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Season 2 Coming Soon!


remember how he promised to come back and then we didn't while we plan on being back posting new episodes regularly really. We swear this is our first year of podcasting. And we're really still trying to figure out what has worked best for our schedules. And what we've decided is what's probably going to work best for us to take the summer off. We got so busy over the summer that we just could not dedicate the time that we wanted to drinking Roseanne Patios and podcasting. We had to pick hard freight right. Yeah so that's where we've been and we hope that's where you've been to you can call it a comeback because we are back with season two of wind so watch for us on social media will let you know when the the first episode of Season Two is released. It is a good one so it will be worth the wait and thank you so much to everyone who's noticed that we are gone. And who's kept listening to us us even when we haven't been putting out new episodes for a while so enjoy the last drops of summer and Rosa because we are back.

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