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From the rail to your radio this is the horse. Racing radio network half thanked him. Don stake up. That's one by contacting gumede. The final furlong out the sixteenth bowl. Gumming john velazquez rolling on home to win the breeders cup. Filly and bear sprints all gonna mean welcome to the equine forum divert dixon outside the to the derby switched third thirty. Here's whitmore striding forward for the lead him. The final pumped up breeders sprints. What a day in the career abyss seven year old whip four a-rod ortiz. Junior pep won the breeders cup sprint. Now here's mike penna. Good morning once again. Everyone and welcome to the equine forum on the horse racing radio network. This is the show that quite frankly started at all the show. That launched a network has to say mike baron on the backstretch with you for the next couple of hours right up until ten. Am eastern you of course are listening. Throughout north america on sirius. Xm to oh one on our affiliates in lexington louisville and across the country or digitally with our live streaming or podcasts of the show on our hr website horse racing radio dot net. Happy to have you along for the next couple of hours. One hundred thirty three days nine hours forty three minutes and wait for it. Five seconds until the run for the roses saturday i churchill downs in louisville kentucky. And did you know there have already been fourteen kentucky. Derby prep races run in twenty twenty fourteen. You might miss that eight in the united states six internationally. The most recent was yesterday afternoon in. You may not have been paying attention because it was a friday and it was at remington park in oklahoma but there was derby points race. Run yesterday and send your boost cadore which by the way means sir seeker was seeking remained perfect in his young career and he did just that in winning the springboard mile. Earning ten points toward a spot in the starting gate on the first saturday in. May he'll need a lot more than that and the waters will get much deeper for. Send your boost couture but the send a mine. Shaft is now a perfect to for to begin this young career. No horse that is running. The springboard mile has ever gone on to win the kentucky derby that certainly not the case for the los alameda futurity which is set to be run later today in california six kentucky derby winners have run in the low sale futurity and then on the next year to where the roses three of those finished. Second one finished third and was unplaced in the future already. Only one horse has won. Both the los alameda futurity and the kentucky derby can you name him. That's our trivia question for today show. Usually i do a poll question today. I thought it would be a fun trivia question. Who is the only horse to win. Both the los alamitos futurity and the kentucky derby. Let's see how many people in our nation get it right. I can take it a step further and say name. The horse that was unplaced. The only horse. Let's do it that way to all right. Let's let's have a little fun. Who is the only horse to win both below saleh meet charity and the kentucky derby and named the only horse to be unplaced in the future already and come back and win the kentucky derby the next year. Yeah that's fun to part question. They're the only horse to win. Both the los alameda sturdy and the kentucky derby and then name the horse the only horse to be unplaced futurity and win the kentucky derby following spring. Cianci's gonna love me for that one you can go to. Hr in twitter horse racing radio network on facebook. And let me know your thoughts. I'll pass those along later in the program. See how many people get that right. Today's field in the futurity is relatively small. Just six horses. And if history is any indication you would be very wise and we can say this about a lot of races including the kentucky derby by the way you would be very wise to keep an eye on any horses trained by hall of famer bob baffert and this year that arrow points straight at spielberg. Who was second choice at odds. Five to to. Bob has won the futurity a record twelve times there are there are trainers who work their tail off in this sport every single day and they would give their right arm to win twelve stakes races. Let alone graded stakes. Bob has won this particular race twelve times including each of the past six years. Now that streak that streak. It's not a chip shot this year for bob. That street could be in jeopardy because of the morning line favorite red flag who comes from barnard trainer. John sheriff's he throttled spielberg earlier this year. And they'll get a rematch in the grade to loselle futurity later today. That's race four on the card in southern california four twenty eight pacific time seven twenty eight eastern is when you can catch los alamitos. Futurity should be a good one. How about our old friend mack. Field remember him boy. what a career. It's been for max 'field already. The undefeated street cents returns again at the fairgrounds today in the stakes. He broke his maiden first out in september. Two thousand nineteen. He comes right back in the second. Start and wins the grade. One breeders futurity at keeneland. Everything is coming up roses from ashfield and that's exactly what his connections were. Thinking goes to the breeders cup juvenile in two thousand nineteen at santa. Anita get scratched right. Before the race with a bone chip he returns on may twenty third of this year to win the matt win at churchill. Downs great training job by walsh. And he would have missed the derby on the first saturday in may but with being moved to september because of the pandemic was one of the likely favorites will in june. Max 'field suffers yet another injury. This time a counselor fracture that required surgery. He's off the derby trail for the second time. Brutal absolutely this is a tough game. You better have your big boy pants on. If you're gonna play in this game off the trail for a second time. He returns today. We'll see him in action later today at the fairgrounds. And i'm going to talk with jimmy bell. Who is the president of us godolphin. Operation's he's going to be women coming up at eight thirty five eastern time to talk about the return of max field. Yesterday tim wilkin wrapped up a brilliant thirty five year career writing about horse racing for the albany times union. I believe it was nineteen eighty five the first year that tim started covering horse racing at other sports too in the albany region but he was so good it covering horse racing he worked as he worked tirelessly and he's been a a regular guest on this program the past several years. He typically joins us every travers morning and coming up at nine eastern. I'm going to spend some time with tim. Yesterday was his final day at the albany times union. I'll spent some time looking back on his career and listening to him share some stories some of his top moments. There have been several and really looking forward to that visit with tim. One of the classiest guys you're going to meet in thoroughbred racing too so that comes up at nine eastern at nine twenty. Eric camelback will be with me. Eric is the ceo of the national. Hp steve asmussen wrote an op. Ed piece that appeared in the december first edition of td and it involves racetrack safety. Not in the afternoons necessarily but during morning training. And eric's going to be with me from the hp to talk about steve's peace and share his thoughts from the horsemen perspective. And why this is such an issue so that comes up at nine twenty my first guest on the show kind of doing this in reverse my first guest at eight fifteen and just a few minutes is the husband. Wife team of ryan and andrew aggressive. They have started. Horsing julep racing club. And it's a fun fun venture. I'll tell you more about that. At eight fifteen or they will. It's it's really neat looking forward to that. Visit coming up in just a couple of minutes o. Rien and andrea aggressive coming up at eight fifteen eight thirty five jimmy bell from godolphin or industry star of the week comes around right right about eight fifty nine o'clock tim wilkin from the albany times. Union eric camelback from the bpa at nine twenty four roses bourbon segment in the second. Half of the program as well and special holiday. Treat for all of you looking ahead to Christmas which is coming up very shortly as we know. I don't back with more on the forum on h. R. airdrie stud cairo prince the leading third crop sire by number of stakes winners stakes horses graded stakes winners and graded stakes horses. He's also a top five general sire by the number of two-year-old winners so far in two thousand twenty and current crop of yearlings is his first conceived at a twenty five thousand dollars stud fee yearlings from cairo. Prince's fourth props sold for up to four hundred thousand dollars this year underlining his incredible commercial appeal at fifteen thousand dollar stands and nurses for twenty twenty one cairo prince's value in the extreme standing at airdrie stud think about it pie. This is joe. Nicholson during these difficult times. The team nicholson insurance agency. Since best wishes to all for good health we all look forward to better times ahead when this pandemic is behind us. But in the meantime we need to stay safe although the staffing nicholson insurance is working from home. Phone calls into the office or forwarded so that service remains intact. Customer service professionals. Continue to be ready willing and able to help you with your insurance needs whether it'd be equine farm home auto business or life. Several of nicholson insurance agencies. Companies are returning portions of auto premiums because of reduced travel during the isolation period. Which i think is the right thing to do. Please call eight five nine. Two two four seven zero eight zero. Nicholson insurance agency. Thank you the national. Hp is continuously working near protect the health and welfare of horses by advocating and funding research to help reduce quite injuries. Lobbying for national testing lab to oversee and establish absolute uniform laboratory protocols advocating for every track to undergo an annual independent surface assessment passionately. Supporting off the track thoroughbred retirement facilities and adoption groups and so much more see additional. Hp initiatives at national hp dot com racing fans. Don't miss opening day next saturday. December twenty six the day after christmas spectacular santa anita although there were still no public. Admittance you can watch every santa anita race free of charge at santa anita dot com slash live. And you can watch and wager it. I bet that's i dot com slash beck. Santa anita will present a total of sixty. Six on opening day highlighted by the great one. Run happy malibu. And two other great ones the la brea seven furlongs and for the first time ever on opening day. The american oaks milem one quarter on her tune in early on opening day special. I post time a tremendous eleven race. Card is eddie eleven. Am and don't miss track announcer. Frank mir ahmadi ahmadian. Tom quigley as a handicap. The opening day racist beginning ten twenty a m next saturday. For additional information please visit santa. Anita dot com. The steve asmussen. You're listening to the horse racing radio network. You're listening to the equine forum on the horse racing radio network and they are coming with a flurry of the quarter pole. Favorite trick has yet to start. His run. capetown is gearing up. he's five lengths away top for this threat and real quiet gets delayed on the outside and the entirely is under the weapons. Second kate town. We'll have to do more victory gallop at nine but real quiet about the poll. He's got bullied by to india. Charlie victory gallop still coming real worried. Victory gallopers toiling played. Wins the one hundred. Twenty fourth running of the kentucky derby welcome back to the forum on h. r. n. Kirk becker bringing them home in the nineteen ninety. Eight run for the roses. I play that clip because that was the same event the same year that i became engaged to my wife. Shelf got engaged with the kentucky. Derby a ninety eight real quiet went on to win. It was a spectacular day. A very memorable day for a lot of different reasons and i know that we could say the same for the husband. Wife duo of ryan andrea aggressive. Who are with me now. From horse racing club in south carolina ryan first of all a welcome you to the program will welcome andrea there with two. Let's start with ryan for a second. good morning. my friend thanks for taking the time. Good morning mike. Thank you so much. For having us on it's It's really surreal to be on his To be on the other side of the radio of after being a fan for so long and listening to all your shows. It's quite something well. I'm excited for this visit in andrea. Welcome to the program as well. i don't know did you guys get engaged at erasing event or was it a totally separate thing. I'll let andrea answer that it was a totally separate thing. But the special thing about our stories out ryan really pursued in horse country i think ever and when we were dating i think that was the first trip we took together. I knew taken. yeah fantastic. Aken is one of those places. That's on my bucket list. I've never been This past week. I had a chance to visit trainer ron stevens. Who trained in for more than thirty years in a train for dogwood and we'll talk more about him. I'm sure during this interview but Ron was just a fantastic guest on trainer. Talk this past week and ryan you were instrumental in helping me set. I can't thank you enough. It was my pleasure. I think I think the world iran. I think he's just phenomenal and love is stories. I love his You know just his personality and His craft you know and success with horses is has really been phenomenal and I was really glad to be able to connect you guys all right. So tell me more. And i'll just throw it to each of you and you can take it and run with but tell me more about horse and julep racing club. What is it. How does it work. How did the concept come about. Yeah i'll start Mike i I've been i've been a horse enthusiasts longtime celebrate enthusiasts almost twenty years now. I was one of those guys Mike that Spent more time studying. Pedigrees and racing forms in in my college classes than than textbooks however My background is primarily in in broodmares and matings and foaling and The racing element came along kind of developed a little later on and as andrew and i got married She came from a non racing background at also. I had my work cut out for me to to bring her along with With me and this. And so. I started taking her to some of these. You know places that. I felt like we're so special. I just wanted to introduce her to and so. Obviously lexington is at the center of that you would go and see You know mayors and foles that we had and and go see stallions and go to keeneland that we went to to saratoga race track. I mean sir. Togas just amazing Had a lot of fun in that community and go to places like ache in and Quaint little town even even places like gulfstream car in south florida. A lot of fun to offer. So i basically Tried to bring her along in in in in the they find experience element of all this and then from there Got her blessing to Take involved in some groups Some racing groups and we've done that and we had a little success But i will say the some of the things that we really wanted from that were Community and more that experience and we felt like that was an area that We we really felt like we could could offer more My background in our background together. We we love hospitality. We love getting people together whether that's here on trips Just r d in our dna and our life-blood so When we kinda had this crazy idea about a year ago and i reached out to fill haggar He's an agent kentucky. And i bounce this off of them a year ago last january and i said hey what what do you think about starting a group and and you know really want to build it around experiential and community and people meet each other and and have a lot of fun maybe even before the race the get to the races and thinking about how you could do that. I've always thought that You know a lot of the the best of the partnerships They they leave a lot on the table when they when they buy in in september and take them right to you. Know training center like ocala. 'cause you miss out in kentucky you miss out on lexington the bluegrass which is so and so We're going to back up and we're going to buy here in in january More the club this month We hope to have all the spots reserved by the end of the month here. And we're gonna form healthy and llc will go and buy january Feel is going to select those horses for us. And he is just phenomenal up and coming star He's just had great success. Worked under some phenomenal people like bill. Motte and you know other top. Agent's like Forgetting the names right now. But he's kind of worked at the success so we wanted to partner with just really successful people to give us the are group the best chance of success so the horses go from there to darby dan farm. I've got a relationship with them and you just wonderful see this vision in sierra passionate and said hey you know let your horses grow up here for the next you know for that. Six eight months before they go to the training facility in our partners will be able to go meet up there at some point Pending all this virus stuff. But we're we're planning to do that To get the partners together there and then from there they'll go down to south carolina to train We're hoping to get the partners. They're together as well. Wait this fall and do the same exact thing and have a great weekend out of it and we. We really excited to to put on some great for The the members before the horses even get to the races and then we've got obviously great aspirations for success there and diagnose great trainers defied that we to work with So mike that's really the the spirit of what we're trying to get through here andrea ryan mentioned that you were not into horse racing when he met you and i i read on your website. That your first intro into racing came about a decade ago with the queen's cup which is a steeplechase event held every year in south carolina Tell me a little bit more about about your involvement and what this rights been like for you. Sharon steeplechase the queen's cup in charlotte definitely and ryan and i are mutual friends. We'd gather there every year and every year. The girls hats are has got a little bit. Bigger each year We really put a lot into it. Just coordinating making it a fun time. and ryan would always take the lead and hosting and seeing his hospitality side. Come out One of the things that i was really drawn to him When we first started dating And i would make sweet tea. Mint juleps You know we just have a good time. Is it in by the way. I want to correct myself. I think i said south carolina that's held in is used at charlotte north carolina's where the queen's cup is But isn't that what at its core racing is all about andrea. We say that about the kentucky derby all the time that the fact that you can go and get dressed up and put on the big hats and guys can put on the finest coats and ties or you can go into the infield. Just hang out with a short not shorts and tee shirt. Whatever it is that. That's i mean to hear the way that you've gotten involved in what's captured you That's what the sports all about. Isn't it that's correct absolutely. Yeah and then. Addition you know to those races just the experiencing different cultures that these towns have offer where you know. I love to travel. I love experiencing different cultures and communities. And you know when ryan i were dating and his exposing me to these different communities. I learned that. I really don't have to go far. You don't have to go abroad to get An elegant experience you know and and try new foods and different people and see beautiful scenery. Yeah and it's going to be great. That people can experience this through the new horse in julep racing club. Which by the way if you wanna learn more You can go to horse and julep dot club that's horse and julep dot club and Check out the website. One thing ryan that. I told you that that really stood out to me when i looked at. Your website was the family aspect and i think that's going to draw a lot of people in Because of the fact that taken experience the sport on a bit of a a a different level they can do it together as a family they can do it as an individual and and they can be around your family and and go down this road with you guys. And i think that's fantastic ryan mike that is Something that we we definitely pride ourselves and we we just love. We love people. We let them of all all different Walks of life and that we actually have young. Kids yourself mike. We've got a four year old and a seven year old. And they love you know going to kentucky and they love seeing the horses and feeding some carrots and We you know we just launched this thing two weeks ago And we have been talking to a lot of people who this is resonating with and Some of the spots who that have already been taken Our our families with young kids and then got on the other spectrum. We've got grandparents with grandchildren. That are excited. Exposed them to this Sport and you know retirees that want to do this with with their retirement and then everything between You know people in careers professionals. So it's gonna be all walks of life and that's what we're excited about. People that have never owned horses before are signing up to do this which is really You know amazing that they're entrusting us with their first experience and then there's people who have actually been very successful in the game and if owned a lot of courses on their own and wanna do this because they want camaraderie and experience with people and community and we welcome all those people. It's it's going to be a lot of fun. And they are in good hands with your trainer. Phil hager to or bloodstock agent phil hager. Who is going to be over suing seeing things and picking out those babies and again partnerships. Yeah right now. Horse and julep dot club is where you can learn more or you can give ryan and andrea call. And i'm sure they'll be more than happy to answer any of your questions ryan andrea. Listen really appreciate the visit This interview like oliver interviews brought to our listeners by embrace the race the apparel for the horse racing lifestyle folks can wear what they love at embraced the race dot com and appreciate the visit this morning. Happy holidays and all the best horse and julep club mike. Thanks so much. And we're looking forward to that. I call for the interview after the first graded stakes adventure. Don't forget her number. That's exactly right. i'll be all over it. You got it ryan andrew. Thank you so much. Happy holidays mike. All right happy holidays guys. Yeah fantastic course and julep dot club a cool idea and we'll see how that plays out but it it seems certainly like this is going to be a big hit and i think you'll enjoy being involved with them. They're they're great people Speaking of great people it is time for your lexus. Legends of the turf segment. Brought to you every single saturday at this time by the lex historic lexington when i come back visit with jimmy bell. The president of godolphin's us operations and the president of the after care alliance. I'll talk to him about max field and about thoroughbred after care right after your lexus legends of the turf this lady had a wealth of character. A marvelous vibrant personality and she was indeed an inspiration to others. She was a lady through and through and the roaring nineteen twenties while still under twenty. She entered the world of racing as the owner of a steeplechaser. A racing stable brooke mead came into existence. A few years later she was at burst upon positi and great delight in needling and openly deflating and obvious inflated ego or infectious sense of humor provided her the tool for doing so especially in times of stress perhaps equally as synonymous with brooke meets stable and success. Where the names of precedent elliott burch. Who trained her horses. Preston began training for our lady of the moment in nineteen forty four and on october. Twenty first of that year he saddled her dear me for her in the maryland handicap at laurel. Dear me whip the redoubtable twilight here by seven lengths in that affair and that was virtuous first of a long long list of sakes winners. He saddled for brooke made birch was very patient with young horses and he and are subject. Probably receive more thrills from a horse named sailor than any other racing in her colors that was in the decade of the fifties while others racing in her colors included sword. Dancer bowl of flowers oligarchy. Her superb flower bowl won the delaware handicap in nineteen fifty. Six and on may second nineteen fifty. Nine sword dancer won the derby for her while on the very same day. Big effort won the better roses at the old jamaica racetrack on long island in one thousand nine hundred thirty-four our lady of the day as it were became the very first woman and american turf history to lead the winning owners list. Her bowl. flowers was voted philly. Champion of nineteen sixty and sixty one and sword. Dancer was voted horse of the year in nineteen fifty-nine. This marvellous lady dearly loved the thoroughbreds and among the many greats carrying her silks to the winter circle she considered her best to have been cavalcade sailor. Sword dancer and bolo flowers but she had a very soft spot for others including okapi songo and high quest and nineteen thirty four and sixteen years later in nineteen fifty brooke. Mead was the leading money winning stable in america from nineteen twenty five until her demise in nineteen sixty two horses one one thousand one hundred forty four races as previously indicated or trademark was love four and the ability to just with her trainers the virtues before big races she would often break the tension in the paddock by saying for example quote. Do you think i should put on the blinkers today or quote. Now you haven't put that saddle on right on. Her jockey would appear. She could be heard to say quote now. Preston you step back. I'm going to give the order on how to ride this horse today with a twinkle in awry of course and she would go on solemnly to say quote. You just go on out and win this race today. If it was muddy she would be quite apt to say now. Don't you dare get my colors dirty today. Yes this grand lady and that she was in every sense of the word through and through hell to the sporting ideals with best characterized racing to. It's very best. Both in victory and defeat mr seabrook meet stable and the subject of this piece isabel. Dodge sloane visionary design this performance and imaginary technology. That's lexus when every detail. Every moment and every emotion is crafted by lexus. It leads to amazing experience. Artistry inspires design that compels and engineering. That excites this. Is mike danna. And i can tell you personally. As alexis owner the enjoyment you'll From driving any of the lexus. Model lines is unparalleled. Visit the lex store of lexington today and see what i've been talking about for nearly fifteen years. The people truly make the difference. Lexus has also been a longtime supporter of the horse industry with keeneland shop located at the lexus store of lexington and through their sponsorship of teens lexus raven run stakes. Each fall taught courses and experience. Amazing in your brand new. Lexus tend to equine and pet care. Products have been keeping world-class equal athletes. Happy and healthy for generations. Keep your excellent athlete looking and performing well with ten next generation wound and skin care treatment along with nutritional supplements leg muscle care products fast. Healthcare politics topical aids grooming products. Visit tend to horse dot com. Today justify a four time. Great one winner eclipse champion. Three-year-old horse of the year and the only undefeated triple crown winner by cyrus Daddy justifies first bowls sold for up to six hundred thousand dollars at the recent november sales. Well his info mayors were led by the three time grade. One winning daughter of uncle. Mo bast who sold for four point. Two million to spend through farm justify has covered over eighty grade one winners or dams grade one winners in his first. Two years in ashford called the team at ashford today to book your mayor while there are still seasons available. Hello this is steve. Kathan winner the triple crown. Nineteen seventy eight aboard affirmed and you are listening to the horse racing radio network. You're listening to the equine forum on the horse racing radio network bracing for the top of the stretch new york traffic. An pneumatic pneumatic tries to cut the corner off to turn. Traffic comes a little bit lied keys to hook up with free sixteen to go. Traffics in front max. Field is making progress here comes next field rallying boldly of the track near traffic wanders outside pneumatic digs and medfield continues to close traffic and max field pneumatic down inside. Max field is thinking derby win by a length. Running new york traffic pneumatic and attachment rate. Well that's the way it sounded. The last time. We saw max 'field on the race track travis stone. Have the call of the matt winn stakes at churchill downs. He was a winner that day after having the scratch from the breeders cup juvenile the previous year month before brendon. Walsh did a great job bringing him back getting him. Ready to fire his best shot he would have missed the kentucky derby had it been held on the first saturday may keep in mind. That race was may twenty third of this year. He would miss the derby if it was on. The first saturday may but would have being moved to september. Max field was among the favorites for this year's kentucky derby when a second injury forced him off the derby trail for a second time that's brutal. It has been a tough tough career so far for max fuel but with that said he so good and so talented that he is a perfect three for three and a grade one winner as a two year old and today he looks to get back on track and proved that he is still the real deal in the stakes at the fairgrounds. And that would be welcome news to jimmy. Bell who is the president of godolphin's us operations. He is with me now. Here on the equine form. Jimmy good morning. My friend always great to catch up. Good morning to you enjoyed here in that race car. That feels like we're back in action. You're back in action in a big way today. And you know i went through earlier in the show and i just kind of recap that very quickly there but this has been such an up and down career for max 'field and i can imagine this has to be one of the more frustrating scenarios that you've ever been involved with well frustrating. Yes but on the other hand It there's a sense of confidence because not too often or year round horse. It obviously shows the talents. Max fields had from you. Know yourself Breaking your first time out going right from there into a great one race And obviously have another time out coming back and off the off the bench in run a race like that in the met win. So i mean he's in three racist he shown so much that Even though it's been a long time between races know what you always hope for. I don't think once we don't question. Is this talent and for that reason. We're really optimistic and excited the same back in action and and more importantly as you earlier alluded The patients that everybody has shown especially brendan and bringing him back and Hopefully we're we're looking for you know very productive for your season with a full body of work that can maybe show The talents of this this cult time and time again. So very very you know. We're very excited to be back in here. We are ready ready ready to run in the afternoon. You know jimmy. I come at this from the outside looking in but you are obviously intimately involved with every move. That takes place with mac 'field and i talked about earlier in the program. I talked about that training. Job that brendan did getting him. Back to the races after being scrapped from the breeders cup in two thousand nineteen the breeders cup juvenile. Getting him back for the matt win but not just back to the races getting him back and ready to fire his best shot after all that time. Off and overcoming that that initial injury. How good of a training job was that by brennan. Well i think i think he I think you hit on the head. I think is his hole. Card is tremendous patience. I think he region horses very well. These the consummate horseman himself. So you know. He's been both on their backs. And on the ground. And i think he's got that that extra sense of of Communicating with horses. That he himself you know we'll get on them and he's got that feeling nose and He he really lets the horse sort of talk to him and tell him when and where and we were on the phone just the other day and he said you know we're gonna have to run. He he's figured it out he's ready We know there's still probably few cobwebs and a little bit rust on the wheel. But that was the case. Obviously in the matt win as well and You know it just takes probably very very counted individual to be able to Only physically be ready to run but mentally. Be ready to run. And that's something. We probably don't talk about all the time. It's the mental aspect as well and One of the one of mexico's greatest attributes is mental toughness and just how he is so professional in how he goes about his daily routine and i think it makes a little easier for brennan to re him because he's he's very genuine. He tells you right where he is. And you know you. You've got to be able to be picking up on. All the signs and and brendan does a phenomenal job at that. Take me through the past seven months. Since that win in the matt win at churchill jimmy one of these past seven months but like from ashville well again. You know the good news. Is that neither neither one of the new. One of the time outs were were really. You know truly significant and we just we did the right thing about the horse gave him ample time to completely He'll come back get back into his own rhythm. And i think that You know this this game is built on hope and and you know that if you just get the opportunity to get him back you'll take care of the rest or certainly that's our feelings and listen. Today's no easy. It's never an easy spot coming back You know you're in there with with a tough force from Steve asked me. You gotta always respect that. Then there's always the hard knocking old horses alcohol's dolls got a tougher locally owned So this is a great spot to come back in. But it's not an easy spot but there's also no easy spots when you're out of condition so you can't just exactly dip your toe in the shallow when you gotta jump in and see where you're at and You know we. This is the beginning. This is this is. This is just what it is. This is hopefully the beginning of an important Year racing for him. You were kind enough. Jimmy by the way talking with jimmy bell the president of dolphins. Us operations you were kind enough to join me on this show. The morning of the matt win on may twenty third and one thing that you spoke about was his pedigree and he is a son of street. Sense out of bernardini mayor. Now i know that that's a pedigree this near and dear to to darley godolphin's heart but that pedigree bernardini has become an outstanding broodmare sire. What he's accomplished at his age is is really puts him at the top of the chart of a broodmare sires. You know you're a long time to come. And i mean it's just amazing. You just be casual reading steak entries. Or the pee pees on horse a much as another daughter burned any. That's another daughter bernardini and You know what he's accomplished is is really phenomenal and You know how great it is to have. of course. it's going to pass them on. We always talk about sour sons of cyrus sars in the in the mail on but To be able to carry on and make no mistake. His impact. is a broodmare sire. We'll be significant for really really generations to come and and a foundation for a lot of operations of having those young bernardine mayors jimmy. The news came out this past week by the way. Good luck with max 'field later today. I'll shift gears on us here. The news came out earlier this week. That you were elected once again as president of the third red after care alliance and that's an organization that i know from day one has been near and dear to your heart Talk about the importance of after karen this sports. I know sometimes. I think that might get overlooked a little bit when we start talking about all the racing so tell me about the importance of aftercare. Well you know it does exactly you hit it right on the head you know initially for i think we started in two thousand twelve Initially it was about just awareness. Awareness awareness making people aware of the after racing. And what goes on or just stop that day and so initially that just trying to make people aware and then we moved into educating people and now under you know understanding more after you become aware of the educational process and today some eight years into it. It's it's now talking about in terms of the obligation. You know this is. This is not a this this part of owning a horse. This is part of Having the blacksmith come by me these are all taking care of. The horse is an obligation as well so this whole thing has been awareness education obligation. And it's it's not an easy thing. Keep drilling on. But but i think it's become a part of the Sort of a plank in the platform of our industry that i think the industry involved in industry collectively understands and recognizes you know the this is a major component of owning a horse in and what the industry is doing and have made tremendous a tremendous move forward in that regard. I mean if you look at the day we have i think. Eighty one accredited organizations in over a hundred and seventy facilities We've we've generated over twenty million dollars and probably assisted. I think that eleven thousand thurber so yes very very significant and You know. I think that that one of the great things about the third reich after care alliance is is that it's it's sort of gotten the good housekeeping seal when you're raising that kind of money people really wanna worse going. What is doing. And i've jokingly said many times i'm not sure how well we would do when they come to Inspect and accredit your operation to be able to become accredited by the ta. I mean there's an education component. There's go through the facilities. People literally go to these places and look at them and talk to him about adoption policies You know they have to be an operation three or four years before you can even apply to this thing so we've got the confidence of everybody knowing that this money is going where it needs to be which is always a question mark when you're when you're making these kinds of contributions but you know the ta has come a tremendous long way. We got this. This is this is a big big problem in something that we can't just sorta take lightly but it's you gotta you gotta keep gotta keep out for everybody's Perspective what are some of the things moving forward jimmy that you would like to see accomplished by the t. a. n. On the after care. Front in general. Well i think funding you know funding has to be and we've got to. We've got to continue to find ways to be sustainable. I mean we get we get some great spikes in some great Ha moments were gosh. That was great. Somebody stepped up or somebody this but you know this is an industry obligation. Initially when we set this thing up. We tried to make many small touch points as possible. You know at the sales at the racetrack here. There and yonder just a little bit but It it's it. It takes a lot of You know a lotta bookkeeping a lot of communication coordination and you know one thing that i'm excited about is a look at the board of directors and the people that are involved from You know from officials in racing offense to sales companies to people jockey club to know everybody's got some areas of expertise and skill sets. That have made this. you know. Very very Significant operation and to answer your question. You know we've just got we've got to find that magic way to to get this thing sustainably-funded it's it's it's it's very hard going back every time and trying to reinvent the wheel and we can just get some overall by end where people understand is one for all all for one That's where our sustainability comes from and it's all about you know continuing to to fund this. It's as you can tell with one hundred and seventy facilities. And i think this year we we handed rewarded or granted over three million dollars. That's a lot to do every year in. You know it doesn't stop. You've got it every year so it's not like it's one time off and we got that done it's continue. And now you get to work alongside my man. Jeff bloom to absolutely and you know and again. that's glad you brought that up. I mean john phillips was the past president. Everybody's had a real skill set that it's been at the helm of thing and and brought a unique perspective of what they can do. Well you know. Get jack wolf. Initially you know did a fantastic job. It was not easy to get this off the ground then knock came in for a brief stint and pulled up john phillips back again as i said you even step aside which king step away and now jeff is going to go to take over next year after after mass my year. And you know again. There's a guy that's very committed. He understands that he's been on the ground He's compassionate about it and he's got spheres of influence others of us don't and You know again. Everybody brings a little something to the table and very excited to have jeff onside and he's been a big supporter all the way through. Well you can go to thoroughbred after care dot org if you wanna learn more about the thoroughbred after karelian again. Jimmy bellwood made the president of godolphin's us operations and the thoroughbred after care alliance jimmy. You would be hard pressed to find somebody. That's a better ambassador for our sport than you. My friend and i've known you long time and greatly appreciate all your efforts and everything you do for the sport and greatly appreciate you taking the time this morning. Happy holidays my friend bo. Same to you and what a great job you do kinda get a good message out this the other and listed it's It's an honor to be a part of this and Whenever little things we can do hopefully make a little difference but you know just pleased and privileged to be a part of it. Yeah thanks for the time jimmy. Merry christmas maybe you enjoy thanksgiving. Appreciate me jimmy bell here on the horse racing radio network fantastic work both on the inside and the after care side but you you want somebody to be a spokesperson for this industry and jimmy bells a pretty good choice. Yeah you'd be hard pressed to find a better choice than jimmy bell. Going to get to another break when i come back your industry star of the week and then i'll get you set for a busy second half of the program right here on equine forum on the horse racing radio network your home for racing's biggest events introducing racing's newest partnership experience. The horse racing club come see makes us so different. The inaugural partnership club is forming right. Now it will purchase yearlings keelan january sale under the eye of rising star agent phil hager. The horses will go to historic darby. Dan farm whose land raised no fewer than six kentucky. Derby winners partner should plan for a meet up there to visit the farm the horses and the best of the bluegrass visit force and up dot club today to reserve your spot horse and julep dot club. I tony hey matthew. There's a reason why. Tony steaks and seafood is my favorite restaurant. It's because i want to feel part of the family. Isn't that right tony. 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Yearlings topped both opening sessions of keeneland september including the two million dollar sale topper. A breed shaper a dream maker tap it standing at gains way. I may never have met you. We don't go way back. Maybe we wouldn't be would be friends if we did when you were. Max you have my respect because your mask dust protect you. It protects me. I wear my mask to protect you mask. America brought to you by the ad council. Hey visit the big a anthony. Stabile reminding you that race day on. Hr n presented by twin. Spires comes your way. Every wednesday through friday from three to six. Pm eastern. bobby. Newman joins me to bring you. All of the fall and winter action from places. Like akwa gulfstream santa anita del mar and churchill as well as interviews with the biggest players thoroughbred racing. That's race day on. Hr presented by twin spires touring serious nineteen xm to a one or stream. It live in orange racing. Radio dot net lee germany. And i love listening to the horse racing radio network. You're listening to the equine forum on the horse. Racing radio network at the of these days is almost four on friday. Don't take some of our employees. I god this. Welcome back to the client. Corum on h. r. n. Trevor denman have the call of the nineteen ninety preakness the dogwood stable color bearer summer squall getting the victory turning the tables on derby winner unbridled. It was a tremendous performance. One that meant so much to kat and the people that caught campbell was around with dogwood. it was a special special moment indeed. And because of that. I thought it would be appropriate to honor longtime dogwood stable trainer ron stevens as our industry started the week. The segment brought to you every week by my good friend. Stuart morris who offers boutique full-service bloodstock operation. He wants to thank his owners his clients and his team. He knows his success is because of you and with multiple stakes horses over the past several years that include henley's joy our brain trust malagasy and south bend stewart. Morris is your source for success at the highest levels and you can visit stuart and his consignments at all of the major sales which will be coming up shortly. No doubt about it Stewart does a fantastic job So ron stevens train for cot campbell and dogwood for thirty plus years and it was a wonderful relationship. Ron has done fantastic work. And he joined me for the full hour on trainer. Talk this past week and you can go back and listen to that show presented by phasing. Tipton you can listen to it on our website. But he's done such great work that i thought it would be cool to cut out some soundbites and a that interview and play it for you. Here ron stevens. Our industry star of the week he started looking back on that performance and that talented colt named summer squall. Well i'll tell you what just listening to that stretch again. Like i have a thousand times. Still gives me goosebumps That was that was pretty exciting and You know cut had done a fabulous job of getting started with syndication but that really put him on the map. That was a real summer. School was a stamp of you. Know really making his mark and of course. Ah just boil over and help me out too so Yeah great memories We were talking about getting day and when we came to summer squall came day. Could there'd be broke. We bought him out of the summer sale from will farish and He was handful. He was a kind of an ornery little cuss but he was an athlete. And i remember back on the catalog page. When we looked at him. I had written some things like little small steady Didn't have the head instead. Is we used to call them. I guess pig is but now we call them summer. Squall is but he's a very intelligent cope but he was a little anri side but I've had big letters on that page athlete. He was just so athletic so quick. So light on his feet that he really got your attention to get but he handful and We rent him in trials here. And i'm the only trainer that got beat the two year old. He was five for five ending up by winning the hopeful but Neil howard who trained him was very kind. He's told people rounded sent him a baked cake and all they do is take him out of the oven which was You know help me out a little bit too. So i appreciate that. Neil and i are very good friends that have been for a long time. He's a great guy. Great trainer the summer school kind of put us on the map. And as you said got redemption for the kentucky derby. I i was there. I thought he had one but i think the crowd and some other things got him but He came back in redeemed himself. And of course the jim beam the bluegrass hopeful. Toga special and i don't think he got enough credit to stay in a lot of people know that he produced some nice mayor's broodmare sire but He also produce charismatic. You know And everybody remembers him. And what happened. At the belmont with chris hanley but And of course he has runners to like of course storm song. We picked her out at a september yearling sale and she would be a champion and wanna breeders cup up in canada so yeah summer squall will always have a big suspect in my heart. Who's the toughest horse that you've ever been around. Probably american donna cokie One of the first people that go to england and get some horses like dominion. Who was a nice day course and everybody started doing this so he went to had a doctor. Veterinarian go to argentina we bought two phillies up here. Face on and donna cocky There's a dna people don't remember but she was a nice mayor. She won the chief. Kid bay But a funny story at the farm it was just before we came back and i had a policy that when the horses came in we wanted to get their temperature check him out and i also had a policy that i wouldn't ask my groups do anything i wouldn't do so when the groom came up and said I need your help getting the temperature of this there. I knew something was up. Especially when i saw the other grooms huddle around. They're probably waiting to see me. Get kicked real good. So i walked up through the saw. I put my hand on her head. I ran up ear. I said hundred degrees right on the money and i turned and walked away The next morning groom couldn't catch her in a stall. And i went in and she wheel and fired with both hind legs and i grabbed some bars and hung like a monkey and she kept firing and then she looked at me and adjusted a little bit fire some more when she got tired. I dropped down and got out but she was very very tough way. The veterinarian never got a cassock separation on her before she raced Very never got high shoes on her at the farm trimmed. Her myself And when the bed header tranquilized as much as he could with straw bales behind her and tried to catholic. She's kicked those bales around like they were to fix so and probably the funniest story i remember was when she was racing after she had won the sheep's head bay cotton i. We're up there and we were getting ready to leave. Even walk down the shed row saying goodbye. The horses and As we walked by she charged hit the webbing and our teeth snapped. Sound like a rifle going off. And i didn't even break stride. He just kinda looked at her. And said we'll good buddy you don and we just kept on walking now. I will say that we bred her a couple of times and as a broodmare. She met her that she was fine but she was one tough son of again all right. Let's flip that around a little bit. How about the horse. That you would say was probably the most perfect young lady. The most perfect gentleman that went on to maybe do some really good things on the race track. I'm gonna have to switch from dogwood horrid. I've had wonderful class fantastic lance over the years and and one of those was mr net evans springhill farm and we had the pleasure of Having a horse that actually got a reputation for not being gentle but he was falsely accused. Snow be quality. Road road With a fantastic racehorse made over two million dollars and should make way more than that. But mr evans had he usually sold most of his coal to catch his phillies and at the sales that commit they he was having me look at most of the yearlings. And kinda give him an appraisal. What i thought and i love. This cold is big strong. Nice looking coat with kind. I and i said you know. I really like him. I wouldn't give him away. And he did our na him in september and kept him. He came to me on the first in november and he said now. I want you to person his co. 'cause i'm going to i i really wanna get rid of the cold so i'm going to put him back in the keeneland two year old sale. I said okay. I looked at the big colts already november but we went to work and he broke like a just like a puppy dog. This never took a bad steph. Never anything wrong perfect in the gate and when we started galloping. I saw the move into this cold. I told mr evans I'm not sure you want to sell him. You might wanna hang onto him. Well he said. Oh no no i want to sell him. And i trained horses for mr evans for twenty years. And he was a man when he made up his mind about something that was always going to be. And you didn't change it too often but Chris baker became his manager back about that time. And i got him on my side. He's so i'm training love to ganged up on him. And said are we really think you ought to keep this cold and to his credit and we were probably partly lucky to he kept quality road and that was the last really nice horse that he had He wanted to florida. Derby was a favorite for the kentucky derby or co favorite and then got a quarter crack. His reputation came up as big. A handful was that the breeders cup where he was like co-favourite for the five million dollar race and just before the race the Tv helicopter came out taking pictures and he got a little bit rattled. And i promise you that. I swear that they give him thirty seconds to settle and just to walk them in the circle the headed and he would have been fine because after that race todd pletcher. Who had him and trained him School him he never did anything wrong in the gate again. He ran many more times. Never did anything wrong and again but they were in a hurry. I guess they grab even twisted it there and through a blindfold on him and they had twelve hundred pounds of muscle. That said no. You're not going to make this happen. So he got a reputation of being a bad gate horse which he was not he was one of the easiest. Nicest that i've worked with Just a couple of the fantastic stories. From ron stevens longtime trainer for dogwood and as you heard him say other clients as well in south carolina. Run our industry star of the week in that interview in that segment. Brought to you every saturday. By stuart morris gonna get to a break. When i come back hour number two. It kicks off with tim. Welcome from the albany times union. Eric camelback will be with me. From the hp a to talk about steve asmussen's op. Ed that appeared in the december first. Td end so a lot of things to get to in the second half of the show. That's all the head right after we pause ten seconds for station identification. This is the horse racing radio network from the rail to your radio. This is the horse racing radio network improbable than global campaign. Tends to law behind authentic. Who's tried way. Inbet- caitlyn sunset. John velazquez authentic has won the long gene breeders cup classic to lead dr post had booked up on the outside and kusak nomadic disturbed the but it. Is your franco bowel much. Welcome to the equine. For of hard nawa is running fast down the center of the course tarnow. Not what past magical has caught channel maker tar. Nawa moves on by tar nawa and colin keen to win the long gene turf order of australia looking for a huge upset. Here order of austrailia gets that upset at seventy three zero one. Four pierre charlotte budo. Who's having quite off breeders cup now. Here's mike her. Welcome back our two of a very busy equine forum. Show that launched a network. Happy to have you back with me. Mike penner berna the backstretch and man. If you any portion of the first half of the show you miss jimmy bell with a sensational interview. Talking about max 'field a thoroughbred after care. That's something you want to go back. And listen to the industry star of the week. You just heard ron stevens and ryan and andrea greg with of the horse and julep racing club talking about that new concept and launching those partnerships head back over to our website if you missed them horse racing radio dot net a podcast of this show will be available after we finish up at ten o'clock eastern Horse racing radio dot net and horse racing radio network on apple podcasts throughout eight trivia question for you today in honor of the los alamos futurity which would be run later today in southern california and six kentucky derby winners have run in the los l. futurity and then gone on of course where the roses the following spring. Only one horse has won both races. Can you name him. Can you name the only horse to win. Loselle futurity and the kentucky derby can go to hr n. Twitter horse racing radio network on facebook. And i'll pass along that answer and all the correct answers later in the show. Second part of that question of those six three finished second one finished third. Of course he had the one winner. One horse of the six was unplaced. Only one finished off the board in the los futurity and then came back. The following year to win the kentucky derby. Can you name that horse so to parts of that question and you can do it on our social media pages at h. r. n. on twitter horse racing radio network on facebook. Well i told you that the second half of the show was going to kick off with a very special interview tim. Wilkin has had an unbelievable career covering thoroughbred racing. Thirty five years with the albany times union. That career came to a close yesterday. But i thought it would be appropriate before he introduce you to tim to welcome him by looking back on. Well kind of where it all started their goes chief's crown gaining ground fast account with mccarron on the rail. She's the favorite now moves. In the second gaining garland the center they approached the topless wrench. It's cutlass reality. On the rail on the outside chief further out there goes creme maple on the rail with bin chi stephens out. See she's crown reality stephens honestly on the real honestly all rail pincay now gains the lead on the outside has sheaves crown and father out here comes cram past the eighth pole. His the entry of what he savings. Creme fresh maple seven with pin chi. She's crown third home. Fresh on the outside has a lead by steph impression from well that was the nineteen eighty five travers. Stakes and tim wilkin. That's where it all began for you. I know you've covered the travers every year since and it's been a magical ride really appreciate the visit my friend. Hey mike thanks it. Awful lot for that Yeah i don't know whether years though the only the good part is still cover racing for the paper. Yeah it's great to have you still involved. You're retiring from the times union. You'll be able to stay involved with thoroughbred racing which is great news. Yeah and And i'm not going to give the answer. But i think i know your question for trivia questions. Yeah you'll have a tweet to me. You ought to respond on the twitter and say yeah i. I'll do that. Yeah i don't know where the thirty five years have gone. I mean it's just Data like yesterday. I was Going up and just trying to find my way to the saratoga press box for the first time. And you know i i mean i. I seven years in the business. I was working for the sarah token newspaper. So i've actually had forty two years of of saratoga coverage in this seems it's my boggling to think that it's thought that law maybe it doesn't feel right doesn't feel like it's been that long but yeah so and here we are. Yeah you know the the call we just heard. I think i said chief's crown travers. That was your first travers eighty. Five that was creme fresh winning the belmont stakes and eighty five. But that was the year that you started tim. And when you started in eighty five did you ever imagine we'd be sitting here in twenty twenty and talking about you wrapping up this career at the times union. All these years later that back then. I was just hoping that if eighty five i was keep i never had any illusions that I'd still be doing this long. But i guess i'm like a river. I just keep moving when you think back on these thirty five years and there was a a piece that appeared. I think it was in the albany times union. I saw it on twitter That had you looking back on some of your top memories not just with horse racing but the other stories and people that you covered over the years. What are some of the things on the racing side that truly stand out to you lawyer. I could probably talk to you on that until opening day at saratoga There's just so so many obviously covering saratoga is just not only been a pleasure but it's been treat to be able to go up there every morning. Which is the best part of the day for me to to the in the mornings and you know watch workouts. Talk to trainers when i started. I'd be out there. Listening to woody stephen sitting on as poli telling every day that the end of conversations that wanna remind at one five months in a row and was always special talking to what he talked to the d wayne lukas in his office. wayne with tell me that He'll yet he had Not shutters but Yes you even have as windows shut. So no one could see in but he said that he could see out. He was always telling me when he saw me he would allow me to commend because he liked me. And that only you know resonated with me that you know i got the respective someone like him and just down the road from him it. Oklahoma traded trans nick. Zito always had plenty of great conversations with saint dick and You know and still do to this day and the list goes on and on with the trainers that i've talked to when you know i've gotten a relationship that bob baffert helped up my calls and so you'll talk about everything ranging from you. Know his horses to his His you know his critics and and also the people that With all the problems with the positive. He's very spend very frank with me about that and again and the horses to i mean Who would love to be able to do what i do. Be able to go out there and see these great animals Perform in the mornings before they look at the work in the afternoon. You know rachel. Alexandra a sheet or pops up as one of the most impressive ones ends yada during the breeders cup. Though when you're able to see her and listening to john sheriff's tell the great stories about yada You know i could name poor at this year with skydiver I got to get up close and personal with and she was. She's just inquisitive friendly animal. Who's just a beast on on the racetrack. So you know i. I just can't You know tell you. How grateful i am that i've been able to do all of that. Does the same with tim wilkin. Who as you heard me say wraps up a thirty five year career with the all many times union. He'll still continue to cover racing. Which is great news for all of his fans out there and there are plenty of those tim last year. You were honored with the walter. Hate award from the national turf writers. Broadcasters that's a prestigious award that Honors career excellence in writing on thoroughbred racing. What's the there have been several pieces that you've written that will resonate with people but how about for you. What's the one or two stories that you have written over the years that are going to be among your favorite stories boy. That's a loaded question right. There might Scrap answer that. I'm going to answer it in a different way. Maybe just chronicling different events Obviously the the Triple crown runs of Justifying especially american farrell. Because farrell is the first one that did it since a firm that was those are magical moments for everyone that follows thoroughbred racing and everyone that covers over racing. Because i've been to a you know a handful of a bunch of those Belmont stakes were the triple crown. The line and there was so much in patient saying this year filing be year and never was you know what the likes of funny cide. Kroll and I mean easy. Goer beat sunday sunday. silence In the belmont there was just so many of those moments that you know you would be. The people were waiting to explode. Elmont park to welcome the next triple crown winner when it finally did happen. Roar at belmont park with ferrell was bounding down the stretch. That day was something that i never. I never heard sound like that and it was a and that's an outdoor Place i mean. It was just a celebration of of finally getting triple crown winner. And i mean the the noise level at saratoga when rachel alexandra the voice of the woodwork in two thousand nine that was That was another home in Forever remained in my mind. I my is special. You know that You could be basically you really could hear the rafters shaking. When she won that race. You know those are the things that You don't forget and Now i hope i have a bunch more memories like that to to to Experience but no so far. I mean there's been so many of them. I remember doing stories leading up to triple crown rods and talking to people Failed you know. And how they what their emotions were like. I mean i did that before I did it before justifies crowd. Talbot wait. I think i did it before. Farrell's triple crown win. And then and i did that You know it seems like every year and another story to just recently is the exploits of Tis the laws goes up are parts. it's Because the local ownership with toga stable and the act older was a big story around here. You know covering barkley tag. A daily basis is to me a very very much an enjoyable experience in You know i. I hope he Obi rebounds from the breeders cup runs big pack of your. I referenced the piece. That and i believe it's in the albany times today. Tim was it yesterday Talking about some your top memories. i think it's online now. Okay final column supposed to here tomorrow. and but i guess basically. I'm i guess i'm still going to have i do year end stuff. That's going to appear next week so some people. I think i'm lying. When i say i'm leaving because my pick my my violent will be in the paper next week but rest assured after that you won't see me for a while until the horses the till the spring probably as excited to to do the interview with you but one of the pieces that is included in that online feature about your top moments is a chat that you had with your longtime friend. Mike jarboe who worked with you at the albany times. Union mike is no longer with us. He passed away but when he retired in. Two thousand fifteen. You sat down with him for a question and answer that had to be. I can imagine one of the more special things that you've done looking back on the fact now that that makes no longer with us it was. It was mike and i had a really good special relationship and We you know we did this thing. Every summer in the in the paper was just back and forth doing the bankroll beatdown every day and it became pretty popular people hated or loved it there though in between with mike was a good a good character who had no problem laughing at himself. But you know he He relished the idea of being able to be made fun. Of which i did on a daily basis and those queuing as that i that i did too i did with him. It's something i would do on a regular basis. And i did a lot of with racing people africa zito. D wayne lukas. Todd pletcher chad brown. I mean just about everybody jockeys to you know and i just decided. I think people were giving me their time. You know covering racing especially in the morning was not going to cover baseball or football or your window locker room and talk to the players after after their games after a practice. I mean you're out there in the mornings. They're working and you have to work around their schedule and that's one of the things i wanted right away. You talk to them when they're ready to talk to you unless you're jewish you just up and say i'm ready to talk to you. let's go that's That was the things she had to learn. And it's you have to have a lot of patients to cover horse racing. And i think i've learned that pretty well. Lemme there's gonna be a lot of people in the capital region who were going to miss your your articles your columns your insight into two different things but in horse racing were very blessed. You'll be able to continue covering it. I look forward to when we travel again getting back out. See you at the races and You know looking forward to seeing more great stuff from tim. Wilkin up over the next two years As we we continue to watch you cover racing but man. Congratulations on unbelievable career. Thirty five years in the albany times union is certainly very special and really appreciate appreciate the visit here this morning. Yeah i appreciate you. Give me the time to have this visit like. I've always enjoyed our time when our paths would cross especially when We would be on the air on travers. They always have fun doing that. That'll continue. Yeah you're spot is already reserved. It wouldn't be travers morning without tim. Wilkin why appreciate your saying that. But i think it probably would be. But i appreciate the sentiment timmy. Listen i appreciate it buddy. Have have a great holiday and Again thanks for being here this morning. Mike thank you and happy holiday to you yours. Tim wilkin that interview. Like oliver interviews brought to you by embrace the race. The apparel for the horse racing lifestyle. Where would you love and embrace your passion at embraced the race dot com so cool that he's going to be able to continue covering racing for the albany times union. That's part of his deal as he walks away after thirty five years and Yeah really does a fantastic job. He's dedicated and to his. Writing is just so much fun to read some great stories there from tim. Woken are going to get to a break. When i come back eric. Camelback the ceo of the national age. Bpa talks about some of the issues facing horsemen in particular an issue regarding the way that some race tracks have started to handle morning training. That's next on equal forum on h. r. n. learn the business horses in the world's only accredited equine business program the university of louisville equine business program. The university of louisville has a legacy of excellence educating and developing industry leaders or over thirty. Three years classes are taught by industry experts in the state of the facilities located in the heartland of america's equine industry the university of louisville equine business program. When it comes to the horses we mean business. For more information. Visit business dot louisville dot edu slash equine flatter this prolific son of ap has sired over one hundred stakes horses. 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December twenty sixth the day after christmas spectacular santa anita although there were still no public. Admittance you can watch. Every santa anita race free of charge at santa anita dot com slash. Live and you can watch and wager it. I bet that's i dot com slash beck. Santa anita will present a total of six stakes on opening day highlighted by the great one. Run happy malibu. And two other grade ones philip bread seven furlongs and for the first time ever on opening day. The american oak set a one quarter on twitter tune in early on opening day as special. I post time for a tremendous eleven race. Card is eddie eleven. Am and. don't miss. Track announcer frank mira monte and tom quigley a handicap the opening day racist beginning at ten twenty a m next saturday for additional information. Please visit santa. Anita dot com rattle. And i listened to h. r. n. You're listening to the equine on the horse racing radio network damning here and being put them put me in the hall of fame in this class is putting my parents in the hall of fame and everything. My father did was never a look at me. Never an award for it but is the definition of man and are we're standing up your means celebrated and honored for and i think this is definitely for you that thank you forever. You always done for me in your family. That's an emotional. Steve answer as he was inducted into horse racing hall of fame in two thousand sixteen. It was a very special day. We were there providing that coverage here on the horse racing radio network and Yeah that was. That was a special moment for steve for his family. And only dale baird has more victories in thoroughbred racing than steve asmussen and on december first steve wrote a piece in op ed to the thurber daily news and involved the issue of race track safety but not in the afternoons in the mornings when trainers are sending horses out for their morning works in their training sessions and to help me shed more light on that. Is eric camelback. The ceo of the national hp. A eric good morning appreciate the visit. My friend hey. Good morning mike. Yeah very glad as always to be invited to get on the show and You know just always appreciative of what you do for us. And and thanks for having me on. Well steve piece Focused as i said much more on the issues of tracks limiting are dictating when a track would close the surface for morning training and and basically take a day off and as we know from reading through this piece. In hearing steve's fahd's on it that's something that can be detrimental to the training schedules of horses and ultimately the health of horses. So tell me a little bit more about this This op ed. That steve rowe. Yes no i. I and i certainly don't want to speak for steve. But we were able to have conversations before he put this out there and getting my opinion or giving him my opinion. I just really am passionate about the same thing he is. And that overall picture of equine health and safety needs to incorporate professional horseman trainers that. Marion's that take care of these horses every day. And you know that got pinpointed into something very specific for him. And i've had a tremendous number of calls since his op. Ed from other trainers that really again. Seeing this this short-sighted cost cutting move that that's being portrayed by race track ownership some racetrack ownership groups. It's not healthy for the horse and it's certainly not allowing trainers to do what is in the best interest of their horse and i also had a numerous calls from owners that to be honest. Had no idea right. They were not aware that they had policies being dictated. And i think the one thing that i wanna make sure is clear. And i think steve would too. It's not about not giving a horse that a day off Imagine there's too many horses out there that don't have a scheduled walk day but at the end of the day that needs to be scheduled by the professionals taking care of the horse. I mean right. Now we're in a world of scrutiny and doing what's best for the horse so if you in essence handcuffed professional trainers and say we're gonna take this day off and it doesn't matter What your horses schedule. Is that presents a problem to horses. And you know being able to to then go in and have dr hawk talk about something that i that i had mentioned. to steve. You know in my day on the race track in louisiana growing up. When it's hot we always had issues with forces tying up. I mean it was a big. It's a it's a problem. I mean it is and that was something that i was glad. Dr hawk agreed with and certainly really drew down the veterinary aspect These horses need to get out and exercise and to have a mandated day that that oftentimes doesn't take into account weather You know if you have a horse. Scheduled to to breeze on sunday The weather's not good but you're you're mandated. Day off is monday Your your entire schedule for that horse gets thrown off So i think it's important that if you really look at the overlying picture of what steve's trying to convey it's not just about the day off that's being mandated it's about the fact that many of these ownership groups are continuing to dictate What they consider safety measures and ultimately not taking into account other opinions such as horsemen Such as veterinarians. And i i would i would venture to say there's several superintendents that are out there. That would also maybe not on the record but say you know a day off for the racetrack. Sitting idle is not good for the racetrack So having the ability to to work the racetrack is extremely important. I say many many times. I've said you know a racetrack as much like a plant it is completely Affected by the weather and ultimately if you're not there to take care of it something's going to go wrong and if something goes wrong with the track we've seen it. Horrific ways is something goes wrong with attract. Something goes wrong with the safety of our horses. Will you know. Here's a point that. I wanna make eric what what happens. And i want to ask you the second question here in a minute but in terms of a lot of times when we start seeing horses get ready for the kentucky derby trainers will base the final workout or final couple of workouts before the derby on the weather conditions and say for example. A track is closed on a tuesday. Let's just pick a random day. They're closed tuesday. That was a day that the trainer was going to have this horse. Work for any big race doesn't have to be the kentucky derby all of a sudden. They closed on tuesday so the horse can't go to the track that day wednesday. There's a deluge of rain. The track is a c- a slop. The trainer says okay. I can't train today either now. You've gone two days without getting your workout in and you have to come back the following day assuming that the track condition is good. Or you're forced to work over that sloppy racetrack. Which a lot of trainers don't like to do is that really. At the core a scenario that could play out they could be very very detrimental to horses themselves Well if you go one step further with your analogy or they skip the race. You know did that. That's get racing secretary involved in this and you talk about horses scratching because they can't do their scheduled workout What i see is the core of this being that the health and welfare of the animal is being able to train each day. But yes when you're scheduled to go into a particular race like you said it could be a great at stake. It could be a maiden special weight if you get thrown off schedule and you're not able to do what is in the best interest of the horse and the trainers opinion right. We're entrusting these trainers to take care of the horse. Get them to the races and get them back home in their stall safely. If they're not able to allow their protocols and regimes they may skip race. They may have to scratch from the race. They you know certainly don't want to necessarily work in the rain or or you know. Have a horse go over a track that they've determined you know you know before the break the track's not great. I'm not work after the break. You know oh. Yeah by the way using your analogy. Wait a minute attracts closed tomorrow. So that's not even an option. Do you force their hand to to make them work again. Not in the best interest of the horse so you know it is a core problem But also going one step past your example. Is they scratch. You know if if they can't get that work in if they can't follow their pro their their schedule they may have to scratch and the horse doesn't make the race and then we gotta go away. Who knows how long to wait for another one so young. That point is bad for the owner. It's bad for the betting public because it's a shorter field for the race track because shorter feels don't generate as much handle it it. It's a whole trickle down effect and this is you know kind of something that a lotta people didn't even know what's going on myself included. I didn't know so many actually. How many tracks are instituting. These policies are so. I'm not going to get in that political Corner right. Now we we're doing our best to investigate survey find out exactly the ownership groups that are putting this mandate together but there are quite a few And that's again. It's it's actually been a concern before steve Greatly put up his op. Ed it's been a concern but again when you have A hall of fame trainer. Speak out on something like this. Then you again. Using a trickle down terminology then you start to see. Wait a minute. I i agree with that. And you you get a lot more hands raised and you get a lot more heads that pop up and say as you did. I didn't realize that was going on and again i. I've had owners friends of mine that called and said i didn't realize that was even an issue and it is But they're not gonna pinpoint the tracks and steven. I actually talked about that he was. We don't want to name tracks the end of the day. It's a policy taking care of the horses and we want everybody to take care of the horses. I and that's a lot of different firms. Yeah without naming names. There are several tracks instituting policy. Such as this. Yes okay all right. We have about four minutes left by the way visiting with eric. Camelback the ceo of the national hp Eric there was a second op. Ed that i want to talk about and i didn't tell you i was gonna ask you about this so if you're not prepared to talk about it let me know but it was called. Where are we going from here. And it was from leroy guests men who has been a guest on this program many times. He is the president and chairman of the board of the national. Hp pa what is that piece about an what does that focus Well thanks for for asking Ultimately i think everybody knows the situation that we're in right now. The continued struggle With the horse racing integrity and safety act Is it the thing to do Is it not the right thing to do Should there be a federal oversight for horse racing and medication and testing program But ultimately this this piece from leroy drew down on the fact that what is it that americans hate most about politics The fact that things get pushed through things get prioritized by elite and money and ultimately don't have to go through proper procedural protocol And so when you really look at haifa the legislation. i think. It's pretty obvious that it's been delayed so long. There's a tremendous amount of opposition for it not opposition for uniformity not even necessarily opposition for federal oversight. There is opposition for the way. This current bill is structured. So what happens money and power. Get to sneak it in and so what what's going to happen. This bill has never gone through a senate committee. This bill has never been debated on the senate floor. This bill has never had a senate vote of voice vote Which there were senators. Promised that that would happen. And what's going to happen now. It gets stuffed into a omnibus funding. Bill that ultimately it's an embarrassment in my opinion of american politics and how things can work and not go through the proper procedure. We're all about having things debated organization out there that is duly elected board members. You know they're not they're not chosen. They're not appointed. They're not giving ten to wear on their lapel. They are elected by the members period. And we want fair democratic debate and this isn't happening and this is what americans dislike most about politics in america and it's happening right in our industry if the majority speaks that should be the end of it and if and if we're not in the majority we understand that we live it on the a rci level all the time we make cases we present our case we present what we think is the facts if it's voted down. That's it we move on. This bill is not even getting that opportunity money and power pushing it through on something. That's tied to covid relief when americans are needing the most. Nobody's gonna willfully and certainly vote no against something. And that's what is happening with this bill. Most likely i. Where are we going from here by leroy. Gasman you can read that op ed. You can read the steve asmussen pieces well on the national. Hp a website that's national e. h. b. a. dot com Eric man appreciate the visit. Appreciate spelling those things out and Happy holidays merry christmas to you and the family in. We'll look forward to catching up against soon. My friend thank you mike. Happy holidays to you michelle and all your listeners and you know i didn't want to quickly say i enjoy listening to tim. I actually still have that video on. My phone of americans say phero coming down the lane and his description of the roar at belmont Even listen to it every once in a while just to give them a pick me up. There was something special. So i'm glad you mentioned that. Yeah special moment. indeed. Eric appreciate it but take care hockey. Certain all right when i come back. It's our monthly visit with the folks at four roses. Bourbon you'll hear from master distiller brent elliott and then a special christmas tree for everybody getting ready for santa's visit in just a few days. This is the form on h. r. n. edina spring stallion. Move on macho man. Tough sound durable a stakes winner three four five and six who competed in all three triple crown races before turning three years old and capita stellar career with a determined victory in the breeders cup. Classic over champions will take charge and declaration of war. I talk muccio. Macho man is produced to first crop grade. One winners one on dirt joke goldstone pegasus world. Top five lakes in one. Enter and the california bred macho unusual all the way in the rodeo drive. The number one north american sire by twenty twenty average earnings per runner is blue macho man standing at adena springs championship. Meet is back at gulfstream park now through march twenty eighth with live racing wednesday through sunday thoroughbred stakes action continues with the grade. One three million dollar pegasus world cup on january twenty third grade three holy bull january thirtieth and much more. Stay in the action from your mobile phone with the i bit. The official app of gulfstream park on site viewing is still closed to the public. But you can watch the racing action and get more information at gulfstream. Park dot com justify a four time grade. One winner eclipse champion three-year-old horse of the year and the only undefeated triple crown winner by cyrus Justifies burst. ball's sold for up to six hundred thousand dollars at the recent november sales well his info mares were led by the three-time great one winning daughter. Ivanka mo- bast who sold for four point. Two million to spend through a farm justify has covered over eighty grade one winners or dams grade one winners in his first. Two years at ashford called the team at ashford today to book your hair while there are still seasons available on money frankel. I listen to the horse racing radio network. Welcome back to the borough h. r. n. Mike pence fair. Back with you on this saturday morning. Just one more segment before we wrap things up in. The segment includes our monthly visit with the folks at four roses. Bourbon lawrenceburg kentucky. Brent elliott is the master distiller of the year for two thousand nineteen. And this morning you get to know. Brent elliott since eighteen eighty eight four. Roses has been made with the same passion and handcrafted as only they can end this interview. Much like the iconic. Bourbon handcrafted by four roses. Today i have the privilege of visiting once again with brent elliott to is the master distiller and quality director with four roses. What do you remember about that day in. Two thousand five when you first walked through the doors here at for roses. That's actually pretty funny. Because when i started the week i started was the week of bourbon festival. And i don't know if you've ever been involved in that but it's basically like the whole industry we're still producing the background but everyone can stop. They're doing in terms. It's like the The week where everybody comes to kentucky just to to learn to celebrate bourbon so ruin a lot of work gets done. It's all about showcasing. Two guests what we do so like here. We we host events on site were going to bardstown to participate in events is just a lot of celebration and in promotional type stuff. So that was that was. The week started while. Could you imagine at that time that you'd be sitting here thirteen years later which let's face it. That's really not that long of a time and sitting here is the master distiller of four roses. No yeah i had no idea. I almost didn't take this job. Actually it was. I was in tennessee. I just bought a house just gotten married and had a job had a job and we came up. We took a tour of woodford reserve. Words up here visit family. When weekend and i'd grown up kentucky. I went to school. Uk so this has always been home. But i've been living down there for about seven years. And i thought you know i bet. I bet. This industry needs chemists. At the something i could do. Which is my background. And actually that very weakened. I got home sunday night. Got online a found this job posted and went back and forth came up interviewed off the job and i couldn't decide whether to take it or not. This two thousand. Five this before the resurgence in the popularity of The only reason i was really interested in it was just because it was an industry. That being from kentucky was near and dear to my heart would it was interesting and just sounded like something. I could a job that i could enjoy on many levels. Not just a paycheck with some of that could really get passionate about. Were you a bourbon drinker. At that time yes you are. But i'd first time. I tried four. Roses was on my way. Or i came up for the interview the night before. And on the way you can only get in kentucky at the time. I bought a bottle on the way to the hotel. Four and try to that night the night before interview for the first time and that was probably as much a factor in my decision to take this job as anything just fell in love with the bourbon again this before the boom and bourbon. But i knew that there was a fantastic product and as a company that we do well. Because we're just now starting to come back to the united states and which we have but never imagined it would be like this and i certainly never imagined that i'd be the master distiller actually two thousand fifteen. When i took over so ten short years after that had no idea any took over for a gentleman by the name of jim rutledge. Who was the master. Distiller here for roses. Tell me about working with jim and learning from him. Yeah he's if you know anything about bourbon you know. Jim rutledge name an absolute on in industry. A probably more passion and dedication than anyone. I've met in the industry. It was just that was an honor to work with him for the ten years that i got to. I was probably the most important thing. I learned from him which i learned so much. It's hard to really pinpoint anything. But without getting technical and boring for the most important thing i learned was just how he kind of what i touched on earlier with. You're dealing with consumers and people are curious about the bourbon industry and he would take all the time the world to answer you know group to people he bumped into them. You know on the grounds maybe two guests walking around. It could spend hours just answering their questions. And i think it's part of the same thing. He had that passion that love still bound for the for the brand for the industry. And i can just see how important that was to guests from the outside looking sink him interact with with the consumer so it was just something to behold netease. I've always remembered that and always will give favorite flavor. I get asked that a lot. And you know. At times. I might think i do. And then it'll change the following week so it's hard to say it's i can't even tell you which of the are three center. Products is my favorite it. It's almost it could change by season by time of day. It it because they're all different. It's just different flavor for different occasions when you think about all the things. You've accomplished here in thirteen years you've been here in in working as the master distiller since two thousand fifteen. What are you most proud of him right now. Probably just because we're growing so quickly we're expanding your in the middle of our capacity. Just added a new bottling facility. We've just about anything. You look at anywhere in. Our process has changed dramatically in the last not just three years but last twelve years and probably the biggest challenge for me this entire time. They've been here in particular. My in my role of director of quality is maintained consistency. Making sure that what's coming out of the still or out of the barrel or big put into the bottle that it is always consistent and it has that same characteristic that has has gotten us to where we are. Today that has put four roses on the map. I think that's an. I kind of feel like stewart of that. That legacy maybe some people. I say you know what he you do. How do you wanna make your mark. I don't even consider that you know. Maybe someday i'm sure that you know. I want to experiment just as anyone would other people around here feel the same way you will branch out. Try something different some point but right now. I think what's most important what i'm most proud of is maintaining the brand that so many others have worked to build up to get us to where we are now. Well as you said earlier if you know bourbon you know the name. Jim rutledge and i'm gonna go out on a limb and say that someday when people talk about bourbon they're gonna know the name. Brent elliott is well so brent. I really appreciate it all of our listeners. Across the nation now no brent elliott and appreciate you spending a little time getting to know you here today. Thank you all right and again. The master destroy stiller of the year in two thousand nineteen. And you can Enjoy for roses bourbon. You can get just about anywhere. It's fantastic stuff and my thanks to brenton the folks at four roses for that visit every single month. Getting another break. When i come back a special christmas tree for everybody and We'll wrap up this show the results from the poll question as well. That's next on the equine forum on the horse racing radio network your home. For racing's biggest events stretch with spungen around one dot catch coming to the bold stunned around drifted out with leave shiver on the inside a second home on the beaches made his way up into third but spun. Fees spun to by three of the lakes. Gains way stallion spun to run in the great one. Breeders cup dirt mile. 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Twenty one horse calendar blood horse dot com slash winter special to take advantage of that promotion. Will i told you that. I would wrap up the show with special holiday. Treat a christmas treat for all of you out there Years ago my former partner and mentor the late pete. Coolest wrote a poem and He was exceptional at writing these things. He wrote a poem kind of in the holiday theme. If you will and so many of you enjoyed it. When i played this for you last year so i'm going to do it again here. It is my present to you on this christmas week. Edition of the equine form. The last race was coming. He now had to score two bucks in his pocket. he needed. no more. The odds board had flashed He had the right one. His horse was named info at forty two one. He glanced at his program. Could this horse get beat. Not a chance in the world. He had studied the sheet. He reached in his pocket and fingered ones two bucks to his name but he had the right one. He went to the window and waited in line. He looked at the racetrack. His look just fine. He called out his number. The man punched it out. That small piece of paper would give cause to shout. He walked to the rail clutching hope in his hand. The horses parading in front of the stand. The crowd was now milling. The start was now near. He fingered his ticket and trembled with fear. Now the money he lost he could not afford but impo would win it and then he scored. His hands had grown sweaty. The start was at hand. When post time was sounded his legs felt like sand. The field was in line in the green starting gate his ticket on info. No-one matter of fate. The gates now flew open. The field thundered out info on the inside was shuffled about the horses. Were flying to the half-mile pole info was seventh and looking for a whole. They went to the far turn. The favourite in front info lay seven ten far from the front at the top of the stretch was the favourite by five but info is moving for the long stretch. Drive they came to the eighth pole. The favourite had quit now. Info was fourth on the outside of it as they drove to the wire they were four horses wide info in the middle with a powerful stride. They flash past the wire apart. A photo was called for not good for the heart. The long wait was torture for nobody knew who really had it. But he felt he knew it had to be info his mind filled with fear. If impo lost it. What more could he fear. The numbers were posted. He stood there aghast for impo had lost it. The guy was now cast. He stood by the rail till all had gone home still clutching his ticket. He cared not to rome. A breeze had now risen as he stood there alone swirling bunches of tickets in the form of a comb. The ticket was crumpled. He clutched it so hard. Like a small piece of paper one would find in the art. He opened the ticket and shouted we glee with this winning ticket. He gained a reprieve for rather than info he had number. Three a winner for a whopping two hundred and three fun. Little thing there again My late Mentor my good friend pete. Coolest was a brilliant with a lot of those things and put that together. And i thought it would be appropriate to share it with you on this edition of the show our last addition before christmas and next week you'll hear a best of twenty twenty show In it it's Some of the best interviews. In my opinion that we've had on the show Throughout the year including bobby flay Gosh i can't remember who else. I had several people. But you're going to enjoy it next saturday and make sure you're tuned in for that eight to ten eastern our post christmas edition of the equine form. This morning i was joined by ryan and andrea aggressive of the horse racing club to kick off the show. My thanks to them. My thanks to jimmy bell from godolphin for joining me in the first half of the program. Our industry started the week ron stevens who you can hear a full one hour interview with on our trainer. Talk show that posted on our website at horse racing. Radio dot net Tim wilkin from the albany times union. Join me in the second half of the show. As did eric camelback the ceo of the national hp. My thanks to each of them for making this show. Possible poll question. Today it was actually a trivia question in honor of the los alamitos. Futurity asked you to of two parts of this question. Who is the only horse to win. Both the futurity and the kentucky derby a couple of got it right real quiet did that. When he won the futurity and ninety seven back in ninety eight and the only horse ever to finish unplaced in the low south. Futurity come back and win the kentucky derby the next year one right answer. it was gato. Del sole in nineteen eighty two. Who was off the board in the future and then came back toward the roses. Thanks to everybody who participated those questions. happy holidays. Merry christmas to everybody be safe. Enjoy this time with family. And my thanks to our hr and family here Lead lpn are lexington studios chauncey for handling all of our social media. Greatly appreciate that. I'm mike pen. And we're back with the next week on the equine forum. Thanks for listening and as always go steelers.

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