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How To Launch A Podcast Step Three


So how do you start a successful podcast that allows you to build your name or mind build your network and also helps you bring in Leeds customers in January hued audience that is GonNa Love You love the content you put out that's a question we aim to solve on this podcast podcast domination show perform so enjoy that that's my gift to you use it don't just let it while the wayside and I'll see you on the next episode like I said it's not going to move the needle really when it comes to downloads but it is going to help your shows awareness growth and getting your message out there so here's the key if you're salesman suggest good which I covered in an episode with Dachsie about the power of the sales message and the y you have to have a powerful message in general whether that's your the actual look and feel of the podcast meaning the the social media templates or how you're going to go about creating those I guess what if you have a great message and you have a podcast you can click that out and you can share that message on other platforms using repurpose content and it still highly highly and we can convert it into instagram stories Instagram TV content facebook content you do content whatever it may be and it's going to help you get more traction so now we are covering branding the podcast and with this covers we're gonNA cover two things here today number one is going to be about they do my friend weird jump right into social media assets meaning what you're posting on social media to promote the show and the reason the back to the podcast domination show we are covering essentially step numero three covered blueprinting than we did building the podcast effective so more so than the actual medium that you are using to consume you need to be focused on the message then we can take that sales message we can take that movement message she have podcast because frankly most people on facebook or twitter or social media of the places not all of them go listen to podcasts unfortunately I know it sounds crazy music where to get it some of the best places some tips to do dips you wanna include or think about when you're picking music and then posting on social media does not really do much for podcast downloads per se what it does do is it helps with a awareness that you also last last last finale is if you don't want to build a website what are some other options for you that you can do that are really easy and low cost so with out for the real reason why you're posting on social media is again to get awareness and building social capital amongst other listeners who are just listening on the platforms on profit and you're trying to start a movement or you're actually selling something or you're trying to help people do something through through using your providence services that message is so powerful to give them the content and the way they like to serve it to them on on the platter that which they use are on the potter which they consume content right so this is why Freddie into instagram stories Instagram TV clips hurting into facebook post to facebook videos into youtube channel content into twitter posts in two pinterest stuff like quote cards this is all super important and the fact of matter is you're doing that to reach new audiences but the same content just repurpose bad experiences with podcast may be listened to the sake ones however nevertheless you are going to post your social meet your your podcast content on social media the reason why behind why you're actually posing these and I can tell you right now it's not the it's not really to grow your podcast I'll be honest with you a little secret at some tips along that line and then also your website some four parts to including your website if you build one from scratch and last Bonaly we're gonNA cover a little bit about I actually riposte and share are actually important so brenning piece number one that's that's that number two when it comes to own so things like facebook Lincoln Youtube your email banners your website banners all that can actually be leveraged in a sense to get number two is to actually use it to share and promote your guests so your guest is going to have a social media presence as well and they are going to want to share and they're going to want to because why would choose to podcast but some people are too busy some people just don't know how to some people are just too stupid some borders ignorant some people just have had and pawn five also use places like audio jungle here's another one is called not soundcloud but my name is Luis Diaz I am pumped here on the podcast show so let's get into today's episode all right what is going on my friend welcomed places to promote on your podcast when you're launching especially comply couple things you can do to help promotion and a very passive way number one take a look at the real estate it's fast possible and all the other places if you had that in place and now you have this banner that says go to Itunes and search bla-bla-bla podcasts branding is website branding so when it comes to if you're building a brand new podcast website here's four things you need to include or should I say four pages you want include number one podcasts out there more even if it's just a trailer so that's upright so couple absolutely talked about why you should get your trailer episode open onto Itunes as fast as possible or apple podcasts you don't want them to share actually so creating the stuff is also in service to them as well and if you have a solo episode or Solo podcast is still applies to you in fact it matters likely you will come across the time where you want to have a guest on and you're gonNA need to create stuff for them so they can share the experience with their audience as well at about the podcast page this isn't about page but it's for your podcast so what's the podcast about who's at four what is it do what are the topic Group Banner That Can Be Leveraged Your Lincoln Banner Can we leverage your youtube better email your website five places right there that you can get free promotion on your puts him in a trance that gets them thinking and feeling in a more gratuitous way it's going to help you ease that messaging kind of massage the messaging into them your identity online as well so audio branding don't forget that's why it's really important some places you can go to find the stuff so I get a lot of my music from so another tip right there in terms of branding in terms of building these visual acids out for your podcast next the like we talked about recently or before out there you can send people with a simple picture of your artwork that says good I tuned search launched coming soon or some something to that effect a subscribe subscribe buddy your top podcast directories spotify stitcher apple podcasts iheartradio there's all of your content from past episodes you're essentially you're back catalogue is huge couple things you want include on these pages number one a media player number two you will show up and then people will actually be able to subscribe right away without having to wait two weeks three weeks later and then they have to come back to it so your facebook sound junk nope nope we'll just keep it simple we'll just keep it audio jungle pawn five check out those who places tons of music there for you and if you just type in music for it's going to help your your listener get into the right mood so when you have a podcast that has music to match it to match the mood it actually helps the listener in I believe really get them into the right mindset to absorb your content because they're frustrated they're pissed off it's going to be hard to get them to listen to me gratitude or something along that line but he kept using the cast on Google tons will come up so just in tips there for the music side of things and last thing I want to cover on today short episode it's also a part of audio branding so every time someone hears that music they're now gonNA think of your show if you if they've listened to it over and over again so it's a part of it's part of a couple of other things you WanNa have on this page is linked to your social media so where people can contact you right direction and it doesn't allow people to screw up essentially so we covered picture bio links to pass podcasts your intro out it's a great great intro kind of page two if you're new to his show to check out number to contact page so for sponsor social platforms for your new podcasts. All it takes is going to be on a fiber or going building these yourselves in a place like canvas that way you can get the so that's the two reasons reasons why you're actually creating content and repurposing of stuff on social media and why those social media assets those templates you use that information so whenever you're on other podcasts you send them the link to that page and has everything under the Sun for example it has your pictures like some good headshots of you it'll have step-by-step basically it's like a shell skeleton of my book with a few other more updated versions of it or point to it so that essentially is the media page for that my friend that's branding one in a podcast I know some people may have a different definition of branding I just I use that word to include to just basically are we mentioned this episode the music for your show and the importance of the music for your show is is twofold number one easy you want to elicit this number two or number three is an episodes page so having a separate episodes page that store and controlling how you get introduced and this is huge so having a suggested introduction that a host can read off is super important because it's GonNa pre frame you in the episodes why did you create those kind of questions to be answered on this page that's the podcast page a good references to go to Gary V's podcast page I love the way he's he's built at Oh very cool and I will catch you later my friend tools until then stay tuned next episode I'll see you later bye don't quite frankly guys that's why should stick around I am a little cocky I know Oh and last thing we're going to cover next week is low mid high hanging fruit as well and then that's page and the last but not least is the media page so immediate page page says that gives your copy and then I think also before I forgets if you don't want to start a podcast pate website which totally quiet agree with you it's a lot of work you can also do a facebook strategy so this is a a three pronged approach to reaching everybody in your market and getting the word out as far as possible in a very scalable manner and my goal is to help you figure out what works in growing and Montagna show and help you implement those strategies in your show today include some talking points on their topics and questions and then also obviously if you have a free gift you WanNa link it there maybe it's a pdf or download and give it a title like for me I love both those companies and they both provide pretty awesome website you can leverage so you don't have to pay for anything extra just getting from your hosting provider spoke that's it's links of PA past podcasts you've been on it will have your official bio it'll have suggested intro so for when they want to introduce you you WanNa pre frame that and A. N. dot com for slash book there is a simple form where you fill your name and your email and you get a ton of free stuff all the time with you my top five hacks for pre launching the podcast will stay tuned for that Super High High Valuable Information and I guarantee you no one else's talking about this shit so ships for new guests for just getting in touch with you maybe they wanna work with you there needs to be a very simple clear contact page you don't WanNa hi

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