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Podcast Exclusive: WrestleMania I Main Event Watch Along


Welcome to the busted open. Podcast this is the busted open. Podcast you can listen to the full show Monday through Saturday from nine. Am to noon eastern on Sirius. Xm Fight Nation General. One fifty six Go to the busted open. Podcasts exclusive content for the busted open nation so please subscribe and I have with me. Innovator of violence the landlord of the House of Hardcore Tommy Tommy. How are you man man? I missed here and that you've That you haven't brought at the whole corona virus thing so. I'm glad that you brought back. This is exclusive as well yes. This is extremely exclusive. Because we're doing for the busted open nation. The busted open podcasts. I hope everyone has subscribed and you know what we're going to do something completely different. We'd never done before the Uber fans on this show. We are going to go back and watch some of the greatest matches some of the greatest moments of all time. And we're going to do it along with the busted open nation. I don't have a name for it. Tommy maybe the nation can help you know tweet at us at busted open radio using the Hashtag busted open podcast. Maybe the nation can come up with the name. I think it's a great idea. I mean I. It's Kinda going to be like owned mystery. Science theater wrestling mystery science theater meets. Watch along each man you just talking about professional wrestling. I'm really looking forward to this. And since it's Wrestlemainia Week Tommy by the way. Don't forget to listen to our wrestlemanias special on Sunday from three to five PM eastern time. Me and bully ray again. Recap took place on Saturday and we're going to get you ready for what's taking place on Sunday so make sure to listen to that on Sirius. Xm fire nation one fifty six but Tommy since it is wrestlemainia week. I figured we'd go and see a match from the first ever Wrestlemainia back in one thousand nine hundred five man. March thirty first hours fourteen years old and I was there baby. I cannot wait to go back there. February twenty eighth where it was the match. Set it up in the wall or to settle the score and when you talk about electricity and you'd always hear gorilla monsoon talk about you could cut it with a knife. I was so excited when Mr T. was going to hop the guardrail and it was all during the holes captain Lou Albano Cindy Lauper the rock and wrestling connection was going on and I remember. That was the first time I started hitting my father like Dad. Mr T. here Oh my God I was hitting my father. Like Mr T. Is here that would be the equivalent to like the biggest celebrity on television? Mr T. was such a big deal and for him to be there at the event where I was sitting in my head and then like you know the angle that pursuit and if you think about how the times have changed. It was almost one month before they set up this super card where you think about now. The Royal Rumble Starts January all the way up to the end of March April. Will you know here comes Wrestlemainia? And it's wrestlemainia season but they literally had one month to go to promote their main event of this first ever show all right so I want you. I'M GONNA I'M GONNA quote my father said. Keep IT IN THE CONDOM. Because we've got a lot of information but we should do it along with the bus station. So we're not watching the entire first WRESTLEMAINIA WE'RE GONNA watch the main event so I need everybody that wants to watch along with us as we thought. You'll have to listen to Tommy and I talk but if you WANNA watch the main event of Wrestlemainia the first ever wrestlemainia along with us go to wwe network. And we're queuing it up. Tommy at one hour forty five minutes and six seconds. We couldn't make it simple one hour and forty five minutes and six seconds into the first ever wrestlemainia. You know what I'm talking about if you see liberace and the rockets in the rig so one forty five zero six. Wait for it. I'm GONNA else for the nation to find the exact particular point in the car for where we're GONNA talk about it so it's one forty five or six. Q it up and do you have acute up Tommy to one forty five zero six one hour minutes and six seconds of the virtual radio. I am ready. That's such a great random time. I love it. It's GonNa make it simpler one hour forty five minutes at six seconds so you gotta queued up so here. We go when I I'll tell you I'll countdown and I'll say play when I say play. That means hit play so five. Four three two one and play. And as I said there you see in the ring the great liberace. Who's The timekeeper for the match liberace dancing in the ring with the rockets? He is so happy he hasn't missed a step. What do you mean Dave? And I love the yellow fingers in the audience because Dusty Rhodes used to call Ho- cogan yellow finger because of those yellow fingers that you see those foam yellow fingers that a lot of audience you know oughta members of the audience have bought. Now you know the you were. Nwea guy. I was just a pro. You were the dad's liberace Doherty's Rhino Jack and look at them go nuclear Martin with Howard Finkel the special guest ring announcer. Now Dave you're in. Nwea guy. Yes I was a all out professional wrestling fan. You were what we make fun of today when there's the mix between eight. Wfan state you were that guy. You hated this despise them. To be honest I hated liberace being there. I loved Billy Martin being there because he was a beloved. You Know York Yankee The palm we understand it now as we get older why the wwe. E and Vince McMahon. Put this all together and I know from stories that Shane. Mcmahon has shared with me of and they said this publicly. If this event wasn't success here comes. The greatest is His name Spelt Wrong Muhammad Ali. No I think that spells name I think yeah I'm pretty sure you M.'s. And this is also the massive square garden network who some random fan that ran into the ring. They thought it was Sammy. Hagar but I digress. But they did all this because liberace the same like we're talking about GRONK GRONK will get more is on the product or last year. It was you know what Rhonda Rousey and all that stuff wanted to use these mainstream celebrities to try to get you know people watching this on this thing. This new thing called pay per view that is the New York State. Athletic Commission boxer. He was the he was the guy who ran at Man. He used to have to go get his license for him. I forgot his name. I'm not listen to the volume dammit. He was a good dude. Man Me and my father used go because to be a wrestler New York Jewish to have to go down to New York City and get cardiogram and get an actual physical from their doctor to allow you to be a wrestler. Wow so all right so So we have Muhammad Ali and the story is that Muhammad Ali Pat Patterson referee. Muhammed Ali is referee outside the ring and it turns out that they just didn't trust Muhammad Ali to be the referee so they brought in Pat Patterson to actually be referee for the match. And it's amazing that they didn't trust Mohammed Ali who had matches already. I mean what would you do go into business for himself? Knockout Hogan which would have been and here comes a Rowdy Roddy Piper and Paul warned door of an ace cowboy Bob Orton. They're going to be coming down down the aisle into the ring in just a moment. But you asked me about that. I was an Nwea guy this this wrestlemainia first of all. I think you would agree. Tommy there would be no wrestlemainia without hoke. Amini I mean. Hulkamania was all the rage at this time. So this was kind of a playoff holcomb mania wrestlemainia. If you talk about or if you asked Roddy Piper Roddy Piper would always say yes. Hulkamania was it but did people pay to see hot. Roddy Piper get his ass kicked by Hulkamania. That's a big question that live throughout the ages in professional wrestling in Piper was convinced but wasn't for him there would have been no wrestlemainia. And if you think about it he was the heat. He was the heater from what he did last month to Captain Lou. Albano what he did to you. Know all those promos what he did to Cindy lauper it. Was You know we were? I know I was paying to see Hulk Hogan kick his ass. You can't just like any great movie any great book anything to Have Great. Baby Fae Superhero. You need a great villain and Roddy Piper was Dave we're not doing audio. I mean we're doing audio but we're not doing video as well are we doing. We're I believe we're doing audio and video. I think I could be wrong. Mother Teresa would have to tell us. Icu But oh look. You've got the hot rod t shirt on all this one out of the closet. It makes my man. Boobs look super big. But I don't care for Roddy Piper Glove and we're actually just doing. We're just doing audio but I but I had to say video because I knew you had something special so I just play. I just worked you there but you make you make you more shirts. Turn look this place up. I don't even have the volume on. Look at this place pop. I was part of electricity. If there wasn't for me they would have had. What was it one thousand nine thousand eight hundred twenty something like that? There's one or two sure. Now you forget because Jimmy superfly SNUKA WAS WITH MR T. And Hulk Hogan in this match and boy. This is really the started. The decline of Jimmy superfly snuka because months before this he was in the feud with rowdy. Roddy Piper Yeah and when you talk about not trusting someone. That's why emits match. They took out snooker. And I believe Mr T. was supposed to be it was supposed to be Hogan and Mr T. or in Some places have said it was supposed to be Jimmy. Snuka and Mr T. but I don't think that holds true but Jimmy got demoted down the card because of he was unreliable and which sucks because it would. It would have changed the face of wrestling history. Yeah think about that. That's crazy now earlier. You asked about you know I was in. Nwea guy. And I wasn't crazy about this first wrestlemainia because Bill Maher in an liberace in all the superstars and everything else you know. Wrestlemania WHIZ. Wwf answer to star Cade Star. Cade was I and this was kind of their answer to that Super Card that was star Cave for the Nwea but this was truly the beginning of sports entertainment as instead of the old school pro wrestling. Yup and Damon. I gotta get back to that question. What you talk about this. I'm getting goosebumps and I don't need to tap on my arm like the rock does because I haven't seen this. Probably since maybe one thousand nine hundred eighty six first of all. I'm laughing at the old man with the broom in the left corner sweeping debris because if that happened today Vince McMahon would have that man removed as quick as could be. Of course. Paul orndorff just took this old man's broke Alma. God He broke his groom. And now the old man is like like he just sulks because now he's got no br. I guess he figures my days over now. I don't have a broom. The work with that. That is a union worker at Madison Square Garden. Ladies and gentlemen. Oh now this is what you hate it you and I did too man. I didn't think you know as wrestling fans we don't liberace should serve no purpose and I believe he has a little tingle bell that he will ring cert- shortly if I didn't see any of this because I remember having to go back and watch it because I was pretty high up. There was no screen. You just watch it as it was happening. Look at act. Body of Poland are my God. He was an amazing shape. Hogan and Mr Teague gone up against Rowdy Roddy Piper Paul orndorff. Jimmy snuck in the corner of Hogan. And Mr T. and ACE BOB or in the corner of Roddy Piper and Paul orndorff and this is old school too in the fact that in they probably changed it on the wwe network but when Hogan came to the ring it wasn't real American. It was either Tiger Tiger baby. I remember me the Tinkle Bell. Say Tell Ya Ya liberace. I also saw a bill after a Georgia Palestinian. Look at how everybody is just packed and jammed in. Have you ever been into the garden when you were a younger? No I go into New York would be like going to Tokyo. They never they never wanted a venture at the New York City so all the wrestling that I saw in Jersey William Paterson College the meadowlands. Of course it was. It honestly wasn't until I was in high school that I I went to see wrestling at Madison Square Garden. My father when he would take me to events he was kind of like the father of the goldbergs. It would be like if we're watching the hockey game at the end of the second period as a kid we gotta go home. We gotta be traffic and I know I WANNA see the third quarter or you know. We leave after the seventh inning. Stretch of a baseball game was way my father would let I would never leave this event. I was glued to this. I also I would like to tell you that I wore Would be the equivalent to mom jeans back then and my hope. I had Australia Polka mania shirt brother. I was so out. You are my. My father didn't like wrestling at all. But the first time he took me Hogan was going up against Dr David Schultz and my father actually jumped to his feet when Hogan's music star playing with Itt Dun Dun Dun Dun. He got out his feet. Who's get into it? I was so proud of my dad when he first got into. Because I knew he wasn't a Fan. I think he became a fan that night watch. We'll look at this. This is such a big fight feel. This is a big fight boxing. Ufc and the intensity that Piper has and this is with an untrained wrestler. Mr T. he's not a russell. He's an actor stuntman. We'd think of this now because you mentioned it first of all look at the time. It's three zero seven in the afternoon. The main event is taking place at three o'clock in the afternoon. But this would never ever happen today like that pop that you heard would never happen for a couple of reasons. One people would have their cell phones out taking video. They wouldn't be jumping up and down screaming and yelling because they want to take video on their cell phones and the other thing. The crowd would be split because everybody was behind. Hogan and MR T. But if this was taking place today the there would be as many fans rooting for Piper as they were for Hogan. Yeah no the build up to this to first of all shape Roddy Piper and man he is jacked and I remember they would do all these vignettes and they only had you know a month really And they were training at Mid City. Jim and then member Hulk and Mr T. were were training in Venice beach and they were doing like all these different workout misty by the way does not know how to lock up but it didn't matter it didn't matter back then to the 'cause you know when we say we were spoiled as wrestling fans of everything in this point is real and it is real mystique. Oh what he's doing. Yeah and Roddy. Piper was exactly. You're going to give any kind of popcorn punches. Mr T. either How but delete up to this match. Because he talked about how big this was. How mainstream WRESTLEMAINIA was leading up to. This is that infamous Spot with Richard Belts or when WH- when bells are when Mr T. And Hogan were guest and and Hogan put put Richard Belcher in the sleeper. Hold any any conked out. Let them go and cracked opened his head. Do you remember that you and this was also on Saturday hosted Saturday night. Live with Billy Crystal and they had that awesome segment with you. Look Marvelous by the way Jimmy. Snuka just went to the top rope. I think he thought it was the finish already. And Mohammed Ali. Get in the ring. It broke down. But you know honestly. It's as simple as this where I and I'm not saying they probably called a lot of stuff. There's Billy Martin he don't care Egypt happy He's hammered this chaos and the everybody is standing around. There's not one person their seats. I was one of them all such. He'll he piper lieven. Dare you do that? You have to referees and neither one of trying to count Roddy Piper out by the way we learn how to do is with audio because then we wouldn't your audio Danielle Maricic and bring up mother. Marissa's WHO's running the board for this show. She could bring up the audio whenever we wanted to now. This is our pilot episode. These are only gonNA get better. I just I can feel it. I'll probably go back and watch this now just to feel the electricity and also too you can use hashtag busted open podcast at open radio for anything more that you want to hear when we do these things to do. You want us to do more calling of the match. Do you want more stories. We listened to the bus open opened. Nation here Tommy. The nation should say what matches they want us to watch. Ooh I think it ad genius you are. I can produce some stuff as well even though we got the greatest producer of all time. Mother Marissa. There that's right here. We go breaking down for two referees yet should be breaking down but it is pat. Patterson doesn't Care Muhammad Ali is lost and I don't think Mohammed Ali right now is looking at the ring. He's probably calling. A Gimmick could get over here we're going to sell job Do you know the only two wrestlers that ever were at Wrestlemainia one and made it to Wrestlemainia as fans you This the only. There's only two right all right. I'm GonNa Guess these gases you and Nunzio you got it. You made it Wrestlemainia twenty which was At Madison Square Garden. And he said it was the happy ever was because his dad who took him to this show and then he got to see his son performance wrestlemainia which is cool. Nice hip toss. That's it actually. You Know Mrs Taylor Looks Pretty Good. Body slammed by Mr Day. We just saw a hip toss array. Cady is on Paul Orndorff. Paul orndorff could sell to. Jeez LOUISE WELL I. Also I don't know why Mr T. who looks again in phenomenal shape. He's blown up and his underwear is showing locale blown up. He is already on the corner. He's he's he's he's always dad. All my gosh. He is so grown to get all. What a bump. The only other person who goes over the back of the way that way is Adrian. Adonis though it's so hard to do that bump nowadays because the roads are so Tight looseness of the ropes but going over backwards like that. You know a lot of guys kinda turned to the side But the the Lusa ropes you and do that. There's somebody's jacket. Yeah that's the other thing. To look at the rain around ringside our our ringside. There's nothing around ringside. All these photographers just random. People police officers like it's it's like Penn station around ringside throwing. Looks like a mosh pit and that's how it should be. There is so many photographers. Muhammad Ali getting involved there. He's there were so many hours. So many extras so many. I mean if you even if you watched going to the ring. All the wrestlers were standing even saw the iron sheik wearing a do rag literally watching the show. And if you follow Brian Goertz that he was the head writer for raw longtime on he wrote a Monday night raw. He particularly did in entranceway old school. Just like that because he saw this Wrestlemainia as a Kid. So he copied that in one of the wrestlemainia matches that were at Wrestlemainia. I'm used to like a lot of photographers that you don't normally see at a wrestling event. Because this was. This was big like we talked before. This was mainstream. Patterson's getting physical with Mr Day. This is crazy. I for two referees. That don't know how to referee. Can we get into real referee in this match? Please but it they talk about eighty w how? Aws doesn't respect the ten second or two five second rule. Look at this is awful. Pat Patterson is refereeing the referee of mohammad-ali the resume. It's a referee. He's telling him to get out of the ring. Meanwhile if Mr T. could ask for oxygen I think he would look at him. He is completely blown up. This is amazing and please pull up your pants. Mr T. come on you're on television. He is so blown up. He doesn't care that he's showing his underwear wearing tidy. Whyte's the first sign if you are a wrestler and the person on the apron is blown up is exactly how Mr T. Leans ropes right now at when you go to wrestling training when you are tired of me and bully ray dude at our you know at at team. Three D Academy when guys get off the ropes get off the ropes. One because of a guy hits the rope. She'll go flying and two it. Just you having a stand there when you're winded is actually helping you get conditioning because of situations like that and we always say what if main event of Wrestlemainia would you be sucking wind like that. I mean you would agree though. Tommy that most people bought a ticket bought a ticket to see this main event. Like you know unlike other wrestlemanias there are some like you know there was some enhancement talent so to speak on this card. You know there was definitely an undercard for the first ever Wrestlemainia. Oh Man King Kong Bundy. St Jones Ricky steamboat versus Matt born. what's his name Tito Santana versus the executioner. Who was playboy? Buddy rose and I totally forgot because I went looked up the results. Brutus beefcake wrestled David Sammartino on this with Bruno in his corner. That's I wow. I completely forgot about that. David Tino I think it was gone from the WWF. About six months after the first wrestlemainia top rope high rent district using the tag ropes. Ladies and gentlemen I love the Tagore's courses balling because he can't even stand over here in a little bit of Jesse the body but to wait a second. That's an illegal tag Tommy to that was your you have to be over the top rope. You can make a tag through the ropes like that. Okay Dave to be equivalent. If you were in Hulk Hogan's partner come on now for wonderful. Paul who did have the tag rope is now getting a wedgie. Look at him. He cannot really can't even stand up at this point and he when you talk about conditioning you talk about you we we all see. Mr T. is probably number one really fighting with Paul Orndorff. Any also has no wind and he's done nothing. And when you talk about excitement and energy and blow your mind will blow you up quicker than your body because Mr T. really hasn't done a lot and I'm telling you bully and I always talk about this. Like about calmed down your because your mind will get racing and then you have no more gas less than you. And we're seeing this where he can. Paul orndorff with that body physically cannot pick up Mr Teague and Mohammed Ali's blocking the heart camera. If this happened today Vince would probably go out and fight. Mom and I'll be leaving. This must have been ecstatic at this point that he knew what a hit. This show was before it was even over well like I said before. I know like talking with Shane. It was like our family. And they've documented this on Wrestlemainia. They put their entire. They remortgaged their home. I remember Shane. Tell me like you members Doing Flyers and posters with his father and like they knew if this didn't hit the WWE was out of business by the way Mr T. Did nothing and tag back in Hogan because he can't look at him he literally just laid on the on the Mat. Face I or using a front face lock where Piper was probably telling him to breathe and then probably said go. Make the TAG. Because you're doing look at him. He's as for those who are watching along with us. Mr T. is on his knees outside. The ring on the ring is doing up. You go right now and we're hearing like mother. Mercer turned up the volume for a second year here. I forgot that it was Jesse. Ventura and gorilla monsoon doing the commentating because it was normally for these shows on home. Patterson and gorilla monsoon patrons the referee. We're going home. Jimmy Snuka jumped in early. Your comes boom. I get up Marissa. Turn up the volume on Jimmy in the ring. It absolutely nothing to help anybody. Well honest Jimmy. Snuka ran in the ring and headbutted Bob Morton and then got thrown out which did not thing. He blew his spot or he came in just too early he was supposed to or deliver that. And then Bob Us snuck gets rid of him with to freeze totally out of control. Oh Oh Pat Patterson just go sucker padres Roddy Piper to keep his rowdy Roddy Piper attack user. And if you remember the aftermath of this was Paul Orndorff then turned on Roddy Piper. Wise Mr T. caring about poll orndorff right now. Because he's just a gentleman. He's a sportsman started. 'cause this started the story time this is where you started. These are certain little drops of the evidence that he was gonNA turn baby face now if you think about look at that guy right there and his body how he went from top. He'll top baby-faced back to kill him and Roddy Piper never held the WW e heavyweight title. I don't even know I'm trying to think Poland have never held any title in the wwe. No he was never an intercontinental champion or anything like that happen and what? An amazing wrestler doesn't know what's gone and by the way this is the end of the show for the crowd and everyone was happy. Mr T. literally did nothing. I think that was a worst performance than I mean. Lawrence Taylor by far blew him away but also tells you how great of a worker Bam Bam bigelow us because that was the last time I guess after this. We saw another celebrity. Enter and have a match like that. He know. What's crazy is that you just mentioned. This is the end of the show number. One you mentioned about Mr T. One thing that Mr T. did do though is set up that story with Paul Orndorff by helping him up off the mat so that was the one. Good thing Mr T. did in this match and the other thing you're talking about the show is over to. This is the last batches is the main event wrestlemanias over. Not One person in the crowd is leaving now. I want to see Hogan pose. I also remember this being on the eleven o'clock news across the board on all this one wolf always did New York on. I believe he was. Cbs But every channel had this and then in the newspaper it was the next day too and it was. You know pitchers they would just do results. But it was pitchers. And that's the vision. Because look at it. You have liberace. Muhammad Ali Billy Martin all in the RING WITH MR T. And it's all these mainstream stars Surrounded by these crazy pro wrestlers yet mister. You did nothing lie. Did I love you so much? I have a picture of me and Mr T. hang on it's right behind me you really now Mr Tay come on now Tommy Dreamer look at that you got you. GotTa Post that on social media when we when this when we dropped this one for the for the nation because they got to see that. That's amazing cat. And so you are unbelievable. Dry keeping displayed. I'm very very proud when I used to love. District has doll and his performance was horrible. I don't remember how bad he was. Yeah you did. Nothing surprising vomit on him showing. The answer like here comes the finished. Pats distracted the referee dozen. See this. It's with the case that the cast which what which just happened one month earlier. Jimmy broke Bob Morton Czar. That's right that's right born in the back of the neck and Bob Warns Arm did not heal for at least seven eight years. Yeah I mean it's it it was. It was a terrible terrible break another view. Think of how this is how wrestlemanias ending with instant replays a VAT. Oh this is the best it's so simplistic in its form and this is why I love it but here we are. The the match ended five minutes ago. Tommy and still no one has left. Hogan and Mr T. are leaving the building. Okay and and still not one person is left Madison Square Garden. That's over you know you talk about some of the most popular now. They're finally starting to to to venture out a little bit. Now that there's nobody in the ring it's crazy. How big this was. There's me Gene Oakland interviewing OKO GIN AND MR T. After a big victory of the first ever Wrestlemainia Jimmy superfly SNUKA saying brother. Being Gino Kalin was Mr. He's Potsy by his entourage in the back. By the way we also saw a clip. He was a guy who helped. Bring hyper back. That's rich herring. He was part of the ww he was he was then after that one guy we pointed out he became the president of the New York State Athletic Commission and then right after it. Kinda got decommissioned. He he still works. Deputy Great Guy and he does. He handles a lot of The W business. I love rich and I couldn't believe I seen him. I haven't seen them in years while in. This is really wild. Seeing all them being interviewed by the late. Great Mean Jean Oakland's Wwe Hall of Famer. But you know what too when you look at this. You knew there was gonna be a second WRESTLEMAINIA. I didn't think we'd be now getting ready for wrestlemainia thirty six. But it's just amazing how everything grew from this one night. It's unbelievable absolutely and Jimmy Snuka. Whatever he saying we won't make any sense but that's Jimmy and Phenomenal went when you again the wwe was built upon this. It was successful. They try to go bigger the next year when they did the three different places though they were sold out it wasn't perceived as well and then what happened after this was wrestlemainia three and then it was off to the races but I mean could you imagine if this event did not happen we would we w would be out of business and we'll be entirely different business. Look at this hour ending a pay per view with a recap of girl Monsoonal Jesse Ventura normally. It's it's million dollars worth of PYRO denied everybody A Nice glory shot of whoever's The champion and man as times changed now this is ending just like any normal Madison Square Garden Card would end for the WWF. At the time. I mean it's not that much different. I mean you're the guy who pull order broke his group just walking around at the back because he has no. He's using his foot to hype up the ring that is that's a fitting image to end the first ever. Wrestlemainia is that the guy whose room was broken is using his foot as sweeper to clean up the ring at the end of the show. Tommy this was absolutely phenomenal. Opioid fun doing love it. This is a great idea. Thank you everybody for listening. I hope you can enjoy this pure lunacy like me David because it made me a fourteen year old boy and maybe appreciate and love professional wrestling all over again and don't forget wrestlemainia thirty six this weekend. We are going to be the air covering it like a blanket. We're going beyond from three to five on Sunday with our wrestlemanias show. Recap of what took place on Saturday getting you ready for what's taking place on Sunday. Don't forget subscribe to busted open podcast and follow us at busted open. Radio used the HASHTAG busted open. Podcast tell us what you felt about this episode. And then tell us what you want and what matches a moment. You'd like Tommy and I to talk about. This has been a lot of fun time. He thanks so much my friend. All right talk to everybody on the next episode of the busted open podcast. Thanks for listening catches Monday through Saturday. Busted open from nine. Am to noon eastern on Siriusxm Channel. Fifty six the busted open odd cast.

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