DLD 229: Adding up some shutdown costs


Uh? You're listening to dots lines and destinations travel podcast with host Stephen Seagraves, vase moon and said Miller. Welcome to episode two hundred twenty nine of dots lines in the nation's. I'm since he graves and today and Seth are with me. Hey, guys, full house. Yeah. Back frame back from the Zog riba grave. I guess we had a stunt doubling your place. I see I. I I named Joe is terribly confusing. Yeah. And his name is Steve as well. Well, it sounds like you guys had an uneventful trip. At least I got to catch up on my sleep. That was that bad. It was doubling times go then he was very slow town. Okay. Well, then falls next year. You get to pick the location. Okay. Okay. And it can't be London. I wouldn't pick one. You never know. Well, we almost had Scotland this year. That's true. Okay. Do Scott Scott. Could just. At least point Scotland, you know, all you're going to do is see gloomy weather and drink that's net. Mean that yet? You're just prepared. It's like being important Jaclyn, you're mentally prepared for it. Yeah. I was pretty Zog up to the promise. They had shitty. Beer, wasn't really that bad. It was near scene was not nearly as good as I had hoped. I would actually go so far as say the alcohol scene. Most places you went only had Croatian alcohol. Oh, okay. Well, makes me it makes me like long for the days of Vilnius. Yes. Vilnius was a great trip. Yeah. Maybe we should just go back can we repeat destinations? I mean, we could also go back and repeat Salzburg. That was a great. For some people. But for us. It was great. We had a great. Yeah. Let's talk about Airbus. They're a to twenty has been delayed. Seth you are set to be on the dog role. Right. It's more delta than Airbus. But yeah. Yeah. Oh, delta. Yeah. Yeah. They were gonna take delivery and have their inaugural flight with a two twenty and that's been delayed. What a week. So right now, the deltas taken four I think deliveries in they're working through that AA certification for getting them. Authorized for passenger service and with the government shutdown. There was no one able to do that certification work. So they were talking and working and worrying and wondering and eventually finally late last week decided to postpone the inaugural. I think the official news came down Friday a week in advance so inaugural thirty first when the show comes out broadly. And instead they've postponed it a week and are hoping that that works better interesting. And now the now that the government is temporarily somewhat open, do you think it's there's a there's a chance that it goes off? Yeah. I actually do think it will. It was the. They will be able to get the inspection flights completed. They were moving pretty quickly all things considered. They were actually making progress. Even with the shutdown though. Now that they've got some people are more people back in business. They should be able to get it done that part. I think is gonna probably go pretty well. But and we're mostly guaranteed not another shut down for a couple of weeks. Right. I mean, the continuing resolutions in place. So we we should be able to get through that. You know, there's there's also the Alaska Everett field Paine field, ever, whatever we're calling that new service that was delayed for similar reasons. They're so they were so waiting for government approval. They push there's three weeks not just one. So that was even worse. And then there was southwest is still waiting to do some of its tops work and in their earnings call last week, they were saying that maybe if things got moving very very very quickly they might be able to possibly get. flights loaded for March in spring break. But that seemed unlikely and you know. We'll have to see where that goes. They said that in their armies call. And then the next day was when the agreement was reached. So who knows if that's gonna give that counts as quickly enough to get everything else done? But that's that's where they stood. I would assume that you know, the other things that were being talked about they were just some random new delivery aircraft. That were waiting for induction in such American said, they had a couple of grounded and some other things. So I would assume it those get processed pretty quickly as well. Now that the shutdown is over, but for like aircraft inductions is that because the delayed do tune. You know, the government needs to sign off on the inductions is there like some kind of inspection progress or what I have no idea. I maybe it's just maybe the simple getting the registration like paperwork filed. Yeah. That would be my guess is just a registration process. Yeah. I mean, it shouldn't be it shouldn't be anything like are about like, oh every new airplane needs of breakdown by the FAA inspector to come through it. I don't think that's the case. Yeah. Very very interesting stuff. I I'm wondering with Alaska and Paine field. Can they get that process taking care of? I mean, I'm sure they're doing stuff in the background to get to get Everett ready as far as gates and all that stuff. But then can they be ready to just launch a flight and go and with it being open? Does that mean that, you know, say United who's gonna start a San Francisco flight, right? Will that will they be ready? If approved or do they have to go through the same process. The Everett issue was regulatory for the airport, not free ginger airlines. So when it is done whoever wants to can start. Gotcha. In this case, though, I think part of the challenge was trying to figure out when they were going to be. Able to do it and Alaska, you know, it's it's a big deal. It's not necessarily super critical for them operationally. So they wanna make sure that you get himself a buffer make sure they had the timing. Right. And so with the uncertainty they pushed back three four weeks. Okay. Gotcha end. So I don't I don't think United was planning on starting it in March. I don't remember when they were planning on starting off top. So I'm giving that rat. I don't think somehow United's gonna magically swoop in and like jump ahead of Alaska. Yeah. Yeah. Good stuff, and you're gonna be you're going to be at both. Right. You're going to be at Everett end five AM. That's not to get into. Have all of them every book both sets of flights to make that happen. So. Real real inaugural in the last rather than the fake one. Not on the fake ones though. Okay. Because that's what I really bought and they long story on the fake one. United is scheduled to start Everett on March thirty first. So they've still got a couple of weeks after a lap aren't plan. And I don't know what's funny about that. One. Is it was ready to go with twelve flights a day that everything signed? And then when they decided to jump bumping up to twenty four flights a day, they had to redo some of the paperwork, and that's what got stuck. So ever pays to be productive? Something like Iraq Crecy. So, you know, on on that note, we're talking about inaugurals and things you you mentioned before the call that you wanted to talk about just the investor call with AA and just confidence there because it sounds like there's a little bit of lack of confidence with Alaska and paying field and delta in there to twenty just trying to get these things worked out, but is a as lack of confidence broader in your opinion. I think so over the years I've listened to any number of investor calls across many different industries and one of the things about investor calls. You wanna exude confidence you're constrained with what you can save at least the tone needs to be a confident tone. And was really surprising is the the it was the first time I've listened the call, and I listened to it this last week, and there was very little confidence from all the executives just in their tone. And you could tell you can tell when you listen to someone talk you can. If they're confident about what they're saying or not, and it was really interesting as you listen, you know, to Parker talking about his thinking the staff and the employee's was an afterthought. Whereas everyone else who spoke. It was the first thing they said Parker said like halfway through the call when he was talking again. That's pricing. Yeah. I mean, you can see where his focus is. But all of them. If you go back, and listen, there's just no tone of conference. The only person who exude any confidence was the VP of investor relations which thank goodness, right. Yeah. Exactly. You want your, you know, your executives are like the face of the company, and if they can't exude conference, you know, American stock is getting battered a lot of the investment is already skeptical of them. And if you can't exude conference on your own investor call then you're going to be a world of hurt. It's interesting. You know, it's interesting to me to hear you say this is the first time he listened to the call. I was unable to listen to it this time kinda plan. I think, but it was Parker usually sounds like board disconnected during the call. So if that's what you're getting out of it. I'm not sure that's news so much as just Parker. He hates these calls. Like, he doesn't think there should exist. Doesn't think that he should have to do them thinks that trying to hit quarterly numbers stupid and people look at bigger picture type stuff. And is that he's constantly battling trying to build a real company in the confines of having to deliver quarterly. So that's he is probably not wrong about that. But also like the shade. It's your job. Right. Well, and it's funny. You bring that up to one point there, forget what the exam. Choice. But they've started reporting something that they haven't in the last year because the other line started doing it any basically started to go. You heard him almost cursor tell off the how they were forced to do it and his tongue as he was about to say it, but it was clear that he's not happy about it. But like if you don't wanna do this. Why are you in this role? Wait, the like you said this is part of your job. He's waiting for that golden parachute, my friend. I don't think he's going to get. I think he's a risk of getting fired thinks with where their stock is. And the way the companies performing. Yeah. Yeah. Interesting stuff. And with investors be a has kind of given up on Norwegian, haven't they? They say they're going to sell their shares in Norwegian and move on. They're not going to consider buying them. Or what's what's the deal there? I think they just couldn't come to terms. Yeah. Yeah. Norwegian kept thinking that their companies worth more than we wanted to pack. So yeah, now, which is good for us as customers. I I have a question Seth. I mean you Norwegian you flown before. But you actually had a chance on the way back from soccer before. Wow. Yeah. Which is slowly dying. Right. They have considerably contracted in the last couple months. It's fair state. Yes. I would just like to say that it's almost been a week. And they haven't folded since I was on board yet. My reputation precedes me did. So I mean, how was it? You know? It's was fine. I was I. Wow. The by the service now, it was I see what you did relatively. Yeah. There's actually I made that up, you know, made that I'm certainly not. I I make a joke. I've used that as the caption like one of my Twitter, pictures or something. But in their survey, Email subject line is did we while you did you not subtle reply with one word? No, I have not yet. My survey do that. It's it was surprising to me standing in the gate area in Copenhagen a hard stand at Copenhagen's or didn't even realize there were bus gates. But I found it eventually and everybody standing around, you know, people are some probably first time traveler, some probably first time Elsie travelers, but I watched at least five people get sent to pay for carry on bags at the gate. I was within the first ten people getting on onboard for some people through the gates down to the way the holding area. So that was surprising to me just how many people. Missed though missed the memo on you're gonna get screwed. It was one hundred bucks at the gate or carrying bag. So that was surprising me how many people got hit by that. But it's something that happened. You know on board I had paid for the extra legroom seats, but not the extra extra legroom. Also, not the I forgot they a big front seat product also premium not to into of three by three I didn't pay for those. But I paid for basically just a little bit of legroom that got me the equivalent of a normal economy classy. So if you want on any I mostly other carriers for long-haul, which is to say about thirty one thirty two inches. You want more than that? There is if you don't want that you get a tiny tiny space, it was stupidly cheap though. So, you know, in some ways, it's easy to understand that I also got my own row because no Nelson paid for those seats on the Copenhagen Catholic. So this is one of my sort of Elsie things is traveling with someone else. By three seats for two people will buy the extra legroom, if I'm on my own, and you know, you have a better chance of someone not sitting next to you. And yes, the legroom matters, but having an empty seat next to you, especially these days, which when it's so rare really does affect my comfort on board. So that makes a difference to me does do they let you buy? Let's say these these upgraded seats across the entire connecting segments. Or is it segment by segment you have to do this segment by segment, and I did in their different prices for the shorter and longer segments North America to ice LaTour from Iceland is a different prices scheduled in Iceland to and from Europe UK, probably to other European destinations. So it does sort of slide around like that their upgrade bidding has different minimums that you can do I think I complained on our last episode that I had been for an upgraded didn't get it. But the seats were still available which was weird to me. It turns out though, that they did end up selling those seats. So I guess whoever they decided that my bid was too low, and but other people end up paying more in sort of see selection process to buy them. I also just separately on that note of I looked maybe I'll just bide outright since they didn't take my bid bid fifty and they wanted and they were charging a hundred check in they not only charging hundred but there's a fee to change your seat if you pre-selected a seat, so he pre-selected it. And then wanted to change it at check in. You gotta pay. Yes. There's like an extra seats election fake. Oh, man. Are you talking about airlines like creative about coming up with things to find ways to charge you extra to fly? Give these guys some credits. They made shit up. Never even thought of. No it strikes. Me strikes me as a little bit of. It's kind of funny because I hear people talk about the legacy carriers, and they're like, oh, I can't believe they're charging me to check a bag or whatever you guys go fly. Wow. Air, I guess 'cause they're charging to change your seat after you selected one. Yeah. That that was a very surprising fee for to me. But you know, I had I had the road myself on the first night. I had me and one other guy on the second flight I'd say the load factor for probably like sixty percent in eighty percent for the two segments. And you know, it was it was fine. It was relatively bought meals. I prepaid for my meals. So I had chicken noodle thing on one. And I had the pizza on the other. I got a kick out of the fact that pizza is advertised in the magazine onboard is like we've been told it's decent for airplane food. That's that was the best. They could come up with in their advertising, marketing collateral. Also, it's accurate. It was basically just decent for airline food so slightly this appointing on that front, but I don't know it was. It. Honestly, I was fine. Like on the food thing on the first flight the flight hints Cameron asked me if I wanted to buy anything. I'm like, I'm pretty sure I pre-ordered something like, oh, we'll have to check on the second flight. The guy came up to me proactive and said, Mr Miller, we see that you preorder the pizza. Do you want it now or do you wanna wait? I can wait just tell us anytime and take fifty minutes, but will heat it up for you. So that one I tried to delay a little bit too tiny better sorted for just in my time zones back to, you know, east coast time on the trip, but it was really interesting that difference in what they're willing to do. And just, you know, the variety of what you get on an airline with flight attendant service is always going to be something. Interesting to me what serve like, how do you think the service was overall friendly or wasn't can flip into nonchalant or or what? Friendly enough. I think the second crew was a little friendlier than I just, you know, for whatever reason, but they all I mean, they got done it. No one was like rude or GRA for abrupt or anything like that. But it wasn't certainly wasn't special. Didn't feel like you know, I think my primary crew was a little better when I did them. They were sort of seen much happier and more excited about being service. Little did they know they'd be out of business unemployed like two weeks later. So. Maybe at our already sort of figuring that that's coming in, you know, Milam quite motivated. I dunno. Wow. Has another week or so. No, you know, if the interesting thing about that is going to be if the money from middle. Indigo comes through. They're supposedly trying to buy just under half the company which lines up with where the rules are about who can do foreign ownership and see if that happens. I mean, the the bonds and getting some of that stuff refinanced remains the big issue. And until that happens, that's all hypothetical, and I don't know who's really put in the money in right now to keep it running while they're trying to figure that out, but this old a couple planes that move some things around like they're they're trying. But it'll be interesting to say I mean in the meantime, indigo isn't slowing down there also launching another airline in Canada. So which I forget the name of now, but yet another ultra low cost carrier wants to run operations in Canada. So transport are doing the same stuff at the that swoop end Weber newly f- was one in but. Yeah. So there's a lot going on there. You know, they're into staying busy, certainly. But I I'll be a little surprised that transaction finalizes. Just because of the way the bonds are set up. There's the folks who made these investments are going to have to take a haircut one way or another. I guess so it's a matter of how confident they are. And how much do they take in where it's an interesting thing with the way in indigo manages all these different a rejoined. The question is long term future airlines really hedge funds holding onto all these little pockets and diversifying across multiple carriers. Just like every other industry. Yeah. I don't know if I like it. I mean, are they good managers of airlines or are they just simply good at diversifying to keep airline to float. I mean, it's because of them that we William Frankie is one of the key people there, it's because of him that we have doogie and Kirby. Anyway, it was. Well, great. No. Was it fine. Yes. Certainly for the price. I paid. It was more than acceptable paid base was under two hundred dollars on what it's pretty awesome. Yeah. So interesting route information this just in did the did the Twitter's are reporting that certificate Clark wants to add a new route to New York from Humber great. Yeah. So emerets Hamburg to to JFK, I'm guessing. Does not specify. But let's assume that's probably right. I mean, they have case service emit service from Dubai to Hungary. So kinda makes sense to continue using that slot 'cause they're restricted right? Like on how many slots they have in Germany. Is it restricted on total operations or like in and out just between Germany Dubai that? I don't I don't remember. I can look real quick. I mean, it'd be great. I mean, there's only one hundred service at this point of New York area. And it's only seasonal and on the seven five. Yeah. Yeah. Let me see here. But they're sort of a reason for that right in theory in theory. But I mean, how beautiful city, and I don't know how you can't sustain more service to an industrial city as well. Huge shipping. Operation has got an Airbus factory their final semi line and a bunch of other associated operations nearby. It's an easier to connective as well. Yeah. So I think it might just be that they're restricted to which airports, they conserve their limited to four Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich Dusseldorf, and so two to they've they've wanted to fly into linens guard, but to do that they would have to give up. Vote to airports to where in Berlin. Would they go they go they'd go to Teagle? Let's get access to the number. Lynn when finally opens has that Teagle with an eighty, and it'll take as the the thing, and you know, they don't block all the other gates while it's. Oh, man. The backup on the roadways for people coming into pick people up and drop the wing would overhang. Most. Oh, man, brother. So I took my brother Berlin effort, he was kind of dumbfounded. He's like is this just like they just cobbled together like a bunch of separate terminals and with hallways and call it an airport is like pretty much. Yeah. That's what happened here. Yeah. Pretty good analysis. That's. I will say the Teal's actually growing on me. It is like easy to get in and out of. I wish they had better public transit. I wish it wasn't a bus because the bus can be a pain in the ass. A great agreed. But other than that. Yeah. I don't mind it. I I think that the funniest part is like the random stairs in the middle of a hallway. And you're like what what is this polite? Wiser to stairs. Just right here. Have just learned that you just don't go Teagle like too early, right? Like most airports, you don't need to get there. Two hours before. Yeah. Exactly. Yeah. But anyway, the other thing about that news. If that service comes back that would be interesting to me as this seems like the EMMY three the Middle East Airlines are still trying to piss off in Ranko, you know, rile up the US carriers with these fifth freedom services. That will be interesting to me how much of a fight. Did. I get on if they try to launch that right supposedly there was a gentlemen's agreement not to launch new routes, but the US carriers claim that they got one because they got this concession that. They're not gonna start new route the EMMY starting around like now on what you're talking about. But yeah, if you wanna win politically go for it, go out. We don't really care what you say because we just gonna play by the rules are. But here's the thing that I don't understand on one side. They don't wanna find these and you'll working somewhere thing with Mexico Barcelona. Same exact thing where era Mexico's want to emerge. Got permission fight and AmEx comes out a few days later saying we're gonna now finace, but you guys don't wanna fight to begin with. So why do you even care? You've already said it's not profitable. And I too and the other thing I would say I don't think the US cars demographic job politically after having that quote unquote, win with the way they've also been bad mouthing the Middle East carriers at the same time. I agree. I think it's like Hamburg United has clearly said, hey, we can't make this work at least year round. So why would you care if emits tries and fails? Yeah. And I mean, and, you know, United the same thing about Athens, but Emmerson still been able to keep out a float. So it's clearly surviving and United neck. Neck. You know, United and US they're going to argue the only reason they're viable is because they underpay and don't have to worry about profits are subsidized, and blah, blah, blah, and it's not fair competition. But the reporting the numbers you can see if they're how they're doing. I just I just reporting the news I understand. You can't use that argument anymore at this point is though is what I'm saying. I agree. Yeah. It's strange. It's to be the reason that they'll fight it still and say, you know, that United or what I was gonna say like, you know, the nonstop flight affects them is. Because they do have connecting services that make it work. Right. Okay. So we'll United Left tons. I can't make that work year round as JV partners than they should have. No complaints. I hear what you're saying. And I and I understood what you're saying. But the reality is lefty has base of customers there. And if they can't make it work as JV as JV partners. That's a different problem. Well, I feel like I feel like lasagna has issues just general with some of these outstation airports, where they feel like, you know, you're just gonna funnel everybody through Munich or Frankfurt, and you know, not care about anything else. Well, it's, you know, it's funny Teagle Hamburg Stupar. Somebody's airports actually, have you know, lefty has hubris about well, they're, you know, they're serving the German market, they'll just through Frankford Munich, but you can actually find some pretty decent fares out of the premium cabin fares on the for from those airports on a an Air France Kayla, 'cause you know from a customer standpoint, if I'm gonna connect anyways, why why does it matter? I'm going to connect. I think lefties leaving doing themselves disservice leaving money on the table. But that's what haven't spoke network does. You can't have. I mean. Yes, Hamburg is a huge city. But like, you can't have long haul service everywhere. Oh, no, that's fine. But there also Rick you can charge a premium if you're offering a nonstop service. But when you're when you're only offering a connecting service. You can't still charge a premium. Yeah. Talking about you know, I don't want to derail the conversation. But I think like when you talk about some of these off off routes, you know, these one off routes Ethiopian announced they're going to cancel L A may continuing on to Addis, which I think is also another one of these places where they couldn't make it work. Now the rumor is they're gonna move that service to Houston, potentially. And they they filed I think for the route a thorny on Houston Accra Ghana. So maybe it's gonna be Houston opera Addis. I don't know. But it, you know, some of these routes later one that seven eighty seven was promised to be this low cost thin route savior, and it feels like even then some of these routes in newer Combrick isn't far it's not long, right? It's not along route. And during the winter, it's really short. But what wonder actually it's really long the. Yeah. Yeah. But you know, they just can't make it work. And then you look at the open, and you say. We'll I would think a connecting service and low may would make it from LA where his large Theun popular. Yeah. It was only can one direction for the other stuff. Yeah. For right. The sky flights in and out of low may really only lined up one time. The like, I think it was westbound the connections working eastbound you had overnight. So it wasn't perfect. But yes, the seven has made a ton of long thin routes successfully operate than successful relative term debate. How successful region's been with all of its new routes and such. But there certainly some that are working, but not all are gonna work like low Mehta autists even are not LA to Addis even non stop was like eighteen hours. It's a terribly long trip. So that's why I had to put a stop somewhere. Like, maybe there are some markets that are still just a little too thin. I think if you look at Houston, and you can find a way to connect some of the oil and gas traffic, maybe that gives them a chance. But that would be a more that would probably Lago not Ghana not Lomax. I don't know. Maybe they still use one of those two, and you know, in find a way to shuttle people around with some local stuff. Yeah. Yep. I thought that was interesting, you know, as far as about Hamburg. I thought the Ethiopian is interesting stuff. So. Well, I mean Ron about failing long short or long ten routes. Norwegian actually, cancelling its Newark Paris. So as recent shake-ups, it's been doing, you know, I didn't have everything. Yeah. I actually didn't realize how late of the Norwegian flights left Newark to go. You're very, yeah. Like, ten o'clock eleven o'clock to Barscelona Bank, which is actually kinda nice. If you wanna leave superlight, some I like those times have work, and if you don't have to be there for work in the morning, I think it's great. You have a better chance of your hotel room being available to get there. At like, you know, you land at ten thirty or eleven or twelve depending nice have decent chance of hotel room available. When you check in. You've got on the way back you actually get a full day. You know depends again what you want. You got full day at where you are in Europe before coming back to the states, right, but and they could afford to some ways because their time for Owen d traffic or connections on the European end as opposed to the US carriers which are time for. Actions on the US. Yeah. I I mean, it's I think it's great timing. You know, it's funny. One of the things that still amazes me is that if you look at the United homes, they haven't retired any other fights from pre merger times like all the. Dulles all the flights from you Delasin, Chicago, always leave later than the fights to like Houston in newer. Interesting then realize that because the continental flights always historically left like nine AM like if you look at Dublin if you look at London the first London flights and all those things they none of them have been retained Amsterdam is still nine AM, whereas Chicago's eleven in DC's noon. You could argue that that was you know, I'm purpose, but they wanted to flexibility let people can act through the right Bank for where they need to be depending on where you're going. Do you want to talk about Newark, Hong Kong, and that Gasco that happened? What was it? Now. It's been a week maybe more than week eight days. I think it was last Saturday or flush Friday for those who don't know newer Kong was on its way from Newark, and they had a medical emergency. They diverted to gander, and it got stuck suck there because the door one of the doors. They could not get it to on. What was it lock or Dion disarm, basically? And then they couldn't get it to rearm later in the plane set there for how long eighteen hours to fifteen eighteen hours, and then they flew in a replacement plane to take people back to Newark. So they even made the Hong Kong day they ended up making it two days later on Monday. That has got to talk, and you couldn't even get off the plane in gander the rumor is they were letting off twenty people at a time via bus to the terminal to walk around. But that was it. What do you think? There was something reported like the gathered wasn't staff from aggression that. So that was a problem it the question in an area. I mean, it was it's like flying. It's like clung to in a quadrant. I was just about to say we don't anything about that. I I actually empathize with these people. Triple seven seven thirty through true. A lot more people. And you can get up and walk around on the plane or as you can't under seven threes blocking the aisle. Yeah. I just I mean, I don't understand why it took United so long to get a plane up there like were they just hoping that it will get fixed or or what I mean. That's it surprising to be now. The what I would say is it it's now a seven seven w I believe or was it so seven we'd like to. Okay. So that they should have a spare. Think is despair still where. Where do they keep the spare? It may not have been a newer. I have spare kind of situate-. Yeah. I think there's definitely a spare in the Newark cycle because there's an awful long haul of Newark. And if nothing else, you should at least be sparing Dulles or Chicago, right? All of them are within reasonable distance of gander. Yeah. Yeah. Now, it's possible. They had other aircraft issues which you know, what are the odds of that with United high? So the spare wasn't available. You're such carnage FOSS. Let's not let's be fair. Not just United. Like, you've these days you occasionally, see spare being flown from San Francisco Newark to make up a flight in newer. Yeah. So the, you know, definitely there's a lot more spare frame sitting in San Francisco, but it's good again. Or I mean that might take a little bit longer still not sixteen hours and the crew gets there with able to finish the trip. Well, the only have to work. I I think that was I actually think our let some time to get to gander six to get the gander plus some time on the ground. Plus, you gotta file back. It's start to get into a date. I think looking dog at crew that point that's true. I do think that was one of the issues. I just don't understand why it took so long to get the plane up there and get those people like you would think that would be priority one, right? I have to assume that the folks ops were not ignoring the problem to very big sump Shen. And you forget you remember quadrupling showed up in Guam. They had no idea that our flight what what had happened. No. The one thing. I will say is you know, I've flown unite enough. I do question the ability of opposite make logical deductions this flights delayed. We may want to do something about that. Plane stuck in the South Pacific. What should we do? Let's go to lunch. And we find it'll be there when we get back. Seth you. You you not getting entertained with all this. Now, I'm quite enjoying. I think the last thing was you wanted to talk about was Brexit, forcing a carrier a caterer excuse me to actually stockpile meals. What is the story? It was an interesting story. I was reading gate gourmet has been basically stockpiling because they make a lot of their meals and cut into your apparently service flights out of the UK. So they have been stockpiling not necessarily pre made meals, but all the Staples that they would use to make all those meals in warehouses in England because they're not sure if they will be able to get said goodness said good once Brexit happens yet snack boxes peanuts. Toilet rolls. They're piling up at at facilities around London. And apparently. Actually, making the food in Europe. And then like importing it repackaging it onto plates ship back out that could be a problem depending on what the customs rules set up as well. And so the one of the questions that I was like all right? Are we gonna see outback catering along halls in London or in England, you might and with limited space, then they're gonna are they gonna like augment the meal so that there's not a ton of food like they say, oh, our business class meals are smaller or we don't serve midflight snack et cetera. That's I mean, I can't imagine. About the rules are going to be so in theory, if you believe depending on which part of the government, but he believed the British government does not have answers for food shortages, but in reality, given how much is imported given that there aren't any rules about what the customs are gonna run with nothing else. There's going to have to be an inspire. You know, they're going to be new border set up and paperwork to go through. Yeah. Yep. Right. As opposed to just an open on open door and open roadway. Open train, whatever import one of the ferry operators. Just reregistered all of its ships. Into the ciphers. Oh, gosh. Operator moved all its varies disciples. Some of the European airlines are moving some of the airlines, I wanna say are are EasyJet, maybe as making sure it has registered in other countries for its planes, Switzerland. I think is where has it has a base in Geneva. Maybe so maybe some of it's moving a few extra planes that direction. Like there's also questions as to. I think we we laughed about this on a previous episode about the IBM owned by grocery department store chain that is bankrupt. So it's, but it's cool because they're Spanish operated. There's a similar sort of question about air Lingus, but airline seems to be okay apparent the regular airlines school that definitely. But but it's an interesting question. Then you think about the other side of the on the European side. Like one of the main sources of beef and cut into your is England. Right. So are they going like that flows gonna stop too? So what happens to the kind of Europe they become vegetarians, Mike, go find a decent sources sake vegetarian. That's what I'm going with. We're just more pork. And. We're finding Germany. Oh, yeah. They'll have no problem. None Austria Fahd's you wanted to one last topic surprise topic. You wanted to talk about delta having a sixteen hour delay? And it was it was in Devereux was so as a regional flight. And not canceling it. Yeah. I mean, we were having a conversation with one of our friends who has insights into how some of these things work, and it was just commenting on Thursday. Delta had a evening flight douse LaGuardia. The initially a delayed at ten AM the next day than it eventually lifted like twelve pm or something. But it was ended up being a sixteen hour and the question I posed like why do you just not cancel the plate at the point? How'd you like how do you recover from that? 'cause there's and you know, the comment we got back was you just throw it a bare frame into that. Which is fine. But you know, the one question I had in regards. There's okay. So you throw a spare frame at this one delay. It's not the only delay. Right. This was all because whether there's I mean, Detroit got really screwed last week, Chicago got screwed and New York was delta had Parbel day her horrible three days in New York between the way the winds in the cold. So you need a lot of spare frames to recover from that. So I don't know how you really recovered. But the other thing that was interesting. I was shared with us was they would rather run the. Fight sixteen hours late and empty rather than cancelling it because there's penalties from the regional carriers. If you cancel our intro lable, we think row controlling which they were saying, maybe there was more than just the weather. And that's why they ran it may be. But I mean all the flights were delayed. So it wasn't just that one. Or if it was a one off, I believe it, but all the flights were substantially delayed in out of on at least on that route and a bunch of other stuff. So I'm not sure that was that could really be defined controllable maybe sixteen hour portion, but it was so fascinating to me that again going back to the the the logic escape the early industry. The fact that you'd rather run an empty airplane with crew on a four hour flight is better than just canceling it. Yeah. It's crazy. I mean, it when you when you post that was like, why would they do this and the explanation kind of make sense, it just it's a it's weird thing about right that Delta's finding empty plain around. It's not a logical explanation to contract to explanation now. Well, guys anything else to chat about. No, no. I think that's a show then to our listeners, you can find us on Twitter at dots lines or our website more dots. More lines dot com. Leaves a comment tweet at us. Visit the patriotic count while we like to take questions if there's a question or a comment you want us to start out on the show. Just let's no. But until next time happy travels take care. See you.

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