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We're recording a special episode you guys today because the Golden Knights, along with the other seven remaining NHL playoffs teams decided not to play yesterday as well as of course, not play today. The NHL Playoffs are going to resume on Saturday after the NHL players decided to lay down the station above as a sign of protest against Injustice police brutality things like that after the way of the Kenosha Wisconsin Shooting Jacob Blake by police or trying to walk through the decision today what the players thought process was I understand as per usual talk though is you such as this including when Ryan Robin Lender, Tyler Sagan and Jason Dixon just Neil by these are you know controversial topics for lack of a better word they certainly? Can Rile people up but understand once again, we're going to try to. You know just give you the facts in terms of what the player said, what the players are thinking and ultimately where they hope to go from here before we get into all that I want to remind everyone that the Golden Age cast is presented by Sunday ticket deal in a favorite drink dot com also check out all our work on this Topic Review Journal of course. The Las, Vegas Review Journal Abbas story up on the website today our main story. Done by calling on the other line David Shaney and then our own ingredients columnist wrote a column just kind of going through how you. Back that yesterday it was certainly a historic day for the NHL came one day after. Day and a lot of other sports leagues in the NHL is kind of leading from behind once again. So with all that out of the way Dave, talk you about all this stuff again just I mean for you what was your? Reaction to rally yesterday as you know, we saw playoff games being played Wednesday night out of the NBA decided not to play, and then all of a sudden in yesterday morning Thursday reporting us in price just newest slowly starting to trickle out that something seemed to be with the Shell. I mean I might be a little bit in the minority on this to be quite honest but I think they handled it. As well as they could I, I mean. I. I empathize a little bit with them in terms of they're getting to the rink there. Not Quite aware of what's going on there. They're being told probably this that other things. And I'm sure they'd like to make an informed decision. and. That's really what this all comes down to in in players of talked about this, you know right from the start. That it's about listening and learning educating themselves in. I'm kind of on the side of all this that they took a moment. They assess the situation and said, what's the right move for US going forward in? If that took them a little bit of extra time you know then then so be it because I feel like they got it right? I feel like yesterday what we saw. With those players walking into that room and standing in solidarity. The way that they did was an image that none of the other leagues of have produced. It's the most powerful image I think we've seen from, you know from this movement in terms of. Sports athletes you know just the last couple of days and the NHL produced that and it took a little bit but I think they got it right? Yes. The scene for everybody what was happening is yesterday morning once the recording this on. Friday. We're talking about Thursday. The, two of us we were basically on zoom winning for the. Daily morning media availability before what we thought would be game three in their second round series with over cannot switch courses tied one one and you know I wasn't really expecting to ask any hockey but shouldn't because of course, the national discourse is not around sports right now and sometimes that's okay and we kind of you know, let let it be what it'll be and the nights and Availability got push back. It was pushed back Donnelly. Then, you know you started to hear rumblings from a lot of well respected national reporters that okay. There's some serious discussion among the NHL players select in the bubble and they don't WanNa play today, and then we saw from entertain I who courses Cohen, the university lines as well. The San Jose sharks forward. Had made a formal request the NHL of we think it's okay to today we think is more important to have some the message that some things are bigger than sports. People need take time to relax today, and then ultimately you know tomorrow, which is actually stay. Fridays were quite a mess. On these issues of racial inequality, racial injustice and police brutality, and when we heard from Ryan Rees who was at one of the five player that spoke at a Western Conference press conference yesterday. Was He was actually struggling with his decision of what he would ultimately going to do on Thursday. He was thinking about you know saying he didn't want to play, but he was worried that. You know a lot of teammates might not feel the same. A lot of teams would end up playing the game. Anyway he would then be kind of looked at as abandoning his team obviously a very critical. To, the season and then he woke Extra. Kevin Shattenkirk who the Tampa Bay lightning. Not, even in the same bubble, he was in the opposite bubble, and of course, Kevin Shattenkirk is also a way player saying basically, Hey, there's a bunch guy here in Toronto the one to your brain about that, and then regnery said. To him and like, Hey, we wanna talk to you about what your thoughts are on playing today. So names and cannot read went over to the cops and kind of them and meeting and they ultimately decided. that. We don't feel comfortable today and we would prefer to postpone these games and kind of the focus of the sporting world certainly on issues that go well beyond sports today and so we learned. Officially in the afternoon and my three thirty press conference was held, which featured Colorado Avalanche Center of Connery who was a member of the HDA. foreign aid centering her Colorado Avalanche Center Belmar. Reams. Dallas. Dickinson Nights. Fans may remember as one of the players know alongside of read in golden around and Leonard before a round Robin Game and Captain Four and then they you said what relate? cool about that moment and certainly high speed added about conferences it starting with those five guys walking in and I think you know minus reaction was okay. Make sense that these kind of guys that are coming up here to address this decision. And then all of a sudden everyone. Came in and you could see guys from all of the different teams of filing in the background in support their teammates, and there were several nights players that I saw in the background and supporting reasons he was talking about this issue I believe my national now I got to. have no more than half. The extended roster name any names because there could have been plenty of guys that were also in the matter couldn't see because the camera showed us the whole room but they're. Very good representation of their players they're in support of areas. and. The thousand really important because it wasn't just the players color in the bubble that we're addressing this issue there were a bunch of white players in the background that we're saying we also some of them. And I think you know to reeves words that was the most powerful part of this. This is. You know let's be frank. Let's be honest here. This is not the NBA. This is a majority. White League I think I saw stat ninety, seven percent. Obviously. It's a different issue in terms of you have foreign born players in. European. Born players but. To be quite frank, this is an issue that's a global issue. So it affects everybody and I think. One St took the time in in and. Thought. In disgust and said, this is our best course of action. You know it made a powerful statement that it was coming from those players in Ryan Reeves said that. You know to be fair I do. I do WANNA. Go back because you know I said something off the talk about how I. Think they got it right and I'm going to stand by that but. I do think what's fair to criticize in terms of the NHL on Wednesday is is how they handled things before those games in the buildup in what I think. has started to become clear and I think you know we in the media have done a good job of explaining this. This is a player driven thing. This is not the League shutting down. This is not the NHL doing that the NHL didn't feel like it was I guess responsibility and we can argue whether you know the league should or shouldn't step in that regard, but but they kind of left it. To the players but I think what? What the League handy criticized for especially on Wednesday, was twenty seven seconds before the Eastern Conference game dedicated to Jacob Blake in. An announcement to end racism and then nothing. In the Western Conference game that evening before the Dallas Colorado game so Part of the discourse here in the the difficult part of the discussion is. The NHL's. Kind of. What's the word I'm struggling for hesitance to to kind of dive into this just not so much as a league but but as a hockey culture, you know feeling like this is in our place I guess and for them to step up and say you know this issue affects us and we are not going to stand by anymore. We're going to do something again I do I feel like that was a powerful powerful statement. Yeah another place where criticism Kennedy. Again, we are trying to approach this from you a neutral whenever he was. Trying to explain what happened in the context surrounding. One out yesterday. In. The NHL showed to the delight of some people end the anger of a lot of other. As, I seemed to be more willing to take on these issues when they first got the bubbles. Then we saw the NHL and brain mountain certainly. Jim Davis one of their executives. Were following the primaries linter. Infant Tyler Sagan Neo was proud the star of the bubble their players are being more vocal on these issues. We saw Alana tweet social media most not only teams but individual players and visited individual white players like what are they just like wheeler saying who went to a blackbox matter protests that they are willing to kind of step up and no longer be silent and no longer kinda be constrained by I culture, which technically is a lot about conformity unity? Team Spirit. and not necessarily one individual standing out into the by in the period of that was changing because we saw madame neo before Chicago Blackhawks. OILERS game. Delivering a really heartfelt each about the diversity of mine says mission and why you know combating racism and some of the While I few that are kind of president hockey. Is Important. And the anthem demonstration between the night star team. So really seem like, okay you know the NHL certainly isn't how place where it's headed outspoken and the NBA, the WNBA even major league soccer to an extent national women's Soccer League to certainly has probably been more outspoken on these issues but it was you know moving in direction is moving to me more local negative people can disagree with that. Certainly was the direction things we're heading, and then Wednesday certainly seemed to be you know a different style for the staff back in that was Kinda track that they are on or all for the most part. They were either just silent about it because they played nothing before the stars in alledged played Wednesday night or they were very formative in the driving where they had that brief moment. Remember rants. Before the landing played the Boston Bruins in which in which they literally point. Wish Jacob Blake and his family well. If you you know throw a lot of these young. Some issues. You know. Not Cutting to put it quite frankly. So then to the NC, you know of player, take the reins and say, no. We still we can be different Arina. Think differently on Thursday. Yeah and again I guess I go back to what I set off the top is. You know. So I I'll tell the story. So somebody called right before we got on the podcast when you're talking about this and and and she lives in DC in she's. Very big into hockey very big these issues and things like that and. You know the phrases she used was you know we we needed to shut up and listen, and that's kind of what a lot of this was in is. Is, educating ourselves as you know people who don't walk in the shoes, you know. Of Minorities that don't experience you know the brutality from police in an racism walking into a starbucks and having everybody look. Got Him. You know. We don't. We don't relate to that, but we need to shut up and listen and I. Think you know what you're talking? Yes. We can criticize the NHL for for what it did on. Wednesday but I think a lot of that was. Them as players wanting to get it right and not wanting to be rationed, not wanting to say, oh, we've seen something on social media. Let's just instantly react to it. Let's make sure. That, our reaction to it is appropriate improper and makes an impact in his lasting because I think everybody understands right now whether it's the NBA Wnba you know NHL Major League Baseball everybody has a platform right now that's different than it's ever been. An. So with all eyes on them I, think that's what a lot of that was about. It was just taking their time in making sure that they assess the situation and they do what? They felt correct and from that standpoint that's why I say I think they got it right I'm not gonNA. Say whether you know politically in all this I think they should get involved I. I'm neutral as far as that but in terms of their response to it in terms of just not reacting right away on Wednesday I, actually agree with them. Right, before we move onto one topic on this edition of the Golden Podcasts, I wanNA hear a real quick from. Ryan. Riess. Around US room out. There's a lot of. Athletes here and I think that's the statement. Let's be made right now I. It's great the NBA to this, and then I'll be in the WNBA have a lot of by players in those leagues. For. All these athletes in here. To take a stand and say we we see the problem too and we stand behind you. I go these guys hate their doubts on ice, but I couldn't be more batteries guys. no the statement they've made today as as something. That's GonNa last you know. These two as GONNA isn't GonNa fix anything but The conversation in a statement that's been mandatory powerful especially in from from the sleep. Sunday. Sundays. Sundays are coming back in the NFL with NFL Sunday ticket DOT TV. 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You go ahead and buy now deal dash is offering our listeners an extra one, hundred free bids upon sinus on top of their other discounts go to deal dash dot com and use the offer code edge or DEAL DASH DOT FM backslash De. L. D. S. H. DOT FM backslash edge. One last thing I want to address this in terms of the major story that the NHL decided to join the NBA even be an some major league baseball major league soccer teams in terms of not playing games because it's players want to protest racial injustice, racial inequality, and police brutality. Where this goes from here, I mean we've heard from a lot of players yesterday the May just you know they understand that it's important to take a breather right now to take a break from hockey and sports and to as you today, have people reflect and educate themselves I know for me personally that means I probably chew up. Some documentaries today including thirteen. Documentary, which I've been meaning to get to and I now can because I have a little bit more free time today but I'm curious you know what actions are going to stem from this. We heard from a lot of players you know saying we know that this can't just be words right now and Ryan said, you know it's a little bit hard for us to do a lot of stuff because we're confined to a bubble and we will still be combined to a bubble. You know for a little bit after this but I think a lot of people are now going to have their eyes on them does anyone actions they're taking. About the hockey diversity lines HDA, they kind of had a I would say relatively bag action plan Yesterday, which involves things like hope waiting the NHL to sign a pledge that would dedicate the league toward anti-racism education toward grassroots hockey programs the decade or rule changes to make the cultural hockey more inclusive among other. Is still being worked out specifically behind the scenes and when I asked now them Qadri who is a member of the? HDA. Mixture that's about it. Yesterday, he couldn't really dive into specifics but. For you. Damon. You Act on really interesting question too nice. Coach. Pete. This what. Are you looking for kind of from both players and coaches as the sport in general tried to move forward from this? Why I wanNA start actually with what I thought was a little bit the one element discouraging from what they said and I wish they were a little more optimistic in. A couple of mentioned that they knew that these days weren't GonNa Change. Things and. Like I understand what they're saying, but you know what? These. Two days are huge in these two days are impactful and whether you think they relate or should have done things earlier all the all the. They made. An impactful statement that resonated throughout North America throughout Europe. Anybody that follows hockey. So I, I kind of wish as players that they wouldn't have. Kind of discounted what they did a little bit and understand that this can affect changing and yeah we're not GonNa snap our fingers and everything's going to be different by it. This is part of it in and I wish that they would have. Maybe. Puff. They're not puff their chest out a little bit but understood that that this is actually you know going to make an impact in in can affect change now whether that short-term things like. Arenas being used for polling places I. Think we've seen that. The coyotes already and mentioning that that. Healy River arena on the third working to do that we might see that around the league I know that was A. I believe in issue with the NBA players that they had wanted to push the owners to you know have those arenas as polling places we you know those those types of things I'm I'm sure we'll. We'll see they're they're probably working behind the scenes and and we'll come out I know like you mentioned those are the issues I think dozen Qadri. Can't necessarily talk about publicly but you know are high on the list of priorities but. The bigger thing and I, and I think maybe what we can address you know right now in all of this is is sort of the hockey culture in in the racism within hockey culture and how do we change that and and I know that's something that Ryan reasons talked about in terms of you know increasing diversity within the sport and exposing it to you know younger players who? Don't necessarily have a chance to pick up a stick it a young age. It's expensive in getting into to different communities and growing the game that way. I think about things you know part of part of my question Pibor and what I? kind of thought about was you know these coaches they do clinics in talk to these kids and they can talk to coaches and they can change the culture. Things a matter of look when when you chirp somebody your default isn't a racial epitaph. Get that out of you simple as that. You know that's maybe the first step. Get Out of the hockey culture, get that away from the fan base that we hear. Those Things like we talked about in a previous podcast. DEVANTE Pelly Smith in Chicago had targeted him. A you know maybe that's the first thing route that out go from there. But but maybe that's the first step within the hockey culture that that needs to change in and maybe everybody is looking in the mirror I think from all this in there and they're hearing. WHAT DIS like raw. Ryan Reeves are saying, what what other minority players what? Coach like in Vancouver, like Manny Malhotra listening to them and and hearing what they have to say and saying you know what if this is something that I've done in part of me that that I need to change in and it needs to be different going forward. And we'll see what changes will come. The HDA has a plan want Steve Nhl assigned an address, a lot of its goal, its missions, which included a lot of stuff that Davis talked about, which is the cost of equipment is a huge issue in terms of you know only feeling really to upper middle class or upper class people being able to play you know. Afford it. From a very young age as well as numerous other issues in terms of the culture on this for. The NHL also forming a lot of committees. Are designed to address a lot of issues while they have one that's focused on lower levels they have one that's kind of on the culture aspect of hockey. Executive Council that's going to try to create actionable items out of a lot of kind of Ram nations that these lower committees giving then now, the NHL still haven't actually told us who's going to be on this committee. Maybe that's something they are waiting for after the postseason because they don't want to. Distract. From. The postseason when of happening, but it'd be very interesting to see if they choose to release that soon. All happening we've also heard. From a number of people HDA and then even Kevin Weekes. Day when you talk to them a couple of weeks ago, that would like to see you know just specifically, we'll changes in the sport in terms of if you other like a racial epithet whether you're a player or even and that you're building and that that and if you're a player you get fined and. Suspended or both or even if you're coach I mean we kind of had this come up back in the fall in November when Calgary coach Bill Peters was accused of using racial slur towards Chemo Lou about a decade ago in the American Hockey League technically they'll peters is no longer coaching the Calgary flames and I believe he is currently coaching in the cage l.. Technically hasn't been punished by the League yet. Now obviously someone of moot point because like I said, he's not coaching in the NHL. So suspending him for whatever period of time really isn't going to him, but it still could be a statement saying that the League isn't going to stand for this and that's something we haven't seen. From the Lee either so it'll be interesting to see where they go from here once going to help everyone. Found this discussion in cycle or you know and inciteful that could be for to honestly non people are disgustingly obviously very hot button issues that really you know struggling with a lot of people and they should because either and more impact on to talk about to discuss and hopefully to learn from the thing we can all. Grow in the ball by trying to understand other perspectives and trying to get a handle on whether people feeling are feeling and have empathy for that. We've out, WE'RE GONNA go back to Edmonton and here one time from Ryan rates I. Think it was Just, what I said I think. The message coming from predominantly White League has. Figuring nutmegger impact, it has a very strong. On his coming from Clare's like this. Most of these guys have our. Live through some of the stuff that blackout these. they don't go through those those Dan things that they feel that. They've seen the researchers unreasonable other families gone through but for them to say what we see what's going on society and? We disagree with stomach acid changed now that was my message I. Think. I. You know I said that standing together here is. This is this. Article, you can do we're on the ball. Is, not. So you can do outside the ball right now and we can't change anything because we're starting here together. Now that's what we can do. Once again, that was regnery is one time addressing the NHL players, decision chew and not play games or or Friday as a sign of protest, which is a sign that has been done by the. NBA. WMBA. In some major league. Baseball Nature League Soccer Teams racial. Racial inequality employees for tally because of big play shooting in Kenosha Wisconsin This was a special edition, the Golden Edge podcast as a reminder where presented by Sunday, deal in favor during a favorite com also read all our coverage on the topic at Review Journal Dot Com and Raider you subscribe wherever you buy. Either due to this podcast pertain I'm Bengo. Again. down. They say a healthy gut means a healthy. You favor apple cider vinegar shots bottle this feeling into the convenience of a two ounce shot better digestion stronger immune system in the lowering of blood sugar levels are just some of the benefits shooting daily favor shot. Their proprietary blends are raw, organic and mixed with other functional ingredients to create a better tasting experience first time shooters, and go to drink a favor dot com.

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