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Live from npr news. I'm dale willman. The world health organization is warning that the coronavirus pandemic could get far worse before vaccines are widely available as npr's jason bobi and reports the who is urging countries to keep cove in nineteen containment measures in place amidst the news that distribution of phasers covert vaccine could start in the uk as early as next week. The world health organization is sounding a note of caution that people stop wearing masks social distancing and taking other precautions cases could increase rapidly in overburden health systems. This as they're trying to prepare for vaccine distribution and in many parts of the world right now including the united states. who's head of emergencies. Mike ryan says cases are surging dangerously high right now. We have got to take the heat out of this transmission. In order that those health systems can cope. He says vaccines will be a powerful tool against the virus. But vaccines alone. Won't stop the pandemic anytime soon. Jason bobi on npr news five counties in the san francisco bay area have issued. Stay at home orders to prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed by coronavirus patients during the current. Surge the orders. Go into effect for most of the area sunday night and will last through january fourth from member station k. q. e. d. raquel maria dylan reports the shutdown orders mean bay area counties are moving faster than the state to halt activities that might spread the virus but public health officials. Say they're necessary to keep hospitals from being flooded with covid patients the orders ban gatherings of any size with people from different households even if they're outdoors or small group berkeley's public health officer. Dr lisa hernandez if you have a social bubble it is now popped. The orders mean restaurants can only offer takeout and bars salons play. Grounds must close retail stores and shopping centers can operate with just twenty percent customer capacity for npr news. I'm racquel maria dylan in oakland georgia residents who want to vote. In the january fifth senate runoff elections must be registered by monday as a meal moffitt of member station w. a. b. e. in atlanta reports republicans need to keep at least one of the two seats up for grabs in order to retain control of the us. Senate soloing president elect. Joe biden's win in georgia. Democrats hope momentum is on their side with raphael warnock. And jon ossoff trying to unseat republicans leffler and david purdue georgia saw record turnout in the november election with nearly five million votes cast. But the secretary of state's office is warning against people from out of state. Trying to relocate to georgia for the sole purpose of voting which is against the law. More than a million absentee ballots have been requested. A runoff fire crews in southern california. Continue their efforts to contain a number of blazes south and east of los angeles. The biggest fire in orange county silverado canyon is just ten percent contained fire danger in the air yet remains high. You're listening to npr news. Brexit talks have broken off with less than a month to go before an agreement should be in place. A no deal. Outcome will mean tough trade barriers between the european union and britain. Starting on january first teri schultz reports. The two negotiators issued a joint statement saying they're suspending their efforts after a week of intense negotiations because conditions for an agreement between the european union and the uk are not met. there are still significant divergences. According to my show barney david frost on the same topics that have hamstrung progress for many months. E you fishing rights in uk waters rules to make sure conditions are the same on both sides. And how will the sides be held to account if they don't follow the rules. European commission president ursula von delay and british prime minister. Boris johnson are due to speak saturday to decide what happens next for npr news. I'm teri schultz in brussels in cryptic statement released on twitter the f. b. i. is asking anyone who underwent a corona virus tested a new jersey laboratory to be retested as soon as possible. The statement also said that anyone who received a finger prick blood test at the infinity diagnostic laboratory inventor should contact a victim assistance unit at the agency. No details were given as to why the action should be taken. Kansas governor laura. Kelly says her stay considers grocery store and meat packing plant workers to be essential workers. That means they'll receive a corona virus vaccine when one becomes available along with first responders. The state has said. Healthcare workers will be first in line for the vaccine. A number of outbreaks have been traced to meat packing plants across the country. Ideal woman npr news.

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