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Live from npr news. I'm lakshmi saying the nation's top infectious disease expert is expected to meet with members of president. Elect joe biden's transition team this hour. Npr's windsor johnston reports. The meeting comes a day after the. Us recorded more than twenty eight hundred deaths from the corona virus the highest single-day total since the pandemic began. dr anthony. Fauci is warning that the us could see as surge upon a surge of corona virus cases after thanksgiving and heading into the christmas holiday. Speaking on msnbc felt she said the nation is in a public health crisis right now. This is real. This is not fake. This is not hoax literally every day. Another record is broken. You have two hundred thousand cases a day you have between two and three thousand deaths and we're well over one hundred thousand hospitalization. Dr fauci has been meeting with members of the biden transition team to discuss the pandemic including the distribution of vaccines. Once they become available the federal government expects to start the initial rollout by the end of this month. Windsor johnston npr news. President trump says he is disappointed. Attorney general william bar has not looked harder for evidence of electoral fraud as npr's frank or donas reports. The president is insane just yet whether he has lost confidence in the attorney. General trump was speaking at a ceremony presenting legendary football coach. Lou holtz the medal of freedom answering a few questions after the president continued to allege without evidence that the election was rigged in the president elect. Joe biden's favor. President trump criticized the attorney. General's office for not trying hard enough. But they haven't looked very hard. Which is a disappointment to be honest with you because it's massive fraud earlier this week bar in remarks that directly contradicted trump's baseless claims told the associated press that the justice department found no evidence of widespread fraud in this year's election asked whether he still has confidence in the attorney. General trump said. Ask him again in a few weeks. Franco or donas. Npr news an investigation is underway into the cause of a powerful explosion at a wastewater treatment plant near bristol. England three employees and a contractor were killed. A fifth person suffered injuries. That are not believed to be life-threatening. Us house has passed a bill that may lead to the delisting of chinese companies from us stock exchanges. Npr's john ru which has details. The holding foreign companies accountable act would require listed foreign companies to comply with us accounting standards and submit audit information to american regulators. Companies would also have to disclose ties to foreign governments. Failure to comply for three years in a row could lead to delisting from us stock exchanges. The bill passed unanimously reflecting. Bipartisan support in washington. For tougher policies on china the senate had passed a companion bill in. may you're listening to npr news. Amnesty international says the russian government has unleashed a new aggressive campaign that will make it impossible for independent human rights groups to work in russia. Npr's lucian kim reports from moscow president vladimir putin has accused the west of trying to undermine russia by using non governmental organizations in a statement. Amnesty international says new legislation under consideration by lawmakers will allow the russian government to take complete control over organizations supporting russian civil rights. Amnesty criticized russian authorities for expelling american citizen. Vanessa cogan who leads an organization that helps russian seek justice at the european court of human rights. Amnesty also condemned continuing pressure on the russian human rights group memorial which soviet dissident andrey sakharov helped found shortly before memorial held a press conference today. On how the government is stifling. Ngos prosecutors paid a visit to its. Moscow lucian kim. Npr news moscow new data today on jobs and housing. The american workforce is still suffering deep. Job cuts fewer people out first time unemployment claims last week compared to the week before but at seven hundred. Twelve thousand they remain at a historically high level buyers in the market for new home. Now have the incentive of the lowest term mortgage rates yet this year the finance giant freddie mac says the average rate on the thirty year fixed rate loan slid to two point seven one percent. This week the fifteen year loan dropped two point two six percent catches the housing inventory. Still tight this is npr.

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