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Bonus: Ten Years


This podcast discusses domestic violence criminal behavior murder and adult themes while not explicit listener. Discretion is advised. I this is a bonus episode of cold. I'm Dave Collie it's been ten years since Susan Powell disappeared. If you've listened to cold up to this point then you are very familiar with her story. If you are just coming to this podcast I encourage you to check out. All of the earlier episodes they will help provide context to what you are about to hear but for summary Marie Sake. Here is a brief rundown on December. Seventh two thousand nine Susan's two boys. Four year old. Charlie and two year old brayden failed to show up for daycare. It soon became clear that Susan and her husband. Josh Powell had also failed to arrive at work. That's snowy morning. Josh returned that afternoon with the boys he told police he had taken them camping. He claimed to have no idea where Susan might be or what might have become of of. Her suspicion immediately fell on Josh from both police and the public but josh was never arrested and never faced charges. Susan's body has never been found. The investigation uncovered a disturbing dynamic within the Powell family. Joshua's own father. Steve Powell had developed an infatuation with Susan. He even propositioned her. An advance. Susan refused Steph's crimes including voyeurism and possession of child pornography cost Josh custody of his sons but in two thousand twelve during a court authorized visit Josh killed himself and the boys by setting fire to a home he had rented in Washington. I recently sat down with Susan's parents chuck and Judy Cox to discuss their daughters legacy. And how the past decade has affected them. My particular things to judy for taking part as this marks the first time she has shared her perspective in the cold. podcast there's been. Something of a resurgence surgeons in the public interest in Susan Story. When I I reached out to you awhile back to me it felt like the attention had very much faded faded? And we're seeing now. You know the cable shows the dateline the podcast right and it's kind of like it's almost reaching fever pitch again. It feels like how's that been for you to see this kind of brought up again. It was hard for me reliving. The most I mean the days came back in the day. The boys died or problems. Ah they're not pleasant but I'll get through this. It's okay. Her story needs to be Out there and I can deal with that and I'm not as spokesperson as much as it's I just don't feel that comfortable in front of cameras is easy for him and just kind of personal of the family but also want to help others and I want people to know the story so so it doesn't happen to them and as you look at that ten year mark from where we were when Susan I disappeared until now how has your life changed forever. Changed in one day is forever changed and and now we become spokespersons against domestic violence and and our our path is kind of set out before us. I wondered when I retire from the way. What would I do not have to worry about that anymore? I'm going to keep doing what I can to help other people and then help Keep looking for my daughter and keep Helping people that are in this situation. Escape domestic violence possible console the The relatives and of those victims and their families and stuff. So they are they can deal with the situation that they're coming to That's great you and I when we talked For the PODCAST. You told me you know how many people had reached Out To share those stories in and when you said that to me then I hadn't had the experience of having that myself exactly and now that I've had even just a small glimmer of what you've experienced with those messages and phone calls. It's it's inspiring but it's also a very for me draining. Oh definitely it takes so much energy to show that empathy does that. Does that affect you. I think it comes natural to him. It does but it's in a good way. Yeah 'cause you know you're helping that person and and I don't take their problems on myself because you can't help them and I can't help them. They have to help themselves selves. They have to follow the advice. You give them and get to the professionals who can help them. You can't take that on you or you would go nuts the real quick so it's draining in. Its you had to be attentive immediate. Do your best but on the other hand. It's gratifying that you can help somebody in an. I'm not going to give them false hope but I will give them a realistic view and some positive things they can do for themselves. I have experienced a what they need to be watching out for and what am I can give them a realistic look. What they're smoking at? So don't base. Is your whole opinion with the police file. said I mean that's a really great point right. One of the things that has been very instructive for me is trying to understand the situation from the multitude of perspectives. EXAC as you experienced differently than the friends here in Utah experienced than the detectives experience. Then we in the media experienced absolutely ooh I'd also disliked can't believe I'm saying this. I do believe the West Valley city. Police gave it their all and they tried real hard and they did a lot of searches and they did do a lot of work a lot of people while they messed up. We always always can mess up and Do you do you think they plan that no. They were doing everything they could think of that that made sensor and they wanted a happy ending. Well it hasn't happened but they tried and may be with others. You know other stories. Police aren't Miracle Workers Third Their police in. They're trying to do their job. But we also felt frustrated about things but I I knew they were working hard and doing their best. Can you see a point Where either of you both of you say I? I've done this enough in. It's time to to stop being in front the cameras in in talking like this. I don't think he'll ever stop me. I might stay off for a period retire or something because it took me a long time to be willing to get in front of cameras or answer questions because it it hurts hurts it was nice. Things quieted down. I mean it was okay but then I get calls from a few people all about their situation and We'll see where that goes for them and and see. Maybe we can make a difference because I think it's something that people will help people. I know it house and also if they're not in this situation hopefully they're listening because who knows down the Rhode King come up an accident or you know family issue or something to where they can remember something that he said that will help them. We're going to take a pause here for a word from our sponsors but will return with more from this special interview with Chuck Can Judy Cox Marking Ten years since the disappearance of their daughter. Susan Powell right after this with the podcast. I've seen a lot of young women who are seventeen. Eighteen nineteen years old. Who are listening? Because of their age didn't hear about Susan when this was all happening and they're they're hearing it for the first time and having a very different experience than Either of US right in in living that in real time but they're but they're learning so much from it and they'll someone your age age who is what would you be. Would you be Susan's ages head so since you three years you delve. Lv into it. Did you have any clue how sick and twisted this stuff was. Even even with what I knew about Josh and Steve which which was enough to know these guys are not good role when you really look at with the close focus It is I mean the word disturbing can't even begin to cover and has changed who you are. Yes and it changed how you deal with people people and you are now better. Qualified are better able to help people and there's decisions and seeing these things differently really the thing. I was with the reason the police released. The file is because we were going to sue them if they didn't so then they released a redacted. Copy though you don't have to sue US okay. The reason they release reset the unredacted copy because we were going to sue them. Because try and get this because I want more people to look at it and work on it and the thing I didn't want because has rejected files and and seeing their files is they had all steve's garbage and I didn't WanNa look at it and I don't want to look at it I didn't have have to look at it because everybody else look a few other people looked at it and I thank you so much for putting up with it and going to that and and stuff. So it's it's just something that needed to be done in a story told that I couldn't have told as Susan's bother. I couldn't could've toll it with any credibility or any objectively would all be a question where somebody else could. And that's that's you you show me things I had no clue about the depravity or the how bad it was and I'm glad I didn't. There was one time I went to the House House. Josh was supposed to take care of the boys and Susan. I gotta go out and do something. I don't remember what it was anyway. A but she She forgot something. I have to go back and come with me okay. Let's be quiet we don't want to the boys will WANNA I don't want to have to say no okay so we're going up the stairs to the second floor and she retrieves something but as soon as I got the top the store the stairs I she looked at me she goes. Do you feel it. I go what I go. I feel uncomfortable. I not exactly happy to be here. She goes you feel the evil. She kept things in perspective that was Steep House House. Steve Pals Yeah. They reached something at the top of the stairs. Dart at I thought that was interesting that she would say that to me yet. I'll bring that up in all of that really ugly environment that she found herself in through no action of her own right aside from meeting the wrong guys for initial mistake. Yeah for her to persist as long as she did in being the champion of her own value beak so much to her character. And I honestly believe it's an inspiration. Two people who hear her story myself included so I think the boys are lot big part of it so those kids meant everything to her and she was a real good. Mother need to learn from lessons from the past for the future. And this this is one of those lessons that can be repeated off and on S. needs to be. It'll be a little differently but you know it's still the same story good versus evil trying hard and you know and one of my daughters who has rejected everything. She was raised on We'll say leave it there but anyway he's okay. I WanNa talk to you and I need your help and everything but don't tell me to about prayer or God and I'm going pray when you have a question and that's what I've done so I don't understand how anybody can handle it without that kind of support include including Susan when when I was reading through so so much of Susan's writings and she's talking about going to her bishop asking for that council going to the temple and praying about it and it seemed very important to me that that part of Susan's life experience be presented so that people can understand Dan. It's not just what any one of US perceives about. Our our personal feelings about religion aren't was important. It's what Susan believed right and doing doing justice and honor to that. And when Steve and Josh who were Steve This openly that he wants to destroy the church. Jesus Christ latter-day Saints when they say well. She didn't really like it he was all well. Let's let that was ridiculous and you know she was trying to live it Josh. We're taking advantage that when he was looking for a woman within the church search. You know the very thing he saying that he didn't care about in the only waste reasons. He stuck around. As long as she did is she was trying to follow every everything along those that the church taught and she was not given up on him. Even though it was clear to me in the beginning of this there was nothing to be true to begin as soon as I started but but once it did she was going down that road and she kept investing time and energy and and love and stuff to try. Try and bring him back and save him and all that when he was a loss case from the beginning. I don't know I would never dreamed. Winded Steve was as messed up as he was their families as messed up his. I don't know how you would ever comprehend that I don't think anyone who's not actually lived it and including myself can really understand what the dynamics of the Palley were how how strange it was. We stayed away from Steve because we figured it. He wasn't good news and wasn't a pro. We didn't have to be there so we stayed away from it. Which as most people would you just avoid those issues? He's so it's opener is to that I guess I believe there is evil. And there's certainly good and there's gardeners there's a disc Satan and I think when you go down that pass here you're subject told that aren't making bad choices you make like the responsibility was on Josh to to not make those decisions right. But also he was. Steve taught him to be who he was. And Steve's parents affected MSU brought out in there and is that a terrible i. It's just a sad waste of life. Waste of time and tragedy that his time life his steve ruined his family and his but is he a victim. And who's going to judge judge stat by STAT I. I don't know what his life was like a child. I don't know what his parents lice were. So as much as I he was and what he did in the situation he did. Who can judge that not me? It worries me when I see people. People Focus too much on Steve Right when the focus needs to be on Susan. It's about Susan and where she is. I think the right time she'll be found and if not you know there's a whole lot of people in the world let her missing people will never see they're gonna get so at least not on this earth but to to your point I mean I have that house as well yeah. There's hope so if it's been ten years years we still haven't found her living day to day as we always do and every time every time there's Zabad pound every time there's a you know could ever found somewhere we start wondering is this. The one is our awaken. Be Over. We'll we'll be able to put her whatever's left to her to rest with their but were fateful or whoever is found even even though it remains. It's still good. Take matter how hard that has to be. It's hard but I think it's harder not knowing I mean we don't know yet or you know I love to be wrong and she blocking the door sometime or get a call. Hey there's this person you know I've had dreams. Were that has happened waking up thicky. She's home they'll dream. Aw but it was a good dream you know for that day. It was a piece moment. That was If Susan story sounds familiar in your own life in other words if you or someone you know is experiencing domestic abuse in any form. Please get immediate help in the. US support is a phone. Call Away at the national domestic violence hotline at one eight hundred seven nine nine seven two three three four online at www dot the hotline dot. Org My thanks again to chuck and Judy Cox for their candor and continued. Willingness is to share their daughter. Susan's story thanks as well to my colleague Nina Ernest for her work. Editing this episode Michael Bond Miller composed the music for cold old with additional sounds and songs by me. Cold is a production of K._S._l.. podcasts thank you for listening.

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