The Paul Finebaum Show Hour 4: Jeff from Columbus Stirs The Pot


Just because he can't be in the stadium, doesn't mean you can't bring that classic ballpark feeling home with Ballpark. Bonds and Rolls America's favorite ballpark. Buns and rolls are always freshly baked, always soft and delicious and never fall apart find them wherever you buy groceries. Pride Passion Than Pattern Three of college football leaves here. The Paul Finebaum show our four podcast. We welcome you back. Final hour has arrived and we were really happy that you have decided to join us. It's been a busy day I. Know You some of you may have been with us all all the way but others dropbox. So there has been some news that is important especially with Georgia hosting Auburn this week. Kirby. Smart talking earlier about the quarterback situation. Jt will be cleared. But I don't know how much that changes the picture in terms of reps and development. We'll be looking at everybody across the board JT's got to be able to show us that he can function. Efficiently and into with with his knee being able to do it. We always thought he would be cleared by this time anyway but those guys will all competing wills Carson will to continue to grow with the quarterback position. Meanwhile the story of the day in College football has been Mike Leach pretty much everybody talking about him and he was doing from talking as well. Thank. You know the threat of football being taken away. Might Really Kinda unified the focus and effort once they got it back to. Really play together because I. I you know and it certainly hasn't been perfect and I haven't loved everything I've seen and yes, I've yelled and and at people do up downs I've also gone back to my office and. Wondered if I could actually coach another first down but we really have. I. Felt like of played heart and I think that I wonder if the threat of having being taken away wasn't part of that I don't know. And it has been a strange year but. We really have kind of been set to work. For. The most part and compared to other teams have had to. And let's get back to the calls and check in with Jonathan who's in Virginia Johnson. Apollo we're doing great. Thank you for calling. It, Sir I love your show like say that. God bless you. was just wondering Wanting to talk about doing see what you thought about them but. I think if Gordon Tana worst-ever. Together. Tennessee could be a big threat offense. What do you think? Yeah I think guarantee. Has. Capable capable and I think he's been very hot and cold but. I thought he did enough on Saturday to. Get to get the the VOL's over the top I think Tennessee's got a chance this year that critical win when you win that first game can often set you up and Missouri is I think the right opponents this week before they have to deal with George, thank you for the call how about Ben in South Carolina Hey and welcome to the program. Paul we are doing great. Things for you in reference to the caller earlier about the kneeling during the game. That was something that the coaches and players of both teams agreed to do before the game they said, they wanted to show unity and support to all race crap that's going on. So they did that before the game and the second thing. step out at an SEC for second. Wondering how you think what you think about the? Hurricanes place so far and how do you think upcoming game with clumps and was GONNA go. You know it's interesting. Thank you for the call I think Miami has been one of the teams in the country. and. I think. That's a big ACC game as we've had in a long time because front quite frankly we haven't had many big ACC games. I know the Notre Dame Clemson game in November. Has Been hyped but this game which will be what a week yeah. Week from Saturday night is going to be mammoth and I'm pretty pretty fired up about it. Hey, thank you very much for the call. Again, we're taking phone calls for the rest of the way at eight, five, five, two, four, two, seven, two, eight, five, we hope you'll give us a ring and Tom is up next in Ohio Hello Tom. Paul Pleasure. Thank you make with you. Thank God for College Football. You know the SEC but being back this weekend right? One talk people named Cox I got one comment for Jeff here in Columbus. Yes Just, for the record, we had a bunch of cut just come from the SEC. Come up to the big ten show guys how to play football and then also the urban Meyer situation by him letting Joe Borough get away from him. I mean that's his that's on the big ten in his faults so Far As lighten it up. You know from the big ten come down to the SEC now don't think. So anyway, getting back to my gamecocks. Colony I wanted to ask you what you thought about calling hills performance as far as him being sixty four percent on completion Out through Guarantee No two, hundred, ninety yards to two, hundred, fifty, nine yards. the biggest difference in that football game. Paul everybody knows is going to be that interception that was just a bad luck. Going off Shy Smith and and Tennessee picking it off, and then of course, the last you know kick at the end of the game, they're getting off that player I th I was excited to see what Collins would have done with that football. If given that opportunity with a minute and thirty four seconds left on the clock I think he would've drove us right down the field and I. I believe in my heart, we would have scored one that football game what are your thoughts fall? So yeah, I tend to agree with you on that. Hey, appreciate the call very, very much about mark in Florida mark. Thanks for the call. Welcome to our show. Right Paul. Concerned a little bit about the defensive, the gators but not nearly so much. As some people seem to think I. Mean. If you consider what was going on the second and third quarters I've I think they had four drives in a row where we score touchdowns and it was forty one to fourteen. At that point. And Really I. You know. All all hats off to. Ole Miss I. Mean they did a nice job while offensively but they did drop some in there. You know that looked like. Sandlot. completions our you know our secondary course, an APP without there. I just think that you know we will. Improve the mentally you know with timing and I really do think defense is. got to come around and needs a little time. People generally say the had you know. Takes more time snap but defense also Israel. Needed this. Space and distance and times. I. Just I'm optimistic mark. Thank you and you should in. Fact we have football seasons pretty cool Milos of next. Finebaum our you. I am well, thank you. Well you need to know this prior to coming on the air to talk to you. I. Did take a knee but now I'm standing up. I'm going to ask you about the Auburn Georgia game in a minute, but first I want to go on the record as saying this. Kirby smart. Is dumber than a box. Iraq's. He's done less with more than any team. In recent SSD see history regarding the game Paul. Georgia You know to my my tolls kids went to Georgia to offer who do you like and why and then I got one of the things. I do not make calls on Monday I don't mean to be sn snarky but I, I, like to wait till the end of the weeks the week goes. So there you have it. The betting line goes. Yeah Go. Well, here's the other thing I wanted to share with you and you probably already you know about this but I was online this morning and I saw the announcement by the national parks they're building a second Mount Rushmore in Memphis. And it's going to be the Mount Rushmore for sports talk. Radio. And and you're GONNA be on it Paul Congratulate Heard. My opinion. Three of your greatest callers ever sold for Moga. Screaming Tammy and my personal favorite dawn from downtown. Done may have been the first famous finebaum caller he. Should play some of his old calls I mean it was so funny 'cause you tear shreds and he would just keep talking. There's nobody. I've ever to told you I had lunch with him one day. Oh Gosh and it was. It did not turn out well. I think I think. Bob, locking me well with we went to the old. Milos -ironically. No. Not. Milo's Ali's we went to Ali's. And right in the middle delight sheets, he started like trying to hit up for money like you own me money and I said, I really don't take your money and. I thought we were going to go at it right there between. I'm not running for the bathroom too high. Thank you. I've also been to his house the newspaper many years ago. But anyway I don't know I, hope gone still around he was a famous scholar probably the first famous color. But that was a couple of years ago. We will take a Bright Boorda. com, we appreciate you being with us on this Monday afternoon and we are back after this. Listening to the Paul Finebaum show podcast. Just. Because you can't be in the stadium doesn't mean you can't bring that classic ballpark feeling home with Ballpark both roles America's favorite ballpark buns and rolls are always freshly baked, often delicious and never fall apart with Ballpark, buns and rolls. You can enjoy the carefree taste of summer anytime of year. So next time you're picking up essentials for grilling tailgating or a cozy night in at your favorite ballpark buns and rolls to the card and make it an occasion to celebrate find them wherever you buy groceries. Hello everybody you're looking live at Fans Ville, a college football utopia. With a rivers flow with ice cold Dr. pepper? Where every day is Saturday and everyone's a fan even babies. And the seasons never change because the only season is college football season get a taste of fans villa's fall during a college football game near you Dr Peppers the official drink of Fans Ville grab some today. Welcome back on busy and quite different Monday night, and some of the shows we've had lately, it's feels like football season and great to have Vance of next a hell of a good afternoon. Hey Paul. Real. Quick say I just really really enjoyed here from Larry even though for some reason, it kind of sounded like before he ever got ill yeah I I don't want to. Pretend that I know anything about Larry illness, but he sounded like he was. Off The ekg and right back to the fridge. Sounded like Larry. another quick question do you think if Alabama wins the national championship? This year will ever hear from Jerome. The you not predict your call immediately. Yeah. It's almost like Alabama is the defending national champion now that Lsu has lost when you say. Well that brings up my point. You know I'm always bad to do this and I know guess number one, I think that's a great caller I mean I think he's one of the fast. But you know there's one thing. I would remind Jeff nobody in his conference at scored point yet. So. The other thing is I know he's got a computer look up the the accomplishment of in National, championships of the ACC. We're going to leave the SEC out of that because you'd have to have a Chinese advocacy to pat but The PAC twelve. And even even. Since. Nineteen sixty eight. Oklahoma and Nebraska, etc etc. But my point did jeff as you know, there's always another side of the coin. If. If they are so smart up there but we needed. Jeff Burrow down here to provide a national championship for us. Well, if they're so brilliant up there, what did they get rid of him and maybe data played him properly guess what they might have won a national championship last year. Yeah. No I think you're right I feel badly for Jaffa because. He has really nothing to do other than try to come up come up with outrageous sec takes, and it looks like he succeeded in that regard today well, not now his takes. which he's very clever he. A Jim Rome clone, right? No doubt about that. Correct about that. I mean good God Almighty he he is quintessential clone. But He doesn't think about the other side. Such greatness at Ohio state aren't they keep this guy out and let him win a national championship of that lets you that doll. And, and they had to go scrounging around to pick up a Georgia player to try to reestablish themselves. I, wonder I wonder. It's great. I mean he's a good player. I wonder what he was right now. But anyway, that means life is life he went to a great program but I would like to ask coach today who I think's a wonderful coach. I I wonder I would say it goes. Who would you rather have quarterback last year Jeff Borough or MR fields I got a feeling and in a closet he's got. I. Wish I had that Damn thorough. I bet you, right hey, thank you. Jeff I like Jeff, but you know he's a little bit shortsighted. And He's funny. But you know. Sometimes close gotta get clone. You know what I mean. Rackham. BILL IS UP NEXT HEY bill. Thank you for the call. Appreciate it. Paul thanks let me on I Yeah. I. Got a follow up with his jeff thing I mean what enough of it? Did. He realized that the quarterback that they have playing for him now is from the SEC I just don't I don't think he really wants to acknowledge. He is A. Arch Typical Who who comes in when he has nothing to say about his own team and he tries to light the other guys up and that's what he did. You just have to take it with a grain of salt. I know yeah, you do. Can. I tell you a quick story about Ohio state fans sure. I lived in Sarasota Florida for four or five years in in this four or five years ago and at that time while stay was obviously doing well in Alabama was doing well and everybody was. Excited about all that, but I used to go to this. Restaurant owned by Leroy Selmon he had four or five barbecue places and they were just a out standing places lots of TV the barbecue was fabulous. But on. Saturdays the Ohio state fans a lot of people that are retired from Ohio to that part of the country. They would take over this bar and they treat it like it was their own personal little playground. So one Saturday evening my wife and I were were there. We were sitting at the bar having dinner and watching the end of the SEC stuff and I it's The the bartender walks over possible blocker dances reserved for house state fans at seven PM. And we hadn't even ordered our dinner until we this six, thirty, six, forty, five, and I said, what's this all about a Gal said well, it's seven o'clock they Ohio State Games gonNA come on and everybody's reserved all these places and I said well. You can't reserve places at the bar that's just not the way works. So see soil I, get the manager over here. So I called manager over and I said listen I'm watching the rest of this game. and I'm not leaving I don't care what story is either that, or I'll just never come back and but the the porn. The whole story is these allows state fans thought that they own the place and Thereabouts. Noxious visit calms as far as I'm concerned. So that's just my little fake out on that and thanks for letting me share and we'll hopefully talk soon i. hope. So thank you a lot of conversation. About Jeff from Columbus. That is really interesting. We don't get too often that one caller. Commandeer is the show at least an hour of the show. Jim is up next speaking of that. GonNa have to. Come Down Slam. A third and then file nail jets coughing me. He was noxious I didn't I didn't. I'm even propping up Paul Cabin I'll tell me like it is I do not get on you. I'll get on us. I ain't GonNa, get it wrong. He he's land. He I'm not the right word Agai-. You know what I I I think you're right word for him everyday. Well now he's been he's been. With that was that was a lot of arrogance and Eric today it seemed like an and out of line talking about Alabama but I'm not going to talk about ball but jess was online today I'm I hope you'll take what I say. In a way that can can make him not be what he did. He he's lost everybody's. I. Mean He has made himself Monkey of of of the week. But what he said today, that's. Hard to do is to be as bad as I you know that. I'm I'm glad to hear you say that Jim Because I I understand your affinity for for Jeff but today he. He abused. Not. Ever what is the thing about a? You know you know what it is. Like it is I'm objective. No I I agree with you on that and that's important because I think too many times whether they're in this position or callers that they don't tell it like it is they just skew everything and that's what that's what that's what Jeff was doing deny he he sounded like he was. Some cheap politician. I think you know what? I think it sounds like a little jealousy involved in not his team. Not I think you're right. And thanks so well with with with with who so the I think that was guilty of that. System. In there. Well I. Think about it it's it's better than it could have been. You're you're an Ohio state fan and The excitement level down here is all at an all time high. For I mean this year I should say and you still have another four weeks to go before your team gets on the field. But I like Jeff but. Any kind of snapped me. Dale. Private phone call maybe I'm wrong. Maybe he'll take that wrong with. Anyone. Headed he snub you. Well. Yeah I was trying to talk to say he. My here in the callback, he wouldn't have like all back to me. That was A. Well. You have to remember something about guys I see him you know this they don't listen they just talk. To me I'm brag he's got a lot of good guys. I can and and he's he's been real. I give him credit again being objective give given credit where credit is due to jeff can be very responsive respected And what he should be, but today he just went alleged angrily either. Chelsea I that's what I think happened today. I think that's a pretty sapient analysis I do too and I, hope he I know it can return. I know he can. He can make him brush up and and get it right and get back we. He has been hampered today where some probably. As bad as I've been hammered sometimes when they show well, I mean he's he's been constructively hammered. You've been destructively hammered. Can't believe it. Oh, your jacket toward later that what's going on well, it's. I'm tryin Jim I mean, that's all I can tell you. Is Check in the mail I mean that would be a shock. Yeah. It is in the mail by the way it's. Reminds me of a game. told me I'll I'll leave what in and you may have box Tamar. He No it you know it was mayor. Don't you know what do you know that that that was in my mailbox? Well okay. Well, Hey, I appreciate it. We will continue this. Heading to the break right now with a everything copacetic more to come final thirty minutes. We hope you'll join us. You're listening to the Paul Finebaum show podcast. GEICO Presents Monster Counseling Dracula tell me how you're feeling. No one understands how lonely these no one will even let me into their house I knock knock but they ignore me. What else look in the Mirror Don't even see myself anymore if you don't see yourself clearly, can you really expect others to I'm having a breakthrough it's not easy to be a vampire but with gyco, it's super easy to switch and save hundreds on your car insurance. GEICO Presents Monster Counseling Dracula tell me how you're feeling no one understands how known these no one will even let me into the House I knock knock but they ignore me what else I look in the mirror. Don't even see myself anymore if you don't see yourself clearly, can you really expect others to I'm having a breakthrough it's not easy to be a vampire, but with GYCO, it's super easy to switch and save hundreds on your car insurance. We walk back in Jackson is up next from Indiana Hello Jackson good afternoon. Paul. How's it going today? We doing great. Well. I've been want to say something about jeff since everybody's been slamming on him. He was talking down Alabama about beat Missouri the last time I checked. Missouri actually had made it to an SEC championship game. Even though that's been several years ago but instead of running down Alabama, how about Ohio focused on beaten say I don't know maybe purdue. Your or Two Games at cost national championships. Yeah so let's not get too on a on Ohio state just yet how about beating the teams you're supposed to be I. Know I agree with you and you know I'm I'm glad that. I I've never. Adopted anyone. Even even as a foster parent but I I feel like we're we've all collectively adopted jeff at least until his league starts playing football again. So maybe we should be kinder. Well Up here amongst all. State fans because nobody in Indiana what's full for anybody except Notre Dame in this state? Yeah see we're Notre Dame's code I don't play. Well thank you very much. For those who missed some of this There was quite a Jeff Jeff call about an hour ago. Hey, let's go to rowdy who is up. Next. Hey Rowdy. Hey Paul. Good to talk to you again and thank you can tell you're doing well. By the smell of your voice. You I'll way down here in Alabama from where you're at. Thank you all the crap, Paul. Thanks here. Let let me say something. Please Can you hear me I sure can't I can't wait to hear this. Okay let me tell you something Jean. Stalin's law said that if he don't think every game in the SEC conferences import. Then, you try losing what? Losing one two s to vanderbilt. Kentucky. To Missouri Hello Powder in the conference. This crap about it's only the first game and we can't be too critical and we can't use that scale. But because it's the first game tail Alabama trotted let them out on the alternate was ready. I mean I don't see I don't get this. About, how Some things aren't prepared and some are it's call coaching Paul? Mike Leach went to. Mississippi. State new quarterback. New, fan new defense and they beat Lsu's. That's Kokin. Paul. He trotted level up there and they put a hill on somebody there ten stroud was trapped to Jockstrap was pulled. And I put a Hillman on somebody football Paul. This crap. You put out all in you and some of these others about well, if they if you WANNA play ball. You gotta be from this comforter that complex yeah. Joe Boroughs come from Ohio state come to death. EC where he knew seven out of ten players down here, they get the recognition that it takes be recognized on a national lip. Get it call what is it about you that? I mean I love your show man and you're you're spot on most of the time but you know this is your all your way off point here my my way all pulling now comment on that. Paul. Well I just simply said earlier not to overreact after one game that was my my main thesis as far as the guy from Ohio I have. I do not agree with what he said. So that's my comment. Okay. We'll you know. Don't put that crap out there like Jim you know you say big objective tell the truth. Tell the truth, my man. We're this is your shows about sports. It's primarily about college football. Kirby smart stands on the sideline they messed up they don't perform they off the field. He's got Margaret Oh symptoms. Clapping his hand and smile it'll be. All right. We'll get him next time. I'll guarantee you that the head the head people at Georgia with. My PRUITT or Jeff Pruitt I'm sorry. Their token nail because that man is passionate and that he's bring in Tennessee back for they will be. Georgia. A I'm glad you called I don't mind. Having a different opinion appreciate it, and hope you'll call again. Jim has made a special request here. About whoever have we? A soap opera couldn't believe what I? What about Oh lawyer William Tennessee William from from visiting. Maryville. Meadville where where Dolly Parton hangs, out I'm? Well we got so proper ball, the the GM and Joe I even go well Jim, and KIPP. Operate you. A Squirrel who said more than than Tennessee Williams very little. Regard Nobody has lesser guard from anybody on his show. Then they do the Squirrel and William. Lawyer William SNOBBY lawyer William. They. A glove on either. Jim Hillsdale we absolutely have to go. We're out of time. Above thanks for being here we we had fun. We'll do it again tomorrow. Thank you for listening to the Paul Finebaum show podcast. The Paul Finebaum show airs weekdays on the SEC network beginning at three eastern. Mom I think he stole, I found on the atticus curse. Its eyes are just very lifelike. Then what is a tape keep spinning? Scary. Yo What's really scary missing GEICO's easy to use mobile APP. You can manage your vaco policy whenever. Looks with Dolly. We can just bury a deep in the ground happy gyco wing download the industry-leading GEICO APP today.

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