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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Jack Speer. The House of Representatives has formerly delivered its articles of impeachment pitchman. After weeks of wrangling with the Senate House Speaker Nancy Pelosi also name seven managers to lead the prosecution team during the Senate trial. NPR's Tim Mack reports ports in symbolic fashion. The managers walked the articles from the House to the Senate in a ceremony. Pelosi signed the articles of impeachment with the large number of pens so that she could gift gift pens to committee chairs as a keepsake. Pelosi said that the impeachment was necessary to prevent future presidential misconduct. The seven impeachment managers led by the House clerk then formally formerly delivered the documents to the Senate. The managers will read allow the impeachment articles before the Senate Thursday at noon other trial procedures including the swearing in of senators. And the chief justice of the Supreme Court will also Kerr Thursday. The trial is set to begin in earnest on Tuesday after the holiday weekend to Mac. NPR News Washington the US and China Today signed off on phase. One of a trade deal ended increasing sales of us. Goods and services to China and requiring China to do a better job of or protecting the intellectual property of companies operating in the Chinese market. A part agreement is party ceasefire and what has been out eighteen month. Long bilateral dispute between the the world's two largest economies the would call for the purchase of at least an additional two hundred billion. US goods and services over two years by China US would also great suspender under reduce some tariffs against Chinese goods the former US ambassador to Ukraine whom president trump ousted is calling for an investigation into whether she was under surveillance surveillance. That's after house. Investigators released new documents more mentors. Michelle Kellerman the latest document. Dump includes text messages between left Parnis and indicted associated associated with trump's private lawyer and a man named Robert Hyde trump supporter running for congress hide reports on the movements of then Ambassador Maria Vich pointing announced in one message that she's talked to three people. Her phone is off. Computer is off. Yuval Nevada's lawyer tells. NPR that the notion that American citizens ends and others were monitoring the ambassadors movement is quote disturbing. The statement goes on to say we trust at the appropriate authorities will conduct an investigation instigation to determine what happened Michelle Kellerman. NPR News Washington within thirteen hundred temporary employees General Motors plants mostly in the Midwest and the South are looking at moving into full time jobs by the end of March. That's according to a statement from the company today which says workers at four-team GM facilities in Michigan in Indiana New York Tennessee Missouri. Kansas and Kentucky. We starting in higher wages between twenty one and twenty four dollars an hour depending on your stocks edge higher this afternoon afternoon trading on Wall Street the Dow closing above twenty nine thousand for the first time. Ever up ninety points today you're listening to NPR. A lawsuit filed by prosecutors in the Virgin Islands. Now Contends Multimillionaire Sex Offender Jeffrey Epstein used to private islands in the US territory to engaging in nearly two decades long conspiracy to traffic and abuse girls lawsuit claims at one point Epstein associates organized a search party to catch a fifteen year. Old Girl Roll. Tried to swim away and kept her passport. In order to keep her captive lawsuit seeks hundreds of millions of dollars from epsteins state in the Virgin Islands Epstein hanged himself while while in New York jail cell awaiting trial in federal sex trafficking and conspiracy charges more than a thousand arts organizations around. The country will get a budget boost this year from the national the endowment for the arts is NPR's will be explained the Federal Agency announced today. The recipients of grants totalling almost thirty million dollars recipients range from contemporary classical chamber group Northville Michigan to emerging fashion designers includes for people with disabilities other recipients include an arts residency program. Mm for military veterans and various events marking the centennial of the nineteenth amendment. Gave women the right to vote. Most GRAENTIZ are medium or smaller groups including the Opera Company in Anchorage Alaska getting money to fund a new production about painter Frida Kahlo while. President trump proposed eliminating any is is funding entirely in his most recent budget Congress voted to increase it by nearly five percent net libby. NPR news pseudo. Futures prices closed lows lower today. Oil Down Forty two cents a barrel to end the session at fifty seven to eighty one a barrel I'm Jack Speer N._p._R.. News in Washington.

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