Thank you for listening to this. Podcast one production now available on spotify apple podcasts. Podcast one dot com in anywhere else. You get your podcasts Los Angeles fucker. Vulgar bravery one and only famous Rad's be Perez Hilton beat US welcome to the HP. I booker that Manas Perez Hilton. How're you doing? I am today feeling positive about this week. Because I've got new strategies and approaches tools and observations about my life and what I want out of this week and what I did last week that I didn't love paying attention but I was drinking a lot last week. Not that's a problem. I don't have a drinking problem but I realized for me. Maybe you're different this way. But you're you're drinker so you could. You could really chime in on this. I noticed that drinking a lot. Not a lot for me for for you or whatever but like drinking. Maybe like a good amount and maybe drinking several days a week. I didn't drink every day last week but I drink several days. It made me feel really tired and lethargic. Is that accurate? It's not good for your mood either. Depresses you. Alcohol is a depressant so if you do it multiple days it'll start to gang up on you and I'm going to the same thing too many days of drinking. I've been doing a day on a day off. That's too much when my schedule was mostly. Maybe Friday Saturday I'd have drink. Swear now it's Tuesday Thursday Friday Saturday. It's just too many days so I think everybody's going through that so I'm excited to not at all drink this week so today. I'm back on my health eating and back on the walking but you know what like you and like I? We're not the only ones it made me. So happy to see Martha Stewart being a mess in quarantine. People are drinking a lot and then makes me happy to see people are drinking and then like going on social media being sloppy. Pesher media like Martha some sound like some gibberish statements and comment on a post at hours later. She's like I was a mess. So that made me happy. I tweeted a couple of times while drunk and I'd forgotten that I did it and the next morning I got all these comments back and I was like. Oh crap wasn't something really terrible but it was a same sort of kind of like what a mess I was like. I don't even remember tweeting that it was. Kinda funny what I tweeted but I didn't remember what what what did you tweet to remember. I don't recall I want. I kind of think it was about that that one world show but I don't think that was because I remember what I said about that. I'd have to go through my feed to find out what it was but completely forgotten that I tweeted it. We'll get to the one world show in a second. I was instead of instead of drinking tweeting or drinking an instagram Ming. I was drinking and going live on. Tick Tock you can make money going live on Tick Tock. I wish instagram did that. Because I have more followers on instagram. They don't have that function. It's one of the many reasons why talks taking over before we get to the one world show briefly because we need to spend a lot of time on that because I truly deeply sincerely have a lot of love in my heart for Canada and I've spent a lot of time in Canada. Might want to send my thoughts and deepest condolences to everybody there. They had just an atrocious crime. Happened there the worst mass shooting in the history. But God sucks awful sucks just I? I have nothing. I have no where words. There's no words let's talk about the one world's okay did you like it. I did like it although I liked it because a lot of the performances. They seemed more involved like it wasn't just like very lo fi like you could tell that the people either some of them got a professional shooter for it and they set it up professionally. Which is fine. He can still be doing your social distancing and do that or like in the case of Elton. John his husband I think is responsible for the setup and it just it just. It looked a little bit better than some of the really crappy. Low five stuff. I've been seeing lately for the most part although I got so much. There's a lot of haters out there. I got so much heat for something positive that I said that I set out. Actually be the only dam tweet. I sent out about that one inch one together world show whatever was Jennifer Lopez. It was the only one that moved me and it was the only one that I really felt. I had some things to say about. Why not get that to you? Have a connection Barbra streisand. That whole thing. I thought that was terrible. I all right let me let me say what I had to say. So first of all Jennifer Lopez sang a song of Barbra streisand's. She sang people and I loved the sentiment behind it. And I love the lyric of the song and I thought she was amazing. And I you see the thing I love about myself so many things but what are the things I love about myself is. I really only say what I believe and you know we discussed this just last week. I'll even say things Irma god-like over the weekend I also got in trouble with Madonna. Madonna fans hate me now. Because I sent out a deal. I know I sent out a link to an article. The New York Post Road about her cringe instagram and I was being typical me and engaging with these fans and I said to them you know what I don't just talk the talk. I've also privately emailed her manager expressing my concern and some assholes like Oh what the fuck are they gonNa care about your concern for and my response was at this point in her career and given everything that she's been doing. And given you know the success or lack there of her tour and album and Blah Blah Blah Blah Madonna should care about what her most loyal and ardent supporters are saying so just to reiterate like even if I love somebody I'll say it like it is added also. Don't hold sometimes. I'm sometimes I'm petty anyway. I said that I loved J.lo's performance and that I'm so inspired by the fact that she's really improved so much with her vocals and has really worked at it. 'cause the beginning of her career she was criticized so much for not really having the most vocal ability or the biggest range or whatever and then so many people are like oh she was lip synching and it was auto tuned. That did not seem lip sync to me. Even if it was left she still had to sing it. Okay and even if it was auto tuned ever still based on something real. You can't auto tuned shit into gold and that was gold. It was great. It's true I disagree. I don't think it was good at all. Oh my God why and it was. Over-produced felt overdone. The lighting. Looks like she had a team come in and she was up on the fucking set of Avatar. It was a little. I liked that I said three minutes ago I liked it was better than like a Lo Fi. Thing that we've been seeing anyways I loved it and J.lo's saw my tweet and re tweeted me daycare and it made me happy to know that she's no longer upset over me saying. I didn't love her vegas show because I didn't love her vegas show but I loved this and I loved her at the Super Bowl. I can be honest. I am honest. That's like my whole thing anyways. Nobody else really was stand out for me. I wanted to hear hit songs. Like Lady Gaga starts off with the song. I don't care at all but that was a it was A. It's a classic Somboon that she did. Smile. Don't care about it. I want to hear the show needed a music director somebody to step in and say. Hey If lady Gaga is going to be on my TV. I want to hear her do shallow or some sort of Lady Gaga Song. I don't WanNa hear cover. It didn't work for me. The stones got it because they've played one of their songs which was great. I liked the Taylor Swift. I like the sentiment of her playing a song that was about her mother in healing but the average person doesn't know that Song nor did they care about it so it didn't mean anything to them. I would've told her play a hit song like a lot of these artists. Jaylo play a hit song. I only want to hear your hits. But that's such an iconic song. Everybody knows that song to everybody did most straight dudes. Don't know any Barbra streisand song. So that that takes half of the audience completely out of the picture completely already in that song every girl. Maybe I'll give you. The Guy knows that saw everybody knows that song you knew you that you knew that song barely barely. I think he knew it. I knew all the songs I knew the Song Diploma. Carvey did but I didn't want to hear that. You got all the Beatles songs in the freaking catalogue of the Beatles to choose from and he does that now. I thought the whole thing sucked thumbs down to the whole show. Well God what a hater. I was very angry on the wanting hit songs. I love the sentiment behind it and I loved that you know. They did whatever they wanted to put the message out there that they wanted to go to uplift and put smiles on people's faces and frankly I love the Gaga doing smile and I love John Legend and Sam Smith doing lean on me like I love that. That was a cover. I like anyways hater. Do you own or rent your home. Sure you do and I. It can be hard work. I know it is for me. But you know it's easy bundling policies with GEICO GEICO makes it easy to bundle your homeowner's or renter's insurance along with your auto policy that's a good thing too because you already have so much to do around your home go to Geico Dot Com. Get a quote and see how much you could save. It's gyco easy visit. Geico DOT COM. Today that's G DOT COM GEICO DOT COM. I've got an announcement to make this podcast right here. Right now is the last time I am talking about. Aaron Carter. Really guess because he listened to our last show from last to our show from last week I forget which episode he was on if it was the first one of their second one and he decided to respond to it by sending me a D. N. but first he tweeted publicly so he wanted everybody to know. Okay in the tweet. The tweet that he sent was check your D. N. And then the pig Emoji so he called me a pig. Okay whatever so I checked my. Em and Aaron Carter. Nick Carter's brother. Who's in his thirties? Now I think Aaron Carter's thirty or thirty one years old. He's not a child. He said the following. Please stop talking about me. You get less than one hundred likes on every desperate comment you make about me on here. So why don't you just stop you and many others have wanted to see me? Make it for years if you don't like it. I'm getting paid on only fans than stop looking at it. I shouldn't have to explain to you. How trolling gets me? Paid but enough with your wack narrative about me. You're spreading lies. I'm sure since I have better things to do than engage with your bullshit and publicly. Share my clout with you than you should too. Don't you have kids go? Take care of them or something. Dude get off my Dick. You're not my type and I'm not interested in being your friend so please. Just leave me alone and stop talking about me. I just found that funny. And that's what I said when I when I took a screen grab and shared this. I said this made me L. O. L. I wasn't mocking Aaron Carter. But you know what I want to take them at face value. I also just. I don't regret what we said on podcast last week to remind everybody. If you missed that episode I just said I'm concerned for him and I hope he was able to get some kind of steady income job or work. He also sent me screen grabs of how much he's allegedly making on only fans and apparently he made over fifty thousand dollars last month on site so good on. I mean. He could've photo shopped. It could have been doctored. Whatever I'll take place value. Maybe he's telling the truth But you know what either. He is trolling like he said he is more. He's struggling with substance abuse or he's struggling with mental illness or all of the above. He asked me not to talk about it anymore. And I want to respect that and I don't want to. I don't want to contribute to the head and being in a bad place. If he really is in a bad place which he seems like he is. Let me slide this just in case. He's listening to this show. I have said since week one that no one cares and I'll just address him as him. No one cares about you at all. There's not a demand people dying to get the story about you what you should do instead of deeming. Peres with this. Stop talking about me and get off my Dick and Blah Blah is sending a fucking gift basket okay because nobody cares about you so much that it has made me angry on this show at Peres for bringing you up because I barely know who you are he has promoted your for only with only Dick Schaap hammered thing. Whatever you're promoting out there. He's the guy telling people about it. He hasn't said anything. Negative about you. Except for the weird gone stuff which to me. Seems like you need a lot of attention. But Nick is that his name. Nick Aaron I care that much about him. I can't even get his name right. Dude gift basket. That's what you need to do gift basket. He likes peanut. Now see's candies still not in production. Is there a black market for you so you could still get your peanut brittle if if they're listening and if candies sends me there? California Brittle a might have to crack but but maybe I'll wait. I'll wait for my daughter's birthday for M- for Mother's Day or something like that even thinking. Oh my God. Kristy Teagan was tweeting about see's candies peanut brittle the other day. I saw that tagged us on that. That was pretty funny. I was like welcome to the party. Anyways it must be really good really good. I used to be all about the regular peanut brittle but then I discovered the see's candies chock the gets called the California Brittle and it's basically their regular peanut brittle which by itself is magical but it's dipped and covered in chocolate and it is just other worlds anyways. Artists still keep promoting things and we still are seeing you know magazines. I read it. Really fascinating article. You would think that now said so. Since most of us are home and quarantined that we would be hungry for more content. But do you know that that new APP qube yes? Short-form short over a billion dollars was pumped into this and it has flopped and I shared that on my private facebook page and a few of my friends commented on it. And they think it's because because of quarantine people wanted watching things on TV and also they don't want to be watching short form stuff during they have the time. They want to be watching Netflix. And they want to be watching things that are longer it kind of goes back to the point that I was making that. I'm glad everything has slowed down because it's given the rest of the world the time to catch up on some shows. There's a lot of great. Tv Out there the people they have jobs and lives and kids and then you have a finite amount of time to watch a few shows. Now you've got a ton of time and I think a lot of people are catching up. People are catching up on ozark. And they've learned about that. I'm watching the show the outsider which is okay. I just finished Shits Creek. Which was the most wonderful watch ever? I love that show. It's like all these shows are now in my life that I've got a lot of time and I still wasn't caught up so I think it's kind of cool that everybody's getting to catch up on a lot of these great shows that have been made. The people just haven't had time for Cagno Macabre of the new issue of G. Q. Magazine and he made headlines because he revealed that he's voting for Donald Trump in November. I don't Care Vo for Donald Chani. Yeah Vote for Donald Trump. You want to. I'm actually happy it'll be the first time. He's voted for president and he's in his forties. That almost overshadowed the more interesting tidbit in that article. Which I was surprised about communist while and he got a little sympathy from me and then he turned it around on the Golf God Konya. Being Connie so he also revealed in his G. Q. Interview that he was a functioning alcoholic that he would have grey goose with orange juice in the morning and that he would be drinking daily and he blamed show business on has alcoholism specifically he even said that he was upset and he started drinking law that one year he released his album with. Jay Z and his solo album. My beautiful dark twisted fantasy and neither of them were nominated for album of the year. The Grammy's unlike seriously he still funny because he really cares like he's somewhat obsessed with the grammy's and that validation and because he is they don't give it to him I think he's obsessed with attention back to his initial thing with trump. He knows that will get him attention again. I don't care I don't care who you voted for. It's not interesting to me. You gotTa vote use it. I just don't care. It doesn't affect me. I think that's what it is. I think it's just anything I can do to get attention. And the grammies is just an extension of it. He needs to hear that he's a genius. Twenty four hours a day so he can believe he's a genius. He doesn't get any acts out. He's like a patron child. Yeah yeah well. At least he's sober. He claims so good on you. Keep that up. Speaking of Sobriety Demi. Levato talked about that in a new interview that she gave to Harper's bazaar very good look for her. She got the cover of Harper's bazaar which surprised me. Because in the echelon of celebrity I would and this is not a- desks here comes everybody. It's not a diss. I would say it's an accurate assessment. In the echelon of celebrity in the totem pole and the status in the hierarchy. Demi Levato is not an Alastair. Let's be generous and say she is busy plus list or blest but if I was being honest I'd say she's on the B-minus list. I don't know people care. She's reported I would say sheasby. I'll give her a solid in the music industry in the music industry. I'm going to give her a be all right all right fine. But that's a good look for a b list. Started the cover of a major magazine in a fashion magazine however a lot of people were criticizing her because she spent a good amount of her article the interview chatting about all the people that she's no longer friends with it kind of reminded me of me in an article that I would give literally she. She's like oh I'm not friends with Selena anymore. I'm not friends with Wilmer. Valderrama her former fiance anymore. I'm not friends with the Jonas brothers. She is friends with Arjana Day because they share the same manager Scooter Braun and she is allegedly friends with Miley. Although I don't even really think she's friends with Miley I think she just is an acquaintance of Majlis and just as like oh I got a mention. I got a mention another celebrity that I am friends with well. They did that thing the other day. Where you know on Miley show. That doesn't necessarily mean that they're friends. You know it just means that are acquaintances. Good point or maybe in her mind. She's friends and Miley as mine. They're not friends. You don't know that for certain Demi also got a lot of negative attention. Unfortunately because her private instagram was exposed and people are now not sure. What's real or what was fake or Photoshop? Because a lot of post seemingly from there. I don't know they were real or not. Were about her dislike of Selena Gomez could have been faked. I don't know it was a real account. She did have this private instagram cow. That her friends and celebrities and a her family followed in that she would post on but what remains to be determined is if a lot of these posts were real like there was one where she was saying the N. Word like I just refuse to believe. That's real I don't think that's real. That's probably Photoshop. Well I did see that in the context of it was this person's my person my homie. It wasn't like she was calling somebody that. Yeah I don't know if that makes it any better or any worse. She also released a new song with Sam Smith. And look at this right here right now for any of you who might be thinking. Oh Perez is just demi hater. I love the new song. Sam Smith the name of it. It's called. Let me look at our real quick. It's Cau- I'm ready had heard it. I HAVE NOT. I will listen to that right after the show. I mean you might not like it because it's super pop and Super Gay. I love superpower and Super Guy. All right well then you might like it. I mean it's almost even cheesy it's like you know an uplifting cheesy fun bubblegum pop song cool but I like those. I like those songs. I I genuinely like it. So congratulations to her. Hopefully it's a hit for them aright This is a touchy subject. Michael Boublil was trending because some fans deduced by body language and rapport. All right. I'm just GonNa say I think there's this was a big reach okay. I don't know if you've seen any of the videos. I did find it all to be completely ridiculous. And Click Bait but let's talk about. It wasn't even Click Bait because it actually started on social media before any articles were written. He was trending and the fans when made this viral so then because they went viral on social media. That's when news. Reporters and outlet started writing articles. But this was crazy. People were like claiming an alleging that Michael boob lay abuses. His wife based on some instagram. Lives and I looked at several videos and I don't see it. I just think it's their report. I think it's their relationship. I think he thinks he's really funny. Also yeah I didn't get a vibe that he's physical or abusive or maybe if anything like maybe it's also just like the nature of their relationship like he's the dominant one. They probably have sex every day. Maybe some of their sex life spills out. Maybe that but like I don't I never would have occurred to me to make the job that he's beating her abusive or whatever but so many people did it was wild. I think so. Many people are bored online at home looking for anything to glum onto. They see people talking about something. Maybe there's a story here that it turns into the Click Bait articles but like you. I watched it. I don't see it. I don't get it. They seem to be chummy. Me You know what I mean. Like their whole thing is like nudge nudge. Nudge nudge me. Like that's how they communicate which is fine if that's the way you communicate and to judge other people on how they the reporters with one another. It's silly it's just dumb but whatever people are going to do what they want to do it on the Internet. And she responded his wife loose Louisana by saying that she would marry him a hundred times over and that there's no truth to these rumors and his rap released a statement saying that it was a failed effort of cyber bullying Speaking of cyber bullying that Tiger King Star Carol Baskin say basket? I just like that her name like that. You Cook Cats and kittens. What does she say that her whatever I don't even know anyways she alleges that she has been receiving death threats to the point. Yeah to the point because for those of you who didn't watch the show. Some people claim after having viewed it. They think that she had her husband murdered or she murdered her husband sell herself or something like that. Her husband's been missing for a long time. So she said quote. I've had to turn my phone. The health running. She said I've had turn my phone off. I can't tell the real phone calls from the fake ones because they're always out of state numbers and she's really upset saying I just feel so angry. That people have totally missed the point. The point is that that guy was the awful guy and not her. She says there's almost no way to describe the intensity of the feeling of betrayal. How about this? Just don't pick up the phone if you don't know the number I never do. Never never never never speaking of Tiger King. I don't even know how this is possible. But according to reports that Guy Joe Exotic is somehow in talks to do a radio show from prison. I can't get a radio job in this guy's getting one for president. I mean maybe they can get. Maybe they can do it if they don't pay hand. Is that the key. Is that it. You can't make a off of a crime. No that's it's absolutely illegal to make any to profit off of some sort of crime that you're a part of or committed and he's been arrested and obviously convicted because he's in jail so no you can't now can he do it for free or staff. What kind of jail is this that you have the capability to record anything and send it out? That doesn't sound like jail to me. That sounds like Corentin to me. I know that inmates have given interviews in the past. You know so. There are some things like that possible. I don't stay tuned anyways. A couple of updates for any of you that we're planning to go to comic con this summer in San Diego the big. Og Comic Con at the end of our sometime in July understandably it has been canceled like full on cancelled and they have not rescheduled it. Actually I would imagine the same is probably going to happen also to the Cannes Film Festival. They haven't announced yet. What's going to happen can also an update to a story that we spoke about a few times. Now y still don't know if I believe it though the reason why to me more and Bruce Willis had been quarantining together is because they were all staying there at their house in. It they each have separate houses but you know. The family has houses in Sun Valley. Idaho NOT OF RICH. People have homes there and allegedly. Sun Valley was some corona virus. Hotspot did you hear about the I. I didn't hear about that. But because it was a corona virus. Hotspot Bruce decided to not risk potentially infecting his wife and two young daughters and decided to stay there instead with his old daughters and his ex wife to me more. How can I buy it make sense? Lot of people called in about that. Play some of their calls. But we'll go people had opinions about Davos. Good so there you go. That's the alleged reason why because that place was a corona virus Chutzpah but could have he could have left and he could have gone to L. A. and quarantined in a hotel or the guest house or wherever by himself for two weeks to make so I still find it. Odd and fishy by the way. He's flying private out of there. It's not like he's flying like a commercial airline. It's a private plight so to your point. I just think he didn't want to be near those loud scream. It gets sounds awful. Yeah well speaking of quarantining separately. This Not Gossiping. I'm just reporting. I don't know what's going on but Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox who are married. Have quarantining separately. Oh and their kids have been going back and forth so you know you can use your imagination and conjecture and speculation. What you will of that you know. A lot of people think that they might be separated or divorced seeing whatever it might be. But that's definitely not a good luck. I would say for their relate for their marriage also in more couples news. Kate Beckon sale forty six years old and. Bankin is dating twenty two year old musician. Gooding Grace Gutty for him Idaho. She loves them. Young getting a lot of people in a lot of women keep on criticizing her like. Oh you've dated like she also dated Pete Davidson. She dated this comedian. A Matt Ryan another comedian. Jack Whitehall was his name. She really likes them young. There's nothing wrong with that. They're all day Jr. they're all twenty s and get it. I wish he was an older dudes. You've got a girlfriend. A man can dream in more couples. News dog the bounty Hunter Duane. Chapman also has a new relationship. He is dating a woman named Francey frame and thankfully this time his daughters. His children are supportive of the relationship. Unlike his ex the one that he bizarrely proposed to while on national television the one that used to be his wall his ex wife's assistant. The family is supportive of this woman and she like dog also had her spouse die recently so that has brought them together in former couples news. Britney Spears posted a video of herself dancing to a Justin timberlake song. Got US boomers not really boomers. But you know us. People aged thirty-five and over all worked up like Oh my God. Brittany is dancing badly to Justin timberlake's dog and she even said I'm not really dancing. I'm goofing or whatever And then Justin responded and annoyed me so much because instead of saying something he pulled the ultimate Dick move. He responded in emojis. He she she she. She praised him she literally she lit to Raleigh called him a genius. And how does he respond? He puts the laughing crying Emoji in the hands up emoji. What a fucking Dick Moon. Not let me tell you. No no no no. There's no other interpretation. That was a dick move. He could have just said thank you Brit. That means so much love to you in the family or such kind words because she also brought up the fact she said you know even though we had the messy split twenty years ago. He's a genius. He could've said the past the past sending you and your family. He could have said anything but instead he put out the knocking laughing crying emoji hands up. Nope nope no. That was a dick move. It was a dick move. You're reading this completely wrong as usual. Go then I got it. I heard he's in the doghouse. The last thing Justin timberlake needs is people saying. Oh look he's even flirting or even having communication with Zack's. He doesn't want any of this right now. He doesn't want any attention on any other relationship other than the one he's in with his wife the one. He's currently still probably a little bit in the doghouse over so I think it's the perfect response. It doesn't feed the story. Doesn't say it doesn't get the lose like you say. Oh does he still care about it? Just says I see you. I appreciate it. I'm done with the story. I need to get back to my life with my way. That's why the first thing I said was to couch it to you and your family. It could have been my family and I send you and your family all of the love or something like that or whatever. He doesn't need it. I think what he did is perfect. It's acceptable and I think it was nice. He could it just ignored it and just let it go emoji. Perfect doesn't really the store. You're just mad because if not enough there's not enough juice to it for you. That's why you're really upset about now responding to something so nice called him a genius. It's one of the most famous people in the world. It's his ex wife knows obviously but doesn't WanNa hear about it especially with what they're going through. She doesn't want it rubbed interface. She doesn't even want to see a headline with Justin and is acts. He's got enough on his plate right now. She's got enough on her plate right now. No perfect I like the response way to go timberlake right. Whatever we'RE NOT GONNA agree. What are you guys? Thank was that an adequate response or not call. Us eight hundred seven two one one one eight five all right. Let's take some calls reprint pay booker? My Name's Jessica. I'm calling from Pittsburgh I just wanted to comment on two things. First being the Bruce Willis and Demi Moore thing I think weird and I'm not even going to code it and the second is about how we're getting our booze here. Local distilleries will still be able to do and we are able to get beer and wine from the grocery store and from Bitter also I ended up getting frustrated and Buying a bunch of alcohol from some online store and with constant because they're allowing that ship here now so anyways I love podcast and go killer by screw. Well there you go now you see we were talking about that the other day versus Nikola from Chesapeake. Virginia I'm calling about the gay or not. Gay Discussion. You guys had. I'm calling to let you know a man with him for years on total he had but it was a women's shoes women's shoes he liked key hat probably five hundred bare women's shoes and he used to like to put him on on himself in the mirror. Walk around naked. I don't allow in front of me wasn't something I wanted to see. My man do obviously was an had told him but I was nervous that one day. He realized that he was gay or something. And you know it Steph. The life our life together anyway didn't work out. Thank God he's remarried and hopefully they're doing well love you guys love your show. I love you guys as Banter. Can't wait to see the baby. Peres hopefully put them on When you can't love you guys by law. I don't think my sister would ever let me put pictures of the baby on social media. Five hundred payers. That's a lot of money on shoes home. My God. I didn't think about that the amount of dough that has to go into that. That's a real hobby teaches on whatever you're into you're into it's just a strange thing to be into. There's no way I could possibly look at a shoe and get turned on. Well that's you. I know it's just it just seems completely arbitrary to me but I get it. There are shoe fetishes. That just doesn't make sense to me but sure is interesting. Thank you for sharing. Hey guys my name is Deborah Austin. I'm calling from Albuquerque New Mexico. I'm actually sitting in line here at the Food Bank You know times are tough and just waiting here. Forty five minutes and It's just amazing. How people are coming together and blessing others Anyways pres- you were talking about Drinking and how you have been drinking more. I've been drinking more as well but I think that this is a whole different world life for everybody and it's kind of traumatic and so we're all kind of dealing with it in our own ways but you are amazing and you know you know your limits. You know what's good you know? It's bad so I don't blame you. I mean you're you're a good dad and yeah so I've been drinking. I've been painting. I've been watching my kids. I've been Even doing school and so yes but I know my limit as well so so all right guys have a good day. I don't know your Lebanon at all. Go Ham on boxes a peanut brittle fine. That's my that's my issue. I know my limits with alcohol. So she's gone cement. Yeah all right. Let's wrap this up. Eight hundred seventy one. One one eight five. We appreciate your listening and we'll do this again in a couple of days take care have a good one. Hey I'm autumn calibers and I have a question for you. How do you do life? I might be a superstar trainer but I'm also a boy mom sister daughter friend and entrepreneur. You might think my life is all working out and cooking healthy delicious recipes but trust me there is so much more to it and this is it. This is all of those real moments you talk about with your family and friends ever wonder what else life has to offer. Bring your curious appetite. And let's do life together. Subscribe now at Apple podcasts. Spotify and PODCAST ONE DOT COM.

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