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I take your take on ESPN radio, the ESPN APP. siriusxm channel eighty and the ESPN news I'm Jason Fitz start you with some headlines around the world sports that you need to know former Washington bullets, player and coach Wes. UNSELD died Tuesday morning. According to his family, he was seventy four years old family said in a statement that he had lengthy health issues most recently with pneumonia family statement quote. He was the rock of our family, and extremely devote extremely devoted patriarch who rebelled and being with his wife Children, friends teammates. He was our hero in love playing basketball. Basketball and working around the game of basketball for the city of Baltimore and Washington DC City, proudly wore on his chest for so many years our condolences go out to the unsettled family next up on the headlines You need to know we'll stick in the world of the NBA, and it revolves around Zion Williamson remember there are accusations that the Zay on had some benefit in going to Duke, and it's gone to court at this point well, a Florida State Court judge on Tuesday denied the PELICANS rookie requests to stay discovery into whether he was eligible under. Under NCWA rules when he played one season at Duke, so the Eleventh Circuit Court judge ruled that Williamson will be required to answer in interrogation into I'm not even going to try and say questions and requests for admissions from attorneys at this point, who are suing there are two attorneys suing Williamson for one hundred million dollars for breaching their marketing agreement, so we'll see what that means moving forward. Obviously, as we continue all eyes on what that will mean next, and lastly over the weekend, former Indiana football player Chris Beatty was shot and killed Saturday night. Night in Indianapolis during violent weekend in the city, except for multiple gunshot wounds during a shooting late Saturday night at a downtown intersection was pronounced dead at the scene. He was thirty eight. Our condolences go out to his family as well as I take your take on ESPN radio, the ESPN. APP Siriusxm Channel Eighty Espn News were presented by Progressive Insurance I'm Jason Fitz. You know the phone number triple eight say ESPN, eight, eight, eight, seven, nine, three, seven, seven six. Now you're listening every day you listened yesterday. A got the opportunity yesterday to come on air and. Speak to the nation and speak his truth and speak to people about what's on his heart, and on his mind, and that's an incredible opportunity for Steven, and I'm thankful that Stephen they got to take this and do some good with it. It's incredible at the same time. I have plenty of things I want to say also and so. We're going to do that today and you. You know if you've listened to me on any format at this. This point that escapism is something that I often preach off and say hey, you come to espn, because you WanNa, get away, and you come to ESPN, because you wanna think about different things and I understand that whether it was a music whether it's in sports, I always took that responsibility seriously to give everybody the opportunity to think of other things, unfortunately in the world that we're in right now. I don't think that that's the right thing and. And if anything I find myself after days of questions and conversations was so of my close friends, wondering if that was ever the right approach of I just sat back behind escapism, and said man. I'm going to provide escapism because it's much easier than talking about difficult issues, so that's what we're going to do. We're going to have a real conversation today and we're going to do it in a different way than I think you've ever heard anywhere. Anywhere before on these on these shows about these issues, you're going to hear some I take, we'll start there, but after that we're going to get some real conversations that Iran open honest between me, and some of my closest friends here at ESPN that I respect the heck out of that happened also be black, and that conversation is going to be real, open and honest from them, and from me about what we can be doing better. Approach things differently. What needs to change in the world? What I could be doing better. Would they be doing better? It's a real open raw moment, and I think what I'm trying to accomplish over the next two hours, if anything, but I'm trying to accomplish, is bring some of what I've learned just from having better conversations with people that I love and respect over the last week I've learned. I've grown and I. Hope that over the course. Course of the next couple of hours we can do that together if you WANNA be a part of this conversation I will let you we won't shy away from a triple eight. Say Espn, eight, eight, eight, seven, nine, three, seven, seven six year. Welcome to call in. You're welcome to get your points in, and we're welcome to have new welcoming the conversations with what I'm not interested in today is a debate I'm interested in a discussion. Discussion a real discussion where everybody has an emphasis on not just speaking, but also listening. That's what we're going to accomplish. We're going to start with some straight talk. Straight talk. Wireless doesn't play Games. The unlimited plan twenty-five gigs of high speed data then two G. for just forty five bucks. A month saves you up to fifty percent against the big carriers, no contracts compromise savings may vary terms and conditions at straighttalk dot com we'll start. Start with the straight talk came from Michael Collins. We all know Michael. Collins says a great job for this network covering obviously Gulf well, he joined I take today because part of the process we're going through now is seeing comments and statements from teams and athletes will tiger woods came out and made his statement, and the question is. How does that statement now make him look Michael Collins joined Steven A. and Max and they discussed it. When and what is right as far as if you're an athlete? That's an African American. If you're a young kid as Herald said. Let's say you're a rookie in a major sport that just came out and came from the hood. How can you take the right amount of time to think about how you feel and get that out there in an eloquent way when people are going to look at you and say you either took too long or calling out calling you out to come out and say something, and if you do come out and say something, are you saying how you feel I? Had people already reach out to me and say? Can you need my and talk about this and my response was i. don't know how. In a constructive. Way To respond to something because of the anger that I was go ahead. Is Five Michael said direct because I brought up tiger woods. Tiger Woods not a rookie in some league. Who doesn't know how to deal with this? He's been around for decades now he is, he has had access to information. Education resources all over the place I'm reminded this is a sport Augusta no African American members till nine thousand nine, no female members till two thousand twelve, and when Tiger was going to play at Augusta. Maybe in the early two thousands that became an issue. Why aren't there any female members? He though he had profited profited from a Nike. Commercial exploiting the idea that Oh, I was not allowed to be here and there once upon a time when it came time to stand up for women who were being excluded, he really didn't do anything and again he made it. He made a statement about respect for the office of the President without and tried to make it sound as though he wasn't talking about like he was trying to have it both ways and here he makes a plausible statement. It's fine on the surface, but I am dissatisfied with it. Well You. Michael Hold on, Michael Hogan What you miss it Max. Here's what you missed it Max! You GotTa understand with certain people don't know either. Don't know or not comfortable with who they are. You comfortable your own skin Michael. Collins is comfortable in his skin. Tiger Woods, want you know on national airwaves when it's one on national airwaves and wouldn't identify himself with his own blackness when we all know when the COP stop you day. No, you black I mean we know this already. So you have certain people that are comfortable within a certain people that are not what I'm saying to black America, and what I'm trying to educate White America about as well as understand the difference. There's a difference between somebody WHO's oblivious. Somebody who's ignorant Dan. They're fearful of their own identity. As opposed to somebody who's very comfortable and literally choose as despite their comfort to be cowardice. This difference because that's where cow it comes from cow. It doesn't come from. State shower. This comes from you know exactly who you are. What you are. You accept it, but did you WANNA be week? When the moment calls for you to be strong, that's entirely different. That'd be lost, and so would argue that when it comes to blackness at least in the past because I don't know tiger, woods and I'm not trying to denigrate the mayor personally, but when it comes to blackness you knowing you are a black man, and that is how you going. Be perceived once upon a time. Dog Woods came across the somebody who didn't know any better. Yes I think that's an excellent important distinction. Just me, but Stephen and Michael throws you Michael. However. He got there. He got there, and and if you want to say, he's lost as we black men. That's your prerogative I'm saying I'm not saying that now. Being an American citizen who is observing what is happening. He made an oak case statement. That's technically okay on the surface, but his points of emphasis Grell me. That it has not either hasn't been thought through clearly, or if he has I don't like the way he thinks. It's it comes down to. It's a it's a question of eloquence. This is a question of eloquence and speaking, and this is what I was saying as far as coming out with statements, and this is how Varna. The third and I completely agree with this. It is so difficult as someone who is viewed publicly when you are angry and you WanNa, be tell people in your words that it's okay to lash out knowing that that is not necessarily the right thing to do at this time, so that's what there's a lot of. Of Times comes down to is you are asking people who feel anger and feel a wanting need to go i? Don't want to turn the other cheek anymore. I'm sick doing that. It's not okay. You're asking those people to go. We need you to come forward and say peace. We need peace at this time. We need discussion. We need to talk and it's hard to ask athletes to do things like that regardless of their stature in their sport. It doesn't what I'm saying is as an African American citizen of this country. How many times is enough and now you go to athletes and you say we need you to calm everyone down or our voice knowing that a lot of times what is underneath our voice is still that anger and disappointment and frustration. That's Michael Collins. Take today from I. Take I take your take on ESPN radio. The ESPN APP Siriusxm Channel Eighty Espn News. I'm Jason Fitz presented by progressive. Insurance as they're told you. We're going to spend the next couple of hours. Having some real honest conversations that are raw and open and we're going to listen. That's that's my objective. Here is to be incredibly real with some people that I consider to be close friends now. I understand that that's going to create a counter argument to that from some of the audience and I let that argument come through Kevin in Pennsylvania I. Expect this I know we're going to get it some so go ahead. What's your take on it? I I just I mean. I in part of this conversation, just yards. I mean I. Luckily I'm one of demographic who has been personally affected by this I know everybody should definitely raise awareness. But I mean I work in Pennsylvania or work at Harris Hospital in Pennsylvania, and and you know the line with everything. You have been be the floor. I worked for your and how? About a schism I prefer ESPN like trying to focus on scores I'm excited that sports are possibly coming back. and. It's almost like I'm being forced to be part of this conversation. I know that it's kind of bad to say, but it's in a way. To the SPN is supposed to Congress or conversation about sports. It's not really about sports. It's about the issue and I. Understand that everybody should definitely raise awareness for it, but at the same time whatever I'm trying to go home from work. I'm being stock and force being behind protesters that are right for my work on. the first street. And I can't go home nine, so it's almost like you know being forced to be part of this real like of this conversation and I just prefer to do my own thing. And just Kinda live my life and I know that's what everybody else is trying to do. But at the same time like I said luckily demographic that hasn't been. The hasn't been affected by this personally, and it's just one of those things are just don't want him in our station on force. Give what you get what you're saying. Stick sports is going to be part of this conversation for a lot of people. I understand that people will say stick to sports as a nature because that's why he came to espn and I am foremost. You're working in hospitals. Man Thanks, thanks for what you're doing. You're putting yourself at risk, and and that means the world and you know obviously that's been a big part of our conversation. Conversation as well and look if you listen to this show for more than two or three days. You know that's what we typically do I. Hope that over the course of the last couple of years. My work at ESPN that has been largely focused on sports gives me a little bit of wiggle room here on something that matters to me in while you said I understand, you know. Hey, this doesn't necessarily directly impact you. It does this impacts everybody, and at some point, if we can use whatever our collective voices to improve the situation I, think that's what we're obligated to do, and that's what I WANNA do today we're. We're joined now by Dominique Foxworth of the undefeated. Dominique is not only one of the smartest people that I know, but dominic also somebody I consider a friend so dominating. I've sat in the car and said the same exact thing. That the caller just said that there's an element of stick to sports and I. Want my escapism and I think my mind was blown couple of days ago. Frankly to be real talking to l., Dunkin and she said Hey. Escapism in another itself is a privileged. Many of us will never know so when you hear, people say you know stick to sports. They need the release. What is your retort to that? Yeah, I mean I. Don't have a retort honestly like they can have that opinion or or have that desire for us, but we don't have to listen. It's going to be uncomfortable for them, and it's going to be uncomfortable for us. I expect to criticize I'm not I'm. Not GonNa. Say like it necessarily but I'm not going to shy away from it, but it's not. I don't need to invent. Oh, feel like having to fight just to get an opportunity to speak about. It is somewhat a waste of time, and those are people who were going to have trouble reaching, and I'm not gonNA necessarily waste my time trying to convince him that the life that lives are important, but he said he works in hospital. All I understand he understands lines are important, and I understand that he probably of. Many people right now need a reprieve, but. It's the. Sixteen hundreds where there aren't options like there's lots of things can watch on TV or on streaming networks. He could read a book like there are plenty of things he can do to to get away can watch old sports. It's not like there's new sports talk about. If there's a sports story, it feels like the most outspoken and active people right now are athletes. Athletes so I don't understand how this is not sticking more like I I mean. I have empathy for people like that, but I wish that they had empathy for people like me well, and I think there's a power to what you were just talking about man like when you talk about sports, one of the things that really hits me when you go into. ME. I'm a raiders fan. Right like if I'm in a bar if I'm GonNa, Stadium and I'm watching the raiders game when the Raiders scored, there is no thought of WHO's next to me where they're from what their background is what they look like i. don't care like somebody's gotTa Raiders Shirt on I. I'm high five them at least in the old world right now we're all hugging. We're celebrating and so I think there's like this power mind and maybe I. Maybe I'm too altruistic, but if feels like the sports, community has already accepted diversity when we can find commonalities, so can't that be some sort of a launching pad to finding more commonality? I. Guess but I think the tough thing is. We tiptoe around the idea. Equality is going to require some five from The people who are benefiting from the the current structure, it's easy when you're in with the Raider Fan and someone scores a touchdown for you. That's good for him. We all feel better, but. For us to change a system that. Has Been structurally to the event of a group that they have enjoyed and I'm not naive enough to think that all white people are rich, are all white people have had an easy life like I understand that there's disparity there, but this national lie about the disproportionate nature and like the history don't lie the facts of the legislation that's been passed year after year and the person that takes place that has created this disparity like that that Israel so the idea that. There's going to be faced with the decision. So the raiders example is an interesting one because everyone who's GonNa defend writer sayings, but. At some point for real change to happen, they are going to need to sacrifice. They're going to need to put some skin in the game, and they're going to have to care, and they may not benefit from. It may not hurt them, but it may not benefit from it, and it's so hard like I just talked about. Everyone is inherently selfish. It is so hard to tell somebody being something because it's right and I know we all like to think we're good people, but this is like an opportunity to prove it being like good. Whatever that means like I think that means. Doing something that is helpful to other people, but is not to your benefit and making a sacrifice in that situation educated may not help you and I think we all have a obligated I think you are in some ways like living out that obligation by by doing shows like this right now. Because it may not benefit, you may turn off more of your listeners, then it will benefit, and I have the same feeling when I go on. Get up and and am. Aggressive about white people need needing to sacrifice or white people. Commit like I understand when I talk aggressively about team owners needing to do more like I. Know that they have a lot of power, and it may not benefit me in the long run, but I like maybe this is me some self-aggrandizement i. it makes me feel good, and I guess the same way sending out tweets make other people feel good and feel like they're having some impact I think they are having some impact, but I think that. That feeling is a is a nice one, and everyone likes to quote by or quote, Martin, Luther King when it serves their purposes, but there's plenty of stuff in there that would suggest in the Bible in the words of Dr King that Yes that the true measure of somebody is what they do for people who can't help them. Versus take your take on ESPN radio ESPN. News I'm Jason. Fitz talking to Dominic Foxworth Fox. We're brought to you by your neighborhood Sherwin Williams, so I'm going to be really blunt and open and honest here for the world like I grew up as some people may know with very little in a house. That wasn't particularly good and. One box Mac and cheese for the day for the family poor and didn't really have a Lotta means in a middle aged white guy. I hear white privilege, and that's a statement. That I just haven't known how to respond to for a long time because I didn't come from privileged means, so it's been missing associated in my head, and I think the awakening for me over the last couple of days I'm still trying to figure out how to better explain what it all means like. What would you say like how? How am I supposed to handle the conversation? where I don't feel like it came from privileged, but now I'm trying to understand that I do have it. Right I mean obviously absolutely did not come from a privileged and a family or financial situation, but I think L. explained it to. You already shit like their religious. You're afforded that you that we can never have I think that's one way to think about it was like. a black person can make enough money to get into the place that they need to get into or to do some of the things that they need to do, but they can never make enough money to not be treated like a second class citizen. In some ways they can never make enough money to to escape things. You can never have enough success that the issues impact. You and I think that's. That's one way I think you can go about. What it is they are like. Plenty of. I think things that are different, and there are assumptions made about you. That's a privilege. Their assumptions made about you. That aren't made about me necessarily. We walk into a room together. There's plenty of sumptious that are. That are going to be made. That would probably benefits before they benefit me especially in like look for those are I think. Privileges that people are talking about and L. is black woman I think. Woman is another dynamic that we just can't quite understand as a man. Their privileges that that I have that. Doesn't so I think that's the best way to explain it. Is there like some ingrained advantages and while not everyone every white person 'cause? in the best place right now or not. Every white person started and a perfect place are. Advantages or perks to just being a white dude, and I think they go without noticing or you go without You can go without notice because that's life I remember. This is probably a pretty bad example, but it'll. It'll get the point across I. Think Thirty Rock episode about like the handsome bubble. I think Jon Hamm where he was like a terrible doctor, but everybody's treated him so well, and it was just because he was so good looking and. I think that happens is like you think they are so smart. And you're so funny. Thing that happens to athlete, sometimes two or public figures where everyone laughs, a little harder jokes and do you think that you're so funny and you think that is because you're so great, or you make a lot of money and you're like. Oh, it's because I'm so smart. You don't necessarily recognize that there are other things that happened to benefits. Maybe those privileges don't leave you having a big house and a lot of money, but there are definitely privileges to being from for being born into the ruling class in this country. I'm GonNa Make Dominique stick with us for another segment. We're going to keep this conversation going. I've got more questions to ask him, and that's what we're doing here. If you're just tuning in I, take care. Take forever real open, honest conversation between two people that are friends, but need to have these conversations in a very real way for everybody I think it's important for the world right now I'm going to keep it going dominique. We're GONNA. 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Eighty ESPN news were presented by Progressive Insurance. Coding Home Insurance just got easier with progressives homequote explorer quote by all online at Progressive Dot Com. All of our guests appear on the Palestinian Shell Pennzoil. Performance on Evans said that got mixed up on and don't forget pennzoil. Synthetic Motor oils made from natural gas gives you unbeatable engine protection. The proof is in the pennzoil based on sequence for a where test using SA Five W.. We're doing something a little different here. Yes you guys can chime in triple eight. Say Espn Eight, eight, eight, seven, two, nine, three, seven, seven, six for once, and I do genuinely mean for once in my career ESPN. You know that I have largely been the person that sticks to escapism and sticks to sports for once. We're not doing that today. The issues that have been going on in the nation are important, and the conversations need to be had and you tuned. Yesterday wondered what we were thinking about. It had to be said about it, Stephen they had the opportunity to speak yesterday and I think that's. That's an incredibly positive thing for everybody across the country to get to hear his words on it, but I have a lot I want to say on it, too. Because I have meaningful relationships that I've been leaning on over the course of the last few days in the last couple weeks, asking a different question than ever before, and that question is what am I not doing? What could I be doing because I've never hidden behind the fact that I am obviously a turned forty three and a couple of days I'm almost forty three year old, middle, aged white dude. What do I know of these struggles? Why does anyone want to hear my voice and I've used that as a reason to not have some of these conversations, admittedly I've used the reason of escapism, and what it means to me, combined with the fact that I don't feel like my voice can resonate to this as reasons to not talk about it, and that's changed in. In me and that's something that I'm willing to evolve off of because I think it's more important ever that we all be having these conversations, because everybody is different audience, and as we all have different audiences, and we can talk about how we can do better, and I don't mean just as a country I mean I. Think sometimes we look at you. Know everything from. From the top down, we look at it and say well. You know this government official needs to be better. This person of high power needs to better be better. I'm charging everybody that's listening right now to be better in your own personal circle. I think it's incredibly important to start. Demanding better from the people that are in your life demanded tone, change demand some level. Level of passion from the people directly in your life every single day to start to affect change instead of waiting for everybody else to do it now. I've been talking to Dominic Foxworth. from the undefeated. Obviously you see Fox UC dominic all over the entire network and I appreciate you coming back on. I wanted to have another tough conversation with you because realistically. Here both sides of it we hear about the awfulness of what police brutality is, and then all of a sudden we start to see right. It's everything comes and turns around, and it's like well the riots or negating everything that we were trying to accomplish on the other side of it. There's this weird moment here feels like understandably. The black community is not comfortable around. Around police and understandably at the same time you've got higher criminal rates from African. American so you've got police officers more on edge when they're around the black community I can't figure out for the life of me how to own spin. All of what's going on because it feels like when both sides are on edge. How can anybody come to any sort of a resolution? So I think. When these type of debates, it's a, it's a real test of if you think if you really believe in all created equal. That's something that we all say and it's. Trying are legal documents that founded this nation if you really believe that. then I think it's an easy conclusion to come to so like. black rates of Of Crime are or higher, their high rates of crime, and for black people, then for white people and. Cars rates for black men than white men I. Understand that so then you ask why. And it seems obvious to me if you believe that all men are created equal that you have to believe that there are some contextual forces from external forces that create that habit. Maybe, it's the. Those neighborhoods. Maybe it's the history of slavery Jim Crow redlining to impoverish those communities, and there is not a poor community in the world of any color that you can find that there are not higher rates of crime that is obvious. All of us would signed any way. We could to provide for our families if we were in that situation and all of us if we. Were put in communities. That had subpar Education and had very little means for opportunity like the where the opportunity is is where you're going to gravitate, it's It's it just seems obvious to me because the alternative is suggesting that there is some interior already about that race, if if there's no other contextual factors to explain it, and that's not something that any of us who live here would say that we believe so. I think that negate that argument altogether and the. I'm glad you brought up the the rioting because that's something that's been. Bothering me, honestly not the writing necessarily but I it's obviously not good, and I wish that it wasn't happening, but reaction to the riding upsets me because I feel so much like the Capri Nick thing all over again. Where it's like we're going to debate. Whether the way they're going about. It is right or wrong rather than address the issue and like. I'm sure there's there's some evidence out there that black lives matter protesters are not the ones writing and black people aren't the ones riding, but is also evidence that some people are. Frankly I don't care I think that that is the writing is assisted. A symptom and everyone's been running around Cherry. Picking these Dr King quotes, and that's one of them that I think pretend how the riots are the voice of the unhurt so to me, it feels like saying well. Kapernick is I. Just don't like the way he's doing it. Rather than saying he has the reason. Reason why he's doing. This is legitimate, and we should address that it feels to me like someone who's overweight looking in the mirror and yelling at the flab underneath their arm, as if that's the reason why and that's the problem. That's actually a symptom of the fact that a for whatever reasons they are in that situation. Maybe that's a bad analogy, but you get the point. Jason. Dominique, do you make a really? Interesting part of that point to me, is you know, go back to my my personal background like my brother served time in prison and. Had A troubled childhood. And what's funny to me is as he grew up every time there was some sort of a outbreak and you know every time there was some sort of episode. Everybody looked at it, and we went through all the family therapy, things and mental health issues, and all that like as we looked at everything, it was always well why what's causing it? Why is he doing all of these terrible things and And you look at it with the common goal of Hey, if we can figure out the why we can figure out how to solve this. Maybe we can save him I. Wonder if it blows my mind as we see, the riots were so busy worrying about the rise. We're not asking why an entire group of people feel like. This is the only way they can be heard, and that's a fair question to start asking. I mean it's it's misdirection and I think again it goes back to whether you believe that we're all equal and I I try to remind myself like I'm not I? It feels like when we have this conversations that I put myself on a on a pedestal and think that I'm better than other people and I'm telling you how to act no i. know these things. Things are believed these things because I. see them in myself also and like I see the selfishness, and the and the desire to to take care of myself. I see that in me and I know it's a human instinct so like I I'm not saying it's like I know better because I am better, I'm saying I know better because I am worse and. And we need other people to Except accept bad about themselves. Also I'm be conscious about the efforts. They can do to address it, so I mean back to the the the writing point like I feel like it's. It's human nature and. If, you are looking for escape, and every way everywhere you turn You're getting blocked by something, and you call out for help, and you're not getting a life line from the people who could help you. Then I'm not sure how else you're supposed to react. And I know that I have to like couch this and all the PC stuff of like I'm not condoning the riots and violence is never to answer, but it does straight me when people are able to coop the conversation and say well. They're doing it wrong. You're you're hurting because if we haven't been fighting this for four hundred years. How many years you have to? Withstand oppression before violence is the answer, and I everyone says violence is not the answer, but you don't have to look very deep in any of our history books to find situations where quite obviously we thought violence was dance. You don't have to to look very hard in the Bible. Or whatever religion that you follow to find examples where violence is dancer and I understand that it right now. It doesn't feel like there's a direct path between looting and rioting, and in fighting. There may not feel like there's a direct pass from that to a better way, but there hasn't been a direct past. Four hundred years like I am not going to go out and loot and riot I'm not going to encourage anybody to do that but I'm also not going to sit up here and and pretend like I don't understand. Pretend like if I felt that I had no hope if I felt like there was no other opportunity, and if I am I and maybe like I wouldn't be surprised, so I wouldn't I would feel old and again. Maybe this is me with another bad analogy, but I was a third round draft, pick and in Denver, and you're not Not Getting paid a whole lot I mean it's good money. But I ended up starting to bunch of games, and having some really good seasons in Denver, and I felt like they were like I was owed something and I went onto them sign of Baltimore where they paid me a lot of money. I hinder got into my second year and I really feel that much guilt because I felt like it was, it was owed to me although pardon me with hey. Hey! You're kind of stealing right now. Another part of me was like well. There were several years. Maybe it wasn't this team, but several years were being underpaid so again. I'm the king of these terrible analogies, but I'm trying to make it to make it more real than that bad to me. It's just frustrating because saying violence is not the answer, just fun, factually not true not that I'm saying if the answer now, but it's just a misdirection back. that it gets sidetracked to talk about all these other things and it's it's unfortunate and. It does feel like I talked about earlier on Lebatardshow about how? They're in like behavioral economics like. And maybe I should just. We don't need to go behavior economics. Just we all understand how. People's incentives. Happen like what motivates them like. It's either a carrot or stick. And I. Don't know how to entice people to do better. I don't know how entice people to fix the situation. So then you come to the stick, which in this case for me? At least it's like making people uncomfortable and reminding them that this is that this is a discomfort that a certain segment of society lives with all the time and I've been able to buy my way and my my family's way. Through out of. Some of the issues that face the black community or face, black people specifically in this country, but I can't buy my way out of all of them, and also I feel an obligation like because I know what's happening. I feel an obligation to do better and to help. People do better, but I don't It's my daughter her yelling one of my. My two girls and one boy I don't think she cares I'm over here trying to fix the world. She just gave an IPAD better run out. I care that you're trying to fix the world. Man and I appreciate you coming on with me. I appreciate you being willing to have these conversations with it means the world I genuinely thanks for coming on with thanks for joining us and thanks for the perspective. One last thing. I wanted to make this point before you get me out of here. Is Your asked about the first? The first segment you asked about white privilege and I gave you some examples, but I I've I like. Failed to point out the most obvious example and the most obvious assumption that thing that that was the catalyst to a lot of us wanting to talk about this now it's like the way that police view. entreat to you, and you don't have to go back very far to think about the people who are doing the open the country up demonstrations, assault rifles and Not Getting treated the same way that people are getting it now and us, not having videos of of white men getting. killed. We have plenty of videos of black men in recent history of cooking killed at the hands of police so. That's another example of white privilege and. sorry by Dominic. It's powerfully, said Man I. Appreciate you coming on this. We're going to keep these conversations. Go and we're going to switch over. Dominique is giving us a bunch of time which I really appreciate in a bunch of insight, but we're going to get insight next from a close friend of mine. That's highest level of professional athlete. You can be about what sort of level of responsibility athletes have in this, and what sort of moved they can make. We're going to keep the conversation going, but I friends you back to work at the J. J O B when you realized isn't for you. If you're lucky, right, that's what you're doing well, you can still make your move. You can start your new life as an it pro and just four months from the comfort of your own home, even with zero computer experience take control of your future. Now go to my computer career dot, e., D. U. Take the free career evaluation today live online classes. Meet twice a week. It's not rocket science. It's my computer career dot, Edu, more important and difficult conversations coming next. I think your take on ESPN radio. I think your take on ESPN radio. The ESPN APP Siriusxm, channel eighty ESPN. News I'm Jason. Fitz got a bunch of guests today. They're all on the show pennzoil performance line. Don't forget to tune into ESPN. Daily podcast gets you a deep dive into a single-story from one of ESPN's hundreds of reporters presented by marathon download, subscribe and Review Espn Daily available wherever you enjoy your podcast. Jason Fitz and there's been some conversation. If you're just tuning in, we've done something different today. We've done we're. We're doing real conversations about what's going on and I got a question on. On twitter that says what am I supposed to do? How am I supposed to help can only tell you this I had the opportunity when I worked in Nashville for the ESPN affiliate to work with group that focused to call men focused on domestic abuse in one of the things they stressed. Is that even if you didn't feel like you could help what you could help? Is the conversation the tone, the way issues or changed in the way issues or approached? That's at least be part of it. We're going to continue the conversation coming next I. Take Your Take Espn News.

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