On To the Next One: Episode 15 | Matches To Make After UFC 254


you're listening the box media. Yes network. Well Oh there, everybody, and welcome to a brand new edition of on to the next one may fighting dot com matchmaking podcast, and this week we discussed the potential futures for some notable names from Saturday's excellent UFC, two, fifty, four events, and one of those notable names hub even amalgamate off will not be match made for despite successfully defending his title remaining the UFC lightweight champion the world because after his victory, he announced his retirement from the sport after he submitted just engaged in the second round. So that makes things. A little bit more interesting for myself. By the way I am Mike Catt can being joined. With. My Co Matchmaker Co host my best friend at this point and just all around terrific individual. Mr Alex Gaily are you my friend what was my best friend? I. It's funny. We were. We were kind of sorting out during the card like, okay it's Pretty obvious. We're going to our show is going to look the six main card fights that at all the all the winners put on pretty compelling performances would make us WanNa talk about the more make you want again, more seats pretty simple, and then have you kind of throw everything into chaos a little bit at the end of the night with that with that retirement announcement, which in retrospect now, we should be like, okay, it wasn't like super surprising but for some reason, for some reason, just not something I considered I don't know why I was always thinking who's going to at least one more fight possibly more I. Don't know why but I. Got Dazzled by the the thirtieth. as if that really matters to even team so. We shouldn't have been surprised that makes a lot of sense I wrote about it this morning. So very good timing for that. But the other thing I wanna say I'm into retirement gymnastics system I don't know how it works for. US I don't know if it works for sports, events it. Certainly, why didn't he works for movies and other forms of entertainment but I think I don't I don't know I I don't think I gave a number on the preview show, but it wasn't like a ten. This event was pretty close to attend if we're just talking about quality of fights and finishes and how eventful it was is about as close as you can get. So we've got like just back to back just like fire events. So file in the second ship to fight island may be better than the I was gonNA. Ask You was this the best pay per view event of twenty twenty. My memory is terribly these days. I am not a Jose Young's type but I off the top of my head I certainly can't remember when that was better I I would just I would say, yes. Yeah. I mean it's probably between that and to forty nine but to forty nine was again like. We're just waiting for something to happen. It was like the rebirth of sports in the United States. So there's obviously that intrigue and all those things attached to it, but this is this is a pretty, damn good car and I think the fact that it started at eleven am eastern standard time just made it that much better ak but. Right. Now we do not have lightweight champion of the world. So rather than matchmaker for Habib who will not have an opponent anytime soon or at least we don't think he will. You had an interesting idea. Did you not? I said well, I, guess we just as well book a vacant lightweight title for the. That's that's the next thing they should do cer- certainly, the the topic of tournament has been brought up to which I laughed because the UC will not do that because there's very very tournament adverse, which is bizarre given that they were founded on a tournament that that was still held in high regard by the fantail quite fondly. So Number I should get more credit. It's possible to kind of hear this groundswell of tournament talking back. This is a good mark opportunity. Bring up all the old gracie footage are Jimmy Johnson. and. Ken shamrock stuff and That'd be cool. They did that instead it back to a tournament days but it would also take a long time It's just not how their contracts really work either. Don't want to do it that way. So. It might be TV whoever? One fight one fight for the title and that's that's we gotta talk about. All right. Well, why don't you start us off like what should we do with lightweight title? I'M GONNA pose this way. What should we do and what will they do because it's probably two different answers. Boy I mean, what should they do I honestly I still think I still WANNA. See Justin gave the fight for lightweight again, maybe maybe I just WanNa, see him on pay for you and I want to go five rounds because. These great I. Yes. He was soundly defeated by Magomadov, but to me that says a lot about beef greatness nothing bad about Ghaith Gee Gee just I couldn't find a better short. Of course he lost I'm sure you know it's it's foolish to say he couldn't afford a better fight, but I don't know if anyone's being that person of a show. So I want us to involve but let's my should. But I I also couldn't really work on a scenario where makes a lot of sense? So for me and I definitely talked about this after the after the day I I'm Michael challenged to be involved they won me over with how they've been promoting. He's doing all the media rounds he's been he's been doing forty five minutes to an hour long scrums the man can. Talk He's certainly very comfortable with it and they had him on the show yesterday they ran a promo even though doesn't have fight schedule which I can't remember the last time they ever did that is the promos ready because he might have had to replace one of the main event is but they used it. That's just smart us what you have. So I want involved and I think the guy want him to fight. Is Tony Ferguson for vacant title. I. Feel like Tony Yes. He lost a gave g but he still has the look that's what. So twelve he lost. He lost one of his last thirteen. Quite let's not let's not forget how great this guy is So challenge. Match I just think it'd be entertaining fight it would feel just very fresh. And it'd be a weird scenario where neither fighter would be coming up USC win beginning tell shot. Berry Twenty twenty. Twenty Twenty So the correct I mean the correct answer of what we should do is just weird and it doesn't like you don't have to bill it as a tournament like you don't say this is a tournament for me tell you could just like. Make a bunch of matchups and we can all we could decipher ourselves that it's like a tournaments quasi tournament to figure this out. It's like if McGregor emporia fighting January, let's just put like all these matchups on that same card and look like what's going to end up happening is McGregor emporia GonNa fight for the title. There's just no way around I would be absolutely shocked if that doesn't happen at this point, that's what I think ends up. happening the rest of the guys you just kind of seed how you see fit. So like is same card gauge versus Chandler because I think gauges the top drank guy at least in the UFC's is chandler is the untested guy in the AFC so he would be like the bottom of the four. So gay versus Chandler Gauges the top rank Guy Chandler's there. It's the fight Chandler ones anyway. So there you go. Then Tony Ferguson gets in there. And this is where it gets tricky because you've got Dan Hooker ranked at number five. But Charles Oliveira's ranked number six I'd go with all their in that spot. He's coming up the he's on a nice little winning streak right now hookers coming off of a loss of dozen. Unfortunately that leaves Mr Hooker on the sidelines but the two winners those fights can square off winner fights winner of that fight fights against McGregor portray. I think this is the best way. Unfortunately, none of that is probably going to happen. Pirker. Still, fight like one of the loser these matches frankly if if they're just going to do one match up for the title, I would do chandler versus gateway or Ferguson. Like you said, it's just such a cluster f but let's be. Let's be reported. McGregor is going to be the title fight. If that's not the case I would be completely bewildered and shocked. But let's just put matchups between. Ferguson should be on that card Chandler should be on that card gauges should be on that card, and if you WANNA put hook around, they're fine you wanna put all on their fine but that's how they should do it I know I took us on a journey but I feel confident that a pretty decent chunk of that will play out in some way I go even longer I thought you were going to look at eight Mansfield eight-man unofficial field because then you could fit in hooker because I guess you said so you said Gigi, Chandler Ferguson the Bronx, and then I guess you and then somewhere in there you mix in Dan Hooker he looks at. The odd man out Kevin Lee. mean he just. Maybe. felder. Then Hukou fell again. But I. I'd be down to see that I'd be done to see three more rounds of three to five rounds of that fight. Diego Fajita. Fiesta I like. He was supposed to fight drew Dover then he got injured. He thinks he can come back in December dovers gonNA move on I. Think for hand has better than like I. Think he deserves it opportunity like that. Honestly I think he's that good. I think he is that legit drag number eight the problem is he just lost all that momentum from finishing Anthony pedestals he hasn't fought since then. Yeah. The only the only top ten guy on my rankings. Gregory Gillespie. That's all because we don't know where he the. But yeah. If he came back, they WANNA throw him in the tournament. He's six and one right he has, I know the the last losses race sticking in people's minds but he was on a hell of a run before there was talk. lost. So I hope they do some sort of informal tournament like. You know make the marketing clear that like this is a new a new dawn of the lightweight division and you know, and then you run a problem with all these names in the But yeah, you're right. They don't need to be cool if they did. But I also understand why why they wouldn't Dan Hooker and Dan hookers the alternate. There you go. One of these guys can't make it your slide hooker in there. So he's got he's a role as well. But we will see how that plays out. layaway just got very, very interesting heading into twenty twenty one. We'll definitely discuss more about Habib retiring the legacy behind behind throughout the week on between the links aside and other shows. But one, fifty five as of right now is the biggest story heading in two thousand, twenty one. So I mean do even match make for gates you do we just kind of do that we just did that right engages should be yeah. I mean I don't know what else he's in the mix. Yeah, he's in. He's in the next. He's at the top of the mix I guess doesn't really have dimensions but the mix head dimensions he's at the top of the mix. Yes. I would agree with that so. So. Let's go to the Komen event. We saw Robert Whitaker Defeat Jared cannier almost finished them in the third round what a great fight that was by the way at one hundred, eighty, five pounds it seems like. All signs are pointing towards Robert Whitaker, fighting Israel out of Sonya once again I think that will happen eventually I don't think it happens next for out of Sonya and I think that the five between Darren till Jack Hermansson has gotten much bigger since Saturday and the reason is. I assigned. He's not gonNA wait six months to fight again. I just don't see it happening like we're we're we're out of where sunny fights like eighty five to I've no clue. But he's not gonNA WANNA. Wait till April to fight Rabah whittaker whitaker can take all the time off. He wants the man. Wants to have the holidays be their focus on the birth of his birth of child like this is kind of a week answer, but it's what everyone else swans anyways. His next fight will be for the belt I mean that that's what I'm GonNa. Say I have no opponent I assume we'll be out of Sonya. Yeah. Absolutely should be a title shot when that happens no idea but his fight should be for the belt kind of a weekend AK. So it's a logical. There's no reason that Robert, whitaker she had to fight anyone again before getting Z. Rematch As you said, look the be the happiest guy besides for that win was Darren till steering till knows I beat Ib Jacker Manson I'm getting the shot. There's there's some buzzed between me and is he ever since I even before he moved up to one thousand, five he was there some some some talk there so. He has to get that went Hermansson it's not quite as clear. I wouldn't mind it. I and I, and I believe I believe he was one of the names that is he mentioned mentioned Jerry I of course after beating Paul cost and I think her mom was in there I think he threw his name and there he's he's really smart with setting up next flight so. It wouldn't be terrible. I'm here medicine again, he lost cannon near that's fine but went over till the finish you can talk people into it wouldn't be it wouldn't be a blockbuster pay per view but at least at least as he gets himself, another challenger Patil would certainly be. Easy He. He beats her medicine. It's a lock getting in there So yeah. No I don't have much more episodes. Yeah. whitaker enjoy your holidays. Blessings to your child is coming in January and just wait to fight easy again there's that's that's that's many many people have gotten remembered for less without having to get to two very good winds has done. He's contender still. Yeah I, think that fight is much more important I. think it's more important. I think it's just as important more important than the wind itself is that till or and finish that fight very quickly and is able to turn around very quickly like they have to be like their mentality is, i. have to go finish this guy in the first and second round and get ready to fight in January or February because I think that's that's the only way that they skip the queue and skip rabble whitaker and that's if you decide to stay at one eighty, five Dana White's in saying it's great to have options and that man has a lot of them. So how? `bout how `Bout Jared Kenan area. First loss since dropping down to one eighty five, you very good showing for himself into I. Think a lot of people overlook how good Cananea wasn't that fight those leg kicks are great. The ability he had to survive that onslaught I thought that was over he gets up to his feet and almost knocks out whittaker in the third round of that fight. He was it was a closer fight than the scores indicated. He does that finish David Branch Anderson Sovereign Jacker Manson along the way he's an he's despite the last he's still a pretty decent spot. What is next for the killer gorilla? Jerry cans fault that one legged whitaker is like ninety percent as effective as one hundred full strength whitaker that was like it was after around was getting killed. Kill and though he wasn't selling it, you could tell. You can tell whitaker. took away some of his explosiveness but again, he's such a great athlete it taking away some explosive just made him rely more on his fundamental technical skills which we know he has So he just he look, you just can't beat you know he didn't. He didn't have a bad form until he got beat by a better fighter. That's why that happens to a lot of fighters. That's like. this matchup sought around social media camera. Exactly. WHO said, it might have been more than one person and once I saw I was like, okay, it just makes sense I can't get ahead Paulo Costa Cananea Apollo Kosta right it. It seems like a no brainer of yet. Awesome awesome flight someone someone's getting knocked out great tests for both guys. Whoever wins gets the title shot it. It's simple I. Think. We were talking before the show and I was saying I think for the most part this car pro out of a couple of names. Pretty easy to match people up and this is one of them. So CANANEA, Paul Costa I think everyone wants to see it Let's do that. Damn. I. Mean. That's that's my to the the other option that I do have. y'All Romero I'm cool with that to you undo Kanye versus Romero signed me up for that. But at the end of the day, cannon air should have already gotten his freaking title shot. Let's give them the opportunity to get back against the last man to fight for the title. So Heavyweight Division. Alexander Volkov puts away Walt Harrison. The second round Drago looked great in the fight he picked while the part eventually got the stoppage after just a painful brutal need to the to the solar plexus and. This is interesting because it's kind of tough. The same time because there's a bit of a logjam in the heavyweight division like we have a lot of fights booked up steep abors Franson Ghana who was the heavyweight title fight that isn't going to happen until at least March of next year as looks right now. So To I mean to me, it's a two horse race. It's ouster over him and it's jars senior Rosen's strike both are fine. Bow Cough wants to Jersey Neophyte I'm okay. With that I think overeating is more in the title hunt than both of those guys right now because of who he is the story line of one final run at the title. So I say, let's give volkoff what he wants. Let's give Jersey no overeating can fight Derek Lewis win or lose depending on how he fares against Curtis Blades that's my pick what do you think? I'm glad you mentioned the logjam in heavyweight. That is what has made some of our. We had a lot of heavyweight fights over the last couple of months or so, and that's what it has made. A tricky is kind of have. We kinda even the same names lumps because nobody can really within the division This is sucks as France. Gun always eloquently puts on his tweets. And of course, he's the he's the man who would know the most how much this situation is sucks as it were because he should have had a title fight like four months ago I don't know but I agree I think. They were supposed to fight Saint Petersburg Russia April of last year. I think when we did the matching for over aim after his last fight I said well, I said Volkov. If he beats Harris, which is what happened and this was in September I said at the still to fight to make so Yeah. He named a few people in his post fight. I think he was saying like Oh you know I want to get Volkov. Did he want to get some names towards tyler? He mentioned over him he mentioned Jairzinho, he's just tried to mentioned Jairzinho. Thankfully he was helped out with the pronunciation on that one bill difficult for a non non native English speaker and and US as well and se mentioned this Wabi tedious is supposedly inexplicably being matched up with CDL gone. So I don't know what that's about Dana White. Nothing, nothing else in that for instance but at least in the works, I guess that's that's not so Yeah over EGO. So over in for you I'm fine with that too Rosen's strike for me. Either way works Coyne I'm cool it either that either but just the position because I mean, that's what it is heavyweight division right now. So go from heavyweight. Back to one Hundred Eighty Five Pound Division Aka with one Mr. Philip. Hawes who disposed of Poor Jacob Mao Kun and just eighteen seconds one of the original super prospects of our great sport. He suffered some hard losses early in his career. He picked himself back up, dusted himself off his dues internationally, and now he's in the UFC, getting highlight reel finishes my friend where does fill ha's go from Saturday nine first of all. U. N Casey you mischievous little rugrats guys got me in trouble because you made me talk about Phil in the show after and kind of explain some of the trepidation ahead overfill hosby on the main card and I got a message from someone purporting to be Phil Hamas brother. Lamar Hamas this this on twitter. So by fake. And he was not happy I believe maybe I assume he wants the post show he was not happy with me so so I said by the end of the day that Haase's like super impressive and I was yes, you did. So I get it I think there was some there are some joking like, Oh, why did it take so long to get to the and I look sometimes we joke too much. So Lamar, if you're listening to this show, I apologize for for any insult that I that I put forward because I I was alive but This guy's listening because I don't want him. We were joking after it was such an impressive performance. He has faced a high level experience already more. So than most guys who have just made their used to debut so I understand that the push, but I was just kind of picking guys with think around his range I an under. NASREDINE IM- above okay. I know whatever it's not a sexy matchup. He's another good prospect. In, my rankings around the same range I have other I feel like Wellington Tournament who was supposed to fight this week but got Kobe and Bartoszk been ski if you want a guy with a little more UFC experience so I know these are these days right now are just a fly buzzing people's ears but I'm not. Against the name veteran it's point I. I'm not doing. Well at least we disagree on on Something Aka because I think he has put himself in a position where he has no limitations like. I feel like. You can't really slow roll him anymore because you're slow rolled him as much as you could for his first, you have see fight he demolished his opponent there's no need to slow roll him any longer I'm not saying we throw them atop fifteen or anything like that. But he? I think he does need a vet test against someone who would be hungry to take out a prospect that people are excited about and because this man did so well, building up his last fight against the big prospect I say we give them another opportunity to get that taste out of his mouth. So my pick is one Phil Hawes against Gerald near Chartres megatrend tron versus GM three. I liked that idea it's a good step up. If he beach diene three, there you go. Then we can start sniffing out top fifteen opponents or at getting much closer but I think that's a I've put Mir share what? Thirty thirty five in that division. Ha's can't be that far off. Can't he? He? Certainly, he certainly can be so in my rankings. Approximately about seventy middleweights give or take. I have already gave him. I already debuted Ha's I. put him at forty nine. Forty nine it's so low for eighteen six. That's really that's really high for guys. That's that's that's twenty one spots higher than than a bunch of people who've already five multiple times. and I have Gerald Maybe A to hide and twenty six. So top thirty. I get it. I get it like I was GonNa say, Oh, we can't match them up with a guy like Gerald Joe has much more experience. Joel has more experience than like everybody. So whole world. was really really what you're gonNA match. What with someone? I don't hate I don't hate it again I'm I'm just a little more reluctant to move bill. Anymore, because you're getting Lamar with Lamar, Hawes so I'm thinking with my story I want him around guys with similar U. OF C.. Experienced but I get. If you'RE GONNA go up, you could certainly have worst matchups, Gerald. Yes. But what I what I think is going to happen is that one of these upcoming eighty five matchups of the next three or four weeks someone's GonNa fall out and fill GONNA get inserted in yeah. This is one of those guys like we we've been saying recently probably not not someone we can really Beasley match make four. He's GonNa he's going to get some sort of short notice fight that we can't even predict so put them on that list that's the most accurate petition could make. Yes. This is advertiser. We now have two point three million people incarcerated in America less than seven percent of them are incarcerated for violent crime. That's attorney Geoffrey, Robinson Director of the ACLU Tron Center for Justice and Equality. 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This includes the tipping point we're at today I think Americans are watching and thinking and looking at this issue in ways they never have before and that's why I say this is our last best chance because if we don't get it right this time we're America is headed is someplace I don't think anybody wants to go. How do we make our last best chance count listen to who we are a podcast by Ben and Jerry's and produced by box creative now streaming wherever you that your podcasts And now we get to one of the questions that I've been getting the most AK emails. tweets. Poe Questions. What is next for lowering Murphy after her submission win over Lilia. SHOCKER OBA and. I've thought about this quite a bit over the last twenty, four hours or so I whacked poetically about it on the post fight show. And last week on this very program I. said that just drudge should either get a title shot fight. Lauren. Murphy or fights the Cavallo Shevchenko is getting ready to Fi- Jennifer my on November twenty first. Learn Murphy as Allaire said, what screw it, take my out and put and drudge in, and then Lauren Murphy would get the winner of that fight. That's what she wanted so. A little too late for that unless something. Bad Happens Jennifer my inch get make it and I hate to say this. Because I like Cynthia Calvillo and it sucks that she tested positive for Covid nineteen unfortunately for her the fact that Lauren State on the card took the risk she deserves to have the lead between the two in my opinion. So my pick we do Murphy versus Androgen clear-cut Number One contender fight keeps both women busy between Chanko tile defense and whenever she's ready to come back and defend again because let's remember founding shift Janko heavily favored to retain her title Jessica more than. Twice in a year since signing with the UFC the last time she fought three times in one year was in two, thousand, fifteen, and two of those fights were outside of the UFC. We'll say this recency aside she did fight three times from June of last year to February of this year. Okay. So maybe she'll be more active. Now, I just don't want to necessarily bank on that. So put Murphy and and drudge December twelfth December nineteenth winner gets the next title shot. And Caviar is going to have to fight Kagan or somebody like that. That's that's where we're at at this point. I don't know what do you think? This was this. This is the one that I just could not find an easy answer I feel like there's no homerun answer in a perfect world. You Know Laura Murphy could wait and get that title shot no matter what whether it's whoever gets it ahead of her but again, then we're talking about waiting six months seven months eight really have no idea and I don't think she wants to wait. On the sidelines that long she wants to fight and she wants to fight for the world title now how crazy is it by the way that you know we always get on the for not booking fights enough ahead of time and not giving bites you know proper time to get get get hyped up and marketed and they they they booked US my show checkoff by well ahead of time. It's not even into until next month. I think end of third week November some of that. And it's not until. And yet during all this time now, if feels like entourage and Murphy have. Hurdles my as far as fan. Interest goes. There wasn't a lot of heat to the. Match up to begin with I mean there was there was a nod of like Oh. Yeah. She she's a deserving challenger. And then at the time, we couldn't think of anyone that should be hierarchy. Okay. Then on tries comes up huge win Murphy keeps keeps her winning forms going looks amazing against a newcomer, but took care of business she's supposed to and suddenly I think a lot of I kept forgetting that might was even getting the title shot and time rolls around Next month you'RE GONNA have to go like, why isn't? non-drowsy talent wise Laura Murphy getting the title shot. You know I think you're GONNA have a lot of those questions for getting to this flight was booked like two months ago as vice should be. So kind of a no win situation for the. Aussie there I I feel bad for the matchmakers net case but Gosh I. Jessica entourage. Last week, I said I want us to see her fight Ostra Chango So I can't go against that. I did not think it was fair to Murphy if you've got a win against Chuck Arava to have to fight entourage and I wanted to wit so. But then again, there's just all these concerts contradicting things going on. Since I think this into Calcio re-bookings the way to go. But then there's almost a question of like what was the point of of having the fighting shack aerobic. Then if she's just GonNa go through anyway but. I think Josh get the title shot against the Maya Shevchenko winner and then I still I if Murphy wants to busy and I think it's fair to does I think she's GonNa WanNa fight. I think go murphy. This is how I think tone of voice how strongly I feel about this. Lauren Murphy should be getting a title shot. Should be getting a guaranteed title shot she is but she will not and I think she wants to fight again and I think it will just be. Book. And here's both lady said after their wins and dry GIN. Murphy, I don't WanNa. Wait like I. Don't WanNa wait I'M GONNA fight. So now let's just fight him like just fight each other and call it a day because you'd like you said like if Murphy just waits, she might be winning a year and a fight again and she shared his housing how to do that. So but good online murphy and I said I think we were all in agreement during the postal H. Show a+, plus she was She besides Habib I think she is the highest grade of anybody plus the way she delivered from start to finish because she did everything she could with what she had, and then some she literally could not do anymore besides Valentine's house and slapping her in the face like that's literally all she could do and she did it so good on her. Robert Whitaker would be my second star of the night if only I love care free. A wheel whitaker he's just he's just non stop laughing now. He does interviews now like he he's he's laughed at the questions. He just he gets very Kurt polite answers he's he's fully embraced the absurdity of MMA and he seems in a much better place than he was when he was you know the stress of being champion and all the you know and have a deal with the media that whatever he's doing to take care of his mental health and. Keep. Doing it Robert 'cause. He seems to be loving life right now and making very good decisions despite like this cluster. Is kind of confusing and we don't know what that was gonNA happen the most interesting the women's flyweight division has ever been like it's not like the divisions been around for twenty years but since its inception it's been kind of looked at it is just like. Now, get thirty five acres you know going down, we get fifteen or going up. It's just like this colossal mix of misfits in a way and the division just hasn't gone that interesting because Valentin is no one's GonNa be Valentina but man just getting the roads Valentin this is the best in most interesting the women's twenty-five Division has ever been right I think I think at the end of the year Mike when we look back on some of the Best Stories of twenty twenty I think the rise of sort of the flyweight of the women's flyweight division is going to be up there with sort of the realization of the depth of the men's Bantamweight Division we spent some some are calling. Now the cheapest division, an olive says if you add in bell tour so so Kudos to the matchmakers, and of course, the athletes in the flyweight division for really really making it a division watch. Absolutely what A. What change for Lauren Murphy over the years this is just a she's been a great story herself to see where she's where she's gone and Kinda gone from, and she's admitted herself kind of a laughingstock to a contender in a matter of like eighteen months to two years. So good on her she's definitely a factor at one, twenty, five but. I'm interested to hear what your thought processes that Ak with the first fight of the main card the ending of the rivalry between Maga, my ankle AF in Eon coots Alaba Ankle. I F Knox Kusaba stiff in the final minute of the first round exclamation point city. He can move on as a top fifteen guy in fight ranked guys Aka like he should have been doing in the first place but ankle, I have looked phenomenal on Saturday. He deserves the reward going through this whole ordeal booking cancellation booking cancellation covid. It was crazy. Where does he go from that? Went on Saturday. He can move on from you want you to lava. We all can move on from ankle. Lava has. Really, only eight months ago when I bought, but that's saga did really seem to go on forever. It was poked multiple times. Where does he go? Man I mean look he's been people have been calling him sleeper in the two of five division for Awhile and with the way the divergence shaped up now I mean that's sleeper he woke up in a big way last night for anyone who wasn't aware how how how towns guy is or why he's been in the top fifty in the ranks for the last couple of years I like to really good matches are like the one I'll I'll say the one I favor the most I think Misha's Surkov I think is a good way. Maybe I have Michigan ranks too high still he's obviously hasn't bought less of timber so I don't know how much he's dropped in the rankings of some people's eyes or even the US's rankings I should check that but I think it's good style match up again. Two guys who I think are right on the door, the top ten, and whoever wins that probably top ten spot light heavyweight So yeah, I mean we haven't seen some last. September. So hopefully he's healthy and you know it's just sort of travel and travel issues know how difficult is to train and prepare for things during the pandemic era we're living in and otherwise the hope hundred hundred healthy and we can see that metro made. So right now, ankle has ranked number eleven circuit off remember ten. Oh, there we go. Yeah. I actually abrupt. I like that idea. But I'm ready to get all sorts of weird AK. This is always are it's been a it's been a crazy year for for Miss Drank alive and I think we should just get a little crazier after this year so. You said circuit off which I liked the number ten guy, and we have two guys in this division who are looking to break the wall down. So I say we just matched them up. Let's go a spot above that. So gimme ankle is versus Johnnie Walker I. Wanted I need it he's walkers ranked number nine. I already said last week I wanna see Jimmy crew versus volcanoes demere I would have given him Ozdemir had I not said that last week with Jimmy crude on last week's program ankle. Versus Walker is just bananas, Weird Wild and fun I'm in Ak that's what I wanNA. See. I like walk crew. So I cannot recommit Walker the other the other name I really love Nikita Krylov which one I think I saw people mentioning. So. Ankle of is again there's that that like there's like five or six guys right outside the top ten and I think slot right into fights with each other perfectly. A lot of people is on twitter wanted to see ankle I vs per hash got no way. No, we're not doing that now I wanna see it. I don't want to see it now though. Superhero books we gotta get this guy booked. Yeah I mean that's exciting. Yes. I thought we're going to see perhaps CA Krylov already or BRASSICA versus rackets. May I don't understand I don't get it but. That's fun I. Mean Anything I just want to see ankle. I fight. A top ten guy he's he's that good I just WanNa see how good he really is as we move onto the wild card round, reach us a fighter that we have not match made for yet, and we go ahead and do it right now I, love the wild card round favorite part of the show outside of the listener's submissions. Ak Start us off by man what is your UFC two, fifty, four post boredom wildcard selection while I my usual. Rundown for guys who I think neither of us are going to pick Joel Alvarez. Great. Win Wait. That's what's next for you. Buddy Miranda Maverick keep working in that PhD young brilliant talent tied to have stopped doing Schumer. That's general life advice He doesn't really need for me. got a good win over. Stefan struve got back in the wind com just stop doing these are discussing just it's not it's not. It's not cute. It's cute. So I went with but I went with the one I got I got to match up with was Shafqat. Rahkmonov. Who I boldly stated on twitter I is as exciting prospect as comes up, Shemaya? Okay. If we're talking about guys at one seventy, this guy's legit. Becomes that is, but I think what? What, what, Rahkmonov against Algebra is as impressive as Gerald. Moore shirt win certainly more impressive than John Phillips or the other reason. McEwen. So if feel realize he's he's more experienced than average for UC debutante though he is just want to know now and he's only twenty five years old so throughout their. He was originally supposed to fight another veteran Elizabeth instead. So that makes a lot of sense. But LESCHI he was removed from that fight because of an L. C. L. Tear so. You know the time he's not getting surgery as far as I know but the timeframe, there's a little shaky. I don't know. We don't know how he back don't know how when they were going to book. Rahkmonov. Again Muneer Les- who was supposed to fight again on October seventeenth he got covid maybe if that clears up, we can match up. Diego Lima. Was the name I really WanNa see him fight but he's he's again neck injury you can't play around with those I I assume he'll be recovered soon but we again, we haven't been given a timetable on that so. Going with such a little more UC experience in Iraq manab and also very solid record before joining the promotion. Takashi Saito. he's a little bit of a question mark as well. He supposed to find Dale Rigas August twenty second he was ruled medically unfit to compete after weighing in which we don't happen I. Assume it was tied to the way cut and hopefully nothing more serious. But yeah, that's the name of throwing out there. 'CAUSE just want to book Rachman up again I think it's a big big prospect. We'll have some reader submissions later, which are probably more interesting than what is suggested by Takashi. Shot. Rahkmonov is a fight that I. Well this happens from time to time I. also chose Shafqat Rahkmonov because one I mean in my opinion forgoing like five stars of the night he's in the top five. In my opinion I mean the man just took out Cowboy Olivera who missed weight in his UFC you'll see debut in the first round like. Good Yeah what he be chunky cowboy like that was super impressive and you deserve some really good after that. I'm not ready to give them a tough guy he called Donald. Ceremony. I'm not all that thrilled with that idea, but if they do it. I'm okay with it. I have two names Rachmanov I think he's I think he's right there man. Two guys were I look at them and I say you know what you're doing. Well, you ben damn impressive. Let's see how good you really are. Let's see if you are top fifty material. So to Rachmat versus Daniel Rodriguez or my first choices Rachmat Aversa Jake Matthews gas step up with a win. Knock on the door of top fifteen spot. That's either of guys works for me but. That's the kind of step up on see like. Yeah Twenty five to twenty range and I think both those guys are probably in that neck of the woods right now. There's some really good looking kind of wealthy. You mentioned Dale Rodriguez. Rahkmonov Sean Brady of course, absolute blue chipper. That's sort of middle of the pack right now of younger Tariq guys. That's exciting guys. All guys. You can see like in the top fifteen in like a year eighteen months from now like Dan. This is nice. It's. A nice againing brady versus Blah. Muhammad's a great very excited for that Do we have any listener matchmaking initial the whole lot hold on What happened to Casey Kenny what your boy Casey, Kenny I told I said this like. Casey Kenny mean there's this one option for right now like if he wants to fight somebody. Relatively name-wise in the fifteen before the year is over he's GonNa have to fight. Moravian short notice and I don't know how excited would be to do that. I. I went in heading I went heading into U of C two, fifty four with the wildcard pick ready to go Casey Kenny vs Rob Fund that was going to be my pick Barat. Fun had gone ahead and book a fight with I duNno Marlin Mariah's for comeback I. Guess That's Okay I mean, we're Casey Kenny would have been cool too but now but. Soon as I. Heard that I was like, well, there goes my wild carp? Back. And then we're like. Miranda Maverick. I was thinking about, but I was just like she should fight like. Justin kiss or somebody like that like what a rusher you know what I mean it's just all the winners like you don't. WanNa rush or they missed wade or like it's I feel like rock bottom deserves the shine. Yeah definitely I again, this guy. Do I wish they'd been able to have them up a little bit more but I think after this win I don't know if he's going to get that should have pushed. The one thing I'll say about I've always kind of kind of kind of talking about how we're pushing fast part of that. Is he he he? He does make very good use of his English you know what I mean obviously has limited English but he's he's he's picked up the hub smash thing which is which people like people in North America like and just as has just up. English, and as very very good with his words when it comes to kind of generating headlines and and calling people out so that that is something that you might have has over a lot of other prospects. So I'll I'll definitely give him that addition to him being a pretty pretty down. Amazing fighter What do you want first by? Do you want? DMZ you want email got. Cindy, the M.'s I that will do the. emails. So. DM's I. Got One from Iran Ski. That's at a Ron. A Ski S Key s ending S K I. Three is anyone you guys can try and find this Guy he? He had some good Rachmat. Good. You know he mentioned Rahkmonov rockall Martin was an aide moved out there and I didn't want to steal it because like, yeah I could see that I can see Rocco Martin and Jesse Ron. said I like except I believe Jesse and probably has is returned to one fifty, five I. Don't know if he wants to be fighting top welterweight prospects like Shafqat. Rahkmonov. Funding to do He Casey Kenny is Song Dong Or. Is this might be too much. I believe hop on Sal I actually liked have I actually I think that's I think that's good. Fight I. Mean You'd love it. Kenny. Would sign on for that in a frigging second. he likes he likes live Krylov This I thought you mentioned this show say. That Cummings I think this one, the names. Out there and makes sense again, we're talking about veteran guys and that sort of Mir short range to Voss Phillip Lynes. Lynn's I don't know if he was going to be the anymore or Romanov Romanov next plate So I think you from people said he said love the show and thanks for considering his picks and then Harry Lipsky. Who's messed me in the past and I keep telling this guy at Harry Five on twitter you get your fix in Saturday night and we'll we'll drag it on the show. So he got it in but he got an time he let's get you McGregor for the belts. Of course, as the does she would as well and he apologized policies. The winter, the winter is he rematch Kinda near costs. Volkov overreach over meals, jd S. but again, there's the gone thing what Harris? Augusta Sukhothai is that the guy we think that we can finally get that feel good moment walter. Easy, it's not really an easy out. So tough I. Yeah. There's a huge. Gap which again, which I mean even even against Boko because I here's kind of had that advantage so. against it but like we said, we want to bring in a real job for forever. And their Tony Ferguson and or on. I'm seeing if few I saw a lot of Murphy address. It does I don't know that's so unfair to Murphy I feel. and then random twelve. This is where we get wild I ran into the wild west of random twitter onto the next one solicitations. them all but for Shafqat, we got our first fighter volunteering for an onto the next one. Yes. PF L. and UFC veteran glycogen Franca chimed in when we asked who should shafqat right next next he said meet Nice. Like oh Franken back a fine fine welterweight town to fight Rachmat? He's volunteered as the Larry guy he's got a little bit of. People say that Mukisa come on Tyron Woodley. and. At Adam knows better on twitter with the lovely seeing punk so they. Very good. Very yes. That's what people want. what? I don't want to run through everything. We have here we are talked about Kenny and have Murphy again I, you know there was just no, I think nobody no good solution. As people have, smarter, solutions than us. Appear throwing out straight names. Now, this the the the you know guys you haven't been helpful. Shimla half German yeah for my of isn't there. Feel hot. have for that someone else said AARC Anders. Kevin, Harlan's no once. They both have fights booked. Okay Edmonds Chubais. Ian. I'm not let's not terrible. That's not on the I think that push advising should continue I want him not mess up with another prospect and? Christoph Shock Jacko's gotta get. Well I think he is booked. Thought he was booked in like something happened right? Right. That actually sounds more familiar Robert Whitaker we had some comments. mostly just people saying he's GonNa lose to the again and I we're look maybe he would. But that's no reason not to make their rematch guys come on. and Rent Maverick. Last one I'll read the random solicitations Miranda Maverick. from Giovane Johnson he says either Maria ACAPA. Or Alexa Grasso I could see POGBA dumb extends grasso at I don't WanNa. See that I do not want to see that I honestly, and this is no disrespect to Moraga Police I. Think Miranda Maverick would. Just a nine later. Just mercury how it's just not it's. Fair. Married Mavericks on through the Miranda Maverick topgun jet yes. The train it's A. To Chat Yeah and from regular regular review listener and contributor at Mighty Magic Mart on twitter he likes uncle I vs Ozdemir. Wants to move up in the top ten and what else and then Casey Kenny versus other song which was Mr for or the winner of Kelleher. Ricky Simone. Maybe, if Simone Wins. I, don't know. I don't know I. Don't think I. Don't think Kelleher when going to thirty-five like anytime soon. Alright right he's enjoy. He's enjoying the bantamweight fights at at at one hundred, forty five that he's been says is. Not, GONNA. Wait not underway about that. Now he's he's been very smart about it. I. Hate. Maybe Candy Kenny would go up to one forty five to do the one, forty, five, bantamweight dance I don't know maybe. The. Lego. We had quite a slew I could have read a lot more but. There's only so many hours in the day and get everyone who Commented on twitter sent in replies with especially thinking for people who deemed an email email. Interesting. Gordon. Our usual, another one of our viewers. Will appreciate that. Yeah. KRISTOF Jaakko supposed to fight this coming Saturday. Against mock mud Muradov so bad I'm. Just saying. Is like one or till and Hermansson fighting your next week. What Does, not, radically. December? Think I really have no idea what's going on I? Think it's a hall Anderson Silva. Right that's next week. That's actually. I'm back is. There you gotTA. Listen guys listen to this right now and you're like, Oh, I wanna get my suggestion get him in there. We'll talk about it on on the twitter right AK. Is that Alexander Keighley I'm it Mike Heck underscore GR join us next week as you discussed, the follow and futures for some of the notable names of. UFC Vegas twelve going here. You've seen fight night Silva vs hall or hall verse. Listen at the end of the day. This is. What's supposed to be the vital fight of the legendary career of Anderson Silva. So back to back events with legend retirements, he takes on your riot hall really good feather way Bob between feely Bryce Mitchell is the co main event, Greg Hardy, versus Maurice Greene is on that card by the way just because we mentioned while Harris I think the winner of that fight should fight Walt Harris next that's my pick. As far as this week show goes. Out of time for Alex Haley Mike Hacking his always folks do not take this too seriously I've Ma is supposed to be funded is our job to make it that way. So we'll see you next time right here on onto the next one, the podcast. You're listening to the box media podcast. Network.

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