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Tools for living room to grow a space of grace to become everything. God wants us to be. You're listening to the Living Room. Podcast with Joanna. Weaver a facade. Twenty six welcome back to the series that we're doing in the month. February on love and marriage. I'm really excited to have Beth. Mcchord back with us again. She is in any Graham coach expert in Cheang her husband. Jeff have written a wonderful book called becoming US using the any Graham to create a thriving. Gospel centered marriage. Hey you guys if you haven't yet listen to the last episode episode twenty five. You're definitely going to wind up. Pas this one and go back because Oh my goodness even if you're familiar with the any Graham. Beth does a masterful job describing each type in their motivations. It'll give you an idea of which of the nine personality types you might fall in but I would encourage you to take the self assessment test over at your any Graham coach Dot Com as well and I'd love to have your spouse do it as well because that's how you're going to get the most out of today's episode. Paul wrote these words in Philippians one nine and it's what I desire for this series. Listen to what he writes. And this is my prayer that your loved me abound more and more in knowledge in-depth insight. I really believe that the any Graham can help us understand each other in a deeper more meaningful way and I can't wait to hear what has to say about this when it comes to marriage. Let's dive in while. I'm really excited to have Beth. Mcchord back with us today. She is the author along with her husband of becoming us. Using the any Graham to create a thriving. Gospel centered marriage in. You might be wondering what the INSTAGRAM is a Beth? Can you just give us a little little idea? That I'm going to be pointing them back to the last episode where we talk about it in more detail. But what is the yes so the Ingraham really is a map of self understanding of why we do what we do. versus just our outward behaviors in the Ingraham. If you think of as an internal. Gps It's GonNa let you know your main type or your current location but also the healthiest destination for your personnel type. It becoming more like Christ in how he designed you but also is going to let you know when you veer off course into those comment pitfalls we find ourselves and get frustrated at ourselves but the integration can be alert system like a rumble strip on a highway. That can say hey. If you keep thinking feeling behavior in this particular way you're going to fall into that same pitfall so why not surrendering depend to the Holy Spirit and come back and get back on. Track focusing on who? God has called you to be which is being more like Christ. So that isn't a very quick nutshell but there's nine basic personality types or nine ways of seeing the world interpreting the world and reacting to the world That are unique to each of the personality types and they're valid perspectives and so we just want to learn how to take off our own lenses for a second and put others on so we have more compassion and empathy and grace and mercy in our relationships so that we can work better together That is so good and I especially love your approach to the any Graham Because it's very much. Gospel centered in. Its very much bringing God into the equation. I think the thing that excites me about the any. Graham is that it really gives us a chance to see someone else's point of view because you know when we when John and I I got married. We had so much in common. We had both been raised in a Christian home. We love Jesus with all our heart. We both felt called ministry so I thought Oh my goodness this is a match made in heaven. This is going to be Gloria. Then it turns out that when the Bible says that the two shall become one That's a process that doesn't happen on the day. You say I do. How was it for you when you and Jeff got married? Yeah well we got married. Will you're twenty so you could imagine we didn't even know ourselves little on each other and it was the same you know. I think everyone obviously gets into marriage. Because I think it's going to be the most glorious thing grand experience because they are experiencing that in their dating life at least mostly. That's why they choose marriage but then soon after marriage things kind of shift real life hits you start to realize you're seeing the world differently you don't understand why they're not doing it the way you do it Just can spiral out of hand. Going from what we thought was a ballroom. Dance into feeling like we're playing the game twister in stumbling over each other in that he's just really almost normal. You know but we WANNA learn how to understand each other better so that we come alongside each other and support each other in the way God designed us but also to own our own faults and to grow in the areas that we need growth as well exactly exactly. Well I know for me. It was so so beneficial to come to the understanding. That just because Jon didn't see life the same way it didn't mean that one was right in one was wrong or even that one was better than the other I love a your approach in the book. I really hope that our listeners will go and buy becoming us because it so practical and like I said in the last episode which you guys if you have not yet listened to the last episode with Bath I really WANNA encourage you. Because she goes through the nine types in detail and she does it in the framework of of what your core longings are. What your motivations. All these different things. He talks about the strengths as well as the weaknesses which really I think it was that That list of characteristics of the any Graham. That really helped me kind of pinpoint where I was coming from. And then also were. My husband was coming from and so what I'd love it. If you wouldn't mind doing is just kind of take us through the different types in and maybe even Talk about each type as to. What do they bring to marriage? What are the good things that they bring to the world because like I said a lot of times we think that the way we see things is the only way and when I began to value who John was in the fact that he was not just like me? That's when everything changed Yeah yes so. Each personality style guide has you know uniquely created and when he creates something as good And so what we want to think of. As the body of you know that there are different. Personality styles that bring A reflection of God naturally to the world and that is really what we want to celebrate and focus on a so when we think about the body of Christ We want to not just see why people are different than us. Some put them down for not being what we think is as good as us in fact we wanna see and celebrate what God has instilled in them naturally and how they reflected in this beautiful way. So yes I'd be happy to go round all nine types and kind of give a glimpse is to the beautiful attributes that they bring win there at a healthier state. Because obviously when we're not doing well we're not going to just naturally exhibit these things but when we're doing well we will naturally just this will permeate from us. People really enjoy it so would go ahead and start. Yeah and and maybe. I'll let you decide how you want to do this. But maybe as you describe each type I'd love to have you also talk about how we can love that type better because I think there are so many facets that we miss and we tend to love the way we want to be loved and yet I really believe I think it was Gary Smalley who said that. We need to be a student of our spouse in really learn what they need. Yes absolutely I'd be happy to do that so so I'll go through. All nine types in will do is for each type. I will say the wonderful attributes that they just naturally Bring to You know us and how they reflect God and then I will piggyback on that same type it with how to show them love so that way we keep. It all cohesive together So our type ones are the moral perfectionists and again like you said in the last episode. I go over Wyatt type. One is a type one through their core motivation. So if you're listening to this before the last episode definitely go back in listen to why the type one is a type one But the type one is immoral perfectionist. And they bring a reflection of God's goodness and rightness and what that really means is ones have this amazing ability to see a no what is right and what is good and to highlight that into encourage others and themselves to walk in that goodness and rightness in that reflects God because God is the most right right. He's the most righteous and good And so we love the fact that the ones know what that looks like and to aspire to go there if they bring wisdom and depth and insight to things that some of us will overlook or Miss. They know how to look at details. And so when you're talking about loving a spouse that has a type one or could even be a kid you know your kid or a parent or CO worker Things that you want to remember is to remind your type one often that you love them and Christ loves them We WanNA recognize the type. Ones have allowed in a critic. That is berating. Them and assaulting them with all the things that are wrong Whether within themselves or outside themselves and it's it's just a constant oppressive assault is what we WANNA do is first and foremost show them. How Christ has freed them condemnation in how he gave them his righteousness so that when God looks at them he seeing Christ's righteousness and not telling all their wrongs because that has been taken away so important to constantly have that reframe into bring encouragement to the one because they're constantly getting beaten up by this inner critic and so we want to point out that we're thankful for the things that they do notice how they give us advice. That is solid untrue Now it may land on us as being critical but if we can see it from their lands will see that their hearts intention is usually to help and so we want to thank them for their helpful cut a mindset towards us And then ask for forgiveness win. We might have done something wrong. Just own it. Apologize And let reconciliation happen very quickly and didn't say lastly is to be responsible for your like domain your area of life They're constantly feeling like they have to be the only adult around and lifting the load or pointing out to everyone. What needs to happen but if you take sincere responsibility and let them know that you want to partner with them in the things that need to get done but you also want to have fun and do it. Together that would be a real A real reprieve for their soul that they don't feel like they have to be the only one so that's our type one. Oh my goodness that is so good. There's somebody out there listening. That is just had a huge. Aha Moment. I love this. I love this. Okay so tell us about number twos okay so our tunes are supported advisors and they naturally bring love and nurture to the world. That's how they reflect. Guide is through love and nurture They see a no other people's needs emotions like they. Literally walk into a room in a intuitively know And so they know how to serve and move into someone's life in a very hopeful way then is just so beautiful just like Jesus knew that we needed a savior and he came and did it for us. He served us in that way But so what? How does show the to love is giving them the affirmation and the appreciation of what they do on our behalf That is so important for us to recognize the the heart of the two but we also know remind them that their love for simply being them but they don't have to do all these things in order for us to love them. We actually love them. Unconditionally it doesn't mean you don't think them for what they did but we just really want to hone in on. Those things are really awesome and good. I so appreciate them but I just love you. It's a real hard concept for the twos to believe they can be loved without doing some helpful service to others And just to remind them how cherish they are by God that he wants them and pursues them unconditionally. have is absolutely a valuable To help them to rest in who they are versus having to do so. Then are tight. Three is a successful achiever and they bring hope in radiance that is how they reflect. God and man can be so radiant and they have the ability to just really know what needs to get done and how to do it with great efficiency and success and it really is beneficial to those around them when they're doing it in this way but we also want to realize. Is that type? Threes believe they have to achieve in order to be loved and they need others to see or no or experience that achievement in order for them to say. You're amazing you're great admire you but what we. WanNa do is we want to definitely give them the feedback that they are great because I do amazing things and we appreciate all the efforts that they have that we love them for simply being them. They don't have to accomplish anything in order to earn that love. That would mean so much to type three. But we also want to reflect. How God does that to say? God knew that they couldn't achieve what they ultimately needed so he sent Christ to be that perfect person who achieved everything that was needed on their behalf and that they can rest C. threes are constantly going to the next thing on the next thing to achieve this this next level but now they can realize oh. My achievements are Christ achievements. I can exhale instead of being a human doing. I can be a human being and we want to constantly point that out to them with much appreciation of who they are but also how they can rest and being their authentic self Then our type fours are a romantic individualist and they bring creativity and depth and this is so remarkable because beauty is something that we all just are enamored by right like when you see a beautiful flower or a beautiful landscape. I mean it's just like you can't help it. Stop and look at it. And the uniqueness the design that God has given so they bring a lot of creativity in beauty to the forefront but also bring depth and meaning and purpose especially when it comes around emotions and it really reflects Christ because Christ not only the joys of life but he also was a man of sorrows. He understood the pains that we went through and force are wonderful at being there with us in the midst of suffering and sorrow in that China. Just fix us but just being there. And it's such a remarkable gift that they give us but we also want to recognize of how we can love our force so I feel like there's something defective and flawed within them at something's missing something foundational and so they feel like they have to be unique in different and to be seen for the uniqueness of difference in order to be loved but Christ created them uniquely to be them and he doesn't make mistakes so they're not defective in flawed even though they feel like it so even though we may not fully understand a four we can say. I want to know you more. I want to get to know you more but I also want you to remember how beautiful you've been designed by Godwin Guy. Create something he says it is good and I want you to in helping them to remember that. Even when there's a soon Nami of emotions that may say otherwise you know that's not true and so we want to constantly reflect back to them the beauty that God has created in their unique design. Then our type. Fives ARE INVESTIGATIVE THINKERS. And they bring wisdom and Truth C. Fives love to pour into research and knowledge and absurd of the world and they look to see things and like literally pull them apart and put them back together again whether their concepts or real things And so they love to get into the minutia of knowing how things work but with that they have so much depth of knowledge that when it rises in a very healthy way they bring insights and truth that are its wisdom and it's remarkable now how we can support our five is to understand five. A lot of people actually don't understand fives Especially if you're on the extrovert spectrum. Or You really enjoy connecting with people on multiple levels and for long links of time. This would be hard for you to understand a five because the fives in our world. It's as if they wake up every day being plugged in and kind of restoring their energy their interactive battery life. Every day would be like a cell phone when you wake up every day. Even though it's plugged on I only having twenty to twenty five percent interactive battery life for the entire day. So they need to know what's happening that day how to ration it out So that it doesn't deplete for them if it goes to zero it's catastrophic depletion annihilation. It's gone they'll never be able to recharge it again now. That may seem extreme to the rest of us but if we all understand our own hangups in hell they're probably not true You'll recognize that. This is how it's hardwired into a five so you'll feel some resistance boundaries. Going up from a five because they feel like they can't give more than what they have so a great thing that we can do for our fives to say. Hey we're going to go out with a Smith's tonight In these are the things are happening during the day. What would be beneficial for you to be at your best to go. Hang out with the smiths. I know a lot of times you will you kinda feel depleted in. It's hard for you to go. How can I serve you? Best at war if he comes home. Let's say your husband or your wife comes home from work and there are five and you're going to go to the Smith number one. Don't surprise them. That's not a good thing but if you were to be like hey you know we planned on to go the Smith. I'm sure you had a busy day. You know would you like fifteen thirty minutes to kind of take some time alone to recharge before we go or hang? Where's your battery life? How can I understand where you're at right now? And how can I serve? You like those would be so meaningful for your type five The type sixes are the loyal Guardians and they bring faithfulness encourage The faithfulness of six is so remarkable. They stay very steady instead fast in their loyalty and their commitment in doing the responsible thing for those that they love and that is just remarkable and then at their healthiest. They bring a ton about of courage. 'cause member they're going through their own self doubt and indecisiveness because they have an internal committee that has given them all sorts of scenarios. But you'll what you see. Is that the sixes each and every day rise above that and have courage to do the next things in life and so they'd pre encouraged to us they show us even the midst of anxiety and apprehension. We can be courageous in doing the next thing so one way we can support the sixes is one understanding that they have an internal committee that is causing chaos and confusion and apprehension into understand this and not be like. Oh it's okay. Everything's GonNa be perfectly fine in a way that doesn't show appreciation for what they're going through so just to recognize the struggle of the anxiety of the internal committee for the six to be there to support them to guide them or two point areas where they would feel more safe and secure but letting them know that you are committed. You are loyal your faithful and responsible that they can trust you and to not only say it but demonstrate. It would absolutely be the best thing you can do for your sixes and then a few more. We got three more. The type sevens is the entertaining optimist. Now they bring joy and abundance and seven's absolutely know how to not just have fun but when they're out there healthiest they savor the moments of life which translates into real joy. And they can it radiates from them and we it's infectious. We have joy along with them but they also bring abundance and it's like they've gathered all of this joy and they want to impart it to us like it almost overflows into our life. And that's what God does as well and so that's why I love how all of these things reflect God in a very unique way but one thing we can do for sevens is recognized that it's really hard for sevens to sit in negatively or anything that is less than positive now that doesn't mean they shouldn't learn but what would be really helpful for the seven is if there's something that is mundane or boring or not fun or actually really hard to recognize that that is extremely difficult for them to sit in so any time that we can bring a sense of reprieve levity to the situation. Maybe even make it fun and exciting. If it's like a chore like make a Game Out of it Make it fun. It doesn't have to be serious all the time that shows them like. I see that those other things are hard for you and I wanna meet you halfway To the best of my ability but also appreciate that. They bring a sense of positivity to a really negative world that really would mean a lot to them and then our aides are protective challengers. They bring power and protection. You Know God is our refuge. He's our strength or shield And that is really what aides are all about. They want to protect themselves. But those in their inner circle and they do it with power and intensity and that's how God is for us you know he is The Hound of Heaven. He is the Good Shepherd he does. All of these things to provide and protect us so we want to affirm our eight in Howell. They do provide them protect us but also to recognize that they have a vulnerable tender side within them that usually only those in their inner circle sees and when you see it let them know how much you appreciate that and how much you long to see that more and more because it's a hard place for them they're afraid they're going to be blindsided or betrayed into show them that they can trust you not just in words but in action and don't blindside them. Don't manipulate them and don't Try TO TAKE CONTROL. Come alongside them and support them. These would be things that could really be beneficial and then last but not least is my type. The peaceful mediator weep bring peace and oneness. We naturally are looking for harmony and peace and we want to bring a sense of steadiness but oneness. Think of a round table where we all can gather that everyone is important and everyone has value. That is what we bring. And that's what we radiate and so how you can show nines Love is to literally not just say that they matter but to demonstrate that they matter give them space to talk to To think through what they want. Get be patient and longsuffering because it can take nines awhile to say what they want to know what they want and to then move in there right action A lot of times in their mind. They're thinking I shouldn't assert myself. I should just let everyone else do it. So that's where long-suffering can come with those that love nines but then also to show the nine how much you appreciate their steadiness their ability to see all sides to bring harmony and reconciliation in relationships and to be that kind of firm foundation that others can stand upon as those will. Just be some really amazing things to come alongside anyone in your life. That is a different type. The New Guinness so I bet you guys are impressed by that. As that was amazing I love how well you know. the Graham but how you point us all to Jesus and in that whole idea that every single type is valuable. Every single type has equality of God that they bring to the world in so I was sitting here thinking. Oh that's my brother. Yeah okay. That's my son that's my daughter and and when we can truly dwell in understanding with each other I think rather than judgment of each other. What A- gift that we give to to not only our our spouse in our immediate family but really to those we work with to those we interact with rather than say what is wrong with them. Yeah we can go. Oh okay. Hey I think I understand. That's powerful. Absolutely it is. It's super powerful in it so important because really that's how God wants us to treat one another right. They will know us by our love. And it's hard to love when we only see the world through our own Lens It's what's interesting is kind of ironic. Is the nines They actually are putting on everyone. Else's lenses all the time in their own so everyone else kinda needs to learn how to put on other people's lenses a little bit more. Some some are good at it. More more black and white But in the nines need to learn to actually put their own lens on as they also use everyone else's a cas nine zero themselves at least in. They need to learn that their presence in the that they have value and worth and to show up with that perspective as well. That is so so good. Will you guys? I do want you definitely pick up this book because all of this incredible knowledge is just scratching the surface and Beth and Jeff have set up the book where the last part gives several is six. Maybe six pages to each type and walk through a lot of what she shared in the last episode but also much of what she sharing here and even more and I love how. The Graham itself shows us Here's your strings but here's your weaknesses. Here's how you grow towards health. Here's where if you're not doing well unhealth your this is going to be some of your actions. I have just. I've personally learned so much. A one of the other things that we talked about in the last Episode is that That there are wings there are there are different layers in so you may go well. I don't I don't see myself. Will one of the things that you can do is you can go to To the at your any Graham coach Dot Com and you can take a free test and then also you can take what you've learned and tell us what they can do when it comes to marriage or working with other people yes so obviously. The book is a great resource but we also have a couple of other resources. That in your marriage you might be interested in if you WANNA take it. A little further We have a course called exploring you and this is my prerecorded. Coaching sessions focused on a particular type. So if you're type two in your husband is a six than you would by type two for yourself and you had by the six for him. But you'd WanNa Watch them together and be amazed at what you're learning about yourself but then also amazed about what you're learning about your spouse like oh my goodness. I didn't realize that and then there's reflection questions that you guys can use to have discussion. And then when you're done with the exploring new courses you can also go to becoming US dot com where we have forty five courses for all forty-five couple types and there's a course specifically for the two of you whether you're a type two in a six combination a nine nine combination you name it. There's a course for you and this is where I explained on daybreak level. How the two of you interact when you're not doing well and when you are doing well or the hope that lies before you with transformation in the Gospel and it's very specific it's geared towards the two of you which kind of way I suggest doing exploring new course first to really get to know your cells well to start that conversation and then this course is a video camera in your house. How does she will that way do this? But the whole point is to not feel Convicted away whether it's condemnation shame in fact it's the opposite. I want you to see the hope that you have in Christ in that. He has already accomplished all that you need in an through through his life death and resurrection and as we surrender and depend on him and walk in faith with the spirit. He will renew our hearts day after day in our in ourselves and then in our marriage and our families and so that becoming us course is going to be vital for you guys to take this like as far as you can absolutely go and again that's at becoming US dot com excellent and you'll also find a free marriage assessment just to kind of give you a taste of what you can expect in that. Course I'm so excited about this message in the tools that you have available to help us dwell with each other in understanding because I had become in our own marriage in those early years so discouraged and so disappointed and I couldn't understand why my husband couldn't understand me and he was just as frustrated on the other side was interesting. God did this whole process of healing our marriage that I'm going to talk about over the course of these podcasts. As the years go by it but one of the big things was we took this simple cognitive process test as a staff a church staff in. We'd never done anything really like that. And all of a sudden I began to see how John Processes Life is is in diametric opposition to the way that I process life then all of a sudden like that one point you make about the nines like give them time I. I'm that girl who's like you. I've got an opinion I wanted decision. I want action right away and boy learning to just like offer information to John C. Here's the decisions we need to make but then back off and give him time to process all my goodness that transformed our marriage. Yeah absolutely when you consider on the different ways I. I'm kind of curious what you've found in your counseling and just in research of I think there's a part of us that thinks. Oh if I was just if we were exactly the same it would be so much easier. Do you find that if you are the same type that that's an easier life the APP no. I don't say I wouldn't say it's harder and I wouldn't say it's easier What you're GONNA find is types. That are we. Call them double type combination so attuned to nine hundred nine they have. They're going to understand one another a little bit easier and get each other But they also with us have struggles in weaknesses or blind spots are going to become picker blind spots But that doesn't mean that means. That relationship is worse off or harder than another type because another type has their own weaknesses and blind spots. That are just different and it could be harder for them to understand one another so no matter. What couple type that you are? You have to recognize. The key is being aligned with the truth of the Gospel. When you know that that Christ's the spring of living water and that you are like a desert and you are so thirsty. Only the spring of living water can't quench your thirst in Umbrian deep satisfaction. But we think it's GonNa come from our kids our spouse our careers. But they're only like a little water bottle and for a desert that is not gonNa do any good and so once. We satisfy our our thirst with the spring of living water and we're so saturated then when we turn to these little water bottles it's like Oh cool. Thanks that's incredible it because we already filled up and so we just need to recognize that no matter what couple type combination you are Christ. Is there with you both in the more you drink from the source you will see? Your relationship changed. Even if your spouse doesn't you will change and that that changes everything now may not change it to the place that you hope But you will see the transformation you will be so satisfied in Christ. It will permeate an all your life Now hopefully and prayerfully that will change spouse will change and they will be satisfied by Christ in the spring that he offers but that is the work that God is doing in them. If you focus on your own work and not trying to change Nag everyone around you. You will see that God will take care of you. Even if others aren't changing you will find a whole new level of joy in deep satisfaction. So stay focused on. Christ keep your eyes fixated on him and great things happen. Yes and I I. I think we're probably both living proof of that. Because Oh my goodness those those years of frustration and I just kind of shut down emotionally and decided that we would be married singles. He would do his thing and I would do mine. But the Lord in His mercy would not leave us there and as I found myself just so you know lower change him at the Lord. He took me on a three year journey where he basically said Joanna. Get Your hands off my man. I want change you and as I was willing to look at myself and let God have access to me. He began this process of healing. And and I can honestly say John and I look at each other and say Oh my word what we would have missed. Had we not allowed God access to our own souls. And it's so easy get fixated on others. I love the ANAGRAM. Because it's this it's just a tool. It's not a magic quadrant. Like you say it's just a road map. It shows you the rumble strips. I love that so much my son's in driver's training and so those rumble strips. I'm feeling a lot lately. Yes I am and so it's sort of be willing to go okay? Lord I'm going to give my eyes off of them and what they're doing and I'm going to allow you to show me what I need to see. So thank you for doing this. Work Bath it. It's I just feel like it's so important and especially especially because you have taken a tool that is you know. Hey there's a lotta stuff out there. We talk in the last episode about you. Know how? There's some even some controversy but what I appreciate about this. Gospel centered approach to the India. Graham is that points us to Jesus it points as to what it looks like when we drink of that. Well that you've talked about. What would you say to that wife out there who's may be feeling a little like I did or that husband where we don't even know if there's any hope of different marriage? Yeah well that's the good news is there's always hope You know Christ that's what he offers that There's hope there's renewal. It may not look the way we wanted it to look but he will restore he will replenish. He will Eventually reconcile all things to himself. what we can rest on. Is that his life? Death and resurrection did bring us satisfaction but it continues until we go to heaven and so it's it's not a finished. Were stuck with what we have right now. It is an ongoing process and it is what he calls us to do is not pull yourself up by your bootstraps and work harder. It's he's calling you to surrender and depend on him and as we walk in faith in the things that he has asked us to do he. Restores RENEWS IN GIVES US Great? Hope in again. It may not look like anything you expected but he will give you much joy and delight in the way that he sees is best That's so beautiful. I really know that It was not until I laid down my expectations of my husband and begin to accept him rather than expected of him. That our marriage was healed in. I I was just thinking of that. Verse in Romans. Fifteen seven that says except one another then just as Christ accepted you and then it goes on to say that when we do that you guys we bring priest guide there is something beautiful when brethren and sister and. That's how I never quite know how to say that word dwell together in unity and so I just love as we close bath if you if you just pray over those couples and maybe maybe even there's some people they're not married They don't have a spouse but boy. They are struggling in some relationships. But there's come some illumination in there and a chance to step back in and see a different perspective put on different lenses which he just pray for the. Uh us that we would be able to to have that heart to be willing to accept people as they are not as we want them to be. Yeah definitely their Lord. Thank you so much for how. You design us to Have one another as spouses as friends to not be so. Jenner's on this earth but to walk with one another and so I just prayed Lord that no matter if we're married or single and we have friendships and Co workers in a family members that we recognize that there are nine different ways of seeing the world that you created the body of Christ each of us different but also when we unify in our desire to glorify. Great things can happen so just pray that you will help each one. That's listening to learn the different lenses to be able to take off their own for even if it's a brief second put someone else's on to learn what it's like to have compassion and empathy and understanding so that grace and mercy can freely flow through those relationships And we pray most importantly that you are glorified others are blessed in we experience joy in you. Amen Amen. Thank you so much from being with US Beth. I I look forward to chatting with you down the road. You have anything any new projects on the horizon. What we're going to be doing a lot of becoming us Events actually the spring we have twelve. And so we're GONNA be going to different cities People can becoming US dot com to see if we're near you And so we've got that on the horizon and a few other podcasts. Were probably GONNA start a PODCAST Yes so we got a few things on the horizon but Last year was our big year with launching ten books and the marriage course for forty five couple types and then we have become an integral coach. Course We can certify coaches to use this in their own. Whether it's you know as a coach or maybe your counselor or some sort so we revamped that last year so we took blessed mother so just to kind of take a deep breath and get ready for this year. So we're looking forward to meeting more people around the country with becoming. That's I hope you enjoyed this episode as much as I did. God has put so many different kinds of people with different viewpoints in our lives and he did it for a purpose. Equations for two instructs us with all humility and gentleness with patience except one another in love. And that's what the India Graham can help us do. I hope that you'll go over to the show notes found at Joanna. Weaver BOOKS DOT COM forward slash zero to six. And while. You're there check out the giveaway that we're hosting on facebook. Beth has been so kind to offer a copy of her book as well as her online course called discovering you. It's filled with tools to teach you more about the nine personality types as well as help you drill down to discover which one you fall within so there you have it. The Gospel centered in Graham next week. My pastor hubby deer is going to be joining us on the podcast and I am so excited but also a little bit nervous. We're going to talk honestly about how we've learned to appreciate and embrace our differences in marriage but we're also gonNA share ways that we found to help us balance family in ministry so I hope you'll join us and hey if you enjoy the living room podcast would you consider subscribing on your favorite podcast platform. It's completely free. And here's the wonderful deal you'll automatically receive all the new episodes right there in your phone. You don't have to go searching for me. I'll already be there waiting for you to take listen Kinda creepy. Well thank you again for joining us for this special series. I hope it helps you. Keep living and loving and leading like. Jesus see you next week.

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