Chris Hemsworth, David Spade


Hi, it's Ellen Degeneres. Welcome to my podcast. We're gonna listen to some of the best moments from the show, and it's going to be hosted by four executive producers that I love happy listening Ave episode of Ellen on the go. Chris hemsworth. My boyfriend tries our game pitch. Please David Spade crashes a wedding with selene Dion. And you're gonna love that story Ellen meet seven teachers from the same Kansas school are all pregnant the exact same time. I know we play around of bay versus millennial and the podcast wouldn't be complete unless we discussed Kevin's incredible inability what yes. For the first time. It's you Kevin to, you know, read it, we're discuss Kevin's incredible mind boggling insane inability to catch anything I hate crime, which is a felony. Oh now, it's taken us. I can't catch. To Ellen Melissa. Second. I'm Ed glavin. Andy lasts ner. And I'm nauseous. Gerry's pregnant can't catch berry. Are not. Are not associated with each other. Mary also gay Mary can catch. That's very well there. They're very well. My brother for years older than I am was a soccer player at school. I was I played other things other than soccer. And this is this is time. We'll tell you about this. We had a coach years ago who said to my brother Connolly, you're good with your feet and your sister will she's good with their hands. Really? Time for every time. I heard that at the time. It was just a perfectly fine thing to say. Track or something to I did not detract. I played volleyball basketball and softball. They didn't have track in the big city school that I went to. Basketball has a Ford. All nice. I was I played for the YIF H L, the sheep of floor Hockey League. Eight teams in that. True story. How'd you guys do we won the championship one of the four years that I play, but very nice? What happened was there was only six Jewish schools. Right. We let into non-jewish goals to play with us which ones Hastings on the Hudson. Jer love hand Yonker something really remember. Yeah. Ed sports careers to say fetus. Vetus brief sports career. Yeah. It was more of a townie sports career than that a school sports career plate mainly the thing. I could play well with baseball. I could hit a baseball. Really, well, but I had unique combination of being able to hit really well. And then being unbelievably slow, right? So. Those two things went great. I had the distinction of being the only player that I knew at the time to break a finger in a soccer match. Not the goalie. But I thought that was a stupid rule and the ball was getting past me. And so I stuck my hand up. I was for today. Should we time out another hate crime? Where two minutes in the puck known asked me if I played a sport. Oh, Kevin come on. All right. Just. Did you play? Kevin. What's? Play. I was on the B-team of of basketball in grade. Nice. Which was basically anyone who didn't make like if you didn't make the team right here on the beach team right me into wheelchairs, but I won them in my kidding, no to one the mighty spirit award, which meant I clap better than everybody else. I think so you think you. Winning. You had good spirit. So he's an award-winning. All right. So you Clapper can clap requires hand eye coordination of putting two hands together. What Jason Gallus another head writer on the show knows this. If you want to throw something at me, there's two steps that require are must be done before you do it one to say my name aloud Kevin then say, I'm going to throw something you need to be prepared. Yes. Preparation. Everyone likes a little preference. How this all happened in the meetings on Fridays? Yes. My special job is to DVD's in. Yes. I sit right next to the DVD player because we still use DVD's at the show. That's true. Ed glavin member the podcast threw me a DVD across the room across from me. He kinda did. He didn't. And what happened? I just looked like a sealed trying to just can't catch, you know, those dinosaurs that you have the little hands. And you didn't know what they were for Kevin catch. If I were to line up right now, there's six of us in the right? No offense to the folks in the room who aren't active members of the podcast relying, the six of us up and go who seems to be maybe the most athletic in the group, right? Kevin. Kevin is a big work around or muscles. It's a little point. Yeah. Kevin works out at the one brothers. Jim Jim here in for a few dollars a month. You're right. You're allowed to work out here. I asked him yesterday. Are there ever celebrities there? He goes actually, I've been working out next to Michael Douglas for. Well, I think that that was. Crazy. Yeah. Yeah. What other celebrities? Have you seen it to Jim? I saw that FRANZ brother. His how'd, you know, his brother? I'm in love is Ephron. Looks like when you when you're Zach Ephron, STAN. Wow. That might be worked out at the gym briefly. Thanks, rasa. Now, that's not not have. And when we're not taping shows, right and never seen. Anybody? When was the last time you went to that gym? August. Wow. Because when we're not doing shows, and we're in the office. I go to the gym. Okay. I don't know if you can notice on the I would assume you can Kevin has gigantic arms. He is a weightlifter. He's very fit, and and they're worthless. Yeah. Oh, well, this is the problem. We talk about ourselves. And I think we should have guest today. I agree. Kevin. Can you book anyone? And would you come up with? I Betty as Michael Douglas. Please welcome Mike cast and didn't want to be part of it. No the truth is people are loving when we occasionally have someone telling you when you go skiing and they come on. This is there's been a letter writing campaign a lot of people, and what they like is they like to meet different members of the staff in here about what they do for the show because they've heard enough from us already it seems it seems like they've had enough of us. So Kevin who do we have today, we have one of our human interest producers who is so insanely talented and also nice, and she will explain first of all what a human interest. We're just call her beloved she's beloved by the staff, please welcome Tracey gold. Hi, Tracy, Tracy can go have a seat. Microphone. It's not as upscale is the bachelor recap show. Gosh, I'm so nervous. You're you're one of the stars of the bachelor recap show. Everyone knows you ready. View. Yeah. They probably know you from our bachelor recap show, which you can find on Ellen tube. And Tracy is also as Kevin mentioned a human interest producer. So before we go further. Explain what human interest producing means. So I always say that pretty much any non celebrity you see on the show like any like real person comes in contact with my department has something to do with exactly like take someone like ago, not a real person. Betty sample. And and and it is in my opinion, one of the hardest jobs in television. Yes. Celebrities, you know, you can count on them. They're going to be here. They're going to get on the phone when their publicist tells you to plan out segments at cetera when you're dealing with human interest people you really a are competing with a lot of other shows when you hear a great story. So you gotta get them. You got to convince them, and then be you know, you really have to hand hold these people to make them the best you can on the show. And I think it takes a lot of skill takes a lot of heart and warmth, not that it doesn't to be a segment producer of celebrities. But and around the clock dedication to those stories when they break like we often hear about barrel stars before anyone else because and and and that whole department are constantly combing and searching and looking for the next cool story without a doubt. So that's all we have for Tracy. Thank you. For. How did we find you, Tracy? How did you end up at our show? I started as a PA not just John show. And I started in the P office, you know, most fun time and worse time as a PA most fun time. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. That's getting Ed coffee. That was fun. Yeah. This fine. You're really used on the show or. Juban scared. I got was when I first started. I had just started. And you guys had Ellen was in a bunny costume at the bottom of the stairs. And I was certainly not the target because nobody knew who I was at that time 'cause I had just started. And I walked down the stairs. She didn't even like, boo. 'cause she was like, you know, this is a PA. I'm going to let it go to your thing. And I got scared just from her being there the bunny being there every time round Halloween. We show a montage of staff scares. Yes. And Tracy's always the one that you see who falls on third. Members who fall, Tracy falls and Carl Hart just drop like their legs, go out. That was your body laughs. But me. Everybody laughs an I commiserate with Tracy like getting Zaidi for tracey's. You're very skittish. I am like we can all be onstage together. And we're about all to walk up to see Ellen at during a commercial break. And if you get too close to Tracy as you're ready to all walk up. She she gets very gentle and kind of recently we were onstage in the break. And I was kneeled down next Ellen going over something and somebody was mopping the floor next to just there was a must have been a smudge and the peripheral of the mob. I just like freaked out fell to the floor in front of everyone. Yeah. Makes Ellen left so hard. 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Which I hope you're husband is not. That's true. It was very happy for you in very sorry. She couldn't scare you. Do you have you've done, you know, at this point? It's safe to say you've done a few hundred segments on the show and been involved in a lot more than that. Do you have some favorites that that stand out for you? Lisa Jarman Leah. I think there are some that kind of you know, we work with these people, and especially the ones that come back again. And again, we really like they become family to us in our department and our whole show and Lisa Jarman was one who just we met her my very first season at the show season eight and I kept in touch with her over the summer. She called for every birthday like we just kept in touch. And then obviously, sadly, she passed away recently. So I would say her with her she she really became family. And then Macy would I would say you don't Macy Hensley is by name. She's our young presidential expert from Kentucky Kansas from Kansas. And that is a fine by Tracy. And let's let's give them. Let's let the. Listeners know who Macy Hensley is by playing a clip of her oldest is a little throwback of Macy Hensley meeting and asking couple of questions of former President Barack Obama. Mason. You look great. Thanks. You won't believe it. I mean, when I told you you were going to meet the president, you were like Huck can't believe it. You know, so much about presidents. That's amazing. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, you know, just about tell me something about Roosevelt like which one. Good point. Want to tell me about Theodore? All right. So. Like, he after his mom and grandma died. He went off to be a cowboy did, you know that I say teddy Roosevelt's one of my favorite president. So he lived a pretty exciting life than me. So you you have questions for the president. This is a big moment. You can whatever you wanna ask. What's your question? Is there really a book a secrets that's a secret? Like, what kind of secrets would you want to know? What would you what would be in the book secrets are real? Well, what do you think? Well, after watching this TV show, I think aliens are probably real, okay? Well, which TV show was that. I think it's called nyc America's book secrets. There you go. The seems like somebody spilled the secrets. I thought that was classified. There's a TV show. Yeah. Well, the truth is may say, we we we haven't actually made direct contact with aliens yet. But when we do I'll let you know. Okay. Yeah. What else? So don't even have to have secret service. No, bone sunny. They're on their own. But usually we don't let them out of the White House unless they're with us. So yeah, they're they're they're they're protected so and are you still using the Ellen dog? Both you know, the dog bowls are. Somewhere. I'm sorry. But. Bone sunny. They give you. They have had their favorite bowls. And they turns out they weren't the Ellen. But I like Eleanor. He'll use the Ellen bowls for. Just you just can't even get. Man that was. On. We just fell in love with this. You know, she's just love with their way before. Okay. I just don't correct me on there. Trays here we excited how how far along are we with the pregnancy? I'm over halfway I'm twenty one weeks. Do we know what we're having their all? Hey, you heard it here. I until this. Well, yeah. But we're not telling anyone boo because everyone has an opinion. I don't wanna hear everyone's. Tell us. Yeah. Well, I'm saving cube doesn't like not knowing things as you may know when I when I was pregnant Julian I did not find out what we were having. No, and Edgar lavon in all seriousness came to me and said, would it be okay. If I found out you wanted to know, I mean, you know, I I it's information that's available to you. Why would you not? Yes. Me coming. Her coming in Monday morning going. I don't really wanna know how the show that on Friday. I know that's available to me. I could see how did I could see how many people want to watch the little astronaut, you know, on our digital platforms or I could not I think I'll just live in the dark. Yeah. You would never. Yeah. I don't I wanna prepare. When I you know. But you you were probably in the first like eight people who knew I was pregnant. I five my husband me, the you guys. This is the argument the argument I always hear from people to not know is it's one of the last few real surprise your good. It's a good moment. Day. You'll have a lot of surprises. An honor of Tracy being pregnant. This is cool. It's a podcast exclusiveness. We're going to give away to tickets tour mother's day show. If you are expecting for the first time mom, if you know, someone who could use a helping hand a jump start on the nursery. Yes, we're giving away too. Well. Here's you have to be pregnant. So you can you can come with someone they burst jars. Okay. Just. To. But you both have to be first time moms, right? Yes. That is correct. So please go ahead and tweet us with the hash tag Ellen mother of mothers. Of mother mothers, and you can win tickets thanks to predict and when you are here for the mother's day show. You will get a meet and greet with human interest producer trace ago. It's really special for your listeners. We'll take a photo. And you guys talk about your pregnancies together, she has a fifteen minute break sometime in the afternoon, and we'll free. Such busy producer on the show who will be mainly raising your child. I assume Kevin. I would love a maternity leave. I'm doing it. Take the maternity leave. But you're raise the child here. Great courses. Plus, it's a streaming service. It's a fantastic way. To learn more about virtually anything the future of the ocean. The history of black death how to draw use proper grammar even survived being hit by lightning. I gotta tell you. If there if you're interested in it. Chances are great courses plus has a lecture on it, Tracy. 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It seemed so hilarious about the the elementary school elementary school in Kansas is like this school has fifteen teachers that is correct seven of them are nuns. Seven of them became pregnant all around the same time. Yes. Her act Tracy came across the story or someone in Tracy's department. We gonna pregnant story and you brought this story to us. Tell us a little bit about these people. Like, you said there are teachers at a school if there's three hundred kids fifteen teachers, so there's about twenty kids per class, and we saw it was kind of getting gaining national attention in the news that there are these seven teachers our pregnant around the same time. And so we thought whenever we see stories in the news like that we call find out more about the story, and they were huge huge Ellen fans, which most people are call on them. But they were like I mean had amazing stories kind of to each of the individual wines about their connection with Ellen. And so we thought they'd be fun to do something with some rise, especially with our mother say show, and you had a unique idea. So not all of these pregnant teachers are first time moms, but we wanted to invite them to the mother stays show. So we had a dilemma because the audience. This is first time expectant moms. And yet we wanted to reward these women, but they aren't first time expectant mom. So you had an interesting solution to that dilemma, what was your solution? Well, there's a place that's not technically in our audience. But that's in our studio that was kind of lawless anything can happen, and that would be the sky box. And so I picked to you people. What do we put them in the sky box because there's no rules. Rule for the studio audience, but there's no rule for the sky box. I thought that was fantastic coming. So he's coming to play a little clip of their. Yes, sir. You ago this photo of seven teachers from oak street elementary in Goddard Kansas went viral because they were all pregnant at the same time. We gathered all of the teachers in one room since pregnancy is obviously contagious there. So let's see them. Where are they? They're they. Okay. I didn't want to risk catching it. So instead, I thought I would. Pop up on their screen and surprise them. All right here, we go. Ladies I excuse me. Hi. I depressed. Nobody have baby right now. How's it going? All right. Who is who's who's do the soonest who who's kind of ready to have baby right now. When are you two? What is your name? Winter when are you due Tuesday? Like what? I know in Tuesday is okay. So. Just take some depress. I don't wanna see anything. That'll I don't wanna see that. So here's my question. Do your husbands all know each other. I was just wondering if like one night they were all out together and said, hey, I got an idea, let's all the home, and you know. Terror, Katie where are you too? I'm tara. I'm katie. Okay. So you actually already had your babies when were they born we had our babies actually within twenty four hours of each other at the same hospital like two rooms from each other. So they were born on the twenty seventh and the twenty eighth. That's amazing and just one quick question. It's all different fathers, right? All right. All right. Katie you were still teaching the day before you gave birth is that right? Yes. Mrs Miller was really hoping somebody's water would break at school. I was going to go long as I could. And I had can checks every five minutes apart. But I was just steetch ING thrills. And then I sent my kids to lunch and recess and while they're resource. I thought my water break. I laughed text. My long-term seven said, I need you to come. Longterm sub just should have been next to you the whole time. Anyway, that's that's great. So they'll be here for the mother stay show. So that's that's exciting. You could be to hashtag Ellen Ellen mother of mothers. What else can we ask Tracy about? Where are you from originally, Texas, Dallas? Yeah. Yes. Who's your favorite executive producer? Present company excluded. Yes. Darren right. Derek? I love all there. No, I have such a special relationship with each of you have ninety more. Yeah. Right. Sabbatical from the drinking. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. But that's why you have the shakes. She david. Mary scares me. We're best friends. We're best friends. You me, gene? You're kind of best friends talk about Judy assume, Tracy is a Jew from Texas. We talk about hockey little bit a little because the ours voice with Ed you in talk football about Tracy's like she's she's not just a Cowboys fan. She is a Cowboys fan but not just a Cowboys fan. She is a she's a knowledgeable football fan Chino's football. Yeah. Makes me very happy trees. And are you still a runner? Do you still run? Are you taking a break from the running? I've taken a break from the running gene in Iran ah half marathon before her wedding, which was like two years ago. And that was the last race. I did really. Yeah. Because my knees started hurting your so tall. I played volleyball. Yeah. The mega bestseller that has enthralled millions of readers at gentlemen, in Moscow by a more tolls buzzes with the energy of numerous adventures, love affairs and twists of fate raves. The Wall Street Journal Entertainment Weekly calls a gentleman in Moscow gorgeous while oh, the Oprah magazine calls it irresistible. Now in paperback. This transporting novel tells of count the Rostov a man who has ordered to spend the rest of his life inside a luxury hotel. He can't leave his hotel. You won't want to a gentleman in Moscow now available wherever books are sold. I have a question for Tracy. But I I need to talk about the total package. Chris hemsworth. Oh my God. Like, literally, my favorite guests. We have on. Yeah. And we were he was on for a long time this week. Yeah. So there's a ton more than we can play for you here. But you have to watch the show on your DVR because if you watch it you also get to see his face, which is unlike an podcast, which is literal perfection. And so his, you know, look here and see or does soon as he comes out everything just goes, foggy for you everything else. Blurs? I just see him. You just see I love him so much like that Instagram affect happens in his brain. And Jesse you guys know Ed is built himself a control center. In the control room that yes is comical if you were to step back or so in it. We don't have time to look he's in charge of the pictures. He's in charge of the temperature. He has different canvas things he can do. But he's got this whole library of pictures of Chris Hemsworth right there next to sit right next to put Armley. I don't care I'm playing Brixham balls. But that one get to the surfing one get to the likes of his arms are insane. Because nobody fat none. He's bodies where and you'll you'll probably understand. I mean, I've seen in a million times never in my family. But he's got one of those bodies where like he sees hip bone. Oh, I love. Yeah. It's just it pisses me off anyway. So in this clip, we're going to play for you. We'd played our game pitch, please. Because he has a new fitness app called center without the and TR. Yep. And he was selling a box of Mary's rash cream, which we really do Sal in the riffraff room. Works. It's so he he can't see what he's selling right Ellen thinks of a ton of questions to ask him. He asked to act like he knows what it is and endorse it and sell it to the people watch it. Yes. So here's that what happens is this is a product that you will be selling as if you're on QVC and you'll be telling us. All about. Okay. So tell the audience first of all do you use this yourself? Every morning noon. Not. Yeah. What is the right amount? Do you think as much as you'd like the mole use them? Abend official. It is better you feel and what does the area you would apply this to mostly under the arms? Right. All the areas. Right. But you feel comfortable putting it do you? Do you think that you can do any activity with it on? Does it limit you in any way? No, no, no. You could try with the with the. You could get intimate with. When you say you get intimate with it. So your partner it does not your partner's going to be fine with probably via. My wife has three them. That's great. That's not to get too personal you and your wife use this while you're being intimate. You. Apparently. Yeah. Good. Why did you start using it in the first place in order to just lack of intimacy? You know? Bouma bond and connection, right? There was something missing. Right. The laws. Okay. What? Celebrities. Besides yourself would benefit from using this over Christmas. It. Robert downey. I think scholar Trotta the didn't lock it. She didn't like it. Maybe she didn't need it. She didn't need is. Right. Right. So. What could what could go wrong using it? What are the just the side effects that could how? I mean. Trouble. Trouble sitting down and sleep. That's what I thought you'd say from having trouble sleeping. I use it. And if I'm feeling tied the moaning deuce rub it on my face. Right. I wanna know. That's good. I guess let's take a look if you wanna come around and see what you've been selling. Everyone going. Mary. Intimate right? You. Mary. Hi, I mean, I'm what is it like to be standing fifteen feet in front of Chris Hemsworth, while he's selling your rash cream? Unbelievable. It's hilarious. It was both one of my prouder moments. And I was mortified oh my gosh. It was so funny. And then Claudia who's been a guest on this podcast with furious at me because I didn't then get a picture of myself. Oh, Chris and the rash gray. I would have been and maybe that would have been Instagram where the I know I know what what is it will. So we're doing we're giving away tickets to the mother's day show with the hashtag Ellen mother of mother's mother and fisheries he gold. Okay. Great. I think she'd give away a subscription to Chris Hemsworth app center. Yeah. Good idea one year. Now, let's go to two years. We're in the first year of our podcast. I don't know if we had. I will say will steal it from the show when no one's here. Listeners of the podcast. Nobody controls the budget of the podcast. Do we have to do to says? Yes. A way to lose weight and getting shape really get fit get fit with with Chris. And also watch Chris Hemsworth on on your phone or whatever. Or however the app works. Exactly. Sure. What should they do at hashtag? Chris has a giant Hemsworth giant Hemsworth? This happens in the podcast. Also, a little lawless. I dunno. Chris Hemsworth Hemsworth. Snow? I like Chris has giant Hemsworth. Type that and you could win. Maybe we'll get a few people that. Yeah. That's a good idea. We'll see how it goes. All right, Tracy, if more than one person asks. Yeah. The third question. I get most often about this show is are the people truly surprised when Ellen CISCO's or FaceTime. Yes, they off your department. That is our department. Yeah. Has happened. So we li- is a sensual truth of the matter. I don't want to say too many diesels. Because what if somebody's listening somebody? We want us apprise. Well, also, I think it's important to remember as many people as we say, you're going to talk to a producer. And then they get Ellen ten times more than that only get the producer, correct? Right. So we're ninety percent of the time not lying and a lot of times when we say you're getting a producer. That's who you get correct. And Ellen is a producer. So sometimes it does technically not ally. But yeah, I think that that's something because we can't always explain they think they're gonna talk to a producer and then Ellen shows up. So it looks like they're set and ready to talk to somebody. And you're probably a little confused, but they have absolutely no clue that they're about to talk about scared. It's not going to prize them. With every day. Really? Oh my gosh. 'cause I wanted to go. I mean, it just takes that one person that just maybe catches on a little much. But the thing is even if they're not surprised the fact that they're getting the talk to Ellen typically makes for a great reaction. What? So even if they have a little idea usually still hopefully, get a good reaction. All right. So that's the third question here usually has I'm gonna I'm gonna guess with the first two questions is Ellen is nice as she there every person. Right. She really then there's then there's a tie for number two. Okay. Say is it really fun to work there? Because it looks like you guys must have so much fun that. No one's ever asked that. Or what do they fall into in the network? Oh, that's a good one. That'd be my number one game of games question. Yeah. You know? I get a lot. Maybe it's because I'm always drinking is the outlet hall real. I get that question. A lot always drinking. You are always tricky question. I'm in bed. Answer's always. Yes. Kevin would never fake drink ways. What a waste that would know. On the show Ellen. Let's really also surprising. They've kept in would be always drinking that much out the hall. So try what you say fifty fifty on that. Yeah. I get the question all the time. Yeah. That's what people. Yeah. So you start using eight see the Nate. Yeah. So what was it like joining a show halfway into its run? Was that overwhelming that easy? I wasn't what you expected. I think it was just like a whirlwind. I came straight from college. I literally grown up here. Like, you are family. I went to college yet. But that's why I mean, I literally started. Yeah. University of Texas hook him, but longhorn's. Yep. Exactly Horn's hook him. I think the hardest part was getting to know learning all the people in what everybody does that such an important part of knowing who to ask the question to. Oh, that's that's that's a perfect segue into a question that I've always had is can you explain to me and to everybody else listening? What does Andy do? That's a very fair question. Go ahead. Well, he. Makes really funny. Comments in our production meeting when you're not there. He leads it. He there's a lot of good feedback that people like when I take over is that right? They run a meeting overtake the meeting. Literally discussions. Many people are saying many people are saying Trump. There's a lot of people saying Andy will say is hilarious almost as hilarious as David Spade. Who is just here. Oh my God. Like one of his best. But every time there's something about him that I just could listen to him for me too. So my sense of humor funny. He so self deprecating under his breath. He was backstage. An Ellen was doing an interview not for the show for I forget who it was four. But it was it was a serious interview that she was doing about her life and some stuff that she and stuff like that. And David Spade was watching it backstage and turned to his producer, Johnny and said boy this bit is bombing. She need to get in there. He was so funny, and he has a new late night talk show on comedy central. So Ellen again, Ellen put him to test to see what his first question would be a bunch of celebrities in here in the south that went you're gonna sit there. I'm gonna show you the first face that comes up you're going to right away. You're going to have to ask this horrible. Yeah. Let's the buzzer. It turns to the next person. So anyway, so they'll be a picture of a celebrity and then start a conversation. They they sit down and you'll say something. All right. Your head. Okay. Go. Oh. Your hair's different. And why are you on my show? Probably not a good idea for you. May on say it's us again, you wanna slow dance I did with Ellen at a party while ago. She was really good at it. Chiquita banana who's this? Oh. Carney b where's the rest of the alphabet? Cam. So this is what you look like in person. Djalo? Why are you taking yourself? I'm interviewing you. Tom. What why vegetables what? Why tomato? Why not cantaloupe? Justin. What do you do about split ends? We have the same hair. These are short interviews, by the way on the this is the guy from the bachelor. Can I have your spot and bachelor in paradise? I guess you're not going. Oh, lady Gaga. Always good to say. Well smith. Tell me about bad, boys. Three. I'm hearing good stuff about. This year lost now. I think you're in the wrong room the brunches down the hall of the four seasons. Hey, you believe I'm seventy four. Serena great. I I used to play tennis. And I would challenge to a game. I love it the music just stop. I don't why perfectly. I don't know why they even pick that music for like to interview. It's made me ten. Yeah. Of course, is that how it is don't ever play that music while you're interviewing which knock off what? Guide. It's so funny. It's just fun to watch how his brain works. Like, he's a big bachelor fan. He is he really he watches everyone. And he comments on his Instagram. I'd love to get him in the cube. We've got to we we got a book him for the bachelor retail the he's like literally a massive fan. Larry, oh, how about that? We gotta get him into look look who's looking more. You know? He also talked about a car show. He went to his poor mother. Oh my God. That was very very funny. And historians were so funny. We play we play a lot of it. Sure. Why? Not. All right. So you went to a car show recently with your mom. I did how did that come up is she being car fan? No. But what happens if I go? Visit narrates ONA love, and my mom, and then sometimes I don't know if you've done this or you've had you go into town for one day, and then I don't have time to see your, and then I feel guilty because I'm there, but I I just went into this bear Jackson car auction show 'cause I sort of like cars and stuff. So then I just called I felt bad. So I go I would hang out. I'm just going to car. You don't wanna go. Oh, that sounds fun. So I know she doesn't want to go at all. But she went with me. And then I took me trust the cameras filmed her, so we'll show a little clip. I don't know if it's funny, but this walking around the car show. Okay. Jackson cars show. Hey, mom. She's going to be the star today. Jay Leno, just bid on this one. Hey. Thirty two more miles till the front. Let's go mom pick it up. Shuts because I can zoom down to grow beep at the gals. It's too high to get in short mom, can you lay on the ground, and Tom and your back to get in now. Now, I'm kidding. Oh, this one. Yeah. Lost my. Oh, you did. Fine. Information. That was ten hours condense new, man. Yeah. But now do you buy cars when you're there? I bought cars in there, and I have a four total three or crummy ones. Nice. But like Leno. You know, Jay has got that. I went out to see his garage and probably three hundred he's got like an airplane hangar full of car getting another hangar full of more cars and. Wow. And you know, because it when even used to go there tonight, we take a different one every day. Right. You see him on the four. Oh five and nineteen twenty six unicycle. Didn't work, but I just have the regular ones now. But so far so good. Let's talk. I saw on on Kimmel you you crash that wedding with selene Dion. That will those people must be looking out. What you did? Yeah. We did the quick story. Was we always in Las Vegas doing the Mirage and Kimmel was there because hey, we're doing this bit you want to run over because we're going to prize people their wedding. So they basically he was performing and hotel in theater, but the chapel was like backed up to it because we'll just run over, and they don't know anything. So I said we're gonna ruin someone's real wedding. And because I don't know who knows if they're fans are not. So it was two people that were in the army. They were getting married and Kimmo went in there and busted in and said, can we can I officiate and they said, yes. And then, of course, Dumbo comes in a long drink destroy anyone objectives wedding. I go. Then I I do my crummy jokes. And then they said, hey. For the first dance. Do you have a singer and they go. No, he was we got some local talent and then Celine. Dion came in. And with all the smoke behind her. Yeah. It was really fun. And so it went pretty well for those crazy bits. But before we did it, you know, it's a secret. So we're all hiding behind this crammed in this little tent, and I go into it insulin's in the corner. But I don't know where so I said, oh, there's all these secret service people there, you know, she's really rich. So they're around, and then I go, hey, can I say hi to her real quick producing the guys? What's that? And I always added eagle, and then they go. All the way back then it comes all the way back to me news. Yeah. Okay. Come on. I go in and I go, and of course, I get nervous. So of course, I grabbed silly again. Do we're gonna kill it today. And she goes, okay. She's French Canadian. Then she goes it gives me the side kisses. And then I go. Hey pipes. Rusty ready to nail it. I want your game. And she goes, I'll sing good. Yeah. All right. I go. Everything's riding on this for me. I need you to knock it out of the park. This is it for me. I got all ships. And she goes she didn't know what was going. Then the guy's like, maybe we need to maybe. They need you front. So anyway at all worked out, and I think it was really fun for the couple. Yeah. It was great. It was this fantastic. And they were they seemed very calm, but you know inside. Yeah. When they went to a commercial, then they went more bananas. But have a cellini on your what did she was so good? Yeah. To sing. Awesome. Okay. There's some of the some of the information in that clip. I didn't need to know. Exactly. All right. So David if you're enjoyable the dissipates mom lost your version on the hood of a car. Shocking part of it. I found it shocking when they said it, Tracy, what do you wanna talk about before you have to go. Oh. Are we going to miss podcast once the baby's born? Yep. And you've named it. Yup. Can we be one of the first to announce it publicly to everyone will you tell us the name? Yeah. Sure. Your before anyone from Steve Steve Harvey. You're going to Steve Harvey power LA. This is very exciting. Very that David Spade. Clip I talked to Tracy she's leading one of our podcast listeners name her baby. So. With the hats. Hashtag, Tracy golfer. Mothers or Tracy goals, a baby maker out of a hat, and that'll be that'll be the name baby baby baby voting both both. Mike an England. It doesn't usually go. What would you do this? But I'm willing to do it. Thank you into town voting. Whatever will. Yeah. Something like that. All right. Well, if you're feeling old fear, not we're going to leave you with the clip of our favorite game baby boomer versus millennial. Enjoy everyone. We're going to put to the test. And see if you know what things are. Okay. So all right. Julia. So first of all I'm gonna start with you. And I'm gonna ask you to tell me what this is an analogue clock. Okay. What time is it? Like three three. Oh my God. Gene, we're time. It is for twenty four twenty. All right. Wow. Before that, I know didn't leave it. All right, gene. What's that? Oh to your phones. Yeah. Yeah. Airbud air book. Yeah. Yeah. Warm funds. But. You post good all right to Liam. This is the VCR player. Oh, you do know that VCR player. Good. I grew up with this. Well, good. What what is your stand for video? VCR? Video something recording. Sure, what would be the middle word that would be important. What would go in there? Video compact recording. This is a compact machine right there. When you're looking for compact. That's what does that stand for. Yeah. Video recorder. I know I know. Only you know, what that is. Yeah. What is it? Well, it doesn't make. Helium? Okay. Hold cds. There's a word for that. There's a name for that. Like, this it self. CD? Cover. The flying floppy disk is it really. Why would I bring you out here in line? Lobbied is that's what it is. It is. All right. What does it mean? Jean when somebody is clapping back. Laughing with you laughing with you and their flapping back. That's like, so if you clap back, it's like, oh shoot. Like dang. You back. Like. Top back. Like kinda like, I don't know. I can't put it in words. Well, two words. It's like, it's sarcasm. You're you say you say something, and then she says something and so. Yeah. Yeah. Like, oh, dang like a comeback. I know it doesn't it doesn't it. All. Today. Finish this lyric though, though. Sales away. Yeah. I don't know anybody. I can't even get. For every one. Okay. All right. In millennials peak. What is a boomerang? Are- mark. When it goes what goes around comes. She'd be it's not it's like a video on a loop. When you see it over and over again, that's what it is. Yeah. Yeah. On your phone. Yeah. I was just going to say it's the game where we learn that anyone under the age twenty can't tell. You're welcome America. They're pitching the writers are pitching that game. And I'm going we can't do this to money. It is not true. That millennials can't tell time that is not have three kids. They can tell time I'm defending the millennial generation. And then we rehearsed the game with an intern can't tell time and then we played the game on the show with a twenty two year old woman. She tell time I mean, it's unbelievable. Unbelievable. It is unbelievable. Subscribe today on podcast Spotify or where ever you are listening right now? Don't forget to watch Ellen weekdays for more Ellen and don't forget to enter our mother's day. Yeah. Contest mother of others here for thousands of dollars worth of the biggest baby shower on television. Hashtag Ellen mother of mothers has to Ellen mother mother Ellen mother of. Dragons? No, all right. We love that. You listen to the podcast. But also, check out your DVR's and watch the watch the Ellen show. Allen too. Wherever our clips. Don't forget to rate uh. So what'd you say? What'd you say about to recap stuff starts back when the bachelorette premieres in may? All right. Thanks. Tracy on the bachelor. Thanks, everybody. See Tracy before she got knocked up. What? Oh, wow. Thank you, Tracy. We love you. Fun. We would so love to know more about to here at Ellen on the go, please head over to wonder dot com slash survey. It's a really short survey that will help make this show better. The wonder dot com slash survey. W O N D E R Y dot com slash survey. We'd really appreciate hearing from you.

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