Episode 1500


T minus ten nine eight seven six five four three two one. Here it is. This is geek news. Central my name is todd. Cochran you from the new media. Production studio in coldwater michigan. Got a great show lined up for each night. A munster show. You're gonna wanna watch. This is going to be a big one because what it is. It's episode fifteen hundred and tonight show. We're going to talk about the regular stuff. The regular text african talk about windows. We're gonna talk about qualcomm or talk about ceus. We're gonna talk about amazon. But i'm first and foremost i want to welcome you to episode one thousand five hundred. Who were finally here of the geek. News central podcasts. For thursday january fourteenth this show shown sponsored in part by our good friends at go daddy dot com listeners. Just like you great deals and go. Daddy can be found a geek. News central dot com forward slash. Go daddy you can support this. Show today at cnn. 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That is dead but gnc week in review with kirk who is my executive producer and a big shout out to kirk for a really getting show. Prep done satan myself lots of time and of course don being the gadget professor our partner shows partner sites here are dot com again there on the very top of the website and getting the central definitely check those out so you know really this show ultimately would not be where it is today and all these years without our good friends at go daddy. They joined the show as integral partner and sponsor in june. Yes june of two thousand five holy smokes fink about that and been here every month supporting the show allowing me to do what they do. Keep the lights on allowing me. Pay the insurance lobbied. Pay the rent. Do what we need to do to be able to put a good show together to have built this beautiful studio and everything around it. So tonight i really want you to. 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We're able to meet that goal and you help me by promoting the show to your friends family members and people that you know it really. Is that simple. Now if you're watching yes of all nights for the stream to die. It's perfect for for months and months on end and tonight it died. So yes i'm going to have to edit after edit the show but anyway long story short thank you to go daddy for being a longtime sponsor here for taking care of the show and It's it's really truly An incredible incredible that they've been here this many many years and So thanks to them so insane. Absolutely insane that the show drops out the one night the most important night of this show. You know what it is. It's absolute karma it's absolutely karma that the that the show would go down absolutely so let me double check. Make sure all her friends can get back in here. Oh my god unbelievable. All right we send it back to public. Yes it was a conspiracy. It gets all right so the shug on and were reset will. Hopefully we'll stay online insane. Insane all right in. We're not even hitting hitting the numbers so let me start off by first of all and furthermost The student designed by automate dot com. Thank you so much. And of course we've talked about in the last show if he become an insider. You're going to be part of our new private podcast. And we've actually had a number of folks already sign up as insiders in anticipation of that and we'll get that started here and then in the next couple of weeks We'll talk about this future. Shows won't do want to spend too much on that tonight but more than anything This past few days of with With the plug. It's guys from tech. Podcast we've been doing some cs coverage have done about five or six hours of that this week and So anyway i. I really wanted to say thank you to all of you to all of you. That have long. Listen to this show. There are people that are listening to the show via podcast right. now that been here seven single digits. There are people that have listened to this show for a couple of years went away come back listen for a couple of years went away come back so e some of you are like on your fifth time listening to the show. Having been away a two or three times this is this is what happens when you have a show that is sixteen years old and of course kirk and blogging team in. Oh my goodness thank you. So much kirk is like brother from another mother him and i are in sync. When kirk took over the job of doing the the show. Prep he really got me about an hour to an hour and a half of my life back every monday and thursday night so big. Thanks to kirk and of course. A blogging team. And you know we we pay these people this these team members so it isn't it isn't like they're doing this for free so again. The sponsorships and the insider donations are all what feels thing. And of course you know. The show was in hawaii four. Oh what is what is the number here fourteen and a half years. I moved it here to To to michigan but shoko and the kids and all those years in me doing shows that i have to give credit where credit's due in that ways i'm here solo obviously now and There's even news on that front. That's going on but that's for another time but what i wanna do tonight is is really a several things and i wanna start off and those of us are watching live. You're kind of in for treat and again if you're listening to the show. Just listen to this. I set a dialogue. As i wanna show you some stuff that you may not have seen before and i. I went to the way back machine today and the way back machine. If you don't know what is this part of the internet archive and they capture images from websites long ago and the first image. I showed tonight during the show was what the website looked back in two thousand and two before it was a blogger and the earliest capture. I found on the internet archive from when i started doing. The show was actually. You can see it right here. If you're watching close. This is october thirteenth. Two thousand four geek news central podcast ten twelve. Oh four episode number two. Do you know what. I played on that episode. Acdc back in black is the interim inter music. That's why that's that podcast episode doesn't exist anymore but this is this is what the website looked back. Then you know when we start the show. Those of you've been here you know it is the weirdest single weirdest design. The probably was ever done for the show ever this. The sites always been a little quirky. It's got that green on green scott. The gee. I can't even remember who did this. I design i paid for. It can't remember how much i paid for it. I didn't pay too much but you know that's right there about the time. The show launched in this was on movable type and then if we move forward a little bit this is going up to two thousand and seven and there's some graphics that looks like it's missing here but this is when i was a three column and this ran for a long time i believe i was still running and movable type at this time i don't think i had switched to wordpress yet and boy just probably brings back some memories for all of you. That had been here. And here's a weird thing is. This is from december eleventh. Two thousand seven. And i was. I was already complaining about the rfid blazed. Are i aa or dirty snakes so little more critical in my in my In my logging. And of course. At that time i was still active duty with With uncle sam. A matter of fact gist just getting ready to retire. Then this is the website as of around december actually in. What's weird is an actually hasn't switched on your screen yet for those of you watching. This was the post. I made november. Twenty seven th two thousand ten. When my when my Cousin's kids came missing and are still missing and This is right after thanksgiving but this is that you can see. We're getting ready for cs. The this is definitely when. We're on wordpress now. But i talked about andrew alexander and tanner and i know many of you over. The years have touched out and reached out to me about that. When when you find out that these These relatives of mine and So it it was just ironic. That i hit this particular page i was just reloading random stuff in. I wasn't even trying. And they just got that page and then if we move forward a little bit. This is a two thousand fifteen and again. The website you know looks a little different and around that time is when i made the switch chief. I've got it. That's the current site designed today and dat site design is actually running on Our plugging that we provide all our podcasters blueberry dot com. So i use my own templates. I use my own. You know obviously were hosted at blueberry. But i think one thing that i've never done on this. Show ever weirdness across the bag and who knows maybe being attacked so anyways. I walked through the websites. I've never shown you guys what we have done in the In the actual podcasting space. You know you hear me. Talk about blueberry and the stuff that i do there but you know really what it started off was is when we built the tech podcast network and the tech podcast network is still alive today with a number shows. It's it's not as close a relationship as we've had in the past but it's still there. It's something that we do. But you know the one of the things that i launched in early days of podcasting was the podcast awards and the podcast awards. Today is is an ongoing. You know ongoing event. That i do again. If you're if you're watching live dot geek. New central dot com is a great place to go to make sure that you see the show all right so anyway. How are all over there. You guys already moved. You know what's a chance of this happening on the fifteen hundred episode. And now i'm going to have to edit the sancta death may man won't add it. Maybe we'll just let it go in. It's glory so Anyway long story short here. Is you know we'd built a podcast awards and then you know after the go daddy. Sponsorship came and then. I had this idea about building a business. We launched Raviolis raw voices the company. I started in podcasting and The first site we had was called podcast or news and it was kind of it was designed to be like this short news takes around the country and really never worked out but we converted podcast or news into an actual podcasting website. And today it's actively being a written about what's going on news in the podcasting world but really everything that was born from everything from this podcast and the ideas i had and with my team from raw voice we came up with Are are hosting company called blueberry and it actually started out as a service company where he resold advertising and it hosting and blueberry dot com really ended up being. You know what we've built and really rallied around since since two thousand and six and the total product line over there is is really incredible and what we a bill. And i don't think many of have somebody podcasters know this but let me just kind of walk you through some of the stuff that we have done over this entire time again against my team and you know we built this together. It wasn't just a single person's initiative but we launch podcast hosting we have podcast statistics and of course the pages loading a little slow here for some reason and wait for that to update The podcast district platform was really a i. That was the first product that we came up with the power press plug in. Its which is used today of by about eighty five thousand. Active podcasters is for people to have a wordpress site. And then and just a host of other stuff We have a dynamic advertising insertion so if someone needs a platform to be able to dynamically serve ads into their podcast we can. We've got a new product. We launched last year called private internal podcasting. It's for people that need to do private podcast. That don't want him to be public as kind of a thing right now and then we have these podcast network tools that we built in. It's basically network building to on. What powers tech podcasts. If i click on geek news central here on the screen and that page loads then what you have. And of course. It's loading slowly so give the computer second. The graphics on the screen is second to catch up. There goes so it. Basically has the ability for us to showcase shows on another website. So that's one of the things that that we built in reason on the page Loading slow is purely on my side of the screen. Capture system is not switching as quick as it should and then of course we. We introduced what was called. Podcast mirror helps podcasters Keep their their performance on their. Rss feed so that if you're on a cheap hosting plan your little overloaded on traffic that's a a site that gives them the tools to do that One of the things that we bought a number of years ago as site called cast feed valid eater and it allows podcasters to validate the assess feed and again. It's just another tool that. My team made one of the most influential systems that we put on. The market was called describe android before you could have google podcasts. And before there was an easy way to subscribe to podcast on android we'd put this online and made it the ability to easily again one. Click subscribe to a podcast on android. So just goes on and on the stuff that we didn't. You know one of the things i didn't think would ever work but turned out worked real well subscribed by email hundreds of thousands of people a day. Get an email to their inbox says. Hey there's a new episodes of podcasts launched and you know it's just little things like that that my team has done over the years and really. The entire savor of the company was based around this plug in when we pivoted and built this. I talked about it earlier but the transition from collecting advertising dollars to become a service company fully centered around that plug in many of you have been around the years and maybe no some of this. But that's what my team does at blueberry on a day-to-day basis and again. Probably go back in the way back machine and look at blueberry before and would probably cringe a little bit but that's our current design of the website and It's you know it's our final for getting people into use our products and services. I didn't want to spend a lotta time on that tonight But he didn't think it was important to to walk back and really kinda talk and give me some quick facts and figures I do this. Every hundred episodes is near as i can figure there's been about seventy two hundred hours of production publishing of this show about nineteen hundred hours of content and definitely over two hundred million downloads over fifteen years Those of you that are new to the show some history again. this show started act. I believe october. Ninth two thousand in four definitely start in waco texas after. I'd gotten hurt in a swimming pool accident in june of that same year Started to show with a lab tech head elect mike from walmart and really it It evolved from from. That point took the show back to hawaii and started there and there's whole series of stories about that but did the show for months fourteen and a half years and wife a majority of it from historic ford island then moved to the house and maka kilo overlooking honolulu and then a year and a half ago. Moving back to michigan Some milestones a entered into the podcast hall of fame in two thousand fifteen and the first one of the first groups Or talked about launching tech podcast network and go daddy and we didn't talk about citric. Sixers was another company. Citrus gotomeeting sponsored. The show for years and You know i think about it. And we've tried to calculate haven't come up with the exact number but you know we would go to these events like any b and c. Yes we'd go as a team. So typically each timber team member would get thirty to forty interviews Per show and we've done that every year except for this year. And of course i did it. Did it live this sharing. So i guess we did do. Cbs this year. So if you really add that up over fifteen years that's probably another six hundred interview interviews that i did with a team effort like thirty two hundred interviews from ceus. On top of the two hundred twenty five episodes at podcast insider in the hundred. I've been involved with than the new media. Show which robin i have done together. Which is at four hundred twenty five episodes. We racked up some time behind the mic. Or i have so those of you know. There's been listening to watch the show for while i grew up in here in the quincy cold. Water area My grandfather was a cash crop farmer. My dad was a contractor and later on a produce broker Really when i was growing up it was There was always something to do. But i was heavily involved in four h and ffa. I went to vo tech school and high school. Got a background tron. Ix for two years Joined the navy and In nineteen eighty three and he went on to be my own boss. And i always say that with a chuckle because no when you join the navy or not your own boss As lucky enough to fate was sealed to be able to become an air crewman and Flew entire time. While i was in the navy until i got hurt in two thousand four when i was grounded permanently and had an amazing career. Amazing an amazing job that entire time but during that period from eighty eight to ninety one. I iran ables and system out of california I was in guam from ninety one to ninety four. Ran the bbs there. And this is all the time you know having an active duty and running. B b s and moved to maryland and had the head the bbs in a closet in isp. So lots of stuff but then in ninety seven after my second son was born moved to hawaii. The bbs continued all the way up to go to when i pulled the plug and then started the blog and does of you've been around while no wasn't great blogger and then from there straightforward in two thousand four when the podcast launched so that just kind of gives you an idea but you know more granular stuff for this show is In december of two thousand four. I got the book deal. So i wrote the first book on podcasting announced that in may of two thousand five. And there's a whole story about that. We launched tech podcast network in december of two thousand and four again june go. Daddy became a sponsor we launch rav waste mid mid summer of two thousand five. I got the podcast awards. Going in two thousand six ten my first cis. We did audio. Only at that event quickly realized we needed to have video And then a monumental event happened those of you that were round in two thousand six and matter of fact it was on a show just like this or prior to a show like this. It was episode. Two hundred is when. I got the word that my dad died and We put off doing the show. Obviously because we're packing to go home and I came back to honolulu ten days later. And it's when. I truly found out that this family of listeners that listen to this podcast truly cared about this host. Because there was over five thousand emails of condolence and it wasn't a time where we had internet. You know there was dial up and much of the country still da- point and I was pretty overwhelmed by that. Response my mom. And i launched a podcast called sherry cast and it was my six or twenty seven episodes about that whole ordeal of my dad. Dying and then in two thousand seven retired from the navy But you know there are some things it are interesting around show five hundred and i think it's high five hundreds. I started playing with video on this show. After that point really for five years it was. It was audio only and And then came to the rest the history already no but It's been one hell of a ride. Dig it to fifteen hundred episodes with all of you has been truly incredible. Truly humbling Is not that. Many of you are not able to watch on facebook tonight. But i've seen most of moved over to to youtube. So i appreciate that and those who you're watching on youtube thank you so much But really many of you. Ben here from the get go and I thank you for that For your for your ongoing support of the show and really the thousands of emails that have come in over the years he has. Sal you know the emails we had with him in the early years you know the ones that really twisted my chain a little bit of the folks i remember and of course all the people of supported the show and got a whole host of folks that have walked the halls of cis contribute contributed. I've had two generations of listeners. Do thanks for this show. i've had You fathers and sons. And i've had you know people fly on their own dime to come out and stay in vegas and and pay for their hotel room and you know and help the show. Do things like that You it's those folks are. I'm forever grateful because this show in not have been able to bend accomplished with without the fans and without the family of listeners of this podcast. And i think that That whole you know everything that goes around. That conversation is is really a big part of why i continue to do the show. I still have fun. I've told you guys like episode ten. When when i quit having fun the i'm gonna i'll just stop but that's not the case i'm still having fun Still have sponsor still have folks supporting. The show is insiders. It's it's really really incredible. And i know that we use miss some of the beginning of the show today because the stream is acting up. Gives you a chance to listen to what you missed by. Listened to the podcast. That's a good thing because the recorder you know. Here's a funny thing this week this morning. Guys from plug hits. The a kirk was having trouble with his computer. I was having trouble with a mac. It's been a day my son. Chris is messing me like crazy right now. I don't know if you can hear that and things have just. It's been a day of like weirdness with computers so i am not surprised. We had to trouble the beginning of the show with facebook dropping out. I am not at all surprised. Whatever's going on. It's something in the air today and it happened all day with weird quirks so it wouldn't be fifteen her show without just madness right now. Oh and i gotta show you something you see that back there. Those you're watching. Let me let me move the mic. So thank you so much for superfan. That sent me a plant so i i guess i'll see if i can keep this thing alive but has had a congratulatory note and balloons. Obviously i think it's a fern. I'm not a plant guy. So i don't know you know i. I do have a little bit of a green thumb but We'll see if. I can keep that from dying so First time i've ever gotten a plant so it'll be something that'll hang out here. Maybe next year sixteen hundred. I'll still be here. We'll see we'll see if it is but anyway jumped around a little bit here but again You to all of you for being here for all this time and thank you to my team here at getting essential. My team at blueberry Thank you to everyone. Everyone in the family here family of listeners. And it it's been. It's been an incredible ride but just like tradition like every other show. I am going to do the regular podcast tonight with the regular tech news as that's what we do here. We don't just do an anniversary show and hang up and go home We do the full blown Full-blown podcast and tonight Is no exception to that so so i owe Rita said i've had issues with lag on youtube. That's interesting some looking through the channels here. Yeah yeah youtube. Is i think what it was is it. I gotta mentioned today in a big newsletter over it Pod news about this episode. So must have been jinxed. Maybe i'll just leave editing. The rather audience will just have to deal with it. All right so Missed anything let me. Just kind of look here We've come a long way baby. We've come a long way all of you ben. Along for the ride you've seen the quirks in terms of this show so nothing should surprise you at this point it me. 'cause you know what can go wrong will go wrong and it and it does. But this podcast. This is what happens sometimes. Oh let me click on that. Make sure i didn't Closer one last tab. I shouldn't have opened. Oh i was too close that one so anyway. Let's tranche again. Thank you thank you. Thank you everyone for your support. You've got comments about today. Show you guys. you all know. Y'all know where to send those comments get news at gmail.com. Don't forget to become an insider but let's get into the regular stack of stuff. Then we'll we'll get get you in and out of here. Oh man so windows ten yes yes windows ten and we don't talk about windows very often hear talk about often but windows ten acts. You heard about that windows. Ten is now microsoft. True answer to chrome west. It's a new lightweight version of windows to take on chromebooks and it was kind of leaked today. Get some pictures of it. So for those of you that Are are still using windows machines. Make sure that you You definitely check out this article. I won't go into much detail. There's there's lots of screen shots for you to to take a peek at and And a lot of a lot of details of what the. Us looks gets really pretty thin. But you would expect it to be to be kind of a chrome type of Chrome os type of operating but from windows but in more interesting news. Qualcomm bought a startup founded by formal apple chip designers. Now you know qualcomm and apple have a great relationship their best of friends and of course they announce this acquisition that's bound to make ripples in the chip world. Even though you may not have heard the company acquired Qualcomm paid one point. Four billion for new newies startup founded by three engineers. Who worked on. Apple's eighty series processors that power the iphone and the ipad. It plans to use nubia technology in future chips for devices ranging from vehicles to smartphones to laptops so Wow they've already through their anti compete because they started their own business of qualcomm probably is going to get this company clean but it's nothing like swooping up apple talent. Maybe apple should. It took them off the table and Not allowed qualcomm that Get that Akwa higher but That's what they got the tech industry drinks. Cs has uncovered new ways to mask up against covid nineteen from health sensors to color for accent lights. Tech companies of showed off new ways to upgrade everyday mask and So there was a whole bunch of little things here. There's one called the mask phone. What more do you need to hear. The mass bone made by bennie. Tone is a fifty dollar washable. Mass with the building bluetooth headset no microphone. I don't think the goes out. Get rid that muffled sound. they're asked the mask is rated and ninety five and the mass willing lasts for twelve hours. And let me see if i can get a little picture for. Doesn't look too weird but it does have a bluetooth built into it really. You think anybody's going to buy that and then there's the airpods active plus this is set you back one hundred and fifty dollars. It's a fitted with a sensor on the front. That's about the size of a quarter that connects with an app of course attract your breathing rate pollutants air quality and then when to switch out the filter and i'm sure the filters are very very expensive Lg has what's called appear care masks. We can anew about this already but it has a filter and sensors all told algae said can block network more than ninety nine percent of airborne viruses. Probably the one percent is the one that kills you but it goes on here in this article to talk about all that much technology and all the healthcare folks that we're talking to during our live interviews today were all on board in Discussing the All the different things that they were doing and how they were being effective in helping with the pandemic it was interesting to hear Those all those spins Moving on amazon ring. Neighbors knife familiar with this. I'm not familiar with the specific apple. Amazon ring neighbors app have exposed user's precise locations in home addresses if you have a ring device at your house in your part of their neighbors app. Were you share information. Apparently it's every post someone makes with that App has been putting their location date and all kinds of stuff in there Home address and everything so they've got a little bit of a problem there It wasn't visible this. Be seen but it was behind all the major data. So they're they're going to work to fix on that now. This is the second time that neighbors abbas had a bug so looks like The owner there. We know who that is should put in some extra time to shore that up a little bit and yeah amazon. Shore that app up. Make it a little bit less bugging leaking information. Nasa says twenty twenty twenty sixteen for the warmest year on record. Now we were all locked down. Pollution was down across the country. I've seen youtube videos of In india where the sky was absolutely clear. When it's normally when all the traffic's moving in delhi and those other places just nothing but a small you know there was the cleanest air a we've ever seen but yet yet yet yet. Say it's the highest said that the an australian wildfires had a significant effect The also said the pandemic caused this. Hawaii would the pandemic causes because the skies were clear. Not blocking the sun is at the case. so anyway Twenty twenty tied two thousand sixteen. According to nasa youtube is doubling down on its efforts to make credible health content more accessible. They've got a partnership in wants to make public health with they're saying truly public The team will be led by dr garth. Graham who's previous chief community health officer. Cvs health the new team is working. I make an easier for users. If i medical information from trusted organizations in clinics and healthcare google will find you. Any health related Treatment or you. can you know. Doctors hate google because you can predict your ailment. Almost course doctors always says you get it wrong but at least people trying to figure out about what's going on with their health versus being kenny about it you know i think any information is is better than no information special. It makes you go to your doctor and say hey. I got a problem but then again it might prevent someone from going to the doctor. Atv now closes down and merges with. At and t. tv this confusing already. The skinny bundle serve eighteen. T. tv now they pull the plug. It's merged so eighteen t trying to clean up house in In a really people as well what what was that. I don't even know T. now began in two thousand sixteen as direct. Tv and So now it's all joined together so If you're on that service you probably have known about that already so many of us have not been driving that much although my car reasons got twenty six thousand miles on it already. I'm kinda shocked. I got a notice from ford. Said your high mileage driver. And i'm like how is that possible but i am but car. Sales are expected to ramp up significantly. Twenty twenty one following all this downtime. So my opinion is if you've met up driving very much in twenty twenty. Why would you trade your car in next year. Are this year would you not. It's got less miles on it right less activity. It's it'll last another year but they feel there's going to be a surge and people going out and buying cars as we return to normal. Cbs was full of cool stuff. And one of the things that always just have a passing interest in is projectors. I don't know why. I don't use projectors very often presentations that can stop but lg launched a laser powered four k hdr projector. It's a ultra-right bright home theater. Projector the costs. Three grand so It's one of those projectors that will basically really work as a hope feeder. Andy mallon ceiling. You can set up your own. Entertainment room That's always been kind of a cool thing is people that have these big entertainment rooms where they have a couch and multiple couches places to put drinks in a little bar. All that's very very cool. My sister's baseman has kind of that lay out a little bit and It's it's really fun when you're hanging out with a group watching a movie or whatever Bet depends on if you meet either five screener projection in the can't go wrong with either so That lincoln be up in the show notes for those with the budget and for those eve their hacking out. There you can act together you own. E paper smartwatch. There's a fifty dollar source kit. It's adrenal powered risk computer so this to me. Sounds like a cool project That really any family member could do and you. Maybe this'll be a teenager. That would want to put this together. And if you've ever wanted to be like steve wozniak and have your own custom made geeky watch square foot square oath fumi s. q. u. a. r. o. f. u. m. i may be the product for you and It's cheap it's it's It's forty five dollars as of this posting and I don't know how much work you have to put this together. I wouldn't imagine too much. Looks pretty modular. Yeah so here's a picture of it so you are going to have to do a little bit of work but they give you a bread board. It's opened up and a kitten instructions and should be a lot of fun for someone to put one of these together and it looks. I mean really really nerdy. I mean if you know if you wanna be the geek kid remember geek. Kids are in. Now right geek. Kids ones are making all the money after they graduate college so Don't be afraid to embrace your geek. Them and it looks like a new time of cut next wifi bluetooth has o'clock tells temperature and your step counts so Lease on the screen. That i'm seeing here on the news article. If you have a pixel for eight or five g you may have had some Screen issues. Google is working on a fix for those touchscreen. Whoa some users started reporting trouble. After downloading december security update not being able to tap certain parts of the screen and seeing some lines on it. So don't worry that's coming. And i you're You're going to be good reading. The jarido probably going back and forth. The columbus really really racked up the miles Was three hundred each way. Three hundred and twenty each way. And then i was doing Or me wasn't three twenty about about to. I don't remember two hundred forty or something like that and then All the traveling around down in columbus and then back and every two weeks back for the it added up the miles for sure all right moving on here philips hue launches a long-awaited light switch module and more now how many have bought some of those philips hue lights new they turn on the switch and you can connect via rear wifi can change the color you can change the brightness. You can program it and do all these cool things right. It's really they're really slick until someone turns off the light switch then all these cool things you've done is really worthless. well feels. He was recognized. This and they've launched a long-awaited switch module and more. So basically in the place of your light switch. This module will go in and basically it prevents people from unfair programming year. Light and So that people can't click it no more. It's still controlled by your smartphone but This which model solves the problem of people switching off the switch and it's powered by battery that will have at least a five year lifespan. And why they just didn't wired into the sock it to be honest with you. But the hugh switch module cost between a thirty nine or sixty nine depend on sixty nine for two pack and it goes a launch in europe. This summer followed by north america Later this year so keep an eye on that so you've used philips hue mamie many haven't maybe bought some market stuff but You know just like protect the kids from turning some light. Switches off turning power off to my gear when i was in on the lulu ours. Now it's the cats that are bothering me. Aces announced two new dual display laptops. This is kinda unique. And i'm kind of dubious to this but those of you watching. There's a big screen and then a half screen so it's kind of interesting. It's an extra monitor tatsuo. Desktop workstation can make you more efficient but laptops needy be portable. These laptops will start at about a thousand bucks when they began shipping and This is in the dual line again. A dual monitor on on the bottom of the laptop. The edges up a little bit and then irregular screen. So i don't know. I don't know who uses these. Maybe artistic they show someone doing some touch up work on a on a on an image in the in the product Shot so maybe that is the The use model for that samsung well. They'd made a bunch of announcements today. course they announced the twenty one line of phones notebooks and they're also making bluetooth ultra wideband tracking tags. So many you had tracking tags in the past and You know those are really really handy. I've got a couple of myself from different manufacturers but this is by samsung and attach it to a bag or touch it to your phone or ticket to your keys. And it's kind of like a tile like dongle in familiar with tile trackers it similar it's got a bluetooth locator as well and But if you buy twenty one they're going to give you. One of the tracker tags for free was as supplies last. They run out from the free windsor about thirty bucks a shot and of course new earbuds out. How only to article that later. Apple is This is kinda rare. An update recently in big sur. Actually when when big sur shipped in november the firewall system the work done all non apple apps but allowed all apple apps to bypass the firewall. So apple has issued an update. That now allows you to firewall. The fifty six apple apps that were allowed to have basically god status and You can you can exclude that traffic In some of the settings. I know a lot of people. Don't pay attention to any of that but a lot of people that are in specific jobs have to basically shut down certain type of traffic and now with this update. That's possible again. But this point. Those apps been free to really connect to the internet not necessarily providing a security situation but definitely using your bandwidth. Maybe didn't think it was going to many folks are using whatsapp. Whatsapp is facing a legal. Challenge over privacy in its biggest market. That market is india so basically through an alert. What's abbas users. A recent days to greet some new terms and conditions grants the aptly consent to share the face with facebook some personal data about them such as their phone number and location users laughed agree to these terms by february eight. That they don't if they wish to continue using the app the changes been mischaracterized by many as a personal communication being compromised. What which what. Which is what. What's app clarified. This week was not the case but at the same time there's a petition now. In india alleges that the new terms that whatsapp requires of its roughly four hundred and fifty million users in the country is a violation of their fundamental rights of privacy and poses a threat to national security Did you hear that also. Did you hear that. France and some other countries are setting up legislation. Now to to prevent an outlaw the ability of social media companies to censor and deep voice people. That's going through in outside the united states. You think we'd be leading that. But no that's going to be led by france by australia and some other countries make sure they go home doesn't it the n. h. t. s. a national thought. That's the who is nhtsa guests. That's the national highway. Transportation administration wants tested. Recall hundred eight thousand tegra. Three equipped vehicles that would include the model s. and model x. e. built prior to two thousand eighteen. Apparently those monitors inside the tussles have memory chip and eight gig memory chip that apparently wears out and when it does the monitor goes out and what that prevents you from having. His is the Reverse camera and able to defrost your windows so They're asking tesla to do a voluntary recall on those. Replace them We'll see what tesla has to say and maybe nhtsa will get more tough with them because the initial nhtsa is not satisfied by the strategy and has told tesla urging company institute the recall. And so if you own a tesla those models be aware that there's an issue there with that monitor. Pay pow has picked up a number of Payment firms throughout the world and people holdings inc became the first foreign. I'll check this out. I wonder how long this will. Last has become the first foreign operator with one hundred percent grow control payment of a payment platform in china. According to chinese government data. The us fintech giant is a bigger foothold in a booming market friendly payments people. Quiet a thirty percent stake in the company called go pay china and digital thirty percent stake which la them now to be one hundred percent control of the company and i guess this is pretty rare that a foreign company owns one hundred percent stake in a chinese company are chinese probably can just take it away right Talked about little earlier but the galaxy Smart tag twenty nine ninety nine the tile competitor so if you just want to look at the tiles and get information on that again it's be able to find stuff that you've lost hopefully within your home or your car or your you know in the crack of your couch. That's where my stuff always ends up is seems like put stuff on a chair and they sit down and ends up down in cracking the couch. Samsung also has a new. Ai powered vacuuming laundry cleaning products at ceus so Our gen thorpe gaetan central. Did the right up on this. So the jetboat ninety eight. I plus the world's first smart robotic vacuum powered by intel. Ai gives you florida. Amazing clean with minimal effort. My roommate keeps getting loss. Keeps getting stuck I moved it to a new position. And it's having a hard time recovering even though i reset it. The samsung galaxy buds. Proser out. now for two hundred bucks. So if you're a big fan samsung and you need some new earbuds in. Want to spend a lot of money two hundred dollars available to day and of course we already talked about the s twenty one so if you buy samsung galaxy. S twenty one. It will not come with a charger. You'll have to spend twenty extra dollars. They're following apple's lead on that smaller packaging smaller packaging smaller packaging in the chargers. Just takes up too much room. That's what this is really about. They wanted ship more units and save a little money and on their margin and make you spend a little more buying something now. My brother-in-law i think he's going to need. This is called a new. It's a it's a pool cleaning robot it's called ariel ariel by solar reasons as evolution of pull robots to come out of the ten base pivot silver breeze and made a debut at sea as twenty twenty one and basically the same charges itself and it travels the pool surface to collect debris doesn't it's not a bottom feeder it does the top and If you want something that's gonna crawl around the bottom of your pool. That's that's a whole different situation here but Anyway the filter collect stuff of the two hundred microns in size are yet down to two hundred microns size and scattered debris chamber super removal from pool with no slip panel Easy to empty and refill and again it's it's it recharges by the sun so you probably just leave this thing in the swimming pool. Now if you're bmw driver and you're going to go by the i x. Yes the bmw all electric i. Ix will be. The first support was called a digital key plus feature. So let's say you have your your mobile phone in your purse and your walk into your car and you get to the door. Your door will unlock. You won't have to do anything with your phone. Your phone allow your car to start. You still have a key of course but all you're going to need to have really is your phone to operate your vehicle. This'll be a first. Where your mobile phone is basically an ambulance with the i hate carrying keys. I really do It gets to be a little bit to get used to Good that you have the key backup but you'll be able to unlock your phone with anything higher than iphone. Eleven so eleven iphone twelve. I don't know if it's works with. Any samsung products are not or any android products. But definitely the iphone will allow you onto unlock the bmw x. probably out of my price range. Samsung's is bringing smart thing dashboard to android auto. You be able to control your car with the smart things as well so a lot of announcements by smart by samsung today. They've also teamed up with google to to bring. This dashboard is such. You'll be able to control your smart home products from your car and So i have the right up in information in there. So was it saying the car you can turn your car on. What else activate the heater or air condition out so you can start and stop. The motor feature won't arrive until at least third quarter of twenty twenty one so be aware of that. So all kinds of cool stuff come into our phones so bitcoin. My goodness went to third d nine thousand dollars today. I was waiting for to drop. I said if it gets down to twenty five. I would buy but his back up to thirty nine k tonight. Jim nez launching a credit card with bitcoin. Rewards so cryptocurrency exchange company gemini has acquired block rise announcing his do product. Today this card this credit card works like a regular credit card but you earn. Bitcoin rewards space on purchases up to three percent in bitcoin. Now that could end up being think about that. You get a if you have. If let's say you use this. This card was available. Was down around three thousand. He made one hundred dollar purchase and he got three dollars worth of bitcoin. They bitcoin today would be worth if he bought it. That lower amount. You know thirty bucks right so Interesting this might get Some action by folks that are big into bitcoin. I know a guy that's tried to go one hundred percent bitcoin. He's working real hard ad. He doesn't wanna have green dollar bills anymore. He wants bitcoin. Lumia ta raises fourteen million dollars for service to prefer to predict healthcare outcomes. Now why do you need to predict care outcomes. You think about that. I go into the doctor. I've got an issue. They punch my information into the system and it comes out and says he has a ninety percent chance of dying in your doctors as sorry. I can't give you any medicine. Prescribed you anything. Because the computer says you're you're you're going to die. So that's how. I read that. When i just see that when it says predict healthcare outcomes so the company software cleans up healthcare data sets and analyze them to look for underwriting risk for insurance agencies and cost savings for healthcare payers and providers believing. This is a company that is not going to help us at all. They have great relationships with their with their insurance companies. Do business with them. This is one that I guess if They ever go public. Probably be a pretty good company to invest in. Because they're gonna screw you the any other way and finally tonight. Google now owns fitbit so that has closed the two point one billion purchase. A fitbit has closed and now it's completely wrapped up underneath that so anyway i actually did pretty good on time considering everything i threw all that introductory stuff even with the the mess of the stream going down insane absolutely insane tonight but I wanna thank everyone. Everyone for being here. Thank everyone for for shifting to To youtube to watch me on youtube and I do appreciate you all being out again. You know it's really a pretty incredible in a we go on. Money will come back. Fifteen o one. It'll be just like a regular show. That just seemed like is is we're marching towards. And when i say we you. And i the the family of listeners. is as we march towards fifteen hundred. Just like i had a few days off and then not thinking getting extended. But it's it's nice to be here and get over this hurdle very very very very very very very few shows have achieved fifteen hundred zero. There's a guy that has a horse network is names glen. He's you know he's way up like three thousand range but he does a daily show but folks had been podcasting since the beginning. There's only a few of us that really started in those early. Early days a podcasting. I can count them on really on one hand someone. The other day came in. So i started in september of. Oh four and i'm like who are you and Went back and use the internet archive. That's what gave me the idea to To show those screens tonight. Of course you know. Chaos ensued with facebook being down but It wasn't he was two thousand six. I went back and say the earliest record of you. Coming online is two thousand sakes. Oh oh yeah you know and i. I don't mind if he joined came into podcasting space. Two thousand four was one the slipped by me but There's just a again not that many of us that started in those early days and maybe were crazy and many of us is. I'm probably one of the few that has the original show as people have changed shows multiple times. So that's another in my opinion Real accomplishment but real accomplishment is at. You're still here. Listen to me to dribble on. But he definitely thank you for being here and being part of the family and Supporting me and Supporting the sponsor and again if you haven't heard the the insiders anyone who comes in with a two five ten fifteen twenty or twenty five dollars a month donation to the show. We're gonna have a new podcast or i'm going to have podcast called insider it's going to be a private podcast. It's going to be a personal podcast. It's going to be behind the scenes. Podcast in those that are insiders are going to get access to it and making no promise on because promises are bad when it comes to everything that i have going on so i'm say that i will do my best effort to put out a show on a regular basis. Maybe like once a month. The beaches a back behind the scenes Casual conversation about what's going on and with me and life and i'll share more stuff than a share on the show. So i think You'll get some enjoyment out of the out of the podcast And again a little more intimate time together so Become an insider today. Two bucks get you in. And i'll be sending everyone that isn't insider and the very near future and invite include a username and password the and allow you to get access to the show via a private for the the blueberry private podcasting up and i'm excited to be able to we're gonna put encryption. Real high by a really invoke encryption so that No one will be able to physically share that media file. You might be able to rig something up to record it but Gonna make your word for it. Are everybody thanks for being here. Thanks for being part of the family. Thank you for supporting the sponsors. And if i can do this right let me do this yet. But that up and take that down and put this up. We'll see you next time here on the gate. Newscenter podcast ruin thanks. Fifteen hundreds in the can and now. You're a little bit of editing to do. Can't believe it or anyone take care bye-bye.

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