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Hi I'm calling your host of the good news podcast and I'm neil the other host the good news. PODCAST is your source for Good News Fun Stories Auditory Delight and Sonic Joy. We're bringing all of this goodness to you from the cards against humanity studios in Chicago. Ooh Gimme a math problem. Easier heart is six times three eighteen. Nice okay so the thing I want to talk about. Here's the thing I struggle with with the story because I love the Leedom. Yes because it's cleared of like yeah of course there's something about it that I felt like okay. Science has proven this we can knock off the nonsense. You're probably wondering what I'm talking about. How well yeah? I have an idea but minds very consistent with what I've been thinking about lately so go for okay a researcher. Her name is Jessica Canton. She works at Carnegie Mellon University. She led a research team that examined the brains in development of young the boys and girls and guess what guess what. Okay don't guess because I'm going to tell you. There is absolutely no gender difference in the brain function or its ability to learn math. Okay okay I'm going to see that more plainly. Can I say that I must say that more plainly because I know that that's a mouthful okay. Boys and girls can learn math. Have the ability to learn math. Exactly the same preach. Yes we know this. But it's it's still bill this weird message out in the stratosphere. Girls aren't as good as math. I love the conversation started with you asking for math because what if it had been hard I know really really think because it wouldn't have been attached to the idea of gender. Yeah it would've just been like a darn it. That's a hard one so it's great. Let me back. Grab a minute and I'll talk about myself so I grew up. I'm thirty seven thirty seven years suld and I grew up where it wasn't explicitly said. Oh girls aren't strong at math. That wasn't explicitly said but it Kinda was is sure you know like in in when when you're signing up for classes or when you are figuring out your schedule that that sort of thing yeah or when you would look at for example certain Elective classes that were like computer programming or any of the stem. They were predominantly her dominantly boys. So why was that. And what message was that saying to me and I will say growing up. I wasn't strong at math and I don't know if that's because I'm just not good at math or like somewhere along the way I started believing. I'm not strong at math. Part of that has to do with them. Like because I'm a girl because I I was good at English I was reading. I was good at Like the arts. I was good all that stuff and I think I think subconsciously I believed okay. Hey that has a gender thing. Jeez yeah I mean it's a it's a whole can of worms here to talk about like what skills or learnings are are encouraged for different people. So so I think I wonder if you were felt more comfortable learning something different and at like you got great at. Yeah Yeah and then you were bad at math. Big Air quotes there. I saw him just because you hadn't hadn't been Eagerly encouraged to study math and science. Yeah I think something in there but I think the thing that feels so good about the study being done is that science is just proving it saying knock it off guys way. The researchers went about the study is they took one hundred four children ages three to ten and and they used to measure their brain activity as they were doing math. Cool in the tube tube getting apt and they were doing math cool and and what they found is the patterns in the boys and girls brain activity were the same. There's no difference so this challenges. This idea that we're talking about that you know. Girls don't end up in as many stem subjects as boys and like why is that true and now we can just now we knock off the funny business. It's it's not funny. It's not unfunny business. Knock it off and we're recording at cards against humanity which is very proud of their no women in stem scholarship. Yes the that encourages people to record a little video about a stem subjects. That they're interested. Sit In yes admit it and try to get more women women. Yes into stem step. Yes I think it's wonderful. It's it's interesting interesting because we can now verify scientifically that Everyone can do everything yes. Science has proven it. Science is proven proven but no buts. Yes no coconut. That is in this in this story. This story is good news. Thanks for listening. Do you have good news. Incredible or maybe you want to tell us a joke right. Excellent email us at Palo at the good news. podcast dot F. M. or. Leave us a voicemail at seven three two one seven zero one five six. You can also tweet us Ask the Good News Pot and follow us on instagram too. And if you love the good news podcast think about supporting us on our history on page inch must have our music is by Partington bear

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