Ep. 915 Another Disastrous Day for the Democrats


The. Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show. That's not immune to the facts with your host. Dan bongino. Dan Bongino, shell producer, Joe. How are you today? Could be better. But I'm doing pretty good, Dan. I'm doing good. Yeah. Joe's not doing good. He had a rough. It said it last night. Someone close to him something bad happen. So we're going going to give Joe kind of a pass today on the show. But he's here for you, folks. You know, I'm a at out of respect for Joe's privacy. I obviously I'm not going to divulge any further details, but he had a rough night last night. That's his commitment to the audience is a good one. Joe is here yet ready to rock and roll saw Joe yesterday, another huge news and other than collusion hoax, which we've only been telling you is a hoax for the last year and a half now or in Dan Bongino, it's like dog years, their six months, everything six months and Dan Bongino, terms. It's collapsing minute by minute. Second by second the Senate Intel committee elite came out yesterday from NBC news suggesting that the Senate Intel committee has come up with nothing. No evidence of this collusion hoax. We've been warning you. So I want to go into a little bit of detail on this. And not just that thing. Listen, we all know that Russian collusion fairy tale was a hoax, but I want to give you a little bit more of a layered analysis about why this is such a problem now for the Democrats outside of the simple fact, Joe that it makes them look like the complete buffoons conspiracy, theorists and looney tunes at they really are. He right. I got that a lot more to get to including the budget deal and cocaine Mitch strikes again with with the green new deal. So we'll get to that in a minute. All right. Today's show brought to you by Boll and branch bowl. That's B O L L B O L L. These are the finest sheets out there Paulin, I have hours. What is it worth to you to sleep deeply for? 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Richard Burr from the Senate Intel committee, the Republican is come out. He has not been a big pro-trump guy. Even though he is a Republican bird has been very milk toast on this entire thing is now come out in acknowledged they have found no quote direct evidence of collusion conspiracy between Trump and the Russians again, not news to any of us. There is never going to be evidence. Because you can't fabricate evidence about a conspiracy that never happened. Now, why is this? So damaging. I have some analysis up at Bongino dot com. But I also have a piece in the show notes as well today from Byron York at the Washington Examiner who always seems to provide cogent topical timely analysis on these issues he's been following this case for a long time. And listen York is a very down the middle guy. He doesn't play the partisan games. I want to read to you quickly from from his piece in the examiner. Because it describes the problem. The twofold problem, the Democrats are going to have they were all melting down on Twitter yesterday that lunatic Seth Abramson who claims to be some kind of expert on a topic. He wrote some kind of fiction book about the collusion fairytale. This guy was melting down yesterday on Twitter. It was great to watch because they've invested their entire lives any collusion. Fairytale that now before their very is is being entirely dismantled their professional credibility there. Academe credibility their credibility amongst their peers is all collapsing. These media types, the Democrats and the looney. Tunes who tried to gaslight you into believing a fake story like this collusion hoax. Actually, happened are now suffering brutally as this thing is eviscerated evaporates and entirely debunked in dismantle before your very eyes. If you invested time in this show, you are now being vindicated. If you invested your time in the New York Times, the Washington Post and lunatics like Seth Abramson, you are now thoroughly and completely humiliated. You've been in barest it's horrifying how you've wasted your life. Do you look in the mirror and realize what you've done that you have spent two years of your life foaming at the mouth like a rabid dog or as ambi- from twenty eight days later over something that is a hoax. It is a complete lie. You have no one to back you up anymore. You've never had evidence. You don't have evidence. Now, you don't have the house the house committee debunked. This thing the Senate committees the bunk. This thing Muller has yet to prove a scintilla of evidence outside. Of process crimes and taxicab confessions that any of this existed at all you have wasted your life. You have wasted two years of your life. This reminds me of the scene from rocky to when he's trying to do the job. Remember rocky to view seen that one? Remember when Rocky's doing the commercials where he sent meals mainly and rocky has trouble reading and directors are real jerk in a rocky can't read the cue cards because he has trouble reading and she says, it's makes you smell manly. And rocky says it makes you Smeal mainly and the director, can you read rock and the directors like we have wasted our time you have wasted the staff's time you have wasted that cruise time. Please get off the set. Ladies get out of the cage with rocky is an occasion to juggle up. You ever this is this is I sadly right now, I'm taking the role the director, even though he's the rocky. You are in the cage like rocky you have wasted. Everybody's time for. For two years. You have smelled mainly you've Smeal. You've not smelled Manley. You've smelled mainly for two years. You've been eviscerated humiliated. Embarrassed, you become a national laughing stock set Abramson claims to be an academic. He has been entirely discredited. The media lunatics who invested in this the Democrats, Adam sleazy, shifty shifts completely humiliated. Eric swale well complete losers. They will have no credibility history will smell mainly to them. You're not very bright. You. Completely laughing that these utter morons. Who invested their lives in this hoax for two years? I'm sorry. But I needed to vent a little bit. Really? I mean, I just I for two years. Now, we've been warning you that this is a hoax. And yet these people just cannot give it up getting back to the York piece here. Quote from the Washington Examiner even more concerning. Some Democrats is that the news from Bir Richard Burr came on the heels of stories to the effect that Trump Russian special counsel. Bob Muller might not even charge Trump associates with conspiracy and might not even allege that the much discussed Trump Russia conspiracy even occurred say what? Really many House Democrat. Yes, Joe, many has Democrats have been relying on Muller to give them a roadmap and cover to initiate impeachment proceedings against the president. Now, they face the question of what to do. If Muller does not give them what they want. Ladies and gentlemen, I told you about this a long long time ago. There was never going to be a collusion conspiracy laid out in evidently, traditional honest, fashion because you can't fabricate a conspiracy that didn't happen. So what the Democrats were hoping and praying for was enough circumstantial evidence of guilt that they could put together a circumstantial ADA ac- case, which Muller would lay out in a report that would indicate somehow by inference that Trump colluded with the Russians. It's now becoming apparent that? Nobody is even uncovered any circumstantial evid-. Silence at this has happened and all of the circumstantial evidence that collusion happened Joe points to what the Democrats not the Trump team. Oh, now, they're terrified. Yes. That Muller himself is going to debunk this in his own report. Not issue a report or leave the conspiracy part out of it. Because there is none. They will then have no pathway to impeachment at all other than hysterics. Now. Joe again, rance are great. I love them but outside of the rant. Why is this damaging? Because Joe this is what they've promised their base. Thank you. He's they have promised donors activists volunteers people working on their presidential campaigns people working on their re elect campaigns money people lobbying interests that are on the far left. They have promised these people a good a service item. That service item is an impeachment process for Trump. But folks, they're afraid now they're going to be entirely humiliated because that articles of impeachment. They were relying on Muller to lay that out for them to lay out the charges. Joe Wright impeachment is not a criminal process. Ladies and gentlemen. Let's clear on this. It is a political process. Yes, it requires votes from politicians that act on an impeachment motion in the house and a trial in the Senate overseen by the chief Justice supreme court, but it is not a criminal charge. It is a political charge to remove the president from office who can then be charged when he's removed from office. The president can't be indicted. According to the department of Justice's own guidelines now he has to be impeached. I, but this is a political procedure. This political procedure involves inherently politics politics at some point is going to require you to. Produce some evidence of an actual case, which they were relying on Bob Muller to produce. That is now completely entirely collapsing. What's frustrating? The Dem's even more. Is that I think they thought people like Richard Burr, who's not the most die-hard conservative. You know, what I mean a Republican on the Senate Intel committee we're going to play ball with them. And now even Burs had to quietly acknowledged that this case is not exist. Folks, they are in a world of trouble. So let's put the lead back at the top of the story. The Democrats are going to have to at this point break, a core promise to the constituency that is giving the money volunteering time, and it's going to support their presidential campaigns and elsewhere that key promises they were gonna impeach Trump that they had the goods Adam shifty sleazeball shift has been on TV multiple times promising they had the evidence they had the evidence. It's there we just can't reveal it yet. They don't have the evidence they have nothing. They have been debunked repeatedly. This story is entirely discredited its viscera it's over. It's over. They are going to have to groveling heads in their hands. They're going to have to go back to their base and admit they lied the whole time. Let's see if the media holes into account. All right, folks before I move onto the next door. Just want to acknowledge a fallen hero last night. New York City detective, Brian Simonson. He was shot and killed last night in a friendly fire incident responding to a robbery and one hundred second precinct in New York. We got the word last night from a friend. And then we saw it on the news afterwards, a friend of mine who still with the. APD? I wasn't NYPD police officer with this guy. I got the notification from promote I thought maybe him because he's a detective to and just I just like kind of freaked out. So I sent them by a really kind of. I mean in an intended to be nasty, but almost a nasty texts back because he said to him it's time it's time for he's been on the job for so long. And it's time for him to retire, and my wife, and I kind of freaked out a little bit his name, Brian. We're like is this we thought for a second. Like is this 'em like this? But it it just that this guy Simonsen, I just wanna to tell you quickly about what he did. Because this is the heroic actions are police officers said detectives, and our men and women in blue take every day. He was at a precinct apparently one zero two precinct for some kind of an administrative. Meaning he wasn't even required to stay the entire day for work. But he did anyway, and he still responded to this robbery and the t mobile store and now he's dead. He has two kids. He has a family, and this is the kind of. Stuff that happens all too often in our country with our police officers work in for almost no money, very little prestige outside of the us and the people in this audience, deeply respect. There's no public accolades from these guys don't get parades every day now, he's dead. God rest his soul. God bless his family with the strength. They need to get through this unbelievably horrible time. And I want to recognize the -tective Simonsen for your heroin actions. It sits men and women like you. You're the best of us tragic story, but. Needed to get that out there. You know, not everybody gets this kind of they don't get the public recognition. They need our public servants always tough to segue from a story like that. But we have some other stuff to get to the budget deal. This is the big news of the day. Yesterday was a very big news day the budget potential budget deal. I should say it hasn't been signed yet. It may be by the time. This airs the potential budget deal was a big story along with the collusion. Hoax being dismantled yesterday. Ladies and gentlemen. I wanna give you the good and the bad. And of course, because I know it to you you invest time in me. And I invest time in you. And I always appreciate that. I want to give you my opinion on on what we're looking at. So just to give you a little quick background in February fifteenth. This Friday is a deadline where the government would shut down partially again, if a budget deal isn't reached there was a temporary CR sign a couple of weeks ago, which reopened the government. I want to give you some some some. Kind of top line. Ideas about what's going on right now. And I'm going to try to be as a try this and everybody's biased. But I really trying to give you the most objective analysis of this. I can let me just start out with the what the deal is Joe. The deal is going to be roughly one point three seven five billion dollars for a border fence the steel slats design, which President Trump is proposed. It's also include no caps on the detention beds. In other words, no caps on our ability to detain illegal immigrants in the country, which the Democrats had thrown in the deal, a wrench in the deal to kind of screw it up at the last minute. The Democrats pulled back on that. So the Democrats and pull back on one of their demands. And Trump obviously is going to pull back and one of his demands which Joe was for five point seven billion. This is for one point three seven five billion now that one point three seven five billion Joe is going to cover fifty five miles of new border fencing, which will do a good job, but they need two hundred thirty miles. So clearly both sides had to give here. So just to be clear five miles a new fencing. At a cost of one point three billion three seven five billion. No caps on the detention beds. Now. This is not a good deal. We have to be candid, and I it to you to tell you that. And by the way, President Trump has said the same thing. So it's not that this is any kind of an incongruent message with what President Trump is getting out there. It's not a good deal. He's already said as much in the cabinet room yesterday during a televised QNA he did with the press. He's not happy with the deal. But folks at this point, I asked you what option does he have? I'm not someone sent me an Email yesterday. You know, I enjoy your feedback. Good and bad. I do I read it, and it I I do not pretend that any kind of a thick skin. And I'm glad I don't fix skin means. None of your feedback batters to me it done and someone said how are you going to cover for Trump on it? What do you mean cover for Trump's not covering for himself? What are you talking about Trump came out yesterday to cabinet who said this is not a good deal of which I'm echoing? This is not a good deal. I hate the full stop stuff, but period, full stop what part of that. He does that they could cover. It's not a good deal. There's excessive spending we wanted five point seven billion. We're not gonna get him. But let me give you a little bit of a deeper analysis. Other than a haywire you covering for. I'm not covering for anyone have I ever covered for anyone. I'm pretty confident President Trump respects me the show and our analysis because we don't attempt to cover for anybody. Right. Right. He doesn't like yes-men. He's constantly celebrate in the commentary of people like Andy McCarthy and others who disagree with them. All the time. It's not a good deal. He said as much, but I'm asking you this rape, practical down to earth perspective. What do you want him to do? Now, the options are not to sign the deal. The problem folks is the Democrats and Nancy Pelosi currently own dominate the house of representatives. They are in the majority. There are simply not enough Republican votes. Now, you may say, okay, Dan. But last time you argue that he shouldn't sign that deal either. Yes. And we won that. Now, you're probably like wait now. I'm all confused. So you argued that he shouldn't sign a I deal. Yes. Because the first deal brought to him was clearly clearly a slap in his face. What does he do? He refuses to sign it. We have this three week government shutdown the longest in US history. And we one come on your cover it up. Really, am I? I encourage you to go to my Twitter feed and look at a petard article from Washington secrets I covered today. It's really good. I'll remember I'll put that in the show notes today, showing quick note to your show notes, Dr President Trump's approval rating the highest it's ever been and not only that Joe it's the biggest shift he seen during his presidency. In other words is highest gain. Right. And it is now double that of congress. Tell me get everybody. Pause because seriously, I love my audience the death. And I love your feedback and ninety nine percent of it is really positive, but sometimes I get negative feedback from that's fine. But I'm asking you to take breath put the show on pause for a second and analyze what I just said he had to shut it down the first time because he had to take a stand to show what he was for. And what the Democrats were against he was for border security and this amount of money. He needed the democrat. That's went on the record. And said we have the votes we will never vote for that. And you're never gonna get it. While we're in charge now a fool does the same thing twice. He doesn't have the votes. Now, he's got them on the record there at twenty one percent approval while he's at forty four plus depending on what poll you look at. He said the biggest shift and his presidency and approval from thirty seven percent to forty four percent. And he's got the Democrats now on the record opposing the two hundred and thirty miles support security, we need please explain to me again, how we lost sounds like he's building up that political capital dano that we've spoken about Joe for now. Five years, we've been doing this show. Right. Ladies and gentlemen, politics is full of grey areas. Like ethics. It's not always black and white. It involves a political Bank account you make the posits in and you withdraw from that is did forget power elected office means squat as Ralph north and Justin. Fairfax are finding out now in Virginia. They have no. Political capital do anything. They're trying to simply stay alive in office your political Bank account where you make deposits approval ratings legislative successes could be our good sound bites and political withdrawals. Bad soundbites horrible, public approval ratings bad sound bites bad media. I said that twice those are political withdraws where your Bank account diminishes Trump's political Bank account is going up and Congress's is going down. What do you want him to do? Now. He's got them on the record. He doesn't have the votes. There's no votes. He didn't have the votes before. But it was enormous political success getting the Democrats on the record about what they are against please. Tell me this make sense, folks. I don't know if it's because I you know. Maybe I don't know. I've run a couple you kind of you look at it to a different lens Johann haven't said this in a while. But you're familiar with the there's an all that it just says, there's two kinds of people in the world that view things differently than everybody else, the super rich and the super political and it's true. The super-rich money means nothing to me because it does it's not an exchange of value because everything they value they have. So they don't, you know. There's nothing to really value on a dodge. Viper. You just send your buddy to go out by your credit card, and the super political if you everything from a different lens, I'll be candid, that's me. I'm a very political guy. I love politics. I've loved it since I'm a kid. I've been deeply embedded in it. I've run for office. I comment on it. I'm an activist at heart. I still give speeches. I do commentary on cable and FOX about it. I view this stuff differently. This is not a loss. This is the best. We're going to do right now while still doing significant damage to the Democrats public approval getting them on the record for an untenable position in twenty twenty. They wouldn't even secure the two hundred thirty miles a border. I rode experts said we needed while making the congressional representatives after a shutdown look like complete idiots for having to come back in cave on a border patrol on a border security measure that Nancy Pelosi Joe, quote, said not one dollar. Really because I just told you that deals one point three seven five billion dollars. So Nancy Pelosi was off by a factor of one point three seven five billion. How did we lose this? Folks, the analysis has to go deeper than this surface level patina here, scratch the patina go deeper. I'm not again, I'm not trying to get into. You know, any kind of four dimensional chess. Some of this may have just been the result of fortuitous circumstances by Trump. I don't know. I can't get in his head. But suggesting this somehow a loss, it's a it's not a loss. It's a bad deal. He's on the record saying that I just told you that on my own show. It's the only deal. It's the only deal right now. It gets them on the record their approval rating is in the tank, let's build what we can build now and other notes on this. Mick Mulvaney, went on Chris Wallace is show on Fox News Sunday, the acting chief of staff or Trump jell men Mulvaney said they found nine hundred million dollars in funds. They can move around to allocate to the wall. So now we're up to roughly two point two plus billion again, it's not the five point seven billion. I'm acknowledging that that part did not succeed. But forget that just forget that that data point for a second. And let's get to the bigger picture. So now, we're halfway there with this nine hundred million. But keep in mind, ladies and gentlemen, we do not have the votes right now. There simply are not enough votes to get past everything we need. Even a president Joe. And I and I know many of you had have enormous respect for God rest his soul. Ronald Ronald Reagan, of course, greatest president in my lifetime. And a gifted politician and dealmaker himself said if we can get eighty percent, we take eighty percent we'll come back for the other twenty later. Folks, we have to take what we can take right now. It's a bad deal. But it is the only deal. Now. I want to address something you know, what let me get this. I'm going to read this spot quick. By a great company. I wanna get to another angle. Some of you may have caught last night on Fox News. This is superb analysis hat tip. Mark thesis in who who's a Republican writes for the Washington Post. Feast in has a spectacular way to come out of this in the long game. That's gonna put Nancy Pelosi seriously in a bad awful position on a get to that. In a second read. Do this quick read here? 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And listen, it's very rare that I hear commentary where I have to perk up because you know, a lot of the commentaries good. But sometimes I do a lot of homework, and I don't like beat to the punch sequester, and the this idea of leveraging this question was one of those. So those ideas so good I turned up that I had to take notes so thesis has a piece in the Washington Post, and he suggests this show. The budget control act signed under the Barack Obama administration in two thousand eleven imposes automatic spending caps automatic. Meaning they will happen if congress doesn't act automatic spending caps on on government spending. You remember that the sequester most remembered as early as I should I'm that's what I'm trying to think of right now. I'm trying to remember it. Well, the just that the specifics of it Obama was under incredible pressure. Given the debt ceiling to do something about the debt situation. He had created through the nine trillion in debt he accumulated during his presidency. So what they came out with was his budget control act, which would cut defense spending, which was supposed to be a jab at the Republicans and mastic spending at somewhat similar rates. If congress did not do something about the debt and deficit the budget control act was passed. It was proposed what they would call sequester or putting caps on spend. Ending now, the Republicans in the house, and the Democrats the swamp committee over there on both sides what they decided to do Joe was to bump up the caps. In other words, let's not cap spending for two years. Now that they did it again those caps, and I did it again. And again and those enhance or going to the the bumps on the caps are going to expire in December. Meaning. Cap spending is going to happen. Even if they do nothing, right. So thesis analysis was terrific. His suggestion is role with this. Now, take what we can get now. Joe take this one point three seven five and the no caps on on detention beds. Right. Okay. It's the best deal with you. The only thing there's going to be votes for right now take we can take the money build those fifty five miles of the wall. Get the nine hundred million dollars. You can get do what you can to build the rest of the two hundred thirty mile mall of a wall, and refurbish what we have. And then in December this December when those budget caps and those spending caps reappear, right? President Trump should enforce those caps say he's not going to sign anything else. Joe? And what would we get? We would get out of that. Seventy-one building seventy one billion in cuts on the defense side, which listen we would have to make do with. But we would get fifty five billion in domestic spending cuts as well. Get seasons point here. These point is it's a good one. We don't have the leverage. Now, we have one this short term game here. Trump's approval ratings are up the shutdowns got the Democrats on the record and a politically untenable situation there now against border security and therefore government chaos because they seem to be enjoying this government shutdown. Trump's approval is up. We are now winning this race. This race matters. The best deal. We're going to get now to avoid another shutdown is this deal take this deal and let the Democrats know and let everybody know that you are not going to sign a deal that would surpass those budget caps in December. So the Democrats again are going to have to eat crow because for their savings Joe of five point seven billion on Boorda while they could have given Trump. They're going to lose fifty five billion in domestic initiatives who let them go explain that to their constituents. Do you understand the crow they're going to have to eat on this? It was very very good. Very well done piece. So just the attrac- and where I'm going. If they do nothing in congress spending will be cut automatically. They will have to bump up the spending caps and Trump should say, I'm not signing it. He has leverage. Yeah. Yeah. Very slick very slick, and I said, I'm I'm only angry at Mark. Because I didn't think of it. I it was brilliant point. Good point. Okay. Cocaine Mitch at it again. It's not my nickname. It was Don Blankenship Senate candidate West Virginia, and like Mitch McConnell he'd nicknamed him cocaine. Mitch and listen, I'm not a huge McConnell fan. That's not a big secret. Sometimes he does things for the conservative movement. That are not very good and do net damage, but when McConnell does something right. It doesn't do us any good to engage in Republican in a Republican on Republican circular firing squad. So what happened yesterday with McConnell, and we say about that nickname cocaine. Mitch never has nickname backfired in the history of politics like that one because it was right after that that he pushed through Cavanaugh and got gore sick approved. And it just made them look like some kind of rebel when I think we all know, that's not McConnell's reputation, but McConnell, what did he do? Yesterday goes out on Capitol Hill gets in front of the microphones and gives just a really kind of funny. I should have gotten the same on me for not giving you the soundness morning Joe. I should've pulled this. Because the way he says, it's hysterical. But Connell comes out in front of my HR. He's like so there's been a lot of attention on this green new deal. And I think it loo- excuse me to accommodate Democrats. We're going to put a vote on the floor about this green new deal. Ladies and gentlemen. This is just terrific. This is a great idea. But there it is a follow up at article their wash that he's avenue. Here's McConnell's at this is brilliant chess movie. A why listen everybody knows the green new deal is a cataclysmic political disaster for the Democrats. It has been an embarrassment. I've addressed it over the past few days how they put out a series of FAQ's on exa- Alexandria case. Yo Cortez's own website. I put the link to the cash version the choose were absurd. They addressed paying people unwilling to work flatulent gase cows how they could control gas emissions from Cal. It would the document was a complete absurdity. They had a lie about it, including a professor one on Tucker Carlson show and lie that it was in fact, their document when it was he said it was some Republican hoax. It is been a humiliating slap in the face for the Democrats who are now being forced many of the reasonable ones who are in swinging district to run from this thing. Now the Senate candidates for president. On the democrat side, comma, Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, Amy klobuchar Bernie Sanders Sherrod Brown. Gillibrand some of them haven't announced, but will they will run for president. Some of them have openly come out and supported this thing. But now they're going to go on the record with an actual vote. And they're going to be forced because McConnell's put them in a corner to vote on this the Bockel folks voting on this the Bockel, although I just told you political capital is not related all the time to the position votes, actually matter because once you go on the record, it starts to frighten who Joe it starts to frighten, the lobbyists and other people who lobby the government and donate to political campaigns. And otherwise, do you think people in the airline industry, the farm industry, the beef industry the automobile industry, how do you think they're gonna take to a bunch of presidential candidates Booker klobuchar Sanders Harrison others going on the record voting in the affirmative for a Bill that effectively wipes out their entire industries? The capital they've invested the jobs, they produce and the efficiencies they produce in our economy. How damaging on a scale of one to ten is that going to be? I would reckon it'll be about a seven point five. Yeah. You're there this this is going to be disastrous and good for McConnell for taking a step forward. And engaging in this in this political gamesmanship with them and getting them on the record. They're gonna have nowhere to go dig about it, folks. Right. A lot of you have seen most of you have seen political commercials your bartered with them, and you will be soon coming up for twenty twenty. Can you imagine what this is going to look like when Kamla Harrison others who have to vote on this thing? Now, keep in mind. What's the position the quandary therein in right now? Joe again, let's scratch past the patina and get to the deeper analysis. It's one thing for them to go on the record publicly to appease their donors volunteers and say, yeah, yeah. This thing is nice. And I support it Koba charts been a little more hesitant. What does that do? Joe? It keeps the money flow in the volunteers. Happy comma, Harris said, it's great. It's an entirely different thing to take a vote now getting back to where I was going with this you see those campaign commercials. How many times have you seen fact check articles and other things appear in the corner of a political ad that shows someone voting yes or no for a disastrous piece of legislation. Do all the time. Never forget being up in Maryland Jones, Andy Harris, he's a Republican congressman he has a pretty good job up there and anti Harris had voted for the fair tax, which is a really great piece of legislation by the way in the fair tax is a national sales tax now the national not to get off topic here, but the national sales tax is in lieu of the income tax. But of course, they didn't put that in the attack. Right. So they put me attack edge. So I'll never forget this ad because it was powerful. Even it was a lie. It said Andy Harris is voting for a national sales tax look at how he voted. It said, you know, HR number. The harris. Yes, like Yay. Right. That was a powerful Ed so much. So I remember it to this day. Even though the ally Andy Harris was voting for a national sales tax. He was voting for it in lieu of income tax, which is far more efficient way to tax. He's a conservative Republican. Can you imagine Joe? Can you imagine the attack is for Harris Sanders, Warren and others when they're going to have to take a yes? Vote on this. Now, you may say, well, they could just vote. No, how are they going to vote? No, they're all under record already making public statements at they supported this thing. So your choices are this. Appeal to your primary voters and win the democrat nomination by going on the record in voting for this disaster. And then getting annihilated in the general election with attack is that will never stop showing you voted to eliminate gase cows air travel and cars. Or come out publicly, which they already did say you support this an invoke. No. And look like Joe a total hypocrite while also forfeiting away those donor dollars. Volunteer time for people who were expecting you to support this thing. What the heck is that? That was where do you find this is I didn't even it sounded like a rapid Dogar, son? I have no idea. Joe always take it over complete control of the audio production soundbites portions of the show, I have no idea where he gets a lot of this stuff. That was good now. Another factor. So just to sum up where we were. We'll move on. Yes, sir. Taking this vote is going to get Democrats running for president on the record where they are in the screen new deal. They are going to have to vote. Yes. Because they've already come out supported it. They didn't think McConnell was going to put it on the floor. Now that he's put it on the floor for a vote. They have no choice other than open themselves up to general election attack ads by showing their voting record on the most disastrous economic Bill in modern US history outside of ObamaCare, the green new deal, again, not a huge fan of Mitch. But this was a strong strong move and one one more thing on this, folks. This is going to turn a lot of the swamp rat inside baseball Democrats against a okay, CEO Cortez who are now going to be angry at her and Ed Markey. The Massachusetts Senator for putting this thing out there, and forcing them all on record. Yes, sir. Even Howard Schultz, the independent candidate former CEO a Starbucks who said he's going to run for president has called degree new deal. Not realistic. I told you folks, this thing is going to be a complete disaster. Okay. Moving on. I got a couple more stories. I wanna get you. I have an article from the hill in the show notes today. I'd like you to check out. It's a really good one. Pooping my point again that these low tax states are are attracting like a magnet people to them while high tax states are suffering. Now, listen, this is an argument me living in Florida and Joe who still up in Maryland where I used to live. It's where I met you. It's an argument brought up before it's not a complicated. One. Everybody knows people are leaving for Texas and Florida to escape the high tax bad business environments and a lot of these states, but ladies and gentlemen, the data the hill is not a right wing rib website by any stretch. But the piece is interesting because it doesn't only talk about a gross numbers of people. In other words, the actual numbers of people leaving it talks about percentage change in population to and the name is conclusive. So who are the losers while the losers are New York and California again, California people are leaving in droves? Now the net population of California's not decreasing because the illegal population of California is moving up, and obviously they do manage to attract some people back in. But large numbers of people have been fleeing California and New York who are the winners, Texas and Florida are leading the way in the gross number of people headed in. But Joe importantly leading the way in percentage population change, not just the actual numbers of people. Idaho, Utah and our Zona again, three states largely dominated by Republican conservative politicians. And also business friendly state now, none of this is a mystery, folks. The mystery I want to bring up the show is why to some of the people who leave New York and California, then go to these states understanding many of them are leaving for the poor economic conditions high taxes, and then vote for the same thing when they get down to states like Texas and Florida where I live. I'm just humbly asking the liberals that listen to the show. I know you're out there. I read your emails, I see your commentary on Twitter. I know you're angry and everything, but I'm asking you just say commonsense question if you are fleeing a series of policies, you've deemed devastating enough that you have to pick up your home, your kids and your family and moved to another state to escape them. Why do you then go to that state and try to vote in some of the same nonsense? Why you don't only see that state state show? And you see it interested as well. I'll give you an example from the state Joe lives in when I ran in Maryland in western Maryland, Montgomery County is one of the most liberal counties in Maryland. It's a DC suburb packed with government workers and a lot of liberals. Montgomery County abuts Frederick county to the north Frederick county used to be a blood red conservative county. Frederick county is now changing southern Frederick county, which is up against the Montgomery County line is now largely Democrats why. Because even within the state people were fleeing Montgomery County up into a redder Republican Frederick county. And then we're voting in some of the same things they tried to escape in Montgomery County. Why are you doing this? This is not even commonsense. On your part. It's common sense on our part. We know what are you? Doing sounds like insanity to me. It's like the definition of insanity. Doing the same stupid things expecting a different result ES, sir. Please stop we. We there's multiple reasons I'm down here in Florida. But I'm not gonna lie to you lack of a state income tax is pretty darn good. I got a raise right away because we worked from home. Man, california. Even California's acknowledging you see the story yesterday, California, high speed rail, the new governor of California Gavin Newsom a far left progressive liberal how to pull the plug on their high speed rail project. This is the same high speed rail Alexandria case Cortez wants to put across the entire United States. Ladies and gentlemen. They couldn't even make high speed rail work between San Francisco and LA in far left, California between two population centers. You wanna make this crisscross the entire United States? You're escaping California because of stupidity like this stopped voting the stupid and elsewhere. Okay. Couple last things. I want to get you a funny story out there about a funny and kind of tragic at the same time funny because they're such snowflakes, but tragic because it's ironic that the media seemed to miss the irony of their own story. So you may have heard the story Joe Bloomingdale's had a shirt on their rack a t-shirt. Yeah. It was a yellow t shirt that read across the front fake news. So apparently, some reporter walking through a Bloomingdale saw this and was deeply offended. I mean, that's the funny part that there's such snowflakes. I've argued repeatedly that the reason I always stay semi optimistic about the future of the country and the conservative movement and good Republicans out. There is Joe we're hard. We're we're hard people we've developed, you know, calluses over the years from constantly constantly being being called the worst of humanity. And having a debate on remember, Democrats and liberals don't debate on ideas. They debate on emotion will host cares. A right. Okay. That's great. That sounds terrific. Healthcare's a right, but a right creates an obligation for someone else. That's what a right is. So if you're going to declare healthcare right that creates an obligation on a doctor nursing administrator in a hospital to provide you a service for free to work for you for nothing. Whether you want to pay for it or not seeing it's us engaging in substance while liberals have engaged in emotion over the years, which have made us hard. I know I said the beginning to show I have a thin skinned to criticism. And I do which is good. But I'm hard on the facts and debates side, I have to do my homework. I'm on FOX constantly debating, the liberals the best they have they throw at us on cable news, I have to be prepared. And so two you. That's many many of you listen to the show. So the snowflake crowd, which is deeply offended by this fake news shirt. They're not the future. They don't have any ability to engage in any kind of substantive back and forth. And I think over time truth actually matters, especially with the wide dissemination of information through the through the internet era, where it's not just Walter Cronkite, and Dan rather anymore telling the American people what to believe we will win in the long run. I sorry. I don't mean to get off tracks back to the fake news story. So the snowflake reporter tweets to Bloomingdale's about this -fensive. I can't believe you put this out there. And then Pamela would another one out there. Another other snowflake chimes in another reporter how we and Bloomingdale's by the way in another snowflake move. I won't be shopping in there anymore. I never shopped near anyway, my wife's probably like, Omar good, right policy. She but Bloomingdale's panics and says, we're we'll remove this jerk. Gimme a break with the snowflakes, but the boy to this. The irony of the whole thing that these media folks, Joe apparently missed this through right? They believe in free speech and open media, and they're actively using their social media profiles to bully and a free market enterprise Bloomingdale's into pulling down a shirt, which defends them. But they don't see the irony there, and they completely miss, and it's why I told you I have no faith these media lunatics in the long run. They will discredit just sit back and watch the ride folks that media will do will discredit themselves all on their own. You don't need to help them advance the football. You don't need to give them a vitamin B twelve shot of discrediting energy. They will do it all on their own. Let me circle back to the beginning of the show. They did it on the collusion hoax knowing there was no evidence they've done. It by reporting fake news repeatedly about the Trump team. The media will discredit itself. Just sit. It back and watch the right? You need to get. That fake news shirt doubt. Really? This is what we're doing you. So deeply offended, but do you know, how many shirts out there? I see shake Lavarra's shirts. Impeach Trump Shire's guy in my gym about six months ago. It's you about three months ago walk into right? A conservative Jim, by the way, packed full of concerns with an impeach Trump shirt on now Joe if you were to walk around with a maga- hat and a liberal Jim in Manhattan, you're taking your life into your own hands. You there? It is politics, right? Shirt up at cool. You are taking you have to get like a light dumbbell to defend yourself. You may have to go with someone this guy walked around the gym this liberal kid with this impeach Trump show. And you know, what happened to him? Joe take a guess nothing. Nothing happened to you cheated because I told you this story before, but he didn't even you wouldn't even need the cheat. Nothing happened. He worked out. Nobody cared, nor did I I don't know if he was peacocking shirt like we were all supposed. Nobody cared. Knock yourself out, buddy workout. Nobody cared. I'm telling you not one person bat an eyelash a couple of people probably snickered and laughed at him. They just moved on. But the snowflakes can't take it. This is why in the long run. We will always win. This fight truth has to matter. You know when you disagree book. My wife, and I both read called the road less travel. By m Scott, peck, it was a bestseller for like five years or something. It's a really I'm not into self help books at all believe me. But it really is a transformative book from a Harvard psychiatrist who has extensive experience interviewing trouble people and came to a number of conclusions about people who are pathological liars and narcissists, and how sooner or later, you know, you're going to have to accept the truth. And there's a point is book where he discusses the fact that that civilised human civilization seems to be defying the laws of physics this quick. I don't wanna boy. But this it's an interesting point. Joe how everything in natured you notice over time has this tendency towards entropy or disorder you put oil globule globules and water. They don't order themselves. They disperse randomly. Right. You know, you blow a Dan the lion into the air. It doesn't. They don't go single file. They chaotically blow wherever the wind. Throwing them you see that scene from Jurassic Park where the scientists puts the drop of water on the female, scientists hand and says, it's isn't it amazing? How it never runs in the same direction twice due to the hairs on your hand sweat everything moves towards chaos, but as peck points out in his book except humanity humanity over time has gone from Neanderthal to savagery. Two semi chaos. To summit Lee sense of order and dignity where the barge majority of people across the globe, become more prosperous, less hungry. More knowledgeable everything it's happened to humankind. I believe it's because we've been touched by the hand of God as moved to from savagery towards order in the exact opposite way nature intense for everyone else, you let your bushes grow. Do they grow in a straight line? No, they grow chaotically. I say that because truth matters, and we the conservative movement. The liberty lovers out there. We are on the right side of this. The media's not they've been called out for lies dishonesty propaganda snowflake ary, the lack of truth telling over and over. Their approval ratings are in the tank, we're on the right side of this. Smile a little bit. We will win this in the long run. All right one last story. I just want to bring up quickly. Interesting polling data out there about this Medicare for all why am I bringing this up because again, a harking back to the green new deal vote McConnell's going to call on the floor, which is going to put these presidential Senate candidates on the record and in a very very damaging position in the general election against Trump. Joe nine a primary there is another issue out there that is going to do significant damage to the Democrats this Medicare for all issue is creating another quandary for them dilemma, the dilemmas this show this Medicare for all and the accompanying taxes in the wiping out of private insurance, actually polls. Okay. On the democrat side, not great. But okay, slim majorities. Now, Joe if you want to win democrat primary to be the nominee for president. Do you think you want to be on the positive side of that issue with the negative side? Obviously, you want to be on the positive side, which even know Medicare for all is only a slim majority of Democrats, it's still a majority. What's the problem? Joe? How do you think this issue polls amongst the general electorate, Democrats and Republicans at independence if I told you Joe it pulled horribly? Do you think that would be a winner winner chicken dinner moment? Yes. Yeah. Okay. It probably I caught you off guard. Yeah. Their polls horrendously it polls horribly when people find out that Medicare for all is going to involve a near doubling of their tax rates in the white ping out of their own personal insurance plan, they freak out. The polls are in ten to twenty percent. So just like the green new deal vote. The Democrats are in a classic dilemma if I don't vote for the green new deal. I'll lose my primary, and if I lose my primary, I'll never get to run in the general. But if I do vote for the green new deal, I'm on the record for policy where I'm gonna get smoked in the general, but I never would have gotten into first place. The exact same dilemma is being posed by Medicare for all. And that's why Sanders and a lot of these others presidential Warren and others are on the record supporting this. But they know it's a lie because in general, they are going to have to run from this thing because it is an apocalyptic electoral disaster. Big storm clouds on the horizon for the Democrats running for president, folks. All right. Thanks again for tuning in, folks. Really? Appreciate it today was another stack show, please subscribe to my Email list. I can send you these articles we discussed on the show every day. In addition police subscribe to the show in is free. It's available on tunein. It's available on iheartradio. Where it's a follow button. It is all free. Subscriptions that help us move up the charts and help other people find the shows on pod bay and the I tunes top charts. That really helps them move this up a lot. So if you don't mind subscribing, we deeply appreciate it. Thanks a lot folks. I'll see all Tamar. You just heard the Dan Bongino show. You can also get Dan's podcast on itunes, soundcloud, and follow Dan on Twitter. Twenty four seven at dbongino.

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