NASAs Dragonfly Drone Mission to Titan


I. Love this podcast support this show through the ACOSS support a feature. It's up to you how much you give and there's no regular commitment. Just hit the link in the show description to support now. This is space time series twenty-three episode one, hundred and eight for broadcast on the Fourteenth of October twenty twenty coming up on Space Time Nasr's dragonfly drone mission to tighten the Red Planet's close approach to the earth and you cosmic commode rockets into orbit. We look at the Dynamic Space Danny all that and more coming up on space. Time. Welcome to space. Time. We'd still. Gary. And he study is found relatively fresh exposed water is impact craters on the surface of the turn Moon Titan the findings reported in the journal Astronomy, astrophysics could prove beneficial in plans for the proposed dragonfly mission to send a drone aircraft to tighten the new data is based on observations by the European Space. Agency's visible and Infrared, Mapping Spectrometer aboard Nasr's. Cassini spacecraft. Cassini orbited the Ringwood of satin at its moons between two, thousand, four and two, thousand seventeen and launching the Horgan's landed down to the surface. Of Titan on Titan Atmospheric Processes Berry is under a thick layer of sand like organic material. In fact, when Hogan's touchdown on the surface scientists describe the ground as feeling like whitsand in tons dry with toil regions, the sand piles up, but at High A. Wetter latitudes surface streams erode away the sand. The study's lead author Georgia's Catherine Niche From Within University says this more SAM on Titan per area than anywhere else in the solar system she says the for nearly two decades. Now, space sciences have been focusing the majority of its fans and research on Mars in the search for the building blocks of life, and yet there are dynamic words like sense Moon Titan. which may actually have more going on biologically. Then the Red Planet Titan is Saturn's largest moon, the second-biggest Moon in the solar system, and it's larger than the planet mercury. Importantly, it's the only world in the solar system other Earth with clouds rain liquid down on the surface forming streams and rivers, which then flow into lakes and seas. But the Earth's water-based hydrological cycle titans rains a made of methane. And Ethane on Titan temperatures are so cold water is frozen. So hard it forms the bedrock and it doesn't end there tons atmosphere is about ten times stig as the Earth's atmosphere, and it's primarily nitrogen laced with methane and ethane all this forms a dense hydrocarbon. Hey, Hey, the moon stratosphere where it's broken down by sunlight scientists say it's all very reminiscent of what the primordial earth might have been like. It all makes tight and the compelling Astra Biological Target. Its surface contains abundant complex carbon, rich chemistry with both liquid water and liquid hydrocarbons possibly forming a product primordial soup in order to get a better understanding of time that its environment necessary planning dragonfly Astro Biology Mission for Titan slated for launch in twenty twenty seven dragonfly will send a robotic rotorcraft down to the surface landing in the Shangrila Junefield's in December twenty, thirty four. It'll study prebiotic chemistry performing multiple vertical takeoffs and landings to fly to a variety of different locations thereby allowing dragonfly, study the local terrain and analyze the surrounding geology in a number of locations. This space time still to come the Red Planet Mars putting out Speciaux in years right now and a new cost. Me commode launches into orbit all that and more still to come on space time. Right. Now, the Red Planet Mars is putting on its best celestial show in years. You say, thanks to their orbits, the Earth and Mars rich they closest position to each other every twenty six months, and that just happens to be now vichy mazdas. Closest approach to Earth was on October the sixth when the Red Planet was just sixty, two, million, sixty, nine, thousand, five, hundred, seventy kilometers away now that's not as near as the two thousand and three close approach when it came to just fifty five, point seven, six, million kilometers the. But it is the closest. The Red Planet will get for the next fifteen years. In fact, Mars weren't bid it's two thousand and three close encounter until August, the twenty, eighth, twenty, two, eighty, seven when the red planet comes to just fifty five, point, six, nine, million kilometres the earth, and that's still not the record see the minimum distance between the earth and Mars can get down to about fifty four point, six, million kilometers but. That doesn't happen very often if the earth and Mars had perfectly circular orbits than the minimum distances would always be the same. However, they have elliptical or egg-shaped orbits, the orbits of Mars in the Earth. Also slightly tilted with respect to each other, and then there's the effect of the gravitational tidal actions of the other planets. All constantly changing the shape of their orbits purchased the bid the gas giant Jupiter especially influences the orbit of Mars. All of these factors combine to me that not all close encounters are equal but every two years or so when Meisner Noth I close to each other, the Red Planet appears especially bright in our night sky it makes it easy to see both telescopes and even the unaided eye right now, Maas will be visible for much the night near the ecliptic, the same out of the sky with the Sun and the moon. Travel and it'll be at its highest point at about midnight and win Marzano Sarah Closes. That's usually the best time to go to Mars. That's why many Mars missions take advantage of the close distance to visit the. Red Planet. So depending on budgets, you'll see Mars missions launched roughly every two years must close approach is also closely related tomorrow opposition and mass retrograde oppositions happening right now. So it's the best time to view. Mas because it's directly on the opposite side of the Earth from the Sun. So Mars rises at sunset. It's visible all night long and then sets sunrise and because the sunlight shining on it from behind the earth, it also looks brighter still take advantage of the spectacle while it's their Mars will quickly become fainter as it in the earth travel further away from each other on their respective around the sun and Interestingly Mas. Will appear to be moving backwards in relation background stars it'll be in what's called retrograde. The happens is the overtakes it Judah orbit being closer to the Sun than the orbit of Mars the next month's close approach. What happened until December the eighth twenty twenty two, the current issue of Australian sky and Telescope magazine as a special feature on Mars close approach joining us now with the details is the magazine's editor Jama Finale. Sir. Next few weeks. We've got miles coming up Tom to see it. Taylor. Particularly the best time to say MAS. In fact, this'll be the best new. We will have a mile and many Easter Tom. Let's do distance because it's going to be quite close. So in the lead up to this feeling seasons, we're going to give you all the information you need to study the. Full Mazowsze God in the magazine. So the best times to see the viewing conditions what for the Equipment used and what to watch out for the. So it talking about the south polar ice cap, I need storms up a mountain ranges huge extinct volcano. On. Mars. You can actually see all the way. If, you haven't been up till a scarf. And you have the right kind of year, you might even be able to spot the two little tiny moons at mom during around an empty. Purpose and they must be the nappy can use to work out when they should be visible from your action in your time wherever you. Are you need reasonable To do that, but but for the rest, any telescope will give you a pretty good. You're mouth but grabbed his chance to to go good with to have a look Mars when it's close up because when other times of the when Mars is a long way away, it looks less than half the size and Mars a small thing to begin with small planets are. Really. You need to take the opportunity to look miles when it's close when books be an an doesn't last long. So get out the telescope or you're not someone has have been planet because it's just going to be the best utions about. Ten years we'll start We'll still get you know more conscious. Over the used but. This is going to cost. That's Jonah finale the editor of strain sky and telescope magazine. And forget if you're having trouble getting Okapi Australian sky and Telescope magazine from your usual retailer because of the carrot lockdown on travel restrictions in always get a print or digital subscription and have the magazine delivered directly Ata letterbox or inbox subscribing. Just, go to sky and telescope DOT COM Tara you that Sky Telescope Dot Com dot AU and you'll never be left in the dark again, this space time still to come a new cosmic commode rockets into orbit, and later in the science report growing fees that one of the world's most important food crops the sweet potato could become another victim of global warming all that most come on space time. Let's take a break from our show. For word from our sponsor expressed VPN rated number one by Tek. Raider. You may be wondering why you need a virtual private network. 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That's try express VPN DOT com slash space for three months free with a one year package visit try experts VPN DOT com slash space to learn more, and of course, you'll find the link details in the show notes and on our website that's strike express VPN, dot com slash space, and now it's back to our show. You're listening to spends time with Stewart Gerry. To go where no man has gone before might no longer be accurate but a new space toilet has nevertheless been delivered to the International Space. Station. Then cosmic commode was part the payload aboard the cygnus N Fourteen cargo ship with successfully docked with the International. Space. Station. Two days after launching. Border Northrop. Grumman Antares rocket from NASA wallops island flight facility on the Virginian mid Atlantic coast. Four three. Two one. inning in the engine start and lift off the SS traveler takes flights sights set on the International Space Station. Pitch and roll programmer in. Engine that one hundred percent at nominal. Engines are betty and nominal one hundred percent altitude twenty thousand feet. One Minute into the flight everything looking good on Antares passing through Max Q. Two nominal engines at one, hundred, ten tears passing through the area of maximum dynamic pressure fifty thousand feet had nominal I'll vehicle subsystems are nominal coming up on the two minute mark into the flight everything looking good just passing one hundred thousand feet attitude nominal vehicle subsystems. Nominal engines remain at one hundred percent good reports from the Range Control Center at wallops thirty seconds to throttle down throttle down as the precursor to main engine cutoff of the first stage coming up on the three minute mark into the flight engines at fifty five percent thrust standing by for main engine cutoff on. The first stage main engine cutoff age separation attitude nominal stage one separation confirmed from the Range Control Center and Antares Flying Straight and true carries and coast phase. Until proper conditions for fairing separation and stage ignition are achieved fairing separation confirmed cygnus now exposed to the atmosphere as it continues its trek uphill to its preliminary orbit aged ignition, this will be about two minute forty, four seconds burn of the second stage engine attitude nominal vehicles substance nominal hundred, and forty kilometers coming up on the five minute mark into the flight office continue nominal altitude, one hundred and fifty kilometers the second stage. Scheduled at about the six minute fifty, one second mark into the flight altitude hundred seventy kilometers roughly one minute the stage to burn out to one hundred, eighty, four kilometers all systems nominal roughly thirty seconds to stage to uber out six minutes forty seconds into the flight standing by for stage to burn out to tail off stage to burn out. Says, reached the preliminary orbital insertion will coast for roughly one hundred seconds prior payload separation, and as you heard, the next major event will be sicknesses separation from the second stage attitude nominal cygnus. Has begun its journey to reach the International Space Station early, Monday morning, all vehicle subsystems nominal altitude one, hundred, ninety, one kilometers roughly one minute the payload separation liftoff occurred right on the dime at sixteen and fourteen seconds PM Central Time. Nine sixteen fourteen p. m eastern time the International Space Station and it's three crew members who are asleep at this hour approaching the south west coast of Australia altitude remains a hundred nine hundred kilometers roughly thirty seconds to pay the separation off systems nominal at the time of sicknesses separation from the second stage, the operations will move to Dulles. And the cygnus Flight Control Room under the direction of Mission Director Zach wire fitness separation spacecraft separation confirmed the. Cha Well on its way to the International Space Station he initiated attitude nominal Elsie Ace out as so great job calling it out. This is Mission Control, HOUSTON? cygnus. Now, safely in orbit on route to the International Space Station, perfect launch from the Wallops flight facility in Virginia following its rendezvous with Yogi on post cygnus was captured by the space station's robotic arm and made it to the unity modules earth facing docking port. It'll remain attached to the space station until around mid December during this time, it'll be unloaded and then filled up with space station trash and undocked the fall back to earth burning up in the atmosphere during reentry. The Star attraction among the three, thousand, six, hundred kilograms of frits supplies equipment aboard cygnus is the space station's new toilet. The new orbital outhouse is being tested on the space station before the designs approved for use on the items missions to the moon and Mars officially called the Universal Waste Management System. The new interplanetary potty is smaller and lighter than the current space toilets with redesigned restraints better position to allow astronauts more comfort as they try and achieve well splashdown in zero gravity environment without getting bogged down. Then, you celestial Karzi includes a three D. Printer, tatum Kaba for Joel Fan separator, which should be more reliable than the existing design which dates back to the space shuttle and has been under breakdown on occasions. Also included isn't a urine transfer system, which further automates waste management and storage well, increasing the amount of water recovered and recycled for us. That's ride in space. Yesterday's coffee becomes tomorrow's drinking water one of the engineer behind the new system Jim full of from. Space speaking with Nassar's Melissa McKinley. At a big laugh from my friends all the time like, oh, he's. The toilet in your life on just the toilet titanium space. So It's pretty nifty especially when you get into the complexities Ivan uw is sixty, five percent smaller and forty percent lighter than current toilet used on. ISS are toilet will be installed just to Jason to that toilet and we'll undergo concurrent views with that toilet as we do the demonstration. One of the things that you? Do that actually has to inject. Bridge. into the urine before to the urine processor assembly. pre-treated is a very strong passive and. Is Not. Very compatible with a lot of materials so that forced us to have to use a lot of exotic materials such as in canal eligible Oy titanium. So one of the coolest things that we actually did on this project is we implemented a process called electron being powderkeg fusion. That's just a fancy word for three D. Printing. Here gravity of everything to the ground essentially away from the body. And microbrewery and go into space you don't have that luxury. Essentially three, our own artificial gravity. So at the heart of the. Mask is. Fan Separate, and that's actually the part that's actually made out of. Titanium exploration is is hard businesses. It's uncomfortable. There's a lot of things that the crew has to do just to. Explore and the goal with the UW. Too can meet the challenges of spaceflight in terms of mass and volume and. Power usage and keep within those constraints, but also make a system that the crew. Has a more likelihood to be comfortable with associated with a new space toilet. It's new electric Chemical Emmanuel removal system. It alternately hope with water recovery long duration missions to the moon and Mayes, and could also be used to provide a vital supply of drinking water in remote arid areas on earth comedian morillas. As Dr Carlos Cabrera who with the University of Puerto Rico are the principal investigator is on the experiment. Looking for somebody to take advantage of the waste generate that in the international space station. And one of the way of those ways is hearing. After thirteen processes. rain can be converted to ammonia. And ammonia can be used say. Enough field. The project intense. To help with the water recycling and also generate electrical current. Is just one component of fake processor has been developing. For the signal years now that could be used to purify your it. This will create a system that can be used for dot. So this is An application application for the space denture a FISA featuring the space station is more efficient earth. So so that's why we want level straight that it could work. Also Abboud cygnus are new crop of vegetables to see what grows will in the space environment. Previous experiments have grown different types of lettuce ingrains. This time they're looking at radishes cultivating seeds to see how different light soil conditions affect growth as explain bud experiments, principal investigators Dr. Cal Hassans Stein from the University of Lafayette and Textual Operations Directed David read the objective of the experiments seems very simple and it is growing the radishes. On and S I know that radishes have been grown several times but never advanced plan habitat that we have actually enough space to grow a number of plants that allow wants to do some statistics. Habitat is currently the largest most complex plant growth system on the space station. The actual growth vitamin itself or plants measures of about twenty by twenty by twenty inches few. All the rest of the volume implant habitat is all of the stuff that it takes to provide full environment for the plants that are growing inside the growth chambers. radishes grow to his size of war. and. Peace of that mass is the ravaged set that office tissue at the process of developing the secondary. Is completely unplanned surge in space. But it is. Because it is sensitive to all of these things that we have on station. So it adds to this. Rather complex set of data that we need to get a handle on to property, grow and understand the cultivation of plants in space to go to bars longer home. Any further the marlins laundry yet. So without a doubt unless we are learning have space the tools the. Rotating elements that can provide some fractional. Michael Gravity. And in order to grow a reasonable amount of plans, we're talking about about much larger systems and so this. Is. Trying to get a little closer is also a microgravity messenger irony cancer experiment studying new drugs for treating. Leukemia Yours Aku cafe has demy from Colonel Biologics are the experiments, principal investigators me being developing cancer cells to Pacific and biological drugs that selectively and effectively go after cancer cells, and we uncovered the cancer cells have foreign language that they speak in the body. This allows us to exploit this language to keep our biological in that foreign language only cancer cells can understand us. So we're doing this extreme form of festus thing under microgravity he got his first. Identify at least one candidate. that. Is Resistant to weakness in normal cells despite being pushed to this microgravity conditions. Then there's a good chance that me going to the clinic. Hundreds of different types of cancer cell Robertson's Kansas. Then, we will be able to still rely on this. NASA. For. Astronauts. Will take ourselves and put them into a back into the proper thirty seven degree south culture incubated. Cheering just they're going to apply all the agents include cancer cells. and. The health south and then the next day they are not doing readouts and See that there is the friendship behavior is. decapitated. In micro. Conditions this is all about bending on the right assets for future development because drug development, these costs, he takes time and also also building hope it patients to identify the best candidates for them me well, Felix Lushan and Rafael from Felix and Paul. Studios. Are supplying the space station with a new customized three hundred and sixty degree virtual reality camera part of the new documentary project about life on the orbiting outpost. Years, we have been in extensive production on project called space explorers the. Experience that is filming inside and outside at the International Space Station through the immersive Bauer virtual reality, and in a few months, we're gonNA take the camera outside to document eight full spacewalk and to fill exterior shots of the space station as well as shuts planet earth. What we're doing now is getting ready to lunch hour EDA virtual reality camera, which is slightly different system to the Ivy camera that we've been using for the past years inside a station we worked in collaboration with non Iraq's. Make It. Basically resistance to. The pressure of space. The extreme variation temperatures, and we had to make sure that the lenses also certified four for use outside and basically going to use texture and the cat Dr Nice kind of a celestial frame. As, in movies to shoot outside of the ISS beyond the ISS, of course, are a lot more places to explore. So this is really been. You know valuable knowledge to help us design future cameras that are going to go deeper into space. Once ince's experiences I believe they will not want to go back to traditional media. Experience space content, you know it it's going to be the sort of default fasttrack space equals immersive media, and because of that I think that we're going to be in the next few years doing more and more and more of those projects. And time now to take another brief, look at some of the other stories making news in science this week with a science report, there are growing fees today that one of the world's most important food crops. The sweet potato could become another victim of global warming a new report in the Journal. Nature climate. Change found a Peruvian study of nearly two thousand coumarin sweet potato strains discover that list than seven percent I hate tolerant scientists will now focus their efforts on these few heat tolerant varieties hoping they can be used for breeding programs to help crops to predict the temperature increases of between one and six degrees. Celsius expected because, of climate, change, by twenty seventy. Australia's National Science Agency the Seer Siro as provided the first ever global estimate for micro-plastics on the seafloor with results suggesting there are at least fourteen million tons in the deep ocean. A report in the Journal frontier in Marine Science claims plastic pollution is being found throughout the oceans of the world including Australia's Great. Barrier Reef World Heritage area the amount of Mike Reid Plastics recorded was twenty five times higher than previous deep-sea studies based on their origin micro-plastics journey divided up into primary micro-plastics such as microbicides in face Washington toothpaste or secondary micro-plastics, including fragments from plastic bags or fives from. Textiles. Once ingested microbe plastic particles physically damaged organs in Leach Chemicals. These can range from hormone disrupting BPA's the pesticides that can compromise immune function and retard growth and reproduction both micro-plastics, and the chemicals they release accumulate up the food chain potentially impacting whole ecosystems including the health of soils in which we grow our food, and because micro-plastics are also in the water you drink in the breath, they're also affecting humans. Paleontologist of described the new genus of mozell naming Neta, mortar stat nanny, the giant marine ripped off from the age of dinosaurs swam in the sees of what he's now Colorado during the Cretaceous period between seventy nine and eighty one, million years ago a report in the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology claims the tin made along specimen was originally classified in a different genus but was reclassified following the discovery of portions of the Moses Or Skull Roof Chore and Braincase Then You name is derived from the Greek and Latin Woods Fa jaws of death. Well even though you think your dogs gazing lovingly into your eyes and he study suggests the dogs brains don't process faces the same way humans brains do the findings reported in the Journal of Neuroscience claims that the canine visual systems organized differently to that of humans and so they don't have the same reaction to seeing a face, the team measured brain activity in. Humans and dogs while watching a short video of other humans and dogs. Human Brain showed increased activity in response to seeing face compared to the back of the head and increased activity. When seeing a human compared to a dog on the other hand dogs brains were more active wincing another dog and there was no difference when seeing face or the back of the head. Well. Like most of you, I don't have great technology every year rather wait until the new technology has something that I want. But one guy who I can't imagine standing in the line stretching around the block at the local apple store is Alexander Royd from it y dot. com of course win you're Alex you need to do that product sent to you and he just got his hands on the new apple what series six so alex is the upgrade worth it. Feed eisman losses don't necessarily must have upgrade. If you already happy with, you'll series fool series five watch because it looks the same has the largest screen that series called brought teen over the previous series one, two three but it's definitely a big upgrade from the series three and earlier, and it has exclusive features that the cheap Apple Watch F E, which also wants to see it doesn't have. Now this uses the same chip as last series five doesn't have an always on display as the series five and six have, and it doesn't have the G to check your heart rhythm although Best Bible. As you. Anyway, the series six definitely improved on the series five mosty informat white one it's got that always on display but in sunlight, it's two and a half times brighter now directly compared the always undersupply of the series two series six and definitely brighter in the dialogue, and also because his brother when you tap on an eye on the display, will you push the digital crowd on? The right hand side, what's doesn't have to light out into the broader mode I as the case with the series five or previous watches, we have to screen push the crown through it to light up from black to showing something. So it just opens up whenever you utecht on or brings up the menu of APPs when you press the crown so that by Pasta, but it also has the. Chip, which runs APPs twenty as well and it's GonNa. Blood oxygen sense of now they. Will Contain good. Then well, it goes to great pains. Medical grade but if your blood oxygen level is low key could be one of the you haven't. Yeah. It's good for carbon and you also have the handwashing my that you've gotta switch on in the settings of your phone not to watch that has a countdown. Twenty seconds and a little animation bubbles and this and that the end these sums up slightly. Brighter on your electric toothbrush that's right. Yeah. So you can you can sort of without having to look at what you can feel and you wash your hands for enough time and also you can switch on a reminder so that whenever you come home he also you know a few after you've arrived just who you should go wash your hands. So there's a little handy phages for the new postcode reality that we live in okay and Google -fluenced a new nist odious bake. That last quarter of twenty twenty the time when a lot of companies are watching you things ready for the holiday gift giving season now as we. Apple, will have its new five. Jay. Insane. But doable has launched products. One is the nest author speaker. So this is telling the march one dollars in the US and one forty nine in this right now. We will says, it's seventy five percent louder with fifty percents, stronger base and the full clear natural sound also has an ambient chew mode that can adjust the volume of Google Assistant News podcast an audio books based on the background noise behind. So you can hear the weather forecast say over a noisy dishwashers. So that's an intelligent feature. Also Google up reading his crime cost with the new remote control and the Google into. Basically brings it in line with sort of experience, you would get from the Amazon stick roku boxes or the Apple TV. So it's an APP TV operating system. It's holding on ninety nine in the US on Dole's in Australia, and it should pretty popular various apps like you would expect from other Android TV boxes or the show teams and have the android. Interface. It's going to be assistant finance also to questions will bring up certain shows and that's let's go buttons on the remote for Youtube Netflix's and I think it'll be very popular. Then you've got the pixel four, eight with five G. and the pixel five with five Jay rows of these has to recap I. One is the Standard Camera, the other one ultra-wide. Why Link? Which is very fashionable with today's phones. Now, you also have the portrait lights which illuminate your subjects. Beautifully there's an united site and portrait mode that lets you have beautifully blurred backgrounds in portraits extremely lot and both of them were ten, the astronomy retiree feature that debuted with his. Let you take amazing pictures of the sky also have a improve Google July video calling which lets you share h the screens or whatever's on your screen with the other person. They, they're not using the latest and greatest dragging processes in the sense of the highest model easy one down the seven, six, five, jade collection seize the eight hundred series processor but it's got a punch holder splice a normal nachos. You have this little hole with front facing cameras. I think Ram one, twenty, google storage, and the Pixel Five, which is more expensive one while it's charging reverse Schwab charging to reverse charge on the phones or while head funds, and also I pay Shakespeare water resistant. But there's one more piece of Google News. Yeah. That's right. The dropping of daydream via headsets we'll google zone the companies to kick off the modern the our revolution when they launched, I think Cobb, which was a a headship that you could put. You'll find into made from cardboard and had a little magnetic switch on the side that was sort of. Like the button to do something and that sort of took the well by storm for Awhile and people showing you how you could make your own. But Google lighter on just like Samsung made its own physical via hits it the problem is both times and bugles daydream the hits it a no longer on it was sort of one of those things that really took off but then it never really kicked on and we now have htc and facebook oculus that really lead in the space but Google and Samsung basically up because people swin bind the devices now. But what a chose, the future is old mentioned reality where you have some glasses in front of your face and glasses. We'll show things that interact with the real world. So you know cutting off the world, you're seeing things overlay with. Mark a follow on from Google glass. Well, it is. Google Google glasses very basic just had sort of simple icons for arrows for Cherney, you directions in match, but it was all very primitive stuff compared to what we've seen in science fiction much coming. It's probably GONNA be the cash to an apple launches Apple Amena Reality headset. said that the rest of the world will finally figure out how it's supposed to be done. Now, we can have copies that will flood the market and and I. Will be here and you'll be able to put little things in front of the glasses to them into the as well but that's probably not coming to twenty, twenty, two, twenty, twenty, three. That's Alex our avoid from it Y. DOT com. And that's the shut for now the space time is available every Monday Wednesday and Friday through apple podcasts I tunes stitcher. Google podcast pocket casts spotify cast Amazon Music. BITES DOT COM soundcloud YouTube your favorite podcast download provider and from Space Time with Stewart Gary Dot Com Space Times also broadcast through the national, Science Foundation on science own radio and on both IHEART radio and tune in radio, and you can help to support our show by visiting the space. Time store for a range of promotional merchandising goodies all by becoming a space time patron, which gives you access to triple episode commercial free versions of the show as well as lots of burners. which doesn't go away access to exclusive facebook group and other awards just go to space time with Stewart Gary Dot Com for full details, and if you want more space time, please check out our blog where you'll find all the stuff. We couldn't fit in the show as well as heaps of images, new stories, loads, videos, and things on the web I find interesting or amusing, just go to space time with. Stewart Gary Dot. 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