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What Does Success Look Like And Feel Like ToYou?


Welcome to yet another episode of the coaches quarter podcast man. We're at like one episode. One hundred in two hundred three we had grant card own-goal g on the podcast episode one hundred. If you haven't checked that episode mix you check it out. How to really thrive during a recession how to make the most out of the recession how to survive the recession. So make sure you check that out. Today's episode is going to be very short yet extremely actionable and I'm going to ask you a question and I truly truly hope or I challenge you or I ask of you to write out your answer. This is so fundamental this is so key and I can see if clients actually do this. They see some pretty awesome breakthroughs in the clarity. That comes with it. And here's the question I'm going to ask. It's going to sound very simple. Dissect it what does success look like and feel like to you? What DOES SUCCESS LOOK? Like and more broadly feel lake to you. And why like to bring this up fairly early if not almost the first thing if I'm working with a client is because we don't want to climb the wrong tree or the wrong ladder and I don't want to project my definition of success whether that's financially or you know entrepreneurially or spiritually or mentally or health. It is relationships. Whatever I don't want to project what my definition of successes onto client ever because my definition of success in somebody else's in the social media accounts we follow their definition is going to be very different than your definition. Does your definition look. I struggle with this for a long time I had to be. Mw's I tried. You know dressing the part. It was just never me an I. Don't define success like having millions in the bank and I actually have a very specific number. Yeah I like that. To me is is one level or one very small pillar of success the amount of impact I have. That's huge and I have a specific number on the amount of impact the amount of people that want to impact the level inequality my relationship that is I have a level a pillar of that that defines my version of success. It's not just the money then. I somehow picked up during all this that well. The you know you've got to have this and this and this to be success and I had it and I realized I like this. I like my motorcycles and my truck so I can take my dirt bike out to the mountains and enjoy. Get like unplugging is success to me. It's my definition your success. Maybe you've got to own a Ferrari awesome. Let's make that happen so I don't ever want to project my definition of success onto somebody else so it's a very important for me to gauge into understand. What my clients. Version of successes. And that's not just for me. It's also so that you can get aligned and do things that bring you closer to your definition of success. If we're talking about a coaching business you know what does that look like. I want to create ten million dollars of impact per year through my business. That's Michael that comes with a lot of sacrifice your definition maybe to make a million dollars a year or five hundred thousand dollars a year or one hundred thousand dollars or fifty thousand dollars a year and most of it passive work and five hours a week. Amazing we gotta get clear on that. So we're aligned. A lot of people are saying one thing and doing the other or if I can take that a layer deeper. They're saying what they yet. They're believing another if you say you. WanNa create something. But Hey you don't really mean it or be you don't believe it or you have a whole different operating system set of beliefs that you're operating from. It's not going to happen. You GotTa take it you're not gonNA achieve it or you're gonNA feel so much tension so much stress so much anxiety that you get a fuck yourself over. It's a pair of it's important to define your version of success if you haven't done this in the last three months let's do that. That's all I asked that somebody to keep this episode short so he can spend ten or twenty minutes doing this. I love to hear from you at luxuries on Instagram. Or just check out our online coach community. I'll leave the link your somewhere. There's over six thousand or seven thousand online coaches in their share. Your Vision Your definition of success. I love to read it. Just take me and so I can see it if you post it wherever. It's that important that you may realize that half of what you're doing is not in line or aligned with what you actually want or you'll be pleasantly surprised. Yeah almost everything I'm doing is leading me closer to that amazing but it's very very important. I'd say it's one of the most important things you can do early on to make sure that that can. Well make a game plan for that. Success Take Aligned Action inspired action to create that success and not have that tension in bodies and I know you know what I mean. A lot of that disease in that disease comes from it stems from a lot of this so go crush that out. Let me know what you came with defined it specifically with with the energy and enthusiasm. What does it look like? Turn off the social media. The comparison turnoff. Hollywood. Turn off me in my definition and make your own now. Let's go get it. Hope you enjoyed and I'll talk to you all right so as always it's one of the episode was saying thank you for listening. These episodes are one hundred percent free dedicated to helping you build your coaching business. Because there are clients out there just waiting for you to reach them waiting for you to give them a result so do not give up on your dream and never give up on your business again. These episodes of one percent free all I ask in return. You give it a thumbs up. Give it give it a little bit of love comments or the reviews. Share it with one or two coaches you know could use help building their coaching businesses. That's it I'm done. Thank you for listening. And we'll see you on the next episode.

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