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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Jeanine herbst the first. Us death from the new corona virus has been confirmed a man in his fifties and Seattle who had underlying health issues. Dozens others in the state are being tested. President trump is warning. There will likely be more cases in the US but he's urging people to go about their daily lives if here's Hammer. Keith has more health. Officials and president trump insists the risk to Americans remains quite low. Despite new cases not linked to travel overseas as with the common flu. People who are older and have other risk factors like obesity and diabetes are at greater risk for severe illness if they contract the virus but trump sought to reassure people who are in good health. So healthy people. If you're healthy you will probably Go through a process and and you'll be fine. The administration is instituting new travel restrictions for people who've been to Iran and is urging Americans not to travel to certain parts of Italy and South Korea. Tamra Keith. Npr news the White House and enter the longest war could be in sight the US defense secretary is praising the newly signed US Taliban agreement saying it reflects a pivotal moment in the peace process in Afghanistan. Jennifer glass has more from Kabul Defense Secretary Mark Esperance's. The deal is only the beginning. The road ahead will not be easy. The agreement says the US NATO will withdraw all forces in fourteen months. If the Taliban meet certain benchmarks gained independence. Today you can as outlined in the agreement with the United States to include maintaining the ongoing reduction in violence across the country as Afghan negotiations progress. The United States will watch the Talibans Actions Casey to judge with their efforts towards peace. On good faith asper emphasize the withdrawal is conditions based and if the Taliban field honor their commitments the United States would not hesitate to nullify the agreement for NPR news. I'm Jennifer glass in Kabul. In Carolina voting went smoothly all day in the Democratic presidential nomination primary and polls close in about an hour and as NPR's Pam Tesla reports state is the first in the country to be using all new voting equipment this year state. Election officials say there have been no reports of long lines or serious delays at polling sites around the state voters are using new machines that produce paper ballots and there were concerns that the process might cause backups but a record number of Democrats seventy five thousand as of this morning voted earlier using absentee ballots and more of those ballots. Were coming in. Throughout the day there were scattered reports today of mechanical failures with some of the machines. Voters use to mark their ballots but not enough to cause serious delays. Some voters also said they were confused by changes in the location of polling sites Pam fests. Npr News you're listening to NPR news from Washington in Moscow. Thousands of people marched marking five years. Since the murder of prominent Kremlin critic Pours Nemstov demonstrators also used the rally to protest changes to the constitution that President Vladimir Putin proposed last month. This annual rally is the first major demonstration organized by Russia's political opposition sends. Putin's proposed those changes now the proposals largely seen as a means to allow Putin to extend his group on power after he leaves office will be put to a national vote on April twenty second Europe could face a new migrant crisis. Turkey's president open borders to allow migrants mostly from neighboring Syria to head to Europe and furious. Peter Kenyon reports gypped high up air to once. It's Turkey won't close the gates to refugees there to order the country's border guards to stand down Friday and hundreds of migrants surge toward the Greek border. Erdo on is continuing the practice Saturday as he calls on the European Union to uphold. Its End of two thousand sixteen deal with Turkey to stem the tide of refugees heading for Europe separately air on also asked Russian leader Vladimir Putin to step aside in Syria to allow Turkish forces to deal with Syrian regime forces who attacked Turkish troops Friday killing thirty four and wounding dozens more hairdo says he told Putin in a phone call to let Turkey. Do what is necessary to deal with. The Syrian military forces adding that Turkey will not immediately withdraw from Syria. Peter Kenyon NPR news. Istanbul the founder of Trader Joe's Grocery Stores has died at the age of eighty nine. Joe Coloma's I store in Pasadena. Nineteen sixty seven. I'm Jeanine herbst. Npr News in Washington.

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