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Last attempted assassination of Queen Victoria - March 2, 1882


This is Ron burgundy telling you to listen to my podcast. Here's a little something to wet your appetite. You know, we have we have. So the whole crews here. Okay. All right. Okay. So you defecate I was reduced to my basic animal form. Romburg any podcast available wherever podcasts are found. Hi, I'm eve and welcome to this day in history class a show that uncovers a little bit more about history every day today is March second twenty nineteen. The day was March second eighteen eighty to a man named Rodrick McLean attempted to assassinate Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom outside of the Windsor. Rail station at around four o'clock on that Thursday. The Queen had left Buckingham Palace travelling in her carriage through Hyde Park and to Paddington station to board her train to Windsor. The train got to Windsor station at five twenty five pm as the Queen got off the train and into the carriage that would take her and Princess Beatrice to Windsor Castle spectators tiered, but McLean a twenty eight year old Scotsman fired a shot at the queen's carriage. The Queen later wrote the following. At the time. There was the sound of what I thought was an explosion from the engine. But in another moment, I saw people rushing about and a man being violently hustled rushing down the street. A bystander rested the pistol from McLeans hand. Boys from Eton College and nearby boarding school beat up McLean with their umbrellas before several police snatched him up into him into custody. The carriage windows were drawn up and the Queen road away. But the cared soon stopped and the Queen XT her attendant John Brown. What had this happened? From Windsor Castle, the Queen Cinta telegram to the prince of Wales it said in case, an exaggerated reports should reach you. I telegraph to say that as I drove from the station here a man shot at the carriage. But fortunately, hit no one he was instantly arrested. I am nothing. The worse McLean on the other hand was not doing. So will chief officer of the Windsor. Police superintendent Hayes and inspector Frazier of the Royal household police force captured McLean and took him into custody. Mclean was charged with shooting at the Queen with the intent to murder her. After a search. They found on McLean a six chambered revolver of German manufacturer with two empty chambers to tamers loaded with ball cartridges and to tame vers cartridges that had been discharged the bullet. He'd fired at the queen's carriage was found the next morning in the station. Yard McLean was tied for high treason on April nineteenth eighteen eighty two. At reading in England at the trial a surgeon named Charles Vernon Hitchens said that McLean had been declared insane years earlier and sent to an asylum. The jury took only five minutes to deliberate McLean was found not guilty. But insane. He lived the rest of his life at brought more asylum, and he died in June of nineteen twenty one after the child Queen Victoria asked whether there could be attained in law, so that defend his could be found guilty, but insane that lit to the child of lunatics act eighteen eighty three which said that a verdict could deem someone guilty, but insane and allow that person to be kept in custody as a so called criminal lunatic apparently Queen Victoria have pursued this legislation because many of her sealants have been deemed mentally ill. The March second eighteen eighty two incident was the eighth and last attempt on Queen Victoria's life Edward Oxford. John Francis, John William bean, William Hamilton, Robert pate in Arthur O'Connor had also tried to kill the Queen only. One of those attempts had injured her. Her when Robert pate hit her in the head with a cave, nevertheless, Queen Victoria, turned out to be the second longest ruling British monarch only behind today's Queen Elizabeth the second she reigned for a whopping sixty three years. Queen Victoria once wrote to her daughter. It is worth being shot at to see how much one is loved. I'm Jeffcoat in. Hopefully, you know, a little more about history today than you did yesterday. If there are any upcoming days in history that you really like to cover on the show. Give us a shout on social media at T d I h c podcast. Thank you so much for listening, and I hope to see you again tomorrow for more tidbits of history. My name is Danny Shapiro. The host of family secrets three years ago. I took a DNA test and this test meant to be a fun exploration of my family history turned up a massive family secret. I wasn't who I thought I was join me, and my guests in the journey family secrets wasn't a family secrets on apple podcasts the iheartradio app wherever you get your podcasts. And if you want to read about my family secret, my new memoir inheritance is available. Wherever books are sold.

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