Conor McGregor EXCLUSIVE Interview


Today's episode of area hawaii's m._a. Show contains explicit language that may not be suitable for all audiences. Listener discretion is advised. Hello there and welcome to this sportscenter special one on one with conor mcgregor mary awani as you probably know khanna. Mcgregor is one of the most famous athletes in the world today. He is without a doubt. The most famous famous mixed martial artists in the history of the sport. He has not done an interview with media outlets since october of last year. Of course that was the last time we saw him inside the cage when when you fought habibuir magomedov at u. c. two twenty nine this past year has been an interesting one for conor mcgregor making headlines for things outside of the cage and tonight he will break his silence for the first time in approximately ten months on everything that has been going on in his life and his fighting future and so without further ado let us say hello now to so the notorious conor mcgregor who's kind of join us from dublin ireland connor. Thank you so much for doing this. How are you. I'm good. How are you thank you so much for for having me on. It's an honor it's a long time so chatty again absolutely and we really appreciate the time we know a lot is going on your life these days so <hes>. Let's get right into it. Let's get to the news. I if you will just last week. T._m._z. posted a video of an incident that occurred back in april this past year where you appear to get into an altercation with another man at a bar in ireland. Could you tell us your side of that story. What happened there. I mean in reality. It doesn't matter what happened. There was in the wrong that man that mine deserve to enjoy his time in the pool without having having it to end the way it did and although five months ago it was and i tried to make amends and i made amends back dan. It's still the fans don't even it. It doesn't even matter i was in the wrong and i must come here before you and take accountability and take responsibility and i owe it to to the the people that have been supporting me. I owe it to my mother. My father my family and i owe it. I owe it to the people who trained me in martial arts. That's not that's not who who i am. That's not the reason that's the reason why i got into martial arts or studying combat sport the reason i got into it was to defend against that type of scenario oh so to see that although although months ago and i have been making steps and continually making steps to do better and be better to see it and it's like a dagger into into my heart that is a much larger so i'm just i'm just here to up and move on and carry on face. What's common with the video is a little rain. Did you in fact punch that man look in respect to the whole entire situation. I'm just we'll we'll. We'll we'll play it with what happens in what happens with it so okay what happened was a little hazy for me also on and was many moons ago like i said i have been making a man's to to to make it not happen again and to be better to be a better father to be a better human to be a better role model to these kids. I know a lot of kids talk to me and sometimes it'll be some hundred takes me back but i have to realize that that's not the that's not that's not the attitude of the behavior of leader of martial artist of a champion so i must get my head screwed on and just get back in the game and fight for redemption retribution respect the things that made me the man i am and that's what i will do. Could i ask what sparked that incident. I mean we see the video. We don't hear anything. Could you tell your side of the story from what you were call again. Look look look. What could i say. It does not matter what nurse no answer to what what what what was on on. I was completely in the wrong so there's no there's no need to even discuss what what began at what was going on outside inside any of that. I was completely in the wrong. It was unacceptable behavior and i accept that and like i said i've made a man's and i'm continuing to make a man's and i will continue to do so and so right now with that situation as you mentioned. This happened back in april but the video gets released last week. Where do things stand with it right now. Am i mean i'm just look cut released a day after my daughter's christening so we had such a great time with my family and then you know it's just i just have to wait and see what happens. On whatever comes my way. I will face it. Whatever comes my way. I deserve it. You know so. I will face this head on. I will not hide from it. All it was in the wrong. It was completely clearly unacceptable behavior for a man in my position what happens i will face conor since this video came out as as you probably know you have been criticized heavily from the fans to see president dana white fellow fighters. What is it like for you to read this to hear this stuff because because it does seem like some of these people who are so loyal to for so many years are starting to turn on you a little bit that they're starting to patients after seeing all these incidents. What is that like for. Are you to read that stuff in here that stuff as far as like my fellow colleagues i deserve to be called out on. I deserve to be called out in that behavior. It's just unacceptable. There's no there's snow excuse to it. I deserve everything that comes my way with it so and as far as like the fines and seeing the fines disappointed in me that haunts me so much because i am a fine everything enough donors for the fines. I'm a fan favourite fire. My whole in kentucky career has been based for fines. I never never never never torn wound down. <hes> weights spot rules anything i always done at all to like the game for the fines and to create fanfare to see them disappointed in me at hordes me to my soul more than and you never know so like i said retribution redemption respect i will come and i will regain all of those this incident. It happened just a few weeks after that incident in miami where the fans tried to take a photo of you and you knocked out the phone out of his hands and so i'm wondering do you believe that you have an anger problem. Is this something that you need to fix and you know that was that was another situation a long time ago. I've seen the beginning to get integrate spaces. I'm great like in miami trip. I was prepared for. I was preparing for battle. I brought my motor out. It was her sixty at bird. I brought the whole family <music> out. We went out and then a situation arose. I need to just stop reacting to debate. I i gotta ask people that are trying to bait me into might official by the way i must. I must be calm. Tom must be zana. I must be. I'm most lead by example this. There's so many people looking to me what how can i how can react in this way i need. I need to get a hold of this and i'm look i said i'm working very hard to do this and i'm taking the necessary steps and i have been on a great trajectory and even before the miami incident i was on a great trajectory and then i had a little slip and then i bike open. I'm just trying my hardest audi. I swear on my life. Trauma hired has been five months since that one and that's it. I just i just have to i just have to take homes and and move on from every single experience in my life and try and do right for the people that want me to do. I know you really want me to do right. Lead my my my mother wants me to do right my father my find people. I want to give them a reason to back name. But how can they buy certain situations so i'm listening to a stand that was a man and making man's. Could you chose your side of that story in miami. We haven't heard you talk about it. And where do things stand now. As far as that incident incident is concerned that incident has been completely handled the fine. If you want to call it does not again. It does not matter what what what the here's an says. I held a situation arose. It does not matter. I was in the wrong and that's handle an in the past. I'm i'm happy now to keep moving forward and keep striving for them. Folks on the positive like you asked me about miami and the heckler in miami focus on the occasion with my family. That was an unforgettable moment sixtieth birthday. You know i'm trying to focus on all all the golden my life on unrecognized that i do make mistakes and learn from them not to make them again but still focus on the good i i'm. I'm please lord allow m._r. T to happen for me connor. I know you're historian. You're you're a fight game aficionado and you have watched it all and you've read it all. It's some of the greats in the history of not just mixed martial arts but combat sports boxing and you've seen this story before right. You've seen the guy who rises up the ranks. Thanks makes a lot of money and then gets himself in trouble repeatedly. I don't need to share the names with you. You know what i'm talking about. Are you worried the same thing is happening to. You're still so very younger. You're still so very talented. You're in your prime but again this year we're seeing a lot more headlines about the negative and the positive or are you worried and you are watching this movie that you have seen before yeah of course and i'm sometimes i feel like a feed into it and i give i give a few will but i i'm in a position where i can make a position not many fighters very few. I can make this generational. I can either be rich and spoiled and blow it all in this generation and leave it all behind in ruins are i can get my head head to get on a bill to make generational the children of my children's children so if i have this opportunity befall me if if i don't if i don't execute this get this right and make this happen for for the children of my children's children all of my successes all of everything i've achieved will be will be void. We'll be meaningless to me. I must get this right and i must not go down that path that that the the the the written part the cliche a of the fighter that has it all and you know i need. I need to be aware of my part of the positive older individuals and land from and grow and that's what i'm doing and that's that's. That's what i'm working hard to do every single day. Are you worried it's too late. I mean i don't i don't know i'm just going to carry on being i know who i am as a human being my people know who i am as a human being. I'm what kind of fodder soon i am kind of buddha ryan what kind of friend i am and that's it i will continue to be good as a human being and not focus on not worry too much about that if it is it is but i do not believe so i will earn it back. I'm eager to compete already alive not spoke to you on how long why why not i've been outlawed from the game. My something like were allowed to sail. My coach has been online. There's been many of us me student every single scenario. That's happened to me of every single scenario. That's happened in the game. I'm eager to come back here so we will see what will happen in the future but i'm going in confidence with a lot of knowledge gained about myself self about my skill set about my mindset and i look forward to implementing them and getting back on track looking at the last three years ago defeated by me came back and warm and it was it was a motivating experience to me. Look at steeping the fa- knockout loss won his he has the mind that knocked him out to so many to so how many stories of this over and over again mind is going to be the greatest one of all and that's what i'm aiming for so even your favorite form fo slash friend of mine he he came back forty years of age and older game is far from over for me and i'm very very excited. Am i had a little row bump. I was preparing for july madison square garden. I was in the nominal condition r._e._o. Mentally and physically the best i've ever been. I learned so much from the damage. I took that last camp what not to do and how to approach this next time and i gained. I was in phenomenal condition then a little slippery began. I'm just trying to find that balance and get motivated again. I'm looking for inspiration everywhere like i said i took great motivation from from watching nathan go out and do t and even look at eight and there's many things that that that that were amazing about performance for me but one the most important and one of the most for me is the very first thing he said post by was the need the as army he gives you give a shout out. I hope it's the hope necas doing while a soldier of the game of the of the real game and he gave him respects to the would've finds glutamate. That's why do respect me and that's you know what i mean and even even now with the kind of strange that he's coming out with and i hope he i hope he has his business mind screw screwed on because he is in a position now where he could also make generational generation elected. I have and i hope to see aetna and these are the things that i'm just gonna take a motivation from us in my in my game after push me forward you don't sound connor like a fighter who is retired. You don't sound like a fighter who doesn't want to fight anymore. You sound as motivated as ever but i don't ask you about your quote unquote retirement because this came just weeks after the incident in miami so i'll ask a very simple question off the bed. Are you retired and be if not why did you tweet that out. You know there's a lot you don't understand the amount of going behind the scenes. Sometimes i just need to distance. I'm like hold on. I've listened to stand. My foot was walked into crafoord. I've got all this food is backed up from that entire camp. I broke my foot three weeks out from not fully. My foot was unbelievable. I went broke. I told my i told my leg to shreds before them. In in this way the company back nonstop like i built i built this hoist can say he built. This house is fairly. I've certainly laid bricks blocks down myself this this game and then when so many things going on backstage and between my enough team and then the outer team and then the business side but sometimes you just need to take a black step on you know but retirement retirement. I don't think i would ever retire from this game. I really never in my life. I will be fighting until the day i go l. Tests no doubt about it. I mean it's just the way it is. It's in me. It's blade blade in me and i i will i will i will take it with me to the gray of how did you break your hand sparring. We schedule the spar. I was like i said i was. I came back from miami. I had scheduled a charity boxer boxing bout in my old club criminal box and many people couldn't couldn't floyd floyd vegas cassini flight so i wanted to show to to my own club. I wanted to rekindle that relationship and i made it and i only when i got back there and i realize it is how much of a grave error i made in the may. What a bill to buy needed i needed. I needed my coaches that learned. We helped the box in my corner. So when i went back there i realized that instantly and i've been down there dental training sessions and i put in a good exhibition about what a great fighter michael mcgrane we put on a great show for the fines and then after and then that was it was it was further fines of people around and also can relationships but it was also to begin preparation. We don't fall rounds a in the belt who i was preparing for. It was training for me also like for for the future upcoming belt so and then obviously then we had a sparse schedule will the funnel week between myself and john really my seven. John has been i need to rekindle my relationship with my coach and and get that back on all on them and may so we we scheduled a spar are where we open comber but with mixed martial arts are so small six ounce gloves this the room for damage and injury is so so big. It's so highly so we need to be. We need to come together and realize that this is not the way to do it so we went and we went into into the spar and although it was scheduled a spa it was not a spire was another fight on the record crowds in attendance. It was a it was a it was behind closed doors fame and i caught the guy with a right hand dropped groped him when he dropped i went down on him with an emotional left hand and buying the left hand side of the head on my whole time bomb and that's it and i andrews it's like it's like they just needed to happen and that's it had to go onto the surgery on it. It's been a psychological battle with the left part. The famous left paul but it was not the opponent down to the fourth place. My royal has been great. Walk manila really great at woke my right hand and even more so in my lifetime has been out of action boot. I'm back now. I'm back yesterday. I met with the sewage and he said to me originally september to grapple but i was with him yesterday he said now i can grapple so i'm going to go back into my grandpa and i'm already pro boxing again. Of course i haven't stopped kicking. Of course i haven't stopped. I'm on my first air. Conditioning training have been on my work so so let's let's get a go now. Let's go and that's what that's i'm excited now so if it wasn't for the hand injury connor do you think you will have you would have already fought this summer summer. Yes yes yes. I was preparing for the end of july madison square garden. I was like i had the game in a had. It figured out and i haven't figured out i i was on sutra. Great trajectory <unk> are like i said i get to these great sponsor them boom a little snip and then have if the bill began and i'm just it's just a million right now and i've just got to recognize and understand take lessons from it and just keep going just not let it happen again. Most certainly would have been biking. Forget that you know we. We were getting there in conversation opponents. I always i don't really mind the opponent. I wanted similarities art. This could be to to to prepare for that because he doesn't want to have the rematch. You know one whatever i just wanted to compete now. I wonder if there's no let's get me back in the mix. The it's a forgetful business yourself. I mean should look nate was out of the game and now he's he's back and he's on top. It's a it's a crazy business dan but make no mistake. The skills are there for me and i know i know what i can bring to the table and what i will bring to the table and i'm very very excited to give my fans something to cheer about again. You know what i mean. I do this for my fans for the people that are supporting me for people that dare to dream the highest of high heights so i i look forward to my triumphant raton r._e._o. Kind of what is the state of your relationship with the u._f._c. brass right now i. I always have a great relationship with the u._f._c. I never you know it's brand over fighter tarik one of the things that kinda slow down by stages and they tried to make me the cone hand on all of these taped but it's just business. We have a great business relationship with u._s._a. Respect you see very much. It's a part of the u._f._c. you know and that's why i wanted to be a part of it. I they wanted to be shown a little bit because i know every inch of the game what can bring it to the next level and i wanted that respect and that's what i was kinda going and then they were trying to push go back and it's all business and businesses not emotional. It's i've great respect for the people in the that built it for for dana of course and the people that are involved in it now. There's no there's no dispute at all. We are all eager to get this back on track. You know there was a stretch mid year are where it seemed like every saturday night. A fight happens and there you are popping up on twitter talking about you know the guy who just wants someone. Who's close your way class and again. I was starting to feel like the fans all right. We'll watch you fight anyone. We'll watch you fight a broomstick. You sell a million papers by yourself but they were like okay enough already like you keep teasing us seems like an old starting to get that sense from the why were you doing that. Why did you putting yourself in those positions and then not take the game. Watch it from the start to the finish. I i wasn't premium to the finish. Come on that's why can i not. I not engage in the game. Why am i outlawed spoke. He went over the year. You know what i mean. Why way is this. I love this game this. This is my game. I absolutely love it. Look at everything that i've been talking about even the guy i always wanted to say to help build boost people a lot of the things that's been connected to me the party holloway didn't. I don't think i even if there's so many things in the fight game. That's been connected to me. I've been speaking on but even though teams like watching the boats take place wasn't specific rules happened. I'm watching specific acidic stylistic much take place. This is what looted here. What i what i what i this is what i live areas. What i i'm a fighter forced in in. I'm an entrepreneur and i love my my older game. My games my my businesses on my these are my louis but i'm a fighter force on foremost and i love it. Dearly you mentioned eight years last weekend he wins. He looks very good. It sounds like you were somewhat inspired by his performance but i thought it was interesting that afterwards the notice the stance unscom tight with his hands opa narrowly yes. I noticed that he had to do that. He ought to do that again. Timed any anthony also if you look at these style looking onto these star versus tony ferguson he should have got that win against ferguson but he almost blue what he blew he rushed to finish ended up close guard and up tightrope and the certain his energy. This is the things i've gone through in my career so in watching anthony closely also any fought wonderboy thompson a lot differently. He kept a lot more patient. He wasn't as reckless would is tree tree. Sixty flip kicks that if you watch them great time them perfectly and he was a lot more patients although thompson was winning the power. He caught him without shot. Look look what that was phenomenal finish and then it got him the big fight with nate but then nate is just a little bit more like if you look at anthony is kind of land and that stuff nate even learned it a a little bit more suitable to me so nate was just a bit more experiencing there and just being able to understand that i've been more and that's why he came out with a win. That's why i was interested to see what weighed about will take place who who would implement this smooth and sharp and i felt mate would and i was. I was happy to see him do it. I thought it was interesting afterwards that he didn't mention you didn't call you what he called out. Hori mazda and mazda who had been talking about you seem very interested in the fight and i felt like you were almost being boxed out. Were you surprised that no one not now that these guys weren't asking for wasn't targeting you next. No no nickname come on note already looked. It was spent almost fifty minutes in an octagon gone to get out of the damages on. It has been intense bout r._e._o. It very very tense belts but nate is across the individual he he cut he he he opened the deck. He opened up the declaration. That's what's in donate is a crafty crafty individual. Hoy hoy on a to fight win streak at them and they can't forget. I didn't really have a great run in the lightweight division and he's on a two point streak and he was in it was present in the arena nato craft. The individual and i didn't feel i was been box. I box nate out a reality so and we'll see what happens if the belt if the trilogy if he does not want the truly juvenile problem. I don't blame him. I don't blame look at the damage. Look at the look at the damage it was they were intense belltower deal but i thought does not matter like you said earlier does not matter now. Let's time for me to get back in. You know what i mean. I i was over that also i was. I was ready to go against anyone. I was preparing for the end of july. This happened and that's it. I must deal with it and accept it and learn from it and that's what i will do. I feel like it's taken me back to when i hardy rhody a._c._l. Post mendez low post that whole sequence because i had to change my whole training methods into a much softer approach much more aware of the body much less astonished taken you wanna see the food we have. You want to see the com- so i've gone through you know what i mean. Have people holed up in hotel rooms and for me to call them to come down on schedule belts. They weren't trained in sessions. They were boats. They were belts with crowds in attendance. We have them filmed and this was in preparation for about why am i having belts in preparation for a belt. Oh it makes no sense so this injuries and the force of me to just go back to that the way i had to. When i had no one i had when i was on one leg and look what happened in one both my world titles so that's the mindset. I'm approaching this game with now. I'm using that previous experience as confidence and that's what i will do and to be clear connor for that fight july. Did you have in fact an opponent. I'd heard pesticide heard other names as well but did you have an opponent waiting for you or we didn't get to that point yet. I believe it was leaning towards just engaged at that time but look at the game changes so quick. Everyone just comes and goes forgetful business. It is a clue aclu business audio. Only only history of the amount of our economy moments happened in my career. They would love to troll me me away the meeting people that haven't had what i've had. That's gone through the trauma and the vendor battles for fans it was what did we do before we do over the fines for our family for the pete for the people and then when it's all said and done they just discard you krill business book. That's i'm happy to see nate bounce back and i was happy to see not not not just not just some balance back with some business on his mind and he doesn't want to delve into that. I was listening to talking about a c._d. And i want to get into what we will get into that you. You need to get a hold on now also unsettling aspect of the game because the fight game is short and the game is very forgetful so happy to see and understand the business i mean and and it's not gonna be here forever. I'll be here forever. I'll be always always around you know that they'll always be something and i will always be looking for something <hes> aw got to deal with this game because i live with data always be invested into this game my soon i'm trying my song in the skills of all martial arts i've land over the years and if he wants to rome without a guide him all the way doesn't will not you know what i mean fight. This sport is my life. This is what gave me this life and god bless this this life so i'm just i'm just eager to get back so let's be as clear as possible if the u._f._c. came to today and said connor. Who do you want. What do you want the winner of habib poor which has been discussed in the past. They're fighting it just a couple of weeks in abu dhabi. Is it someone else who does conor mcgregor want in his highly anticipated repeated return fight in the return void. You know i want my world heidelberg. I want that redemption. The campbell's was incorrect. I learned so much on that and look at known known the commitment i had in that combat known the performance i put on. He ran away around that you ran away for not fujiwara it didn't it didn't throw a punch. He shot for legs for forty two punch the fourth round. I should have been talking to hareb. He says he was talking to me. In the cage was no whisper out of him until he ended up in a dominant position then reason the end of that dominant position because i walked around with disrespect towards because he was running around the cage i switched off millisecond got lucky shot even after he got to look short aw although it was a beautiful shot even if you've got the balance michael but engaged what did he do shot again but whatever it is many great teams can take from that and i can. I can come back and eventually and shot but i'm not gonna wait around. I'm not what whoever if you're asking me who whoever if if this thing goes in and does those then if nate nate if hoy- hoya i don't know i don't you know what's always talking about about soy's and all that. I don't know what what i don't even know where he got wealthy ones. I'm just seeing the last when i saw i saw the quinta belton but i mean anyone tony ferguson juiced engage holloway rematch aldo rematch to so many boats from so many and in reality the it does not matter who is just about getting back in. I'm being being who i am not a shell of myself not a half committed. I was almost if i wanted to say what i was. I was committed in the in the gym and not committed enough outside of it. The training sessions were too serious and then when i left the g._m. It was gone from my mind. I and i would go off into into jungle and you cannot do you cannot be happy and especially in a game like this and i paid the price for it and that's and although i had reasons and i had injuries who who gives a shit who gives a shit what happened happened. I know what i can do. I've done it before. I've done it before when i was doubted so i'm eager to do again true or false. You'll fight again this year to put it. I would say true. I would say we can can get that on i would i would say we can get that. Don't like i said yesterday i spoke to the surgeon grappling begin grappler now. I'm already shape. I have not lost my condition so oh i'm in shape. I just need shop of the graph and just feed how to re group feels on the wrist and things like that but i can punch fully. So what are we now august. Come on i would say so i would look for that. Yes for the end of the year and would it be fair to say that the the prime option would be al habib gets by that rivalries still seems very personal. It still seems like there's a lot of heat there and it still seems like you think that you could be habib. Jump right in there no tuneup fight. Just go back in there and try to avenge that loss stole leaving dully the dove in on one foot. My foot was a balloon is a balloon. He wanna wanna see me and my toes came out of the socket combing their cage. Break mike in the place that thing balloon hobbled in there and walked down and did not give huge shits and that was without com. That was a half committed comp. There's no doubt if that's what if that's what they're that's what i'll take but if not yep i'll take what's i'll take whatever's there and there's plenty there like i just named ma- multiple people you have alluded a couple of times to your your relationship with your longtime head coach john cavanaugh s._p._g. Jim i've seen photos of you guys together but i've also heard the whispers that maybe you aren't as close as you once were when you do return willoughby with him by your side and could you tell us what's the state of the relationship there. John are genius at the game and having him in my corner is essential. You know what i mean. I felt a little bit slow at when someone gives these interviews on on our radio and it was one of the teams was i had watched a back when i was like we've watched the flight back eight hundred eighty eight hundred four even go back to the house from the from the t mobile arena today hells i was eighty eight hundred and to hear that he has almost avoid by goes a little taken back and then i've got to ask or go to. I need a wally test the coach me. I just felt a little bit hang on a minute. You know what i mean. Maybe only need a way but look it's it's. This is all i understand. I understand that that my half commitment has led to these thoughts and these this type of thing so i'm just in the process making them right and we'll get there. We'll get there but i need. John will be my khanna. No doubt okay and i know that we are approaching the limit that we agreed upon. Do you mind if i go a little longer. Do you have to leave work away. Our it's an honor to chat here. When i appreciate your time and again it is. I feel like we're just getting warmed up. It's like old times here. I love it. I i know i know well. Hey hey don't bleed. Don't look for you here now. I've make him listen. What was that about. Are you serious. I i know i hear you feel telugu. I don't know i don't know so much going on at me. So many teams coming up hang on a minute and i was i was getting my i was getting my fighting back out there and then i got sidetracked and then but look i'm in a good spot r._e._o. This this is this is many months ago this type of thing and i just wanna i. I wanna make sure that i'm apologizing for that situation. It's not that's not a good look at. It's not who i am. I want to just get bullied out and get on with this show. I am now in on move forward and move forward with a positive attitude. I'm on a full commitment to the game several months ago. Connor max holloway took a trip to dublin and it seemed like he was taking subtle jabs at you'd seem like he was looking for you. What did you make of those pictures and the content that he wrote online and is a fight. You're interested as well. It's it's certainly if i'm interested in young holloway. I mean you saw it's not as easy as you think to move up a division and challenge the second one totally saw would you max and i taught him coming over and doing that was a little cheap although get get get your mooney get if you pay to come over and do this by a brand. That's that's afraid of of me and afraid of what i'm doing with my you know what i mean. That's okay but whatever it is what it is again. This is komo almost reacting to the bait and my hold on i need to just you know what i'm going to accept things but the way they are and that's it in the hallway sent me about. I'm interested in a lot of respect for max. I i truly do we went to the issue that kind of just forgot forgotten about but you know what i mean a lotta respect for maximum. He's been true wars and again. He's been rushed and rushton rousson. It's just max definitely off their tablets and you know wells' topless frankie edgar also out there right there because similarities that could be runs on the back foot shoots on the single leg. I want these type of similarity. Similar belt and also frankie has been very respectful. Frank has been respect. If you wanted to say you wanted to say you wanted to tell my grandkids. That's what i thought conor mcgregor one day for me. Ask dana for me. When i hear that this was going back many moons he said that i miss dana straight away and said that's the flight to make and even though would he lost the belt the maxima and a close out and i don't care about that wins and losses in this game. Don't mean anything the stories we are all on joins. We are all on. That's why sometimes when things got a little bit. Prayers talk hit <hes> hit harder in what i mean but but that's all i also wanna we can see something going where lieutenant situation just makes me feel good on. You know what i mean just us well. We're all in it together at the end of the day. It's a mad mad my business we are in and that's it so there are many many fights for me to have an and windfall to them and when you talk about fighting for the belt next and wanting to jump right back in there i can't help but think of tony ferguson tony has been vocal since returning and since leaving the management team that you represented by thinking that he has been held back and he feels like he should have fought for the belt and i'm wondering if that's you feel i can't. I can't tony's warrior tony not worry. I've got a lot of respect for tony. Also i mean to say he was in stable. He he was not even competing for the world title on half a million shelmani tony tony ways. We don't have tony. Tony was looked out. There and stable all lost all all our fighters who we have a strong stable of our souls wrong of him to say it was wrong of the tony back on that and i think you know for for audion the team with him constantly and and help build him up and fought for him. I thought it was wrong but tony's also in the mix. We'll see what happens. You still want sheriff. Tony has twelve fight win streak and they want him and all this. Let's see what happens now on september abu dhabi there's a lot of things there's a lot of things move and shake and then that's a see how <unk> how it pans out okay just a couple more do still want shares in the u._s. Is that still sticking point for you. It's not a sticking point but i'd love. I would love to be brought on brought on but i'd love to be a little engage in the game. I'd love to look. Let's see where we are in a great place at the minute and we're having good discussions since and now that we now can grapple again we can work towards eye new arrangements. I'm sure i know that we can get there to where we are. All we are all satisfied. No yeah no doubt last month. Connor was the five year anniversary of your win over diego brandao one of the most magical nights the history of this sport in dublin and there were a lot of things written about that videos that were resurfaced and you're in the midst of all this and i'm wondering somewhere in your home wherever you were at the time. Were you looking at this stuff and maybe maybe a little nostalgic for simpler time for a time where you were on. Fire could not do anything wrong. How did you react to that. Did that help fuel you in this return as well of course i mean what what an iconic malate for the sport for sport and produce board in ireland it it made the sport in ireland really we it catapulted into mainstream and it had nothing but good effects or to be a part of that and then to think of the people that i don't care mom with of course i was sitting there in a stage again again using it as motivation and even the opponent i went to i know i'm not sure how many opponents i went to supposed to be calling back and forth with new show believing the data. I think it was on the old and that was diego. Brandao diego is an amazing am as an opponent of brazilian people have so much love and respect for the brazilian people so many brazilians here in ireland and just the other day i saw so paulos darkness with the amazon rainforest and look what the what's going on here. Look i'm just i. I don't know what's going on but i mean the was a phenomenal opponent of a lot of respect for the brazilian people on on what an iconic moment and for the for the sport in ireland and i'm and i'm proud to be a part of it and i pray every day. I pray for that whole situation out there. I just pray for the clouds clear or something. I prayed it. Now we can put i mean at church burned down and we got together and billions where formed and children's put down rebuilt now. Do we put this out there. Surely we can we can fight. This hire. Earn cleared a scores. I mean sao paulo brazil. Beautiful brazil is in darkness and the day. I mean what we need to do something about that and connor. You know we hear from famous athletes all the time. I'm going to be better. I'm gonna learn from my mistakes. Could you tell us what you are actively doing right now differently than a few months ago to try to get back on track to try to not be in trouble anymore. I'm half of autumn focusing on my family family. I'm i'm i'm. I'm focused on family life. I'm having an animal too long hard discussions with myself daily discussions because as a daily thing not to get you know you could save the world at my feet. I could eat a stamp on it are used at roy's meal means. I'm trying not not take sakata temptation. I'm not i'm trying not to give into bait. I'm trying to be a family man and i'm working hard every day and these are the things i'm doing folks on my kids focus and like i said my soon martial-arts we moved into a new property and and only only a few weeks ago when we switch at high time to worry. We're very happy with him. I'm setting out with my family and raise them. I finally looking for skills now. On these are the things i'm doing to teach. Keep me focused while also continuing my training and my business connor. Thank you so much. I really appreciate this. This has been great to catch up with which once again and we wish you the best hope that you have a speedy recovery and are able to return sooner rather than later. Thank you so much. I appreciate that i appreciate that and thank you so much for giving me the plot along to come on here and apologize to the fans i i got mine anti anti people and just to show that i do not i do not feel like i'm this i do not my fault here and i want to own up to that and mine open and i appreciate you giving me the opportunity. I hope we can continue this and i hope we can move nice and steady towards more conversation more fight conversation and things of that monitor that that we are interested in and i appreciate it. Thank you anytime there. He is the one and only conor mcgregor hoping to return later this year great eight to catch up with him. After all these months without a doubt the most famous fighter in the history of mixed martial arts there he was speaking for the first time since october in a interview with the media outlet he had not talked since right before that habib mogomedov fight. There's certainly a lot of options for conor mcgregor upon his return appears to be in great spirits. It has been a long time since i've heard him that motivated and that eager to return and i think that is music to a lot of his fans ears appreciate you watching this sportscenter special one on one with conor mcgregor. I'm maryelle hawaii thanks to connor. Thanks all of you for watching. We'll see you next time goodnight.

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