The Road Less Traveled


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This speaks Adam Schefter podcast. We begin to turn our attention to the combine Indianapolis later this month, an NFL free agency next month to get started with the combine the biggest story lie. There will be Oklahoma quarterback Tyler Murray and the man whose career might be most directly related to Murray's at a similar point. Like just be former Florida state quarterback and Heisman Trophy winning quarterback. Charlie ward who chose the NBA after becoming a first round pick from the New York. Knicks over the NFL ward talks about what Murray is and will continue to go through. And then we'll bring on the patriots mammoth left tackle Trent Brown who's coming off winning a Super Bowl protecting. Tom Brady's blindside. And now getting ready to become an unrestricted free agent. And then we'll take your calls. And your questions. Another weekly addition of ask Adam. But first we started off with the former first round draft pick of the New York. Knicks Charlie ward. Hello, charlie. Adam. How are you doing have? Your phone line's been lighting up since all this column Murray news came out was the up, but I've been doing interviews about him, you know, fence to Heisman. Yeah. Before taha's? Well, it's interesting. Because really when you look at it. Now, there really isn't a closer comparison thing you I know that people talk about other to sports stars. Like, Bo Jackson and Dion Sanders, but they didn't play quarterback. They didn't have the choices that you did. So I guess my thought would be when you look at the column Ori situation. What goes into your thought process as to what he's thinking? Well, I guess the first thing is, you know, I'm I'm glad that he, you know, left his options open. You know, his his situation is wasn't a little different than mine when it came to, you know, his options because he got it. You know? In the first round of major league baseball. So he has something in in the bag in the sense of, you know, a job, and you know, I guess his decision was was made tougher when you know, we won the Heisman. And then he got a draft great, you know, first round pick. And so now, it's just a matter of, you know, whether he wanted to focus on football or not, and then baseball was kinda left, you know, holding the bag once he decided that he wanted to focus on football not. Meaning you know, what I mean, he can't go back to baseball. But in order to the season. I'm sure it was a telephone. Because I mean, you you you're making the decision on your future. And you're not one hundred percent sure on what was what's going to happen? And you know, for me it was very similar because I wanted to keep. Options open, very similar to what trial or did. You know, saying that he's going to think about you know, the NFL droughts. And once you made his decision he did online collar. I didn't make the decision as far as what I was going to focus on one hundred percent. I just knew that I wanted to keep my options open after basketball season. Well, it actually started doing basketball season my senior year when I decided to play basketball. I knew I wanna be one percent committed to the NFL because I heard him. I dropped grade was like third or fourth round. And and the times have changed as well. So I'm happy that you know, smaller quarterbacks didn't opportunities get dropped into the first round. And, you know, get legit opportunities. Not saying that I didn't have the opportunities. But it just wasn't. Prevalent during my time of getting drafted in the first round. It's a different world today if you were playing football today, and we're coming out with the way the teams now look at quarterbacks mobile quarterbacks. Do you think you would have been a first round pick today? Charlie. I don't know if I would have been the first round pick probably would have had on trinity. The chances would have been totally different and all sorts of made my decision a little bit tougher when it came down to with sport. I was going to pursue the most I didn't give up one hundred percent on the NFL just weren't committed to it one percent, which you know, they wanted me to give up the option of man basketball. And but I didn't want to because I said was the third or fourth round draft pick. But you know, today's scam. You know, the way things are going for the smaller quarterbacks getting opportunity, I room. It definitely made that that's shorts a lot tougher. If I told you that you would have been a first round draft pick and football. Would that have changed your thinking at all? Yes. Because my whole process was NFL headed first draft. And I was you know, I was going to be drafted in the first round. Then, you know, I would definitely, you know, given the option of Abascal ball because I was just man of my word, you know, when I came out I said that you know, if I wasn't going to be jailed in the first round, and you know, I was gonna consider my other option, which I knew I wouldn't going to get jobs in the first round. But I wanted to keep all the options open sorted. I could have the opportunity to play in the NBA if I got drought in first round. And I think collar knows that he's going to be a first round pick and probably a high first-round pick. And I think he loves football loves it more than baseball. And I think he thought that all along that he used last years and all. Addition. And once she saw that he was good enough to win the Heisman and follow in the steps of Baker Mayfield. He chose to follow his love when you watch him play. Charlie. I don't know how much you have watched him play. We'll goes through your mind and your assessment of skills. He's definitely a guy that can can change the game. You sorta at against Alabama. If they struggle a little early on which most teams do against Alabama, but he was able to figure it out which was commendable for him. And I felt that help, you know, both his opportunity or chance to be a first round pick by plan and plan a team like Alabama, and they gave scouts they people. Tune in to see what he can do against the top notch defense. And I mean, he kinda torched them once he figured out. You know, how he can you know, make make his impact on the game. And so that was you know, happy to see him do that. And I think that helped him you know, and draft status as one percent. But it definitely helps people to see him in a different light. You mentioned times have changed in the NFL. And I think they have I think teams are more open minded to t- to looking at. Shorter quarterbacks guys we can make plays and win. We've seen it with Baker Mayfield. And drew Brees. And Russell Wilson. What kind of impact you expect holler Murray to have at the NFL level, Charlie? I'm sure he'll our incentive progress as a quarterback very similar to you know, Baker. And you know, drew, and Russell how they've been able to you know, progress over there years, and you know, they had to figure it out. Hopefully, he'll go in and talk with those guys to see what they had to do to be able to seal the line, or, you know, made themselves to the value quarterback that they aren't today, and I hope hopefully, it will take the time to seek them out, and you know, their wisdom on how they rate with to make it in in a fill those far. And so I do believe that he'll he'll he'll make his impact depend upon the. Team because he has those dynamic qualities that those other guys have as well. I would think that you met Cuyler at the Heisman ceremony this year accurate. Yes. I did. And did you guys have a chance to exchange any words that you have any messages to share with him in regards to his careers? He begins to move forward here. Well, I I was this year's not twenty fifth year. And so they honoring me and at the banquet or the dinner Sunday night, you know, just share with them that you know, he should follow heart, and whatever he does, you know, don't have a regret. Whether it's baseball football. Whatever may be that, you know, no one ever have any regrets. Whenever you make your decision. And, you know, do it, you know, as if you know, you you're there for the long haul. You know, a lot of people ask me, you know, do you have any regrets about not playing NFL? And I don't you know, I I was able to watch TV young play against Tampa Bay. When I went to visit work done and on that day when I got up to see Steve Young play. And he had a very successful game. I knew at that time that I could've played a NFL and that was enough. For me and having regrets when I made the play in the NBA. What did you see from Steve Young that make you not have regrets? Where he was a smaller guy. I'm as a little bit bigger thicker, but he wasn't the tall in my mind. You know, you had to be six four six three six four to be in effective quarterback and NFL that was doing my time. That's my whole process. Maybe I was a little taken aback that I wasn't, you know, highly sought after whatever the case may be, but you know, when I got off to the C Steve Young play and he was a a passer, but he's also runner as well. And that does gave me the understanding and know that I could've played in NFL. It'd be interesting to see you play today in today's NFL, Shirley, we'd like to see you out there. What do you think you could do? Nothing that this point. No. I'm forty eight. No. I know Tom Brady is on his way to trying to play it forty eight. But I'm coaching high school basketball right now and enjoying that part of it. But no, you don't wanna see me at forty eight trying to plan for. What do you like about coaching high school basketball today? Charlie. I it's it's it's rewarding. And it says that you get an opportunity to mold young minds help kids develop. Their identity when it comes to, you know, plan a game of basketball or just sports in general. You know, I've been blessed to have great coaches, you know, from high middle school to high school to college to the French and the ranks and I worked at trying to mold all those things that they brought our dates me try to help our young kids develop is will. And so that's been you know, the most rewarding is just been able to help kids develop, you know, an identity outside of basketball, but more so, you know, developing care to that will help them long term, you forty eight right now think back to when you were these young men's age our young men different today than they were when you were younger. Yes, they are higher ever as I said before and we all know times have changed. But one thing that doesn't change is, you know, being respectful treating people the right way and doing things right way. And so no matter how old are young. You are those characteristics will always be there. And so, you know, we're teaching about accountability she didn't bought responsibility on teaching about work at all those things carry over. No matter how old you are. And so those are the parents Orissa's that we're really instilling in them that will you know, that that are ageless I grew debt. Now, the other thing I want to ask you about is your former team the New York Knicks. They trade. Kristaps Porzingis clear out cap space for two max contracts. This all season any expectations. About this Knicks team turning it around in the future. And maybe adding some star power to the roster trolley. Well, I hope so we we've been starving for you know, playoff victory for quite some time. And I think management, you know, they're doing everything in their power to make their team competitive. And so I'm not sure where they're landing in the streets based or the lottery, but they'll they'll eventually get a a solid basketball player. And if they can get two guys that can come in and help most some of those young players, you know, year or two they are definitely be you know, in the running. So I think they have some good young pieces there now that they can kind of build on. But the Niessen some veterans that you know, star are veterans that can come in and help them get back. It's been a while get back many, you know, from a long time ago. Just to be competitive in the east, and you know, hopefully, they'll know they keep talking about K D yet I read, but if you can get those guys together or. Any combination of stars to go along with the young pieces that they're going to have would definitely go a long way, and you know, getting getting back to you know, the play offs and and makes makes northern in the playoffs. Kevin durant? Shirley, hasn't sounded like somebody who's ready to make the jump to the next. However, his company thirty five levels just leased office space in New York City that to me is interesting. I don't know if that means he is or isn't coming, but why would his company lease office space in New York City with him about to become a free agent. Interesting, right. Yes. Interesting. But you it remains to be seen, you know, never know until it actually happens. So no, the Knicks fans, and everyone close associated with the Knicks definitely hope that that's the case. And you know, Anthony Davis and root out either. So you never know, Charlie. We you watch the NFL draft to see where column or he wants going. Probably will watch be interesting to see where colleague goes. But as I mentioned, I'm so I'm so happy for these guys getting opportunities because I know that wasn't, you know, legit opportunity for me to be a first round pick. But, you know, I'm just happy for, you know, Baker and collar and guys, you know, coming up and spread systems. You know, they're getting opportunities. They be small, but they're getting opportunities to have a legit opportunity to there'd be a first round pick in the NFL. Which was you know, very very very tough doing my era. Well, Choi, I really push you take some time today. Thank you, very very much. Good luck with high school basketball team and good luck to Kalomo during the draft as well. All right. Appreciate out them. We'll be back in a moment with Super Bowl. Champion Trent Brown. 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And like I've been saying since I've been traded God made mistakes. What have the last couple of weeks been like since winning the Super Bowl? A dream. If you've almost fake, I mean to go from being thirteen thirty five to, you know, starting out rocking their finishing. How we did. I was I was amazing to see the resolve that we had to finish through and finish from. When did you know that this team was a Super Bowl caliber championship winning team? Oh, I always kinda felt it. But it was just a few loose. Loose ends. We had to get tightened up and. We made it happen. When you get traded last spring as you were right at the time of the draft. What goes through your mind when you hear you're going to New England, and you are going to be in charge of protecting. Tom Brady's blindsided to left tackle position. Beverly never I definitely feel simply put I feel like I was I was. Called for for the job. And I was I have the call. And what's it like blocking for him? Tom really one of the coolest guy I've ever met in my life, unless there's notebooks on any stress do imagination. He's really a cool guy. There's really Iraq. You say like, what makes him cool threat? What makes him cool? I don't know. He's just cool. Calm collective all the time. But I mean, of course, he means business, and he's great at what he does as obvious with. Where people don't see that. That's I mean, he's a cool guy. You know what? I mean. He's a nice guy to Jinglin nice. Yeah. Right. When do people ask you what it's like to play for the patriots? How would you describe that? The patriot ways is fun winning. The brother wrote the brotherhood the camaraderie. Between everybody in the facility from the length ladies to the custodians to practice squad. Everybody is you know when family. Now, we don't know what's going to happen with you. You're your free agent. But should you leave New England what will be the single most memorable moment of your time? There. The thing you will always have in your mind. Working with coast car for sure coach star Nekia ver-. What about him stands out to you Trent? The. He reminds me of my dad a lot. Not not in stature. But definitely just how he works the room commands the room and leaves the room. And leaves everybody. Honestly, everybody in the facility, let's go scar. As my definitely my favorite coaching staff. My favorite I've had since junior college. Definitely I appreciate them more than anything. Appreciate our friendship and everything he's made a huge difference for that team. He walked away for a while Trent for a year or two, and you're they were not the same line when he was gone. But when he came back that line went right back to being what it was. Why is that? I mean, I think it's a speaks about his character and how to use everybody loves him. Everybody wants to work for them in and how he he coaches his heart and love them at the same time in the way. He does he's calming of of everything is perfect impeccable. So what is going to happen with you? And you look into your crystal ball right now Trent with you about to become an unrestricted free agent after playing four years in this league after becoming a seventh round draft pick to two hundred and forty fourth overall selection at a Florida where do you see Trump Brown's future? Hopefully somewhere where I can. Bill some loans every somewhere that'd be great place in great fit schematically in the locker room on the field. And also a great fit in my family is with. Any chance you're back in New England. It was that's definitely something. I would love. But hey, dude, got we're gonna cross periods. Get their business is business. Correct. If you made a million nine last year one point nine million last year, what's the major paycheck that you're gonna earn this off season going to mean to you and your family Trent? Well, ever since I got drafted Sam Brown. I felt like that was. Definitely lower than expected lower than I ever wanted to go. But you know, happens for a reason, but I feel disrespected by and I've been waiting for this for this time for a long time. Now, I've been putting in the work force in my a week and a half off, and I'm already back training. 'cause I don't I definitely don't want want people to feel like, oh, he's he's going to be paid. And then get lazy. I wanna I wanna continue to win. I want to continue to get better. And I want to continue to to say my goes, you're talking about feeling insulted when you drop to the seventh round in the two hundred and forty four overall pick. How does somebody your size the biggest player in the NFL six foot eight three hundred eighty pounds adept in the past blocking area had somebody your size that skilled dropped that far? I'm not really serious. I know a lot of times in in this in this game. This lead a lot of major sports. Word of mouth is more valuable sometimes the actual play or kicks of the actual being in player. I feel like that has a lot to do with. But hey, if happened happened, we're here and think you've definitely worked out in my favorites. Everything I remember talking to the forty Niners when you were made available, and the one thing that came to me was that you were as good a pass blocker as there was in the entire NFL. Is there anybody that can pass block like you Trent? Moser? What makes you so good in that area? Oh, I'm honestly, I'm just I'm a I'm an athlete with the Hughes frame, and I can move just as well. As a guy who? Six three three twenty if and I moved a lot better than those guys, in some cases, most cases, I'd say credited that my dad not allowing me to play with with kids my age when I was growing up. I always play was age groups above my is my own in. Finding out that some of those kids were actually way older than I was. I remember I was five and some of those kids were in middle school already. You know, a lot of a lot of times that type of stuff goes on football. Sure, you've heard of the birth certificate is I and all that stuff. But I growing up I was always skillful there. And I just started playing off the line when I got the high school, really. How will wear of the fact where you that? You were the heaviest player in the NFL. It's something that's on your mind ever you ever think about? Done. Really, then it didn't really phase. And they don't really think about it from. From. All the time. I've really come to mind is when everybody would. We're trying to make it as if it's a problem, or that's the reason. Things may not go the right way, or whatever. But. I make the same blocks. Everybody else makes. I make better blocks than a lot of other people make. But I I feel like sometimes they just they have to have something bad to say about somebody. Sometimes. Well, I don't think it's I don't think it's a bad thing. I just think in a league of giant men. It's kinda cool that you are the heaviest one of all, and I don't mean that in any kind of insulting what you're a Super Bowl champion, you play left tackle your as good a pass blocker as there is in the NFL there's nothing insulting about. But there's nobody bigger than you. Nobody. Yeah. It's kind of neat. But sometimes sometimes people try to use it as a definitely as a light dimmer. I feel like but. I don't I don't see it as that. At all. I would think it would be something that would make you more attractive as a free agent. I really mean that right? What is your ideal playing way Trent do you have one? I finished the seasons at a three I usually three fifty five three seventy somewhere in there. Three fifty three seventy. And what and what would you like to play next season at? Somewhere in there. Good. Now. Do you have do you have an area that you'd like to go like you played high school football and Albany, Georgia? Would you like to go back down south? We could like to go back out west where you played the first three years your career. Do you have a certain preference, or is it just more most important to find a place that you fit in that wants you as badly as you want them. Right location. Really doesn't matter to me. Is this finding a home? That's the most important and is anybody from New England Tom Brady or Sony, Michelle or anybody that depends on you doing your job is anybody come and said to you Trent don't go anywhere. We want you here in New England. I'll think everybody's outright just come out and say it, but just definitely small small conversation here and there as as definitely occurred. Any chance you get franchise tagged or transition tag to your Trent? I don't know has anybody mentioned that to you. Well, then perhaps you will be the unrestricted free agent that you desire to become here. Right now, what we flash ahead to March eleventh twelfth thirteenth when negotiating can begin and contracts can be signed what will that parade be like few? Where will you be what will be going through your mind at that time? I'll be in Miami. With my agent thinking close by working out and with my family as I was when I got drafted a little fantasy the same way. And when you get that contract. Is there anything that you have set out to do financially like by new house by new car by your parents? And you anything like that that is a financial priority to you Trent? Definitely gonna take your my parents. I I was blessed before birth by adding those two as my parents, I definitely feel like there. Two angels in walking desires. I'm just highly appreciative of both of them. And I just went to everything they've given me I want to give that back to them team fo-. Wow. So mama and Papa Brown. Get taken care of your. Her here. You know, listen, if my parents made me, and I was six foot eight instead of five foot eight I be taking tutoring. Yes, sir. But they didn't do that. For me. If you got the gift of gab, though, I don't know about I don't know about that. I'd rather be a free agent like you with the Super Bowl Raham. I think. Yes, sir. Hey, trent. I thank you for taking the time today. I wish you lots of luck in the weeks to come. It's going to be very interesting and exciting to see where you wind up. And I hope you get everything that you deserve. Geico presents unhelpful home improvement. How To's a slippery bathroom floor can result in expensive hospital bills? So today, I'll show you how to cushion a serious fall by filling your bathroom with thousands of plastic balls. Just now a piece of plywood across the doorway and dump in two thousand multicolored plastic balls, you could try to protect yourself with a bathroom full of plastic balls or you could get liability coverage through the Geico insurance agency. Visit Geico dot com and see how a forcible renter's insurance can be asked at a mosque Adams Gadot. Datum we should ask. Adam rope tied to ask her. But it's time for me to turn over to my trusted producer, and friend. Josh macrey to feel the questions and throw them back at me. And we thank you all in advance for those questions or Josh, what do you got? I this week run roll out, and we had some good questions last week the week before that the callers delivered again this week got this first voice mail asking about whether or not the colts are in line to be the next Los Angeles Rams. John, gene. So in the twenty seventeen season we saw the Rams make the playoffs and then go crazy agency and the following year. Mickey to the Super Bowl this past year. We saw the Indianapolis Colts make the playoffs win a game. And now they have the most cap space in the league. He's making a similar runner free agency this offseason to try to make a Super Bowl run. We'll join them. Well, John, I think the general manager Chris Ballard has done a great job is someone in the talent there there draft class last year stellar at now as you mentioned they have as much cap spaces anybody in the league, I think buffalo and the New York Jets are also right up there. And we'll see what teams released what players which will further clarify who has the most space, but going in nobody has much more space than the colts. So, you know, the Chris Ballard is going to be spending money. But here's the thing. You can't just go spend money willy nilly and not consider all the people that you wanna keep like at some point time. They got the recent Quinton Nelson and Darius Leonard and big money to all these guys, and they're going to be planning. For the future. But that doesn't mean that I'm not going to be ultra aggressive now. I think they will be I think they have a chance to do with the Rams did last year. I think the colts could be a favorite in the AFC next year and as long as Andrew luck stays healthy. And they keep accumulating talent, John. There's no reason that this team won't be competitive. A contender every single year going forward. Now Adams is the last time we released a podcast, the ravens and Broncos, of course, agreed on that trade in principle that will send Joe flacco to the rocky mountains, and our next caller wants to know a little bit more about what that means for Denver. Call him here from North Dakota. I'm a lifelong Denver Broncos fan. I have a question for you about the trades for Joe flacco, do you think he was a good guy to bring in as a bridge quarterback for the team considering he didn't seem to want to be very helpful. Lamar Jackson in Baltimore late last season. That's your question Nate, listen. We'll have to see I think maybe when you go through an experience like he did. And you get to be thirty four and you've had some of the injuries. I think sometimes your perspective changes. I think he's fighting to hold onto something that he really wanted to keep in Baltimore. And now he recognizes he's at a different phase in his career. At least that's what I would think. He would think I don't know that that's how he thinks. But that's how I would think he would think and look Joe flacco at the age of thirty four with the injuries that he does have. I gotta realize what does he got left two three four more years tops here to play. So you might as well come in Denver wants him as a starting quarterback assuming he comes into the store to plays. Well this year he'll be the starting next year. I don't think Joe flacco has got anything to worry about as long as he's playing to his capabilities and performing he'll keep playing. He'll keep starting if he doesn't then. Yeah. That becomes an issue. And we see how he handles it. I've always had the most respect for players that have handled that gracefully. I've seen a both ways where players. Have basically iced out players competing for their jobs, which I never liked or respected and I've seen players. Welcome competition. Welcome younger talented players and embraced the idea that one day these guys are gonna take over. I think you'll flacco smart enough to recognize where he's added this porn is career. But we'll see how he handles at the season eight from one quarterback who's currently experiencing a change of scenery to another one who could be experiencing that change in a year or two atom. How you doing name's Jeremy shockey Carolina. What are the chances down? Cowboys extended Dak Prescott contract this season. Or were they just let him play the last year of his rookie deal? A good question. Jeremy look Dallas. I don't expect to be active in free agency at all because Dallas is gonna wind up. I think franchising DeMarcus Lawrence wanna recent him wanna recite Dak wanna resigned Zeke Elliott wanna recent Amari Cooper, Jalen Smith, Byron Jones, look weak. You'll. On and on. I think it's a testament to the type of talent the amount of talent that they've brought in there that they have to resign. And decked Prescott is a major part of that make no mistake about it. Yes. I think they're going to resign him this off season. The question is what is the most fair number for a guy? Like Dak Prescott. We've seen quarterback salaries really start to take off here and the top quarterbacks are making the thirties. A year is Dak Prescott gonna want thirty million dollars a year or the Cowboys Bill to get him for. I don't know making up a number here. Twenty three twenty four twenty five million dollars a year. A both sides good with that. What's the right number? But I don't have any doubt that they want to resign them and both sides and make every effort to get a deal done this off season from the quarterbacks. Adam let's go to the running backs for this next ask Adam question. Hey, Adam and eve from Huntington what's Michigan with several teams looking for, you know, improvements at running backs such as ravens dolphins checks. Uh-huh jets. I'm just wondering what you've heard as far as like, what moves it'll be making, you know, which ones we'll be moving to make moves through free agency. And which ones they're going to try and build through the draft. Appreciate the time. Thanks. Yeah. It's a great question, Andy. And I appreciate you asking it when we look at the Frazier running backs out there right now lot good interesting players at that position Levy, I'm Bill Tevin Coleman Mark Ingram. J Gye TJ Yeldan C J Anderson Spencer ware, Frank gore. Mike davis. Adrian Peterson below Powell Darren sproles we go on and on you see right there. There's the list of names, and I think that teams have recognized that they really can't get by with just one back. So even if you're the Dallas Cowboys, and you've got rod Smith backing up Ezekiel, you know, you need some depth there. Like, how often do we see this over and over? And so I don't think any team says boy. You know, we've got a desperate need here. Running back that we have to fill though, some teams need greater than others. Of course. A but everybody needs to add some of these backs, and everybody's gonna look to draft some of these backs and we've seen the impact that some of these guys can have when the saints drafted Alvin Kamara in the third round that they didn't have screaming for back had that work out for them. So again, the idol I don't know that you could say boy the ravens have the biggest need and therefore they're going to be all in on levian Bill or Tevin Coleman. I just think the running back position is different unique and plentiful. We've closing out with a question about coaches for our final Ascott voicemail. Hey, Adam this is Dion. Jay, I'm a New Orleans Saints fan living in Georgia. Now wonder opinion on on which of all the new head coaching jobs that people just got which coach do you think has a chance to make an immediate impact? And based on what team they went through in the situation that they got put in or that they said the offer for which team you think has the best chance of succeeding in doing well next season such as what we saw with Sean McVay in the Rams with coach out of all the new hires. You think inherited the best situation they can use their scheme and their talents to make a team instantly in the competitive conversation for next year. Well, it's actually the question. The Andre I would say look we've seen this every year last year. Matt Nagy came in with the bears and took over and they won that division. I think always you're going to go back to the quarterback. Right. So Matla floor of the pack. Gets Aaron Rodgers as quarterback. So I would think off the bat. Matt leflore has the best chance to make the quickest impact Adam gates in New York, Sandra. I think has a very bright future. I think Adam gates has the chance to take over in the same way that Matt negative the year before with Mitchell Trubisky coming off his rookie year Donald coming off his rookie year Trubisky had a bright future. Dorrell's? Got a bright future bears. Had some talent particularly on the defense side jets have some talent tickly on the defensive side. So I could see the jets taking jump on their gays. I could see the Packers excelling under Matla floor. And I think those are two guys right away that stand out as guys that could make a difference this year in terms of the new coaches, look, we know that these coaching classes change over every single year, and we see seven eight coaching changes every single year, and it'll probably happen again. But I think that you look at the floor you look at gays those guys just jump out to me this year is having a chance to do. Good things right away. Good voicemails. You've been really bringing them the last couple of weeks and keeping coming. Call us eight six oh, five oh, six five seven seven nine Bisher to leave your name. So you get acknowledged on the show when you can show all your friends that you made an episode of the Adam Schefter podcast eight six oh five. Oh, six five seven seven nine leave your name and your ask Adam question. So thank you the listeners for your ask Adam questions, again, thank you to the patriots starting left tackle Trent Brown, who's about to become an own restricted free agent. When free opens the week of March eleventh in the NFL and special thanks to Charlie ward who could speak to the mindset of column Murray as he gets ready for the combine in Indianapolis next week, which will have next week's podcast from the combine in Indianapolis. Tune and everybody thanks for listening this week. Message and data rates may apply. When did it become ok for men to be Lazier softer fatter? 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