REShow: Warren Sapp and Devin Bush. Hour 3 (01-27-20)


Thank you for listening to this. podcast one sports net production available on Apple podcast. And podcast. One calling all leaks. I'm Kevin McHale Dungeon adequate. We became best friends on the set of Glee. And now we're doing the glee recap podcast. You have been waiting for romantic each week. We'll take you behind the scenes still all the glee tea and breakdown episodes from season one with former cast crew producers and writers that brought the show life. I think everyone needs a little more tiny in their lives. Get new episodes of showman's every Thursday on spotify apple podcasts and podcasts one dot com our number the three years the rich Eisen Show live from the Honda Studio in Miami Florida. We already had on our program. Dan Patrick and Michael Irvin and Mike Breen and Willie mcginest. It's just left us but we turn our right to kick off hour number three of day number one here in Miami Florida one of the greatest hurricanes in the history of that Lush Football Paul Program a super bowl champion and a pro football hall of Famer of the first ballot variety. Good to see you aren't sat. How are you sir? Always good to see really wonderful. They right back at you. Now thank you for bringing that warm weather from California which because come on now it was cold cold three or four days ago rich. I woke up to forty something degrees. Now that is particularly. Can people handle that around here We all brought offer coats out for a couple of days like so three. Yeah Yeah we want us to Florida boy. Anything under fifty five the damn cold I and Guana sounds like a drink at Senor. You're frauds some sort of hurricane and everything like that. Well you know memo Hito if I can tell you people frozen mint the debt that works. That's it what's the super bowl going to mean to this city warm. What do you think you know? What just like? All the other super bowls in Miami you think about the prints in the rain singing purple rain all right Joe Name of guaranteeing the first one all the Super Bowl Dion Sanders San Francisco coming in here in ninety five when I was in my last year at Miami you think about all the super. We're both the classics. The classics Great Gains Great Weather. It's the magic city but I don't get it easy to love that in ten years and You know the onside kick was the last one for the saints shocking. Like everyone in this city has been magical when asked go ahead. Ask him warn. There've been ten super bowls in Miami so we narrowed it down to four. What's the best Miami Super Bowl Super Bowl? Three Nemeth guarantee super bowl thirteen steelers second back to back wins. That's Jackie Smith dropped touchdown for Dallas Super Bowl. twenty-three Joe Montana Comeback Hits John Taylor for the game winning touchdown or Super Bowl forty four. Ten Years Ago Saints Over Colt Halt. Pick six onside kick. What say you are as a number one as a number twelve pick in the NFL draft? I take back seats. The only number number twelve big in the history of NFL. And I still name them. So I'll take Joe name of guaranteeing and on the beach with land on the long with his feet. See better than its merger and everything going on at the. AFL wouldn't on the same level as the NFL and they showed it in. Joe No in New York. I mean it doesn't get any better than that Broadway on the beach. Got Super Bowl. Forty four actually. The Saints Victory is leading virus at forty four and the jets went into three in the forty niners. Twenty three to twenty two percents steelers went twelve percent pummel. We'll never get the poll right. You know it works out three picks I can't get but for me has got to be three nine. Oh you sat down you said. Yesterday yesterday was a seventeenth anniversary or super bowl championship in Tampa and this weekend could be one of the greatest weekends in the lifetime of John Lynch inch where he hears his name hall on Saturday and then on Sunday gets to hoist the lombardi trophy is the general manager. And you know what you always put it in in great terms. I hadn't even you think about that and then is that right. I didn't even think about that. I mean you never even think about that being back to back and Venus Groundhog Day for the Super Bowl so like when I went into the hall it was groundhog the replay. It every day. I didn't move you go Hit you hit the snooze button. Yes so I I'll give you the floor on the table for John Lynch for any of the pro football hall of fame selectors that are out there including those that have passed on him for six years in a row. Now this'll will be a seventh year. He's he's the veteran of the of the finalists Waiting the longest of any of the finals this weekend. What why? Why was Lynch Hall of fame? Aim Worthy to you. I said in these terms because when it's personal for me I just make it in easy terms for everybody understand Tampa to cannot be play in the new. NFL You can't command the middle of the field and dominate the middle of field. Like we did with me Brooks Lynch and the cowboys have their triplets. We have our triplets me brooks and Lynch and since you can't play cup of two anymore and I'm a dinosaur brooks is a dinosaur lynch is also a dinosaur. Whether do dinosaurs a source belong in the museum. And what is the hall of fame so can you. You can't even have a safety hit like that anymore. I mean the safety can't get in the boxing dominate a football game like John Lynch like Ronnie Lott like all. The great ones did like dolphins. You know what I'm saying. I mean I love dolphins a death. He's a Florida boy. But I'll take lynch every day of the week and twice on Sunday. I mean that's that's my dying acts Chimera highfields. It'd be hit by Lynch all rigs any of those tight ends in the league. We commanded the middle of the field. And if you want to come across you had to pay a toll get a pass and get permission and we still didn't like it. Now you would always tell me that the Tampa to Dungy defense. The kiffin defense was designed designed to send everything in Lynch's direction right to walk me through that. What do you mean by? Listen I have beat Brooks had a narrow and we just call it. The Freeman and Lynch are Freeman in the box. That's what you hear all the time. Now the eight man in the box. That's John Lynch. That's what it was because you're a man in the bucks. Had the tackle like Krishna Coy. The big banks that we had to bury sanders response. Long Division. I mean Robert Smith all these bags. We Fed him the Lynch and Lynch you to devour them. I mean no. No one wanted to see John Lynch and that whole one time Barry Sanders shook him and we realized we had to squeeze the whole joke about that with other. Let's came. Oh my God the whole was a little bit to. How did that did that to everyone? I don't worry baby on the list now with the rest of I I it's interesting. What similarities do you see in the way? That Lynch Now obviously some draft choices. Were used on defensive lineman before he he got there and he kept hitting that he kept hitting that with first round draft choices after he got. There isn't what similarities do you see. In the way that the niners have been built to your to your Tampa. It starts in the front and back end working together. Yes in the middle was controlling traffic. That's the way we always did it and I know they live by the rule. No excuses no explanation. I mean you will be held accountable to that unit and that unit in that building like no other because it's a brotherhood men and I trust you be that brother and if you've I'm not going to answer to me before we get to the sideline and they'd be coordinators. I had an opportunity when Solomon Thomas I got that going and kind of get with him a little bit with Robert Sala Manhattan Manhas. They had the mixture of a great foundation and they just kept doing the right things in there. What do you mean by? He's a nut. Lauren what do you mean just you know when ah around Rod Ryan. I mean ran for four years in Oakland. Right Burana Ryan. That's the ultimate. Because he'll tell you. Why do you bliss a thousand thousand times because nine hundred and ninety nine times so what I got around to solid guy? He had just came from Jacksonville and he was trying to establish yourself. I want to see if he was consistent consistent and boy is he consistent with his message is is preparation and how he brings it to him but he's a nut and you gotta have a screw loose to be in this game. I mean he's got the right kind of school to lose Warren Sapp here in the rich Eisen show However mahomes is a guy who unscrew the screws in a way that we've rarely seen How how how would you approach? mahomes would a lot of discipline but we have to hunt him like a pack adults a pack of wild Dolphin. You know we always talk about the lone wolf. The Lone Wolf dies alone rich. You know that this. So now we don't hunt together and we can't let him out of the pocket and I was watching the playoffs all all season. She's alone in Green Bay. Just kept leading Russell. Wilson out of pocket just kept letting them out of the pocket frank. You can't allow quarterback out of the pocket where now you're DVD's in scramble remove and plastic mode where you're just trying to figure out where it's going man you saw that one play mahomes had Tariq he'll across that thing he stopped him homes look at him like Edward. Remember that whole lease smoke. You do not want to get on the Auto Bahn with these twelve cylinders. I love Richard Sherman. The Devil but fun you built the place zone home run ball. Hey let's keep it all in front of you. We rally a tackle. You do not want to get that man to man with these boys and let him out of that pocket is GonNa Talk. What's up with Rivas going Sherman? I'm asking you rich. I have a real issue when you left the game. And you were the title holder food that you have a problem. Dust off the throne for the numeral or whoever it is is Aaron Donald out it was a little while drill Casey. All these guys play the game to. We're supposed to be played. I love it. They play it like that like when Shaq Barrett was approaching my record shack. It's been there too long. It's been nineteen years crush bus. I sit down with the twenty. Because that's what the game is the appreciation of someone doing it. Like he did even better. Because that's what digs us up about a degree this he's at reverses record. Full Highbury Pixel whatever. It is man but a man you know. Jealousy is horrible thing. What's he jealous? Dallas up. I don't know maybe the long jetty I mean you know. Richard is one of them. Cerebral guys you gotta but Rivas was a introvert. That didn't talk so it's naturally a contrast in their personalities. Areva says his ring Richards got his ring. Richards got another chance for a ring. Rivas has done playing. But I mean you you told me to now. Oh I mean that was Richard's point when he came on the show last week as I asked him like you know. Is there something going on with you to that. I'm that no one's aware of. And he basically said look you know when he went to Tampa on. They played a defense that that didn't fit him. I'm paraphrasing here. And he didn't do very well there. I mean that's that's why I'm I play the way I play the IT works and who is any heat to tell anybody else how to play the sport like a he. He loves those so called system. It didn't work for him so you went back to his his system. You know that's the way it works. Okay you don't believe that or again I have no. I don't mean to put you in the middle of all this you so you're going to see I got it but I don't know what this was about rich. I really don't though because both of them. I will take on any corner right any Sunday other than Brian Kelly. And you know White Smith run they bother demise three now. If you want to come in and play with a out to you too I take the what is that about. I don't know what's good cover corners in both on champions in both good guys. Hey Man my gonNa be bygones. Whatever her name is just let it go? Easier woman on Monday. Is this thing on this working muddy Aloma so this is why I ask you. Ask Warren Sapp here on the rich Eisen show so who wins. What do you got for me? You know what I got a real dog in this bone in John Lynch and I loved that D. Line and I love the way they turn around. Hand the ball because the game is won in the trenches right but that mahomes in them speed banners they got. Ah Andy Reid and Airbnb they thinking of something. They think up something and we don't get a good game. We don't get one of those classes like we talked about all the rest of Miami's in listeners. Get ready cause it's going to be a week of a whole bunch of talking but somebody's got play six minutes of football and it's GonNa be fun. Why like you mentioned the enemy? Because it's it's it's as if he's he's just like the the like he's the The decoy with with the with the sheet. While Andy Reid the real play. You're you're kidding me. No no no no no no. I obviously being facetious very. Nobody gives him any right now. I I look but they're both behind the scenes putting it together together. See that's the whole thing. You'll get a mix of that Andy Reid at in that Eric. And now you got mahomes because you know mahomes released. The Arab Betty released the big red. I the big big register. Different Guy Fry Big Rail GonNa give you enough room to do what you need to do and let you do need to be. Well I take my cues when it comes certainly two running backs and obviously be enemies the offensive coordinator for the entire team but he is a running back by trade. I take that Acu- Marshall Marshall and you know he would stuck with. It's the same kind of that's just what you know man and he in the enemy will coach. You know we. We remember when we were doing game day morning and we did it. There was a piece where the enemy was was barking at. Adrian Peterson like in his grill that coaching him hard. And we were looking at each other like okay. That's that's what you gotta do. But not everybody everybody tips that nowadays. I've heard so many times now if you're coaching your appreciate what I'm doing. I don't know what to watch. Watch me get this thing done. And I just scratching my head like all right well let Internet. You know Google where you ask question. Warren Marshall Michael's where you get answered because we're done and been through it right. You know you might WanNa check your source when you go on Google and that's all for. I let you go Warren. I give you the floor on Kobe. Okay did you ever meet him. Okay you know what then with winwood being all those years shack shack took us to Elian. Kobe's already Dan now. Is the big brother little brother and you run into him in the tunnel. When wait no big to come out and are you talking about Orlando with Donald Relate? Now here took the show right exactly Orlando let God what you give them a two hundred dollar deal busy well. He's next to the mouth. You don't let them leave the bye week man. I was driving back and forth. Oh take me Kobe you always saw him because he was just different. You know and then when he put a talion album out rapid in Italian on his man's a whole different animal he is and then when I was going out to Ellie which all you know during the game they more than everything standing. La Going to the Games. He gave me His Jersey after he passed. Twenty thousand points one tonight. What do you mean? He gave me the Jersey he was wearing the night he went past twenty thousand points in an NBA game. I got that Jersey. He just walked up to you and I was close enough Lucchini buses. Give me a ticket. Genie back up man you know. Let's at emailed more. Lebron they be. We got some good basketball so you know I was close close enough to him and he was calling and I looked up and see. I said Yo meet that Jersey and he turned looked every. Say you got it big fella after the game but I got the Jersey forty five thousand points. Wow that's the kind of guy is he. Took every body and such a unique and special way man. That's what's up yesterday day man and now I'll share the rest of my life with my super bowl in the day. Coby was gone now. That's right yesterday. was I mean that was my seventeen year anniversary January twenty six that they will live double infamy now for me but you also know the importance of of being a dad to daughter title. I mean you chair that as well no oh you know that's what it is. You know a call. Daddy look girl for reason boy and I remember sand on Sunday in my little girl talk because she watches football like I do like this. Little girl play basketball like he did but my local complete a game. You know she talks about it. It's such a bigger love that you know just warms my heart in number Daddy's girl and if you have fought day you know what it is you call your baby you tell you love and you kissing you because we never the time or the the hour that the law call home in yesterday made that so apparent to all of us and it was a tough day I love you. I love you here. Who knows take a listen? I brought a gift. Because you ain't going to Florida without some nine nine. Okay this is a barrel of Mung Brewing Number Ninety nine Belgian agents style Blonde Ale who don't love a blow fat. I know my diet and the show. That's Colin I got one for the crew of okay. Where do people can people get their own Nobel monks right up in Boca Raton is lovely? Go go go bust right there in the middle. By the way seven years. She'll be in this this fall. Seven years you'll be in. It goes really the fast. Good issue warrants Lawrence up on twitter and instagram. Check him out when he's fishing or not fishing. You'll know with the HASHTAG. We're back with Devon Bush. The steelers are more of your phone quality. Do you own or rent your home. Sure you do and I bet it can be hard work you you know. What's easy bundling policies with GEICO? GEICO makes it easy to bundle your homeowner's or renter's insurance along with your auto policy. It's a good thing too because you already have so much to do around your home. GO TO GEICO DOT COM. Get a quote and see how much you could save. It's gyco easy visit. GEICO DOT COM. Today that's Geiko Dot Com G. I. C. O.. Dot Com back to the rich Eisen show. We're back here from the Honda Studios Goes in Miami. And we've got ourselves a new in studio guest. He is just finishing his rookie season. A tremendous rookie season and he is definitely in the running thing for rookie defensive player of the year from the Pittsburgh steelers. I think I see a couple of steelers Jerseys in our studio audience for Devon Bush gets to see you devon how are you sir. I'm good how are you. That's good. That's an applause line for everybody sitting in Florida I felt like me saying please clap. That was very Jeb Bush. Moment right there here richeisenshow. Ah Good to see you sir so Before we start talking football Kobe Bryant t did he resonate with you at all. I mean do you you do you remember watching him towards the end of his playing career. I wonder what you thought about the passing. Kobe says they Just him as a player person off the off the court and I just. I don't know it's hard for me to believe it right now. I don't think I'm the person that I kinda just took. I kinda just still believe Kobe. Somewhere around a shooting hoops to make an appearance somewhere. So it hasn't really sat down me yet but Just to know that happened is a tragedy you know of course and how. How old are you? How old are you twenty one or twenty one so you weren't even born when he started playing basketball essentially and that's one of the reasons why I want to ask you uh-huh because you know I'm fifty and I'm you know what it means to me? What he what he meant playing? I mean 'cause I saw him from the very beginning and saw what he made of himself. I'm wonder I wonder what it's like for for younger generation to hear about the passing of Kobe. Kobe was in his prime when when I was watching him right. You know it was times is where I used Youtube Kobe just to hear him talk. Not just about preparation. What do you mean just interviews? I wanted to know like how mindset was is. Kobe was a person that was Liasson. uh-huh I copied or I learned from my Jordan. He wasn't afraid to sit. You know he wanted to be the best and you always see that you know. He's always had a look in his eyes and the way he talked. It was always excellence in everything. Always to perfection. They're very detail so many times. I cuddle clips on Youtube and I just wanted to learn how to get to that point. So How old were you when you're going on youtube just trying to figure not so any okay? Recently went online to see how he was going to handle his business. He did eight handle his business. And then how what did you learn from it. What did you pick up from man? Uh just just listening Kobe guy would yeah he he was Koby. He couldn't do anything he wanted to do. In the world and everybody loved him but he always had a focus about himself. You know he's always his biggest critic and he always wanted to learn how to get better even when he was is that a top he wanted to go hide in that you know he never wants complacent you know. He's always like you needed to work with. Saw Him. Always need to get better Areas you know pin on whether it was on or off the field so I mean he wanted to be a great person and also wanted to be a great player and I think that's something I really WanNa do myself steelers linebacker Devin Bush here on the rich Eisen show. So how did you bring the Mamba mentality already to your rookie season. How do you think that I stay locked down on you know? Obviously with everything was new to me. no just as being a professional and To take care of different things you know. I'm twenty one and I got a mortgage. You know so stuff like that. I mean I gotta be able to perform and and come off the field and handle my business. You know. A lot of distractions along that way just with what comes with it and just be focusing going every day and knowing that you know. It's a bigger picture in this. Yes having having been around rookies in the NFL for over a decade and a half. It's the idle time the downtime once you're done when you're done and being yeah professional like munching out if you will facility and then watch. It's been a lot of guys having an issue with me. Once you punch out man this this is your life. You know you what you do with your life is what you do and nobody's there to walk behind you and make sure you're doing the right thing or the wrong thing in every decision you make is what you WanNa do so how. It's Tomlin help with that process. He's he stays here. You Know Thomas guys look you guys. Don't have any place to eat or you WANNA come chop it up and my offices here my houses here you. They put address up on the on the big screen to take it down. You know. Come wherever come whenever talk whenever all I say. Yep So Tomlin's like here's where I live if you put it up on the screen for you and for for the whole team or team. Okay good thing. Antonio Brown wasn't there to instagram on that thing it is absurd But you know interestingly enough did you take him up on that sort of thing I mean baton meantime to talk Of course during practice right. This you know he'll come into lock and walk around the Locker Room and just talked to guys You know you'll catch me hallway eye-catching hallway quick chop it up and just stay on the right track and make sure you know my head on straight. Do you know if anybody has actually rang. His Bell at ten o'clock at night say hey I'm not sure but I won't be one of the home. ooh The IMO house. It's just amazing. 'cause I thought this year was remarkable. Obviously you were not around for the final season of bell and Brown. Obviously the transition What what did you see in that locker room? That folks were telling you that might have been different for you from what I heard. No Berlin in a Bi was locker room guys. Everybody loved him. They had good character. They separate you know from people in Not I don't what the issue was or the with the whole started it but no dance kind of got away from from a lady on Tim to when When when I walk the locker room those guys was was super welcoming? They open arms me and brought me as a brother So I mean I. I don't know what happened why we obviously you're. You're you are now considered I I would imagine Certainly by your play a leader And I'm wondering what you expect of yourself and your to from that big jump. Maybe we gotta go to the playoffs. it's not too many times. You catch the Pittsburgh steelers out of the playoffs. You know two years back so we gotta get back in the playoffs. And we've got to contend Devon bushier on the rich Eisen show okay so if I'm not mistaken week three you were in San Francisco three okay. So what can you tell me about this team. That's out there for the NFC Auger. This is a real good team. This team that plays together. No offense defense special teams and they have a great coach of staff and they believe in one each other they I believe in the system and They bought in and it goes to show that they find all cylinders plan. Great defense playing off. Set up scores. You know blocking do do everything. So I mean this is a team where you gotta stop them early and often and make them slow the game down and and and change the way and again. This week I think twenty right now And the NFL twenty one. You played them in week. Three were the challenges that you think the chiefs are going to face with the scheme that Kyle Shanahan his first fifteen heat scripted particularly evil on defenses What what do you think is the challenge here The run game. I think Safran has a really really good run game in the the stats show. I mean all three of the running back Scott over six hundred yards on the season. I just said some up for everything the playbook they could play play play. Action Pass notable did get the ball quickly those receivers screen game and they move it open once once they get the run game started. Okay so what you did not play the chiefs chiefs this year. You did not But obviously mahomes is a particular challenge. How do you think he fares against that? Defense that That you saw out field against your teammates coming home is GONNA do mahomes do regardless of the fact But I think is San Frans- job that contained that you know he's he's GonNa make good throws of course starve going to touch the ball early and often but I think once you limit that team and you you gotta get a stop. You can't let that team keep driving on the field to keep scoring or they they get a good rhythm gone on and they're hard to beat so I mean it depends on you know who's GonNa make the first crucial stop or WHO's GonNa have a devious a touchdown make the game that much more hard to win all right Devon having Bush Shou before I let you go into that Miami Day. Who Do you have winning this super bowl this weekend? San Francisco okay. Is that because you don't play the chiefs next next year. You already know that and I just I just I got a good feeling. I'll are they they they say. Hi Right now. I think they focused as a team. You can see they're not it'll take anybody lightly you know. They may have a game where they started slow but once they start they they hardly be well. Frank Clark doc fell in Michigan. Man would probably disagree with you eventually right here. And he's been he's been walking after talking quite a bit. These is or he's walked it. Many's Talk Michigan Iowa. Is that right. Yeah Okay I do that. It's good to see you Devin Bush love having you on. NFL Game Day morning a couple of weeks ago. When and I love having you here on this show when you're out in Los Angeles Tabio my studio over there? Have a good day here in your native Florida right. I'm here. Yes that's Devon Bush. Everybody right here on the rich Eisen show when we come back time more than enough time for your phone calls. Eight four four zero four. which is the number to dial? Also there is news in regards to Philip rivers from my My seatmate seat-mate flying out here yesterday. How breaking news yes? That's when we come back here on the rich Eisen show. Hey listeners just wanted to take a minute to thank all of my great great sponsors and all of you great listeners for supporting this podcast certainly couldn't do this show without either of you and I wanted to remind you that you can support my sponsors by going to my show page podcasts. Dot Com clicking on the support this podcast button and there. You'll see all of my wonderful sponsors that help make this show possible. So thank you for downloading unloading subscribing. And of course supporting now back to the show that it's plan in sixteen it always be in my heart. I sincerely sincerely appreciate it. No words can describe how about you guys Mao. I mean show me somebody who walked walked away from the game with a bigger night than that I know we talked about jeter last week. Going down the hall of fame about what a game winning hit in his last game when he made us three thousand theta home run but for sixty point game and I remember. I was sitting there watching it. Home Sues That was also the night that the warriors went for a seventy third win to set the record for most wins season and that was secondary perhaps because the warriors were on such a role in there really is no. Yeah it was really no oh drama in that right but and and and we were flipping over to that a little bit more because the jazz were blowing Lakers out and then Kobe Hobie took it off and the jazz wanted to win. I mean the jazz didn't try to the Washington generals you know to the globetrotters but that was just an amazing amazing easing remarkable night. Let's go to the phone lines here on the rich Eisen show nick and Athens. Ohio's been hanging on for quite some time. What's up hey rich how are you doing on this somber unsigned thank you for asking? Well first off. I want to say I am in shock MOM calling talking about the Kobe situation. January first name date loss. David Stern pioneering huge Titan to the industry and Ambassador Mark and then we lost another one yesterday and Cobi and I feel so bad for the NBA community It's it's very surreal Especially within just Lebron just passing his scoring record I kind of a loss for words to be honest must I remember when I was about my first truck. I put a pair wheels on it and I know this is very also. I bought them because they were called. Mamba gracing wheels and my father passed away when I was young and always told me to always get past that wall either around over it through uh-huh under whatever so I've always lived by that mentality and I also real quick. WanNa give a shout out to you. They'll to and Brockman for such such a great show on such a rough day. You guys have been so professional such a great job. Thank you for more hangs a call. Thank you Walter in Delaware lower. That's sick your call to right here on the rich Eisen show itself Walter Payton Rich. I lost my daughter my only child. She was just about to turn twenty three and shoes. You're over by drunk driver and I saw your emotions today about the loss of the children and and of course everybody that was in the helicopter and I wanted to share with you like you. Rochman and del Tufo have have got me through the last five years I developed. PTSD eating but you bring me way after and you bring me a sense of peace for three hours of the day and I can't thank you enough and I wanted to tell you a quick story about my daughter her. She didn't like watching. The shoe. Didn't care about the drift towards the combine. But you watched one thank you run. Favorite charity was seen huge Walter why you weren't t shirt and shorts. Run face basecamp. I really wanted to thank you and let you know that you have looked pushed is a lot of people who apart suffering and today I I if you guys would not think about the worst and just take every moment. Enjoy it with your child because I did it with Manda and they have no regrets except of course that I've lost and I can't thank you enough Rochman one thing when he got wall bruins a little more each. I do my best Walter. We love you. Thank you for calling in our condolences. Belatedly look we try to do our jobs here and have fun doing it and I wanted to do the show from the very beginning and hope to do it for many many years to come after this is to share share. My life share my emotions. And that's it's one of the reasons why I wasn't expecting this why I wanted to turn to somebody who I know so well. And who is One of my closest friends who is a preeminent expert on Kobe Bryant 'cause she covered him and she's the love of my life who told me many years ago that I needed to be the father of a daughter so with that as a backdrop. I welcome Suzy Shuster into the show. Oh how I'm doing okay. Walter kind of threw me for and I want to send my love to Walter. I'm sitting at your desk because the dogs are in my office and I couldn't Risk having them be breaking the whole time. But I'm looking at the Saint Jude. INBOXES that you have at your desk and And I'm grateful for Walter for bringing that up but thanks for having me on. I appreciate it because Kobe Bryant Was My first friend. Believe it or not in Los Angeles when they moved here in two thousand thousand to Launch Fox sports net and Fox Sports West regionals. I had done a profile on Kobe for a real sports. And it's ironic that warns Ornstein brought up the Italian and wrapping time. Because that was how we bonded. Because I speak Italian and and When I had done the profile on Kobe the wrapping comes in again? He had just released K. O. P. L. O. V. E. You with who was the super model that he did it with it? His Standing in the background but he there's all sorts of rumors about him dating the supermodel and trying to wrap and of course the wrapping was a bone of contention with him in Chicago But it just kind of showed the difference between eight and twenty four and that is eight with still searching for who he was. He was a kid he was lanky and skinny and tall and he had the angular face and he was just trying to find where he belonged and where he fit in. He grew up in Europe. He obviously played in lower merion but he was influenced by the great soccer stars. He wasn't an individual and in the rap Inglis Him just trying to fit in because so many of his teammates had grown up here either in rough neighborhood drawn the street and he. He wasn't that kid so out of it was troubling to fit in and he didn't really value what being on a team meant a twenty four twenty four was the leader grownup. He matured and he understood. What what it meant to run a team to be a part of the team and I think that was the biggest issue with him and Shaquille is just that that you said he was a he was a traveling it Without room to understand that you could both be leaders like when in the moments where those two were leaders together it was truly beautiful but he was just trying to figure out who the kid and then twenty four retires and we've learned out about what what it's like for him to be a dad and just seeing him sues just talk about his daughter seeing that video of him with Jimmy Kimmel talking about his daughter being the one that would take over his legacy. It just breaks my heart and you know and you watched him grow into that man. I watched bridge and I think as a mom. That's what that's what kills me is that you know like I said he was he when I when I met him. I always tell him to be kind. I never found him to be problematic. I found him to be kind. He went out of his way to make my adjustment. Here seamless he was kind and the last time I saw him was two years ago. My friend Krista reminded me of it We're at a game together. and He. He he came across the court to give me a hug and to say hello. He wants to know about the kids and we were laughing. We're saying we're so old for old. We're talking better better kids and I think that I was just looking at a picture of him. I guess that was taken over the weekend. Before into the pride and the joy that he had with his child L. because he knew that his legacy was going to be there and it still remains with his girls and You know there's a group of about that we're together for those three P. eight years and there's a bomb there that remains from being you know with each other every day in and out the craziness you know and and being a part of that triangle that existed for those three years is overwhelming and just to realize that the difference in his face. Let's just keep going back to that to see him as a boy and to see how we'd filled out how the years had changed him and stop him and how he was just so comfortable with his own skin and so much look forward to and. I just thought about this morning when I listened to you talking about the open and even with our own girl with our kids. It's just you know. Ah Isn't it funny of all people. Katie couric posted. You don't realize What a blessing? It is just to leave your house and come back at the end of the day. I guess this is yet another another reminder to be grateful for the very smallest thing love you on how many two family so much and I WanNa just it Say thanks to everybody out there who is taking a moment to to affect us to let this affect their lives. Because it's true if we don't have these moments we don't have these. He's to reiterate that later to short then it all goes by way. Too Fast Sues. Thanks for the call. I knew you'd be perfect to put a button on my show and thank you for everything. That's my wife used her real sports. What a perfect way to put it that you just never know when? Somebody's GONNA walk out the door. I mean Vanessa. Sangha Abida Colombian in Oregon the game. We'll be. How's that getting on the helicopter? Like they always did like. Kobe did to go back and forth when he was playing for the Lakers to all time I honestly don't even you know how to express it. I mean I think honestly it's not hyperbole to say that he this moment is this generation's John Lennon Princess Diana Anna Jfk. I I don't think that's saying too much or clemente or heard. A caller mentioned it before and No I think that's appropriate. Yeah where you know you remember where you were working in. Kobe doesn't deserve to be in that next. Obviously none of those people let mentioned that he doesn't deserve that. It's not the way that we ever thought it would end for. Will you never think it's going to wait for anybody. But a renaissance man and suzy makes a great point when he was it was the beginning. He was a kid he was kept with nineties. was trying trying to fit in yum. Took Brandy to the a prom. Yeah like he was so famous Yup at such a young age and handling it all so well in la which is one of the toughest spots still once it's he got to the NBA trying to fit in in that community. Yeah and now. He's got people like Devin. Bush was here just moments ago and a generation of players. Who never saw those early years saying I want to be like him among the mentality? I WanNa thank today's guests. Michael Irvin Ervin. Dan Patrick Mike Breen Willie McGuinness warned. SAPP Devin Bush in Suzy. Shuster for calling in and all the callers to call in Our final poll results brought to you by capital one which is reimagined banking by offering savings and checking accounts with no fees or minimums and one of the nation's best savings rates capital one. What's in your wallet? Chris Brockman the best number most famous Miami Super Bowl all is super bowl. Forty four saints over colts forty three percent. Maybe fifty four Jay Glazer was reporting. We just you know obviously got caught up in that that saying that. The chargers have moved on from Philip. Rivers will discuss that on tomorrow short for sure with Dion Sanders Steve Smith senior. Jerome Bettis Rod Woodson. All in Studio Jorges Mosman all talking a little bit in the fight game and then frank calendar to give us a much needed laugh that we all need and thank you to everybody here in our studio audience today. It's been great when you hear it's been obviously a very emotional show. Our first day from Miami is in the books Tuesday. What's up Brian League in here? I'm excited to bring you our podcast. The DEGAN that will be every Wednesday on podcast. One and apple podcasts. We'll be covering many subjects. Such such is racing family. Howie stay together? How he thrive is a family? So I think it's exciting. We're going to cover all those subjects and many more. I check out our new podcast. The begins airing every Wednesday on podcast one and on Apple podcasts. Don't forget to subscribe rate and review.

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