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Hi Guys Katie lowes actress, mom and host of the parenting podcast. Katie's crib. A show that helps women navigate the colossal changes that come with motherhood. You'll hear from resilient Mama's knowledgeable experts and me asking a whole lot of questions, it's real talk that offers real perspective on what it's really like to be a parent. New episodes published every other Thursday. Listen to Katie's on iheartradio APP or on Apple podcasts wherever you get your podcasts. Ladies and gentlemen MMA have your attention, please. It's Monday morning. It's beginning of new week, but it's the same damn thing opinion. Turn up his. Create this ignace be bothered body. Dog Gonnit, Shirley, stroke we. Choose. More. Weight. Layer That was fun. Young people listening to this show. We live. In saying that no moat. They say they'll say I still. I'm scared to use modern day. Slang I'm still going I'm still doing you know what's happening. I don't play. That way I know. I know how to style and all my talk is. Ferrall. What have we bought? That life was going out. You Got One I. Just don't save money on. Paying? Tommy. You Got One lit light. I'm living my bath life. Yeah do steel work, turn up. What it is. What. Was Good. Fun, coup. Slapping. Day. You May as well go right on St. Say Right. Steal, say Amen when I talked to my older brother. Is like talking to Marvin Gaye. Curtis to? Give me some of that skiing. skiing. There's five on the black hands. So. Going on, you play. You still doing it, ain't you? Ain't easy somebody. Might. Be Me. One of my little girl, but Housing. I Don't I, don't I don't smoke weed? Out My. Either way I wouldn't. What lit bit. Especially in front of your key. WHAT'S GOTTA? Stay fresh in hip. Tommy. We got younger kids. Hey a limited what idea? One day in Atlanta I came off my shirt open, and my key Israel's was in the how you say. Day shared his open I said I live here. Too Long flat stomach from around looking. But it's so funny. Steve you're right because we're at an age now where everything we do embarrasses our kids. There's nothing that we can do to. Our kids think we're cool nothing. I live in coming up in thirty two. After the hour. We'll have more of the Steve Harvey. Morning Show right after this. We. Turn Up. You're listening to. Morning Show. Are All successful people full of crap. I'm Genre I'm an entrepreneur went from being broke at Twenty eight to a millionaire twenty nine to having a mental breakdown at thirty, and then writing a book about the whole experience, my mission is to talk about the grey areas of success like burn out mental health and all the crazy stuff that happens behind the scenes that no one gets the see. Here on my new podcast, the John Rowe is show. I'm going to explore the roller coaster of life in conversations with the most successful people in the world like creative leaders, celebrities, entrepreneurs and artists. You'll hear raw hyper. Honest conversations that are guaranteed to inspire entertain educate. Listen to the John Rowe, a show starting July sixth on the iheartradio. APP Apple PODCASTS, or wherever you get your podcast for more info, go to row DOT COM. That's R. A. DOT COM. The only way is through a new podcast in partnership with iheartradio and under armor. Join us as we hear from the world's greatest athletes, coaches and trainers, as they discuss how the last training competition and recovery to improve their performance and push through. Star defensive and chase young has been wreaking havoc on the college level for the last three seasons, but now as chase gets ready for spouting the REDSKINS. Elevate his game to the professional level his chase. It makes me feel good man. You know inspiring young kid coming up, and that's one of the biggest things that I wanted to do are playing this game because obviously I was the kid one day. The feels great in there. Something that I'm definitely going to try to keep on doing. and. I feel like has being my best. That would definitely help me make an impact on the field, and hopefully my impact can inspire people to work. Listen to the only way is through. Available now on the iheartradio APP. Or wherever you get your podcast.

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