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Welcome to the undisputed podcast. I'm your host Jerry Taft. This podcast is the full show from today's episode Soda undisputed from start to finish. They've got a busy slate. So Skip Shannon. Let's get to it take. What an incredible incredible uh-huh Jj Cabela's and Shannon Sharpe this crew? I was going to say Good Morning Miami. I think we're in Dallas. The cowboys finally made it to a super ball. Aw skip out in fact if you want to know everyone who's stopping by we're going to have Eric Stonestreet stonestreet. Jalen Smith also going to Christian McCaffrey some channel all those guests. But we've got a lot to talk about and I feel only Lee appropriate if we discuss Dak and Patrick Mahomes do this. Let's do it earlier this week. Skipping the case that Tech Prescott despite despite finishing the season at eight an eight outperformed Patrick mahomes this season Shannon. You question skip on this yesterday. So Shannon okay. Here's your chance tells skip why he is crazy theft. Good luck really really. Why are we doing this really really? We're going to do this okay. Patrick Mahomes was better than Dag. Press Prescott in every statistical just go category completion percentage yard for a touchdown interception ratio. Qbr most important now. You told me the I think it was two days ago. You told me that was with number one. In catchable passes. He was also number winning catchable ails traffic in the cowboy. The reason that I love when club shape because they first club say say with only a winners couldn't get the cowboys hot tale that I can't keep him about it and you tell me all the time you'd like okay all these numbers and stats are fine and Dandy. What asked Healy's did good question? Here's the thing. Now you're had all as a big old numbers against the Green Bay packers through four sixty three he and tell you they were down by twenty eight. Most of the time he was doing that people for three fifty five against the buffalo bills. He didn't tell you they were down about nineteen most of the timing doing that. He threw for three thirty. The bears Mitchell trubisky. Did you tell them they were down by seventeen salt they watch how about this year. Look at the shot wasn't did you know this wasn't had three hundred yard in the divisional round against the chiefs in about why he call nail skill. I get it I I love the cowboys do the I think that is a very good player. But he's not in the same. Stratosphere is Patrick my whole and then you get to the playoffs now you say you're you you supposed to play your best football in the playoffs right ninety eight. QBR Has Dak Prescott ever had ninety four and ninety eight QBR. Yeah we in the regular slobby the playoff ninety eight or ninety four skill. That has all these empty calories. He's putting up these yards in in meaningless time. Let me tell you what he did do. Though he played the poor Johnson and watching do fourteen touchdown to interception against everybody. Sixteen Matt Okay. He was doing all these artists. Can you tell the people how many touchdowns through four against the Patriots the saints in the Eagles in the Second Eagles. Second time I'm going to do you think you had to go all three games You gotTA call it. Isn't that press. Got Had the same amount of touchdown passes against the Patriots Saints. Eagles is Shannon Sharpe fifty one year old jenner sharp sitting on his couch zero. Tell me you actually think that he had a better season than behold mom mom would here doing press conferences that down here pitching products now have been doing this as a matter of fact so I'm GONNA radio row yesterday I pigeon product. He went into though. Don't come to Miami to pitch products. Do I don't know I came to tell me what it's my turn will. Field sets up this big game. The biggest game in North America. It's called the Super Bowl rush and for NFC team AILSA team to call. Had that come. I will sell products. You need to stop this. I know you love that but you know goodwill had a little bit of homeboy now stopping Dak did have a better season than homeboy. And I'm about to close the case on that and by away speaking of division opponents you played in what's called the AFC west riot. Let's see who's in there. The raiders helped me out. Who else is in there charged it? Does you play for the broncos. I just named two teams that went seven and nine and the chargers. What a big disappointment that they might have been the biggest disappointment football they were five and eleven talk about empty calories against weak sister opponents? The whole you know the giants in Washington in the NFC each. I just showed you on records that that division that you used to play in was pretty awful this year it was pretty cake walkie right now l. here. I'm going to give you this. I'll give you only this. Patrick Mahomes has a better arm than Dak.. Prescott that's all I'm GONNA give you. Patrick mahomes throws better left handed passes than Deck Prescott because snacks overthrowing her left-hander Bass because he didn't need to own good if if this were a skills competition on Sunday if it were just like the NBA Ba kind of skills competition just thrown it through tires. Throwing it for distance would be over. We shouldn't even have a super bowl because Patrick mahomes would win that that. If we're talking about performing at the position of quarterback all I told you was and I'm GonNa show you once again Dak had a better season in performance months than Patrick Mahomes. Let me count the ways. But before I do think about degree of difficulty help me out here Andy. Reid has been judged by pro football focused to be the best play caller football each of the last two years. Does that benefit your guy. Yeah okay I'm having to deal with Jason Garrett and a rookie play collar in Kellen Moore helped me out. Who's got the big advantage? Andy Reid or Jason Garrett Kellen Moore LP AL player Amendment Way. Better place who has the better weapons pence. Is there a tyreek on Dallas. I thought there was a Mari until they went away and played road games and he disappeared in every road game. Rub To me yesterday to say. The Troy Aikman said that culturally. Interestingly they were throwing away Ross to take the cowboy true that benefit Dak Prescott. Okay but they didn't talk about the chiefs roster. It's just like weaponry. There's no better web it. Despite the greatest collection of weapons we've ever seen in a super bowl game and Patrick mahomes benefits from that. How Travis Kelsey you have nothing but ridicule Luke for Jason Witten? WHO's probably done? He's probably probably probably well could make the case he was done before he played less. Okay so who do you want Travis. Kill seared chason win. Who can't run a six flat forty right now right okay? So who. Who Do you want to help me out? WHO's has got the bigger degree of difficulty? We'll obviously it's Dak Prescott so let's do passes for first downs. Those counters good so deck was second in the National Football League in passes. as-as I down mahomes wound up sixteen catchable passes. It's a huge step. Because that throws a sweet football with the velocity that Patrie moms does but he was second in what we're gauged judge catchable. Pass right that's why I could catch him second catchable. It was way down at sixteen out. It's not very good. How about big plays this is calling card is twenty plus yard big-play throat yes That's interesting Dak was third in the National Football League in big play throws thirteenth I. Let's do passing yards per game because mahomes missed a couple of games per game. That's interesting DAK average. Three zero six a game and mom was to eighty eight so he beat him there. How about completions per game? Oh that was twenty. Four point. Three in homes was close but twenty two point eight not. They're not not not up to when you say passing yards per game how. How many times where the chiefs behind by twenty nine thousand nine hundred seventeen fourteen in a regular season game just two games back? I watch them fall behind. Twenty four to nothing at home to they do okay. We'll don't give me. What was the last thought because it was three weeks with skilled? Don't get these. Unless here's the thing they sell behind twelve seventeen to seven to the titans nine and seven. Titans team that went to New England beat the Patriot and also with the bottom links to bill. Bill Bill Bill to take again with. Qa cynical. Let's do air distance. Because all I've heard from this guy across the table for three really going on four years. Oh it's Dinkins Daqian. The little piddly passes to Z.. Okay air distanced this past regular season. That's interesting that was third in the NFL. Well that's how far the pass traveled before hit the receivers hand slurred homes thirteen so his signature really wasn't his signature last year right so it. Let's do running the football because signature play for Patrick mahomes which was the biggest bunch of Baloney. We're GonNa talk about twenty seven yard run in which six six titans failed to even try to tackle him and get to that and track. That was his signature run but on on running. That is a way better runner or through the regular season. You can't tell how about the first four. Let's do three years. LET'S DO I. Three Years Jack was in the League. He led all quarterbacks ax in rushing touchdowns by because he is a play maker. He is a game decider at the goal line in the biggest mistake. Kellen Moore Jason Garrett made last year. They didn't let them run enough because he's a really good runner his best year. His average run was much better than Patrick. Mahomes has your home runs a four eight forty forty. He was chugging on that Russian. Both playoff we got twenty seven yard. WHO's the better runner docker Mahal only out stopping shopping? You're backed into a corner you know. I'll take doc. Hello I want a quarterback. Look Lamar Jackson got this running thing along. He now. We're GONNA come down to Dak Prescott Patrick Mahomes you get one now. I want you to ask the audience you asking People Macabre Jersey. Who Won't Kodak? Yeah Yeah we'll take that. Yeah but here's the thing. Yes I understand that. They fell by twenty four. They fell behind seventeen seven if they news these games. Nobody's talking about it. You can't ball behind Mao. Try to mount a comeback and lose. It's like my guys warrior. My guys battle. My Guy is award. You'll got put them the home. We got my guy did not show me the whole show me where interception to Amari gets Green Bay and hit him in the hands spill spiel he popped it up to the Green Bay. DB sloppy you. Don't get to say you save me from drowning. If you don't get my head on the water you tell them this confidence. We're going to have Jalen Smith on her in a few minutes and Mike Because Dak Prescott cannot go. Oh both ways in place. It can't play Safer Jones Mill. I can't do nothing about him. Pick sixes you. Think he'll say now I will say I I can see it well well again. He has tried to dig them out a whole that. The defense created game after game. They missed a record. Nineteen tackles at Chicago Oh and Dak was a warrior that threw for more yards in the fourth quarter at Chicago than any quarterback. We went any game all year for the team to two hundred twenty yards. It's in the fourth quarter. You WanNa talk about a warrior. You want us to talk about fighting back so I WANNA know. One thing is allow the ball in the first three quarters because he's lauda yards in the fourth quarter. Now why handicapped. Because you're sitting down in the table saying God or give it to Zeke and I'm saying Zeke is going nowhere on firsthand the Laura come in and say they need to run the ball Zeke. You are my he's wrong. There were too many minus will insist Zeros or one yard gains and Dak Prescott ranked very high and second and third down completion for distance because he was backed up against the chains chains. Excuse if you put Dak Prescott with Andy Reid and those weapons trust me. You would be right here right. Here's to first of all. He doesn't have the armed strength in the armed talent. He can't throw on the move like mahomes he can't make place described. Tom Brady who only has six championships. Okay can Tom Brady. Ron No no can you. Run can move. He can move in the pocket. He's got good pocket when you have a big art clearly. He couldn't move well enough cutting not here. Oh we'll he's he was only only here. Only did was wind. Six rings with six game. Winning drives enough thought over used to have a girlfriend ain't got one now the wait a second that tells me that the guy who made a lot of catches is not a very good Wayne Brady. Hey I had nine girlfriends before. I don't have any now I'll give you another one. Yeah but anyway one girlfriend has named Lombardi the what was she might run up with somebody else this year. That skill look. I know you like you love the cowboy. Jack is one of the Great Leader's I've ever seen. And he's he's emerging emerging will be in the military right now football. I'M TALKING ABOUT PUT MON lead. I need a guy that can put that can get me home. Looks Murga got eleven wins. Allowed your guy got eight mate and you keep talking about the division through that division. One team that was nine and seven had the sweet the last. Ask Three Games in order to win that division. What happened before the second still a game? The game of the year the game. That could've turned the cowboy. Seeing around you lo stat gotta shoulder busted. He shouldn't have implied implied against the eagles. Oh my goodness oh my goodness it up and went out and played. Woody should have mama been mentality. Yeah Kill Stop this now. Let me look I can. Actually I ride with a lot of con- K.. Ride with different. I'M GONNA get out get out and drove him completely off the people don't they don't believe that. Do got a cow you gotta all. I'm saying is played better than home. Flight MAHOMES won the two years ago. Not This yes by mahomes standard. He had an okay year but he did not have a great year. This you can't wait a second. They lost back to back home games. He scored thirteen against Indianapolis Utah. Utah about you talking about moving back to back games you you guys lost three games in a row lose individuals and you talk about the back the back okay. But you're trying to put him on the Michael Jordan got into the act. I think changes nine this week. He's Patrick Jordan. Did Not yet. No thank God knows. I didn't do that. I said he's not accomplished enough. I said he is the best quarterback in football. I said we we gotta start with this goat. Talk let him play. Hey eight nine ten eleven years and then maybe we can have that discussion but the one discussion that we should not be having right now if anything to have to do it that well. What does it Rain Dakota the Prescott? Yes rain in as in he will reign. He rained on. You'll see them. Because if I'm not mistaken mistake I coulda sworn in at the beginning of the year. I told you homeboy would be in Miami. You Ned true he had this right. We got a really gutsy picked because they were picked to be in my office. aww Las Vegas betting favourite to get the Miami Charlotte. No Tom Brady Brad against Tom. Brady well L.. I never have. Well guess what I should have bet against bill bell checks defense skill overrated. The number one defense in football for about eight games aims and then even you agreed I think it was way overrated. You do realize that Tom. Brady's fourteen points of life gave you do realize that Ryan Fitzpatrick and we got some Dolphin. The Ryan Fitzpatrick with the season on the line and the Patriots with the number two seed right in the palm of their hands. Thanks to Tom. Brady's drive Dr. They allowed Ryan fits magic to go eighty yards for a touchdown that they needed to score seven not three. They had to score seven to win the game that that is horrendously bad for bill checks defense because they not only lost the two seed. They lost the week off. Kansas City would've had played at New England without without that early in the year. Yeah no they twenty three just sixteen. They beat the breaks off right and they got three robbery. Bring Robert then a Q.. Hari flight you even you said. How can they miss that right on the sidelines? Tom Brady you got two more down. Get the ball in the end zone but again robbery. And how about the Stefan Gilmore play play. He scoops and scores. And they do premature whistle whistle letdown. Remember that I remember member Philip Dorset. He's deepened and he gets tackled before the ball arrives and they would. It had first and goal at the five. No fly in the referee carries Rita Sixteen homeboy way to go. What so? What are we gonNA do about that? Pick six braided through with Miami. Well he did okay. The windy overcame it with another should have been game winning drive. Is You have to overcome it. Why are you still in the game? Breath it's Patrick. Tennessee Ryan Tannehill basics. I mean you you see current theme Albany out who is his best receiver. Tell me who is his best target. Tom Brady Bill No bill. Who Was it? The bottom of the league in separation who is dead last in receiver separation New England Patriots. Why was that juuling? Elon was broken down Shell of himself. And that's all all Tom Brady had to go to. Your guy was almost dead. Last in completion percentage in yards per team so who was thrown into it could get no separation. Well guess what. If Antonio Tonio Brown were still a New England Patriot if he were they would be in this game right now. That's how important he was seriously they would be at some point times. Get maybe maybe another five six seven eight years from now we could sit back and we'll talk about you know what that maybe it's the same woah part. Is Patrick Mahomes right now. They're not in the same okay. They're in the same ballpark. One guys on the field. That other guys selling popcorn so you need to start with this. You really start with this gift because everybody about the question if you pull all thirty two general managers all thirty two owners and says I'm GonNa give you when you get one quarterback you can take Dak Prescott and you take Patrick Mahomes. Which one do you think that take tickets? I don't care I know who I'm taking and I'm GonNa beat you every time you you're not going to beat me. This guy will fight you and again talent. It being equal coaching beak. Well I'll take my guy that ever been Patrick mahomes one so far one more to your gap will has he had yes. The Omni Super Bowls guy in played them. NFC Championship listening to you all year. Because you're driving the bandwagon because you discovered home tonight as you discover you discovered him when he won the you know. That's just Robert. I tried to tell you week three last year. I said my guy's GonNa win the MVP. No you know something. You wouldn't even give me a bed on that. How about thirteen dot three? No no no Tom Brady. No you said drew breathes. No Oh no you don't get special badge important. Part of Sunday's super bowl coverage will take place before the game when Shannon Sharp inducts Patrick Mahomes into the pro football before the game before the game. It's over. He's a hall of Famer. A No ballot Alabama famer. Oh no he went he wins this game. It's over. Yeah slammed up. Yeah you win this game. You trajectory what he's done in his first three years. It'd be unprecedented like I said. Kurt Warner had a very similar path. But Kurt was twenty eight when he did it and this kid is twenty four. There's no comparison with duct. And I'm not saying that bad quarterback you have you gave him fs. Maybe Yeah Yeah Malays basketball ask about where we have all played pickup basketball. And you know bigger you can play make you take. I make a layup. I get the ball. I kicked into that myth. And you'll get it if they don't do that you score touchdown down. I gotTA kick the ball up. Okay go green. Bay scored a touchdown. They kick the ball up today. Tell people at home. What do he pointed us? Scored another touchdown kicked the ball. I'm telling you what did he pointed. It does what are you being. He can't play both that he gets an opportunity to score. Would you know what he did. Guess what he did at a for a though I wouldn't have about it. That's what he's been playing like they change the rule because of that everybody else knows they go out there. We're going to defer to kick to the second half he talking about. Oh we WANNA kick to them and now everybody off. You'll not rule that I like how you described your making take a game. I make take a layup because you can't shoot. I make a layup. I don't even make out ascribe to the COW Alcyone stopping. Run the ball until you stop it. I'm GonNa lay them all up until you force me to shoot a jumper back down in the paint layer you will see the light. This is Oh boy years win division again. Next year I remember at the beginning to hear. What can you tell the people at home though? They didn't follow early. When I made that prediction tell people home without told you the cowboys record would be in September? I don't recall and he was spot on to say you recall can choose memories. He remembers seeing you remember when he went to his first cowboy his uncle talking to the old fairly low but now all of a sudden he can't remember six months ago Feeling our conversation with Jalen Smith will be interesting today on. ESPN released released their player. Rankings ahead of the Super Bowl based on pro football focuses player grades and Patrick Mahomes took the top spot followed by George could elect to do. We Gee was way down at seventeenth overall. But it's interesting to note that eighteen of the top twenty five spots were forty niners so shannon. What does it tell you standing? It tells you just how Great Patrick Mahomes is because they have eighteen to twenty five in the chiefs are favored by pointing to hell. That unless you know your last summer it is your turn. What did they tair you? I WANNA be Shannon. It tells me that the forty niners are really really talented football. They are because if you look at the top. Twelve is six thousand six six forty nine six chiefs but then they go on the street from thirteen thirteen twenty four and his all night and ten of the top twenty five belong to the forty niners mu not only are they stars really good. Would it tells you. There are very V. T. they're built for the long term. So don't be surprised if you see them back in the game like this in the very near future I gotTa deal with Dallas Alice. But that's gotta deal with debis. immonen skill look from top to bottom the the more talented football team. Now Patrick Mahomes is number one by landslides not even close. We understand that he plays the most important position to quarterback position. He has the ball the majority of the time. We you get all of that but for that team to be favored by one and a half and the other team have eighteen of the top twenty five players I think that speaks volumes to what he what he's capable in doing. That gives you insight. Just how good you love off over. You always pulled out these bath now so that you don't want to hear what have if I spoil you folks at the end of the day Tim the top twenty three players and it just goes to show you what he's up again uh-huh because joy Bosa Armstead bugner deep or Solomon Thomas with the third pick in the draft. He can only get like ten fifteen. Play the game let you know the indepth what. The drought early round draft picks playing in the second in the secondary and linebacker spot skipped. They're loaded the forty. Niners are very talented football team. But the mayor fact that the chiefs are favored by point and a half after having only seven guy the top twenty five while the other teams have had ever team has eighteen that listener. Uh Home what he can do. That march our goto her. So I'm going to give you this. The only reason. The chiefs are favored by point. And a half. Is that guy at the top of this list and he should be number one by far I give you that but then things start to happen down this list. I that validate what I've been telling you all week. Your man my homeboy is up against it. They have all the ingredients ranked right here in a row. Yes they have the antidotes for my homeboy. Yes they have four pass rushers in the top twenty. That's unheard of in a super bowl. You have four deaths in it even starts going into the linebackers who have sachs. And they're they're also in the top twenty so when and I look at this front is extraordinary. I'm not sure we've seen one like this because I tried to guess I saw him home says ranked number one. So I just try to do it my head on this list. I thought it would be Nick Bosa because I think he is the most valuable forty niner. It's not Jimmy G.. He's seventeenth on this list. They have gotten to the super bowl with a quarterback who in this game is ranked as the seventeenth. Best player right. That's how you want to Super Bowl in Baltimore. Just bill right right yes. This is Trent dilfer. All pro football focus had been keeping staff back. Then yeah we had about fifteen guys on the defense would have. I had a treadmill the you would have been ranked. Trent yes so on the unthinking. Nick boasts a second and then I forgot. Wait a second. It's it's actually George. I'm not sure he belongs that high. But whatever I'll give you that but then the next defence a player is third on the list. Oh I forgot shake got the best cornerback in Pro Football Football Richard Sherman. He's great at number one and then I'm thinking. Wait a second K.. One Williams another cornerback for the forty niners is tenth ranked ranked tenth on this list. He was ranked overall sixth among all quarterbacks in the NFL so sherm was ranked one and k Wong was ranked six so they got two of the top six cornerbacks and they got four. The top pass rushers that work against my homeboy. Absolutely is that not the formula is. Don't you have the firepower to counteract. Yes okay so I'm looking at. They've put Eric Armstead I and they only re he really. He is career. But they're they're a little capsule said. It might be surprised to see Eric. Armstead rank this highly but and then they go into his numbers. They're all second third level against the run on. He is a monster monster and against the pass over the last seven games of the regular season he started to fly and he did lead them in Saxwood Tin Right. Okay so I'll give you that and then comes pretty quickly Nick Bosa and rookie total pressures on the quarterback. He's off the charts no rookie pass. rushers ever been in his ballpark for numbers of just getting to the quarterback right. Does that work. And obviously he was the second overall pick in the draft off we go to deforest buckner. Who was pretty high draft pick and D Ford? I Love de Ford. Obviously at one big offsides frank clock shot at him against Brady last year in the AFC championship game at Kansas City but he had six and a half sacks this year and then Fred Warner nobody talks about him watch. But he's a stud. He's he's ranked twenty second on this list and he had three more sacks they are going to get after Patrick Mahomes and ways he has never felt. They eat neither Tennessee. The Texans night. They couldn't get after them like this team. The thing that that makes off the defensive line so special is that they have yet to face a team that can run the football bowl. You See. They're not worried about Kansas city running the football because I don't believe Kansas City can run the book. You know what I think David University of Oklahoma. He's a good he he is he catch it as well as he can run. He's he's more of that scam. He's a better catcher right. Yeah because twenty nine Russia Tim for ninety two yards. It doesn't doesn't scare anybody so they're gonNA play the run on the way to the quarterback bay note. They do not believe that the chiefs can beat them running the football they know. Patrick Mahomes can beat the brewing in the way to the way to neutralize the put him on his back. You get to what you get to. I believe there's only two ways that you can beat Patrick. Mahomes put him on his back or you don't let him on the field they believe either way. They're gonNA run the ball forty plus times but to have this many guys in the top twenty five and a super bowl. I got eighteen of them. Oh my side says the forty niners should win this game skill they they are the more talented other teams. They're the depot team they are. This is really should be trending in their favor. The fact that they're underdogs. Let's you know a pro football focus. Things of that got it wears fifteen. It tells you what Vegas Things it tells you. What sort of the pulse of America thinks? It's it's a mahomes week. This is his coronation week. So he's barely tilting the spread in favor of his team when the smart money as they say the sharp money sharp. Maybe it may start to tick over to this. This could be a pickup game by game time because I think the sharp money is going to start to come in on the better football and by the way our man Deebo Samuel. He's ranked fifteenth on this list. Out of the fifty three players pro. Football focuses your the fifteenth best player on the field. He's a a force. He's a rookie force. Because he can run with the ball okay and he is going to figure ways to get him out in space and he's hard bring he's got a little Derrick Henry going. Yeah well the thing is is that they run the ball to give up a multitude of formations. Like I said when you run the game you run the football you look at couch Shanahan. The way he runs the football. This is not Tennessee. Titans they don't just hand the ball they don't just pitch the ball. They get a number of guys. Brady's there's going to touch the Coleman if he's able to go with that show he's back okay. We know most the guy. Just wait for the second most rushing yards in a playoff game in NFL history. He's high on this list after he's been cut six times. Yeah so that lets. You know what they're working with and what they're capable of. I'm GONNA be shot. Run the football forty five fifty times. I'm going to be shot. I'm GONNA be shot. And that's really the way. Because here's the thing. Can You keep that relentless pressure up because if you relax for just a second skip and don't get home catching the whole can throw the ball over your head and if you get those guys in space. Do you really want to try and tackle TYREEK MECO harmless. That's the object of the game is not to let that what happened okay. So the other reason it's a point and a half point spread in favor of your guy is the other quarterback. They ranked him seventeenth right and the first line and they ripped him with was rob. Lowe has shown a tendency to make mistakes and produced turnovers over the middle of the football field. What does that tell you every time you got that right there? Yes he the turtle he will skip. He will put the ball in harm's way he will and there's a lot of quotes yesterday on. Espn then and also I think the Athletic Nana misquotes about how Kyle Shanahan does not trust Jimmy Garoppolo and I don't think he does. I told you yesterday if the forty niners on your skin throw the zero passes they throw zero in this game. So the point is they've gotten this far with a quarterback who just they want to go along for the ride. I believe you. He trust them enough because guess what happens in the second half when Green Bay started them out. That comeback uniter throw tooth role in order to get birds down to stem some of the tide pat. So yes we skill. You're not trying to make this game to try to prove a point. Where let me show you hocken diagrammed plays and have Jimmy Garoppolo versus Patrick mahomes couch? Shanahan fooling yourself okay. So what does it say for the Great Bill Bill. Check that two years ago. He wanted to dump Tom. Brady and go forward with Jimmy Garoppolo that they rank seventeenth on this list. Because he's a turnover machine code. What does that tell you to check with right? Because he's sitting up in his office and say the guy they ranked seventeenth. How what did you say he the seventeenth flair clear to land in game? TV regular-season PROVO. Bella takes hold on you gotta realize the ads only started like twenty plus games. See what you doing what everybody else is trying to do. You try to put Jimmy Garoppolo in twenty six starts at Tom Brady in eighty I five ninety start. No no no start them out at the same pace. Is Jimmy Garoppolo better than Tom Brady at the twentieth. I believe serious. Stop playing okay. No you just lost me now. I'M GONNA leave. You do realize Tom Brady. Super Bowl ruin. He threw one touchdown guy knows I saw him conduct a game. I'm winning drive. That was a thing of beauty into super bowl. See what did you see Jimmy. G Give New Orleans down twenty-seven did you see what he did to get through a ball in the dirt the kid'll picked up all carpet. Ran With you saw okay. What about those two third and sixteenth against the rams could I e calls? His is way to do it as many Tom. Jerseys around here. I'm trying to figure it out. But he's not here the chiefs the way I look at everything. WBZ yesterday twenty. Tom Brady the thing is we do have some cowboy fans in here. We have so much more to talk about when it comes to The Dallas cowboys was paying. They have nothing to do so they just come out. Thank you have you earlier this week right here on the undisputed hall of Famer Michael Irvin weighed in on Dak Prescott contract situation. Urban said on our show that the biggest reason deck and the cowboys haven't gotten deal done is because of DAX agent agent so shannon. Do you think there is any truth to this. Being the reason why he does not have a contract. I wanted to steal. Hello my when he said this we could tell what the hell do you think you hiring agents bill. So what the deal that they bring you you take it. I hired him do a job. His job is to get at the end of the day. Is My decision with anything. Financial Guy. Eight whatever Jimmy you have an age of you have one. I have one. They they come back to me with a job offer is I can say okay good. I'll take it or not try to get more. That's what tarp for. His job is deck. Ask you okay. What do you think todd will that? I'll be honest with because I hope Jerry knows top brands has carson wentz contract. He has is Jerry Golf Contract Aaron Rodgers all the guys that just recently said France had. They're very contract and he's looking at him okay. He lands up on the table that this would this guy got this meg. I heard all the language this what they're offering you actually if you if you don't get 'em as now think about this. What might deliver the desk to do what he ought to get my hometown discount? He gave you that when you selected him in the fourth round and he had to play in that contract. That was the discount to got got now. I made it home pay up. Joe Made a money money. Money money and skip bayless. I'm not cutting discount. There's a reason why the four seasons the reason why at Tiffany's don't give discounts because if you give somebody a discount one time what are they all with bake get Tom Brady Brady. We get your autumn discounts autumn years. Now he goes back to Belgium. I wish I might get you. You mean discounting me all these years I want another discount. You got to go get what what is wrong with Mike. You actually think this mad at the plan for four years on a basically it was a minimum contract. He made two million dollars rookie of the year. Two Division Vision Titles won a playoff game in now you want to take a discount dispatch called a salary cap. You say the demand will tell Jerry to figure it out. It's not my job see. My talent isn't based on salary. Cap about pay should be based on what I've done on my own my talent so I'm expecting Max dollars in doc is absolutely right. Talk Branston and I told you this. I've been telling you heard it from a little bit. I don't know why. But they've been telling me John Reid contract and get done. He gives them a discount. I say ooh sounds like a wedding or don't the dog is just as they were. I said you know you're going to use this gift. They're going to say what is selfish and he's not a team player and you know when you play for the cowboys aboard have opportunities when you retire off finding good. Just what I'm we'll get Max contract to begin with. Let me get this one. Let me get this one mets contract. There's one deal probably about a buck. Fifty about fifty five with one hundred million Garrett wrapped up the real walking to sit down with my bowtie jams playbook dude dudack just like they do it right here that I won't go flat and a hundred million dollar check did I'M GONNA get up and walk up the rest of the ESCA so I'm having a Luke problem translating the mixed message. I keep getting from you. Because you have little to no respect for Dak Prescott you say he's overrated. You give him constant fs for his performance yet. You want him to be the highest paid quarterback in pro football because you want him to wreck my salary structure my cast is still you know how this this works. He's free. He's the quarterback the most valuable position. And you want him to give you a discount and a fourth round draft pick when he played any momentum salary. Here's how all I read what Michael Irvin said on our show two days ago Michael Irvin is plugged in with the Dallas cowboys. Michael Irvin is close with Jerry Jones and close close with Steven Jones. Speaking of horses mouths. I think he's hearing the correct message from that side of the table so that they're not even in the same ballpark. No and it is the classic blame game when it comes to contract impasse to blame the agent. Yeah condemn the agent. It's his fault. Sometimes it is his fault every once in a while there becomes an impasse that goes on for what seems like a year and at some point you step back and you say because I don't know the numbers nor do you know the exact number. If if we heard the exact number they keep holding out for or holding onto. They're not holding out yet but it might be so out of touch with reality that even you would sit back and say well. That's just absurd. You can't do that. WE'LL SKIP book. We just met Ryan signed for ninety six million dollars where he got one hundred million because check for ninety four or million you saw what kirk cousins got. He got eighty four fully guaranteed. I told you that was the most overpaid quarterback in the history of pro football. Guess what it looks like a bargain now. At Twenty eight million you see what looks like all the pain at the time. I don't know if it looks like a bargain. Not now skill. The going rate is thirty. Three and a half million O'hare and teed. Yes you're still no court or another year another year so imagine how many years you're going to be on the hook for that at about thirty six and a half million. Okay you see when you go to skill if you go to Dak Prescott and you say here you got another year left on your deal. We want at five to it. We'll give you a hundred a hundred eight million dollars hundred and ten million dollars for five years. We'll get the eighty-five million. We'll give eighty five. Eighty eight million guaranteed which is four million more than kirk cousins. You think two years ago or year ago he didn't take that you let me get to the end and now you think I'm GonNa give you a discount. Okay here's what you're missing. What is Jerry Jerry Jones? Mo in lots of negotiations over the year he's player friendly he is prone to overpaying like crazy what happened. What happened happened to those three pro bowl offensive lineman right on schedule it just boom boom boom right? You can argue. They got over-paid. They got huge deals. What happened going into last year? We're going to have Jalen Smith on. He got paid mass demarcus. Lawrence got paid completely out of bounds of reality to me with a one hundred million dollars but he got paid because Jerry loves him and then what finally happened was Zeke and Kabul. He got paid by far the highest paid running back in in pro football. What was Jerry Angling to do? Even last off season. What was his number one priority to pay Dak Prescott a really great number but you can't pay? Am Patrick Mahomes over the top number. That's beyond well. We don't know of it but what we do know that Jerry Stephen Jones started this at the combat and they started talking about discount and I told you what they were trying to do and see here are the differences between Michael Irvin Back Prescott Dak Prescott. Then have that type of relationship with Jerry that Michael Urban and you know he has a good. I think Jerry Loves Jerry believes any. You'll want to invest video. You and I both know you're in Dallas. So you know what Jerry has done for Michael. They have a very unique relationship. That does not have that type of relationship with Jerry Jones. You know that I know that that Prescott is not returning does not taking that jared call because you know that WanNa get a jerry. Excuse me wants to get all buddy buddy freely freely talk. Todd Todd talks to me our I know how to play out. That's his money. He's not giving you know discount and I told you that in the beginning. That's what was holding this up. What if I told you about Dak Prescott? He is Brady esque ask yes. He is the leader. In face of the franchise. He wants to win super bowls plural. So he knows he can't wreck the cap up and restricted limit his chances to add pieces around. And you had all that when you had that on a rookie contract you had him on a rookie contract. That's when Gopro because that balloon payment we all know how housing market went. You had something you can get some interest. No interest interest only which had a balloon payment coming in about certified years that you're going to have to come. Do you do have to move out of the house. They have to make that payment okay. That balloon payment came on Prescott. You GotTa Choice Betas. Let him go or you don't have to pay okay. But you're not going to buy the Taj Mahal when it comes down to the blue right. Okay you've also pay living in. What the division he got rookie of the year he won you playoff game? Either pay up. Let me go. Somebody's making DAX case. It's so weird to hear this patio pay back. Pay That back. You see what he's doing he wants Jerry to pay 'em too much in the whole salary cap. He wants Dallas to fall because DOC is overpaid. That's what he wants to play until usually decorated now. You said he's over eight. How you pay a quarterback that's the friend that's a franchise the market you overpaid? Well you pay market value. Okay thanks a market not discount when I go to restaurant now see market price. I can't Gawker could you boy discount on live radio market price. Okay but you have some idea what market prices and they say that entrees going to cost you seventy five dollars knowledge and you say that's absurd gonna eat that okay water something that calls thirty five. Okay Okay Youtube quarterback death less than that fresco got cooper Russia to your uh-huh okay. I think I don't even feel when we call you a million dollars so you can. That's your choice this will get done and you. You will live to regret doing that. Get your money. Thirty eight million. One hundred thankful to guarantee. Ah We are so have you. Oh I'm happy to be here. This is exciting. I know this is a very exciting time for you can you. Can you take me through the full story and how you became chief's fan well got real used to getting beat by this guy over here. You're in Arrowhead and mile high few times. I've been a cheese fan since I was a kid. I had season tickets as a kid in. Just a passion of mine for my my whole life being chief's Fan and I never knew for sure we would get here but I'm happy. We're here now what I appreciate about you as it's not just the typical craze superfan. You really know your history. You know your stuff you're plugged in. You're you become almost like a chiefs. Insider is that fair to say. I think I could tell you a little bit of an insight so you are fairly close with Brett beach the GM that Andy Reid obvously brought with Philly and Andy made a big bold statement on opening Monday night coverage on NFL network work and he just volunteered. Live national TV that these decided before the mahomes draft that the player he was watching was the greatest is player he has ever seen and I thought that was a huge mouthful. Did he were you inside with that. Not Not then afterwards a little bit. But you know what I would say. That is an area scout in his career. He didn't cover a lot of guys that you might say. Were some of the greatest like you said. Said Cam Newton or Andrew. But he wasn't in their area. He was on Patrick. Mahomes and I know for a fact that Vito has been on Patrick Mahomes from the very very very very very beginning and he put it out there and I think he one hundred percent was right. He fought and fought and fought to go. Go Go get Patrick Mahomes so so tell us from from what you hear from Andy Reid and by the way you do a great randy thank you thank you give us the inside on. Just how much Andy. I love this kid. Well I think more than I can say about Andy how much Andy loves this kid. The city loves this kid. I think the NFL loves it. He's great for football. He's a good guy. He's a good great leader You know look at them on the sidelines. I mean just how he's invigorated that sideline with coach read and Co treat. You know has a history with quarterbacks and I think he's just given Andy Reid hopefully ten more years twenty years in the NFL. I have no idea but they love him. I mean he's a competitor like he wants to. He wants to be perfect all the time. And there's a story I heard where you know. That Patrick threw a touchdown. Pass scored a touchdown Travis Kelsey but he threw no he didn't throw it traps Kelsey through somebody else and he came on and sideline and said you didn't hit Kelsey you were supposed to get Kelsey. Goes call the play again. They called the play again. Next time down through it to Kelsey told you and I think that's when everybody was realized that these guys are ooh there in there in there in the same wheelhouse. How Fun is it to watch this offense because in the seventies eight hundred ninety or defensive football team you guys were running the football with correct and of course I remember rhys? Oh Joe Delaney. You're running your run base. You played outstanding deepest Derrick Thomas Neil Smith. You had those guys now. All of a sudden you're are you an offensive based football team. How Fun is it watching you? Guys go thirty forty fifty points in the game. I never knew how this would feel. I'm used to Derrick Thomas and Neil Smith coming around the end dance Elliott Gould coming up the middle pressure in the quarterback getting the trip sack Albert Lewis. And all those guys in the back blocking kicks all that so I I never knew what this would feel like. I got to say I love it. Feels real you like this but what I've said man and you you were in this like as Kansas City fans we're used to the broncos going down the field and beaten in the last two minutes with John elway right with Peyton manning. Whomever now I tell Kansas City fence we got that guy? We're that team. We're the team that can come back and beat anybody at any. Give him play. And that's the thing that has to change in all of our minds fans in the city so my take on what you just said because I have to sit across from that guy talking about Patrick Mall boy. Every day is that the the pressure is mounting to an extraordinary level on this kid this week. It feels like a coronation. It feels like the world is waiting waiting for him to break through and win like a foregone conclusion. Yeah Yeah I don't feel that way and I don't think that's the pressure that the team is putting on mm-hmm because what I've said in interviews before it feels different back back four years ago when when it was twenty one to fourteen. I didn't feel like we've necessarily had a chance. And when we lost games felt like well who knows when we're going to ever be able to regroup and beyond that game again losses do not feel the same and that's the thing I would tell Patrick. Mahomes the homes right. Now go out there and play. We're going to be back here. This isn't all the pressure on you right now. You can't feel that you have to go out and be yourself and play the game and you're supposed to be here. You've got the talent and skills to be here. Do what you do in this moment. That's those guys on the other side of the field. Their scholarship athletes to you man. They're professional team. They're here to beat us. But you gotTa do it you do and if you don't get it done this time we'll be back next year and Eric. You're you're really running running away with this where you say you're going to be back here multiple times. It's hard to get back here. Absolutely it is. I'M NOT SAYING WE'RE GONNA be back here like but we have the chance now. We we did not have that infrastructure in the blueprint of success that we have now with Andy Reid with each with Patrick Mahomes and and the the idea that people wanna come see guys that are finishing up their contracts or their years or whatever now free agents. Who doesn't want to play for Patrick Mahomes? So we're we're a team that we've never bend before we're we have a lot of things cylinders for firing on on on different avenues. Give us one concern that you have for Sunday as as a fan and I know deep down because I know when I'm rooting for my Dallas Cowboys. There's always something sticking in my craw like if that happens. I'm in trouble. What's the show for Sunday? Breath well the happened two weeks ago where we let the text three weeks ago where we let the Texans get up on us. We can't do that for a third week in a row right. We cannot and not do that especially for that team. No but we said that against the titans we said if we let the Tennessee Titans get up on us they got Derrick Henry. That's going to run down her throat and we came back from that. Hear me out. I do not want to get used to believing in coming back from deficits what scares me. Is there their front line. I mean their Defensive Defensive Line is no joke man and Ford's out to prove something you know. I think he got a bum rap. I mean yeah lineup sides. We shouldn't have been in the position where that mattered. You you know you gotta play penalties. You gotTa outplay all that stuff. So he got he you know he lined up off sides a mistake so I think Kansas City nailed him for that and I I think he wants to prove something. I think he wants to get Patrick. But fish and Schwartz. We're good nickname vicious. I like left Tackle Rights Commission. Schwartz said they got it I mean I I love my chances with Mitchell Schwartz at right tackle against Bosa. Do I do nick. Are you listening. Yes he's listening again. Great Matchup what I love about this matchup is. It's not a lot of trash talk between the teens. It's good football. Talk Right. It has been almost to a fault too. Good now. Know Trash talk for frank log taking a shot at D. Ford. Okay with a little bit of. That's good ahead. Write a little bit of that. We won that fire in the locker room. We WanNa put our as on the line if you will be held accountable. And that may be how he motivates himself. I don't know there's a different way. I'm rooting for my team. To a fault I got jinx ideas. I got good luck charms. I got all these things going on. You have any of that operating when you're watching your team you know usually usually I told my girlfriend and on my way down here when we landed. I said there's a part of me that wish I wouldn't have come because Georgia WanNa see this. Don't you I do want to see it but then I I think I think about what happens if the bad bad goes if it goes bad home alone crying. AFC Championship game. I was at the the F.. T. C. Okay. They won the division around your home his home at home. Which is that stadium? Yeah I love it I love it there. It's it's great chief's Fan I mean look you guys are all great fans everybody's paying fans at all to we've got great fans and what makes that stadium so great. Is this a destination. You GotTa wake up you gotTa go there and you got park you know no and you tailgate pulling their it smells so good but we're I'm I'm so excited I'm so excited for the city and that's what I got to tell con. It's like I never get at the meet Lamar but look what look what this is like. Look what he built. This is the city's football team and I'm just so proud that we're here and happy that we're here the one thing. I have gone to one reason I liked the chiefs. I knew Lamar hunt very well. Very close with him all time. Greatest owner I was ever around a love Jerry Jones. Jerry's got his issues Lamarche just pure good man and he named this game. This game named it the Super Bowl so for your sake and for that his memory that would be cool. What are your worries? What what what put my put Shannon Sharpe swearing in my head on their ability to run the football? I don't think you guys are stout against run. I think the thing if day Henry you can start you stop Derrick Henry because you know he was going to hand it to him. Run into a handy toy McCarthy twin when Shanahan so many different formations so many different guys are going to have the opportunity to run the football. I just don't know if you guys are going to be able to hold up or quarter. Because that's how you're going to neutralize doc. Patrick Mahomes I believe that he's still even though that that pass rush that front boards relentless. I still believe that he will get an offer to make plays the best way to neutralize him to keep them on this island in the best way to do that is to run the football. What do you think about the cow Shannon and CAL Shanahan? Andy Reid matchup though. Because Andy Reed's gotta be you thinking what you're thinking. So Andy. Reed's got a little something in his little basket of tricks. What got US look? You'RE NOT GONNA win the game running the football. Patrick Mahomes has to be great. Yeah there's no other way see Jimmy. Garoppolo doesn't have to be great. Not For them to win. Patrick Mahomes you're not winning with Williams not going to run the ball. Four one hundred fifty yards. Your defense is not going to get five. Take a wave and that's not going to happen. Patrick Mahomes is going to have to be. I believe he pays to be historically great he. You will have to be that in order for them to win well and this is where we're glad that the guy that has to be great is great. I mean it'd be different if I had to be. Yeah we we with asking Dak Prescott. Well I'm sorry. That's called a callback in my world. I'm sorry I can't I don't Monday morning. You're a big Act Fan. Oh the biggest. And you're SODEXO. He's a non saying thinks he's lousy but he wants to get like forty million a year earlier. Yeah I'm a free market guy. Yeah get what you get. Absolutely what do you think the homes is gonNA sign the forty million probably two hundred a year two hundred million angels. Hey Denying Soga have you. I'm falling in love because there's something special about you guys waited a long time fifty years to be back here and I know I'm GonNa thank you everyone. So best of luck DOC era. Thank you for being here. Thank you Welcome thank you pleasure to have. Yes Sir so before we get to a question about this little football game. That's to be played here this Sunday. Your album culture three is supposedly on. Its way you have been referring to it as the the last chapter write this does that does that. mean the end of the trilogy does that mean the end of migos. No no no. Just the the end of the Rep of culture culture one coach Itunes. And it's been two years dance coach after they're gonNa start a new chapter. And how soon could that drop summertime. Okay on the way we've been working on a two years WANNA mention. The music is new years. Wow we was doing so much torn between you know just running and so we. We didn't want to just push product products so migos will continue to go straw forever forever. Okay it back to this world gut feeling. You're leaning which way in the Super Bowl footing on quarterback adult. I just like you're just like his game. He's we need it in Atlanta. You're talking about Garoppolo. Yeah he's a dog. Wow to me really yes because his his youthful coming again crushing everybody is i. Love is. Don't get me wrong. But you know is time for a new generation. We need to get a term quarterback you know but all we hear is that Jimmy G. could be the Achilles heel of the forty niners the weak link in the forty niners called Shannon. Does it trust Jimmy Jean not yet. He's your guy he's to me. John Kosher I like going crazy. I gotTA respect his game. Okay well he likes him. I like him homes. Look he's solid. They don't ask him to do a whole lot but when they've ask him to do he's he's stepped up to the plate but in this game right here. I don't know if you can hide him for the entire game. Give you know you've covered a lot of these games. I've played in these games. They will make you they will will make you gotta try to hide a guy they will find a way to make you push. Show his showing and we're going to see if they if they can stop the run and put the ball in Jimmy. Jeez hand we. We don't see him after the game. I don't stop. I think we just had a prediction that Jimmy G. is going to steal the show from homeboy Brian. Rosillo I believe he's a good spot. Nobody knows who he just got in. He implied all these TV where he will be a long night. So we are your falcons. I know you grew up in the Atlanta area. And you've been a longtime fan. I was there when we went to go against the Patriots and we had an answer for some painful for. That's what that's what turned you'll get. That was painful. I lost one hundred grand bit. Wow we we go we in there. I'm talking early early on. I'm screaming saying Oh yes I'm calling year you know have money fourth quarter I was. I was on mute. Quiet I it was over with I was like I couldn't believe that we lost two to three. We gotta get one twenty one. When he won now the Muse insure everything acting as we got to get? The athlete has got to be better. We need we need. They need to focus in on. That means aced lots of the world championship crazy. So remember the team you just picked to win. The Super Bowl is coached by the guy who was the offensive coordinator in that Game College. Paul Shanahan who helped blow the twenty eight to three lead. which you're still on his side? You know Vince I I'll hold onto it but I'm still thinking about it. What about you hope you got? You got trae young. You know they don't even I've trade is trade splashing thank you you you call. And he knew and Kobo. My brother he he was telling me about him when he came from sooners and he was like I was in his first year. I was uh-huh Bro. And then this year he going crazy. So numbers numbers my issue with trae I'm all Coloma Fan so I watched him all through college. He's just so little. He has a hard time. He can't defend anybody. It's hard to sort of cover for him but he has got crazy range. I mean like. He's got the greenest light in before basketball is is five. So yeah so mice offers Alvarez taking this go out once I he can flat pass the basketball is. He's got creative genius to him but he will try just about any pass at any time and he's starting to get the hang of to me is a better passer than a shooter. But he is scorned huge points. They're not winning huge games but he is the position. You said you feel like he's assistance but it has gone Gar. Yeah now what what are the hogs me. What did they need to contempt what championship? What are the foul because need to contemporary championship? We need brine okay. This year at home ask Lebron. Did you know what's GonNa Happen on you. I know I'm going to go all the way to Israel it's over with it's rigged. He is written a written here dog out there too by the way. If you know yes give your day dog doll talking about Jimmy G. sued to my big Bronco is big broad. I'll give you Brian. Yeah I know I know. That's why I brought Lanta. You know he win this championship. There's this other guy who also plays in Los Angeles us. He's got up. Fire sneaker out right now. It's a new balance. Huzzah new balance sneakers. Jogging shoe may not native. Maybe is go out they can make all you got a closet full okay. But I've also got some new wise because ause he he's starting to make a case he's the MVP of this league. Have you been watching. What's happened the last nine games? He's been out of his mind. He scored thirty already. Plus Nine Straight Games held. Play some games to me toward quietly all the time. I nobody to play the game and I don't know this crazy. You closest wider meet Jordan to me is game is how he played high move but at the same time true. We can't be sitting. I don't know gangs man and been much lately. I WanNa see you. Every time I got it. But he had been sitting out much lately because his partner is new partner has has been sitting out every game. Because Paul George Been Hurt. But don't sit out Jane Doe Jane James Like every fourth game. He's got a headache or he's got the flu or something he wait wait. How many Games has gone? James missed with flu like symptoms talking game like center three. No you know what it is. It's called load management. That's what he's been doing. Node managed. We don't do the low men. We play hard it every night every night. Do you see the clippers are better than the Lakers. I think you know it and everybody knows no never not better I. Let's let's change the mood food. And let's go deeper because we've got a lot of eight jerseys and legroom an Laker fans here. How did the tragic loss us of that man hit you? Shed tears because you know for our for my generation. I never seen my join plan. I wasn't I seen it but I don't remember I wasn't old enough or Koby. And he was essentially he. He worked so hard. He's a doll. He worked hard he was he was an with the coaching with the kids is ninety s was all crazy. We always had the crazy as we always wanted. I thought it was fake news and I. It's like it's got four kids so to lose a child and it's the craziest thing ever Edwin life to me. I propose family as why because you know she got the door. I know guy going to be there for them because the greatest of all he and I think they need to change the sinus. They should do that seriously the earn and he got championships. MVP's and dry eighty one points desire to see love to gang always kinds of the game. I just seen them. Two weeks. Surprised at the Lakers game inflow cease what am I really. Did you know him a little bit. Not As my first time meeting them but his images is being around somebody that has achieved so much in what he does. He's so dedicated. What he believes craft he pro? He brought us on his crab and a lot of guys. I don't see them say the hardest him. You know what I'm saying because you the money you get in you get lazy game a lot of players to me. They lose gang from when they first came to about about six years. Sometimes they don't go into they just I feel like he was always on point with everything was done. I was motivating him sports dot idea. You know what I'm saying. Everything his whole repertoire is crazy. We lost lives so when you're growing up even in the Atlanta area that was your Ma'am Yeah coby so alive. Before it was too I was playing with Kobe. Bryant came in to live and that's the generation. Kobe Lebron's generation they looked at Michael. Is Everything the generation now. They look they Kobe. Kobe looked at Jordan. These young guys look at Kobe. Like that you see I mean them trying to explain to them trying to talk about skill and read not not being able to play Chris Paul and not being able to play the mere fact because think about it. This is the first time that a game with ever been cancelled since JFK. That's the impact that Kobe. JFK THEY COUNCIL Games. Get not the not. I don't think I don't think becoming Pete Rose Eight. They play Sunday. He rosell said that was one of his biggest regret that he didn't do that but the NBA canceled or postponed the after the Boston Marathon. I was the only other for that to happen. Just like you said said it just seems so. Surreal like this can't happen. I mean this is not supposed to happen colby. We think our hero disposed to grow. Go to sleep one night and not wake up. That's how we envision he rolls are legends not tragically helicopter crash. And it's just like life is so fragile. I mean you just take for granted I'm leaving you tell okay my I'll see you later. See you this afternoon. What was different? Kobe didn't act any different that morning. Why Babe See this afternoon about Judy love you score score fifty play good play art and not only Koby and Gd but seven other people blows families? Emily's this tough still north real. There's been Sunday's been days but it still doesn't seem real to me and I see him up. May I got we really go. We've been doing our best to honor him all week and share stories and we appreciate you coming on and sharing ores as well and just for being here offset. It's so great to have. We appreciate you deal with. Look this guy I want you tonight. In the top two tight ends in the game will face off off George. biddle has been labelled as League's best overall tight end for the niners will travel Kelsey has claimed the title of arguably the best receiving tight end in the game. You've been joining us now. Three time. Pro Bowler hat off right here. Yes something have you back here to be back a lot of good memories of South Beach for my for my glory days Shannon days days. So I'm going to start with you on this one. It all or Kelsey who you got as the best. I think both these guys are the best versions of tight end for their both their teams all right. I think if you flip them I don't know if it'd be as effective there are run by a forty niners. They're going to run the ball. You know everyone knows how hard he's GonNa put his face in there and he's going to block then everything kind of comes off that maybe not the route runner the pure guy in space. That Kelsey is now you flip into the other side Kansas City. They are throwing it to throw it to set up another throw right and he is. The Perfect Guy. Plays out wide plays in space. Great route runner smooth. I think they are the best version of tight end for what their teams need them to be. I think and I think that's fine. They don't both have to be the same guy and they're not they're not would I look I think killed with a little better overall because he can block a little better. I think kills his a little better in space face. He has a little more wiggle. Both I mean both move exceptionally well to be big as I couldn't believe how big kills the six five probably to sixty to sixty five and can moves use. Get the scale. I mean. He's what we call sinking you. He'll drop his getting out of break. Kill like I said I think kills a little more polished route runner. I think killed with a little better overall but you really. I don't know if any two players that's that close at a position here as these guys are NFL. Because you look at quarterback. I think it's a patrick homes and okay. There's a drop off to the next guy with these guys. I mean it's really literally you splitting hairs to me Kelsey. And that's the direction you're going. He is much better pass catcher and run after catch because he he's he's like a wideout man and he's smart. He savvy round the goal line. He hopes got this wavelength. This is just like crazy right. And that's part of it too. They've played together now. They've played now two seasons I think and he's a little more advanced the passing game. Andy Reed's passing game. SHANAHAN'S GONNA run the ball. They are going to establish that. And then everything comes up those and again they don't ask Kelsey to do a lot of it. So maybe he could hood right in a different system. Get all in order to play in that offense. You gotta put your face in their block is because if not the passing game doesn't exist because it plus it's giving you look at Kelsey few if you can have more potential to get run up to catch because he's playing much more. Expensive Atari Hill is running two guys. Are you got co harbor to run a couple of guys up and then you gotta deal with Sammy Watkins Atkins on the backside. So he's GonNa be more in space is going to have the ability to create more most of the coming play action. They're gonNA fake the boot one way. Skip they're gonNa Miss Direction and that he's going to give you post corner and then he'd go and do the deep our hat. And that's what he does. So Mr Wilson go bigger. The greatest tight end ever is hurts me. 'cause hurts me. This hurts me. I think I would go with Tony. I think think I would go with Gonzales. Let me tell you why. Let me tell you don't agree though you're going to say me go ahead. You're you have the floor for me skip. I believe I would have to say. I know he didn't play long and he had a lot of injuries but but the numbers that he put up the way he could dominate. A Game I really felt that he could be. The first idea could be offensive player of the year or MVP but then when you look at it if he puts up monster numbers to quarterback they had to put up monster numbers in the north side with him. But you might George kiddle might be the closest. He can't score like Gronk. Can Kelsey could score like wrong. But would he could block in move like the touchdowns has a lot to do with it. So I mean ver- for Brock. Now he's in one too. He's in that mix for the difference. Is that system. He was in New England when they were down there in the red zone he was getting it on first down if it was incomplete. He's getting they began on second. But why wouldn't you right. Grady knew they needed the score. They need to play. He was getting on for a second and third down inside the ten yard run so opportunities create statistics thing about Tony and yes in today's Day and age guys don't play as has long guys careers aren't as long for Tony to play tight end and be consistent for seventeen years. I just have a lot of respect for it and you guys have played this game for a long time at a high level level. I don't think he missed two or three games in some of those early years in Kansas City. They weren't great he wasn't playing with Mahomes. He wasn't playing with Brady. You you know. He had a he had a really earn some of those productive seasons throughout the course of the and then of course the end of his career with with Matt Ryan and that often he was later in his career to continue to had hat good production but I think for seventeen years to be that consistent is pretty is pretty special. You've had a pretty special career. But I've always wanted to ask you this question. It may qualify qualify as a crazy question. You don't even have to answer but speaking of the U- University of Miami he played here. Yeah you never struck me as a you Kinda guy like you don't have Batman Edge to right so why did you choose the you and then how was it to sort of sit in at the U. in on the football it's the best thing that ever happened to me. I I grew up in a suburban town in New Jersey wasn't exposed to a whole lot growing up coming out of school. I originally went to University of Notre Dame. Some people kind of lose track of that on my journey went there for a couple of months and early on. I can't. My Dad brought me down here. Butch Davis was the coach Gregg. Xiang who my dad had known for a long time from his high school days was the D. Coordinator brought us down a rising sophomore stepped on campus. Santana Santana. And Reggie Wayne and all these guys Kenny. Dorsey was the young and I said this is where this is where I gotta be Bubba. Franks shockey was just coming in and he was kind of a young ascending guy. Right I said this is my future but I'm gonNA play tight end. I gotTa go here. Then I picked Notre Dame and then after two months of being there I said No. This isn't right Miami. There was something name aim right. I had an older brother who went there. If he wasn't in the picture. I probably would've come to Miami straight out of high school. Thought to be able to play with my brother. He was a quarterback. Tyrone Willingham had had that program really on the ascent following some of the turmoil they had between Bob Davie and then O'Leary naturalization soon came to realize Miami's there was something about it from the first time. I stepped foot on campus. I loved it. I came down here. Love the culture love being around the guys. It's a different locker room. It's a different way of life but I'll tell you what I met some of the the best people. The hardest workers a lot of my career a lot of my success in the NFL was a byproduct of some of those early struggles in college. Now thinking I was ever GonNa play. I remember my first first day on the scout team as a freshman I break the huddle to go out there. We're running Florida's offense. Whoever offense were running and you break the huddle and there's nine first round draft picks over the the next two years Sean Taylor Antra role? Vince will fork. Can go down the list. I remember I call my dad and I said I'm not sure I'm ever GONNA play here but it's beautiful for it's awesome and it taught me a lot. It taught me about working taught me that wasn't always going to be the most talented guy. I was surrounded by more talent in that locker room than maybe at any point in my career and I needed to find a way to succeed I needed to find a way to close that talent gap and that was a big reason why I was able to play so long did did you get a lot of kidding the first year about so you. Don't you're the fish out of water but I miss some of my best friends that year. I mean the guys that Perry up within the dorms living together from all all different backgrounds by the guys from inner city here in Miami going back after Wednesday we would have Wednesday stretch and we would go into over town or Liberty City in the morning and go to their local breakfast spot and everybody treated everybody great and so those are some of my favorite memories. Not The game's not the wins and losses but just being exposed to so many new people from from different places and making lifelong friends with guys that you otherwise maybe never would of crossed pass with willing to Shannon. Well knows if you can play you can play right and that was mime. They didn't care where you're from. They didn't care what you looked like. If you could play you are gonNA play and it was just an amazing experience. It was just the competitive nature every day was it launched your your career. I wouldn't have played. Thirteen years wasn't for that time there. I learned a lot about myself and what it took to compete against world-class guys made the right choice to come down big. It worked well for you. We are so happy to have thought difficult four. That's GonNa be one PM Eastern to really enjoy that experience and yeah enjoy. The guy tried to chase over the last couple of years to try to catch his numbers. But but I didn't quite get there Shannon Shannon's still. I knew people say you know you don't know the stats. You know the stats and Shannon Noll. Never memorized I couldn't catch you You you you couldn't get close. I'm right behind you. I'm right behind Ya just the injuries. The last couple of years kept me back but you set the the bar high man you guys came for us. I love that position hands. Thank you good to have you with us. Greg thank you we will see you all we the the show. I don't know if you guys come up a lot on our show the cowboys so skip a lot of questions tell yours. JALEN SMITH SKIP TO MY LOU demand. Good man turned into a great leader yet. The goodyear your six in the NFL tackles. You just attended your first pro bowl eight nor did you so start us off by helping us out. Put your finger on. What was the biggest reason for eight and eight when expectations were super bowl? All high for this team. I think it came down to execution. Maybe you talk about the roster that we have you know the love of the game that we have you know we built a great camaraderie. But on Sundays we needed to execute more and we did Defiling Execution Solution. What does that make execution is getting? Turnovers is correct. When you're down in the red zone scoring points on the defensive side of the ball getting off the field on third down You know not letting quarterbacks that run outside of the pocket making tackles plan team defense really the basic fundamentals of we Kinda let it get the best of us so speaking of that you were twenty fifth in the League in Takeaways News and you were dead last in interceptions and you had one interception this year and that qualified. US defense with one interception because of the leader had into what what caused that. It's like contagious or not contagious. It starts and it just runs away with itself some teams start taking the ball away and it just craziness. Your team didn't start taking the ball away and it just went from bad to worse worse. Did you go into game saying we've got to take the ball away and I mean that's the mentality each and every week in this league in order to win and you have to take the ball away you do you. Have you have to maximize each opportunity that you get and we didn't. We didn't do that. I mean in this the stats show. The film shows we like I said we prepared the right way but on game day we weren't able to get the job so that's something that we got up. We gotta fix as a fan. Dan The most humiliating game. I had to witness came on a Thursday night at Chicago and I don't know what happened but you just weren't quite ready to to play and you missed an NFL. Season High Nineteen tackles in that game. And you let Mitchell trubisky. Look like Lamar Jackson. Listen in that game so what what was the mindset. Did you sense it the in practice that week did you walk on the field said. Oh we don't seem to have our heads in this tonight or this game what happened. You know when when it gets November in your playing those Thursday night games short week of preparation smell things of that nature. A lot really goes into that and you have to really dial in and lock in on your keys and allow the game plan to be simple and go out there and play so for us. It was about going out there trying to do too much really not playing team team defense team offense and that's really where we struggled a lot this year and every our schedule in our records on a hand off to the cowboy hater across from me let him come. Oh No role in it. I know you know me you to show you heard about me. I call it like a toll skipping August late all the September eight five cases invest will be. We don't really change. We don't change money as a bunch of five cases of duty be eight win the division. I told them about the one the game in my in my Miami Beach Philly. PHILLY's still GonNa win the division. 'cause y'all do cowboys things and Y'all did cowboy thing which I expected but what's the most disappointing part of your season. The most disappointing part is everyone in. This country knows that the type of team that we really had in that. We fell short of our expectations. So going into this off season. It's all about really dialing in and focus in on the basic fundamentals in details. I'm going to Tampa right after super bowl weekend to get my train on. So I'm looking forward awards Everybody keeps saying that. You guys have bill de Beth roster a one of the Best Rostov in all of football but when I watch on Sunday I don't see that something something. There's a disconnect between you guide them people saying you have the best roster and you got playing like you have the best Ross. Just talent is never enough. We know that In this great game of football this last glade gladiator sport. You have to be able to come together as grown man is succeed right in this something that we have to do. I something that you've experienced. You've succeeded at that. So so hopefully said on the show I can get a little. He blamed Jason Jason Garrett for every fault that the cowboy. Hey you guys win a game. He meets Jason. Gary you lose a game. It was his fault. He didn't get you guys motivated. He couldn't motivate motivate a bull out of a Rodeo. She got what he told what he what he what was. What was Jason Garrett like what was he like as a coach? What would you like motivated? What was he like a leader of me? I mean Jason. He was consistent. It was the same guy whether we won whether we lost. He was David I correctly. Respect him for being himself. You know what I mean. He's never you never never tried to be anyone else. I respect them for that as far as this businessman's sometimes change is good but but for us we we got a dial in and we got a focus. We've got a phone because you realize you don't get him so so far. You know who get the coaches fired right. You don't know that right. I'm just I'm just listening that idea that you do know coaches. Don't get themselves back. Coaching they coaching. Somebody backs doors. Get this coach. You've got to reduce this would have been fired tired. After the twenty twenty twelve. He lasted seven years too long. And he's a nice guy and I'm sure you got along just great with him and that was the problem. You just tune amount. He's always the same just pure vanilla he's going to the same shays is going to come every day. You're going to hear the same stuff because you tuned it out and the truth was your defensive coordinators after awhile maybe you tune them out maybe you just need a fresh start coach. Marinelli Nelly coach Rashard. They're good they're great man. They've done great things in this league. Maybe you just needed to start over and now you got Mike Nolan. WHO's been around this league for a long time? And his father was a really good head coach in this league. He's a tough guy he's going to bring a new mindset and have a new commanding officer officer voice. That might be a little more commanding. I don't know maybe you'll respond better to that kind of motivation and maybe the schemes going to change a little bit. Maybe maybe your job is going to change a little bit. And that's not all bad because whatever it was last year was not working on defense in the big picture. Jerry called me a couple of weeks ago letting me know I made my first pro bowl and things of that nature and He wanted me to come down to meet the head coach that day. I wasn't Intel But but but he gave me some insight on on on the defensive scheme and and what we're going to be changing where we're going to be doing the same and Sam I got a dramatic is sounds. Sounds like it. Sounds like we're locking in and this is something that I'm looking forward to being. You know the quarterback of the defense. I'm looking forward to getting a head start on on a process all right so speaking of quarterback your quarterback is still unsigned. How do you feel about that? It was that a disruption in the locker room to the year it keep everybody a little bit on edge. That he didn't get his deal. It keep him on edge that he didn't have a deal I don't think so that's the ultimate competitor. And we. We are not. He's going to be here. It's just a matter of getting the numbers right and and you know it's a business you gotta you gotTa make happen but DAX our quarterback. He's he's our future is the heart and soul. So I'm sure they'll get it to make the money right Jerry. It make the money. So what's on the show. What was a couple of weeks ago and he said we will be in Super Bowl? Fifty five do you. COSIGN is time and time Super Bowl. Fifty five we're going to have lain vander as far it back. It's GonNa be a great right. I'm looking forward to the food games in Tokyo. I hope we're on the road. Thank you for coming on. Thank you for. I answering some tough questions and trust me. We will be watching you next year before we get out of Had to bring some sauce. I'm a stylistic aesthetic guy myself so clear view I have my own our collection. Okay and I bought. Yes absolutely so first and foremost gusts skip. Thank you got the cowboy. No yeah man. I know you like their sauce. I'm queer last but not lease. ooh For the ooh they ask McCaffrey. It is so good to have you with us on undisputed and what I love about this dynamic is that you guys have a relationship you've known each other for a while so Shannon take it away of normal life. He grew up in the locker room. I play with his dad. Ed McCaffrey free and his mom. Lisa used to bring him BA training camp every summer in here and I would play power rangers. I mean he'd have all this power rangers. How like like he could have been more than two? Maybe three two or three top thirty house. Green Power Rangers he wanted to be the arena. I wanted to be one whichever one he's take up. I got a picture that was that was super bowl thirty three. If I'm not mistaken that's nine hundred ninety nine so you like three hours. Zachary three years old so I've known him all his life skipping to see and to see look at that picture and to see what he brought up in two. I'm so happy. Happy bump so proud of him because I like I said I I know him all his life knowing his mom and dad and they're just great people. How much did it help you to grow up in an NFL locker room? Because we've seen it before. Ken Griffey Barry Bonds. Mayton ally. What what did it mean to you did it? Did it launch shoe to have that had that background and upbringing absolutely. I think it was something that I took full advantage of a lot of people who grow up in a household where their father author their mother were big time athlete. Whatever it may be and they don't take advantage of it? They have too much pride and I think one thing that my parents did a great job of with myself myself and all my brothers is constantly trying to be better and using somebody like my dad. And the fact that I wasn't locker room with guys like Shannon and being able to I learned from that to see how they how they went about their business and to pick my dad's brain whenever I needed to as a huge advantage of a huge advantage of that that definitely took to heart and took serious. So I'm assuming the first time you stepped on a pop warner field. You think in the back of your mind. I'm a McCaffrey. My Dad does this. My mom was really good at what she did. I think you're great. Was it. Your great grandfather was a world class and you step on the field and you. You just think I'm better. I can do this right well when I first started playing. I begged my parents and really the main reason I got into it wasn't even my dad was my older brother played and he was he was the best brother and still is but I want to do everything he did. I hung out with him and his friends all the time and I knew he played and I was at the Asia. I think I was six. They wouldn't let you play tackle yet. So I begged and bagging soon as I turned seven You know I finally put some pads on and ever since then it's been my heart we look at this. We don't see a whole lot eucharistic. We don't see a whole lot of white running backs and for you to be all pro at two different positions and to see what you've become why how Oh man that's such a broad answer. I think there's so much that goes into the game right. There's so much time I take off the field and behind the scenes of taking care of my body and the way I trained in and how is that I put in Not just at the facility but when I come home And as you know individual successes is great and you know you can break records and you can You know set high standards and achieve all these individual Zimba's but but at the end of the day football to me is the best in the world because it is such a team Sport and team success makes you happy that I've experienced it when I've had a lot of individuals success and our teams one not a lot of individuals success on our team's loss and vice versa. So and and the happiest I've ever been. I think that the best locker rooms are when you winning. So everything I do is always always You know pertinent. To what can I do to to help a team when that happens to be. Obviously the other stuff comes and it helps. I set individual goals and I want to reach work as hard as I possibly can every day to achieve even but you WANNA win in the game of football and that's the ultimate. Imagine you get the credit that you deserve you know. I don't think it matters to me anymore. I I usually did it. Used to shore sure. Yeah for sure. I used to feel very slighted. I used to feel like I was never given enough credit and and I stopped worrying about stop worrying about what anybody or this guy or that guy was saying about me and I started just focusing on me and where I see myself and my processing and slowly all of it goes away but but at the end of the day I I love plan plan for. Why don't play football for for anybody's opinions? You know good or Batum very appreciative. If it is good but but you'll learn from you move on and every player in the. NFL has been slight in some sort of. And that's what I learned. You know everybody's been counted out at some point and it's a great thing when you see guys who were you know. Make it to to where they are. You look at Golic. Tom Brady right you know he could say the same thing. Nobody's saying anything about him now. So it's you know it comes and goes and you just got to ignore it so I will be the first to admit publicly. I was wrong about one aspect of your game at Stanford. It seemed like special. You're finally you're you're getting beaten up running between the tackles and that was the obvious. He's not can you do that in pro football at a high rate of Carey's well not only have you done it for two years. You've played every single game without without getting hurt and you have led the League. The last two years in yards per carry between the tackles for those with high cares hundred and fifty plus cares that that is extraordinary to me of all the things you've done that's the most impressive. I know you took it pretty personally and seriously when you came into the League I can show you. I can do this. How did you pull that off in? Stay as healthy as you did while a multitude of of of reasons and so I think the way you take care of yourself your process Anytime I'm not at the facility when I'm home somebody's treating me. I got a good team five or six people who helped me out with my die out with my blood work and chiropractor and soft tissue guys and trainers and You know that's that's my job and I've learned it's a love that part of it you know when you think about it for the best in the world you know. When I'm not in season I get a workout? Be Healthy and take care of myself. That's a heck of a job I and I've learned to enjoy it and kind of find my formula of what works and what doesn't and I take pride in that and everything I do is surrounded around winning full bugging. Is that the new evolution because we did not play you. GotTa you gotTa get went to the contractor. You got stretch massage and that was it. Now you're talking about now you're talking about blood award you talking about physio and you talk about you gotTa team five six. That's basically around the clock. Is that the evolution of the NFL. Now absolutely I think you see it. You know teams are starting to do it to where where they're bringing in guys and I think it's so important and I and you see what multiple guys around the league. I've I've talked to guys and see what they do and everybody has somebody outside the facilities. It's so hard for trainers to treat fifty three guys on a workday so you have to go outside and do stuff if you WanNa know if you truly want to be healthy all the time. There's a lot more fun when you're one hundred percent on Sundays. Beverly Love hearing the stories of you to the visual of picturing you guys in the locker hanging out. It's pretty pretty special. And I know Kristian. You're here on behalf of Verizon. Tell us how they're showcasing the five G. Experience for the Super Bowl. Yeah it was really cool to got to do an entire five G. EH stimulation where we essentially in three d theater and got to see all the new technology as a player. I'm excited because you'll see the different innovative technologies and where how you can watch film. You can watch every single angle you can zoom in on specific players and watch every move they make you can watch it from up top angle. A bird's I've you end zone. Angola sideline angle again for me. I'm excited as a player as a fan to. It's really exciting. Because you can see the game at a whole new level and they're also doing in a verizon initiative which is called. Come one more Sunday and it's cool because it tells you you guys are are screwed because it says for every minute you spend watching football football you devote the same amount of time to community so you guys might might have a tough time doing that job you watch every game. The we'll so good to have you Christian. Thank you for being here. We're going to be rooting for you. And following your along. The way she'll come back the kill is consistently dime as one of the fastest players on the field each season by NFL next gen stats ahead of playing in. The biggest game of his Career Hill told reporters that after the season liked to try qualifying for a spot on the US Olympic track team for the upcoming in twenty twenty skill. He's fast but when he he was running those kinds of speeds he was training at the track athlete and he was twenty and twenty five pounds lighter twenty he. He's not gonNA turn those kinds of time. Almost two hundred pounds he. He local both hamstring. What he will do trying to qualify what is supremely gifted? If anybody could make that transition he might have to lose ten pounds but not aw you can sprint strong yet skill. He's too big. I don't know I've seen sprinted. I remember Justin Gatlin. I knew Michael Johnson Beard. Well it's one hundred and sixty eighty five hundred and seventy pounds. I've seen one ninety work but again he ran nine nine in highschool. I one seventy five. You same boat was five. But he's six six. Yeah I know what five nine yeah. That's a lot of weight Compaq brackets guilt. Well he might make the. US Olympic track team on Sunday. He he he he Rhode Island something at least no mercy thanks for listening to the undisputed podcast. I'm Jenny Taft. Join US again at at the same time tomorrow morning. Nine thirty eastern. We'll see you then.

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