Metahuman: Stories


Welcome my friends. Let's Today we start the journey on daily bread to apply Meta human practices and principles to our daily lives to begin. What is a human meta human in my view. Is the next stage of human evolution and human evolution began in the most profound sense. When the Human Species Homo Sapiens. I developed language poor storytelling as far as I know we are the only species amongst innumerable species on this planet that have the capacity to not only tell stories his but create stories and we create these stories by creating models of reality and creating meeting water quality human constructs stories about reality are of course not reality their stories tawdry <unk> but as storytellers we have created what I would call the human universe invest so look around you look at all the objects that you are seeing wherever you are. Perhaps there's a telephone a piece of furniture painting your own body but basically what you're experiencing right now. Hardwood human beings gold objects everything that we call it. An object is actually a human construct talk. Let's imagine that you're a baby and you're looking at an iphone or a hand and you haven't haven't yet developed skills of language. You haven't learned to name these objects before you you name this object any object and a telephone table before you name it. It's an experience and as a visual experience. It's a color it's a form it's a shape. That's it so when you look at a hand. Do you are a telephone or a table or repainting or the floor or your shoe. What sure seeing actually is color. What you're seeing is a form. We're just seeing is a shape that other experience. There's the experience of based so even if you don't know what coffee is new drink a cup you tasted the experience without knowing its coffees goal coffee. The word coffee is a construct for that particular taste what I've just said had to you. Applies to all five senses once we interpret that word now that becomes the mind and and then we can also close your eyes and imagine that experience so in imagine it that becomes an image in our consciousness in that recall everyday dave reality is our ability to transform sensations and perceptions images feelings and thoughts our ability to transform that into constructs that recall objects and into stories the relationships of these objects to each other and how we think about them. This is how we create our experience of reality or human reality reality join me for the next several weeks as we bring awareness to Meta human principles derive from my new book Meta Human Human unleashing your infinite potential <music>.

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