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Welcome to the girl. Power Alliance podcast. You'RE GONNA meet and here from some inspiring women with incredible stories for leading in business and. We are on a mission to impact the world by empowering women to dream bigger. Your Kingdom minded mentoring and leadership. This is where women grow. Welcome back to another episode of the Girl Power Lines podcast. You know I love doing the so much I'm being changed. These amazing women and today's guest is just a phenomenal woman. Let me tell you a little bit about her doctor and Nita. Dr Anita Lee is a wife, a mother of three. She's a wellness coach. Physical Therapist an entrepreneur, a mentor and Speaker. She's using her life. Experience and physical therapy. Know how. She has created a step-by-step solution for modern. Day Mama's to create sustainable holistic lifestyle changes. She's the creator of enjoying your wellness. The Ninety Day private coaching experience worships mothers refocus on their goals, so they can become satisfied with their weight maintain energy become more alert pass on healthy habits to their children and. God with their bodies. Of, kind of a mouthful. But Man. This is so important. I feel like more important now than ever welcome. Anita I think so much for having me or stoke to have you on here. we have our CO founder the beautiful Ms Tiffany joining us today on the podcast I-IF. I'm so excited for you Miss Amita. Favorite Anita tells a little bit more about who you are and You know what brought you to where you're at today? Sure so I am. An Alabama was born born here raised in many places without a military brat However I am back in Alabama I'm a physical therapist. I've been doing therapy for eight years now. Mary to the love of my life Quinten Lee. Who is a principal a high school principal? And I have three kids have eighteen year old. Who will be nineteen next week is crazy, but a six year old and a four year old. Oh, BIG GAP, yeah! So I have the full spectrum of motherhood going on right now. which has been great? What kind of change for me or what kind of got me into being entrepreneur on like I said I was doing physical therapy, and also a stay at home. Mom so I was doing that part time, and the Lord is really laid it on my heart to do something else do something where I could incorporate all of my knowledge that I've learned over the years of physical therapy, but also be able to go deeper with women. Go deeper with You know my patients on my clients and I don't have that time to do that while I'm in the clinic doing physical therapy so. And two thousand nineteen I just started. Writing down started trying to create a vision. Of what I want my business to look like. where I could have that freedom to set my own schedule and still be there for my family, but still make that interest. And I wanted away to merge you know the Physical Therapy and the wellness coaching, but also want it to be able to share my teeth and parenting and womanhood and purpose in nutrition. So that's how my practice came to start in the summer of last year. That's when actually hired a business coach because I. Do not have any formal business training. They don't teach that kind of seven school to. Teach you how to work on people. Feel Better Baidu nights each about making money. So I hired a business coach to show me. You know how to set it up how to create a good foundation. A stable foundation. My business and I did it. I researched split the time researching crapping together to signature programs that I have right now. That encompasses step by step method to get. Mother's from overwhelmed to overcome her. My story is that your tagline from overwhelmed to overcome? Because if it's it should be, that's amazing. That's one of them, but yeah. Well there's a lot in there. There's a lot wrapped up in what you just said and I want to highlight on one area I and maybe. Maybe tiffany has something else that show show. Go into something that really stuck out to me. Was You said you felt that? God was nudging on you like you've felt that. There was this I like to call it this like a hall this push this kind of thing. Can you speak into that? Because I know that there are women listening right now, especially in this like kind of really bizarre season that we've been right and I know that the Lord is raising up women, and they hear this thing and they don't know how to like is. That God do I listen to it. Do I move? Can you speak on that a little bit Anita? Sir and I just WanNa. Tell you. For those of you don't know me which is most were you? Don't owe me you just meeting me, but I'm very safe. Like this me, starting a business was totally out of my character south. Say that if you remember like you starting a business like you're, you're Ms. Safety like you just go to work. Do this and so on new ahead to be. because. It was totally out of my character. and. Like I said I didn't rush into it and I think that's so important when we think we hear from the Lord. God is not one to just hurry and do something really really fast. So. I wanted to make sure that it wasn't just me. You know getting ideas or just seeing you know the you know the the shiny objects in Rome. But I wanted to wait on him. I wanted to pray and also. A seat Golly Council I talked to my pastors about it. I talked to my husband about it, saying hey, does this sound like something that you think you know as God is leading me toward? Is it just me so yeah absolutely? Going into the unknown. Is it scary a little bit? But like I, said you know just being patient, making sure that it's the Lord and not you in seeking that golly council was something that I really did. Awesome. Did you have some tiff? You high did south. My biggest thing with all of our beautiful contributors, so far in our podcast has been the word fear, and I heard you loud and clear when you said I'm safe, right so with you being safe. What is exactly? What does that mean? Because a lot of people have a hard time flipping that small little switch from safe to Oh my gosh I'm jumping off a cliff. Let's go and. With that nudge from God, so we have three different variables right now so. What was your stepping process because I I? Did hear you sees you. You know you're seeking your your council. However, not many people have that opportunity and so. For example just you know how much Michelle I met. I experienced a real niche for the first time where it was loud and clear. How would you say that you had the stepping processes to get to that? Position, but in reality it's actually release Dave when it's got great, so I want you to educate us all 'cause I. WanNA learn from Youtube on exactly the stepping stones at took you to get to that physician. For, sure yes, so to answer questions like what is safe. So in my book. I I'm in the medical field in I know that I will always have job. Being? Someone's always not going to feel good. They're always going to get injured I was going to have surgeries. So that was my definition of safe. Okay is in terms of our income so. Unsafe or Really stepping out on faith is being entrepreneur. It's it's the unknown. And so. I guess I'm trying to answer your question, but definitely not for the faint of heart is Dan. Hot some new courage? Yes, that that's what really it took. It really took courage, and I remember the first time that I was starting to look for like a business coach like give me the pieces to put it together. And when I put the payment through I was like I just spent. I've spent thousands of dollars at school and it wasn't nothing to me, but me am besting in this issue. It was just different. I. Ask you about your coach so. speaking about having godly counsel and looking for a business coach was your. Was Your Business Coach a believer? No. No she she was not a believer and. And that was something I kind of battle with suicide. We'll look for Christian or how does that need to be well? However, she's an expert in wellness coaching. is so I needed somebody who could tell me exactly what to do, so I wouldn't be wasting time and money with starting my company, and so that's what I did, but it also opened up a beautiful friendship, and now I as always openly talk about my face to her, and I told her Hey, my Willis coaching practice is going to be full of Jesus. and everybody's welcome, but just know that scripture is going to be all up in through there and she was like okay. You know so it. It still worked out and I'm glad that it worked out that way. I'm tempted. You have something you wanted to add now so to be to be clear because you're inspiring me right now. I that right so you? You've completely invested now as an entrepreneur. You're like. Oh, my gosh I spent thousands and thousands of dollars on school. But when it came to be an entrepreneur, like what did I just do? Right so again going back to like flipping that switch because I know a lot of women and possibly men on here as well are going to WANNA. Know because we all can relate to you in on this podcast. We we've been able to flip that switch and kind of jump off the cliff, right? That's kind of what it feels like. You're of just like earning spread. What are you? So what inspired you with that with that specific notch? Like? How did you have that I say in. It's a real come to Jesus moment. It's like or you go. You know and you're like okay. I'm listening. What was that moment like for you? And how did you flip that switch? REWIND FROM SAFE to jumping into your fears, which is actually your passion? Yeah I'll actually looked at my wise. Why? Why am I even? Why starting this in the first place are WHA. Why would God even put this on my heart to do because I? Know the if he's entrusted it with me then he has already equipped me to handle. What's about to come up and so I just had to mind in reminding myself okay. Right God's already given me the gift, but I just got to take that step. Right there beautiful beautiful. I. I think so many people can relate to you because the funny thing is, we use this word kind of safe like you. You are a train, your medical doctor, you are trained. You have a very specific skill set in one area and I think our minds. We feel like okay. I have chosen this kind of safe profession, but but really when you have a call on your life that the safest thing to do is to walk in that lane, and I think what I. What I experienced myself and so many other women is there. There comes a point like talking about you like what? What made you flip the switch? Switch. There comes a point in. It's either emotional, or there's something going on at an something uncomfortable. That just doesn't always fit. There's something behind that drive in addition to call because I feel like what God does is he allows circumstances to kind of maybe come to a head, and then all the while he's been back here, saying you know you're going this direction. You're going this direction, but we're. We kinda maybe don't listen and then like circumstances are swirling swirling link finally. You're like okay. He's calling me and this is over here and that's like I. Have No choice but to move into. That was something that was going on. Yes, so yes, like you said it was a call, and it was also just the circumstances of what was going on I I kept thinking of of my reasons. Why that was you know more freedom that I could do with my kids I have two little ones I have one in college so. I needed something where I didn't feel like I was tied down. where I could say nope. I wanted to I. could also still travel in that and so my kids One of them is still at home in Psalm home schooling. As well. And so outside man is now. I have a year before they go real school. So that was another, you know. Push forward, saying okay. We need to go ahead and. Pursue. This thing why you have a little bit of Tom and I think it was A. Perfect timing in that and I really thank God for that. Not Funny like it always is perfect timing when you look back in the middle of it doesn't ally perfect timing. It feels like this is all wrong, but then as you kind of you begin to walk in that space, you're like Oh look at how God perfectly orchestrated. Everything for you know this perfect timing I always think about Burson Esther for such a time as this like all these things that happened that you didn't have any idea about, but then as you step into it. You're like Oh. Look at. He literally laid out every perfect scenario for me. and let me ask you this. Now that, you're you're an entrepreneur, right? You're creating these systems for women. You're really walking in your true authentic south, which I think is our superpower. When you get to lineup, who authentically our mind body spirit your faith your passion. Your skill set. That's your superpower. That's what I believe, but now you're in this space. How has your faith impacted how you interact with your clients? While that's that's a great question. I think my face is the forefront of every interaction and I really try with my heart to make it that way before I start any coaching session, we pray. and just ex Holy Spirit to lead my words and guide us through this and. Anytime you do that anytime. You allow guy to take over you know is always GonNa be great is always going to be good results, and so I just try to to lead in that way, even when I sit down, I'm just planning our. You know prepping for the for the next day. Or what have you always asking got got me Lee show me what I need to do. Show me what I need to research. Right on, and he does. He always shows up. Such. That is such powerful faith and I feel like as women are to I know it's happening for me as as women here this whether they're watching it on the Youtube Channel and senior beautiful face, or whether they're just listening. To what you're saying is encouraging them to to have the courage to step out in faith, because really we talk about faith, and if you've been a believer for any period of time, it's kind of this word that we just throw about, but but the true essence of faith is really like steep encourage, it really takes courage to have faith, because let's face it. None of us have seen Jesus her. None of us have met him right. We don't. We don't audibly. Hear him although I swear, I have audibly heard it, but we don't audit like he's not talking to us. US In the house, so the whole, the whole idea of following the guidance of Christ takes courage, and so I just want to applaud you for being so courageous in following the call in leading your other clients and I'm certain you probably impacts every area of your life like your with your children with your husband and everything right? Would you say that that's true? Yes, always say lead from the overflow. You know if if you're spending time with the Lord and in your. Word Thin got will overflow into every area of your life. There's no way that you can pour out. With nothing in inside of you, and so that's what I just try to do. I tried to. Allow the Lord to operate in every system might turn out to put them in a box and sometimes we do that. Yeah, I've done it before. Say Well God. You can move in here but let me to come over here. No. Give me in the macy's. Not Awesome. Awesome. Did you have something? Now I'm just I'm your admiriable. When it comes to really leading, you know from the Holy Spirit and you know even he said in coaching, being able to pray over women. You know one thing that I. Struggle with, and I don't even think I told you. This Michelle is prayer sometimes I wanNA. Maybe I want to hear your guidance on prayer because you said you pray over your clients before you start coaching. For Women, who have a challenging time like myself? We'll be very vulnerable praying. Where coming up with the right where we think we have to be perfect, we're talking to God right. To give the message, it can really say everything that you want. And I would love to hear your guidance your chips on prayer because you know being able to have that gift of prayer I, think really speaks volume into really ask him a Lord. What it is that you that you're clear on, and even your circumstances, so I'd love to hear how you became strong in your prayer. Yeah so one thing that I do first of all prayer is just talking to the Lord like you said is. We don't have to put all the Dow's and this and Thou father who art in. We don't have to do all that. We just need to talk to him. Just like a father talk, sue. They're out and and listen. But as far as praying, a prayer lives in praying every day. Something that I do is journal. I really encourage if you feel like I, just can't get into prayer or I don't know what to say. Start writing out your prayers just start writing out what you would say to the Lord and but if their request you know, there's different types of brain, but if there's like a prayer requests like Laura I need you to I. Don't know, provide a way where I can just talk to my kids a little bit better. I've just really been hard on them lately. You know right that out, and then you can go back. You know weeks from now and say Oh God. You didn't answer that prayer I. Thank you. Thank you for doing that, so. journaling is really helped me. In that and also praying, the scripture is another easy thing that you can do. Got Yet it's powerful is his word. So Say for instance some twenty three. The Lord's my shepherd I shall not want so. Surprised that back to God you would just say got us. Thank you that you're my shepherd. I don't I don't need anything. Because you provide everything boom you know you just pray back his word and. It's effective because it's sharp in his word. That helps is. That helps not but notebook. It just help women feet understand what nudges me. You know, and also going back to see how God really does answer. You know that's why I wanted to dig deeper with that because it's so powerful. The right type of mentality around it what I took down was, and I hope everyone listening heard this is. Speak to him like it's your father like it's your father. He is are having father. Yes, you know, and he's going to guide us. Mentor US in love US, and and make sure that we're going to be quote unquote save even when it's unsafe. So that was really really powerful. Thank you for that. Did you enjoy that Michelle? Oh, I'm just soaking it up and I'm I'm listening I'm listening to you speak and the word that keeps like I've said it a million times so sorry, but God is just showing me. You are such a woman of courage, even praying with your clients like that like Tiffany said Tiffany bobbies exactly like that like He. For Real, he feels nervous uncomfortable. Praying out loud, because feels like he doesn't know the right like it's not this eloquent beautiful thing I'm like it doesn't have anything to do with that, so I can totally relate to what you're saying, but I'm listening to. Anita Dr Anita as somebody that. Maybe you know you have these inklings, but what you're saying is going to be so wildly encouraging to so many women. I'm so grateful to have you, and it makes me even more grateful for so many things. That God's led the foundation for here at the Girl Power Alliance one of the things that we will do in the in the private communities. We're going to do live prayer calls. And so I'm excited about that. Tiffany, because this is an opportunity for you to stretch that because I believe that's another skill because what happens in the beginning, is you know? When you first start praying out loud, it's super awkward. I think and maybe even uncomfortable for some, but the more you tap into it, the more the and I know I know you're going to speak to this doctor Anita that the more you tap into that, and the more you practice that skill that the Holy Spirit will speak through you, and you'll be able to respond to it by speaking out in prayer, but it only happens because you've done it. Do you notice that when you're playing with your clients? Yes like I, said I didn't I have not always been like this. And that was my prayers. Like guy helped me to be more both for you. I I WANNA be able to. Feels uncomfortable. You know not to go off my feelings and just go what you say you had to do. And so. Yeah, absolutely just just jumping right in I can remember just many times working with with clients and patients even in and Gaba light you need to. You need to dig a little deeper at next this question and they'll just start taking that mask. Start crying bawling porn their heart out. White Wow God. I did I sign up for this. Yeah you did. I wanted to not. Has especially as gods women. And especially as levers, we all have our Dustin, greatness ray, and you said something very powerful. God, help me be more bold for you. Yeah, he is designed us. To go out and lead. and. That was really powerful, especially as believers in especially as women that knowing that God has has created us to be so special and have not powerful message. What where can you provide you know maybe some valuable net we call it nuggets, you know just give you giving us a little tips to really understand how to even tap ru into our greatness and understand that we are designed to help God spread the message of of what's really inside us. It's renewing the mind daily. That is the best answer I can give. Because when we renew our minds in the word of God, that's just simply reading scripture. Then, we can start to talk like him then we can start to think like him. And you don't have to make it hard. reading one scripture start out with one scripture they. Meditate on it. Meditate dismays the chew it up. Swallow to it again. And try to apply that one scripture everyday are just one scripture every week you know, make it bite so that you can start to see like your mind. Being renewed in your mind chains, our flesh does not want to talk about Jesus it does. It would rather just you know. Do a little job door. Little work. Make our money. But there's always you know the spirit man who's like. Let's go leads. You know. Win Some more for the kingdom you know. Let's talk more about Jesus. So so yeah. I really encourage that. You're you're a true? Leader. Your I can't wait to introduce you to the community here because I know you're gonNA bless a ton of people. Do me a favor. Tell tell everybody that's listening. How can they connect with you? How can they find you? Where how do they get? How did they get a little bit? A doctor I need Anita in their life. So my website is Dr, D. R. Needle Dot Com and I have all my information on there, also on facebook is are in Italy and Instagram, and you can find out all about my coaching programs and I have a great subscribers club there that gets nuggets for me every week. and also have some great reviews on there I. Just I just WanNa Bliss Moms I. WanNa Bliss Women to be that great gateway in their home. You know to keep on that legacy of wellness to their kids. That's what I WANNA do so important and really I mean. mean. How can we? How can we do God's work when we are unwell, so it's it's really really important, so don't worry if you're listening to the podcast Dr. needs information will be in the show notes. If you're watching this on Youtube, all of her information right below the video, and in the in the about about this video and you know you just inspire me a in a in a number of ways like tiffany said there have been so many wonderful things that you've said I. Know I felt like we could do three separate podcasts with you and. And just keep going. And it's it's really just a blessing to be connected with women like you to to have more people here. more stories of courageousness and Bulbous Faso at a fun fair. Thank you. Thank you for joining us on the podcast today. Wow, thank you so much, thank you. We're speaking so highly of me. That's that's so humbling I'm just I'm just so honored to be apart of GPA I'm excited about it. Well we are beyond excited about having part of the community. I mean. I just think about somebody coming into the community looking for. Looking for somebody to help coach them in wellness, and knowing that when they get connected to you, it almost makes me cry chills from head to toe knowing that when they get connected to you. You're going to pray with them before session. That's all that's all I needed. A now didn't even need to know anything else, so thank you. Welcome I think our keyword today. You can end on. This is safe. You know our mission is to create a safe environment for women of faith to be bold in their faith, and to allow them to have this space, so we're very very grateful, and we're honored to be a part of our community to be able to that safe places while other women, so they use much for your time today. Thank you can show. I really enjoyed it. Thank you. Thank you for joining us for another episode of the Girl Power Lines podcast. If you don't already know this. 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