82: The Lisas Favorite Food Finds of 2019 Episode


Oh Ooh I'm so hungry. Hey there it's me Lisa. Lillian also known as hungry. Hey girl and I am here at Hungary land with Mikey and Jamie. Hey guys is low. How are you good? How are you good? It's our last podcast of the year. Eh well maybe you won't be invited back in two thousand twenty acres that means we completed another year of the pod cow way to spin it by the way if we could do the podcast without Mike produces this whole thing meet us just the audio portion produce it cuts out when we say anything offensive. That's the most important. Oh no he's not the guy that comes up with the content get. Don't get that confused anyway but Mike. You're a fantastic editor. Thank you when I coffin. Sneeze and say dumb things are believe I've only left one coffin and one dumb thing and no one no one call. But you don't say any dumpings thank you. I'm excited about this episode. Because it's the least favorite food finds of Twenty nineteen episode. Definitely definitely for that. That means it's my favorite things because I'm Lisa and I'm going to talk about what I eat. Isn't that exciting. It's exciting. We know we write about so many things but people don't know what you actually embrace and what I chew. Yes I mean you love everything that we write about. But there's not not everything actually makes its way into your regular rotation right and ironically today like the two things that I ate today are in this podcast and I think we're tasting them so if I don't seem so excited about it's because 'cause I ate them already which is funny and weird errands like what are you doing. Are you practicing for the podcast. I'm like no I'm having breakfast anyway. I'm very excited. There's like really league. Good stuff and this as Jimmy was saying. It's the stuff that I eat almost on a daily basis or that it's just always in my life so if everyone out there is wondering what it is that I eat and why I like like it and how to use it. Today's Day so get a pen and get ready for us go. The food cast page after they listen after they listen or they could just text you. That's true eight. Oh five three eight Oh eight oh seven five and I will be on a cruise ships that don't tax for about a week. He's getting the data plan. So feel free to turning off the voicemail feature or the text feature so don't call but you should subscribe to the podcast or we're just having this conversation. How do they do that if they don't know how So if you have an iphone you make sure you have downloaded the podcast APP which I think it automatically comes with the phone. It's like this purple looking APP and you click it on you search hungry girl do the right thing or hundred. I think we'll be the only one that comes up and They'll be a thing that says subscribe tap subscribe and then you're subscribed and then you can also hit. You know each each episode. Play it if you wait. Wait fun behind the scene news. Lisa doesn't even know this yet. What's Mike and I are brainstorming? Ways to make the podcast past experience from our website. Even better it's going to be easier to find. The food. CAST page is going to be easier to listen to the episode. It's going to be easier to search through. We're GonNa Pitch you Lisa what we think. Is these lots. Oh Wow we're going on the cruise to do this or we're going to start expecting. Are you Anyway what do we got today kind of news we do we do. If you've been a trader Joe's lately you know there in fall holiday mode right now and that includes is very cool D.. See Why oh holiday holiday. Cookie Ornament Kit So D. Y. O. stands for decorate your own And the kit includes obviously the the cookies yeah and then eight Christmas themed shapes. Actually it's a cookie batter so you make the cookies and then it's got these eight Christmas themed shapes icing candidates and sprinkles and and then you pop them in the oven after you decorated them cook. And then you've got them you hang him on a tree. I believe so. Yeah that's right up there with the seven up like ants on your retrea then you you eat them. I guess on Christmas Day because why wouldn't you eat the cookies. That are weird to me. I'm sorry I know that this to you or whatever. This is trader later. Joe's news but I heard about something that I think is even more interesting at trader Joe's. I don't know if you guys heard about this all the rage you cannot get them. They're not being kept in stock because people we're waiting in line and paying five times the amount of money they should for them on Ebay but they sell these like big fat snowmen for your hot cocoa. It's like this giant marshmallow marshmallow candies snowman that melts into your cup of hot cocoa. He looks like he's drowning in the hot cocoa and I I was excited about it and I was going to try to get when I was even GonNa pay a a lot on Ebay. It has four hundred twenty calories. Do they call it hot cocoa hot SONOKO. They call it big fat hot cocoa Snowman Cup of Cocoa Ruina. It's it's all for one cup of Cocoa I think four hundred twenty visit. Just a a clump of sugar in the shape of a stony think. It's a big fat marshmallow with chocolate drops in the middle of it I don. I made sure that I'm white chocolate. Oh It's white chocolate covered or something something but then it has Mar.. It's marshmallow white chocolate chocolate drops. That's probably where all the calories and fat coming up because marshmallows. How could they be next year? It should just be a big fat marshmallow marshmallow. So they're gone actor Joe's and how many more apparently you can't get them like they come in and people wait in line for them and people are fighting over them. I think this is a myth. I think thing that really like twice a week. I've never seen them sold sold out. It's very real. I'm looking at it. Yeah anyone who has one on post it on our on our page. Where's the best place to post it on in the community room it really Yeah and the what's chewing community. If you post it. We might give you a prize. If if you could get your hands on one of these big fat white cocoa chocolate marshmallow chocolate fill drops snow men from trader. Joe's post a picture. You might win measuring spoons. ooh But you won't get them until after the New York as we won't be here at that Mike's not going to be shipping this wounds from the cruise. I mean I guess I could now. No It'd be an international shipping. Those bad bad bad okay. We're going to jump in and start talking about my first favorite food find of twenty nineteen. Are you ready for it. Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Almond milk blended with real bananas. I just call it. Banana Almond Breeze So good delicious. I just can't even explain it so like the thing about it is that I think it's hands down the best almond milk I always did. I tend to drink the unsweetened vanilla. I was excited to see the banana. Come out because I like banana. But I'm very picky with my banana flavor. If something thing tastes fakey or like banana runs or banana candy. I'm like no way. This is only made with Real Bananas and Almond Milk and it tastes so incredibly delicious and fresh and real and it's sweet and it only has eighty calories a cup and you can do so many things with what do you do with it. Oh I take it bowling like the best thing that I do with it is I make a cereal milk La Tae that is to die for so I had a I just love to concoct coffee drinks and so I I like to spike my coffee with the banana milk in general hot cold whatever but the ice law Tei is something that I may. Can I use like malted milk powder and a little bit of Stevia and the Banana Almond breeze and Vanilla instant coffee which is like a bit of a rare product that we will link you miss cafe it feels very international. I wonder if you could cause holidays. And it's cocktail hour and stuff like that and make like a white Russian like a banana Russian with an absolute no matter you can do anything with it it can do any. I would vote for it for President President me too. Yes I also add cocoa to that. I don't know we know we're not going to stop talking. That is not but it's good that you can even put in your oatmeal or in your cereal milk. Just be creating your cereal milk. Mix It with your milk in your cereal but you can just be creative of and have so much fun with it. It's mild but it has just the perfect amount of banana flavor and the perfect amount of sweetness and it's also low in fat two grams. Yeah no now added sugar. The only sugar is from. I guess whatever comes from the almond milk in the banana the but good knocking. Also just the banana. Yes four smart points. But you don't need the full cup now very very thick so even if I use it to make a smoothie and sometimes I do use it with my macho powder and I make banana matches. You only need a few ounces. I WANNA try that and I'll make you okay. Please right after this episode. Is it over yet. Sadly no world on the second product but the second product is a new. Oh Bar so the thing is doing what we do. We probably get thirty or forty boxes of food per month shipped here. You know that little ball. And Oh yes you're right it's like every day the ups man. It's the Fedex man. It's this man that atman random deliveries people who find that our address banging on the door they drop off off boxes of food for us to try and I would say every week. There's at least five new bars and that's a lot of bars and I I don't understand it I'm always like how can anyone. How can anyone sort of come out with a new bar? That's better than anything that exists but believe it or not today. I'm talking about two bars. The first one being an atlas protein bar. We have them here. I just hear you say that's how much I love this protein bar so think of it as like I would say first of all this is like a kito friendly bar. I am not a Kito person but this is in theory Akito Bar so all the people are going nuts over it The bars have about a two hundred to two hundred twenty calories ten to twelve grams of fat. So they're not low in fat but they are very low in sugar two to three grams of sugar. Fifteen impressive grams of protein gene. Six smart points so. Let's take a peek at these bars. They Jamie's in charge of grabbing them but they come in chocolate cow peanut butter utter chocolate Chip Vanilla Almond Chai almond chocolate chip peanut butter and raspberry mint chocolate chip. That's a lot my favorite flavors the peanut butter chocolate chip. which is this one here on Chai? Oh really that's my least favorite of all the bars but it is still good if you like Chai Chai Fan. I just like Vanilla Ella and Hilas my not my favorite flavor in the world. But I don't buy chocolate flavored protein bar. I feel like I'm eating chocolate bar like I feel like I'm cheating now. Now we get the bottom of it Jamie licenses in China because she feels like in some way virtuous all I know is you got peanut butter and chocolate right there and I'm GonNa have the peanut butter so the texture of them. They're very dense. So imagine them they're like don't WANNA say they're like a quest bar because they're not quite as chewing but they are just so yummy and they have this row. WHOA this one has a giant Chocolate chip hunk have lots hunks of chocolate chips chocolate. Chip you has. It's so good it's it's like in a League of its own like I feel like it's hard to even compare it. It isn't what I like about. It mostly is that there's no I know only two grams of sugar. So what does it even sweetened with. Because you'd think I would. I know this but it has no aftertaste. And that's impressive. Because a lot of times these bars are overly sweet and they have a terrible aftertaste. It smells peanut butter gophers sugar. It's got monk fruit. Oh what's mum firm. They use it masterfully. Some people don't know how to sweeten things the right way without on making it tastes and the chocolate too. It's like no it's just perfect and it's filling and sometimes I get three servings outta this bar it's just so somebody buddy that usually if you had said that to be. No one gets three servings out of a snack bar it's really it's just so satisfying and it doesn't at won't melt doesn't bend. I have them in my purse all the time. It's great to travel with and this flavor. There's a peanut butter raspberry that tastes like peanut butter and Jelly. y'All got you can open that if you want you'll have to Save Aleida all right those bars to me. Get an eight plus I. It's so rare that a bar makes its way into my life and and this even more than the other bar that I'm gonNA mention later. These are all of my purse. These are in my travel bag. Just got back from a trip. I eight one on my trip. These were literally in your bags that we have not the ones you just eight but I have replicas similar ones in my travel back then I can show you And it's it's made with way protein and it is sweetened with mum fruit and it's available online mostly at Amazon and Atlas Bars Dot Com. Yeah anyway thumbed up terms uh-huh up good all right. We're moving on to something that I ate already today for lunch and by the way I was just I was laughing. I don't know if I said this yet but I the two things that they've eaten today are in this. podcast saying it again repeating just to stress. This one is from trader. Joe's my favorite place I love that place. They have so many interesting products that I just think like magical humans create these things and one of the ones that really worked. Its way into rotation trader arming chicken and vegetable wonton soup. So this is one time soup. the one tons are like have a little bit of Cilantro in them. I would whoa nicely flavored took and Washington's chicken broth and it comes in the freezer section in a bowl it's pre- bold pretty leybold you just take the frozen cook thoroughly cook it thoroughly. Don't don't eat the ICICLES minutes like three and a half minutes because they eat this almost every day and I eat it with another one of my favorite products so this is the fourth item on the list that I combined with the third molest. It is the trader Joe's savory broth breath chicken flavor about this product packets. You hear me shaking the packets. Says you're great travel product. It's a packet of chicken broth. I Love Chicken Broth because it makes me feel like I'm eating a meal. These only twenty calories and what I do is I squeeze. I cook this wonton soup about three quarters of the way. Then I squeeze a packet of this end and add some extra water so it gives you like a giant bowl of soup for lunch so none for literacy miss this lunch so this is both of them that were about to try. Yes so this is this little concoction. I had Aaron mom thrown together but this is the regular bowl of soup with the additional national chicken broth an extra water so you get huge extra liquid and so it ends up being like. He's only extra calories two hundred forty couch for a giant. I also good bowl and I love dumplings so like are they look like dim-sum than per traditional one tons but I had dim-sum with you. Where were we dimsum? We're always good. Remember wow that's really good week. It's amazing isn't it the best seriously. And there's like beautiful the fresh veggies in the soup so favorite part. It's I know there's carrots and there's like snow peas and the one towns are like hefty. Wonton is this like ground chicken It's like thumbs up best winter lunch ever and you feel like you've eaten so much food for for two hundred and forty calories. I literally. I was a trader Joe's last week and I saw like a couple of girls shopping and they were right next to the one time they were looking at it and I just walked over and I said you need to buy this and then I proceeded to like take them shopping for like fifteen minutes and tells them what to buy. They seem to appreciate it But this is life changing in writing. I would totally have that. I love it. You could take the rest of that hack one time radio with the instant packet water neom truly and that packet so like just has to describe this. It's like chicken Goo. It's not powdered chicken soup so it's like a chicken chicken broth liquid. Concentrate so you have to add water but you. You could add this to a lot of things to give you more flavor especially other bowls of soup just to like get bulk things up. Sometimes you know it. I will sometimes have a What's that you know? Those teabag type soups the art of Broth. That's like a chicken soup now. I love those too but I have this to that. Oh that's smart. Just a bulk it up. If you want a soup bulker upper. This is I keep these everywhere all right next up we ready for the next item item number firing and on Barracuda's sounds like a Jewish prayer. Got We're all Jewish or the one of the characters from Willy. You want with the beans salt. Well these are unsalted. I don't know all right so I have these barracas that I have here are. Here's the thing I thought I knew a lot about food. I thought I knew every nut under the sun. It's like how could there be a new nut. There's a walnut pecan. There's a Estacio. There's an almond as a cashier. There's a a Penola Yoli or an Indian. Not If you're being do not saying no my nuts one day all of a sudden I hear new not. It's a Baraka I'm like what is this. What are we gonNA racket this new nut but there isn't it's from Brazil but it's not a Brazil nut no it's a Baru Nut? It's a Baru nut from Brazil so Brazilian Baru Ruina but these actually. It's called Baru because that's like the brand name right Ruka. I didn't get one city. Well known I liked appeal them. But you don't need to peel them so to me. CBS Not so that this is like the stuff they tout is like. Oh it's better for you. It has less fat. It's lower in calories and it has more protein. I Dunno if any of that's that's true it must be them but it tastes like an like an ominous peanut. Had A baby boy totally. It's like a sturdier peanut It is there hugh. It's like a less oily. Peanut wonder what Brooklyn Mutter would bring up. Whatever tastes like not as good as peanut butter home exalt? I know because it's not as rich. It's better as a snacking not look howling but I feel like it would be really popular. It'd be like a lean butter it might be but look how it's like. Look at it was attractive till you describe her like a fingernail. I was GonNa say that's me and I liked to appeal the little outside off. I don't know if that's a thing or not but does it have more fiber. I don't even know now when you peel off the outside but a quarter cup has one hundred forty calories. Ten grams of fat five grams of fiber six grams of protein and four smart points. A lot of fiber fewer calories than most fiber and protein of all the nuts the time three times the antioxidants as most not slow. That's a Lan Very impressive and you can get them at natural retailers. I don't know what the heck that means James or online at Amazon or BARRACAS DOT COM. There's a nice man. Net brought them here from Brazil and he's devoted his life to Bruyas. Wow I I think I just made that up. That's what I heard like seriously but they're not. Have you been drinking the banana knock this morning. They're not as popular as they should. It'd be we will do our part. Please order BARRACAS We were not paid by the Baroque aboard to say that all right next up enlightened dairy free bars. Oh do we have any look early on so many podcasts. So many is every time we turn around. There's a new one. I know it's true. I love you know. I love enlightened. I've always enlightened when they first burst onto the ice cream scene it was bars. They're really good at the bars in the novelties. But when they came out with the dairy free bars I was like. Why do these taste in my opinion even better than the regular ones they? There's no protein flavor. There's no not that. I love all enlightened ice cream. And don't get me wrong but there's something about the dairy free that are just better. The salted caramel peanut butter and Jelly. Monkey business monkey business. I love that Boca chocolate chip and then chip and they are available in. Freezer is nationwide and I eat them winter. Spring Summer Fall. I'm I'm having flashbacks till the last time we tried them. They're so like creamy. And the swirl best in Clay Arts creamy yeah yeah totally I'm an an unbelievably. You will never ever no. They're dairy free. Never ever not that it matters. I like dairy. But if you don't like dairy then our view like dairy but you can't have dairy true and they only have ninety to one hundred calories two to four point five grams of fat three or four smart points worth every penny. Are we ready for another bar bar on all right again. I can't believe a second bar has made it into this list to be honest but again this is a go macro. Is this another Kito thing. I can't even did. I spill the soup wetness on the table cloth through that or up on on the table getting upset that the that's why we have. Mike Are Star editor unless he feels like making look today. I'm going to edit that out. It happens what's going to happen. No it's not okay. Everybody pees Mike through all right so this is a go macro Makro. Oh Bar now. When it showed up I was like look so earthy crunchy look at the design? It looks like some Weirdo. I don't know like it looks like it would smell like Spencer gift I disagree. I think it's a lovely artistic design. It looks like the cover of album. It looks like they had a contest and the winner won a year supply of Goma. Crowbars smells like incense it. It felt a little too like earthy crunchy to me but then I opened it. This far is called sunny uplift. Cherries and varies. So I'm like well. That sounds nice way. I have to interrupt this broadcast. Yes I love your holiday now so thank you can put a picture up absolutely. They're so pretty. I got them done yesterday when I landed. After I went to a baby naming very sparkly. They'll call you like you did your fingers and diamonds. It does doesn't it. We did that. Maybe I didn't okay so this is a smell this bar. I the reason why I was intrigued by it is because it's cherries berries. I I happen to really movie. I Love Cherry her. I love like Dr Cherry So I haven't tried this Mike. We have it all right so it's called sunny uplift and there's no better name for the first time. I tried this bar uh I giggled. I was like this bar makes you happy. You can't eat it and not smile. Just give me one the next time. I'm feeling down I will. You could just take this one home and eat a piece by piece book. It only has two hundred calories. Start eating these things. I'm going to watch two hundred calories voyeur. Four grams of fat eight smart point and it's available at whole foods sprouts. CBS ON AMAZON DOT COM. It's Vegan loaded with antioxidants. Are you laughing. Amazing doesn't make Giddy. I don't know what it is. It's bright taste it just like brightens up your whole head. I dare anybody. I think everybody should order these. Tell me I'm wrong. Because you will feel brightened and enlightened energize and just happy. It's a mood lifter literally made the corners of my mouth. Go up my face any uplift. I'll do they do it even just sniffing. It does it so I and it's a it's a bar that I normally would be like. I don't even know if I want this bar. I want to try. Try it it. I've ordered these on Amazon like three times. Well I even have a surprise so they have a bunch of different players and I decided to order the peanut butter. Wow that's so funny funny that you say that because in my head and say that's one of the few bars that I would. That does not need peanut butter. It's so good without peanut butter and now canal. Try that peanut butter one so that the deal is it's so much more dense I think it has two hundred seventy calories. This one's way hired peanut butter ones. I only eat like I'll eat like a third word or quarter at a time but but it's it's so I can't explain it. It's like I don't WanNa say sticky but it's very dense and you can have like four or five servings out of it. It's so yummy so blessed out right now ZAC cookie. I think you've got them. Hi this is the best peanut butter bar I've ever had high berries than cliff man. Wow it's amazing that it's not that sweet. That's what I like about it. That's why I like it at all. I know perfectly please sweetened. Yes Amazon but you can get them at sprout. CBS or at whole foods crusoe or have it like doc. I'm just so excited. That savory items on the table next to like bring down the sweetness quotient wait. I don't want to just gloss over it. It's called go macro the macro Bar vegan gluten free non GMO so there's no GMO's my Vegan. Niece is obsessed have to hide the bars. I give her her share here and then I hide the rest. Because I'm afraid she's going to attack them because she does that. I can't get over. How good those are? Yeah everyone disorder them right. Yeah Okay we have no stake taken the company. Although they should at this point give us like huge amount of equity in the company that was on. Yes that's where I get mine. They're not cheap. I think it's like I don't know how many you get. But it's like twenty nine dollars or something. Maybe I don't know so but we'll link you out there and you'll see it party ready for the next item. x what's that next is a savory item as Jamie was is hoping and and recommending this is a product that we have talked about many times before it is called right rice not right not left rise not wrong race right rice and it's rife made of vegetables and other things so like lentils and NP's and and regularize is part of the part of the recipe as well so it takes. The texture is very rice. It's like you feel like you're eating rice this to me. It's like rice with a purpose rice with nutrition to fill you with nutrients and make you feel good the US this flavor is original comes in. I think actually this is one of the new flavors at Salon. Throw line so this comes in original Spanish lemon pepper garlic doc. Herb Thai Curry Salon Tro wine and it just I love the texture of this race. It again. It's one of those things that makes you. It's Comfort Food Eh. Finest it's rice. You can eat without guilt. Because I am a Veggie rice-eater I don't eat regularize for the most part but I take this rice. I do so many the different things with it. One I mix it with call. He's GonNa say it'd be perfect. Yeah because it makes your cauliflower rice which is great on its own taste even more rice. Like I'm sniffing this. Smells like like like Yeah it's on this. We'll have more right rice news relating to originate in the near future sting. I can't talk about it now but a third of a cup dry has one hundred eighty calories to grams of fat ten grams of protein. We're Charlie makes like a full cup right That's a third of a cup. Three quarters of I think the serving size. I can't remember exactly if it's like three quarters of a cup or I don't think it's it's a full cup but it's a nice serving size and it fills you up. It's gluten free. It's a complete protein and I mean the taste and texture just like though rice and it has five times as much fiber as Whitewell. So it's good stuff and they're all about the complete proteins. I know that's really hard to get if you're a vegetarian. Yeah very very very very very I always hear that and I don't know what it means exactly but they say all this kind of p protein protein but this that and the other thing anyway. We don't know those things. That's not our expertise different podcast. But don't leave hours so you get the right Sil- and whole foods at the rice. I'll in in whole foods. I know it's whole foods whole foods and you can get it at some grocery stores nationwide and also Amazon Kroger. I think sells also do they. Yeah I think yeah exactly okay. I'm going to sniff it again. 'CAUSE IT in Okay my favorite thing to do by the away with this is throw and over easy EG over it and it's like the yolk all over it and it's just to die for all right next next up we have and we're not trying it and I'm bummed unlike looking serving with my anthony's cheese powder okay. I don't know who anthony is. I've we've tried Google him. Yeah we should find out. We should be able to find this out. I think I'm Lincoln friends with either Anthony or his someone that works at his company. Wow he's a freaking genius in use. He has like anything like cassava flour and all these like sort of interesting ingredients that you want us. He has they all come in like bat like little bags. You order them on Amazon but his cheese powder blows any natural cheese powder out of the wildwoods natural. It's natural yeah. It has daring in it. But it's natural so you just add water and you make your own version of like easy cheese or cheese with cheese goo. It's like the most imagine being like a twelve year old boy and wanting to have gooey cheese goo and everything right you can imagine that might even I can imagine I know I was GonNa say only me out but if you just mix a little water in it you make cheese sauces and you can add it to bump into anything to bump up the cheesy flavor so I use it all the time in cooking or just make a cheese cheese sauce and I put some steamed Broccoli or throw them a bag of Broccoli in the microwave steam it in the microwave and then just dip it in the cheese okay. I'll take your right rice and Caliph Lower Rice Combo. I'll toss it with some of that cheese sauce and then I'll top it with an over easy egg I have. I've done the cheese and the right rice and the Cali Rice thing. I don't think I ever had the with a get. We'll get to be a cooking show. Where every dish just ends say and now we're egging thrown on top? I do like an egg all right so two tablespoons of Anthony's cheddar cheese powder seventy calories four grams of fat four grams of protein. Three smart points. It's gluten free non. GMO No artificial colors. And it's a great swap for like the blue box the kraft cheese grew orangey. ENGY CHETTERI goodness. Yes and you buy it on Amazon or at Anthony's goods DOT com. I would like to see a snowy winter scene with Anthony's cheese patterns snowflakes falling from the sky. These talk about yeah totally enemies pile love cheese thing it is also great on cauliflower on Yoki So good ooh cheesy cauliflower nuking mm-hmm Yup. I don't want to not talk about this product anymore but we have to move on. I'm so excited I've been eyeing this item. This hack of yours since the beginning of the podcast cast okay. The next item is trader. Joe's everything but the Bagel seasoned smoked salmon. So I love the creativity of the trader. Joe's people they took their most popular item of the past. Two years there. Everything Bagel seasoning and they decided to add a to smoke salmon Jehovah's so genius the whole pack because I think one hundred and eighty calories ninety calories is serving. Almost I'm wrong but it smoked salmon and really good smoked salmon calories a serving big one ninety ninety for the whole on sixty hack. Oh sorry one sixty for the whole pack my math is shoddy and then you can spend eat it alone loan but like. I'm not a person who put smokes on bagels. I eat it on cucumbers but one of my favorite hacks and this is what I had for breakfast. Mine didn't look as beautiful as this. But it's it's Ed white so I take like a hardboiled egg white taking us big one I take. The Dow could put a little pile of the salmon in it. And and what's so good to good. I'm going to take those home later. It's just yummy EST thing ever. It's dreamy it really is. But this smoked salmon a special special. I'm telling you it is special. You don't need to me smoked salmon and cream cheese. What a waste? You don't need the grim cheese. I don't know I would put a little dollop of cream cheese in that ED white you could. You certainly could but you don't need to anyway I love it. Couldn't love it more and Kudos to trader Joe's for making that happen and let's be honest if they ever get rid of it. We can just buy smoked salmon and everything Bagel seasoning and kind of make it ourselves. Just press it in with your thumbs. I mean unless you're GONNA dangle the La- as you eat it it should just stay on your dangle it here a springer just wave it around wait is that everything yes. Can we eat more. We were terrible. It's it. I thought there was more said. You're GonNa make me a banana macho I am but not not during the podcast that peanut butter macro bar and I'm gonNA eat more those egg whites. It's Oh I'm just GONNA sad it's over. Look this has been a really fun year of podcasting I know and I love you guys. It's too much fun every week to do this. PODCAST are you come on. Are you gonNA come on our crews with us. I know you were looking dude. I did check it. sold out in your cabin. Were you the last one by the ticket though. Maybe you sold it out. Maybe I'm not going on your. I'm very sad but next time maybe we will go on a cruise together and do podcast hard cast from the open sea. We invite our podcast fans. Would you guys text Mike and let us know if you would go on a cruise with us. Please do it. Oh five I have three eight. Oh Eight oh seven five and just to be all sappy because we do that now at the end of the year just want to thank everybody out there for listening and for subscribing and being hungry girl supporters i. We've been doing what we do since two thousand four Jamie has been along for the ride almost the whole time to five two thousand five Jamie joined Mike you know she was. She's been married Mary to Mike since one thousand eight but I met Jamie like a month before she started working with you. Amazing basically been around the whole the whole time to you. It's been it's been a while but we're only lucky enough to get you fulltime when like a year and a half It'll be two years in January amazing. Wow two years so we couldn't do what we do without all of you guys. We're just like one big happy family here. We probably have like ten hungry girl employees in total And all we ever want to do is crank out the best content. Happy help give you ideas and recipes and we just look what we do when we love bringing you this podcast and everything else are daily Lee emails That you should subscribe to in case you don't and I don't know what else that's it lots to be grateful for can't be here. You all speak to you all in the New Year. Twenty twenty is GonNa Rock and thank you for taking US along with you. Oh you're welcome. I was like wait a minute. Where where are we going along on the podcast girl? No it's great so we're all just on this big ship together and we love you so stay in touch you can email us at suggested. Hungry Dash Girl Dot com or podcast at hungry desperate dot com. You can call and leave a message it. Oh five three eight. Oh Oh eight oh seven five okay and you can check out all the information about these Ben tastic products on our forecast page hungry dash girl dot com slash food cast. That's that's the lawn and everybody wish Lisa Happy Birthday. It's her birthday next week. Weeks leaders New Year's Eve. She's a New Year's baby. I'm a New Year's baby. I was always left alone on New Year's so sad. Anyway anyone else out there having a birthday let me know if you were left alone. All right I guess. We're going to wrap things up. See How would just dragging because we don't want the European gas but it's going to you right now all right thanks again. I'm Lisa Lillian. Also known as hungry girl till next time to the right thing.

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