You Buttigieged Yourself (feat. Glenn Kirschner)


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Solid blueprint success from each artist that can be applied to your own personal journey. We structure the narrative of the artist's own. Hollywood legend check out the cliff. Dorfman show wherever you get your podcast. Join US live daily at three thirty. Pm Pacific for stuck at home with clipping Jason on the star Burns Audio Youtube Age. If you don't like it I will personally send you all of my overdue library books from high school along with a thank you. Note for the lovely blender sin sounds hello and welcome to the daily beans for Monday. Eighteenth Twenty twenty today. A new batch of memos released by Buzzfeed as part of their foia suit another Friday night inspector general firing the FDA stops Bill Gates Back Corona virus research proof. The cupboards weren't bear when trump took office a prominent medical journal issues. A rare call to vote trump out of office trump pressures the postal service to raise rates law floor hands documents over to the Department of Justice regarding her stock activity prior to the crash. Why trump hates tests the house demands bar testified? June ninth and the and Fruman show is pushed to after the election. I'm your host Jian with me. Today is Jordan Coburn Alot. I forgot about partisan firm and I know we haven't been doing the fantasy indictment league since bar took over and so we haven't really been keeping up on them but Basically I'll go over this a little bit later in the show but both sides asked to push this back to the end of next year to amid corona virus concerns so the partisan firm and trial when I say the par partisan Freeman show. That's that's what I mean. That's going to be at the end of next year. It looks like crazy well looking forward to it. Yeah Something to do When we have a better president we We do have a very beefy. Show today I Jordan going to grow over the muller memos that were released over the weekend I'm then I'm going to do an entire block of headlines that Sort of flew under the radar under the corona virus radar. We've got an interview with Glenn Kirschner later on. We're going to talk a little bit more about the Flynn case. And the new amicus curious A cure a cure. I I guess would be the plural. I it's been twenty years since I took Latin. Twenty five twenty seven years. It's been a long time. And it's been a dead language for thousands of years so there we go so yeah we have all of that to squeeze and plus huge good news block and a lot of quarantine confessions so we might as well jump in with the with the hot notes. Hot notes all right Jordan. So what did what did we find from the Buzzfeed foil lawsuit? Muller memo's dump that we're probably going to be getting three. Oh Two's from for the next ten years. Yeah there's there's so much stuff In in this. It's like very juicy so I'm just GonNa Start Right into it. Go through much of it as I can but definitely look it up on buzzfeed they have like summaries of the highlights and it's super easy to understand how they pay write it out and everything but in each highlight. There's there's like so many different examples of the behavior for example That these people are talking about occurred. So it's very juicy definitely. Check it out but I'll start off with Some of the highlights so first highlights that buzzfeed talks about the talk about Jared Kushner When he talks to them in these three twos he explained the back channel. Meetings that happened with Sergei Kislyak. He told investigators. The eight out of the interview is eight hours long. By the way which is fucking incredibly he told investigators that former HBO chair. Richard invited him to a time where luncheon with Henry Kissinger in Dimitri Simes. Who He's the guy that ran a pro-kremlin think-tank in Washington. Dc Kushner told the FBI that he was pursuing symes when the trump campaign was quote having a hard time getting people to support them and quote. Symes apparently tried to give Kushner compromising Info on Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton's connections to Russia but Kushner told the investigators that he never got from signs information. That could be operationalized in quote. So I guess that's enough to make you not liable because it wasn't enticing enough to commit the crime so you reserved yourself am near not a criminal. Even though like the to me that reads is it was better information. I definitely would have taken the bait in in gone forward. But but he didn't so my memory of the laws that you know you just have to even have the intention to do so or you know. It's just it's so weird that nobody was ever charged with anything like that. Yeah definitely he also went on to talk about Sergei Kislyak. He said that Ca Kislyak said to Kushner. We like what your candidate is saying. It's refreshing and Kushner said that they discussed Syria and having the Russian generals brief national security adviser. Michael Flynn and so apparently Flynn said that there wasn't a secure line of communication so Kushner asked if they could communicate using the Russian embassy and then Kislyak apparently said very quickly. No that won't work of Kushner told Kislyak that he wanted to make sure he was speaking with people quote who can make decisions in quote. Yeah and signs had that Issue too and it's of note that the reason I'm sure Kislyak didn't WANNA use the Russian embassy was because of those calls are intercepted and listened to right. He's like trust me. I know how to crime. This is not it. We're not GONNA go there. So there's there's a bunch were just on that topic alone. I'M GONNA GONNA move onto the next thing Jay Dee Gordon. He's a former foreign policy adviser. He gave a bunch of testimony. I guess in the three twos to to the FBI. About how shady eighty the trump campaign was and how shady trump himself was so this is particularly satisfying to read but he was a campaign adviser during during the election. Who Never got paid? Apparently he said they said they were going to pay for stuff and then they destroyed never did and I think that fact alone probably gives you know trump his classic line of a disgruntled employee. Or whatever he's GonNa if he ever even comments on. It would probably just fire back with something like that about Gordon but he told Molars team that he was glad. The interviewing agents were speaking with him as he believed. There were a lot of shenanigans happening at the highest levels. Gosh yes goings on. Yes Gordon. He's he's a navy vet Former Pentagon spokesperson. He was uncharacteristically detailed. I guess in in calling out the campaign he said. The trump campaign was disorganized and chaotic at times and he said it was important for the agents to understand that concept when conducting this investigation that was based on did he say. Shenanigan E. Yeah that's in quotes Shenanigans happening at the highest levels. That's so great. Like well with this Tomfoolery in Baltimore passed through how the trump campaign. It's just a big piece of bedlam. Who GRAB ASS exactly Shenanigans and those kinds of words are the words you describe. You know you give to a group of people that don't know what the fuck they're doing but are still stirring shit can goofy ass words for clown car of new politicians. Just not not knowing what's happening but trying to do self serving things it's complete shenanigans. He said he said one of his complaints was that hope. Hicks lied about the contacts between the campaign and Russians Gordon said he hoped. Yeah this is. This is a quote from the summary. Gordon said he hoped the Russian investigation was very thorough. Gordon thinks trump must be guilty of something. He is constantly ripping people off. Trump lies all the time and surrounds himself with people. Don't tell the truth. Gordon explained Hicks had lied about contact with Russians. Gordon thinks she probably lied to protect trump whether she knew anything or not and quote so he fucking really laid into the campaign he quit on August. Ten Twenty sixteen because of not getting paid apparently And and then one last thing for Gordon. He described the foreign policy team as being run like a sixth grade student council with no real authority or power. He also said that the last person is speak to. Trump has the most influence on his decisions. And that jared Kushner had a lot of say with trump so we've heard that from so many sources to That the last person who spoke to trump is usually what you know the position he take yes just the mark of one zero attention span and zero ability to actually store information and wait appropriately edge. Just who yeah? Whoever's right there whoever the the the squeaky the squeaky g guild the squeaky wheel at the present time apparently as a what. He listens to moving on from that again. There's there's a lot more juicy stuff in there that I encourage you to read up on it's GonNa be this is like why for the Mueller investigation fans. It's just circling back. Many of these things that we were talking about in didn't have complete looks at in and now we're starting to see that and yet really juicy is the best word I can use to describe it Another thing we learned Matthew Miller he was a drip campaign aide. He said that. Flynn's set up a transition period between trump and Afghan president using his contacts from his past work over in Afghanistan. So that's that's he apparently yeah uses connections to set up that phone call and a summary of Miller's interview with the FBI from October two thousand seventeen shows that he said the call in December two thousand sixteen utilizing ambassador. Contact that he had to. That's just something of note. I was wondering it doesn't go. I don't know the legality of that. Like during transition periods stuff. Do you know about exactly like what the rules are there or or like. If you're supposed to technically go through separate channels to do that you know that technically violates the Logan Act but that's just not something that people go after especially during transition I mean you know. For example Flynn Calling Kislyak and talking about sanctions. You know. Is that the bad part. Not as bad as lying to the FBI and having the Russians know you lied to the FBI and being compromised so you. There's no way you can be a national security adviser so it's people sort of it's like an incoming You Know Administration. It's lame duck session for Congress etc so it is technically illegal Also one could consider. Would that be lobbying on behalf of foreign government right without registering? I don't know But I don't know what the technicality is for considered for something to be considered lobbying right But you know we'll so that would just have to be investigated yes especially when we think of of Flynn's history of you know kind of stirring of deals with say Turkey for example so who knows what the hell he was advising trump even talk to the Afghan President about throw we know could have been some sketchy off the record shit. He's like perfect. I'M GONNA get a head start on on my shenanigans. Set up this call for you on my way. Tom Foolery yes exactly Okay next another highlights. Stone met with a Russian national named Henry Oak Ski I think this is listening. I have no idea but he was also known as Henry Greenberg. He's yeah Russian national yes Russia number this guy the Weirdo guy. Though I don't remember his name I don't have to be honest. What he's did he dress weird he was just an odd guy and yeah. I mean like I I know there were a couple people who with them and and we're like Because he was like I have dirt. I've heard you come get dirt. And then he didn't have anything and everyone's like Oh fuck that guy. Just a weird guy yes so. He apparently wanted to sell stone. That dirt on Clinton for two million dollars was the amount. Yeah stone was like trump's not paying two million dollars for anything So yes yes yes. I totally remember that that that the room. They asked the trow not be willing to spend that much money for anything. I remember that very very yes of a month. After that was offered Muller's team that with Greenberg at the special counsel's office He told investigators he met with stone. And Michael Caputo in two thousand sixteen and May and he was joined at the meeting with his associates from Ukraine Alexi Razan is as name R A S I n Who offered stone damaging information on Hillary Clinton and then the summary States Razan formerly worked for Clinton and was allegedly in possession of financial statements which demonstrated her involvement in money laundering activities with resins companies. Stone inquired about the amount of financial misappropriations related Clinton and asked if it was in the amount of millions Razan relayed that it was rather somewhere in the amount of hundreds of thousands stone ultimately refuted the offer and said in stated that he did not believe Donald Trump. We go duff until I posted. That didn't even read this quote before would pay opposition research if formation. He did believe trump would pay at. The meeting concluded shortly thereafter. There we go. There's the whole thing so classic And then I I know yeah and he was just a really just a really weird dude you know. Yeah I know we went over in the middle report. It's in The Muller Report Episode for Muller she wrote called Part Three of the Miller report that we went over there memory saying and there was I think there was one other place that we talked about him in episode sixty eight. Maybe I'll see if I can find it And then next up In advisor said that he told Popadopoulos to shut up and not engage with Russia. That adviser was SAM. Clovis who we've talked about a lot and I just like having this in there because it's funny to me But he apparently told told the FBI agents at he ordered. Puppet Papa up to shut up into not engage with Russia during the two thousand sixteen campaign. So that's that's particularly satisfying to hear just based on you know Papa adopts whole crying out of how he's been framed in it's like really because people within your own group or tell you to stop so probably you're doing the wrong thing you were probably Hell bent on a bad look for for a long time. So and just like I just like any time. Papa doc gets slammed he such a fucking idiot the worst. Yeah I remember I. I actually tweeted at Popadopoulos. One time where you know. He was just bitching about something on twitter and I just I replied to him. I said I could go for a cup of coffee. And because trump called him just a coffee boy and he actually replied to me with a picture of himself drinking a cup of coffee saying like me too. What a troll I know. Psychopaths DO KINDA GIVE THEM A. Yeah I kind of want to give them a hug right then like yours. Oh cute yeah I feel like there's like a there's a sort of nonchalant nature that psychopaths reacted to accusations with like very stone like energy. You know it's like an antagonistically non-combative if that paradox can exist it's like does a aggressively not caring but obviously he cares so much because yeah he responded to you his wife I remember. I got into twitter tiff with his wife. Wants just went when frantic news was coming out with all of this evidence about her identity changing over time and her not be who she says she is and she was firing back at everyone on twitter. Like I have so who I say. Fuck in fighting with everybody like how do you? How do you do have the time to even do this? That's not a good look. If you're running for office just trolling people on the Internet. I Guess Matt Gaetz has found success with that. So maybe he's going after the gates model but there's so much other. Yeah we were already through the black but there's so much other stuff seven here about Manafort About you know associates. That testified there is no doubt Manafort had met with Russian intelligence their stuff about manafort turning down offers to be like the official liaison of Kovic in just stuff that nails stuff. That's very akin to regain testimony. Basically just stuff that bolsters that he was saying about Manafort and the extent of his ties and history with Ukraine It's great yes. It's there's still a lot of redacted stuff a lot of her detected stuff but I think that's just continue. I notice that too. Yeah There's there's also some stuff about Hannity Tayloring. His shows to the agenda Manafort suggested. That's in here You so that's that's purity big Do you remember when we got the we called him. The Manatee Tag Command Hannity totally being poor me. I'm such a victim and they're like yeah. It's the fucking your hero man and all that Shit Yup totally their best ease. That's that's when they were doing that. Definitely well yeah. I would recommend if anybody gets a chance to look at these that you should do that. it's it's pretty much or you know. I mean if you've listened to Miller she wrote since the beginning. We've we've covered it all on our other podcast so that is really great reporting. Thank you Jordan for all that you have any final thoughts on it before before we get out here Not Really I mean. I think that was the sixth installment right ever ever since they started they won that foia case. So it's just like amazing that were able to get this stuff now I it would be nice if it was less redacted. I guess but still really cool so definitely if you're molar NEAR TO MERGE JUNKIE WHICH. I'm sure you are else probably wouldn't be here definitely check it out. Yep Juicy good way to put it all right. Everybody will be right back after this with more headlines that have flown under the radar so stick around through these messages will be. 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Pompeii has alleged misuse of a political appointee to perform personal tasks for himself and his wife. Susan Democratic lawmakers have an investigation into links removal You know These inspectors general. Don't serve at. The pleasure of the president are part of the executive branch but in order to fire them. You do need to discuss it with Congress you do need to inform Congress and and and give a reason why even Chuck Grassley was like Donald. Trump will need to tell us what I wonder fire God and he was pretty upset about it but also what was interesting on Friday night he also ousted the inspector general of the Department of Transportation. And as we know Elaine Chao runs that department and that's Mitch McConnell's wife and she's got herself in some hot water with some personal business dealings as well so now we have slow walking Friday night. Massacre of inspectors general occurs every Friday. It seems this past Friday and Department of Transportation Lyric from the State Department and the Department of Transportation Inspector General May I was Christie Grim The health and Human Services Inspector General was ousted April seventh. That was Glenn. Fine and the Department of Defense Inspector General I'm sorry was Glenn. Fine that gun fine with the Department of Defense Inspector General on April third of course Atkinson. That's the inspector general from the intelligence community handed the Ukraine whistleblower complaint to Congress We know Linda was investigating pompeo's myth misconduct grim Christie grim who was ousted released a report about widespread and severe shortages of PPE. She was from health and Human Services. Glenn Find Department of Defense was tasked to provide oversight of who gets corona virus stimulus money and of course we know it. Atkinson did to to make trump mad. He's the ICY inspector. General involved in the impeachment and trump is forever impeached because of it and now of course. The House is investigating the firing of lyric. I will speak to Glenn Kirschner later on about why that matters and from the New York Times over the weekend and Innovative Corona virus testing program in the Seattle Area. That was piggybacking on their flu program. There MOVES PROMOTED BY BILLIONAIRE BILL GATES and local public health officials as it was a way of conducting wider surveillance on the invisible spread of the virus that has been ordered by the federal government to stop. Its work pending additional reviews. The program involved sending home test kits both healthy and sick people in the hopes of conducting the kind of widespread monitoring that could help communities safely reopened from lockdowns researchers and public health authorities already tested thousands of samples finding dozens of previously undetected cases and their Goes THE. That's the reason trump wants this to end There is no proof that trump ordered the FDA to order the end of this program. We know how trump feels about? Bill Gates a lot of these protesters that he you know that trump stokes Out there who don't WanNa wear masks and want to get their haircut real bad they are chanted you know Bill Gates lock lock him up and etc but this program had been operating under the authorization from the state of Washington but was notified this week. Now it needs approval directly from the federal government and officials with the Food and Drug Administration told the partnership to cease. Its testing and reporting until the agency grants further approval. Trump doesn't want those numbers he doesn't want to add to the cases Of infection and death and meanwhile private companies have also rushed to promote at home test kits and the FDA approved the first one available for purchase April first so we have a combination of privatization and prophet and wanting to keep the numbers low and being you know being able to control the results of this testing which trump can't do if bill gates is funding it then it's operated by a state and not him and speaking of privatization of government agencies for profit from the Washington Post as we feared quote weeks before Republican donor and top White House ally becomes postmaster general the US Postal Service has begun a review of its package delivery contracts and It and lost its second highest executive which will leave its board of governors without any officials that predate the trump administration the move confirmed by six people with knowledge of the postal services. Inner workings but not authorized to speak publicly underscore. How trump moving closer to reshaping an independent agency. He has dubbed as a joke. The Po- The postal service in recent weeks has sought bids from consulting firms to reassess what charges companies such as Amazon ups and Fedex to deliver products on their behalf often in the last mile between the post office and the customers home and a Lotta rural areas as well that ups and Fedex doesn't deliver to hire package rates would cost shippers and online retailers billions of dollars that cost would be definitely passed onto the consumer and that is spurring them to invest in their own distribution networks instead of relying on the postal service trump has recently threatened to withhold a ten billion dollar line of credit by Congress in a corona virus stimulus package unless the postal service quadruples what charges to deliver packages independent analysts warned that such a change would devastate the agency which has increasingly relied on such deliveries for fast. You know fast growing portion of its business this is also has the added benefit of punishing Bazo. Who Owns Amazon? The Washington Post that. I'm reading this article. From and by the end of next month. Remember the agency's bipartisan governing. Board will be a trump appointee at the USPS democratic vice chairman. David Williams resigned April thirtieth that up with trump's approach to the agency and that's according to people familiar with his thinking and deputy Postmaster General. Ronald Stroman submitted. His resignation on the eighth of May Stroman had years of experience working with Congressional Democrats and had become the agency pointman on vote by mail initiatives by the November election. There's another added benefit of privatization of the postal service control over the election trump and treasury secretary. Steve Mnuchin of sought to attach terms to that ten billion dollar emergency loan to the postal service. Those terms will allow the administration to dictate packaging. Prices review an ultra bulk discount contracts known as negotiated service agreements or NSA's. That's kind of the Discount Amazon. Gets for shipping so much shit and they want the soul of forty to appoint the next postmaster general and direct negotiations with labor unions and Here's something interesting we've heard it a thousand times. The cupboards were bear. The cupboards were Bayer. When I took office there was nothing. There well I came across an article from. Npr dated June twenty seventh twenty sixteen seven months before trump took office that says otherwise and it has the pictures to prove it as heard on morning edition back in the day. Quote inside a secret. Government warehouse prepped for health catastrophes from Nell Greenfieldboyce quote. When Greg Burell tells people he's in charge of some secret government warehouse he often gets asked if they're like the ones at the end of Raiders of the lost Ark where the Ark of the covenant gets packed away in a crate hidden forever. Well no not really says Burell. Who is the director of pro of a program called the strategic national stockpile S S at the Centers for Disease Control and prevention and thousands of lives might someday depend on this stockpile says Nell Greenfieldboyce back in the day She says which holds all kinds of medical supplies that officials would need in the wake of a terrorist attack with chemical biological or nuclear weapons. The location of these warehouses is secret. How many there are is secret. Although former government officials recently said at a public meeting there are six of these warehouses. And exactly what's in them is a secret From this from the NPR report. What he will reveal is how much of the stockpile is worth or how much the stockpile is worth currently value the inventory at a little over seven billion dollars and NPR got visit one of the warehouses that bureau described as this. He said quote. If you envision say a Super Walmart stick to those side-by-side take out the drop ceiling. That's about the same kind of space. We occupy in just one of these storage locations and there are rows upon rows of ventilators. That could keep sick or injured. People breathing may be explains That they're kept in a constant state of readiness quote. If you look down to the side you'll see there's electrical outlets so they can be charged once a month. Not only that the ventilators get sent out for yearly maintenance. In fact everything here has to be inventoried once a year. An expiration dates have to be checked. Just tending to this vast stash cost a bundle. The stockpile programs budget is more than half a billion dollars a year. That went By the wayside when trump took office as we've reported Those trump let does maintenance contracts expire was caught. Sending broken ventilators two states way past their expiration dates. We also know mid earlier this year trump sent eighteen tons of our strategic national stockpile to China who then sold some of that Russia who then sold some of it back to us. So they're laundering press secretary. Mcenaney said she'd never lied to the American people but her assertion that the cupboard's bare when trump took office is not the truth and two days ago the British Medical Journal called The Lancet says Americans should oust president trump from the White House and Electro leader who will support rather than undermine public health experts. Who are battling the cove nineteen pandemic. I. I have a doctorate and I've been elbow deep in medical journals for the last twelve years and I've never seen one of them write an OP. Ed about a world leader like this. This is truly incredible. The unsigned editorial sharply criticizes the trump administration saying marginalized the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to a degree that is dangerous for the United States and the world quote. Americans must put a president in the White House. Come January twenty twenty one. Who will understand that public health should not be guided by partisan politics? The administration is obsessed with Magic Bullets. Vaccines New medicines or a hope that the virus will simply disappear but only steadfast reliance on basic public health principles like test and isolate. We'll see emergency brought to an end and this requires an effective National Public Health Strategy. The land also asks what Rachel Motto has been asking on her show over the past week. Hey CDC are you okay? The editorial is entitled reviving the US CDC calling it a federal agency that was once a quote of the gold standard for global disease detection control but it has devolved into an ineffective and nominal advisor on the US response to a disease that poses a public health threat of historic proportions. I highly recommend you. Check out this editorial. It's in the Lancet is it. Is scathing a couple more notes. Here Senator Kelly. Laughlin has handed over documents to the Department of Justice regarding her stock trades prior to the cash or prior to the crash but of course after she received those top secret briefings on Corona virus from the intelligence community that the rest of us weren't privy to Lots of folks are saying that the FBI and trump were targeting burr. Only Berger because he was set to release the Senate and counter the Senate Intel counterintelligence report on Russia in the coming months but it appears that lawful and even Dianne Feinstein we're also paid visits by the FBI. I don't think there were search. Warrants executed like there war against Burr. And when asked if she had been contacted by the F. B. I. Loftier refused to answer which means yes but yes. You're all right in that. Trump hires criminals and blackmails them when they aren't loyal that's that's what he does so nobody can come out and defend. Richard burs actions. He did it to Avi Nadi. Did it to Burger. He'll continue to do it. These are people. He's doing it to China right now. You're they're they're the bad guys and if you defended at all then you're on China side. If you defend Bert all your you must be a Republican. He does this. This is by design so I have to vote in numbers too big to manipulate and finally the Parnassus and fruman show has been pushed back until after the election. The judge presiding here approved a motion from both parties to push the entire Shebang to next year amid growing virus concerns. Take that as you will but it looks like the end of next year year and a half from now is when that trial will take place. we'll be right back with former Federal Prosecutor. Glenn Kirschner to discuss more about the Flynn. Case and the inspector's general so stick around. We'LL BE RIGHT BACK. That's ag in this helping daily beans brought to you by. Helix SLEEP BEST MATTRESS HANDS DOWN IN THE UNIVERSE. Like many people have had difficulty. Getting a good night's sleep from time to time a lot of time to stress. Anxiety politics guilty conscience now not for me for trump global pandemics. 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Happy to be wicked. Awesome so First of all On Joy Reid this morning excellent work. I appreciate you so thank you for that. Thank you appreciate it and now you and I have spoken a few times in the past month. Or so regarding the Flynn case and bars motion to dismiss the charges against him. And there's always been this recurring theme with you in these discussions. It's been your response to the assertion that you know. No judge has ever not dismissed charges when the Department of Justice. Ask Them To. But as you point out. Someone has to be the first. And since we've talked we now have the call for amicus briefs by Judge Sullivan and the naming of Covington burling and judge John. Gleeson as Amicus Curiae court is Sullivan. Poised do you think to be the first judge to deny a motion to dismiss from the Department of Justice? At least under these kinds of circumstances I realized there are other situations in which they asked to dismiss charges. But not not like this and you know. Let me first say that there might be times where we would take guilty plea. I was a prosecutor for Thirty Years. And then new information came to our attention that just so dramatically undermined the wisdom or the ethics of continuing to support that guilty plea that we might think about dismissing. I cannot think of an instance in my thirty years where that has happened but it could happen. Of course is not that case. So what Judge Sullivan has done is. It's not exactly unprecedented reaching out to an independent lawyer in Availabil- sense an independent prosecutor to come in and advise the court of you know what the prosecution's position would be if the prosecutors were actually doing their job of representing the interests of the people And so he has appointed John gleason. Who you know is is really well regarded. He was the prosecutor of John. Godley when he was a when when gleason was a federal prosecutor and Assistant. Us Attorney for the Eastern District of New York. Then he became a judge for more than twenty years. A Federal District Court judge in New York. I mean demands. Credentials are as impressive as they are impeccable. So and here's the example that I've been using recently to try to explain what in the world is going on with Bill Bar and Mike Flynn so every criminal case has two parties. Not just the defendant need to be protected absolutely but you have the defendant represented by his defense attorneys in his defense team. Then you have the other party. It's the prosecutor representing the interests of the people of the United States. What happens when the People's representative the prosecutor rates over to the defense team? Well now we. The people are unrepresented. In this case. That's what Judge Sullivan has recognized. And he said for Gosh Sakes if Gilbard bar the prosecutor is going to on Mike Flynn scheme. Then the other party to be protected their interests need to be represented in this case. That's why the appointed John Grayson. And it's the exact right thing to do now. Judge Emmet Sullivan has done something like this before. More than ten years ago in the Senator Ted Stevens Prosecution Stevens was charged with some ethical violations and accepting gifts that he shouldn't have it Cetera and he was convicted and judge Sullivan was the presiding judge. And he got wind that the Department of Justice had engaged in unethical conduct by what's called hidings the radio by failing to turn over to Senator. Stevens Defense Attorneys. The helpful exculpatory evidence that they are entitled to under our Constitution. And you know what happened? Judge Sullivan said not on my watch. Now in the Stevens case Sullivan was representing the interests of the defendant in doing this in the Flynn case. He's doing the exact same thing. But he's representing the interests of the American people because we don't have a a prosecutor to represent us in the Flynn case. And here's the other thing that I'll say When he appointed a Hank Shaw key in the Ted Stevens case was a well regarded lawyer in. Dc criminal justice circles to dig into the Department of Justice wrongdoing in the in the senator Stevens case that case got dismissed but Hank Schulkin continue to investigate for a year after which in issued a scathing report so even if Donald Trump tries to move this thing out by pardoning Flynn guess what Judge Sullivan might say. I don't care what you do. We are going to continue to dig into the corruption of bill bars. Department of Justice Soaks. You know what Bill Bar may have bit off more than he can chew with these Shenanigans and well. I hope so because it's Flynn v Bar. V Flynn and it should be the United States V. Flynn and so This I think is An interesting time line. Also on May eleventh gleason wrote an OP ED URGING SULLIVAN NOT TO DISMISS. Ask for amicus briefs. The next day Sullivan issued his order. His minute order where he went over the rules for for submitting to be amicus curiae and said don't know Shenanigans Mo- foes like this isn't a free for all and then the day after that Sullivan ordered gleason as an Amicus curiae and then shortly thereafter followed by Covington. Burling which are Flynn's original lawyers who wants who drafted the plea agreement. So do you think that timeline suggests that gleason and Sullivan may have been talking about this? Outside separately. I don't know if they have or they weren't and I do know. Of course the trump and bar loyalists will yell and scream that. Oh my goodness fixes in because Greece and already expressed an opinion. But here's the thing greasing inked a judge in this capacity gleason is a partisan he's a prosecutor he's the one who's GonNa inch represent the interests of the American people in this case so he doesn't have to be neutral and detached the way a judge would have to be or the way juror would have to be if they were coming in. They would need to have no. They would need to have expressed no real opinion or interest in the case. Prosecutors what we do we have an interesting case and the interest is following the facts following the law acting honorably an ethically and winning a conviction on behalf of the people by holding the right person accountable for the crime. So you know what the critics will yell and and Moan but all of that Hopefully will not resonate So you know I have. Confidence gleason will do a good job. We'll do an aggressive job. I mean the man went after John Gotti and what a conviction. I'm convinced that he will be a good person to represent the interests of the people because as you just said this is not this. This case became United States verses. Mike Flynn plus bill bar and that that can't be every day. I stood up in court. I said Glen Kirshner for the United States. It was my job to represent the interests of the People. Not The interests of the defendant. Yeah are in this case. The interests of the president Now you know. And you're right they're gonNA scream. The trump are gonNA scream. That gleason was Clinton judge. He's a Clinton judge That'll happen. I know that waters is that his name. Jeremy waters or something like that was on Fox. News Calling Sullivan and Obama judge. Clinton judge a liberal judge. But you know we had to point that out to him that that Sullivan was nominated. I by Reagan and then into his current position by George H.W. So it's it'll be an interesting. I'm glad Sullivan's the lawyer in this case And we're also getting stories that Sullivan could be looking or he signaling that he might bring charges of perjury or contempt. In this case. Can you explain what that means in this context? Yeah that gets a little tricky. So basically the order by Judge Sullivan said. Please do two things. John gleason one. I want you to see whether there's any earthly reason that the prosecutors should dismiss a knowing voluntary an intelligent guilty plea by Mike Flam because Lord knows we can't find any legitimate reason but then the second thing he asked Cia John Greeson to do is looking to whether Mike Flynn should be held in contempt of court for lying at the time of his guilty plea now if we unpack that a little bit. I actually don't think that one is GonNa get a lot of traction. Here's why Mike. Flynn did not lie at the time of his guilty plea Mike. Flynn swear to tell the truth and said I am guilty of lying to the FBI. Your honor that's the truth. That's not a lie. What but but you know what? This is judge Sullivan trying to cram it down. Like Flynn's throw a little bit legitimately because if Mike Flynn is now going to stand up in court and say not guilty and so when I said I was guilty before judge I was lying to you. I was kind of playing games. Well if you really want to maintain that position both things can't be true so you either lied to the court then or you're lying to the court now. I happen to believe he's lying to the court now when he says he's innocent because when he told the court he was guilty under oath he was he was telling the truth he is guilty. Yeah but wasn't he lying then when he came back and told the court that he didn't live or the FBI that he wanted to withdraw his guilty plea. I mean if you say one thing to the court and in another thing to the court one of those things has to be true and one of them has to be ally could not be the perjury. Well you know. The here's the thing and I don't WanNa get down in way down until the legal each but here's how he can navigate that terrain and God forbid them giving him a blueprint company. He's got lawyers. Who have already told him this. You can go into court and say yeah on guilty of One thousand one violation. That's the Federal Code. Section of the charge was brought against him. I'm I'm guilty of of lying to the FBI and then later but part of being guilty to line to the FBI involved that what you told them that was untrue was material to what they were investigating. So actually a defendant could say I lied to the FBI but then later evidence could be developed that because his life wasn't material he may have thought he committed the crime of lying to the FBI but the government really couldn't prove it because they couldn't prove all the elements that couldn't prove materiality so there is a cute legal way not not an honest way or a truthful or unethical. But there's a cute legal way for Mike Flynn to be able to play both sides of that that argument and I suspect that's what their lawyers will ultimately settle on. I don't think it's going to be a winning argument right. That's the crux of the argument in the motion to dismiss And so he didn't lie about lying he didn't know about materiality or said that new evidence came to light that puts that in question. So and I think that the you know making Covington burling A friend of the court is going to be to establish the legitimacy of the guilty plea. Exactly which is at the core of this. Do you have any guesses as who might also be named run to the quarter was the specifically to get gleason and Covington burling onboard. I because I know Ben. Tae and Jensen had some arguments with the Flynn case behind the scenes. Bentayga being the Legal Counsel for the FBI Etc So is the FBI. I think it's the F. B. I. during the Bene. I'm just wondering if you think that they'll be anybody else maybe Maybe van graphic or Kravis. I don't know. Did you have any thoughts on that? Yeah so van brackets still with the federal government. So it's not going to be him in my opinion Kravis unfortunately for Kravis. I know well he was one of a homicide prosecutors that that I worked with when I was on the side. Guy In DC. Now gone over to the DC city government And I I. I'm thrilled for the D. City government but I really Couldn't be more angry. Quite frankly that the United States lost him because he was one of the Premier Public Corruption. Prosecutors that we had not only in. Washington. Dc but in the country So but I don't think it's going to be Kravis either. Because he's still a government employee just now with another government But I do think Judge Sullivan. I think I think amicus is wide open. I think lots of people will submit briefs and I think it's simply which ones does the court wants to accept. I have a feeling the court will except I don't WanNa say all comers but quite a few because in the absence of assigned prosecutor in this case because Bill Bar is not legitimate prosecutor and Tim Shea. For God's sake you'll bars acolyte Y- not a legitimate prosecutor a political appointee as well. There is literally and figuratively a career prosecutor. On this case there are two political hacks and no prosecutors and those two political hacks have migrated over to the defense camp. So I think I think Sullivan will be pretty generous in the amicus. Briefs he accepts. I'm half expecting Tim us to find out. Tim Show owns and profits off of some trump property. Somewhere like this real quick tim. Shays appointment is up on June second. Yeah I and I love this because if you look at the American Oversight Organization they sent a letter to the chief judge of the Federal District Court in DC barrel. Hal saying Judge Howell. You know once Tim. Shays interim appointment as US attorney in DC expires. Guess what you judge to Howell and members of the Federal Court in DC get to appoint the next intra US attorney for the District of Columbia so stay tuned on that front because unless trump nominates and the senate confirms a new US Attorney for the District of Columbia the Federal District Court judges and that means Sullivan and how Jackson and Richard Walton and check burke and all the rest of them. We'll get to name the next intrigued. Us Attorney in DC. June second is the deadline. June shaking hold on tight All right that's awesome and finally what about the other charges that were not brought against Flynn because he was cooperating? Once upon a time nothing can be done about that right that has that involved a grand jury and that would just be a bar situation but this is the silver lining. Because I think Flynn is. You know. He's in trouble. One way or another if judge Sullivan hold hearings and ultimately decides that. She has dismissed the case against Mike. Flynn you know what happens? All of those other crimes that Mike Flynn committed that he admitted to committing in his plea paperwork in this case including false filings with the Department of Justice trying to hide his lobbying work on behalf of the Republic of Turkey that he has admitted to that in his plea paperwork. All of those crimes can and should be brought against him in January. When we have law-abiding president in the law enforcing Attorney General? That will be available to the next administration. If Judge Emmet Sullivan dismisses this case if he refuses to dismiss the case and he sentences Flynn in accordance with this plea agreement then all than the agreement that also includes. Hey if you plead guilty. We won't bring all these other charges against you all these other crimes you committed then. Unfortunately those crimes are probably lost to the next administration. Your statue of limitations. What starts the clock on that when he guilty to those crimes or when he failed to file as a foreign agent or when he committed the lobbying which was mid twenty sixteen. I mean that that's not a very long time for the new administration to to act agreed. I think we will have until at least twenty twenty two a five year statute of limitation. So I actually think all of those charges if if Judge Sullivan dismisses the case all of those charges can still make it under the statute of limitations. Wire actually think it's worse for. Flynn gets sentenced to a few months in prison today. Then if this case gets dismissed and tons of criminal charges are brought against him in January. All of which are very easily proven. I guess what guess who's in charge of the new department overseeing Farah violations at the Department of Justice. It's van back at the moment a moment but yeah he's there for now hanging on by a probably why he won't be an. Amicus CURIAE in this case so he can hold that position and you know even if not this department was designed after you know because of trump thanks trump and and I think that whoever you know Joe Biden is elected in November When he takes office in January he will put van grant or someone of Van Grass. Ilk in charge back again in charge of the Farah Department Unit in within the Department of Justice. So I hope I'm brings a lot of these heroes quite frankly back. I have a youtube channel now last night. I felt compelled to post video about today's heroes. The heroes up the trump era you know and whether it's the Yvonna bitches or the been bins the Dr Fiona Hills or the doctor rip rights or the Bill Taylor's or the prosecution scenes. Both of them that walked off the stone case walked off the Flynn case. There are so many heroes out there and I hoped they all come stampeding back to public circus in January. Because you know needed them now but we'll need them again in the future. Yeah Yeah An- and no one last question for the Doom Lords here in Congress now wants to investigate the firings the inspector general to the State Department that was looking into Pompeo. What do you say to those who might be saying so what? I'm tired of the Democrats in the House. Quote Unquote investigating anything. It never goes anywhere because many have lost faith in this system of checks and balances are we do. We just hang on waited till after the election or go forward with these investigations as part of congressional duty. I don't think Congress should be doing anything but fighting the coronavirus whatever legislation they can and conducting oversight hearings into every crime trump every trump crime and abuse. Because that's all we got. We don't have a department of justice any more willing to hold the executive branch accountable for its crime. So Congress all we had and you know what if somebody keeps robbing your house over and over again you don't just say don't WanNa Kinda tired of fighting to hold the robber accountable. Just wait until we move and he can have whatever he wants to. You know it it. It needs to be investigated because trump keeps saying. I'm losing confidence in every inspector general. Well he's losing confidence in them because they're gonNA explosives corruption and he doesn't want that to happen so he was confidence number one slack in place. He's losing his confidence that they won't leave him alone. That's what it is losing confidence that they will cover up crimes. We're I think we're all at this point waiting on November but these these investigations are important. Should go forward all right. Thanks so much everybody Former federal prosecutor. Gosh twenty five plus years most of them at the DC. Us Attorney's office former Jag. Army lawyer and MSNBC legal analyst. Tell tell everyone where they can find you please. I have borne of frustration because you know the the Cable News and I love NBC AND MSNBC with all my heart always will and I remain there analysts as long as they'll have me but you know the coverage has been twenty four seven on corona virus so the legal analysis work is Kinda slipping under the radar screen at as a result. The public is not really getting a full appreciation of the crimes that trump is continues to perpetrate supportive frustration. I started my own Youtube Channel so I would love for people go on You Might. Youtube is just my name. Glenn Kirschner and I basically posted video crime at day. And we're GONNA need a bigger week to fit them all in but a crime it day and they can Watch the videos and Hopefully that they they will resonate. I talk and talk because I'M GONNA kick through Jersey and I don't try not to talk like a lawyer if I can help it And they can also follow me on twitter. Which is Glenn Kirschner too? But Youtube is just name. Glenn Kirschner Yep Awesome. Thank you going Kirshner and we appreciate your time today. And please take take care of yourself have a great week. Thank you appreciate it all right coming up next. We have the good news block with men in D. readers so stay with us. Hey everybody it's in the segment. Daily beans is brought to you by Vizi. Bre Dot Com look are driving. Habits have changed since corona virus since the pandemic. We aren't driving nearly as much time to reassess your auto insurance needs. Everyone's trying to be more frugal and conserve resources. And even before this happened Americans were overpaying on car insurance by like an estimated twenty one billion dollars per year and oftentimes searching for a better deal takes hours. You have to call sales people. They're all pushy. Then you get a bunch of unwanted spam calls and emails but not anymore thanks to the Zebra Dot Com. They make comparing rates safer and easier. 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He was supposed to testify March thirty first but as we know because of Cova concerns the courts closed so he didn't testify. I'm sorry not the courts The House because he testified in front. How does your committee So they're GONNA do it. June ninth and ninth is the first day that They're back opened up unless it's postponed again. And Adler said that they are willing to use their full powers of contempt and subpoena powers if he refuses to show up and also they he said that you know they have power of the purse in Congress and he'll defend the AG's office if he doesn't show up Holy Shit I know and yet and yet all of that all of that all of that and I still don't think that he'll show up you know and that's that's the sad part is like they can say whatever they want and they can. They can be as firm as they want. But these people don't care no exactly and unless they use inherent contempt. And and send the sergeant at arms out to fucking grab the motherfucker. They have to go through the Department of Justice. Anyway to enforce a contempt order so that would be bar. Who wouldn't do that to himself. So it'll be interesting to see what happens if they if they use the power of the purse though I'm interested and we'll know sooner rather than later that's only you know what see what we got fifteen plus nine twenty four days from now so we'll see what happens. Yeah that's in less than a month so at least we'll know soon exactly especially I love it especially if it's later in the summer All right so what? Sort of good news stories do we have from our listeners. We have some thank you guys so much for sending them in Really appreciate it The first one I love Timms born. I miss this story. But it's a link to articles back from a bow mid April when Spain was in the harshest part of their lockdown European countries had lockdowns. Where you know. It's like they monitor. You can leave your house one today for exercise or sometimes not even that but apparently Some citizens in Spain during the during the strictest part of the lockdown were allowed to walk their pets so a Guy Walked. His goldfish took is goldfish bowl out on a walk as an exemption to the rule. And there's a picture of it. We'll have to send that out in the newsletter this week. God it's so funny I mean. That's that's fucking hilarious. Um Congratulations Sir. Very Creative yes nice. Well done well done. This is my pet invisible friend. I'm walking today. All right the next one a little bit more serious than taking your goldfish for a walk. This is from anonymous in this one for obvious. Reasons touched my heart and anonymous says my sixteen year old daughter who came out a few years ago is a lesbian has been doing research to educate ourselves on gay rights and has come to me. Many times completely shocked at the lack of basic rights. And the legal discrimination policies that are in place for gay people. We have been having many political discussions as of late and she wanted to know what she can do to make things better. I told her since she is old enough to vote yet. She can volunteer to make phone calls. Knock on doors for candidates who will fight for the rights of minorities. She's now looking into all local city state and Biden campaign offices that she could possibly help with her enthusiasm to help to help and to do her part. Make these important changes incredible. Sorry Allie Redo that what her enthusiasm to help. Do her part to make these important. Changes is incredible and makes me so proud to be her mom? I have hope for the future because I know she isn't the only person in her generation that is motivated to make this country better for everyone. Well that sort of reminds me of the commencement speech. Obama gave on Saturday for Hashtag graduate together. Where he said you know. Y'All are turning eighteen. Now you vote. You're going to shape this This world and you're going to be our future leaders and That was a very hopeful message. He also said this right after Trump was elected. He appeared on Pod. Save America Obama did and said look. We're going to have this wave of young people just washing over the country. And that's what that's what the ambassador of hope means to him and so two to just hear. That story is just so wonderful and you know big ups to going out there and getting it done. You know you can't vote yet but you will soon and so we really. We really appreciate your hard work. Yeah and I've taken down your email by the way anonymous and I'm going to send you an email because I wanna share a story with you about the exact same experience. I had when I was younger when I was coming out and I was like. Oh Holy Shit. I am illegal in so many places. I am so discriminated against and you know to to to be to be fair. It's it's a very white privileged experience I know a lot of people who who grew up with other disadvantages in society face discrimination the younger age but for me you know coming out for me was the first time I realized the level of legal discrimination that exists. And Yeah it's a wakes you up to a lot of stuff in it puts a lot of fight into you. Think sharing that the next one is from. Sarah and Sarah says Mike good news is that I began my PhD in Marine Geochemistry. Okay Smarty Pants last fall and I had an expedition to sample water and study off the coast of West Africa in April that I was really looking forward to. It was obviously canceled and I was really bummed this week though I learned that our trip had been successfully resubmitted and we will be doing our science later this year by the way climate and environmental science so important right now thank you It will be a shorter time shorter trip. And there's new restrictions like enforced to have a single cabin out not my own room but I do get to do the work and collect samples. My project has been on a bit of a hiatus so this really helped me focus again and feel like it's moving forward and feel positive. Thank you so much for all you guys do. Awesome congrats Sarah. All right. This is from Also anonymous non. Ima says I just wanted to give you some hope with my city of Lansing Michigan being shown in the news for protests. I don't know where these people are. Driving from the only people I see in lansing are out in the stores wearing masks and staying six feet from other. I was laughing to myself when it was thundering and pouring rain and those protesters outside on Thursday. Thank you for everything you do to make us laugh and keeping forums like. What are you have against staying at home in the rain like stick like? I can't remember who I can't remember. Who tweeted it? But they said you know people who say go big or go home. Really underestimate my desire to go home. God right right now with my energy levels go bigger go home go home because it's pretty much all. I think about on a constant basis is. When do I get to all right? This is the Knicks went from Jan. Jan Says my son. Co owns a mom and pop restaurant this week. They announced that when they reopen and going forward they will be paying all of their waitstaff. Fifteen bucks an hour This'll be partially passed onto the consumer in the form of a hospitality fee instead of requesting tips. The community has really rallied around. This idea and people are posting on the facebook page that they will be prayed. Patronizing the restaurant with much frequency due to this decision. Also yes Trieste as well and yes it will follow. And don't underestimate the the giving power of the public either. Your I bet you're going to see that fifteen dollars an hour plus tips that everyone gave anyway. At least I know that that's how I would treat it so I I I'm always amazed at at the public's willingness to rise to the occasion and support you know our our our frontline workers are middle class or working class. So congratulations on that. That's really great. Yeah I love that that's awesome. This is the last one for good news today. Very relevant to us. Ag from Scotty in animal crossing my turn. Us finally hit a high sell price spike. Fuck Yeah my girlfriend. I sold our turnips for collective three million bells of profit and are now building those expensive bridges at inclines. All over the island. We also had a bunch of our friends. Visit Our island so they're turnips too so now we're all happy billionaires billionaires. Oh I love it. I hadn't heard the term billionaires yet. That's amazing and it's you know it's good to to be able to be a billionaire somewhere So animal crossing allows us to be you know the elite and by the way we have just started a daily beans dischord for those of our listeners who also play animal crossing and we share turn up prices and we invite people over islands to help water flowers for hybrids We give away free extra. Diy's and I've already. Somebody made me a crown that was adorable and I went and I picked that up yesterday and it's just been so much fun. It's a great resource for stuff that you don't have stuff that you want and So check it out. What how do they find it? Mandy so I have posted it. I posted it on Patriot. If you're a patriot and you'll see it there It's been posted on Muller. She wrote twitter on the daily beans twitter on the facebook pages in the facebook group. If for some reason you cannot find the link you can either email Amanda Muller she rotary can DMS on twitter. And we will send you the link but It's been posted all over the place it on instagram post in our instagram as well. So you can't find a let us know Ange. And here's the under normal circumstances. This would be a patron perk but because of Cove Nineteen. We understand that not everybody can afford to be a patron. We see you and You're just please join our discord it open to the public. And if you're able to become a patriots littlest three bucks a month. You get these episodes early ad free you get. Thank you gifts. You get bonus content access to the discord the newsletter. I mean you get so much our discovered I should point out is a politics free zone. We like to keep it cute in peaceful and our animal crossing discord. If you would like to discuss politics you can do so in our patron facebook group where we have a politics zone in there yet. So we're keeping the politics out of it unless it's animal crossing politics. You know Tom Nook can can be a bit of a slum Lord so you know I mean. How much does he charging for those house extensions? I'm still paying off a a two point. Four nine million dollar million bell loan for my basement but yeah I I wanted to open this up to be free for everyone because I know that a lot of folks just can't afford to to subscribe to a premium feed right now so please join us on that. Discord Fun And now it is time for quarantine. Confessions Dan a so this week. On Quarantine Confessions The first one is from anonymous. Love Your name anonymous bad joke but I enjoyed it. My job is super dull and super evil about as evil could be in the current climate. I take people's homes from them that does suck but you gotta make a buck. I guess so I am slow so I'm slow rolling my employer on everything silly criticisms of the work product and making the server run really slowly all the while. I am working from home to fill the time I should be working each day. I'm watching a different genre of porn and writing. Nice things so the people who made it it might not be my personal taste in porn but if I see something that someone has put a lot of effort or talent love. I want them to know that their work has value. Unlike my my work has no value. My employer is now paying me to make adult performers have a better day also reminder pay for your porn it is a valuable industry. Yes that's awesome like. Hey I'm not into Water sports but a for effort your passion P P FOR PASSION GET IT. P P passionate surname. Maybe yeah I agree with you. It does have value especially working from home right now watching more important pay. Pay Your sex workers next confession by the way some. This theme for this week's was was bad haircuts. I guess where it's about reach that time so the next few about here this is from Keila Keila says after weeks of quarantine. My husband gave himself a haircut me having no filter exclaimed you Buddha judge yourself. My husband doesn't follow so do I. Do you remember that Haircut? The and game. Oh my God you just use up. My husband doesn't follow politics like ID and had no idea what I was talking about. Needless to say he was miffed explained. His haircut. Looked like the cut that chassis gave Pete. That was awkwardly short later that night after having some wine and watching comedy I laughed. Extra hard will look again at my husband's haircut. He had no idea why you should have to mask it by watching comedies. All the time. No honey I'm laughing at the movie. It's funny movie. Oh God your hair. You've been Buddha judge. That's another great episode title. You Buddha judged yourself you yourself that live on. That's so great. And of course big love to to be Mayor Pete and his wonderful husband but that was really really funny and then he made a TV appearance right after. I'm like no no no no. Yeah I'm wanting my hair get really feral. During quarantine do not trust myself. I was I was young in angsty and artsy and I gave myself so many bad. Diy haircuts at. I'm scarred forever. I can't I can't go there again. Well as you as you age you know. Once you're once you approach fifty one year of your life seems a lot shorter than when it does when you're thirty so. I think you can go a lot longer before you cut your hair again so I fortunately right before quarantined. I started growing up my grades and my bangs and so I'm already at the point where I can talk. Bang behind my ears. I don't have to clip them back anymore. And I'm letting the gray grow out so here. We are perfect timing. You know anything serendipitous about that. It's IT'S A it's a bonus it's you know it's not a whole reason to start a pandemic but you know it's it's working out well dude. Eventually at some point in the future hair salons and nail salons and beauty sort of venues various places. They're going to be. They're going to be thirty to be getting some work. I'm Cheryl please help me. Okay Sarah Sarah says my confession I cut my own hair and for some reason thought it would be a great idea to also give myself thanks. It was not I now. Like frizzy Dee Ramone. Amanda do you know who D- Ramon is? I do I do okay okay. All right I thought I was going to have to give an an explanation of Dee Dee Ramone but no I do know who that is. I do know who that is. You underestimate. You underestimate me. In terms of music I have live with Joel for a while. Now she has given me an education and to be fair. Your parents or my age. So that's the thing the funny thing about our relationship is like I'm I'm dating dating married to a Gen xer but my parents are also Gen xers because they had me young. So there's this of thing Jogos you really know what that is because you're younger than me but I'm like yeah but my parents are your age so I bet she loves when you say that she does her favorite thing the world by the way. Hi Mom listened to the show at. Hi Mom Hi Mom. Thanks for the work that you do by the way. Thank you know your line. Healthcare workers so thank you All Right Sarah says in penance. I have increased my Patriot amount to your show. Thank you Sarah. We Accept Your Penance. So wait so when people. Buddha judge themselves. They have to give us more money. I mean that's fine to me. I like it. I like it okay. We'll call it. We'll call it the chest in tax. God this speaking of Chechen he first of all he seems the kind of guy you'd see at big Gabriel. Jonah Sunday morning this morning. I I missed gay brunch so badly that I was like dancing around the living room to George Michael's freedom while eating my Bagel Abbas. Like this is how bad escape branch just to give you a visual nice. We have I think we have time for one more confession. What do we? What do we have? So let's see. Oh here's one look back to the other ones. We have more hair cutting for next week. Folks this is the last one from anonymous. This is both good news and confession confession. I've been a longtime listener of both your shows. But I haven't actually read the Muller report I know. Oh I know we didn't have to. You didn't have to because he listened to the shows. Well then they say good news. I just bought a paperback copy. And I'm planning on re listening to all of your podcast while I read. It even have colored pens and pretty sticky notes. It seems like a lot of Shit is GonNa hit the fan in the next few months and I want to be prepared. Thank you so much for this fabulous resource for all of your good humor kind vibes and swears well not no to then producers. Note back last about a year ago last When when the Muller report came out in April we did a nineteen part series in the Muller. She wrote rece- show a where we went through the report. Line by line so I would just go there. It's all in one thousand nine part series Yes if you come back to the episodes and you're looking for specific Zip specifically where we dig into it. Line by line you can just. They're labeled like Mullah report part one report part two and yeah. That'll that should help you out. But that's so cool. It's really Rad. This is that you've created this resource G. for people to like know like you said last year you were like. I hope that in the future people can use this to when they're trying to learn more about it and it is already happening very cool. Yeah some amazing things happen. You know over time. I know that there is a professor at University of California. San Francisco who uses are nineteen part. Muller reports series to teach class and I also know that Somebody had sent us an anonymous Piece of good news that that they got into the daily beans because their therapist recommended it to them because it was a a way to consume the news. That didn't make you want to have massive anxiety attacks so I feel so humbled and proud that you know we're we've become part of the lexicon and we're you know we're known for reporting the news in a way that doesn't freak you out. People Fall Asleep to us. Yeah very very cool. It's it's it's been an honor to to get to know all of the fans and I'm so glad that it's meaningful to people in that way. It was so funny the other day discussing on on twitter people who are like I fall asleep to it to like no rain. Well whatever works. Thanks everybody for submitting. Your Confessions Mandy. Where can they do that? You can submit your confessions? We are actually adding the link to the contact page on mullet short com slash contact later today. But if it's not there when you if it's not up yet you can find it our. It's our pins. Tweet at daily beans pod you can find it there and I've shared it on on Patriots Times and other facebook group. If you can't find us a can't find let us know but the two places you can find it are the pinch tweet at daily means pod and soon to be on the contact page website. All right well thank you very much Amanda it's been wonderful talking to you everybody out there. Please take care of yourselves. Take care of each other. Take care of your mental health and take care of the planet. I've been ag been mandy reader and them's the beans. The daily beans is executive produced and directed by AG Jordan Coburn and engineered edited by Mackenzie Mozelle and stubborn. Industries Are Marketing Manager Executive Assistant Production and social media direction as Amanda Reader Fact Checking Research by AG Jordan Coburn and Amanda Reader. Our music is written and performed by. They might be giants. Are Web design and branding or by Joel reader with moxy design studios and our website is daily beans pod dot com.

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