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QD 05: Best Of Italy


Hey Everyone Hello. Travel mirrored and welcome to the extra pack peanuts. This show. That is going to be talking traveling. Even though we're all quarantine at I'm joined by my wife and constant travel companion and someone who's going to take us on a journey today to one of her favorite places in the world and one of my favorite places in the world to because today we are going to Italy Italy but on your travel pants. That lasted pants with elastic pans. Because today we are taking on a trip to Italy. And this is our quarantine diary sessions in. So if you haven't tuned in any of these yet we are doing these unedited. They're shorter form than our regular podcast. You can find it either on TV so if you want to watch US LIKE ON VIDEO. Go over to our instagram at extra. Pack peanuts or you can listen to it on the podcast as well and these are coming out every Monday Wednesday and Friday until we either run out of content. Probably not going to be the case or the quarantine is over. Who knows when that will be? But we're putting these out and they're super fun for us to do and you guys have loved him as well so thank you thank you. Thank you for all of that. If you're in the podcast feed you'll know their quarantine. Diaries one by the little q deal say q d and then they'll have a title and today's is the best of Italy and we've been to Italy a few times and there's a reason why it's such a popular destination. It's incredible country and we haven't even seen all of it. I mean we. We haven't seen most. Yeah most of it. We've gone back to Florence twice in Tuscany. And then we've hit the two other wealth remain cities Milan Venice and Rome. And we haven't been to the north we haven't been to the salvator. Never done the coast. Never been itching. Tara we've never been down to Sicily. I mean so. There's a ton of Italy that we haven't seen but we do know the region around Florence pretty well and let me say we've done. I've been the room twice once for one day so it doesn't really get so we've done like the touristy version of Rome. You're kind of run through three day of Rome done a few days in Milan and a few days in Venice. So we're by no means Italian experts because there are people who spend all their time. You know we're talking even people who don't live there but travelers who just go back to Italy over and over and over again because y not so much to offer but this will be Arctic on the best of Italy and got some cards and she mixes them up and she asked the same questions but in different orders for these quarantine. Diary Best of series. And it's GonNa be tough today because I mean yeah we're doing a whole country and as you mentioned the whole country that has a lot to offer especially when it comes to food so This could be a little difficult head. I mean start us off. Let's just get through it so the first card is most beautiful site which I have to say in. Italy would be pretty hard. Because there's so many dramatic visuals. They're landscapes however never having been to positano or the southern coasters can get Tara or even the mountains. The how do you say the DOLEMITE's I feel like those would maybe be on my list. Always like a mountain or body of water type person body of water bottle of wine yet from the last episode. But I would have to say my most beautiful sight is the AIRBNB that we stayed at in the intesting outside of foreign about forty five minutes outside of Foreign. We sit at this beautiful old refurbished farmhouse. It was stunning those the rolling hills of Tuscany and the olive trees and we went to all of these wineries and it was beautiful. So that's my most beautiful. Although Gosh I mean Florence and the Demo is let me give let me give that yeah I mean. There's no shortage of refurbished rehab farm houses in the countryside of Tuscany. The one we stayed out with David in Francesca was extra special. Because they're just amazing people as I'm sure honestly a lot of the hosts at these agrotourism Os are just share the same birthday and so they made us like eight. Ten course feast for Heather and his birthday. Because we just happened to be there on Heather's birthday because they insisted we stayed longer when they found out his birthday And what a night. I've never drank so much wind in my life. I'm not a wine drinker and I probably drank two balls myself. Food was awesome. My favorite site is the Domo and in Florence. I Love Santa Cruz Square as well. But the Domo going up the Bell Tower and looking back at the Domo and then Duomo Domo Domo and then going up the Domo. I know I'm not pronouncing it. Perfect and then looking back at the Bell Tower. I mean you just. We have a picture of the biggest picture we have hanging in our living room. Is that picture of being at the belltower looking at the Domo from the top of the Bell Tower. And it's just I mean it's everything you would want from an Italian city at Florence and general and that square specifically so yeah. I think it's the most stunning I mean. Obviously go to Rome and you see all the historic sites in the Coliseum and all of that and it and it is beautiful but and Venice is beautiful. Too It's a little I don't like I mean it's stunning. I don't like Venice. Florence our favorite favorite. Okay definitely the. I'm going to be a little florence heavy on this. I mean it could've just been the best of Florence honestly probably I. You know there might be one that sneaks in there okay. Well we've got next up. Best meal This is this is the hardest category when he's talking about Italy because there are so many good meals but the only thing that I've ever eaten Italy that was the best of its category. Is the sandwich in Florence at a place called Alan TICO BANAL? Adelie right there by the fouzy fees. It's rated on tripadvisor sometimes supervisors wrong right or not great. It's radio and trip advisors like one of the top places in the world. It's insane like we went and ate a sandwich every single day. Because you could pick out whatever you wanted and just going to this in there right down. The street on the same street is tied for my favorite Jalad show in all of Italy and as a place called J Lataria Day Mary. And so that's The Best Sandwich July Bang. Bang in the world right there. You've got the SANDWICH WALK DOWN. The street hits you Jill. Lotto life is good in that little two blocks stretch. It is good. That is definitely the best I've ever eaten and one of the best meals but I am going to say two things. One is the best pizza because I mean we're talking Italy so we have to talk about the best pizza to Rome. I cannot I remember the name of the restaurant what I can't. We didn't prepare. Do you remember what it was? It was called artichoke artichoke. Now but the pizza I had. There was so amazing and it was like the brick oven obviously recovering style and it had eggplant on it and ricotta cheese and it was just the best pizza. I if I knew you were going to mention this. I have in my note somewhere. Well rain somewhere on the blog. So people really want to know they can email us. They can send us a message on instagram or they can try to find it on the blog but it was the best piece of ever had followed by the time that we spent the farmhouse at the AIRBNB. David and FRA Francesco. Were just such amazing cooks and this was not part of the experience I mean they had to airbnb properties on the scene place. They had the farmhouse and then had the barn and we stayed in the barn. It was just one bedroom and then they were actually happened to be staying in the other one and they just they kept cooking and they were. They would invite us over which was nice and they made amazing amazing food. But the best I think was the like the inst- indoor oven meat fest. That we birthday. Yeah Yeah and we made homemade pizza and their brick oven. Pizza outdoor took like four hours to get hot enough man but one thing not the best meal but this was really surprising how good it was really tell which is basically kind of traditional. Tuscan food food for the peasants right just like a stew that you put a ton of vegetables in and then you put the bread and beans and you put the bread over into overnights. You think who the breads going to get really soggy and nasty and then eat it the next morning or the next day. How is it so good? It's so simple so good so we will lead to. They made us. We never had it before. Like I am not a big stoop person. I loved it. Yeah same it was really good so just to have that experience where you're actually kind of living next to local people and their cooking. You all this amazing traditional food of that part of Italy because it's so diverse there in that country with the styles of food and you know it was amazing. It was amazing. All right good food. Best Activity Oh gosh. This is hard. I mean. Ever the best we've ever done in Italy. I I think it was when we were in Rome because that city is stunning and so historically. We did a lot of tours. They're like walking towards with walks of Italy. Which is a really awesome company and they do really really good walking tours. So they're not free like some of the walking towards but you get a really good experience. Sometimes you like eating one where we walked around and we went to different restaurants and stuff but the one in Italy did the coliseum and it was awesome. I thought that it was one of the best things we done. And even though it was pouring rain we did it. It was a really cool experience to kind of feel. Like you've gone back in time and you're getting all the history and Rome's out when we went to the tech at like nine thirty in the morning or is it in Florence okay. Yeah they started an eating tour with going to an tech which is like a little wine bar at nine thirty in the morning and we thought all right when in Rome and Florence. My favorite activity is driving around the countryside. Specifically in Tuscany where we spent some time doing now actually did a drive up the up. The coast was another time. When I was living in Switzerland So up the Italian coast kind of like through Pisa Pisa up through Genoa beautiful heroin because it was like late at night and I rented BMW. And I couldn't see anything and it was raining driving in Tuscany. Yeah I mean you just have a car. I mean all these different Hilton we got lost and again got a little nervous. When I didn't think we could find our way back to the Francesa dark. Yeah there was no. Google maps wouldn't work. It was dark. I mean no service anywhere. Yeah you're just trying to drive through hill towns and like you don't know where you are but during the day I mean if you're not afraid of getting lost a little bit it's just I mean. This is why people go to Tuscany and go to that. Region is just to get out and drive and so I think if we go back to Italy and we ever hit the coast. We might have some answers with that but we haven't done that yet so for me. It's just taken a rental car and just bombing around and stopping at every little winery. You see and every little town and getting out walking around the square and having a pizza and that's how you do Italy. Yeah and I'm really thinking I have a couple of years until my fortieth birthday and I don't know where I WANNA go. Italy is really high on my list of go wrong a big birthday unless you go to. Venice. We'll skip tennis. Most surprising thing my negative one is. I didn't like Venice. I don't understand why we had one day. That was pretty decent. When we just got it was Kinda cool to get off and meander around the we were there in January also so it was really a time to go in there. Aren't that many tourists right. But it still was just crowded and I you know the food we. We didn't have good food experiences now. Listen I'm sure if we won't win the local or someone who knows like all places and especially like all places in Italy you're gonNA find a lot of Hayden unique gems so this was just my personal experience but it was surprising because everyone talks about benefits. So amazing I mean yeah. It's interesting that it has all these canals but yeah didn't have good food didn't really like any of the sites to see. It was crowded and when we got out of Venice in got to other places like Florence Rome. I just enjoyed them a lot more. So that was my that was actually. Why most surprising thing was that? Don't really love them a lawn either but I. I wasn't asser prize because that type of city big northern Italian city hustle and bustle. You know like a New York type even though it's not that big doesn't really. That's not what I'm looking for all the time. It was okay but yeah Venice. I thought I would like a lot. We're just left wanting more but that's why some places are amazing. Yeah on the flip side. I'll give you the most. Foreigners is one of my favorite cities in the world and going going to Italy when we made our list. We flew into Milan and it was like Venice Rome Florence. You know I didn't know much about Florence and that was definitely the like we could if we have to skip on. We're skipping floor and psychic. I know it's true because before we went to Italy. I didn't know much about foreign. Excuse me back when we were first traveling. This is kind of the beginning of art when we started the blog and then we went to Italy within ten months to a year. So is in the beginning of our travel experiences. I haven't heard that much about foreign. I'd never seen pictures. We didn't do a lot of research before we picked a place to go and traps. Cousin was actually like listen. You need to forints and thank goodness. He said that because we ended up Devon. Yeah he was. I remember one of my favorite cities in the world. And that's why we decided to go there and US on the way to Rome right like we went out of our way to Venice and then obviously went down in Rome but foreign just kind of on the way. Yeah so yeah okay. So those are my surprising. Venice underwhelming Florent absolutely blew me away. My most surprising thing just that comes to mind really quickly. Is that wine is so cheap. It is cheaper to get a glass of wine or even like a half pitcher of wine. I forget what they call it wrath a half liter. Something one and a half liter. I Dunno growl now a half liter. Don't remember anything it's cheaper to get wine with your lunch then to get like bottled water so I mean if you got tap water. Maybe that listen. We're we're about the value so we got drink wine so I mean that's that was the most surprising thing to me. Like wine is cheap and good y. I mean you're good wine in America you're spending like Oh you know twenty five thirty plus dollars on a really good bottle of wine and of course. Italy has expensive wine but there every day wind. That's you know maybe four to ten euros. A bottle is so so good. I can see the car that you have for the next and it says best drinks. So why don't we just go keep going on this train of thought here? Yeah I mean the best drink is is just the wind. I'm trying to remember one specifically but when we were staying we've David End. Francesca in the AIRBNB. We had a lot of really good wine. But one thing that really got me hooked on was having Seco- because in Italy have percent before wind you kind of have it as an APERITIF before dinner as you're just hanging around and chatting and it's just a really fun cultural experience. It's like the pre dinner drink and so the night of our birthday when we went over to their house and they had made like this whole spread of food friesinger. They had the WHO is insane. I'm thinking about it. I wrote wine. Don't know how they cook much fruit. There's four of us. Yeah so much. So any courses and they had a fire going in their fireplace and they and their their house was just beautifully styled and then they had all these bottles per second or just sitting there drinking can. I don't know if we can do this on TV. Can we put links in an ATV because we could link to their AIRBNB? Yeah but somebody told me that the link wasn't working anymore so I'm not sure if maybe they don't have the air being real tried to contact them and if we can get a link for them or they still do it. We'll let you know because they are wonderful magical people that being said. We've heard this like we've heard this same story that we're telling you about David. And Francesca from so many of our friends who have gone to Italy and stayed at Rehab Farmhouses agritourism os which what they're called like India in the hills of Tuscany but that whole region that whole area we've heard this you know people just opening their homes and just the Italian hospitality. So if you can't go to David and Francesca's just find small little place and you're going to have a similar experience Best Drink I. I would say that in Prague we four days of being with David in Francesca. I drank more wine than I have in the rest of my life combined. Because I don't usually drink a lot of wind like I might have half a glass here if they're randomly so yeah wine in Italy and for me like we mentioned just drive around in Tuscany. We'll just drive around. There was one in particular again. I don't remember that it was just a small small vineyard and winery and we pulled down and like you guys open. Yeah come in and you know you're like going in the cellar and they had like you know they just gave us a few different tastes their wine and we were totally in the middle of nowhere and we did that like three times in a row on that road. Yeah so for me. It's just the experience of being out and drinking at random little wineries that are all going to have decent wind. Someone might have amazing one all right. Well that brings us to best memory best memory so I have mine just because I have so many good memories of Italy but one that comes to mind is just really sticks out was the first trip that we had to Italy and it was when we were in Florence and we stayed in this cute little apartment right near the cathedral and there was a restaurant. That was a couple of doors down. You've loved this restaurant. No I recommend it was pretty good. What was your thing? Oh Madonna eats here when she comes here with her exact quote. The woman who owned The the woman who owned Lucy Lucille. Or something. Like oh you gotta go for nights date right and she was like you gotta go hear Madonna. Each year every time she it was just like four doors down from the but that was the meal wasn't my best memory it was it was an okay meal and the restaurant was nice. But you know it's hard to get reservations in there so I just remember. We had a lot of rain on this trip and it was kind of a rainy night but it was a little bit. It was romantic as we were just kinda wandering the streets and we did go to that restaurant and the ambiance was great. The service was incredible. The food was so again. It depends on what you get on the menu and we had no idea what to order so that was really fun. But what what was the thing that sticks in my mind is then after. We walked around after dinner. Ernie C foreign set night which is beautiful. We get back to our apartment and we can't get in and we have like the key and we're trying to like it's this old old apartment with like an old key like one of those keys that skeleton yeah skulls and key and I could not get in the door and we tried for. I don't know at least five minutes and we're starting to get really nervous. And we don't have data on our own or we can't get a hold of the AIRBNB host and we have like the umbrella. It's raining and finally a policeman walks by and like he can obviously see that we're struggling. He didn't really speak good English. Put ENOUGH THAT. We were kind of like help. We can't get in locked out right you know. We had a key so he obviously knew that we weren't trying to break in or anything but he somehow helped us get the drug. Maybe he had like the special trick of getting into these old buildings but I remember that feeling really anxious but the night was just like so fun and romantic and it was Kinda drizzly but we were together and it. Was you know before we had kids? So it didn't really matter like if we had kids and we're trying to get home like imagine. The chaos that ensued but in that situation. It was just like kind of a fun memoir. That can happen. Nice policemen who helped us. And then we got into our cozy little apartment in. Yeah I didn't I mean I haven't thought about that until that since that night. I mean given a ton everything I says about Florence so I'm going to give Florence on really quick and then pivot a little bit Definitely one of my favorite memories is I mean the eating of Florence but we went on a self guided tour. Because I was I wanted to find the best July and Florence and the first time we went we had gone to j Leterrier Day. Mary and it was my favorite. So Mike is anything better. I did find spoiler alert. There's one as good. They're tied locker. I and J leterrier are the two best but I went and did a ton of research of all the places that people talk about having the best you'll notice there's like ten of them. We did a walking Self guided walking tour and those superfund because I love July and he got us all over parts of the city like I had it mapped out. We just kept popping around seeing seeing errors that we outside not outside of the main tourism but outside of the main main tourist zone in the center. We didn't go too far afield because we walked everywhere and it was just fun. It was cool. Got See different. Parts of the city got to eat awesome Gelato so that was Super Fun and just like I remember. We were doing it for the blog and shooting videos where they're actually never actually put that video out of the of the walking tour. We should find it somewhere on it harder but then if I have to throw something else. I can't get in Rome similar to what you were talking about a very time in Florence when we went to trust story. I think is how you say that little neighborhood. Kinda like the. Yeah across the bridge hip little ECLECTIC neighborhood there. Same thing we were we. Didn't we had a restaurant that we want to? We got to. It was raining but it was actually closed. And so he like just popping around like looking for different restaurants. Cobblestone who is slippery was wet. But we're raining. We had our umbrella so both of us. I guess apparently like rain in Italy. And you just just like wandering around back alleys looking for service dinner. Finally we ended up. It's Kinda crappy pizza. Not Crappy beads a takeout pizza almost like a nice sit down restaurant. It was called like a lease or SOM something. I need something the but the point was that was like. That's kind of how you do the cities in Italy. You just wander boss. You know you're not explore and you know we didn't say this about the most surprising thing but I now thinking about it a little bit. Want to throw this out there. That two of the most surprising things number one was we went to the academy. Ah Influence specifically see David. The sculpture of drew and travelling. Or whatever this is I mean we gotta because we're here by here. We're not huge people. Anyway we went and this statue is one of the most incredible pieces of art I have ever seen. Were not people I mean. I actually really enjoy our end going to museums but I'm not obviously a connoisseur. Anyway it was incredible. I mean the sheer magnitude of this sculpture and like the size the scale. It was really really incredible to see that was really surprising. There have been times in my life that crew member like where the term jaw dropping. Actually is apropos. Meaning you realize that your mouth is open. You're not doing you're just like oh my gosh one. When we round the corner and saw the Grand Canyon for the first time and two when we walked in and walked and just looked up and saw David. I remember thinking why like this is so much better in person. Yeah we've seen pictures like this is so much better in person anything I could imagine it was it was it was impossible is impossible to put into words. It was it was jaw-dropping. Just remember standing there in awe of it. Yeah that's a good one absolutely and then the second thing is also about art but it's going to the Vatican and walking through that and seeing all of the beautiful paintings on the ceilings and on the walls everywhere like some of the things that I studied when I was in college like in our books right and then you're seeing them in real life. That was really something magical sell. Yeah and we were there in January. That really helped. Because it was still you know when you got into. The Sistine Chapel. There are still a lot of people probably one tenth of the amount of people that that would be there normally and the rest of the Vatican was fairly sparsely. Yes touristed and we didn't have to wait in line to get tickets so side note if you're going. Italy for for those kind of things for like the the monuments and the tourist sites highly recommend season winner like we were there in January shoulder seasons. Whether it be nicer would be. We were in Florence in October in Tuscany. And I'm GONNA amazing time. We got like one hundred and twenty five dollars or two hundred and twenty five dollars tickets to Milan from Philadelphia. So that's why we went in January and I W- yeah if you can get cheap tickets. I'd highly recommend going in winter area because there's so many things to do inside you know with all of the art if that's what you want to see in the eating I mean. Obviously you can just do that. Total inside and then if you WANNA see them. Warmer spots like the coast. You could still go in shoulders using go in October. That is a great. We got our our years planned out quarantine so thank you guys for listening. Speaking of quarantined the quarantine. Diaries remember. These are coming out every Monday Wednesday Friday. If there's something you want to hear let us know an Instagram at extra pack of peanuts. If you're listening to the podcasting see are faces. You can do that by watching on TV at XTRAC PEANUTS. These to come up in the podcast feed as well. You'll see a little q d and the title sent me into Quarantine Diaries. All that means is that we're doing it off. The cuff spontaneous on edited no prep shorter form. Usually although this got a little long it's Italy it's bounding it a little long it's leisurely meals young's but like. I can drink wine anytime next time next time. We do this at this. Thank you guys for listening and we will chat soon now.

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