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Ohio one standing near to car engines. Just imagine them exploding or being so hot that I get burned to that whenever I ask someone to do something for me. I'm actually not letting them without realizing it. Three global warming and the part that I have played in creating for getting Stevens Johnson Syndrome again. Really horrible allergic reaction. Makes your skin blister off. Don't Google My doctors think it was caused by certain medication. But a part of me will always wonder what if that wasn't the real cause. Or what if a lot of stuff will cause the action and I won't know until two weeks five that I am susceptible to colds? Recruitment six that one day. If I'm really tired or not paying attention I'll act out one of my intrusive thoughts seven thinking she. My mother's face in a crowd h having to speak openly about my feelings on pretty much anything nice watched. I never been stunned by one and I am very afraid that I will find out the hard way that I am. Deathly allergic accidentally given myself kidney failure. LIZ is a listener. Who called in to us from the suburbs of Chicago for? She makes her living driving. Bookmobile the ten things team includes Amy Pearl. Daniel G Matt Odell Reuben. Sarah Samba. Emily Boutin and Paula Shuman music and sound design by Isaac Jones. You know what scares me when I hear myself say something? I'm like. That's how I'm exactly like my dad. What are you scared of? Tell us at ten things. Podcasts DOT Org.

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