Billy Joel Sucks: Part 2


People like to joke about. How much MOMS love listening to billy? Joel like your mom late listening to Billy Joel. Yeah I want it on record that my mother has never been impressed. I can't remember what the event was. It was Bonnaroo some other multiday festival like that. I had an artist bracelet but I was only going on one night to see some certain. I don't remember what it was. Billy Joel was headlining one or the other nights and I told my mom I could try to get that bracelet off and give it to her if she wanted to go see. Billy Joel thought that she would like that. A her response was and I quote no desire. That's do I had somebody do that with me. With Genesis I thought Genesis just universally liked by people of a certain age. A said the same thing. Oh something about how we were going to do genesis in an episode and she was like. Oh yeah they suck and I was like Whoa okay. I thought that you were just. It's like a prerequisite I honest to God. If you're over fifty I assume that you think billy Joel's awesome. It is a hard stereotype to not let yourself enough. You know what I'm saying. Yeah it's one of the things that you're going to have to always battle of just making that assumption persons above this age. They for sure like Billy Joel. This is going to be those episodes that people send their parents or your grandparents or your uncle this or your aunt. This is for sure going to someone in your family a hello new listeners of the podcast that are older this podcast. Thanks for listening. Hope you guys subscribe. That's the button on the PODCAST APP. You be sure to hit it. If you're listening to a this is probably the first one you should subscribe to sit back and enjoy the show. It's the age that Billy Joel Is. Also it's billy Joel's peers are who billy. Joel's music is four. It's four people of his generation and the values that come with that the social norms that come with that are all very much in billy. Joel's music he's also got that thing. That generation has where they can't tell what's good now like Billy Joel things. The killers are a great band. He's talked about that before. Well Billy Joel's not GonNa like anybody better than him. He is one hundred percent. The Guy Never ever going to recommend you listen to something that we better something. He couldn't do himself so yes. Of course he likes the killers killers. They right right down. The middle of the road generic pop music. Maybe that sounds familiar to billy. Joel fans who is actually a fan of billy? Joel his point. It's a lot of people. I wasn't sure if we should come back with this episode or the clash episode because I think those are the two that we have recorded so far that are going to cause the biggest response people get in their feelings about billy. Joel talk some shit on twitter to kind of get a feel for people got mad. Man Billy Joel means something to a lot of people I feel like Bruce springsteen's going to be like that to where people have very tight much bigger level than this though guarded. Fuck you you. Don't you know what I mean? It's like a leather jacket on their heart. And if you fuck yeah. Did you just stain my fucking leather jacket? Heart you piece of Shit. The point of the song moving out is pretty much that the American dream does not exist and it's pointless to work hard just to be able to afford the shiny expensive things people by to impress their neighbors again. This says a lot more about billy Joel State of mind than it says about anything. As far as I can tell I have respect people that get rich and they just talked about being rich when people have a shit ton of money right songs like this is just fucking annoying. Did you know that Billy Joel was at Donald? Trump's wedding Malanje no. It's not surprising. What the fuck you get to write songs like this. I don't think he's a big fan of trump of president trump for the politician or anything. Sure come on man. The Guy who picks up my trash every week wasn't at Donald Trump's wedding yeah. I forgot to ask my bartender. The but I'm pretty sure she wasn't invited to Donald Trump's wedding if these people want to save up their money and buy a cadillac. Maybe you should shut the fuck up billy Joel. That isn't GonNa make you happy why I don't know dude. You have ten of them. So how many nights in a row could he sell out Madison Square Garden singing songs like this about blue collar people to blue collar people? The kid and the song says he's moving out but he never says what is big plan is. You'RE GONNA starve or freeze to death. Kid The lyrics and it seems such a waste of time if that's what it's all about. Mama if that's proven up moving out. Do you think this is all bullshit job and you're going to leave home. Wow I guess about the papers next year based on the message of the song. You'd think it'd be like I'm going to move into the basement fucking. Maybe this kid ended up going in washing dishes in an Italian restaurant somewhere. Maybe he's unwritten in the lines of scenes from an Italian restaurant a seven and a half minute long song that Billy Joel wrote. It's actually just three different songs that he didn't think we're good enough by themselves so he put them all into one song. And in some strange form of alchemy people brainwash themselves enough to think it was genius. I don't Oh wow. He took three different pieces of shit and now they are one amazing piece of Shit. Look at this shit. It's a bigger pile of shit now. He didn't even finish writing the individual pieces of the song. The Hook to one of the parts is just him going a wo- over and over again mass a very common theme and Billy Joel saw. This guy wants to be Elton John so bad it has to drive him up the wall. What is that called like a a musical term for that when you Because it is very common in Pop Music. What is it like when you go? La La la La Boo boo boo boo Blah Blah Blah Blah. Whatever like you just nonsense. Why I totally background vocal would be unless you don't know how to write a song and you make it literally your chorus shit. Un's of this stuff in Billy Joel songs. I think somebody should chop up all of the Allah. Las Things that he ever does any song and put them in one song. Probably be like twenty minutes. Sounds like injure that this came out the same year as Bat. Outta hell by MEATLOAF knowing. Don't know if people know that paradise by the Dashboard. Light versus everything. Billy Joel ever did. Yeah tough one. Like if you could go back in time and you had to kill Billy Joel or Meatloaf when they were both babies. You Kill Billy Joel Billy Joel McKenna. Make it yeah. I'm sorry also before anyone gets mad at me about that baby killing joke. It's a very famous mental exercise about Hitler and this is definitely the same thing. That's exactly what you're trying to say. I thought so meatloaf Roast Brooklyn great songs. There's a lot of great songs on that album. Say That I think it sucks that Billy Joel. Probably the guy who orders the wine when he goes out to dinner with people. You know a bottle of wine. A bottle of red perhaps a bottle of Rosa instead. Everyone's bummed like fuck you dude. Why are you even here? Hopefully the wait staff is smart enough to bring him the most expensive show you. They're laughing but inside there. Like secretly like fucking hate this motherfucker. Why did we invite him? He usually picks up the check. You know he's GonNa fucking pay for it so. I guess we'll be drinking Rosa again tonight. Billy I love your music. We're good friends. This is the same motherfucker who starts off the Song New York state of mind by talking about all these normal vacation destinations. All the normal places people go on vacation. And then he says he'd rather take a greyhound bus to New York City. This guy has either never been on a greyhound bus before or he's got his head so far up. Jack heroics acid. He's giving woody Guthrie a blow job. I love the sinking. None of this makes sense as a kind of things that I wish I could roll my eyes all the way around in my head. They would just be like on fire. I thought you were having a stroke. And it's the so very cringe-worthy enrich people talk about riding the bus. That not even poor people WANNA ride. You know what I mean nobody goes. I can't wait to ride the fucking. Greyhound says that the only one that person that says that it's someone that doesn't have to ride it. One time I had to take a greyhound bus from Moscow. Idaho Utah Los Angeles California. Jeez took about two days. Yeah and I would rather sit next to an infant on every airplane flight for the rest of my life than ever do that again. Do debts because you had to do it. If you were fucking rich as billy Joel you just wax poetic about it. As if it's something to it you know what happens when you ride a bus like that. You get sick you get mugged. It's fucking sucks as the person next to you is jerking off sock. It's not good. No one likes riding the bus. It's kind of like being in prison for a little bit. It is is prison on wheels. Two Days Tyler. I don't know how you survive last thing on New York state of mind. I think pretty much every hacks songwriter ever tried to rewrite the Song Georgia on my mind about whatever state they live in. Of course. It's so unnecessary to pretend anyone who did that did anything more than that. Yeah that's all it is only. The young is a song about a guy who will say anything. He can to convince a girl to fuck him. Come Out Virginia. Don't let me wait. You Catholic girls start much too late odd but sooner or later it comes down to fate. I might as well be the one. Listen only the good die. Young means we should fuck and get it over with. I don't I honestly. I've never understood this saying only the good die young. I'M GONNA have to look up where that came from fucking toolman. You might have heard that. I run a dangerous crowd. You're a fucking Douche. Who says that nobody ever says? I'm a bad boy or a Madama. Tough guy they just are. I do feel like he thinks that about himself though. I do get the impression that Billy Joel thinks. He's tough I think. He thinks he's you know one of the gang. He does. Strike me as a kind of guy that wants to be a gangster and they kind of let him in the Mafia type thing because he's so fucking famous and rich like Frank Sinatra right. Yeah not because he's actually worthy of it. You know I will give Billy Joel. That he probably is a better singer than Frank Sinatra as really setting the bar pretty low. It's not I mean. Still Not a complimentary anything but yeah only good. Young was condemned by the Catholic Church because of those lyrics I just read. I could see some people thinking that means. It's cool like that's dangerous song. It's about a girl named Virginia. She's a virgin named Virginia. Sick play on words Dudin. Also here's a super fucked up part about this. I think this is about a real girl that billy Joel really did WanNa fuck when he was a teenager and I think this is her real name that get you Really that's a real fucked up thing to do if that's what happened to hope. That is not true. So fucked up dude. That would be such a bummer. Can you imagine the kind of Messages Billy? Joel would send two girls on tinder own. My God I wish I wish so badly it's social media existed when these people are young one of the things that he says about this song when people ask about is yours. Make sure to point out that the girl in the song does not actually fuck the guy So I'm surprised. The next song on the album wasn't called. She's a bitch and I didn't WanNA fucker anyway. So called didn't want to anyway. The funniest thing about this song though and you can hear this if you listen to after you know Billy Joel originally road. Only as a reggae song and he was singing it with a fake Jamaican accent and everything and his drummer had to finally tell him to knock it off. His German was like. Don't do that very funny. What the fuck is going on? And that's what I want to know. What the world needs a reggae song about Jamaican China Bona Catholic version sung by a White Guy from New Jersey? Also I should be the dude who makes that I. I'm definitely the guy for that song. I really think it takes a lot of humility to be a songwriter to say to yourself. Look I wrote this really great song but I'm not the person to sing a lot of unfortunately artists like billy. Joel never have that moment of clarity to say this is inappropriate for a middle aged white guy from New Jersey to be saying now that we've sold a bunch of shirts. Maybe people will start responding to them wearing our shirts. We get tagged and post all the time I see at Y F. BS pod dot com. I want to hear the story. What definitely want to hear some story. I bet a lot of people laughing at the shirt. I Bet when you're walking around and ensure that says your favorite band sucks on it. You get a lot of people who aren't dumb as fuck going that shirts funny. I hope it's a great conversation starter or ender. If you're a single person and you're someone that goes on dates you should buy a shirt and wear on a date It's a great litmus test figure out right away. Oh this person. I'm going on this date with favor. Band Caesar text your friend. Hey can you call me in a minute and tell me that you really need my help? Get the fuck outta their back to the thing in the interview where he's doing the demonstrations of Elton John. Russell it's really funny. The he used Elton John and Leon Russell as the examples that he chose to respond to in that video playing their songs and their styles. And it's really funny. He used Elton John Song. That sounds the most like big shot because big shot just sounds like Leon Russell. Plus Elton John Yeah. I think it sounds like a song that Elton John would be singing the way he sings it. Just sounds like Elton John Five. Oh do don't get it twisted Elton. John version of this song would be way better than billy. Joel's way better and obviously justice. Elton John Song even if Ellen John Covered this song word for word the just say that's an John Song. It's like to imagine that Billy Joel Does. Enunciate this dramatically in casual conversation. This is a song where he does that Shit. We were talking about earlier with the crazy. Enunciate each sounds like he's trying to talk like a young John Travolta for most of this song. Does he sing? This weighed live because it would be still harsh. It's part of the song it's part of the performance. It's part of what people come to here is him seeing in this way. Enunciate in this way. I may hate this song most any bill. Joel's no you definitely. Hey Piano memoir the big shot at you. I don't know I may hate this worse. Why hate this song so dumb? I still gotTA give it to. We didn't start the fire. I think I think that's my least favorite billy Joel. What stupid about this song digit did Dan? Don't don't do two different songs. We talked about this a little bit earlier. You said you didn't watch the music video for this song I did. It's really funny. How heavy the guys in his band and Billy Joel think this song is if you watch the music video. I'm pretty sure that the guitar player thinks he's in Black Oak Arkansas. Or some shit is they're all he's. I think he's even playing explorer possibly some metal guitar and rocking the heck out. If I may say so sir it's real and Billy Joel just trying to not look like a robot I guess I have a real huge question. I would love for someone to answer this. Why at two and a half minutes into this song. Why does Billy Joel starts singing? Exactly like the count from Sesame Street. Has Anyone ever asked Billy Joel this? It's right after the no. No no no no no no part at two minutes and thirty two seconds. He comes out of the No. No no no no no. You had to be shot. It's so has anyone ever asked. Billy Joel why he did this. I don't know we'd love to find out. I mean maybe this is him getting back in touch with his muppet routes. I I can just picture. Have this scenario in my head. Billy Joel finally snaps. You know. And he can't stand another bad music review and he kidnaps a music critic ties a chair. Like you've read about in a Hannibal Lecter novel or something. He puts in the vampire teeth and strips off all his clothes. It's play on the song and then does a little lip synch performance to it right before he kills them. I WanNa see this could animate this. I guess if you're bored and you may cartoon other any other. I don't think we've ever done someone that repeats themselves so many times in their songs non-indian he loves those June. This is not. I'm not joking when I say this I know my fucking one year old talks like that serious. This is what babies do not is what he does and I'm going to think he's seeking billy Joel. Also well I think there are a lot of very successful pop artists. Even musicians working in others are on rose. The sold a lot like Nirvana. I think to made a lot of babies. Sal Lot of baby sounds syllables. Mugabe type Shit. Fuck this lady. Gaga is literally her name one of the biggest pop stars on the planet. I mean there's a lot to it. You know early impressions stick with you until you die. So yeah I think there's a reason why a lot of pop music is literally infantile in that way literally infantile so big shot is pretty much the song that a person writes after coming home from party. All they can think about is how everyone at the Party. Like some other person at the party so much more than they liked you That's essentially what this song is about. Everyone laughed at that other person's jokes and not yours etc. The lines all your friends were so knocked out and the line. You kept them so entertained implies that the person in this song is making everyone else at the Party. Have a really good time and the person writing. The song has a problem that it was this other person He's supposed to written a song about Bianca Jagger. I think apparently she like got drunk and embarrassed herself at dinner with billy. Joel and Mick Jagger like that but all it sounds like to me. I look at the lyrics. The lyrics are what happened. It sounds like people probably had a good time with Bianca Jagger while Billy Joel was. They're not getting any laughs at himself in the mirror masturbating going. You think you're a big shot. You had dooby be no no no no no crying. When he wrote this he cried. I just feel like if you really identify what Billy Joel's music. You're probably the kind of person who walks around thinking. You never get the credit you deserve for whatever you think you deserve credit for well if big shot is one of your favorite songs. I don't know how you feel any other way if you read more than three Billy Joel. Interviews. You're going to immediately see how much bothers this guy. That critics are not always calling him a genius. It's just depressing. There's this song. He's got called pressure and the music video is one of the most pretentious things I've ever seen. I think it would be great if someone could make a Gif of the part of the end of the music video where he's sitting in a chair sort of like a clockwork orange situation staring like Zombie in the sky or like this really bright light or something sort of like something that you might expect to see in a Gary Numan Video Artsy Weird Shah. He's singing the lyrics. Now here you are with your faith in your Peter Pan Advice. You have no scars on your face and you cannot handle pressure. Why is this a billy Joel Year? This guy's going say this is the guy who earlier was talking about. How pop and rock lyrics should not be art? They're not supposed to be taken seriously or anything. What is this shit? I sounds like he ate like a quarter tab asset and watched like some trippy movie and now all of a sudden he's like deep and it definitely sounds like he wants you to think he's smart yes at least it. Sounds like he wants you to think he's Mario. I have watched art movies. I am weird now. Watch you make this video or someone who thinks that about pop music. That is not supposed to be smart. It also feels to me like he's always trying to write songs from a more serious perspective that he couldn't possibly understand like the Song Allentown which is supposed to be this whole workers a millworker factory worker song or the Saigon Song Soldiers. There's no fucking way. This guy knows what it's like to be a soldier. We definitely in. Doesn't he watched an Oliver Stone movie happing into his Bruce Springsteen Satcom on me with a PI nobody like? I can't imagine who billy Joel thinks. He's representing in the song my life. It seems to be a song about someone chasing their artistic dream because it starts talking about a friend who presumably is making a living in L. A. As a standup comic than the rest of the song is about how you could pretty much fuck off and I'd rather be homeless than give up on my dreams. It's my la now nail. That is the song that is gonNa live for ever a good singer on Kiro. Anybody says the Billy Joel Song. My life is from the album fifty second street which is how many. How many fucking records are we into? This is the one where Billy Joel is. Supposed to have. Brought a bunch of jazz to his sound Zanzibar. Asong everyone sites as an example of this. But Dude I've heard steely Dan before. And I know what this bullshit is. Stop Calling Jazz please. I don't need you to worry for me because I'm all right. I don't want you to tell me it's time to come home. I don't care what you say anymore. This is my life. Go ahead with your own life. Leave me alone. And then the rest of the lyrics look at it. It's essentially talking about how you should listen to anyone and you should just be homeless eventually. You'll have somewhere to sleep. I don't know I think people that say I don't care what you have to say anymore. This is my life. I think something that they're telling themselves usually write a song. When I don't care about something I usually write a song about it mark. Yes that's what I'd be when I read like are you are you. Are you telling that for us what I do when I don't care about something is usually I'll spend? I don't know three weeks sometimes at home. Really working on the lyrics of a song about that and then what I'll do is it's kind of expensive. I don't know if you've ever tried to do it. But I'll rent studio space and then hire a bunch of professional musicians to come in. Oh show you how much they don't care then we'll all span again because I don't care I'll do this. I don't care so then what we'll do is we'll all go in there and we'll spend a few hours making a song and then I'd talk my record company into releasing it 'cause they don't. Care Billy Joel is absolutely trying to sing like Harry. Nilsson on the song my life. This is a year after Nilsson. Dropped his label when they bought that album roll out. I talked about early earlier. This looks like a chance to be the only guy singing that way on the radio this year. Well Shit I'm going to go ahead and take it. Oh Do. This song went to number one in Zimbabwe. Though that really tells you something just yes they did. Yes I mean I get it. It's a cool dangerous vibe to put an a song homeless or whatever but you just hire a publicist to lie about it and say you lived in your car or something before you realized how much money you can make impersonating Harry Nilsson. My life has been compared to the Beatles ally which is fair but Nilsen was basically if the Beatles were only one guy wrote songs you actually wanted to listen to. Which is why the Beatles were listening to Harry Nilsson in the sixties and Billy Joel has absolutely trying to sing like Harry. Nilsson on this song. Billy Joel also one of these artists that has teen big songs but also has many fucking records. It's too much God damn if you put out a hundred fifty songs it's just to typically there's going to be ten songs people like especially if you are apparently under no pressure to have a consistent sound. Apparently it's okay if you just decide sure. I'm going to rip off Elton John. This Song Harry Nilsson on this song. The Rolling Stones on this song. I think you may be right is a pretty good example of the kind of nonsense. Billy Joel. Thought he could put out and be called a genius he put it out and it was a hit. Of course he can keep getting hits by just switching who? He's trying to sound like when you're borrowing what's popular from other people that are much bigger more influential artists. You're going to have songs. It's not that hard if you will a karaoke machine into a bar you're going to get people to sign up and seeing the worst versions of famous songs that you've ever heard yes. So why is it a stretch to propose that someone would make a career out of just slightly altering these songs and making more of them? People will go for the Karaoke machine. So they'll definitely go for the thing that looks like the same thing is what's on the Karaoke machine. Everyone listening to this who follows on facebook or listen on Youtube anywhere where you can leave a comment. Do me a favor. Look up the Billy Joel Song. You may be right and leave a comment if you spent your whole life until now thinking. That was a bad rolling stone song. I want you to leave a comment. If you legit straight up thought that was a rolling stones song recorded. On a day that Mick Jagger had a cold I think a lot of people just think this is a rolling stones song. He said it home dissecting your favorite songs reworking them into his own songs and putting out so many of them started sticking the same album as you may be right. Glass also has a song called. It's still rock and roll to me. How much music by the band of cars do you think Billy Joel listened to between this album and the last one he put out because this song is about how new wave music the cars were performing it still sounds like rock and roll to him and just to prove it. He made the song. Sound the cars but it's so good you don't get ballet. You don't get him if it's not possible to write original music. Then why does everyone say the Billy Joel Song Uptown Girl? Sounds like Frankie Valli and the four seasons Why does everyone say uptown girl? Sounds like Frankie Valli. Why is that the first last and only artist everyone compares that song to and how come no one ever takes an extra step of saying Frankie Valli? Sounds like something that came before him uptown girl? Sounds like Frankie Valli. No one ever goes. Frankie Valli sounds like fill in the blank you want to know why because there was though fill in the blank because you can do original stuff right because the four seasons were original. That's why when Billy Joel decided in the eighties to make a whole album of songs that blatantly imitate other artists. He was able to say. Let's do one. That sounds like Frankie. Valli was like billy. Don't you mean the guy? They Frankie Valli was off the whole time right but all of Billy Joel. Songs are blamed imitations of other artists. It's not just that album and its artists are super famous like the Beatles. This guy has songs that sound like way too close to Beatles songs. You can't do that or you can have your billy Joel. Let me show you on piano. The Beatles would've played it. Ding Dong Ding Dong Ding. Just as bad if not worse. Than Oasis. Sure artists like Billy Joel. The pave the way for away in so many man's that we've covered on this podcast. Actually I'm sure we've talked before about how pointless it is for someone to cover a song. Exactly like the original Uptown girls a cover of four seasons song that never even existed. I there it is again. Every aspect of this song is an attempt to sound like the four seasons to such a degree that again I know there are thousands if not millions of people who think this is the four seasons were song. Billy Joel came out with this about five years after the movie deer hunter. And if you haven't seen the movie deer hunter about Jillian people did and it turned a whole new generation onto Frankie Valli and the four seasons and the power of movies and TV shows because Billy Joel Heads. Fuck using his music. God bless also. It is not impressive. They Billy Joel can sing. Like Frankie Valli because newsflash he cannot but he can try listen to the way he sings and when she goes after the song comes out of the course. And the INTRO. That's where Frankie Valli would have gone into this crazy high falsetto that billy Joel could never ever do. Which is why he doesn't do it. It's dumb when Billy Joel performed the song live. He grabs his nuts. Like that's what's making his voice go higher and I think it's like a bit of an act to try to make. It seem like his voices going higher than it actually is. People believe there is more than their ears. He's jamming nuts up inside and that's what I think he's doing. This song is from the album that billy made. The whole album is blatantly in deliberately copying different bands from the fifties and sixties. It's not possible to argue that this guy is not derivative he always always was and he finally just decided to stop pretending he finally just got sick. Yes that's what he is. He's the guy that takes all the fun and exciting things about everyone. He ribs off and goes. I'm GONNA take the edge off all this stuff. You can go to a billy. Joel concert without having to question your sexuality that's not going to happen in an Giang Show Elton. Maybe you get glitter on you. Now when you come to my show no glitter am I show. Hey Mark you know those on rented billboards you see the point out how good of an idea it would be for company to. Rant that advertising base. Yeah the ones with the graffiti all over them. You know those empty billboards that you see around him yet. You wonder how did that guy get up there and spray paint sign and not fall off? So did you know that we did a million downloads and twenty nine thousand nine. I did know that it's pretty awesome. Because we only put out like nineteen episodes last year. I guess our shows just so great. They're always a ton of people going back and listen to our old content the million imes our voices have been injected into our fans ears in other thing is we have dynamic ads stitching. I have no idea how it works. But somehow we can plug this new message. We're recording right now into all of our old content and that's what people will hear through the magic of technology. 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Yeah I could say even if your favorite band doesn't suck you wouldn't know it by listening on your bullshit phone speakers so by the that'd be a good one. I can say something like that right self. It could go just like that. How pissed off do you think? Bruce springsteen was the day he showed up to the studio to lay down vocals on whatever. The song was going to be and found out. Billy Joel had already so when the tape and recorded we didn't start the fire weed in the FI. This song is like someone told Billy Joel about talking heads at a Party. One time and he didn't think he had to listen to it to go make his own version of it. Just fucking do my own. And he's real cocky about it. Oh you mean like this. Let me show you the lyrics myself. I don't even man do we could do. Oh my God I mean we could do almost an episode about He. He talks about you too and here. It would take a year to deconstruct the lyrics of the song I mean. Obviously he wasn't trying for anything other than loose rhymes and fitting certain names in but the impressive thing is that this was before the Internet so he had to have gone to a library to write this. So okay let's let's dissect this a second. Oh God is he. Is he saying that? All these things he listed are bad like we didn't start the fire because he lists of bought like eight. I don't think it's assigning value to any of this stuff. I think it's just all supposed to be reference points of big things that happened. Yeah the story is that he was in the studio and some of the younger guys were talking about how crazy the world was right then. I don't remember what specifically happened. It's probably in the lyrics of the song and whatever the most recent big news in the song lyrics are is probably what they were talking about. Billy Joel said something. And they were like yeah but like things. Weren't this crazy when you were a kid right. You know because every generation thinks they're the only one that matters I'm not GonNa lie the fact that he fucking rhyme schemed birth control. Hokey men Richard Nixon back again. Moon Shot Woodstock Watergate punk rock. That's some next level shit. You think he's fucking crazy. You think this is the best billy Joel Song. This possibly could be the best thing he ever wrote because he mentions you too and AIDS and crack and heavy metal wheel of fortune and suicide all on the same song. Pretty fucking brilliant man. What is an average day of hanging out with this guy? Like fucking pure torture for sure. Drinking Rosa we watching wheel of Fortune crack. Guess listening to heavy Metal Budapest Alabama. What do an Alabama well also if the theme is same major moments or major people so it makes sense will does he mention Richard Nixon twice? He does yeah because Richard Richard Nixon. Back again okay. But then why is he talking about Little Rock? Arkansas billy almost a dozen crazy shit in little rock man. You don't know yeah that's true. It's where he lost his virginity blow for the first time. I don't put up a plaque. Wherever this guy partied in little rock he might have done some real wild shit. Yeah I guess. There's just a few things that here. The don't make sense compared to the depth of the other things like some things seemed important to him at the time and no one even knows what they are. Yeah yeah that's the problem with trying to get to recent in your social commentary. Why that's why we don't do a lot of episodes on who are currently famous is five years from now. We're not trying to have contributed to shape band being more relevant than they ever would have been if we had just left it alone for five more years. They'll still be there if they're worth making fun of in five years all right. Let's let's let career Peter out slack offending wine. You GotTa let ineptitude breathe a little bit the see where the true talent for it lies. Oh do somebody went through every single thing he mentioned in the song in fucking put it in the wikipedia. Now what asshole did that? Okay well now. I know my answers. Do you know why he mentions Disneyland. Along with AIDS. There's someone at Disneyland. Nope Disneyland opened In the fifties I feel like my thing would have been better. You wasn't the band the Baugh plane mother so now. This song sucks shed this song stupid. It's madness to me that there are people who think this is a song with something to say or Song. That even has any point whatsoever imaginative. Someone threw down in early springsteen rip off track and saying a list of everything. Donald Trump has done since announcing that he would run for President. He had just replace all the words. You could do that and no one would give a shit. It's something that Saturday night live. Would do as a joke but it would be so stupid that it wasn't funny we didn't start. The fire is essentially pretending that that it would be genius. This is what it is. It's the aristocrats of songs. Yes how long will people listen to this? And you could also continue it on forever. You could just inject New Orleans into this and make a new song. Yeah forever man. What a song. I don't know I'm not sure if this is a song. There is no melody in this song and again this is a situation where you cannot disagree with without disagreeing with the guy who made it. Billy Joel hates the melody of this song because there isn't one quick side note by favorite things about this entire podcast. Is People get pissed at us if you could just be like well mean? The artists said it. Find out two more things about the artists that you say you love so much and you have to agree with us right straight up. Call the melody of this song. Terrible and compared it to a dentist drill. I'm a hack but people keep letting me get away with it. So what am I going to do try? I don't be silly. This is actually right up the billy Joel Song writing singing not singing vibe. Because he can. Enunciate these words. So per exactly every word in the song we lafortune. Sally ride heavy metal suicide. You know there are people who pride themselves on knowing all the words to a complicated song. This is one of the biggest cam. Magin walking around with all of the lyrics to this song in my memory and billy Joel has to do that. So maybe this explains a lot about who he is a person. There's just not much room there for developing anything else like higher thought. Yeah we should probably just be happy. This guy still has dumps. He could have devolved. This is actually soaked up so much of his brain. Power is what you're saying. Yes that is exactly what I'm saying. That's a good out form to us. If he ever. You know I would start using that out if I was him. If the song does have a point it is the most okay. Boomer song ever recorded if the point of this song is we didn't start the fire fault. These are all just things that happened in. I had nothing to do with any of them. I'm just name checking all these things. I read about in news headlines. This is happening to me. I am not participating. This is the boomer theme song. Yes if you're confused about the okay. Boomer meam greed the lyrics of this song. This is why that's a joke. Yeah that's what the whole thing is. We didn't start. The fire is not your fault right. I do sometimes wonder if this whole song is billy. Joel's way of calling the world. Hell that's the fire. The Hell on earth we're all experiencing right now him and otherwise. What's the fire? What fire is this guy? Walking into the police station once a week ranting about how he didn't steal anything either. I didn't sort of fire as the anything if you didn't do this. Billy you don't need to put as much effort into the denying it. What Fire Billy has anyone checked? The fires in state parks against his touring schedule. Just one time. It's all I'm saying. Maybe people should take this song very literally. This is one of those things where somebody is denying something. We didn't even think that you did do that. That's the curse of this song is. It's so devoid of meaning that it's like a black hole and you can't help but try to throw your own meaning at it. It just sucks logic out of your brain toward it and you try to explain it and there's no rational explanation. Many of these names events are important so when someone references them it activates the important part of my brain and I started looking for the important connections. Why is this important? How does this connect to that know? It's like if you this song is like looking at someone's murder wall. They're trying to solve a murder. They have a murder board. Pans string connecting suspects in events and locations but there is no logic here when he says JFK blown away. What else do I have to say? That sort of sums it all up to like you can reference the Kennedy assassination and. I sure I'm going to start thinking about important things but when you follow it up with to say will you kind of just set it all? I think this extremely altering crazy moment in history and say what else to say. Punctuate it with that. I think that speaks volumes it right. That's it it's sad day when Glenn. Dan's Zig has more interesting things to say about the Kennedy assassination than your favorite band or singer does literally the song it has more interesting commentary on the Kennedy assassination. Then we didn't start the fire if this is someone's favourite song then you also know that end of the world by REM is that person's second favorite song and that's kind of all you need to know about that person's taste in music. This is the same song as into the world. Do you think it's possible that there's people out there right now. That know all the words to both. Yeah Zip has got guy. I know a lot of people. Think that the Billy Joel Song came out. First and REM is a rip off of the fire but that is not the case rem song came out first so yet again another example. Billy Joel. Oh that's what people wanna hear. I could do that Dane. Dude Imagine Billy Joel ripped off or am I think people have sort of a fudge time line of when stuff went down if any Billy Joel. Song reminds you of another song. It's super likely other song came out. First Y'all yeah. I don't think people are finding out about Billy Joel. That much now. I don't think this guy is going to be passed down generation. No no no. You're wrong you say that. And they're gonNA put one of these stupid fucking songs in a movie and movie is going to be extremely popular with young people. That's exactly what people said about Queen. And then fucking Wayne's world came out and then think about all the other movies that rehashed old songs and we're going to be right back here again in five years talking about no really seriously mark. You may be right. I may be crazy. You should never underestimate the stupidity of people if that happens. The only way it makes sense is that half a century. After the fact art that was created as nostalgia at the time gets blended in with the original thing Like I think that there are people who haven't gone back and built a timeline of the history of music or anything like that. They hear uptown girl. Oh that must have happened at the same time as Frankie Valli. And they don't do the homework and find out. This is just repurposing. Something else as all billy Joel ever did but now looking back at everything. That's all just the past example. Elton John's tiny dancer came out in the year. Nineteen seventy-one with the Verse Piano Man. He makes his stand in the auditorium looking on. She sings the song the words she knows the tune she homes four years later. Billy Joel puts out a song called piano man with a Shitload of humming in it. I don't think this is an accident. He was inspired. And I don't think I'm having to read between the lines to say that either. I think this is looking directly at and I think we could definitely do an episode of John in blame. Oh Yeah Billy Joel's entire existence on Elton John. It is if Elton John was your favorite artist. It would be a huge burden to know how responsible he was for. Billy Joel and intern. Billy Joel is your favorite band. Your favorite bands sucks. You are welcome for this. Two part exploration of the creative Black Hole. That is billy Joel's entire career based on request. I know for a fact that a ton of you were waiting on these episodes share far and wide grabby links at why F. B. S. pod dot com. Get yourself some merge or buy some for someone else if you just want to say thanks can throw a few bucks in the tip jar. We have set up on the merchandiser. And if you're a true writer die then you can support the podcast on patriotic at Patriots Dot Com Slash. Y. F. B. S. pod marks at this up so I'm not super familiar with the INS and outs of different levels. I know that five dollars a month gets you thirty percent off all merchandise orders. Which seems like a good deal to me all right. I did go ahead and look up the origin of the saying only the good die young. It comes from some ancient Greek guy who wrote quote whom the Gods Love Dies young and quote the meaning. There would be that the gods want to hang out with the best humans available and they don't WanNa wait so they take 'em while they're young and it's a party up there on Olympus or wherever the fuck out know so yeah. It's a saying born of the human mind attempting to rationalize and process intense. Tragic grief. Which Billy Joel is now using to try to get laid in a bar? I mean there's at least another fifteen minutes mark and I could have done here on things. People say out of grief at a funeral which billy Joel may then go on to try to use in a bar to get laid such a shame. He was taken from US much too soon. He had so much life to live. I mean just think. Beverly if he were here tomorrow morning he'd find out about how hard I'm GonNa Wreck that Pussy tonight etc as for why. Little Rock Arkansas. And the state of Alabama are mentioned in. We didn't start the fire. These two places were obviously very significant to the civil rights movement. So everyone who thought. I really didn't know who Rosa Parks was in the outcast episode. You can go ahead and give it a rest on this one Besides you're GonNa have your energy for the metal ellipse because when the podcast returns we will be telling you all about how much your favorite car sucks with our deepest and sincerest apologies to everyone who drives a Pan Tara.

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