existed. And what i mean by that is of course near death. Experiences have always existed but the actual term and the scientific and want you don't even scientific but maybe the academic understanding of them didn't really exist until a number of years. After dr bruce grayson had some of his experiences so again. Like synchronicity. coincidence something. That was very personal to him but set him off on this path for the rest of his life so i want to open with the story that kind of set up everything for him and he describes he's relationship with his father's that his father was a really good father but he was really driven and fascinated by science and he said every single house we lived in dad always had chemistry lab set up underneath a house. Which is kinda cool. what do you think about. And he said you know dad would take his downstairs and would show us different chemistry tricks and was ores encouraging me to have a scientific mind always look at things from a scientific perspective and he said i was so driven by this that actually led her on when he started going through looking at me death experiences. He almost felt like in some way that he'd let his father down in certain circumstances and he also felt it wasn't necessarily because he was looking at the death experience it was because he was looking at the near death. Experience from the perspective of trying to scientifically analyze it and at this point in the book actually describes many years. After looking at the near death experience and because he was dealing with patients he had access to the dada. He had access directly to people that describing their experiences and he was at the university of michigan. And he'd been doing this research for a long time when he finally gets dragged into the office of his boss and when he goes in his and he was expecting it to be kind of like just a performance review. And hey everything's going great. You're doing really well. And he's boss is quite aggressive but very forceful and says to him. You have to stop doing research on near death experiences. It's old garbage. And he's like oh down. Yeah it really. He was like no no. I'm i'm actually getting information out of this. I'm finding data and finding statistics. I'm finding evidence. And he's like no. You have to stop and for grayson. He said like this is where i felt. Like i'd let my dad down. He saw feel very upset about. And even what was fascinating but it even this boss from the university of michigan who was saying it's all anecdotal. That's nonsense he actually didn't says grayson why father had a new death experience. But that doesn't matter why are you. Why are you pushing back so hard on this. And it's because within the scientific community and this is not bashing science by any means but in itself forms its own dogma. It becomes the whole idea of what people seem to lose. The perspective of a science is that science is about constantly questioning. no it's not shrug about trustee alliance. Science doesn't stop. It does doesn't and this is what happened with the near death. Experience that people think that all will know we understand this. We understand biology. And we understand how the brain works so we stopped there. And we don't bother to inquire and people's experiences that just simply hallucinations on the brain showing which we know will now. It's just deferring to authority. That's all it is is just use it as as an authority to follow. But this is why. I really have an immense amount of respect for dr bruce crisis because that didn't stop him and in fact one of these things that happens in life where it feels like. It's a setback is actually done it on purpose. Maybe by the synchronous stick nature of the universe fate. If you will to push you in another direction. So did he just defy his boss cape going he left. He went to another university. he moved across. He moved his entire family across the country and he said it ended up being revolutionary for his research and he's understanding of the near death experience. So you can see just how passionate this man is about the new death experience but let's go back to where all started all started when he was Back in the sixties seventies and he was a young psychiatrist and one of his earliest jobs was actually dealing with a psychiatric assessments at admissions for people who had attempted to commit suicide in a very dangerous area to be working in obviously for the patients and obviously very rewarding can help them out but he said he sets the scene of where he's sitting in the cafeteria of this particular hospital and he's just aiding the spaghetti bowl organized and has he's eating it. He says he's pasia conoco's goes he's beeper starts going vibrating on his on his belt and he says as vibrates it kinda shakes him a little bit and it calls and not that more from the shock. The vibrators vibrating off the shake in the shock and it causes him to spill his balkanized. Danny's tie it looks. It's not everywhere. There's only a little bit is. Oh that's that's really annoying. So he's got this lab coat on and being a psychiatrist. You just went normal day clothing but you put the lab coat over the top so ties. He's lab coat up so it's covered. Anyone does down to see what he's being summoned to so he goes in and it turns out that this young girl had just been admitted to hospital because she had attempted to commit suicide by taking an overdose of drugs name was holly and she was this young college girl and she was in a really really bad way like a terrible wine should been wield into the emergency room. I suppose performed whatever they had to do but they didn't know what drugs she had taken. So they're trying to assess what drugs taken and she had this problem that obviously these drugs affected a heart because a hot was kind of skipping bates and they must have been some point. And it's not reveal but they must have been some point with either solo that she had flatlined or something had happened to her. She wasn't in her body anymore. But we don't know that at this moment so with this particular hospital down. There's a family waiting room up. One hundred one very end of this long whole you have the admissions area in the aaagh and at the very end you have the family room where people white and so he was told that holly was brought in by a friend and so he wanders down this hallway and he goes into the waiting room and he sees the friends and he says all You've brought hawley and heavy. And she says yeah i. I came home. And hollywood answering the door so i knocked a couple of times and eventually i felt wired about her so i opened the door and i found pasta out on a bed with pills lying around. Well then dr grayson says okay What has happened. You know what's going on with her and the friend says look. I don't really know her that. Well it's just you know. She's a college friend. I knew that she was under a lot of stress from school. I think she had a relationship problem. not entirely sure but just basically going through all these little details of over whatever they can find out dr grayson. Thanks her and says you know. That's that's really helpful. Thank you so much. And he says look. The best thing you can do is just go home. She's like yeah thank you was. I need to go home to write a paper. I can't stay here lot. And he's like yeah. We'll we'll do what we can. So this young goalies passes and spend the night trying to stabilize this. This young hollywood taking all these pills and eventually the following morning they had stabilize to dr grayson walks into a room. Now any walks into the room. He says there's a heart monitor beeping. And this leads all around as a screen above her bed and he just kathleen wanders over to her and pulls the curtain around and just softly says name. He's a on doctor grayson. i'm with the psychiatry team. Now she kind of opens her eyes and she she nods a little bit and she says yeah. I remember you. So he lost night doc. Grayson goes And he actually pull this busy chana replay the encounter and he's like Not possible you were unconscious in the so. I did see you were there but your unconscious. I didn't think you could see me. And without is still closed. She just modern. She says it wasn't in the er. He was in the family room. Any says this quote him short he actually stopped from because said there is no way the she could have seen or heard us talking at that. Far end of the corridor anything. Maybe this isn't the first time she's being to the er mike because how is she even. That's good the room is unless you'd been there. Shannon weekday checks the records. She's never been admitted to this hospital before as far as he knows he's never been there and says all the the staff telling you that was speaking to susan. Your friend loss not said no i saw you now grayson. Says he hesitated. And we didn't know what to say is I'm a bit confused. What do you mean you you wearing a striped tie and had a red statement to the ball nice. It was a bully nice stein. No one could see. Because he'd covered he had purposely because he was conscious of it and embarrassed by he had purposely made sure it was covered up by his lab coat so there was no way now. He leans forward and he just says. What are you wearing a striped tie with a red stain on it. And you talking to susan and you're asking why i had done this and what was going on. And she was all right she everything she said was true the he says the hair actually starts to raise on the back of his neck and he feels these goosebumps and he says in this rapid kind of movement that was going through his mind. She could not have possibly known everything that was said he said. Even let's just say like he was trying to go through the scenarios he said even if a nurse had been standing there listening what the nurse collectible that information it would have been quite. The nurse couldn't have known about the stain on my tie. And then why would a nurse or even another doctor ball the together and then tell her old information her to relate to me. This is and as i said. This is well before the whole near death. Experience had gotten into zeitgeist. So why do that. Why say something like that now. Left him quite confronted by this and he said he tried to focus on what was going on around him but he couldn't fathom how such a trick had been pulled off and he really felt like it was a trick so he ends up decided he's not going to ask any questions and he kind of backs away because her breathing becomes a little bit so he you know she's quite asleep Falling back asleep and he says look willed. I'm completely he's like. I was so bewildered. I didn't even go home and tell my family about it. I couldn't talk to anyone about this. I actually put this into the back of my mind because it was something that didn't fit into the framework of my experience. Just got on with life and yeah put it in the compartment. Yeah he kinda got on with it but where this all came back to the surface letter on is that wall. He was working in his duties. He ended up dealing a working with dr raymond. Moody now dr. Ram moody of course is well known for his research into near death. Experiences the out of body. Experience and dr raymond moody started Putting out kohl's patients and people to describe their experiences that they've had willing hospital or even in the near death state and he ended up getting overwhelming number of replies that he went to dr grayson. he's like all. Can you help me go through some of these through this weird coincidence see quinson. synchronicity again. Remember that patient. That's the thing soukous grayson starts reading through these lettuce. This was ramen. Moody's life ought to life which was published in nineteen seventy six when out so after this this book out the near death experience which he kind of coined the term started spreading out there. And this is why is he. Started reading through these experiences grayson went. This is what happened to me in that young girl this action. Maybe this is what happened. This would actually logically explain why she was able to collect that information even though she was nowhere niimi so for this this is why his career just in this in this particular research just exploded and offer this is where he co founded the international association for need studies. Any fig it look. I'm a psychiatrist. So and i've got access to to dada. I should stop doing research with these. People awesome about their experiences. And so he created this spreadsheet essentially like a set of rules or a set of questions that you can ask people in trauma work out what was going on with them but what he found as he started to do this dealing with people like he would go and talk to people in the cardiac ward who had obviously recovered from flat lining and he said in about ten percent of cases. These people had near death experiences. But that didn't even realize though needed experiences. What he did is that he would go and he would not try to lead people and this is really clever in the way that he did this as he would go and he would say hi. I'm dr grayson. What happened as the last thing that what was the last thing you remember. And he would say something on the lines of all. I was working in the garden. And i started to feel lightheaded and then all of a sudden i felt a pain and then blackness and then he would say okay. So do you remember anything off to that. And i would say oh. Yeah i remember waking up in the hospital in them performing procedures on me so like very much keeping it very natural run but then he would ask this question which in tampa percent cases would change things. He would say okay between those two points. Do you remember anything happening in the in between and some people would just be like no. It was black. Most people most people. Yeah people know it was black night. Nothing happened but in ten percent of people that stop from women and this is the thing. It's not like people like oh. yeah absolutely. This happened to this happened. This happened whereas i think if people are trying to make up a story get attention. That's maybe what they would do. You mean when they don't realize they had an nda it's like the memory wasn't even there until he promised them to remember like a dream that you forget ryan and then you don't recall until later on and so what these people would start doing is that they would say no. Oh oh actually yeah. Now that you mentioned like one guy was like there was one guy that described that he had been out tending to his hogs on he's farm and he had a cardiac arrest as like tending to my to my hogs and i passed out i remember blackness and then i remember why he up in the and then he's like well. What about in in the in betweens. Nothing like typical console. The connick guy. That doesn't really deal in what he considers nelson's but he goes. Oh actually no assume. I pol and talk to create. You'll you'll poor. Poor is be right. must be passed. That accident is so you guys any actually tries to push him and this is what he actually experienced. A number of people is that even when they did recall. This information is like okay you saw. What did you see that will reluctant to talk about it any further because all of a sudden it was like once they realize the hang on there was something in this blackness. The something i soul it was too confronting. It was too difficult for them to deal with. Now that's only a small percentage of cases but it seems like maybe Perhaps the tabu that's associated with near death experiences because more people have discussed them. And then now you know moving out. Through popular culture. More people are readily revealing what happens in that blackness like in that time and so a really good example is that of harry and of course dealing with with suicides in psychiatry a little shame is attached to it and there's a lot of misery and people really don't want to talk about when they have survived. The suicide attempt but harry's case was particularly interesting in another case. It was quite early on and dr bruton's dr grayson's career. He says that he went to go. See this guy. Harry and it was quite difficult to deal with this guy because as much as you clinical. You'll still a human being. And when he goes to see harry half of his face was blown off. It's just gone like it's a way and says you know. I kind of just two choices. Yeah well he's like. I try to look at him but i can't and it's like i've never met someone with half a face but he said and this is only six months into my psychiatric training but he says he he's lying on his hospital but and i couldn't stop staring at the right side of his face like it was hard to to not look and he's jor and shake which is gone and he says well. The plastic surgeons had done this remarkable job of pacing to get the skin grafts from his stomach and trying to fix the wounds on his face. I really had trouble maintaining composure. But as he was speaking to him he's not approaching this guy from the perspective of near death experiences. And this is what's really important and this is why. I think there's some truth to this because it's a very natural widening. Just go round the savoy thing. I would have done that. You're just. I just need to move up. He just go around the side. Maybe that way you also don't want to save like you're comfortable like you. I will show the person. Because i m picturing to face from batman unless the hof that was destroyed it wasn't like a vertical line that was. It was just so much you you do. What would salt. I've totally okay with you. i'll be very upfront about it. You a hideous uneasy around this other side so he just starts asking obviously all these natural questions Obviously not probing him as to why you did this but trying to get to the calls of why he did this. Oh can obviously help treat this guy but what was fascinating is. Despite the fact that henry had lost half of his face he was actually quite happy. Now someone who was in the state of blowing half their face off. You wouldn't think would be very happy and really ugly. That's that is awful. But now he starts talking to this guy and this guy basically sets up the he was. The youngest child is in his forty s. He was youngest child and a poll farming family. He's older siblings. Had all moved away from the family farm when they married but henry when he got married then never left time because there was no one else to to look and when he was twenty three. He's follow this off at a heart attack. And then a few years later his mother died as well and he was feeling quite lonely and unfortunately for some reason this loss of his parents contributed to him having a number of problems which also contributed to him engaging in devastating heavy drinking guilt about abandoning his mother. Because he's he's mulled the dodge. She had an ammonia and she asked to for him to stay in the hospital. And he's like. I have to go home and tend to the chickens and he did. I did it for a couple of hours. And she died in that time ball. He was away so it completely devastated. I mean he went down this really bad path and finally off to several months of depression and extreme drinking his wife left him the kids and he was all alone on this farm. So you can understand after losing so many people everyone essentially that this guy was in a really really bad way so we get to this point where he's just like i don't wanna die but i don't want to be alive anymore. And he says. I want to be named my parents some to be new them so he does. He goes out to the graveyard where his parents are in. This side by side crave any lays down the grave and he takes his rifle. He says he just simply gets to the point where he realizes that he wants to be near them and he puts the gun between these legs. He puts the barrel up underneath chain and pulls the trigger stupid. All in. i guess it's it's so hard know. Suicide is such a complex thing and you can understand that they're always ask people but maybe after having so much loss and all that alcohol you just in such a bad why is that you don't see any other way and as i said he didn't want to die but he didn't wanna live anymore so what he does though unfortunate. This is a really terrible thing. Is that like raymond Don't have million sort of grayson starts asking questions almost about the blackness he's like what are you remember what happened after that. And he's like well. Everything went black. And then all of a sudden i found myself in this beautiful meadow. I it was just this place. It was this beautiful green place and it was like wildflowers. Or around a says in the distance i could see my mother and my father and i heard my mother said to my father. Oh look here comes henry as she sounded so happy to see me so he says he stopped running towards him in this field of wildflowers. This beautiful place as he's running towards she stops and apparently he can see her expression change and she says oh oh henry now look what you've done because he's blind he's faisal he's funny he's face off but then why would that transfer into the other reality unless he still is going to. He hasn't fully stepped away from the reality. Hasn't fully departed from this space. And so he says the he stopped. His mother runs up to him. And it's black again like everything's black. And he takes his deep breath and he finds himself back in the cemetery and he says only can feel as warm puddle of blood under his head and he's thinking a little bit get help and what had happened was is that yeah. He'd shut himself. But it had taken off joran half of his cheek but admits these bright So he pulls him fortunately there was a gripe to get there and the gripe dego finds and get siemian and at first christ and things will. He must be having a hallucination. mary must be psychotic. But what if this was this experience that he had it totally transformed him. It was because he knew he said this wasn't a dream. This wasn't an hallucination. This was i saw my mother and my father and he's like now. I'm i'm comfortable now. I know where they are. And i'm safe. And despite the fact that this guy had blown off half of his face like you think that would be a very depressive. Wanting to go through it was completely transformative in his life. In a very short time he recovered and even several years afterwards was very happy about where he now lives in the world. Are you saying he didn't regret blowing hockey's face off while i'm not saying that i'm sure that they must be on some regret that you must have but the bird and that he was suffering from before and this feeling of there being nothing else and loneliness was iraq headed by. This experience nefer grayson. It was trying to look at the possibility of this. Is who's the nation. But this is one case of where there's just so much evidence for someone having a completely transformative experience by going through a near death experience it completely changes their lives on the other side and the difference is is that you may think with some people if they have any death experience and they lose their fear of death that they become quite hedonistic the become live with abandoned. But that's not the case. Many of these people have the death. Experience still have a respect for for life and for not getting themselves into situations where they could die but they also lose the depression and anxiety. That comes with it. So is that mostly. What the stories in the booker about i is this kind of transformation that occurs rather than the evidence of all this is a vertical experience and now we have proof that could have observed that. It's more about how they changed. Look it's a very it's it's both. It's very much grace and points out that in his book. The book is not about Statistics and studies even though that's all there and he references it in the book so if you want to go and find the actual statistics the question is and the answers to those things. It's all there in the back of the book but for him. It's about telling not only the transformative experiences that people undergo but also the experiences that he has had which is pushed him in this direction. So it's almost in a little bit of a white his as well but we're gonna take a break when we come back. We're going to look at some of the more bizarre near death experiences and how near death experiences of help people overcome things like schizophrenia. And the psychotic illnesses and even had experiences where midgets show up. Losing to mysterious universe aunt Too mysterious universe with talking about new death experiences and the new book from dr bruce crisis in autumn. And you know what ban in this particular book Even though he's describing a number of his personal experiences with this also describes midgets. Well no what i like about. It is that he is trying to look at this. From the perspective of clinical psychiatry. And one of the things that you can't necessarily rule out with people that well are. They having hallucinations and his mental illness. Play a role and people that have near death experiences and some of the research that was coming from was people that were depressed people that were committing suicide or attempting to commit suicide. All you have to be suffering from some type of level of psychiatric issue psychiatric pathology. Yes so is that somehow influencing what people are saying is the near death experience in some way some type of extreme psychological protection mechanism. That kicks in like the story. I was describing with the guy that blown half of his face off. It was almost like it. Was this realization that almost to the point of death that the mind had generated this hallucination to point back here that all chess not with them online does just magically generating. Yeah the the mind. Is this thing that operates outside of our influence. I don't buy it at all. And the reason. Why is because there's just so many other stories that are like this people that have had no interest in the occult who have displayed narcissistic or You know other types of personality traits that they're exhibitionists and yet they have these experiences and some people don't even want to talk about them. Some people are reluctant to talk about it. Because it's very confronting for what they have gone through but you know. Mental illness is something that does play a role and he wanted to look at that. So what was interesting though about how this one of the arguments put forward about the near death experience. Is that when people having these experiences that they are no doubt Results of hallucinations calls by either drugs. Used in emergency medical files in the break back late. It's all hypotheses in the brain of oxygen to the brain and like we'll know in most of these cases that people have no brain function at all. Their brain function is down and this is what grayson starts and i'm fascinated by this. Business is something that you and i've entertained. Numerous accounts ben but he starts having this large section of the book looking to the idea of the brain being a filter for consciousness rather than a generator of consciousness nonlocal consciousness idea and he talks about things. Like what we've heard before from terminal. Lucidity is a really good example. It's like people that have been suffering from dementia for you know years if not decades and then all of a sudden the day before they die though like let's have a party note and they remember all of their family names. They'll start singing. You know doing things like that. That kind of indicates that what grayson thinks is that the brain is a filter and right the four death. The filter finally completely breaks down and when that breaks down. That's why you have these cases of terminal lucidity This is why you also have. The people have the new death experience. Because that even though the memory is somehow stored in the brian for comeback. Later on it's because it's non local functionality. It's coming from somewhere else because your acceptance is somewhere else so he describes this tile of this guy who was suffering from the terrible schizoid affective disorder schizophrenic disorder. And for many many years he'd been on on anti-psychotic medication and he's frank medication but the poll guy was suffering from voices in his head rousing and ask if he was hearing voices a lot of voices in his head and finally enough with people. That tend to have schizophrenia. Is not just a simple voice of just some entity. It's often todd in with a religious figures and descriptions like that so he believed that at one point that satan was yelling at him wife was sitting next to a schizophrenic safra on a recent flight to sydney really and she said the halt like the woman was very open about it. She's like i. I hear voices and should the hallway. These voices were telling this woman that the plane was gonna crash and she's specically sitting next to wife and kids walking with his voices about the plane. No it's not gonna crash is don't get a crash and my wife had to kind of tell her it was going to be okay. She's really scared like it was really kind of scary situation. So obviously not on meds then. If that's notions on she was on really strong. Yes jeez that's that's really sad. You have to feel empathy for people going through that is it must be terrifying. And this is what happened to this young. This young guy was at university or college and he was studying and he'd managed to get himself onto the medication and the medication was working quite well but one of the problems with anti trip medication is it has massive side effects so this guy had been studying and doing really well and satan was no longer yelling at him and telling him all these horrible things so he got to the point where he stopped taking the medication. But i'm too tied. I can't stay up to write my papers. Focus it's affecting mexico luxembourg. Yeah it really did. And he was like it was just. Tiredness was one of the biggest problems. It wasn't conducive to win being effective studying so he went off the medication. And this is. Dr bruce grayson. Met him because the guy he ended up all the patick ward because he jumped out a window and jumped out a window. Because this voice had told like satan. Yeah had said that you're mine. And i'm taking you and you're going to die and you're worthless and essentially all these terrible thoughts that come through look audit believe schizophrenics Actually talking to to figures like that. But i still think it's probably low level spirits that are that are interfering with people. Because i just love doing it. I don't know why but this seems to be something about it. But this poor guy jumped and dr bruce crisis and starts talking to him now. Even though it wasn't necessarily need to experience it was near death experience on whether the guide jumped out a window we don't know if he flatlined but he was found unconscious now when he was found unconscious he must've with a great deal of force because he was in the orthopedic ward for the amount of damage that he had done. His legs lakes. If not worse tearing of ligaments and muscle tissue was quite horrible but the guy was seemingly happy. Aqui was a little bit. Happy and the schizophrenia. Had a bite it now. This is gonna voices. Weren't completely gone. But i had. I had abated significantly. Now dr grayson. In fact there was still another voice. That was there now. This is what's particularly fascinating about this case. Is that dr grayson target to him. Why did he go off your medication. And he'd just describes what i said to you being tied and being you know just taking a toll on his body that he says This voices i became so terrible. The that it forced to jump is like but when i jumped something else spoke to me. I says time slowed down now. This is something that dr grayson recognized. In many cases like people have need death experiences the perception of time completely changes now. The is this is all case. Actually of back in the seventeen or eighteen hundreds went there was. I think it was a sir. Godfrey can't remember his name off the top of my head but essentially he was a mountaineer. And this guy fell off a mountain when he was mountain climbing and people saw him fall off the mountain but when he fell off he claims that while he was falling time almost expanded to nothing. Like it's like time was irrelevant. And as he was falling. It was like this series of clicks of photographs. That were taking place as he was falling and what he did. He was able to make decisions as he fell. So as all if i turn my buddy in this direction i'll hit that one and then i can project or work at the trajectory and then i'll fall off and i'll full and because he did this. He then finally made the decision to force his body to fall under some trees to break his full well so this guy survived because of this change in perception now. Scientists have arguable. No it's like science when it perception changes. When you're in these heightened states and it's like some type of again psychological protection mechanism that saves you from doing this thing like no. I think it's more than that. Because so many people have described in the near death experience ratification of time and it being a relevant where another synchronicity comes in is it this guy who had fallen down a mountain. I don't know if it was him or someone who told the story too. But what he had done his gone to university and sorta describing this experience to people. This is back in the early nineteen hundred so eighteen hundred and was describing this experience at just so happens that this whole idea of time. Dilation and relativity. Marvin spied a very young scientist by the name of albert einstein. Feinstein literally did and that scientists name was album. Weinstein was in his claws and this is where he'd been and so we're not saying grace not saying look directly that this is what happened but maybe this set. The seeds planted the seeds for the idea of relativity. Because that's exactly seemingly what happened. This time changed for him as happens. This young physics student. That gets this knowledge. And then later on he comes up with a theory of relativity. It's like one of these small little synchronize pop up but going back to what happened to this young college guy who jumped out the window. He said when time had almost completely slowed down he said the voice of god still religious right but the voice of god came through and told him that. He's a good person that he shouldn't have done this. That he needs to survive that he needs to live and that site going to leave him alone and he says this young guys like ungracious. Looking at this guy. He's face he can just tell you can tell when there's a truth behind them. He said this voice was completely different to the voice that was coming through from his head previously the voice and grayson wall. He doesn't really Site directly he basically suggests that this voice is something that other people describe near death experiences. That is actually fairy real. It's something's not within you so the voice that was coming through before was very negative. Horrible thing that may be generated from organic brian problem or the psychological issue that he's suffering from but whatever the voice was he doesn't think it's connected with him like it's not something that's associated with him so that means it's some type of third party that he's making a difference now what this voice did as it completely abetted his psychotic state. He said once this had happened. This voice had come through hid derived such concert from this thing that there will and even though he was calling. God it didn't matter what it was it completely transformed. His outlook and his mental illness didn't cure it. Of course but it did make a huge amount of difference to him moving forward so then this ties into this idea of while you know. What is the malfunctioning of the filter. And the brian is that. What's causing schizophrenia. And then what was this. External factor that was taking on. Is this something that it is a high being higher consciousness in the recent work. We did a remember the names but they had spent a lot time schizophrenic patients. They defied these positive. Voices that that come through But it's it's so incredibly read that they communicate directly saying elia it's the the ones here The low level negative things that wanna ruin you the the ones that have your best interests at heart and wanna help you. They communicate through indirect. Means unless it's an absolute emergency examined jumping out of a window. Yeah absolutely it's not. It's like a it's a spiritual moti and this is what plays a role in a lot of these near death experiences and this ties into a store this a little bit different but has similar tone to it. And that's the story of stephen now the way that grace and stephen is that stephen this twenty five year old nurse. He had this near death experience when he decided to end his life by taking a suicidal overdose of opioids and grace and describes the scene. Where he walks into the hospital room just like he had done with the previous guy. Who's his name was paid. And he says all hi. Hi stephen can you tell me about what you did and steven congress is like i guess. I'm in little trouble on i. Why what are you talking about. And so what this guy is. Don is that because he was a nurse he had access to painkillers. Opioids had stolen them so he was obviously very worried about that more than what had happened in his. He's we'd near death experience. But economists bright grayson just brushes it away. Because that's not really the what he's trying to get to. That's just kind of a. You know an aside arm of what was going on with him but he says look. Tell me about what happened. He says well. All i know is that i took an overdose of these pills and i dozed off. But i work with his incredible cramping. He said i felt really nauseous. And i thought that i was going to. This is what happens with some people in the chart drug overdoses rather than the drug breaking down and getting into your system it kinda clumps together and calls us this immense pains a very nice way to go at all in fact. There's this description of where people. Because of the bonding agents. That are in some pills. It just forms like this hard mass inside you that you have to get out. And it's it's a very horrible thing. But stephen describes that with these stomach cramps he actually got up and he thought i can't commit suicide. I have to go on kull someone so he stopped dragging himself to the kitchen and he's he's wandering around he says it's about thirty feet from his bed and he puts his hand up against the wall to steady himself and he says he's really groggy and he's just moving back and forth. After a moment is i must have been having an hallucination. ungracious says okay. Yeah we'll tell me about this loose nation. I said well as i realized that they were midgets milling around my legs and around. My apartment says though making it harder for me to work tomorrow. This is going to be vigilant with no white for his leg. It's like elves elves. Nda will making it hard for him to walk. So it's like trying to stop him from getting to the phone like they went directly doing it but and crisis midgets. You wasn't show that. I heard him and he says yeah. Is it though these small people like that will just all around all around the bed. And i know it sounds crazy but i could see these things. They were everywhere it was. It was really confusing. He says but as i see these midgets all of a sudden i find myself out of my body and he says what are you can see. Is these looking down upon his body with his hand bracing against the wall and he's can see his house he's a pop is full of midgets everywhere is. He's apartment the circus. They just walking around between my legs and they're wondering around and you say i think i'm having like an host nation. But he says in this this is the thing right so when he was not well. Who's still in his. It felt like this groggy hallucination. But when he was out of his body something which is described in the near death experience it was perfectly crystal clear and it was almost like he had a separation from his body was like the i the mass that was him was now he was separated from it. And what he said is that he actually felt like he witness the midgets being the hallucination generated by his mind but he could see in perfect clarity. It was like this to conflict the brain filter working and then him being separated from the filter as well so the midgets went real that were conjured by his mind yet but then in his out of body state in this next level he was able to see the hallucination that were being generated by his brain. So it's like this we'd like was he generating a topic foam. It's like he doesn't know he says he doesn't understand what he was seeing. But it was completely confusing. But not while he was out of body a says the next thing he realizes that he's he's midgets that he's often the corner of the ceiling. And then bam he blacks out. And he's lying on the floor waking up very woozy and all the midgets gone. And then that's when the emergency services show up and drag him off to hospital so this experience grayson points out that you have to draw the two roles of experience that the people are having. It's like yeah you can have hallucinations. But then also it doesn't mean that the hallucination isn't real and then when you're in this space you can see the hallucinations that are being generated by a mind. So he questions like all the near death experiences real and he's convinced that he is and he's all that they are and he's convinced that these things go back well into an ancient medical history. He talks about the ancient. Greeks speculating about this idea. You know the greeks had understandings of what plague was long before you know medicine actually accepting that. It was transmitted by bacteria transmitted by some type of pathogen before jim theory exactly exactly and he says this is kind of like what's happening with the near death. Experience now is that we are still in the infancy of medicine. We think we know what and we do. But this is like those ancient days of where we can kanda. Diskette little snippets of it but we can't fully see it. We can't see what's going on and this maybe in the future we will begin to understand the death experience. But there's just a couple of other tiles. I wanna just relate to you that a more anecdotes the don't really give us any evidence or proof of the death experience but at the same time do give some understanding so this is one story about a young man that was in hospital and his name. Was jack bobby now. He had severe pneumonia. He was twenty six years old and he was in south africa now. He said that he had this encounter with a nurse during his near death experience. He said he'd been taken very ill. He was on three to four weeks of oxygen oxygen tent and double pneumonia took over and he says he really was understanding that he was on his way out but he says he ended up building. This kind of friendship with this nurse just conflict with a little bit. That was in the hospital and she'd come in and and floppies pillows and even though he's in a really bad way he was just still being. You know this this young man and he says that one day he flatlined like that was just that was just he was. He was definitely going. Hey new somehow that he was gone but while he was on the other side doesn't say where he was but he was on the side and he was still lying in this astral bed of some kind like it was still kinda like he was in another space but he's bed had come with him. It was still connect him back to my bed. Comes with me at the hospital bed. And but while he's there in this space apparently this nurse walks in like into this astral and she comes and fluffs pillows again which she always did and he's like what are you doing here. And she's like. I've come to love your pillars. Of course. i'm more to make sure that you're right. But jack you must return you have to go back is that what do you mean. Go back like what you say. It's like tell my parents that. I'm sorry that i wrecked the sports car and tell them that i loved them and he's like what's an he says is bad he finds himself back in the hospital. But weeks have gone poss- he's being unconscious for weeks now while he's he's out of it a lot's happened around him and this new nurse walks in after he wakes up and this new nurse comes up to him and he says aw he's like west west the other nurse in your slight. She was there and this. This universe is burst into teas and she fled. The ward is like that's that's really strange now. He finds out that this new nurse was actually friends with the nurse who had been attending to him. They later found out the reason why she was so. Upset is because the other nurse that have been attending to him she days. She's dead wall that coming. Just after he had flatlined she had been given a birthday present by parents. Which was this new red sports car. She jumped into the car and excitement. Rice down the highway lost it on the slopes and heated concrete telephone pole. She died around the time that he had flatlined. My gosh he had no. I just bought her a brand new twelve hundred caddy or a fine with no experience at all. Yeah and this is the thing and like he had no way of knowing he had no ab knowing that she'd pasta and yet he was able to rely information including tell my parents. I'm sorry about crushing the sports car. I just for me and you know for grace centers. Well this is evidence that there is some transfer at the very least if it's not a near death experience all telepathy. It's the transfer of some type of knowledge and what is like withdrew maine's that is not known to humans. And so where is that coming from. What is that. I actually think it's a very logical perspective. It probably is like a spiritual connection. I wonder if that lady's just kind of hung around like she didn't move on. She didn't go anywhere else. She just round two white to tell him to say sorry about this. Like she's so embarrassed about it. That's a distinct possibility. Gonna then. That's something that. I've seen a number of near death experiences. Which then you're how saying how things tying together it ties in with haunting for example so there are some anecdotal reports that This is coming from mediums and people that claim that connect with people that have pasta is that they want to communicate with their loved ones. Because i've died. In some circumstances again highly emotive sudden deaths that occur and what was happening is that They basically find rarely find ways to communicate by people that are actually dead but are coming back so this is where the near death experience ties in and the reasons why it's more likely funnily enough if you look at the data it's more commonly occurring in medical settings because you've got people like in this case a nurse who's working in a medical setting with someone who is a the very close to that that threshold the able to communicate through them make sense. Yeah it's it's fascinating in that in that regard because you would think that would be able to communicate with anyone but no it seems like there has to be a knowledge of them getting close to that barrier before they come back not all the time but sometimes know one of the things that comes up with the arguments against the knee death experience and it being a hallucination or a problem with the brian is that through. Grayson's research It got to a point where he was working in a cardiac would and as i was saying before he got a lot of data from some of the cardiac woods but then later on he found these research kind of change that when he was talking to people no one was recalling anything like out all night Had no recollection of and this is where the idea that maybe when they say that. The brain plays a role in near death. Experience like biology plays role. It really does like it actually plays a role because the brain is still filter. It doesn't make the experience any lists spiritual but the is it makes sense. We're still human beings was still flesh and blood. There still is a mechanic who component to it but not the way that the skeptics make you believe so for example. A lot of the skeptic's well This is generated by the brain. And it's because they're on drugs right and so grayson starts dealing with these patients in these cardiac worlds and none of them are able to recall anything and he finds out later on that with these patients. New drug was starting to be used with them. This new drug was coleman dazzling and with this drug what it was doing. It had a amnesia nightmare dossier. Yeah it was like it's it's obviously commercial name Or its brand name but it had an amnesiac affect so what are doing. Is that when people came into the near death. Experience it was actually blocking Those parts of the brain. That would be able to recall it. So there's still a physical aspect to the near death experience because then it would make sense though because if the brain is a filter you need to have those pathways there so that it can be filtered through the information conveyed. It makes sense throughout conscious. Reality so i thought that was really fascinating but back to this one you know one of the law stories. I wanna tell you it relates to bobber langa. Now barbara lang. Had this really intriguing. A near death experience after she had a car crash at twenty three now. She was recuperating from hepatitis at home and should come to know this young couple and the couple david and christine now. She became close friends with christine very quickly because christine was caring for as she was recovering from this hepatitis. I don't know if it was. Asean it's probably milwaukee to be the sounds of it not that it really matters but She said it goes to the point where she and chris she was feeling well. Enough one day. The bobber and christine. We're gonna take this christine seek white cat to the vet and he said it was the sunny tuesday afternoon though driving david's car into town and that would just talking about an upcoming concert and she was holding the cat now. The cat's name was nasty. Which gives us some in the side effect of what was going to happen. And she said. Suddenly nasty wriggled free. he jumped onto christine's. I'm began climbing up a neck and attacking and right. She pushed him off classic nas exactly as she pushed him off but she tried to reach over to get him off her and she says a loss thing that she remembers. Is this crash now. She doesn't know what happens but all she knows is that apparently the costs smash into the back of school bus. That was waiting and both of them went through the windshield. That's how did nasty goes through the windshield nasty cold. So yeah they both went through the windshield and she was unconscious for almost a week. She had no knowledge of water taking place now. She says that when she woke up there was still gloss and a hand and it was. It was terrible but she says when she was trying to recall the last thing she could remember. The lossing sure member was that she was hurtling through this doc and vast universe this tremendous speed it was just like warp speed that she was flying through this universe but despite you know thinking you might feel distressed about she said i just felt calm i was detached and i was still little be interested it might trip it was called is where am i going at the speed of light so even foster this is great she said i found myself blissfully alone in this green meadow it was in the window and she said it was this valley surrounded by rounded greenhills the no these beautiful wild flowers flowers everywhere hmos this meta obviously the astral medal ex exactly but said there was a stream there. She says she remembers the carlos would beautiful and intense and the atmosphere was a the'real and she said she just had this feeling this pervading feeling of pace and love that was just uplifting and in all the new death experiences the had looked into one repeating that he gets from paypal is that they say that they can see the the Flowers like as being in the us being brought in anything but they say it's not actually like the way that we see. Call the reason why we see different colors. Yeah well it's not it's like you're right. They all different calls on the cop described him. But when you and. I look at collars. Because it's what's being reflected in the wavelengths yet right so they say that that it's not a reflection it's like they're seeing the inau glow the ina whatever. It is of these these flowers. It's very very different. And very beautiful and very comforting but as she finds itself in this metro and she's like walking down this path. She says all of a sudden she realizes next to her wearing the same blue jeans that she put on. That day was christine both walking down this pathway side by side. They both said that they will know. She says that they both looked serene and beautiful but she had no idea how they were both there now. She says as they're walking down this path and she's just taking moment ago where hallway. She says soon the pathway splits it goes into different directions and she said somehow we both knew this is a place where we'd have to pot and go separate ways but we were both very calm and communicate without words christine telepathically auspey to make sure that. I told david that she would love him forever. And that's when she took the path to the right. And i took the path to the left and she says it was unclear as to whether these pathways would lead us. There was no conscious decision on our part to do what we did. But it was just clear which you know. H why we needed to get. She said we potted with a shared understanding. That will be together again one day but that will be later now. I have to return somewhere now. She said this pop before she realized instantaneously. Let back to a physical body. And this is when she recalls regaining consciousness and being in hospital window gloss and a hand in in a face and gashing a full head. It was so bad. This is how the this experience is. Because she couldn't recognize her face. She could still recall this experience that she had now alternately. A friend comes to the hospital. They didn't want to tell her. About what attack in place. But you can already tell what's going to happen. Once she had recovered enough they hander. Newspaper article about the accident and this is where she learned about the death of christine on that day when that's smashed into the back of his boss christine had died at the scene of the crash but she had been taken to hospital not being expected to live and she had flatlined at one point so it was like this path. Is this strange metaphor in this. In between space of where they're going to go and the fact that she said tell david. I love him. Imposs- on that knowledge issue new. It's it's lack the story about the nurse. It's like someone conveying information. Because i know that they're going somewhere else but the person who's having the near death experience isn't granted full access to the knowledge of what's going on to be recur thing even though this pace and confident the comes from these things the not entirely able to understand make sense of their experience until much lighter even then after talking to people like dr bruce grayson. Who's a psychiatrist. They still can't fully remedy would is witnessing a very important character of that story. Though that what happened to nasty that's not included in the story that that isn't nasi didn't reincarnate till go down the cat path. Not that i'm aware of that was nasty. Just on the back of the vehicle they ran into we'll just going around around on the wheel probably just becomes literally spectral cats that just starts attacking guy. Why when in the astral. Maybe that's one of these low level entities that shows up but there's actually tell you. The story comes from al sullivan and alston particularly intriguing. Because he has a connection with your loved ones but again it's this transformative experience that completely changes life in a much better way but it gives you some insight into what being this other spaces so l. is fifty six year old truck driver and he'd been involved in some some terrible accident and he says when he went through the experience On it wasn't an accident. I'm sorry it had bypass surgery. All of a sudden he'd had a heart attack and he needed to have bought pa surgery and so when he had this. This surgery He says that he found himself floating out above his body and he was like looking down and he said he could see the surgeon in this room and what this surgeon was doing the surgeon or placed both his hands on his chest and he was doing a chicken dance and this like flapping his wings and al was won't atoms bodies like what the hell is this surgeon doing we as new like throwing his arms around and like this is crazy but as soon as he's thinking this is crazy. He said he suddenly finds himself back in this place. And it's like this euphoric of like metro. Space everything's beautiful. He sees his mother. He sees all the people that are two potted. It's very comforting thing and one thing. That's tall twin. Though which is really hard is that apparently one of the beings that is there in this other space system. All there's a boy that lives down the road from you. You need to go to his parents and tell him that they have cancer. And he's tells grace and he's like. I just can't do that. How do i explain to them. That little guy had any death experience out on my body. And i was told that your child has cancer. It's not something i can do. But where some of the the truth comes through in this letter on and gives them a maybe a little bit of vertical understanding us to the near death. Experience is that dr grayson after he he is description of the surgeon flapping his arms like wings. He says i talk to you. Surgeon and this also. Yeah that's fun. And so this surgeon ends up talking to grayson. And dr bruce carlson and he goes. Why are you doing that. Apparently the surgeon taken aback. So how did you know that. how did you know. We'll your patient told me. And this guy who's japanese is insistent. He's like there is no way he could have known that he was completely unconscious. He was the ties he had his. Is tom and the do that. So the is don't dry out so there's no way he could have seen it and the other thing that al sore and the surgery is that he sold. I'm working on his leg and like why working on my leg. And he found it later on this because our tacking positives vein in his leg to use his chest which he wouldn't have known but this surgeon admits that he's like well. What i do is habit that i formed that. So i'd aren't Get antibacterial ernie infectious agents on my hands at all after i've scrubbed in i've got the sterile gown purposely place my hands on my chest and then i point with what i have to do with my elbows. Get to tell them what to do. I thought he was going to be doing. The macarena gotta sounds like that doesn't know the chicken debts is like no he's like no one knows. This is the only people that know this. The other surgeons and nurses that i work with. And there's no way that that would tell this to patient and the such an obscure would and it's rare as well. It's a very personalized. Tried to take place. And so you know bruce grayson awesome and says well why. Why would you do that. And he's like look. I don i like. It's just it's just what i do. He says well. What do you think about this. That apparently the guy just shrugs he's like i'm a buddhist everything doesn't have to make sense to us. It's a guy he told me flapping my arms and he was out of body cool. So i think in a way for for grayson it was also this comfort that it's such a huge taboo and more people do have experiences the not even let on and i just kind of take it as well. This is natural. Do the kid down the road donald cancer. That's never revealed. Unfortunately if he would as if you'd have this amazing experience and then nocco tell the parents. The kid has cancer. Who cares how we looks. I guess it's just that traumatizing to some people that maybe they don't wanna be and this is the problem because it does have a taboo attached to it. They don't want to go and obviously embarrassed. Guess that kid just has to die. reasoning that includes like and there was one of the story that i won't go into great detail but what i was really fascinated about. Is that this guy who had also at the guy who suffered from a car accident something a sudden flat lining and some people have life reviews but so much have a lot of you as he found himself back in a previous point of his lifetime where he was kind of happy and he says he was stating in his backyard at a barbecue and at the time. He didn't know that the mosquitoes around but he could actually see multifaceted elements of what was going on from. What the vision of every single mosquito insects that was in the yard he could he the thoughts of every single person around him and it was giving him this knowledge about how other people felt and they were thinking and why people did the things that they did and the pathologies in their thinking and it actually transformed him in a way because then he understood because people do things we all do things but we heard others and we don't do it on purpose but we do it through earn the way that will be molded throughout. You know pathology and it happens. We've all issues at some point with something that's happened in allies and there are points where we go. I don't know why i did that. But apparently in the near death experience this is something that there's this understanding conveyed so you'd have all these problems with these parents and those and that was somehow result there. All the people like this woman. That was repeatedly abused by mother. And when she had a need to experience she found herself back being a little child and encased in this bubble and what happened was that when she was in case in this bubble said this force came around her and kind of encapsulated her to halt her theoretically together as she vibrated so strongly because all of a sudden she was getting all this emotional overload of understanding. Why mother abused her and it was like this near death. Experience kind of held her together in this state to perform this type of repair and allowed her to not forget and not rekindle but at least forgive what had happened to her mother which psychologically released her from the pressures that she'd been through so as much as you would think the death experience has a transformative effect and giving people an understanding that there is life after death. It's much more than that. It's actually about helping people to just leave the best way that they can in this existence. Because what's really important and this is clear from the new death experience that every existence is important. And it's not your time to go until it's your time to go and that's abundantly clear and that's why each and every single life seemingly from these experiences you have to go through something you have to live up as it were to go into next existence and if you don't it seems like this will play over and over again so ties him with commerce. While in the concepts of reincarnation so. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It's after. It's by dr bruce grayson all linked to it in the show notes. Mysterious invest awesome can pick it out for yourself There's actually audiobook version as well. I believe so. Yeah m- actually check it out because you know someone who was very very very fundamentally important to the field of near death experience research and i just loved it. You ready to raise the bar on this episode magical flesh. Lots of occult pal. I must say Forgive them. I am dying to hear that well. This is Connected to the story of. Pascal beverly randolph. Who just basically set his story up before we go into plus extension It's amazing because this guy can be credited with basically starting western sex metric right and that's why on the cover of the book This sex magicians. By michael william west. He's basically put Pascal right at the top pascal randolph has wrought at the top of this all these portraits of individuals. He he writes about. And it's really a collection of these mini biographies but to put his story in a nutshell. We'll go into more detail in the extension coming up. But this guy. Like i said at the start of the show just rose against all odds born october eighth eighteen twenty five in abject poverty. He was born on seventy canal street in the famous. Five points slum in lower manhattan. It spin demolished for decades. but today it's basically where The western parts of chinatown. Ah in new york city. He's mother was a bomb eight floor o'clock and the neighborhood as again as i said was known internationally for extreme levels of destitution like It's been said. It had the highest murder rate of any place in human history. Which i find hard to believe. But that's ninety one of the claims character building and The social context of this place was ravaged by disease and the context for randolph was especially important because there was this constant off. A battle is violent battle between the irish immigrants and the black-americans saw i had heard that. Yeah and you know the are should add fled from the the potato those just outright like gang warfare and it's an important context because of his background so he's mother's ancestry was english german naive american and malagasy so he was basically one eighth african and in the time period. He'd be known as an octa room. That's the term. They used He's father was never around a completely off the same. Nah bicycling never met the guy. And it's just like he was another illegitimate child to this woman And was she was left alone to raise him among the brothels and gregory's of the most dangerous place on the planet or in america at least End life didn't improve for the kid off to. He was born because at the age of six. I think it was. He's mother smallpox. Oh how awful and she was placed in the notorious bellevue hospital which was overrun with patients from the cholera epidemic. Which was going on at the time that she's not she. She died pretty quickly But randolph had to stay in the hospital and basically what should i because he's only parent about trauma but it was while he was in the hospital that he started to communicate with ghosts. He claimed that the attic room with children's slept Spirits would make the sounds of cannonballs rolling across the floor like sometimes something to do with the the revolution all the war And he would say bedsheets whipped off children by some unseen force and strange footsteps and whispers in the night like this was the start of him having some ability to perceive these things and he's mother facing death. She became like a cirrus as well like she had these visions and she seemed to have this spiritual connection. Let's call it what we would destroying like tunnel. Lucidity is not one thing that happens to people. Some people that are approaching. Death also develop actually consciously telepathy abilities and pre cognition similar bill. Now he's he's about nearly seven at this stage and he's kind of raised by. He's half sister harriet jennings but he basically starts working for a english actress and We say actress loosely call ends leaving actress. She was using him. As a bega to supplement her innings as a prostitute rice Again the fact that this guy got out of this situation to just get out of this poverty lead loan to stop a the sex magic mechanic in the west is is kind of amazing like i said. He taught himself to read just from looking at street signs and trying to copy them down whenever he could and he would practice writing Now because as he was growing up he was The one eighth black. He was just considered black. Yeah yep So it was obviously hard for him to have a career at the time period so he became a silo and apparently the silos will willing to take on man of any background because the work was just so dangerous so he basically Went on these voyages sailing from New bedford massachusetts to cuba and then to england Was basically a cabin boy. That was his job and this introduced him to new languages so clearly. The goes incredibly intelligent because he just kind of picked up french and he started to speak turkish arabic. Well as travels Gun introduced a new forms of spiritual spirituality as he toured around ports port towns of the east ironically becomes spiritual after speaking french. Actually but he eventually wanted to leave. The life is a sale sailor because it was a really hod was hard job He got injured and ended up. Moving to portland twenty. He started going to doing some real schooling and learning to become a bob or and letting the dying trade but he also picked up this passion for spiritualism and remember at the time spiritualism was kind of becoming this fat like You know we've always said that. Doing silences and believe paula games with spirits was incredibly popular and cool for the time. But this is what he did when he was twenty one. This is why you can see this guy clearly. Set himself apart most young men when they twenty one. Probably just wanna get drunk. And you have a party but when Randolph ten twenty one. Hey appointed himself super premium hierarchy of the brotherhood of euless and created his own magical order. I don't know if even had a drink. Day and west writes the wall. He would engage with a variety of occult and esoteric movements of his times. The brotherhood of euless necessarily a secret society was the platform from which randolph would teach his methods of maja sexual solo. Sex magic and the sexualised is what we will go into after the break quite literally be going into it. That sorrel discuss. I is an outright plus extension. If you want to sign up head to mysterious universal org forward slash plus all the details day you get access to the biggest engines we do on these shows every single friday and an exclusive show. The comes out every single tuesday as well. You also get a higher audio quality version of the shy possum get the highest bit rate. We put out for an mp threes. You'll see totally ad free version off the show if you're on plus You get discounts off the digital products in store as well checkout mysterious universal org forward slash plus non bucks a month while you can pay ninety nine dollars and sign up for a year. That's usually the way to go and make sure you check out the shirts for all the the links everything was spoken about of course grayson's book as well. That's a wrap for this free addition of m. thanks for listening. Stick around for six. Magicians if you are plus after the break for everyone else catch next week. Think back to your extension great to have you with us.

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