League Rundown - Episode 344: Reckless with the Power Rankings


This episode of the lcs rundown is brought to you by maxine. Zen checkup marks in zan dot com slash t force using the code trinity force for twenty. Percents off your order. Premium high-quality inexpensive boxers. They're made from bamboo to help. Wick away the sweat which leaves you feeling fresh. Compared to the other brands none of them will keep you as comfy as moxie and said off are living in those shots next single win the game biking biking biking fighting alongside to alot and welcome to episode three hundred and forty four of the league rundown slash lockdown spring season. Twenty twenty one. This is the first week a belt in third week of lic and this episode is lovingly entitled with this beautiful riff reckless with the power rankings. I'm your host sean. Duffy and i am joined by a full house tonight. We've got odin. Howdy howdy we've got in what's up. We've got jack's not tv slash. Jackson did you forget what you're talking like. I'm looking at your face trying to figure it out of course live from the studio. We've got canvas. Probably just want everyone to know that. Not only was i better on my prediction because rogue went longer undefeated than jackson's prediction of youtube. But i also beat jackson fantasy this weekend so granted. I'm writing a hiring own it. Just jackie i'm sorry odin changed my name to fuck jax Every week plane. On that. I do want to point out. I was my team. Name is constant losing games. I went up against meco whose team name was the five year plan and that changed halfway through the week. So meco i love you buddy. That was a great match. Meco absolutely kicked my ass the pick band system. Yeah he band out. Eighty five of my point so i got two hundred points from vin i picked. Mfe played enough twice. Yeah everyone else's enjoying using the sleeper app or whatever fantasy after using. Let us know how you're doing what's going well. What's going poorly in our community server would love to see some other comments there because we've got a lot of it. I think the fantasy league channel might be our most popular one. Just because it's so fun to shit talk other people in it speaking of shit talking. Let's talk about what's happening around the world starting with the l. p. l. edward gaming in first place still undefeated seven zero fund plus phoenix right behind it. Seven and one r. n. Angie right behind them at six and one team w e and billy billy five and three and you gotta go all the way down to tenth place and even three and three for top e sports and three and four pursuing gaming. Very interesting stuff happening over in the l. P. l. but let's hop over to the l. c. k. dom juan gaming currently leading the league at seven and one a single loss to the last place fred. At or as we all affectionately refer to it as bre jen. Gee hawa life e sports and dr x. Are all tied second place at five and three two losses behind first-place don juan and finally kicking their butts into gear with a faker and his oops so lane team is t one at four and four and fifth-placed tied with k. T. roaster on the up and up and don't start believing in them because that's when they come crashing right whatever you do not do not alright we got. We got to just give a little. Oh my gosh here. To the king returning to the mid lane because faker with the two victories that happened this week now has four hundred. Freaking wins in the l. c. k. And six hundred k. Games in total which is just insane. He basically has what's crazy to me. He has a sixty six point. Six percent win rate. He literally is the unkillable demon king in. It's phenomenal and i love everything about that. Do you know what else is phenomenal. And that i love everything. About jack's i do. Do you want to tell us about it. Sure so last week after we put out our episode the c. Dropped this amazing. Emo rock som- reckless with my heart. And it's a fucking banger. Everything about it. The music video itself which is so breaking benjamin like it's just it's beautiful. It's on point if you haven't enjoyed yet. You should definitely get on it. Go to the youtube channel and turn it on parental screen. Turn off the lights. Maybe put some headphones or just turn up the volume all the way and if you're speaker happen to up to eleven i think that ian would definitely appreciate it all right. We've got some not so great news and this Caused quite a bit of controversy last week. As i think it should have. According to travis gaffer d- some lcs team owners have actually asked riot to to remove the import restrictions on the fuck developing talent in your own region. And my also. I also know who one of them is boom no longer fan of that team. Oh shit so was a team. You used to be a fantasy type type tracking. My assumption is that it's the teams that were willing to spend money at this point. And so i'm looking at csm. I'm looking at cloud nine. Probably potentially team liquid as well. Although i don't think team could is really run into that much of an issue. I don't know who the hell they really upgrade at this point with an import except for maybe tactical. But i think that's arguable. I think guessing those threes. Probably the safe guests i will say has money. I don't know actually one hundred percent who requested it. But i don't know if anybody caught this was like probably that beginning of last year. Twenty twenty spring split awfully actually had a show that she was doing and she had two people on. It was e. g. and fly quest jennifer point and tricia. Forget her last name. But fly quests ceo tricia and it was tricia. That actually brought it up. I think oddly asked this question. Or maybe twitch acid and tricia specifically said yes. I think that we should remove import restrictions. I would love that as an like. That would make us give us like such a better chance of winning worlds. And i was like well. Yeah clearly anymore like okay. I'm just reminded also in this past week. Awfully frost and put out an amazing show. Go watch their new that bleeping east sports show or whatever they called it. It's hilarious oddly infrastructure and our great together. I love it. And they have everyone's favourite freelancing shout castor now kenya's is not on an unfortunately but it is captain flowers who does join them. So it's very very fun. Definitely check that out. Yeah good reminder. By the way steve that it was in fact something that was brought up last year and it was a fly quest. Gm who did bring it up and she's right. Yeah if we filled the whole region with korean players and paid them more than they were gonna make an l. c. k. Yeah there's probably a better shot that they win worlds. But then you just run into the starcraft to problem and the starcraft one problem of na's as represented entirely by imports. And we're already struggling with that. The obvious argument against it is just like at that point. Are we even north america anymore if all we do is import five players that are not north american players. Like what's what's the point of having any leagues. Right like i i. What does that mean for. You does e you then have to lift up their restrictions in order to be competitive does every region have to lift their restrictions to be competitive. Like i don't think it's something that you can just do in either like if it happened here that would have far reaching consequences. Absolutely wasn't one of the things that made this rule come up the whole ellen q. Situation like yes. There's there's a lot of precedent that goes into all of this. Yeah any kind of is the reason why the rules exist and they're the ones that want to tear it down. Also the president of starcraft. You really don't want import rules. Lifted it ruined the starcraft choosing hard to cheer for hometown team. If you know that they had not really hometown at all. And there's there's certain differences that you can take from sports like you know if you're a fan of the los angeles lakers you don't care if all those players come from l. a. because they're representing your team your region your city and there's just a there's a different nuance i think there with this whole like the storage implications of it being a city based team of you. I think this is a much more global thing like it's a much like there's so much regional pride with league right like inverse z you versus the korean giant versus the l. p. l. like fucking insane players ray like there's so much regional pride. I think that goes into it as well. You know what else might be a little too proud would be c. l. mid lehner according to wild turtle on a conversation he had last week with i will dominate. He may have accidentally leaked. That plo belter was benched for the weekend of attitude issues seal management said that that was not the case that they were trying out. Rj as their mid. Lehner i think based upon some of the tweets. We've seen from plo shelters girlfriend yet. That doesn't seem completely accurate and wild turtle maybe had the best scoop on at all we got to see. Rj in the mid lane for three games of dominance. And we will talk about those later but this is a. This is a struggle. When you have your veteran middling talent who should be the rock on his team until boxes shows up getting benched or removed from the starting squad before the split even starts we seal g have conducted an investigation into the situation. We would like announce that we have discovered that belter is indeed not negative gaming. Not what he was benched There's a classic me well. The funny thing is archie was not doing well in academy the. He didn't look that good. I had to cast actor. I didn't cast this game. But i was doing research for a game that i was going to cash where he was playing. Victory went like one in seven. I think his overall katie a. is like a round one in academy right now like he is not looking good. So how bad it built their look that they're like is this the guy dude shelters and they're just like fuck. I'm on shit team again. I don't wanna goddamn do. The city war share fights. He's dug around thinking okay. I'm getting backup while turtles gonna show up. We've got brock's coming. He's a veteran talent. You know. I wanna play with them. I don't think he played with him on team liquid. Only there was any cross over there so like hey you know. There's some stability here management's willing to do some stuff fins coming in. He's a solid looking top. Lehner certainly better than what. I've been playing with previously And then like none of this actually comes to fruition. It's honestly amazing like steel. Jeez the only team that can do this on a consistent basis just like look like this year after year after year after year. Like it's to the point where this is sealed. Jeez thing ray immortals or make an argument man. Don't put past astrology at this point as well. I'm going to argue at least in -til may this be a bad color for teams feels bad. -til bed true. I do think it's a little bit. You know chromatic scale or anything here but We're going to move on from this because if we should unsealed you too much now. I can't do it later Nuke duck has been announcing that it doesn't look like spring of two thousand and twenty one is going to be the year of the duck. He will be taking a hiatus for quote personal reasons. Magic felix is going to be getting his time to shine. We only saw him once as a substitute for fanatic last year. And now we're going to see him actually starting as a actual starting midlander for a team and hopefully he's got big expectations. People been talking about magic felix for years. He has some really big shoes to fill not in terms of what he's nuke. Duck has left behind but in terms of what people think he should be. And i hope everyone tempers them a little bit just like i hope everyone tempered them for fudge somewhat for perks like let him get his feet wet. Let them get into the pond. That nuke duck left behind because that ponds down there in tenth place to like this. He's started from the bottom and if he truly brings himself to the top like hot damn then we can start hyping them up but i hope he's able to step in with the correct expectations his team around him as able to really kind of soften and cushioned the blows that. I'm sure he's going to be feeling because his team sucks. So yikes speaking of things. That don't suck ian. What should all of our listeners be doing. Yeah if you have not already you should absolutely join the official league. Rundown community discord server. We have awesome watch parties with a bunch of our fans including us the podcast as you can talk directly with us. We have live game channels for all the regions. We have an active general chat. It's awesome it's an awesome server. It's an awesome community. Field is awesome people. You should join it right now. Pause the show. Click the link in the description. Joined the server do it. You know you want to and then get all your friends to also join the server. Hell yet did your friends to listen to the podcast. You know they want to know more about what's happening. Every week in the l. can become the most popular league of legends east sports. Podcast with your help by joining our discord server and doing your part to five stars baby and we're going to circle back to that. Don't you start taking diamond hands. Maybe speaking to somewhat diamond hands. Because they managed to snag the twitter handle at perks the woman from leicester is really enjoying her new found fame with the perks handle and fudge her own guinea pig. She had no idea what the heck league of legends was. I think we talked about it a little bit last week. But she's actually been doing some interviews and just kind of gotten totally into the scene. People embraced her. She's had some really good jokes along the way so very much enjoying this fun. Little dynamic is someone having no clue what's going on. I just got to say. I've been trying to like get into shout casting for about four years now. Grinding getting my social media account followers interacting with people on a daily basis posting every day. And god damn random. I mean i love her. she's great. She's holding all areas but she got like four thousand followers in one week at it. I was just sitting there like. Wow what am i doing. I could've spent nobody imagine putting in effort and work to get to where you are. That's gonna be next. She has a better chance. I do of shack. has this point. Obviously yeah probably yeah. I think you've got tough competition for that particular position. So good call. I think really the learning experience here is get a guinea pig. You big dummy. That's just an easy. The learning experience here is get super good players. Twitter tag they do. That's too hard just seems like the easiest part speaking. That's maybe not so easy. I was able to glimpse a little earlier today. Although i don't know if the tweet is still up one of c. nine's many content creators from behind the scenes. Not someone who's front facing actually behind the camera literally there were photographer was apparently part of a company. Wide layoff so nine. Apparently going through some stuff probably indicative of just how things function during the pandemic. i also think the fact that they own some other or some other teams in certain leagues cough cough. Maybe that have to do with large birds of prey involving games from blizzard and the money that those are desperately losing. Yeah some things may not be going so well behind the scenes over at cnn against some of the other larger ords so something to think about as we do see a potential for east sports bubble to pop doesn't look like it's approaching anytime soon just for league of legends but who knows pandemic has really changed a lot of shit. You've no idea i. I don't necessarily take gratification or like joy in watching like a game in a community like collapse but dude after the mad shit everyone talked about how overwatch is gonna kill league. Well who said that didn't say anything about that. I wanna make it very clear. I never said anything activision. Blizzard do not come after me. I didn't do anything. You can't touch me if we go seeing the rise and fall of an entire game and community and then league still chugging along strong goddamn did you love to see it. Do you know what else we love to see. Some really fun standings. All the way over the pond in berlin germany with l. e. c. action having its third week end and we got to see some very fun things at the top of the standings in fact checks. Who is our number one team in. L. e. c. as we all predicted. Of course it's rogue it's motherfucking rogue. We've got g to east sports right below them at five and two tied with as you predicted. Of course kanga. God team is also in second place. The best the soon to be first shock. Oh four clearly a men and then in fourth place. Of course we have. Xl mad lions and fanatic at four and three seventh-place. We've got s k gaming three and four misfits all the way down here in eighth place at two and five and down in the dumpster. We've got a strauss and vitality at one and six sas folles s with several s.'s. As ian learned we looked at the documentary today so rather than go through game by game. I just don't think it's possible and trying to make this an episode that you can actually listen to under two hours. We're going to go team by team. And kinda give a general gist of how the weekend went and point out very specific things that we thought were interesting enough to highlight and that are really deserve of it. So odin talk to me about rogues. I fifty fifty weekend of the split. Well congressman is went real long right after g two and i lost the bet we go into the next day against the same team killers shoko over four knocks down rogue with some genius. Play is really really good. Really good right now. See this team comp synergise so stupidly well with wral and what she does it's rogue. Had no chance here. Shoka had a fucking plan and they executed exactly like they wanted to. And it was brutal. I am excited to watch shull games. And that's a strange statement rogues comp If you didn't see the game ziya probably the most offensive eighty carry. You can pick in the metro right now with hsien so you got the shine. The shield on top of you. You're like this should be a pretty easy game for ensemble to play right. Know camille rela. J. for and oriana combo and case like this was built to go in and that was a really fun a cop. I speaking from the roadside. Like i actually still liked what they were trying to do like they still. Their draft on paper looks good. But chaka said we're going to throw out the meta and just pick things that combo well together and road was not ready for it amounts on game to watch. Yeah that's that's a positive. I think to takeaways rogue lost but it was against something that was pretty unprecedented so far in the l. e. c. I was gonna say that this. Also maybe a preview of the meta to come because gilead farmed like shit this game compared to his counterpart and they're nervous farming jugglers coming up soon soon. Gilead's just getting ahead of the meta just showing how much of a gaudy is impact the map forehead. Also be just a really rough game two. I will just say that. I don't like the recon is strong but i don't think that we're con was actually good here. They could have gone for other support options and he had a better chance but he didn't look that comfortable on the we've been talking about trimbe look in so strong and all their wins when we see this team behind. He is in some strange spots and he gets picked off in poor way he looks like even on a recon with ziya like it's hard to get grabbed. It looks like hillis. Yeah when hillis actually great. When trimbe is on point he looks great win. The game goes a little bit south. They look like they're hardening absolutely also played astrology. We don't have anything to say. I want to go into it. Just real quick for the stroll side because zanzibar played super speed scanner and then they had thrash at it was just such a solo q. Like i'm gonna place garner and get some cool. Looks the semi drag crossover. Don't trash man come on. that's my job gets. The astrologer isn't able to use their little cheese straps to pull it out. But that's okay. We'll get to them in a moment. Here rogue goes fifty fifty but up against their only losses against the second place team schulkin four k angus talked to me more about shock. Oh for his very good weekend. they're they're looking good man. I don't know what else to tell you. I mean coming off beating g to last weekend beating rogue this weekend. They're looking i. I know. I rank them high at the beginning of the season and i was serious about that but i was half mimi putting them second place. They legit might be like the best team right now. If not second best team. I think we already talked game against rogue so i guess i'll just kind of move on to the game against misfits. This was a shellacking. Twelve gold ahead misfits only got two towers. Yeah they got some of the dragons they were kinda stack in towards that but these just had no chance when schalken were able to win with a scaling composition they had things like the gangplank and the also scrapping in their early game and they were beating like. This is another off losing like. That's actually crazy. That chuck was able to beat that yet again. So i think it's just yeah i. I'm really hyped on shock. I hope that they can keep this momentum going. I do wanna talk. We're gonna maybe should wait until we get to misfits for this. But i do think this is a good game to highlight. I don't understand the olav. Pick and the double bird lane. This doesn't make a lot of sense to me. And this is the second time this day where we see the ziya. recon bottling. just get hard hammered an absolutely dismantled. It's just doesn't seem to be that strong on americans me because if you're trying to support the oh loss by providing some cc from the bottling way better champions that And yet again you're basically like recons. Your primary engage olaf can run at people but he doesn't have anybody to help them out so it's like olaf who's not full tank and then a recon being the backup. Yeah it's the. This was not a great draft from misfits. But i i guess who. Who is this. Cover misfits don't you worry. We're going to let our resident misfits fan have to do that as well but odin talk to us about. G2's two's hoof also fifty fifty weekend. Yeah but the fifty that was a losing one is maybe the one. That's more concerning so let's open the start of the week. We go right into vitality fucking quickies e win. G2's in here to fuck in wipe five talib's off the field. And then we go into the big match the real big match and they played reckless in my heart for the champion there for it again. We were all jackson. I in a bunch of other listeners. Were all in watch. Party for the fucking epic fanatic g game and wow volunteers are good champion. I mean this is an extremely wide book game into camille. Volunteers is extremely jamie. Indica me. I think that that was a very matchup specific execution that we saw there and yeah wonder was not prepared for that match up. I have to say real quick. I did not realize how much damage the volleyball old dealt. It's game what the fight really hard vulgar on of damage. He's basically just a juggernaut and he's up against a lilia. Zoe camille like any of those. He can just one shot if he's able to get on top of them. Even on the the postgame thread on reddit even says wide wipro player the game and going to point that out. This is how hard this dude win. This game got his own little notable thing on the guy. Also just i love how g to fanatic. This game was because it started off with fanatic. Going to hard in the top lane. And i i don't know if he died i think he did die. And then also bottling they go to hard like mickey flash pulverize headbutts. Hilly undercurrent hilly dis. Oh no g. Two or g do things and then literally a minute later. G to fanatic. Dives tops topside. Get kill their g to try outside and mess up the dive like oh no going back like the minutes minutes of the game. There were three kills multiple. Turn it dives. It was nuts. There were so many botched dives in this early actually absurd. It was absolutely amazing game. I if you're a fanatic fan you were fucking so happy this entire time. Your teams looking great again. They're number one nemesis and you don't need. reckless upset. goes three zero seven on the affiliates. Indicate which is a favorable matchup generally speaking but he does well. I do know my mind. All right so widow actually did the most damage in the game despite having a three zero seven. Felli us in a four zero seven zere at these on boulevard that stacks truly absurd sticks. Deadman's with trinity forest is like absolutely insane. You have basically three full health bars. Plus you're not right it's nuts. yeah. I'm pretty sure they nerve sticks on live So it's not as good anymore or something the at face value the yet just like the massive amounts of shielding is just unreal. It's so hard to stop like. Once it starts. The snowball goggles on played. A secret. do is the shielded gives is ridiculous. I definitely feel like volleyball champion. People forgot about coming into this year like he doesn't. He's not super awesome on any champions but he's really good into camille like there was so much talk about him at the end of last year. Just fucking altering people doing shit tons of damage. This is a huge comeback for that champion. And we're going to be seeing with a lot more. I'm pretty sure before we move on from g to kansas. You want to wrap this up. I guess i'm kind of background a little bit. Because it was so hype against fanatic. But i also just wanted to point out what we cover. The vitality matches also how g to they're complex. They're like they're playing quinn and arise. That's actually got a cool to see like it's been a while since we've seen like a hard committed one three one type of composition not just and rise but kuhnen rise with no. Tv's they had no teleport's on their entire team. Let's just so ridiculous that they won that it was such a fucking flex win games. I like quinn cabinet. Kill zero zero six plane. Sean penn in gold. Yeah yeah he got his double license at least and it was a license to kill the nexus. Because that's all he ended up doing. Let's move on from g to those are our top three teams. We gotta go and talk about the rest. Xl the boys the legends themselves returning to the rift. And i think giving a pretty damn good accounting of themselves this week. They went up against misfits and s k gaming to the teams. That are really the ground that you have to be if you want to become a playoff team and they did pretty damn well. The misfits game was super fun. And i know that jackson's probably gonna talk a little bit about this. As well cries on show. I hate jo goth and this game was a great example of why fricken hate this champion. It's so stupid it just gets to a big ball of death. And i'm so mad and angry. It doesn't really matter. Dan's really star this game. It's just anti. He's useless or you can't and he runs over your entire to ease of really good with the new items too like it's hard to kijek within items sticky chem tank or What's the slowing one. I forget the name ever for us. Yeah you can actually overflow frost frost the items getting buffed to it is. This weekend was also. I think the return of rocket. Nor scaring which i think was also a comment that was made on the reddit thread which i loved toray looked so good. Both these games leona against misfits and then up against s k gaming. He was playing the recon. And this is the only real good bird. Bottling that happens by the way is from this. Xl team over the course of really the entire weekend. Yeah there's really i mean. I liked excels draft. A hell of a lot better against misfits. I still don't like what they did with the olaf with really no support. But at least you've got a lot of dive with an leona there with you. You have these big beefy frontliners and that allows you to pick these ear and the zaia and just go ham. And that's exactly what they did. Check a lot got like maybe the least gracious scoreline of all time of one two and eleven on the zero but you know what he did a lot of damage. That's what mattered. The s k gaming match. I thought this was a little bit more interesting. Because of how dominant this was for excel and this was cries. Going onto a champ is traditionally a carey in groggy but playing it as a tank. And i thought this was awesome because this is the sort of champ. I expect him to be able to actually go into to display two different play styles because he's probably already playing it as a carry as he has in the past and he played phenomenally. He looked so good garage amazing hall. It was beautiful. Dan was on the jungle. Pantheon which i think almost has a one hundred percent win ratio this weekend. The only loss believes by g to with yonkers will leave. How many times it's fruit damn disgustingly broken champion right now. You like. he's so good. And what's really interesting in my perspective is. I don't even think he's that great in the jungle comparatively. I think he's really good in the jungle. But i also think if he's doing so well and excelling so heavily out of the jungle position whereas ultimate is really just a redirect around the map. Like shit dude. Maybe just be moving them into lane. Where i think he's actually a hell of a lot better. I think he's a very good. So many mid lanes that you don't get to play the game because pantheon's that's part of the this part of the good part about picking pantheon is that he's like a quad flex pick right. You can go into like four lanes theoretically The second game we'd get to see sheck a lot again on the really excels at these game scaling champs. He gets to the early game really well. I was really excited to. What's this really gotta care. It's so nuts. He's just sitting there in the back like Let me hit by soldiers and okay all right. Fine christ take the fucking kill fuck. You and patrick just goes off along. With the entire balkan tori really show show treats and jesuit time minute one. I was really excited for jekyll. Versus blue and it really didn't amount to anything. Blue struggled really get anything going. It's a really boring match up in the middle anyway. Excelled us that he blew it. You could even say he really blue balls it. Xl really had a good weekend. These are the two teams they absolutely had to beat. I think to cement themselves as a playoff team. And they're looking good and this is a team that is on the up and up. And if you're an excel fan get your spreadsheets out. Boys this is it all right. You know what we're going to split us up. A little bit fanatic. It's fanatic time baby. Jack's hit me. So we already covered fanatic verse g to it was great. Go watch that game fanatic also played versus astrology us. And that's really all. I have to say about played against strollers like it's just absolutely crush them like it's it's closer than it should have been in kills because fanatic plays sloppy and aggressive. But this was like a shaw also my team. This is basically astrology. Trying to challenge fanatic at what fanatic does were just like challenging fanatic at every corner fighting every time in fanatics like. What are you doing bro. White like why you can't do. We're fanatic like this is what we do. This is our thing fanatics like like bitch slap them rate and he's gonna three man all you and it's over on his ear like nikki actually just straight up and admit game fights one thing. I really did like about this game. We finally got to see samir again like she just has dipped from pro play. She was. I think really heavily prioritized like the first week of both action. And then everyone's like. Yeah this sucks. We're not doing this. Like this is so. She's very unsafe. Yeah she she works really well. Oh yeah go for it. I just i just remembered. This is also the game where we had self maids. Ooh dear just running through the based tanking turret shots just for fun literally sits under like under the turret. Taking no damage because turtle stands. I just like emoting. And then he's like. I guess your common. I guess i'll run away. It's so b. M. so absolutely on brand for fanatic and for self made specifically and something. That's possible because back in the meta does that specific bullshit b. m. better than anyone besides both food year. That was but it was hilarious. Yeah i think what's really interesting to me about. The pick is yes superstrong. Yeah homeless man running through base but the two players who really did the best on are probably the two best jugglers for each region at centurion. And it's a self made and they just be crazy on the they actually get ahead on like it requires an eye and an ear for the jungle itself to really pull off to the extent that they are. He's such a mechanically brain dead champion. Who farms fast. So you need to pass well and you need to have optimum gang timing so you can keep your farm lead to stay relevant as oublier which means the best jugglers accelerate crazy on him. Which i think is really funny. The dynamic we have ray on one hand we have. Ooh dear he's probably like one of the least mechanically intensive champions. If not the worst in the entire game right. And then like the other good raisin italy rate warwick is way more mechanically demanding than ever since rework true gary. He has the skill shot now. And it's hard to hit. It's legitimately count the around him. Really love like the contrast right. It's like season eleven season ten was like the season of lake. Fuck in every. Fuck this right. Everyone does too much damage. everyone has a dash. This is terrible. Now it's like dude back in the meta. This was meant to be man. This is leeann. Just run fast. I would walk your dashes on running. You say i would much rather have this than like the cali. Ereli attracts meadow or like everyone's got multiple. Lose all this mobility jumping around like that was awful like him. Hank is such a great item that they added in. It is pretty fun. It can be frustrating and its own way but it's a better kind of frustrating because it means things like oh hey navy might be is pretty good ally could become meta like having a wall to put down trundle things like that that are just so simple suddenly started to be like. Hey maybe these displacements are actually worth it. Yeah and it goes. It's it's very good Pig is very good at like demonstrating specific people's strengths rate. If you're really really good at the macro play in you're really good at like the the micro legs zoning running back and forth and like creating space right you can be super super effective on because he basically just off the entire enemy team and there's nothing they can do because like he's just going to run you down right So yeah it's i love it. All i can say is that expanded. The is probably like damn it this my time. Time all couldn't unfortunate for him but fanatic is looking more and more like a contender especially after that result against e. to mad lions. Were some very glad lions after the results of this weekend they did go up against taliban on the second day which was not that big a deal but then they lost two s k gaming to start everything off and this was not a good game and i can sum it up in one word woolite and anyone who's been around. I don't need to say anything other than that. But for everyone else. I will explain. Karzi played a frontline trysts. Donna more beautifully than i think we've seen since the rock days of about two years ago last. Pick tra- saana frontline. It was bad. I don't know what he was doing but he needed the w key taken away from him. After like three minutes this late i will raise us. Oona go even farther back. Me is like absolutely could have worked with one minor. Change all you to do is build shield bow instead of gale force suddenly. That's i could see a lot of the plays that happened in this game. Instead of him dying he gets away with low health. The play is successful because he had that she oughta the extra damage he taught. Then you can't go in his hard sort jordi got a jump. That's farther than every other other than all and he will go. I wish that come on man. That's razor so like they can't run away from him anyway. Yeah the build may have been better the play. I don't know if that would have changed everything but maybe just a little bit could have changed the snowballing. That wound up happening against them. Treats scott player of the game for this. That's how much on odin odin. I didn't even say what what did treats play jargon support. Ap moonstone renew or staff flowing water in support. Jarvis is on his flag correct but always it an ap rate. It's really not that high but it's very fun to see it actually chunk bits guaranteed to. There's basically no dodging unless you just flat out mess. It this games weird honestly if you want to watch a game and be very confused the whole time. This is one of two. I would recommend for this weekend. Totally watch it. It's a really good play overall from blue. So if you're looking for some better play from a rookie talent like this is a good one from him. You to see pantheon in lane. Gen-x plays against the orange and the top line for so. That's a really fun. I think little dichotomy. You're seeing here of them actually using it in a solo lane but that's really for a madeleine's fan like there is nothing else positive take away from their so instead you should really focus on what happened the next day. Fortunately team vitality but it was a very fun game overall. the real. You know what it really comes down to turkish top leaners on a trucks. There's something about it and we're going to see this matchup this upcoming week armitt on. Hr excellent on olaf which is a pick that we could see on shadow last year. He's looking really good. And you got to see karzi playing sarafin bottling which went the coveted double o ten so did not die Did a lot of healing and not a hell of a lot else which is perfect. Because that's exactly what olaf wants. You know we're talking about olaf with bird bottling etc you give them like the senna give him a seraphine and suddenly things look a hell of a lot different really not much more to talk about there because it is team vitality but hey mad lions win when they need to so half. Glad half mad all right. That's fourth place now. We just talk about the really fun. Ones s k gaming seventh-place here. We're going to kind of speed things along. I don't want to get stuck. You're too much. So odin talked briefly about s k. As we have already gone over both of these matches between excel and mad and shown how they did a very good job beating mad lions which she looked excellent versus north talks matter and it is as we said a very interesting game to watch and then they got absolutely blasted by excel. So there's not too much to talk about their so. It seems to me when they were in control. The draft did some weird shit. They were great but then when they tried to play a little bit more standard against a team that's kind of comparable they went boom and that might be the problem. They might be that playoff team. That are that non playoff team. That's the gatekeeper. On the outside looking in all right misfits. Jack's talked to me about misfits all right. So we've already briefly. Covered misfits played against chaka. It wasn't good for misfits At all here hard just ended that game. They also played against accel. We've already kind of covered this game too. It's not great misfits. Do not have a good week. It's a rough week for them and they beat. They lost a team to the kind of need to beat to be in the playoffs. They literally lost to the teams that we would to be the gatekeepers for getting in there. Obviously shopkeepers doing a little better than that expectation now but going into the split shalva would have been. The ones might yet if misfits makes playoffs. It's by beating shocker. Give me one positive takeaway. Bdo looked on stuff. That wasn't zoe this week. He didn't look good on long but he did. Look good on the syndrome. Even though they got stomped there. It is a positive takeaway. Astrology and team vitality both still exists in la. See all right. Let's talk predictions for next week. I literally have not gonna spend more time on. Do you wanna talk about them. I was just going to do a quick couple metaphors. He was waiting this whole time. He's holding land so one eight words like it was basically an lpn game but yeah you know astrology tries to take on fanatic them for everything and then fanatic. Just bitch slaps them onto the ground. Says what are you doing kids. Sit the fuck down And then rogue versus astrology was basically Astrology played like cg right like they got the ocean soul like they should have won the game and then they didn't. They also played like some weird lake scanner syndrome. Kaelin comp like why are you playing caitlyn right now. The champions terrible like what's wrong with you and it's about to get buffed way. We bad what are you doing And then they lost the game with ocean soul rate. And it's just like wow. This is so sad. This team is really sad. So i don't know if there's much to look forward to either can look forward to hopefully magic felix will look good hopefully. Yeah that's the one shining the the silver lining. I don't think it will save the team at all. But i hope for his looks. Good maybe it gives you like a good like your team goes from looking like absolute trash to lake. You know maybe not not quite trash rate. Maybe it'll put out the fire in the dumpster. There you go. Maybe instead of just straight dumpster headed out the landfill. It's recycling and it goes to different landfill and does the same thing The classic put in the ass in astrology. You say those two things now slow down the fact that you got to say those things means you probably had a better week in than both of these teams probably. Hey all right. Let's talk predictions next week. We start with shock. Oh four against the aforementioned astrology. We've got shock across the board. We are all on board the blue train baby with canvas as all hopping on the train. Now the train where we're saying. No astrologist sucks i. Yeah i think. I think there's a there's a good argument here that were on the train together and astrologist just the very very very far away. Caboose vitality versus accel. We've got acceler across the board for very similar reasons misfits versus g to. I wish this game look more interesting than we. All think it will be across the board even with. They're not so great end of last week. Misfits looked big stinky mad versus roque. I think this game traditionally should be a little closer than it looks but our predictions have rogue literally across the board. I'm gonna come out a limb here and say i really wanted to pick mad lions yet. They're just not good enough. Rogue just is operating on a different level. Mad lions is still figuring it out and it's pretty clear if they get the trucks things might be a little bit different fanatic versus k. This one is a little different odin. Everyone has fanatic except for myself. Why is fanatic in a win. This one odin fanatics found some synergy. They found a way to stand behind. Self made let him care. And k does not have pow- firepower to back them up. why i'm taking s k weipa. That's fair i'm taking esque because fanatic just won a game which means tradition. They will lose the next three regards. Just hoping this is a good game because remember. This is the original l. classical in europe. Also i just want to say. I don't think we ever use a wide whipple reason why fanatics in a win. Because you know that as soon as you say that he's going to his next game even harder zeal g. I'll be honest. I think they win this even if he does it off. That's fair it comes down to hilas saying i think more than anything. That's just fanatic tends to operate. Yeah we want self made to be. The kerry. saying has to be the impetus for victories. And you know he. He played too well against you to. What does the k. Has some good news in our next match. That's true they play against vitality and we've got across the board. This is a match. The vitality absolutely could pick up. And it'd be really really good for them if they do. it's unlikely. this team is a mess. Their coach actually duke last week. Even said like you know. Hey like we're struggling straight up. Admitted we're trying man. And i feel for him in a big way but this roster has just wolf misfits versus astrologers boy little little beaten up at the bottom of the barrel here jack. We've all got misfits across the board. And you're welcome for that. Because i imagine felix coming in now i might swap this. I was thinking about it just to give him a little. Let's do a stroller astrologist. It's time not right. Get out your ancient egyptian lamp and rub it because magic felix is coming to the rescue. Birds started conflict. The land is as the mid later. Nuked early. oh a magical now. Watch astrology zoe up. Like complete morons fits left. Turn the entire fucking cast against us. Odin is the senate now coming next week and we'll have changed back to misfits like in the audio shit. What if i go back. And edit the audio only if you make is so obvious where he goes you know what. I'm gonna change it to actually stay with misfits and just do something beautiful shoko four versus mad lions. We got a bit of a split. Cast here myself in jackson both have the mad. Lions coming away with this when everyone else says. I believe the much smarter choice of shoko four. I'm just you know. I think mads due to do something a little bit better than we expect because up to this point. I haven't really been impressed by them. But i think they've got more than what they've showed and shock has been on a hot streak but we've seen him on a hot streak before in those tend to come up a little cold for a bit and i think they do for it as well and they've got astrology already things. Don't go so well. There's there's a possibility they slip up a little bit more and mad can slide right on in but kane wii shell cooking to win this because one turkish stop leaner negates the other turkish shop lehner a and then the rest of shock beat mad. I love it i love. It does h hawks. Make it through it all. Unfortunately whichever team gets a trucks for their turkish top leaner will win. Okay who has i pick. Who's on who's on which side let's find out. Oh my god. I can't think shoka assuming that left of the schedule is blue side. Okay chuck is gonna win that one unfortunate but true fanatic versus accel. We have fanatic across the board excels. I think looking a lot better. They're tied in the standings. But there's just a lot more faith in the individual members of fanatic right and they came off beating g to. Yeah i still have escaped beating them. But i think this is the game that should win vs versus rogue. This is a hype game. Oh yeah this match for like three weeks straight now. Ever since week one wrote came out the gate swinging the top two teams for most of the split kansas. Why is rogo in this. You're gonna make me defend this. Yes i don modestly. This one was kind of a coin. Flip for me. I just feel like gee to are at that point in the season where they troll too much like the g. too early on wall always do these crazy coms like over these crazy plays and i don't know if they're gonna respect rogue that much even though rogue is like the top of the standings i feel like this is where g. Two's a little more relaxed. And then they'll pick it up later on so this is the moment where roque and beat them but then next time they match up. it should be favored. But that's all predictive i. I'm just going rogue morbid gut. Feeling honestly hell. Yeah odin wise g to win due to wins because they always beat rogue in asian. Put that into your countless their bud. Next time you'll get him next. Time champ so far are has taught us one thing death taxes Gt will always be rogue. It isn't playoffs yet. So we'll find out it's going to be a banger way to end off the weekend and right after that game we head on over the pond were over in action in the most beautiful place on god's green earth downtown santa monica. We're gonna be alive out of the right studios and by we. I mean not us by anyone. I mean only the people who are doing the backstage production because everyone else is doing from home. We're talking. lcs action for next week. Baby week too but we gotta run down. I think it's once again. It's too difficult. There are fifteen games we cannot cover all these games everyone. I'm sorry we're going to do it by standings just as we did the l. e. c. n. In first place we have two teams who dominated much of the lock in tournament just falling short. Both of them ian. What's one of these first place teams. Oh you know it baby. it's c-9 hell and odin what's the other first place team. My boy one hundred thieves. That was a way to just segue the into the team. Name very very impressed. Well done in second second-place technically third place. We've got eagles unisys and team liquid both tied at three and one. You're top four teams. They're exactly who we expected them to be or two and one. Excuse me in fifth place. We have A five-way tie had one and two between them immortals dignatories fly quest and golden guardians have one and two and all the way to a. We've seen algae fair. I would be with g if they didn't play each other. Thank god for that. If you're a tsm fan and we'll get to that shortly here but let's start at the top. Ian talk to me about senile is incredibly hot. Start to the spring split all right so all of the all of the good stuff about cnn from the lock in tournament amp it up a little bit. And now we got fudge playing like a monster to now. Let's go baby Blabber is on fire right now this guy looks like an absolute monster Like you cannot ban this guy out. He plays too many champions. He plays them all incredibly. Well we found out this week and a little bit during the lock and tournament that playing through fudge very viable option for this team. If they want to play through him they can play through him. He can carry so that's really good to know. Great for nine fans right perks looking a little bit better still not very like he didn't have any like really huge overwhelming. Like oh my god perks right. He hasn't hard carried a game but also not looking terrible so good good things. Kennel can't have everything once. i do. Wanna caveat a lot of this. C nine played golden guardians. Tsn immortals two of whom are probably bottom three and is struggling to stay out of that bottom three and as thankful for the other two existing and also seal there is. This is also real quick. Seanang rain over is bringing in this incredible that we have not seen in a long time. And it's my referring to the ignite camille into fudge over and over all weekend. The flashlight very specifically no flash. Camille is the only top lehner that seni- has to face the entire weekend and every fucking time echoes. Exactly the way you would expect if it was so low q. What happens at three minutes ian. Who's in the top. Lame boy blaby. He's camille is dead instantly. Like every single game yes. The media tweeted. He's like how's blabber mind controlling everyone into playing tonight. they're literally handing nine with culminated. In possibly one of the worst drafts. I've ever seen in my opinion versus the immortals game or immortals basically just f- f the game and champ select The gave over reconnect until you. Didn't they played flashlights. Camille gotthard cameras connected to leah. That goes exactly how you're going to expect. And then they gave over pantheon bottling so like another great setup like what do you do. They just theft and champ select it was horrible sizing middling or so. They couldn't even play through winning meaning. It's so bad anyways so from. We're talking about cnn right now. So i see nine. I think this is exactly how nine should look versus these teams right which is a good sign from c. nine They're not one of those teams that can look like competitive with top tier teams and then really shaky versus bottom tier teams. This is this is what you're expecting so good news for nine fans right. They won exactly what they needed to. They beat the teams in front of them and they did it. Convincing xactly hundred. Wrap it up. I just and perks. Plays zero twice and was the best year of the entire weekend in either region. He did have some good at sword. He was so good. He's looking better yeah he. I think were excellent on the picks. Let's talk hundred thieves though. Odin boys with the three zero weekend hit us jackson's hundred thieves. Do oh you're right. I'm so used to being you all right. Well let's have voted for me in that first round. Odu you talk about them. We heard enough from From jacksonville right now. And jackson i want you to to close it out. Hundred thieves have a really good weekend. Like i am so happy to see this team playing so damn well we do have to say. They played dagan seal. Gio try like. I feel like there is no if they are but these rail comps they. They'd kind of put a dent. The game hundred thieves at least had to try hard to win that game. It was not out which you would expect from first place versus tenth place and honestly their carry in that game the one who turned it around for them. Because you was winning. The early game was your most unlikely source. Demonte carried one particular team fight. Churns the game on its head and l. hundred thieves never loses control. It was beautiful from demonte. The digman toss game not so much. I'm going to gloss over the real fun game. The one against e. g. this is another top of the table team and they really they go head to head really really well and impact. The biggest issue impact tried nar into camille. It's not as bad as no but it's not great good. yeah yeah. And he picked it into camille and the earlier was not strong enough here at one hundred thieves really was able to just hammer this game down who he was all over the map. Fbi coming in on affiliates just being sitting back strong doing damage and closer olaf. We've seen it before we'll see it again rolls through again. I think he's got lucky getting that win. I'ma sarah now that's almost say about that little bit. yeah. I would agree with that. I really would. I'm kind of surprised. I mean if you three. They should be one into if sealed and edgy. Were better teams. Yep yeah but now the caveat is of course if they were playing against better teams. These teams aren't great. Eg struggled seals us really bad. We'll get to them later. Hundred thieves though they get the three. Oh they get what they need to and now they get to head to the actual tough part of the schedule and we'll get to that soon evil geniuses. Wanna talk about them. Who am i gonna make talk about them in. Odi talk more about him. Yeah talk about. Eg eeg. i guess since. I just finished talking about their poor performance against hundred thieves i can talk about. They're much much better performances against both fly quest and golden guardians but again we're talking about golden guardians and a fly quiz team which is playing much better than some of these teams around them but still lower the table still trying to get themselves together and the golden guardians game especially impact pick silas and just absolute that game as a style. Game from eeg lull over golden gardens. Just even definitely fucking pop it off going eleven zero and five on kaisa like really really good play and then in the fly quest game we see the what did they end up calling it. The horsepower com rim rail. And then they they put their own twist on it and had a lovely hsien and kaisa to follow the two horsemen around. It was just all dive with the leblanc to apply pok for some reason. Leblanc is a champion now but also to always. But she wants. He played that leblanc. I mean this is a champ that if it starts really coming back in the meta and it's it looks like it's on the edge of it currently for the people that are really good kid. She's a polk chimp. Her poke just happens to be your entire health bar and she pokes her entire body. You anything else about that. We should talk about before we close them out all right. They had a really good weekend. Events garin likes earlier just like everybody else doesn't love who'd here in the champions of the lock tournament the chest pre nominated to win the entire split team liquid came into this weekend with high expectations and they didn't quite achieve them and talked about the weekend. Yeah this team. Lost two immortals. Um that happened. Don't exactly know how they got hard counter picked. I mean you you going up against a rallying crank as ties. Yes basically what actually happened. Was they picked kinen into or no. They gave up the counterpane into the can and they gave revenge. Ira and he still killed al furry In the lane and from that moment onward it was like oh like it's going to it's going to be one of those games It's like when it's like the arabia's better than me and this is like one of the worst match ups for me in the game is over. Specify that immortals cop is garbage but they countered everything we wanted to de. I just want to share the top. Reddit comment on the thread for that one. Which is who wins the champs or a hooker named destiny jeffcott to. Let's crank this game. Yeah i wanna point out the bottling four team liquid like we actually saw this executed really really well by core. Jj if you've got the timing down. And i think if they were in a land environment. This probably goes a little bit better. You could save a few instances where corgis there. He's able to do the devour to stop the hook and half the time he just doesn't quite get it. Also tactical just absolutely loves hookers apparently named destiny in particular and gorge as easy as a young guy. He looked up to hong phong. Something really want to thank you for giving me was the exact segue yet that happened however they did have two other games this weekend One versus dig. Which went basically. Exactly how you would expect it to go just a massive shift team liquid just looks better in every way possible In the fight quest game was more or less. You know some of the same I think the morals game was more of a fluke than anything. It was just t l being like massively disrespectful to revenge and it's like okay you know you learn your lesson. Everyone learned the lesson rate. Everyone saw that game is like oh shit. We can't give this guy a really a right. We have to respect this guy so that lesson has been learned. I think that was a bit of a fluke team liquid. I think they're still doing fine. You know our instant capping everyone yet next week. I highly doubt there will be any flukes Team liquid thumbs up from this week. Thumbs up to one house. Just want to point out destiny. Only thirty four us as a support. that's so low. As a as a male support he was never in lane that blitzkrieg was always roaming which was really cool to true fair. Enough could point all right. Let's talk about the teams outside of the top four. Now we got five teams tied for fifth. Oh boy i hope we don't get too long in the tooth here. We've already talked about immortals. We've talked about their good game. There is no reason to talk about in either other games. So we're just we're not going to say much there immortals like hell. Yeah you beat the number one team coming into this. You did it in a very interesting fashion. It doesn't seem like something that can be replicated. And there's a lot of game against golden guardians. Free win that game. It wasn't even fun to watch. It was like it was like okay. This is just sad the game that they really should have won golden guardians. I guess we'll talk very briefly about it but we should talk about from the perspective gardens because they pulled out despite being down in six kills when the game ends now there macro is a little bit better. Do we need to talk about this. Fuck i guess. We golden guardians. They get they get a victory here. Boom they toppling. Yeah it's almost like. I can't stop a gangplank from forming right. I just don't get it. I don't get it anymore. We can move on but wonder so it must be good right. I just want real quick from the player that brought you. I really atop lane comes the other outplay champ of the season. Fucking two rookies as that are both known for mechanical top leaders that like the one v what what's match of guys really like game playing versus ever wanted to kill myself which shares what revenge on a fabulous is one moment in golden gardens verse immortals that is absolutely worth calling out golden guardians takes. Barron faints that they're going to rush for the base. Their down people. They gave up to who lives to get that baron. So what does he three five and immortals is like let's go pushes five bottling we gave up barron that's taken in hib and golden guardians is like. Hey let's run over a war we know. Is there like we're going to go take in hibs all of immortals immediately panic recalls. Because they don't have baron it'll take to recall. They will lose the game if they don't and golden guardians like we did our job. Once they're out of vision just recalls back defends their neck they're inhibitor with no loss of life. Their team responds in that. Was that good that needs to be called out that was exceptional by golden guardians called that like one hundred percent. That's a stick because that's so reminiscent of sealed. Gwt p like that's very much a classic all right. That's enough for them. We don't have to talk about them. Anymore fly quest. Let's talk about them. Because i think they're really interesting team here in fifth place and there's one other team we will spend a little bit more time on jose. Dod here now actually as a week of practice and they look a hell of a lot better they go up against them and they get that victory there so we actually covered both of those at the same time. I'm so happy. Jack's talked to me about fi- quest weekend. Quick fly quest does play against he. Sm m beat them liquorice looking a lot better and jose. Do looking like a monster in this game. There's not really much else to talk about. They just straight up outclass. Dsm from leaning phase onwards this game you get the seraphine bought paired with the hecker. So there's fun shenanigans airfield which is kind of interesting. That wasn't even the story of the game. It was just a cool pick. That happened to be part of the game was also played against team liquid geniuses much harder games jose diaz struggled to find any opening to do anything against team liquid and his entire team lost every single match up so as a juggler year. Just kinda shit outta luck at that point. I don't want hold that against jose libardo too much against e. g. was better but the pal thoughts verse zika gap was just huge. It was massive chazal. Now i do think positive. Take away from here. Johnson looked more than serviceable like he was. Decent and jose. Do like yeah. The team lost. He looked good. I thought in their losses like he looked smart. He was in the right places he was doing the right thing. The only game where he looked good was the where it was impossible for him. To look good and diamond had a good game. I was kinda surprised with how well. I think he did against. Tsm considering how little faith we have Just in general on the season started dignatories. Real briefly They played games. It was against one hundred thieves. It was against team liquid and it was against seattle g. guess which one they won exactly Imagine to come back in one magin. Imagine picking ringer on the big stage just to get executed. Krug's walk was doing because that wasn't even is only off the wall pick that he then played poorly. He also played moondog and shit. Josh carthage last week or during during the group's yeah. Josh was filling himself this week but maybe should have been feeling something else like a way to mobile fire back. Got him ooh. Oh dr doc nuke duck. Are they as anyone ever seen them in the same room at the same time. Dr do the ads. Okay we'll stick with that. Dr docket is move on from that team to talk about t s m. We gotta cover them. This is the team that may maybe the biggest splash in the off season acquiring a whole bunch of new players bringing in sort are for the big big money second only to perks in terms of actual cash be splashed dave. Do not start lose week. Well man they play. Oh god i can't take it away. I can't even. I was pretty hyped. On going into the year. I think i might have had the highest on my power rankings out of any of us or at least side for the highest any. Now i think is ils. Tweet really sums it up the best where he said. Tsm spent the money for team liquid but they ended up with seal g I think that that kind of sums. Seo's use the only team that they were able to beat this weekend. The cloud nine was you know you would expect cloud nine to win that right but that was not even close like cloud nine stopped them and then even fi quest it was like they didn't look like they're on the same page really the only one who was on lulu and they like didn't even win. They should have lost that game to seal. The should have like one ultimate games this weekend but deism somehow just win team fights and that's just now where you want to be when you have sort. Whose is supposed to be active roaming support. Who's missing multiple zenith blades multiple solar flares on leona. Not looking at all like he's on the same page with a team in the shock calling but also mechanically plane terribly seem. Looks rough real rough. There was a comment that i made during the watch party. Which is are we sure. Sort arts actually playing from a. Because just exactly what you had said canvas like the zenith blades are missing. The ulcers chance may be s is true. Maybe he's got his practice. He's like gun so good at the ping that now when he's playing on tournament romi just doesn't understand could also be you know. He's trying to predict l. p. l. players and predicting nice smooth brain a pros and we're out playing him across the board yeah. Tsm the perfect segue is a tsm only team. They beat seal g a team. They were losing to exactly the same way. Jack's predicted every time took until thirty five minutes. Twenty five minutes for the big team fight throw by sea. Algae amen to that twenty minutes longer than you'd expect. Maybe you gave. It really was exactly what. I predicted a week ago. Just like the last sixteen times. They've faced each other have been. Tsm lickin rough. And that's the perfect way to go into this. Last place team tenth place sealed g go zero and three yet. Tm fans if you're trying to cry into something right now don't worry too much because there's one team cushioning the bottom for you. And it's the cg roster sealed you that benched peo- for potentially attitude issues or something else who really knows. They can't get their stories straight there. Maybe don't have wild turtle go on any shows for a little while because he's to leak anything and everything you've got. This was such a mess man. This whole weekends garbage. I actually want to say before. I really should on them. I'm gonna to give a nice little sandwich here. Fin not bad honestly looks more than serviceable. He had some really rough moments. Which i think were understandable. He did the smart play of picking camilo flash like let's not fuck that up again so proud of him for that individual decision griffin honestly. Not terrible he looks good night. Good looks good. He has nothing to work with but he looks good individually the early game from seal g. is something that they've done before where they've had a smart early game. I just struggled to close out games. They looked pretty decent early game across all three games. And then just absolutely shit the bed. Once any sort of decent decision making is called for the ended eight k advantage over and they lost it And i couldn't even blame the rookies for this like. Rj honestly did not play that bad. I was kind of impressed with his individuals decisions every now and then and then he would pull out the most brain dead thing that he could possibly do. And i'd be like oh thirty seconds ago. I was like yeah. Let's give you shot next week. And now i don't wanna see your face ever again. I don't know what to do with this awful on death straight missing. Cs unforced levels of awful. He looked like a random gold. T.f player his other two games were fine like they weren't stellar but they weren't nearly as egregious and this is first. Lcs game so. I don't want to hold too much and it's hard to like how how much of a heads up to. We know that he got that. He was going to be going to be starting. How much did they practiced together. I also want to say smooth. You may have been a great fantasy pickup for everyone but just me Just yet what a weekend from him man. Oh my god. I don't even know what to say when wild turtles supposed to be. You're like bright shining star and he's playing like wild turtle of old who got benched on. Tsm for misusing his flash. I'm mining this for positives in the positives or the first ten minutes. Look pretty decent from this team. And they look like a playoff team and then after ten fifteen minutes. This looks like a team that should be playing in again And it's so hard to really judge them fairly. Because that's actually the thing i would hope proxy would be here for would beat be that calming shot calling voice. That's the positive. I actually see from this juggler and i can see how he could fit into this team now but i also know what's happening because there's not their mid lehner and rgs is not ready for the stages fucking accident is on surprises teams here on three only seal g can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory three games like they could be three. It's one hundred percent. If you all these games like the twelve minute mark you would have been like oh damn like sales. You is looking good. That's a top team. Not i'm not even close alright predictions for next week. We've got a whole bunch of games coming up got hundred. Let's go yeah playfully. I think we can go pretty quick through here. Hundred these were all one hundred thieves. Cross the board hundred thieves look pretty good even if they were a little shaky again. Some bad teams is still coming together. Seal versus tim liquid. Everyone team liquid across the board. Except for myself. Who i believe i m reading directly from your seattle dig accurate. I'm actually predicting. Cg wins this one. Team liquid. Just completely overlooks them and sealed somehow figures out like you know the thousand monkeys in front of type. Typewriters will eventually end up like riding a masterpiece. I think this might happen on thin. Just out lanes the what it comes down to is we. Everyone in the world has lost all hope and seal g. and that's when they win again when you put them to win in your predictions cow working with old man. I'm going to look like a genius. Edgy versus speaking of evil geniuses. We all think are going to be losing to see nine here. They're just not strong enough to nine. That's looking a lot better. Tsn versus golden guardian. Three of us have tsm. Jack's explain your golden guardians. Pick here guardians despite not looking amazing in their other games showcase some fantastic macro as i mentioned earlier and also like the more. Dsm ian wettest tsn. one. I think that Tsm like i hate to use the keyword potential. But i think the potential is there. And i think the corrections they can make after this week will be enough to carry them to a win vs a golden guardians team who. He's gonna lose to niles whether he's planning to carry or support david dignatories first immortals. I'm the only one with dignatories. Everyone else has the immortals faith a kansas. Why immortals. I dunno wrenches a cool jaw line like at this point. Yeah yeah they're yeah every ever they got the after losing the next time fucking loving. I have no better reason. For picking dignatories a coin flip fly quest reseal g. We have fly quest for only two of us. I have fly quest. Jack's has fly quest ian odin climates. Happening nice are you all talk. After remembering who seal changed it back enes really splitting the difference here putting f. l. You're going into timid flag versus clay seen high versus a hundred thieves. Little split here. Odin one hundred thieves is that purely your fandom there or do you think really good chance okay. We all agree then is looking like the better team at the moment slice. Lear i filled this out when odin filled out. I think this is like a fifty five forty five in favor of cloud nine close match. I would say it's a sixty four nationality. Sixty four pretty close people definitely chance. Cnn loses the. This is a good game. This is going to be one of the good games of the weekend which you know we get fifteen games so fingers crossed one of. Them's good golden guardians for stigmas. Who boy this is not going to be one of them. Dignatories for myself in an odin golden gardens for jackson canvas. Jack's waggled gave last time because golden guardians showed they understand what macro is ian y dig coin flip pretty much men like yeah dig is fails. I got you. I got you can get the studio. Tv god shadow versus team liquid. We have tim. Liquid across the board team. Liquid tm not good immortals versus e g g good immortals not good a team liquid versus one. Hundred thieves is another really good matchup. I'm actually excited. We're getting so many good matchups. This weekend you know comparatively it helps fifteen potential games but we also have four teams. That look pretty dang. Good we have team liquid across the board except for jacks with one hundred thieves so odin actually swapping allegiance and of course with one hundred team. All right odin. Why team liquid over a hundred thieves right now. Hotline matchup You think a little bit better and internal let are they do against a. There's not enough the rest of it. I think the like. It's really hard to tell here. I could easily have one hundred thieves. Have he could do for all my predictions now realize they can just split the difference. I mean you're getting zero. No matter what happens. I automatically put some hand contain out. Sorry and not let affari linking them him like he does everyone else. Frankly i'd rather just better on the other four members of hundred these who are looking really good as a unit right now over team liquid who has looked very good. But i don't like him and they haven't looked nearly as dominantly good as you would expect especially given that they won the lock in right the best explanation you could possibly give adding ever. I think we could have stopped there to be honest. All valley just don't like man absolutely speaking for serious when i picked something stupid like dignity. Speeding's in liquid amen to that arecelor immortals versus tsm. I have a mortals. As does kansas ian odin in jack's with ian white. Esm because immortals just looks like a trash to your team right now like holy shit sucks. They don't suck decimals bad but like mortals. Just really bad dude. That's that's basically it. Guess counter i think how can i just do i m. Tsm like does that sets too many letters. That doesn't worry that's too many you need four. It's gotta be four. Can you fit it in that. What will figure it out some of the time. There's a t. in and there so there's gotta be something we can do I feel like tsn just looked so solo q. And yes immortals looks bad but they don't look so low q. Like they're making bad plays. They're doing bad things but they're doing it together. You know it's like a bunch of brothers holding hands jumping off a cliff rather than tsn shoving each other off the cliff so to reagan slightly. I hear all right. We're keeping that analogy. That's that's sticking around for awhile. Eeg versus stigmatize. This is a. Don't watch this game at ten. We've got easy across the board seni- versus fly quest. I'm actually pretty excited for this game. I think it really does grow over the next week. We're going to see it evident in this game against a team. That's looking really damn good. Having said that we got sick across the board their firing on all cylinders up to this point relative to the start of the split. We'll see if they can continue that trend golden guardians for cecile who this is actually the grudge match of the weekend because it is stick say and friends versus his former team. This is not going to be a good game Everyone has be scraped. Oh man this is going to be a slobber knocker and it's going to end us on sunday evening as well. I have golden guardians. I believe in sticks. In the lads. Ian has golden guardians jackson golden guardians odin has sealed g and congress has gluck geez. It's going there. It is the only one factor in. Why does this one. Do you need a couple minutes to really think about this. I can't get you back to its garden with. It's a long can't see the document just back. Spaced seal g and replaced it with g g in the node and just changed his mind right before we actually have golden gardens across the over mind control right. Oh man watch there. Actually be a fleshless camille in that game and it's for finn and then he wins in true can't logic fashion all right. That's it we got to close this episode out before things get too crazy. James out so far in predictions. Sean and odin are tied with a seventy one percent prediction accuracy but ian is the true winner here because behind by one game and that means he has sixty nine percent accuracy on his predictions. Nice say that's nice but can you sustain that sixty nine percent baby try. That's what you gotta aim for specifically every week just trying to get that score. I don't even know if that's mathematically possible. Let's close out this episode. Because i know it's a long one if these are all going to be long episodes you're welcome everyone but there is someone else actually wanted. Thank before we get to the end of this whole thing. I want to shut up crews in our community discord. Who has put together. What at this point maybe three hundred different fantasy leagues for everyone who wanted to participate anytime someone chimed in and we had a full league already he would just make a new one so he and i believe there's another guy mike in there who has also been on like five or six of them just filling them out and then more people would come in so shout out to you guys really putting all been great if you join our community discord. If you haven't already you should it's awesome. It's a great place do it. And if you really wanna feel like a full fledged member unfortunately the founder tag is now close to you but you can be a recipient of the prestigious invisible five star tag if you give us a five star rating on your favorite podcast network. Just let us know will attach a tear name as soon as you jump into the server. You won't be able to see it and neither will anyone else. But we'll know in our heart that you've given the best league podcast the best score possible. Thank you guys for listening to us. Every week we wouldn't be able to do this without you without your support without you caring about the bullshit that comes out of our mouths. We love you buy

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