Episode #262: 2020 Oscar Predictions


This is Caitlin Blackwood. I played young a million pond on doctor. Who and you're listening to the five ish? Van Girls podcasts UH The tangent. We continue all the way to episode of sixty. Two of the five is rangers. podcast asked this time once again for us to make our Oscar predictions and we have toiled and struggled a news. The most advanced scientific methods to make our picks are we may have tossed a coin. Welcome I'm rolling dice. Roll dice the updated this from the the girls dress. Let's start off like during the ritual table in this week is in Bethlehem. This is Kristie in Salt Lake City. This Wisconsin in assist Rachel in Indianapolis Indiana. Hello we'll wait. We decided to rule against the dartboard with us and how we were feeling. We didn't WANNA accidentally aim go through the Internet dimensional ticks and hit hit it. Each other possible with my name would probably really happen. I just I just I just went I I I just went to my My my dnd supplies in like hey got a big bag of dice. US that we have to do is D- D. Sixes details D twenty twelve. All it all depends on how many are nominated in each category so categories are going to have to use it. He twelve probably. Yeah we shall see you but before we get to that we need. Oh you do the news like usual and I feel like a broken record but off with some dots. A great clock news. I was just listening to last week's episode side note here scare some people but they Record themselves yourselves. They hear the voices back there. Like that's really what I sound like in this last wheeze case how found in the recording is exactly how I knew I take you iron surprise. Relax exited with your voice I I oh sure yeah. Well it it Hindsight Twenty twenty. I probably shouldn't have done. The Bug gaskets the next day I literally could not talk. Why is it so since I didn't need to talk? It wasn't a big deal but anyway yes so but this week if if Rachel needs to to pass it over to one of US please do. Yeah ballot I do. I shared with such gas. It's just you just don't have my notes but anyway Send them through the chat. And we'll say Joel says yes they take pictures Okay so yeah but anyway back to the news CACAK fascinating so I up a couple pieces. Ten o'clock news One dig shock. that's kind of like resonated resonated through out all over the INTERWEBS and everything But basketball legend the I guess star and Oscar winner as a test appropriately enough or I guess eerily appropriate appropriate than us Kobe Bryant's of the Los Angeles Lakers died yesterday in a helicopter crash along with eight other people including his thirteen year. Old Daughter Jonah They were on their way to to a basketball game When the helicopter crash In calabasas California. WHO's only forty one forty one on years old retired in from the NBA in two thousand sixteen As A FIVE-TIME NBA champion. Dan Eleven time at all. NBA First Team Selection two thousand eight. MVP TWO-TIME FINALS MVP eighteen eighteen time all star for four-time all-star MVP He also won gold medals with the best team in two thousand eight Beijing Olympics and the two thousand twelve London the London Olympics vicks and then in two thousand eighteen. He won an Oscar for his animated short film. Dear basketball other things so so I I mean. I don't know how how much you guys follow basketball. I mean I've I felt basketball. I've been I mean the jazz has here are like it's almost a religion And and for me it has been since I was very small and out west. I mean if you know anything about the NBA NBA of the. You know the Eastern Conference Western Conference so the jazz played the Lakers a lot during the regular season or in the playoffs and I I will say this Kobe Bryant while he was a player was the bane of my existence. Because every time the Lakers came to town. It doesn't matter what the circumstances were like. We got shacking Co.. We gotta beat them. We just have to same thing with the bowls the same thing with any any other you. You know big team with big name players. And even when the jazz were had had that skid. They weren't very good and it was after the Stockton Malone era every it's nine a it it it was just like I was reflecting on this yesterday when all this news is coming out and I'm like you know. He drove me crazy when he was a player because he would when he beat Pitas it was awful and hated it when we need him. It was great now. Yeah and it was like it when players like that. Whether whether you're whether you are a player or your fan those are the kind of players you wanna go up against because they actually make the game means something I mean. Yeah you could spend your whole season beating up on some crappy little team that that that stinks and nobody cares about but it was always the the good teams good good players when you beat them. That actually meant something so you know when we when we would well. I say when the jazz would beat the Lakers and beat Kobe Bryant. It was awesome awesome. Because we've beaten somebody who was amazing. He was amazing. Amazing talent heck of a competitor. I mean and and those kinds of those kinds of players they bring out. I mean it's kind of Cliche but you know they bring out the they make you play your best or you. Ah You hope they do. And then you know after he retired as reading some other articles. About how like the reason he started taking helicopters was like before he retired was so he. Could you know. Get home in time to take the kids to school or pick. Pick them up from school or go to his daughter's basketball games or things like be involved in his kids lives and like if if you know anything about Los Angeles list traffic it can take you two hours to go in Indianapolis take you ten minutes. Yeah that was like he was wasting. It said the thing wasting so much time in commute when he wanted to spend time with his family and he was like his wife said well I can pick up the kids from school but but for him it was he. He wanted to be there for for his daughters. And I liken it sounds like you know they were. I guess Jonah. She was kind of becoming a good player in her own right. So that was the basketball game. They were on their way to I. Guess as I understand it or something like that and it was just like you know I mean yeah you know. He's had his issues he's had things happen but kind of just over the years he's just become a real became a good role model. He became somebody that so many people I looked up to whether you're a fan or whether you actually played against him there I've I've been looking at things from post from athletes who either played with them or like I mean nowadays the the young guys in the NBA like Donovan Mitchell. WHO's a big player for the jazz now like his twitter? He was just talking about how much she looked adopt Kobe. And and all those things and it's just I mean yeah. He annoyed me when I when he was a player because he would beat my team but he was he was a good guy he right. It's just it is got punch. I thought reports Oh it's TMZ reporting it. It's gotta be thanks. Yeah but it wasn't. I'm just like are you kidding me. I mean I mean so young too right yeah I mean I remember the year I think it. I can't remember if it was his rookie season. Or maybe his second year here. I was watching the all-star all-star game that year and he was like everyone's saying oh he's the next Michael Jordan and I'm like well. Yeah he kind kind of became that I mean. I don't know I don't know if you want to. I don't know if they if they really will go that far but he was kind of feel he was he was amazing. They think they before we came out. I think I was scanning through one of my feeds on facebook. said that they are going to induct him into the NBA Hall of fame. They're waving voting procedures. The requirements the score that. That's a good. That's there was talk about. Oh you've got the whole. NBA has has to retire. His number. Two Mike WanNa go that far but but I think I think inducting him into the hall of fame you know not going through may not doing the all the hoops whatever. The check boxes is probably a good way to to honor him there and games that were played yesterday there were several tributes years I made which I think is very appropriate and while even one of the writers for Star Wars One of the role. Oh vats from one of the cartoon series was actually kind of a nod. Yes who could be and that I think Mark Hamill actually gave him his Oscar. Yeah her when he won damages Kinda pull supposedly the he two. He was a great big Harry Potter. Fan I need some of the I mean I know him as a player but then finding out all this other information to with you know fan just like the rest of us is to ascend. Yeah and the fact that we're just hearing about it now is like hey you know he kinda. He kept US stuff on the download because he wanted to. You know have his own have a private life private and you know I can I can. I can respect that totally. Yeah it's just it's like because jared came in is like reporting Kobe. Bryant died in a helicopter crash and I'm like I ha- right. Yeah when I saw this wit wi the Yeah poor taste. Yeah like what. Whoever started this joke go away but although apparently the Los Angeles police departments not happy with? TMZ breaking the news even had a chance to tell his family yet. Yeah exactly that's the last way we WANNA have a family notified is. TMZ early in their loved. One has been to. Yeah and I'll passed away. That's why I was like I'm going to wait till it was actually leave confirmed and then started to be confirmed and confirmed. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah. Unfortunately Kobe was one of those players. I'd never got cit. Not Play in person. Being here in Indiana obviously we're eastern conference so the focus is we play most eastern conference teams during the regular season. I like the width. If we did play the Lakers usually we went to la was always home. gave for them not ought not for us So but I did. I did spend a semester interning for the Pacers and unfortunately during that semester they played the Lakers in Los Angeles so he was He was not a player that ever got to see in play in person. which now it's like Coulda Woulda Shoulda I mean I remember? When I was young? We had tickets to the jazz. I got to go see him. Goes even play the Lakers a couple of times. It was always a big deal when you know those big when those big teams came came to town bound and and yeah like I said there was there was even a quote from him on the Jazz. I can't remember the twitter our twitter account or facebook. They said that Kobe was like He. He was always tough to come play in Salt Lake because because the fans are just so loud and would would heckle him and he was like you know he was he was okay with it because that's just part of part of the game playing in. It actually kind of inspired him to be a better player and I'm like well we'll shoot. If I didn't know that we thought would have shut up and play dead silence and make it really. Yeah seriously better. It's like Dan but no yeah it was. You know it. You know it's all it's all just part part of the game part of how things things work in. And he you know like I said He. I think he inspired the players to play. Better inspired the fans to you know support the team even even more and how you know it just it just kind of feeds off off. We all kind of feed off each other and whether whether like I said he was never my never my favorite because because we played in Malaysia and we wanted to beat them because when we beat them we that that meant something whether it was in the regular season or the playoffs spoke it was it was always. It was always always always a hard fight and always a good a good game to watch when when the Lakers came when when the when we went to La to blame but for sure that one losing Kobe Bryant and you know the fact that he was with his daughter. That's that's Yeah that's a rancher well onto your other o'clock news in this a little less of a Gut Punch but still not fun to yeah so especially on the heels of Neil not that long ago so but Terry Jones of monty python fame among other things has passed away at the age of seventy seven He who was diagnosed of about four years ago with a rare form of dementia and That a downhill Fairly quickly unfortunately. Because this this this this forum it's It's a does just more. Yeah it's very aggressive. It's awful things to the to the brain So but But obviously Terry was one of the the the six you know Founding members of Python course just like when the when they had Lille pass away recently The living pythons are all active on social media Along with their fans and stuff for sharing all all sorts of things so and this is John cleese said to down four to go Coming from anybody else probably would. We insist on please on Sitka considering when they when they did We did short stints in London. A couple years ago You know it was essentially one down five to go at that. Is what the tagline huts so but Terry was When monty Python's flying circus which again and down seemingly more the case and we're going to need to do monty python sooner rather than later his on the list But the obviously the TV maybe show the six of them worked together It was a collaborative but Behind the scenes Terry With some of their other things did a lot of behind the scenes work he worked alongside Terry Gilliam to direct a holy holy grail And then He directed life of Brian and seventy nine and meaning of life hyphen eighty three and then beyond python he did all sorts of work including writing the screenplay for labyrinth. I doing that on our that either. I mean I've watched the documentaries. I must've stepped out. The rule over wasn't paying attention when I was watching the behind the scenes stuff. I'm dislike. How did I not know that this makes sense with some of the humor? Yeah yeah and it's the help hands or down she chose me and of course Tons of memorable characters as part of Monty Python Including Arthur to sheds Jackson Mr Mr Creosote in Meaning of life which is like the one bit in meaning of life that after skip over the little big field queasy He's a he's the he's the like waitress type of lady in the spam sketch reading off the menu breath sausages been spat by spat sausage in spy spy baits and sausages in fact spang baking spag bags fans fangs. Fans fan elites debate inspire He plays Brian's mother in life of Brian so as he's not. Aw Aw no. I don't what I saw something I saw on social media If I try and find it I'll share it somebody cartoon and it's Up Often Heaven Terry coming here. He's come through the pearly gates. Mayors Jesus you know sitting in. Isn't it his throne in heaven. and Jesus going mother. Terry's going Brian. What you've ever seen Brian you get one? That's funny So but yeah Lots lots of memorable Sketches that you can revisit. Of course the Monty Python Movies Woah to botch there so Ah Do something happy. Can't we please. We ate another Trailer her for a clone wars the season seven remaining next month and actually it's a date updates because we talked about Matt previously supposedly the season. At least the first episode was GonNa drop a February seventeenth. This trailer says the twenty first sh which is Friday which probably makes more sense with a Disney pluses for doing things dropping? These Fridays so sort of an early birthday present will be slightly late birthday present for me but still a week on my birthday. So I I I'm okay with that either way but data get this trailer gives us a better idea of where exactly this this. This season is going So looks like we're going could get some AH SOKA DARTH Maul Action Action going against each other. Possibly maybe that could be Kinda cool so I'm excited excited excited for that. So store on my way through rebels. I should be able to get it done before the stops so I could go back to. Who wishes especially considering now at the point of rebels where so Cataldo is part of it so just finish up? Krahn lawyers has goethe rattles It will get done. Yeah you could probably finish clone wars waged the do this and Nangle Watch rebels. And then maybe maybe it'll make more sense. I don't dare. That's true at least as far as the guitar. No plotline it's been bordering mine. Yeah Hey we're used to whip tiny whiny that is true. That is true If anything Lewis says it is not as they can walk at work. Yeah we're going to have so much Dr who when the season's over oh hit we're only yesterday at like I said I should have known better than to cruise the Internet but I have a little bone to pick with radio times. I would have a bone to pick with a certain person who is dancing for so. But we'RE NOT GONNA say anything here we don't want to spoil it for anybody that really worked me ED. Critising really should know better considering how much time they spend in the United States that too and after I see the radio times I never hit instagram. After scroll past the radio time feed three items later. There's a picture from Dr who the site with Jodie whittaker going likeness No spoilers yet could release that I like forty eight hours ago. Yeah really something's stat. There's a reason that we've had on this on this. Spike is twice because it's still an issue eight. That is a rant for when the doctor who season is over because we will we'll put a pin in that we will come back later it yes so still ready. They better not screw up for next week. Yeah that Sh- sure so so anyway. You do updates where we can't access to get notifications. During the time time period. That would work any little MHM moving on so Don't have any feed bat. So Oh I'll go on to this week's topic so after back and forth we are going to be doing a head to head against these spark abandoned Manis again. Who can pick diva predict the most Oscar waters state? This time and the stakes are the same as last time. Winning team picks a movie for the other team to review so if we went to Keep our our title lead to do this well but we don't have a a Bohemian rhapsody to ride the coattails off here. We have art show ready Freddy camp bail us out this year so we might new who which which which which indicates just how confident some of these It that being said I think there's some of these where if you just look at. What has I've been winning up to this point I think there are some that are. It's like okay at this point it's theirs to lose their. There are some cases where when we get into the the specific categories I think there are some where if the academy Adamy continues the way they normally do then certain winners are going Loyd to happen however if they wanted to shake things up a little argue but could be made for some others others. Yeah so it just kind of depends but I gotTA ballots. Let's And I may. I've made my picks just like just like we did last year. Obey my picks. I've got CIANCI's picks so we've got five. Yeah and then will at your guises and then from there it's majority rule If we find find ourselves at an impasse which is possible. If we go somebody goes to to to someone's an outlier than Christie contoss. Die So yes so I will go. It will go through the categories as yes. They are on this ballots and Before we name our picks if there's anything the relevant that I think should be mentioned I will do so so so doing by off the printed one or their website website. I'm going off on the print. One that okay okay. 'cause I have the printed went up the I just noticed the website. They're in a different order. So yeah now. I'm I'm doing enough of this. So our first category is accurate. A supporting role and the nominees are Tom. Hanks a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Anthony Hopkins to pope's out. But you know in the Irishman Joe pesci in the Irishman and Brad Pitt in once upon a time in Hollywood. Would've Brad Pitt Has won four this category in the for the Golden Globe end the SAG award. Yeah very slow. That being said Chauncey pick Tom Tom. Hanks I picked Brad Pitt. I wanted to vote Tom. Hayes but yeah I hide you go. I was the other words. This is like the heart and the brains like one. Vote Tom Hayes. But I know Bradford's in winning. Yeah so it's like idea. Do we want to win the game or do some pick to make ourselves the others. The other thing too is once upon a time in Hollywood the Oscars love movies about Hollywood. Yes yea you're kind of you know. Even la La land notwithstanding a couple some several years ago. Although Emma Emma Stone won the actress trysts award for that one. So maybe going with the going with the the the actors or actresses for this particular one would be a good a good strategy edgy. I don't I don't know that I I have a different idea for who's going to win best picture which will get to that one when we get to it. But ed I'm guessing I'm going to go with Brad Pitt. I'm with you Britney. I'm like the heart says Tom Hanks but WANNA win. I just WanNa Watch cats or day. I and Brad Pitt too. 'CAUSE THEY WANNA see Tom Hanks in L. A.. But then I'm just. I'm kind of looking at the Irish I think and well of course Easy Godfather Irish twist Brad Pitt with just the fact they love. You know the Hollywood glam no matter what air I to actors In that it the need for that category. I wonder if they'll split the vote for that one. So Good Babe. I actually watched the Irishman last night. And it just reminded me why I don't like like mob movies kind of Lake. The Irish version of the other. I've never seen the Godfather because I love movie. I see a half hours long for one thing. It's like it's so he'll chauncey afterwards it's like these like these gangster mob movies. It's like they spend more time talking about who needs to be wacked. Then the time actually whacked the person they're always eating at a restaurant threat and gorge involved. Yes and they're speaking Italian to each other. It's like like I get it. It's supposed to be based on a true story. Suppose delays of biography. This guy that was part of the mall back in the day the ORCS for Hoffa's supposedly Russell he knows what happened to Jimmy Hoffa but the the end of the day. It's so now my cup of tea so anyway so our vote is going to be. Brad Pitt Roquette make a hairstyling. Nineteen eighteen seventeen bombshell joker judy or malefic mistress of Evil Chauncey malefic. FISTER I take Judy. ooh ooh I Oil ally have to go off his like Osos Trailers I will live nineteen seventeen. Yeah I'M GONNA go with nineteen seventeen as well. I'm MM trump. I'm tossed between Judy. Nineteen seventeen I think nineteen seventeen. Just you know period action piece this yeah. They end period pieces for these categories. Yeah do but since it's a period the movie as opposed to something like last year like favorite fa right now but okay okay on this case majority rule so nine thousand nine hundred seventeen and then for costume design. We have the Irishman in Georgia. Rabbit Joker little women and once upon a time in Hollywood which this one was tough to transhipping joker. I want with little women. Because it's the most period I went little into for basically the recent halt. I don't have actually any late last year. IC- issue with into the movies Trailers probably at least look like. Yeah so this one. I am not really sure I'm not to go with joker I think I think I think jokers probably gonNA clean up a a little more than we think but then again I don't know I keep going back and forth but yet joker for this one. I'm Christiane kind of in the same boat is you. I'm joker little women. I think have been little women. It's it's it's it's tough because just with how much polarity joker has just like. Is that GONNA help help. Stem Oscar wins or is it GonNa Backfire and hurt it in once. Once upon a time in Hollywood could be a dark horse for that because the it it they they did a really good job of getting getting the period costumes right even yeah historical. It's still a very distinct time periods. Where the clothing as a very distinct look tear zero? It's so true but generally the academy they like period costumes. And that's what I usually give. Awards is to but there isn't really anything that's like like the favorite or Elizabeth or something that's a little women is like the oldest to us so oh now But that being said as To for joker three three for little women. So let's go to the little woman so cool. It will save documentary feature American factory story the Cave the edge of democracy for SOMMA and honey land this one. I rolled the dice because I have the idea about it. The dice game me a four so the fourth one down for Sama Sama. I don't know I don't know what do you think about this. One is based on the descriptions That they give on the the academy website site I just went with American factory just because it seems like something that the category. It's about a car factory going under so honey one about just curiosity I don't remember Hillary's sounded pulling it up this girl that cannot I can't pronounce her name or this lady lives with her ailing mother in the mountains of Macedonia Oni Making a living cultivating using ancient beekeeping traditions when an unruly family moves in next door. What at first seems like a bomb for solitude becomes a source of tension as a to want onto practice beekeeping that was full vote Lake tyzack another whole client live trying to keep trying to save the bees? If that was what so you know I would have picked that. Yeah find out. Yeah I'm GonNa go and it was. It was it was a big word award winner at Sundance is what it says but a sundance and the academy or well. I don't know there. Yeah you would you would think with Sundance being it basically in my backyard. I would know more about that Sundance tastelessly. I went with American factory. Chauncey went with the edge of democracy. I'M GONNA go with the American fact the factory one. Okay okay sounds good. I was I was not. I was not committed to my pick one way or the other the sound editing nineteen seventeen Ford versus Ferrari joker once upon a time in Hollywood or star wars rents a skywalk. It's like one of the few times something we care about POPs up in the only one. I've actually seen so doing what I know. What sounds like yeah CIANCI? I about with both where it was nineteen seventeen. I'M GONNA go with one thousand nine hundred seventeen. It feels like it feels like that one is is going to pick up a lot. It is it is already picked up a a good number of awards at other A places for things like editing and cinematography and like that so the technical stuff And this one I mean my heart wanted moving away. I was thinking about it. This is like the Ferrarra you've got the cars in nineteen seventeen warm will be. Those are my two hundred narrowed it down I rate on the happy with with you and the Russell Nineteen seventy-nine Gregory about that Farrar the Ford versus Ferrari. I was GONNA say like so many people that I that I know and respect both take on line and in real life people of seen Ford versus Ferrari. And I'm like I need it names Sung. It's praise like I need to see that movie. But they've all said that people have gushed about one thousand nine hundred seventeen as well since people are like well. I need to go see that one onto so thin really good which is kind of Nice. It's like hey good movies piece to see I would yeah better than seen crappy movies all over the place. Uh So nineteen seventy-nine sounds like your pun intended. I don't judge Jewish sound mixing nineteen seventeen at Astra Ford versus priority joker or once upon a time in Hollywood. Hollywood all nineteen seventy nine. I nineteen seventeen chauncey picked at astor. Because he's he's actually seeing that one. Oh that's what you said. It was depressing. Well it's not gonna at that that's going off my to my to watch list even though it really wasn't on there to begin with but he's GonNa space kick so that's as Real Madrid. A recognized the jury so so yeah. I'm looking at sound. Editing and sound mixing categories. They just US yeah. They swapped out one space movie for a different space movie. Yeah today usually editing and mixing the same movie will win both both. Yeah so we had a a a thing until you go nineteen seventeen same production design nine one thousand nine hundred seventeen the Irishman Joe Rabbit. Once time in Hollywood or parasites Johnson both picked once upon a time in Hollywood. which if 'cause production design this sets all the stuff that gives the film like it's low A.? And I mean they did a heck of a job with Once silent Hollywood filming around Modern Day Los Angeles and making it look like nineteen sixties Los Angeles the list. So I will give him that I was out I just seventeen and again Warm as well like more movies well part part of it too is I mean. I know everyone's heard about you know it's film to look like it's one one big shot so you kind of think about it. 'cause I 'cause I've this part of I want to see Mike. How did they do that? I I get those shots. Just right they have to have everything just so and I'm just ready to go so I kind of feel like that's going to be a huge part of it too so I yeah I'm gonNA say nineteen seventeen for yeah that yeah doc. Even though that arguments more cemetery which I guess we'll get to eventually but yet you still have to have all the all the pieces in the sets in the actors offers in everybody in place in order to pull that off. Yeah Yeah Yeah it has. Funding is like I said it's recent cinematography awards It's picked up one production design award. The one thousand nine hundred seventeen has once time in Hollywood has picked up a couple so so so go either way think this one could be potential. Toss up so we'll say a case can be made for was time in Hollywood because because it has one more Profanity Zion Award. Seventeen shoe you've come loose comey convinced should I Yeah I'll switch my vote on it as I have been mode you can say. Hey Yeah I haven't seen it so I've seen Irishman to Than those to those I've seen so so we will hopefully steering All wrong so we'll we crazy. We'll be like Rachel I you know I didn't. We didn't have to change our mind. Exactly was our choice International features ones should be pretty straightforward thing Corpus Christi from Poland. Poland honey land from North Macedonia Les Miserables for France Painting. Glory from Spain or parasite from South Korea which a parasite has has won every thing foreign language. Everywhere says yeah I was. I don't know anything about parasite other than it's been winning and winning and winning and winning so I'm like saying this this this. This year's Roma is what it is like just took over last year as a International or foreign film so apologies these other all these other movies. yeller probably GONNA lose actress of a Supporting Role Kathy Bates for for Richard Jewel. Laura dern in marriage stories Charlotte or Hanson in Georgia Rabbit. Florence pugh and. Little women or Margot robie bombshell Chauncey Pick Scarlett Dr Hanson. I Pick Laura dern because she's already won the SAG and the Golden Globe for this. Yeah I was I was looking at that am I. Laura dern is going to get this one yet yeah. That's my thinking to spread love to see Kathy Bates Pelota darkhorse her Richard Unusual. I knew it it. Libya Komen did last year. I'M GONNA GO Laura dern. I just think it's funny. That his Scarlett Johansson she's nominated for marriage story in the leading role category. She's is also here for Joe. Joe Yeah Yeah my Gosh. I Dunno at just amused me. For some reason I find I find humor in odd blazes anyway. Animated Short film Dissenter Hair love kibble bull memorable or sister. Johnson that both Kit Bull though which is the only one that I've seen. It's a Disney short. That made me cry. It's the one about the the little tiny little kitten befriends hit old Chained up in and is not treated the nicest. It's adorable but it's so sad at the same time I I have actually heard a lot of really good things about hair love and I'm like that's when I need to find because it looks adorable ally the shorts if you if you search heart you can usually find them. Model lines are more ice. Remember Disney you know they put kit ball out there like months ago And watch again just like tears. Bs I have heard good things about her love to but I've not seen it. I thought great things about both. I alternate kit bowl the Disney one. Probably the only thing Disney walk away with. Yeah Animated Feature Film How to Train Your Dragon the hidden world. I lost my body. Klaus House missing link or toy story for a missing link when the goals lobe. Yeah it did I. I actually watched over the weekend. I I did this SOC- award-winning in it. But again what I see in what use it goes as always woke so the what I what I think. 'cause it stop motion animation right. Yeah I think that's kind of what That's 'cause 'cause everybody does has CGI basically anymore. So I think I think nowadays stop motion kind of Seymour's. Oh I WANNA say Esoteric but I don't think that's the right word. I'm looking for more unique. I guess they're like Oh. Wow allow you. Actually you know put in a lot of work to to make this look good rather than just do it in a computer so I kind of think. It's a lot of physical labor. Yeah Yeah Yeah. I mean not not to disparage you know computer computer animators but I mean stop motion is. That's impressive I don't care who you. Yeah if you can make stop motion. I don't care who you are. Wh what movie. It is what time period. You're making it in you know it's still pretty cool so I say missing link. Yeah go missing link to it. Oh aw missing link visual effects. Nineteen seventeen vendors. Endgame the Irishman the Lion King or star wars the rice skywalker outwit both Within game so yeah yes. Yeah I feel like in game I mean yeah there it is. I mean. This isn't a return the king sort of situation but I kinda. NFL like endgame will get Get something just because it's the the capstone on the whole marvel the whole. MCA You experiment. Experiment and how well it did. I'm like they end. The visual effects were amazing. Especially that April it just her house full. This movie was was like a big old visual mess. Yes looks it looks it looks amazing and it it just like it got they got so many characters in there so many so many everything. So yeah I kinda feel like game is GonNa. It's gotTa get something mine is Yeah come come on Academy at least at least acknowledged acknowledged that much. Yeah yes all right film editing. Ford Rituals Ferrari the Irishman in Georgia. Rabbit joker or parasites. I think this could go any number number of ways so another one I feel like at least one of these somewhat Yeah Is kind of annoyed. One thousand nine hundred nineteen didn't get put in here because obviously there is some editing that goes into whatever it is but I don't know I'm like I I say four. Four versus Ferrari has won best editing. A couple of times. It's not one a whole lot. Go just in general But the few awards has won have been editing so But so is the Irishman. It's the jokers not really one technical. It's mostly acting so Abbott parasite has also won everything so so okay. I'm bringing out the dice for this one here His I picked the Irishman Chauncey Chauncey So well I rolled my d-6 twice. I ended up with a three twice. The third one on the list is Joe Joe Rabbits so sure. Yeah ooh sights on my dice that that hates me. Yeah I have a set of dice. It just totally fail me on. Every every game I played I have banished them the Pretty neutral die. So we'll have the documentary short subjects in the absence learning to skateboard in a war zone. If your girl life overtakes me St Louis Superman and walk run. CHA-CHA CIA housing both picked St Louis Superman 'cause based again based on the description. It seemed like something it's very Americana. Yeah politics that sort of thing that the academy would probably go for so sure I go out with. Yeah that sounds like it went to me. A Lewis on sounds good to me to a live action short film a sister Brotherhood Nafta football club the neighbors widow in Syria and after reading descriptions I had no clue I why would really dragged me to wonder the other so I ended up picking Sirri-a but that I have no justification Chauncey just picked Nafta football club because I think so high picnic book because I like the name of. Yeah it's it's memorable and that's what my dice he said so sure there wasn't anything jumped out like last year was although that was not got a short that was a documentary short documentary short but the period ended sentence though. Yeah Yeah that one. That one was the one that put us over the top. Like wait a minute. We may x window thing say the adapted screenplay The Irishman judge a rabbit joker little women or the two popes Johnson. I both little women. Women's that's the one I went to. Yeah I I was GonNa go with joker what we can do little women I will not was he in joker in little women and I think a little bit might eat out. been if little women's GonNa get like any other than the costume design if it's going to get any recognition because they didn't really bother to give the director a nomination so maybe he didn't need the spring alive so Original screen play Nineteen seventeen knives out. Marriage story wants pot time in Hollywood or parasite Johnson. I'll take knives out. We've seen it. We both liked it. This is one of those that I think we're going. The vote was more heart overhead. A I think it's GonNa be a toss up between once time in Hollywood and maybe Paris. Yeah I I don't know how likely a foreign film could potentially win right in this category so I can see them giving it to Tarantino having I don't Dink's NC I'm tossed I'm torn between knives Dow in once upon a time in Hollywood. I mean terence terrace deal with Hollywood dig into the gap. That's punt team in Hollywood just because it won the Oaks Tarintino. Yeah yeah once upon time like to go to knives out just because it'd be nice it's like hey look Ryan Johnson actually can. You can't right yeah can do something good to ear real to your original work there but yeah I think I think this is. I think they're just at this point. They're they're kissing Tarantino's but so if somehow parasite was to win it would be a be a shakeup. But I'd could be a sheet that of us. I mean it would be because it's a foreign language has generally if a I own gets nominated In the foreign language category and also gets into the big like Big categories like screenplay. Okay Director Best Picture. It'll usually win best foreign language and not anything else. Yeah I I I mean you had been you exceptions but S- I could see that would be like the big surprise. This year is like Oh. Hey we're gonNA throw everyone for a loop and and give parasite eight other awards other than international film but yeah. It doesn't happen very often. Yeah uh-huh cinematography nine hundred. Seventeen the Irishman joker the lighthouse. And what's time Hollywood. Okay I think on principle they they're gonNA give this to nineteen seventeen. Yeah yeah sorry guys I mean look at how look look at how good saving private Ryan cleaned up. I think that one year I mean yes a goal. The original scored nineteen seventeen. Joker little women marriage story and Star Wars arises skywalker as much as I love to see John Williams win another Oscar. A think this is going to go to joker just because it has been winning. I I was GonNa say this thing as was love to be wrong and see Williamson that I think is GonNa be joker broker more star wars. You know considering last. Yeah Yeah Yeah well. And the Lady Hill Hilbert Guan. Can't say her yeah hell did Joker Helder Yeah. I recently watched Chernobyl which is. Hbo Mini Series. She also did the score for that. One Oh God. She's amazing. Of course that that that's that mini mini series is fantastic anyway. But yeah and she won for. She wanted Golden Globe there anyway. So yeah I'm like you you know you're you're you're alright lady. I could figure out how to say. You're you're I mean your your your last name but keep winning keep keep doing stuff jeff in movies and TV in your area. She's very. She's breaking glass ceilings. As far as what does so well me she does she deserves. It is very good at what she does original song. I'm GonNa love me again from rocket man. I can't let you throw yourself away or started for India known her frozen to I'm standing with you breakthrough or stand up from heriot's though and I'm GonNa love me again won the Golden Globe. So I to me. It's going to be a toss up between rocket the rocket man one and frozen solid rocket man. Yeah I'M GONNA go with rocket man. I mean part part of me. He's like dude. It's a movie about Elton John. Elton John wrote a original song for the movie. Right sure yes. Yeah I think just Terron Sing Dance Asu man now so I I I get it so it's a very good song. It's definitely an Elton John Song. So now it's fits right in with the rest of the The songs in the movie so taint him with in the CAIN. Yeah and all right the big ones here director. A Bong Jun Hope for parasite Mendez from eighteen. Seventeen Todd Phillips for Joker Marsk or Sese for the Irishman or Quentin Tarantino for. Once upon a time in halted I applaud. This could be the need for Sam Mendes for Nineteen Seventy Yup taste. He won the Golden Globe for that Tarantino and Tino has ever winning though and then again for Scorsese. Yep a parasite is kind of a dark horse where it's not likely that they will give it to him. But it is a possibility. See it would be unprecedented for a foreign language films Presuming that parasite wins for international feature. It would be unprecedented for the director to win. Best Director but he has been picking up a lot of best director awards outside the United States for parasite so How many of those deeper at people at these four you know outside of the US or even some within the US At very how many of these people have any sort of votes with the academy because he's won best director at like The Austin Film Critics Association or the Boston Society of film critics. It's like some of its. US Some of its foreign. So I ah yeah it could be. I think it's I think it's a toss up between Tarantino and San Mendez. Yeah parasite as the dark horse in US us. So I think we could almost flip a coin between Tarantino and Mendez. Thank you have I have no. I have no idea honestly no clue so we WANNA WANNA roll dyson he Okay so so so evens Tarantino odds is Sam Mendes Okay here we go. I'm rolling a eighty five. So nineteen seventeen all right as the dice have spoken. We'll I'll throw throw the dice out the window. All right actor leading role Antonio Banderas for pain and glory. Leonardo DiCaprio wants time in Hollywood out of driver for marriage story. Lucky Extra Joker in Jonathan Christ for the two posts hosts and Exists to lose. I mean the cameras already got his Oscar so finally it it can go back to ignoring him. Yes yeah it's been been collecting left in white right pretty much For for this. He's not the sort of the Rami. Malik this year. Where props not talking to win? Best picture but he's going to get the the actor Dad Yeah but I'm kind of torn so it's like yeah again. It's it's not my type of movie and Probably Never GonNa Watch it so I have take people's those words for for his performance I've only ever seen Joaquin Phoenix in. Walk the line. There's I've ever seen I know. He's he's a halfway decent actor part of the kind of doesn't want him to win win for everything else but part of he does not want him to win the Oscar for even though this is best leading actress in as opposed to supporting I think although I could be wrong but there's just something the thing about him potentially winning an Oscar for this playing this character when Heath Ledger one in posthumously even the same movie and it's a different interpretation of the character but for some reason it just rubs me the wrong way these potentially a walk away with an Oscar for playing the same character. Yeah even if it's completely different than than heath ledger eat ledgers portrayal in the dark. It was just so good. Yeah I Rachel I in DC person. Well I'm not. I'm not even like I was because I was I was jared. Wanted to know if I wanted to go see joker and I'm really not a joker fan. I mean I understand. People love him. Him and people love the interpretation. And I'm like you know good on you. You know bless you. You're wonderful that you love this. I've never really understood. The joker like like why he's so popular or it's just never been my cup of tea. Of course I prefer Superman over Batman. Anyway that's me me but I can. I can kind of understand. Maybe maybe there's kind of an element of because he's ledgers. Joker was so good. Now they can do do this sort of portrayal in a major a major film so so now it's kind of building on that same sort of it seems sort of foundation. I guess so now he can actually have his own. The joker can actually have his own movie and and can it can be a nomination. I'm an H. A. Nominee for the leading role rather than it. Yeah thing for a a you know us US nerds where a lot of the stuff that we we get excited about gets relegated to the technical categories. So it's a good thing comic this book movies But Yeah I think it's just a sentimental thing that it's just like yeah you can i. I totally understand coming from Rachel. I totally get it. Plus I've Adam driver has kind of a soft spot in my heart for Adam driver driver just because things I've found out about him in recent years. I'm like dude. You're an awesome guy. You need to have some cool things happen to you. But I also think he's GonNa get it is chance later too so it would you want but I yeah I think working Phoenix. He's GonNa. Yeah Yeah Ah Alright actress in a leading role. Cynthia Areso for Heriot's Scarlett Johansson for marriage story A serious Ronin for little women. Charlie's therapy for bombshell Renee Zellweger for Judy so Chauncey went Hush Charlie Farren Guessing Zellwegger she's already won the SAG in the globe in the drama Website they separate comedy and drama but she did when the Golden Globe in trauma and Kademi they do love bio movies. Elise true I when I first I heard they were doing a movie about Harriet. Tubman is like I want to see it. I haven't seen it. I still want to but I'm kind of I'm kind of sad. It hasn't really gotten more buzz. I guess but I have no idea if it would if if sent the revolt would win anyway. But I'm going to have to go with Renee Zellweger further reason you said Rachel bio-pic Judy Garland new. Yeah Yeah if all right last certainly certainly not least the Big Daddy Sure got a This year so nineteen seventeen in Florida versus Ferrari the Irishman Jo Jo. ravitch joker little women marriage story once Potanin. Hollywood or parasites sir. I had seen none of these. I wanted to two of them but as of now well in. It probably doesn't help anybody but as far as what movies have already. One things Because the Golden Globes splits splits and separates drama versus comedy So nine hundred. Seventeen one goal for drama once time in Hollywood and one for comedy. Well I'm going to go off of Parricide is your dark horse. Yeah I well this is my thing. La La land didn't win when when it was nominated for best picture even though they tried to psych us out and say that it wasn't yes so I kinda think back I think the gut if you just base it off of historical Because usually well the thing is we picked Sam Mendes for best director Statistically best director and best picture don't match go together they usually don't go together But I'm just thinking nineteen seventeen could be like this this decades Saving Private Ryan. Maybe and so. There's a precedent for war war movies. I WANNA get hung up on. Oh you know we pick the director so we won't get the best picture. 'cause 'cause we gotta think a two it might like Sam Mendes might not win that one. Yeah but I really think it has was nineteen. seventy-nine has a good chance of winning best picture. I've been speaking Mike Glitz. Let's let's go for the points here. The only reason for that yeah. It's like my knee jerk. Reaction is nineteen seventeen so seventeen like the biggest I kinda Time since I got the the ballot is also. This is a really good reason but someone I wanna see the most less less wind when you're actually interested in it you're like hey hey this is going to be a good movie right. Yeah what if got what's won. Best picture the last few years. We don't have like like that. We don't have a of moonlight or a green book. Yeah the film on the rest. So if you're just thinking back the last couple of years and like Christie said la La land was time in Hollywood you could kind of consider that would be kind of the equivalent and La La land did not run. Yeah so but puts more or wait to nineteen seventeen. But then I'm you know like I said this is. This is one of those where academy sticks with with the status quo. Statistically odds are is gonNA be nineteen seventeen if they decided they really wanted to shake AP Parasite would be your darkhorse lights. Yeah we are they. They're eating. We like it. Their foreign language film in also best picture are very very slim. Yeah I mean I mean they they they may want they the academy way May WanNa knock us all over with a feather and still in and give it to parasite just because they want to. I guess pat themselves on the back like look. We gave it to a foreign movie. Yeah yeah that's Nick Bender because I mean not that it's probably doesn't deserve observe the all the awards at this getting you know. I'm not going to watch it because that it's the psychological type movies I just. I can't handle them right away. So but I mean obviously if you look at just wikipedia for each of the movies nominated for best picture and look at the awards at each one. Parasite has the longest list. So you know and and there's been enough complaints about the Oscars show whites and they're not yet. There's not enough diversity nonsmokers and it's like if they really wanted to give you know be able to point their fingers and say look we can be diverse and give it to parasites. I could see maybe doing that. But I don't know if the voting voting body for you have to you have to the academy gives a crap about that Ari but I'm just calling it as as I see it. I know yeah well as the as the as the voting body for the academy chefs as the generation shifts That that is a possibility. But I don't know if it shifted enough yet so that there's like people our age and younger that are eligible to vote for the academy like you and it's like if they can't even get right in the nominations. They're probably not going to do it. What it comes the actual voting I I guess is my point? It's like if they can't even if they can't even you know get away from just you know nominating the same people over and over and over again it much havoc a old white dudes get everything to is you kind of have to think like how much do they pay attention to. You know the the the AH stuff on twitter or your social media or any of this sort of thing so I don't know awards. Awards are tricky matter What Kinda Yeah I get the end of the day? Do we really care that much but we want to win. Yes if we weren't gonNA competition I'd have been like whatever yes but because because we're competing against him Spark of madness again. Yeah we're kind of making this thing. It's like okay. I guess maybe next year I'll actually get off my butt and go see some movies or maybe not. I don't know I tell myself that last year in. We said how well out when we actually went last year I was actually. I was actually going to go pay attention to movies this last year for Patio but this obstacle but as of today I see for movies of this entire list of all WHOA movies I wasn't eight until yesterday when I watched the Irishman now at nine so is this year we didn't go see movies his full? Stop my par- my own is is. I just went and saw vendors and game twelve million times instead. So we'll see you go to the movies to have fun. Not Not not as a homework assignment. Yeah well do. Fun Is relative considering his also partially torturing myself watching Tony Stark. Die Over. Hell okay no you know what I mean I know I mean I think I think twice. We went we. You went to the movies and we went and saw because they have They had studio Ghibli Fest It's like every month they would do a Zaki comb at our local megaplex and we went and saw spirited away and princess-mononoke which obviously are not brand new movie but that was is two of our outings to the theatre which I think we a grand total we. I think we went and saw five movies all year year and two of them were were studio. GHIBLI LIFA A lot of movies last year but they were all like the EMC in Star Wars. Yeah the Oh so anyway back the best picture actually picked dictate what we want me to votes for. Nineteen seventeen so far three okay. Did I vote yes okay. I was like I'm pretty sure I did. But we got off on a tangent. That's three so that's let's that's majority okay last one so all Eric Watch Tarantino will get it. 'cause yeah real quick recap here so we make sure all on the same page age here so are essential fix as a team are a actor in supporting role for the Brad Pitts Makeup hairstyling Nice. He'd seventeen gene custom design a little women documentary feature American factories sound editing nineteen seventeen sound mixing nineteen seventeen production design. What's time in Hollywood? International feature parasite actresses supporting role or dern animated short Animated Feature Missing Link Visual Effects of vendors and game. Don't editing Rabbit documentary shorts. Saint Louis Superman Live Action Short Nafta football club adapted screenplay little women original screenplay. What's Katamon Hollywood? Cinematography nineteen seventeen original score. Joker original song love me again. Director Sam Mendes for nine hundred seventeen actor leading role. Joaquin Phoenix actress in leading enrollment Zellwegger. Best picture nineteen seventeen. Yep Sounds right okay all right watch the Baptist happen in throw all of that in probably backers will probably be in the same thing so yeah. They're not the the the award nominees are. They weren't committees. You're not particularly creative. It unless that that's why that's why these Dr Course Curve balls are so notable because they're like Oh wow you actually. He did the thing. Okay Yeah but it doesn't happen very often if it does. Well we'll either we'll we'll either lose or we'll have something interesting to talk about. Yeah yeah well even if we lose we'll still have something interesting to talk about and are terrible. Terrible movie to to to review the t three K.. Skills Ladies Anyway so if a UH if any of our listeners WanNa join in the fun we don't we don't have any prizes for you. We'll just have you just have to suffer through a bad and movie with us if we lose but you can make your guesses as well you know for bragging points if you if you win Send US send us your your thoughts on any of any of topics or if you want to Chime in about some Oscar nominated movies. You've seen or haven't seen sentence feedback at our email address which is five fingers at gmail.com. You can also visit our website. which is the five Ish van dot com and you can find links to Oliver social media from our our website mostly on facebook instagram? And we have a youtube channel where you can listen to our past podcasts. Or look at videos that we've posted in the past and you can also listen to our podcast wherever fine. PODCASTS are found such as apple. podcast Google replace stitcher radio spotify bunch other places too but those are kind of the big ones that we can be found and if you would like to support the podcast broadcasts we have a patron that you can Donate to us through. We also have a Amazon store which we go to our website click are Amazon affiliate link we get a referral bonus and that helps us out as well and we also have a merchandise shop and so you can choose any one of those ways to financially support us which is always appreciated in thank you to all of our our patriots or donors are shoppers through our store things. 'cause that's that's amazing and helps us out like I said so. Thank you all for listening. Thank you offer enjoying our silliness. 'cause his we enjoy it but it's kind of cool to know that other people do to move on. Aw Right so with that too. We shall sign offer this week. Suspending Bethlehem song. Ignite this Chrissy saying goodnight from salt. Lake City solid from Wisconsin. Saying good evening aglietta seizing pitch. And this is Rachel in Indianapolis Indianapolis Indiana. This has been a very very scientific experiment. Chelsea goes diced bayless. You you have been listening to the five ish fan girls podcast. You can find more episodes and information at the five ish fan girls dot COM com any and all books movies games and then the other forms of media mentioned are owned and operated by the respective copyright holders no copyright infringement is intended or implied if you wish to support the show the easiest way is to leave us a rating and review more ratings and reviews will make it easier for others to find the show. 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