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Combat diva stomp your after I left combats. Well to make to the cow de was podcasts. U T G and groups initial be is still at school. She'll be back next week. But in the meantime in between time, y'all says are like the boy Favier. Yeah. I wanted to keep them on show. So he backed for one mall episode of combat divas podcast Fe. I appreciate you. Coming back grown. I'm just happy to and I'm following you following presented fame. Appreciate it at the you got on the show. You know, plenty of people came back to like, hey. About away dating athlete this heart. So I wanted to kind of talk about what it means to day a man in a position of power popularity like athletes, you know, I mean politicians fall in this category. Millionaires Popstars Rockstars rap stars in etc. And you kinda rolling this circle a lot. And so I wanted to know how difficult it is to date a person in that type position. Again expectations gotta start there. Okay. Expectations period in then like the condition the conditioning of thinking that. You need someone of a. Particular stature that can. Have you in nice places in get you in mice things. And all of that in not really owning that yourself ever. That's the the biggest the gross mistake. Right. You just aren't like that is that you feel that. I need a ballplayer. I've had someone flat out tell me. Wow. Like that. They wanted to be to buy of rant like. A real rent in his light. I'm. I'm gonna give me a ball player in this. What what does that even mean like, and when you hear it like, I'm so I mean, I'm so not I've got underway way of being conditioned to think of things in a particular way. Like, oh, he's like, okay. So if you're saying that what are you saying about yourself forget the because that just doesn't make sense. Absolutely. I'm gonna get a ballplayer right is like the status the best associated with it. All Otemachi just drops to a class thing. It comes down to class. I feel I'm particular class and being associated with someone in this way, especially through marriage, right? I'm in higher class. Be when athlete, but it's just it's so much more difficult to deal with somebody in the lamb light continuously because more than likely will, of course. Athletes will be on the road all the time. You know, they go out of time. And just like you said you wanna be with a ball player. A bunch of other women have said the same made the same Val. You know, one thing I know about women are there. They are. They could be ruthless. Like, they will do whatever it takes to to get to you of this what they want to get to. So if Abe is the Mark, and I will say like that. If I was the marketing, I wanna get to say, I'm gonna do whatever I gotta do get the fame. I'm gonna pretend like I'm a window cleaner. A janitor. Whatever I gotta do to get into his green room or area. So that I could come onto this ballplayer. That's who I won't. And it is crazy to be the wife at home. You know, your husband gotta go through all is. Well, I won't say gotta go through all your husband is experiencing all this pressure. And you as a white guy trust him to just do the right thing or whatever not cheat on you. Has got to be hard. Yeah. I mean, and I can imagine it is because you're constantly is almost you're constantly constantly constantly wear of like, okay. Maybe might not enough thinking that anyway. Yeah. Especially have kids like in mining late mother, like Corey wife, and my you know, my up to the expectations that my family has put on me right in you doing that. Anyway, then you add all other end is like. I'm no you over here is going to be some hose. This you going out again. Right. Like you out. So you're going to be okay. Again. It's just it's crazy. It was like why you want to be invis- environment. Where is this calling? That's going on. Yeah. I he as a ball player yourself that you experience a lot of women's. I'm actually be vulnerable nam, did you experience a lot of women just coming at you. You know, not throwing draws on the field. But like, just you know. Thank you know. All is. He was number four know just kind of overpower you trying to get at you our time at the age, very minimal played a part in some people motive from our perspective is always seem like a pure thing. Elkem like, I'm sure they had the okay he gone being. Whatever whatever people say. And then when you get older it's the same thing now. Okay. We eighteen we graduate. Yeah. Yeah. High school. Yeah. So let's say twenty eight ten years. Okay. Now ten years from that point is like, oh, it's about the idea of me. It's the same thing. I got amount with the us. Just have a very firm strong like word that represents the idea me that that's why you're here not not just loving you. As a person is just that what he can't be. He gonna make money have a big house. We're gonna have these luxury card. We'll have all this prestigious. And that's why I want to be with Fave nine because he is a nice guy, you know, gray in so Soham so forth. I like I like the percentages. Yeah. Yeah. Is high on end of people who may have been trying to use it as for their own good. No. The opposite is probably like I would say sixty percent. Like, you you cool sixty percent of women that just. Parts of the other forty is. You cou and wow, I think you give them a lot of benefit of the doubt. They think it was probably more maybe more of a thirty sixty and other that Rex can I at thirty seventy and other that you who you know, just just kinda wanted to for what you what I was to fall. But my was a late bloomer. Potential, but I'm going from the beginning now. No, okay. Okay. We'll go to begin like. Yeah. I was a late bloomer. So as like, really, okay, I'm just talking about what I want to be that ain't really it's. But you still in the limelight like women ringing, of course, is like, okay. Let me okay. Let me start to pay closer attention to Ryan who talking about they wanna be around me. And like me, right. Like, so you agree with that? Right. I agree with I think as athletes heart to find women who are just genuine. If you not married before you get into the league. You know, and this is not just for athletes. I'm talking about politicians actors all above like if you are in a position of prestige. It is very hard to find somebody who just like you for who you are. And that for you know, the dollar signs, and where you can get him to and you know, I can make life better. But you have to be too early to be able to appreciate it. Appreciate that. As that's true. Like a Noah different you in. This is just a part of. Like show. Right. Like, I know who you are in now when you're just that person this the person on TV, that's a lot of I would the conflict stars to arise in like when you just all ego. Like, I need you to be who you were when you were just talking about for be that person because that's the person I like and not even don't change grow into enjoy it. I like you. That's my that's my out there like that. Just like any person as Societa was success. Right. Exactly. You know? And then just being able to disassociate from that in the sense of. I don't have to wear this mask or put on this armor here. Like, I could just be me. Right. That's enough because everything else's average out in rankings in there. So meaning lists like how we was talking about last time. I was here like participation participation in everybody's competing in everything. So it's a lot of logging going on especially. Technology now like you could break some down into some percentages in in two seconds small analytics you right being able to go somewhere, and it ain't out that right? I think that's was the period thing about should be kept in billing with somebody. That's in any type of lime light. It could be your getting. Selo of the euro war in your real estate company. Yeah. It could be some as small as this money like. Like, but I'll work hard to write. It can be small and have to be like, a Senator or athlete org be some small, but you just not being able to say shit. I like that keep doing what you're doing. And actually that inspire me. Yeah. I mean, actually, military wives go through a similar experience because the military is a subculture. So if your husband is a Colonel Colonel our first class, or you know, somebody over a bunch of people got a lot of status nans of team. There will be a lot of women who are coming at that person who are trying to you know, you know, shoot they shot or, you know, they lash it a little bit more to get your husband's attention, and you have to be able to eight you got to be able to trust show spouse, you know, that he gonna do the right thing. No matter what. 'cause I mean people shoot shot regardless. But yet to be trust them that they can come back home. But just that. It's just the prestige alone. That makes women some some women. I won't say some women wanna shoot they shot regardless, and it makes wives uncomfortable a in because they at home. Now, you're out in the field. I mean we in the field field. So we just rug it. I mean, ain't nobody correct. Those and nobody to say that we in a whole nother zip code area coal hone of the country for year three hundred sixty five days, and, you know, women Arash shooting shot constantly now you had no physical contact with your spouse. So you you pretty much aboard the game virgin when you get back to the Korea. And, you know, women all day like, hey. Good. Got all these private Dougherty. So a lot of times, you know, these or these military personnel kind of circum to the pressure of giving with these young females because they come in just like har-, and that's on the military name made a lot of money. It's just like doubt. They they out of at the prestige. I can't imagine being a millionaire, and you now you bring in eight hundred thousand to one point nine three million dollars a year. Gotta be just. Playing char fear. You know? Your door to be part of whatever you get. In again, I condition is because you get the same person the person to really really won't treat you right and be nice money. And all of that that person how you get that person is really being that. Because when you you can see that a mile away. I know why you like because you all start the look the same and Souness see that's the thing is if you if you had those experiences enough, and you could say Noma marry man that's just where stands him straight in really now. I'm just out here. Having these experiences analyzing all these situations all issue at the same now. That's when you got a good, man. They're all of Maine to. It's hard to turn down the main. Left to right at home in a month. I'm on a row we who. So some people do are. You have women who were okay. Make an amendment today. Okay. Even if there's some has minimal wiz. Okay. You didn't get a number. It was a situation for probably five minutes in fat minute me. Hey, I because they say our it was a marathon of absolute use in ain't them. You want to say, you don't tell yourself this. It was five minutes. He was drunk or he was drunk and it just happened. Yeah. In the reactions would be allowed different depending. Okay. Who did what who if it's a female? Did that on main? Yeah. The sky's falling. Yeah. But the. Yeah. It was it was an interesting thing really go through in have to learn through relationships. Now have you alive when using the college where you ever in a relationship, I hate to get personal which if you wanna ask them now? We use in college. You know, going to the different games lead on to a bus. Did you did you settle on a relationship? And if so were you ever like extremely tempted to go outside relationship due to the amount of women that were like bombarding you. Yes. Oh, absolutely. Because because now even from. Personal standpoint when you're used to dealing with. Issues and you're used to dealing with your experiences by. Being with someone. Like like, a COPA Anisim and not that you're using people for light on hurt. So I'm we'll run oil mad. So I need some unease, man. I like that this is where I find the most comfort in this is why feel the most accomplished, and we have moved like really look at things went. Okay. Like, you really like what you doing? And why because this is one of the places that in control. So sex. It will be more of a control fag. Nado relationship. Our relationship part is more of a control, even if you dive into something is totally about the other person and ain't got nothing to do with you. But as a man the way is Bill the rules. His own me now. Okay. I need to the American control. I'm in control. I'm in control of. Will we go will we go? Well, we doing almost to the point like if I'm having a bad day. I'll she yoga day. Just aren't. Because angry upset about something. So in this learning learning through your relationships about yourself and about just people in general like so if I was putting this out. You receive this in now, we're here in his like, man. So what do we want from the beginning? Did you even know what you want from the beginning where we both just doing something that we were taught to do. We're conditioned do rise. Now, it was the substance was the minimal thing. It was all about what we going is been three months of I'm graduating what you gonna do like all of that in his like why we gotta do any of that win. Really? Honestly, my main concern is taking care of myself and taking care of my family. I'm not even thinking about what really when we put it on a scale this thinking about that. That's after the the experience when you go through something like ain't trying to. Doing that shit again. Messing it up circle. Right back around to the dealing with people in knowing that I can be involved with someone and I can trust someone to understand that. I made a covenant or whatever to provide them for what they need. I like I like to wear. Come here. I yeah. If it ain't here, that's a different discussion. Right. Like come here. First because that's the green that we may. And I think that's forgotten a lot in relationship. They made that agreement they made the agreement. Let them sit in that right now have the experiences. Have you have them in when you need to amend something amend, something even if I'm gonna fuck out of here. You a minute as you can amend it. Yep. I like the work confident. Meaning like, hey, we made a promise to each other. And you know, we're going to uphold this end of the bargain serious serious, especially when you have time apart, and then you gotta come back together again. And I think that that's the hard part, you know to be able to both contain yourself. Apart? Okay. So she has contain her. 'cause I'm not saying that women are the most will behave either in the absence of their spouse or whatever 'cause sometimes they get lonely. They make mistakes give a reason off it will reason it will always day. Day man, little that's the easy. Call yoma. Give a reason just love someone else to easy. No problem. I think it is. Who use it again? That's how. But yeah, I may give a reason this you will. But even it asses over reason, I'm not saying that women out of most behaved in essence of their mate. But when you're is a athlete politician a man of high. Hi, thority have power with power becomes great responsibile will power comes responsibility. And that's a quote, man. Right. But it does. Marvel we've been not even get started because I'm Margo freak. But we're great power does congress responsibility in women are actually attracted to power. That's why women say I live in uniform right because in equated to power, and that's why you know athletes wear uniform, right? That's the same. And they do women love man who has some type of for Steve empower who come through the captain editing. Come. Paintin? How many hate to see how many commanders wise, you know, in the movies out of are just, you know, they feel like they, you know, she, you know, they really ain't shit because they. A lot. But by sociation, they don't want. You can't tell them excuse me on the command his wife. Thank you very much. But I can imagine the same thing on that side of the same to like Muslims quarterback ski. S you like. Quarterback this please this out women. Man. That's how they are. No. I mean this. I mean. I mean, those are so so why don't men feel the same way because by men like a woman in power is because they feel like women in power are not easily control women empower usually gang. A of flip. Now. Women hit as you, you know, and they're not very. Okay. And if you don't woman empower, either your or spout. A mate is a super supportive or being also empower, and that's the only way that works. If you're made enough super supportive and equally is making good money or whatever. But like just super supportive of you. Meaning he's there. He's taking business. He don't question you. He he supports you push you for it a word, and if he's equally as powerful, meaning he got a lot going on to. And he, you know, he lets you do your thing you do your thing. Then it works. But other than that. I can't see a relationship working if you're woman is powerful. And you can just like, you know, they're like it'll really work because it's just like you 'cause she come home like. Yeah. Anyway, because I've talked to snoop yesterday, and blah, he okay. Snoop. Okay. Baby. I'll take, you know, don't work. No, it's not an equal. You know, magic at the while somebody's gonna get bored or somebody's gonna get jealous. So is the only bridge in that friendship. The only way you can know something like that friendship. I can I can see it as something else in. Appreciate you for something else. Other than just my whatever. Joe what is like? Like a friendship. I was thinking time when I said it. But now, I'm thinking like more of a understanding of a person gets you first before you, turn them edge or Mayan there. Yeah. Okay. Agile man. So let's let's let's pick on my engineer. Okay. So let's say my dear is which he is he shit. Right. So he doing this doing his time. He out he produced for this air body come through to China to come through studio. Right. So right. So women no him. He popular he go out to those women are just like, oh, oh engineer. So they all let them right? And he got a mate. So he'd go home to his his mate. Now, let's say his is good wholesome. Stay at home wife. You know, she can cook good. See so par into bed now this hypothetical mirror. All right. So I'm hit girl for if you do. Sorry, isn't it? But you know, right. So then these girls keep coming though like like crazy trying to get a tension. Now, he has to decide whether he's going to be completely faithful to his spouse and his wife or these exotic females as willing to do some strange bit of change can't come in office feet thinking about right now is is she going issue going exactly because. Situation this because you only find out that's the last thing. Like, the cause I ain't gonna do nothing that going to give back to you that I exactly like the the hidden rule, right, man. Don't have coming back around to me. So that's the last the last stroz she. That's the last. They're out there. Right. That's the last his girl going find. Yeah. So fresh the Shane's roles because if you got a female, that's just you know, a good friend that you coming back to like, no matter what you wanna ruin a friendship. Right. And I hit me and say this all the time like I don't want to France with my grew. And I wanna ruin now lost a friendship and a girl and a lot of people don't want to do that and put themselves in that position. So you got to position yourself in a way this. I'm loyal trustworthy. But AMD coming at me, and it's very hard to find tune a relationship when you'll hers when whoever is the person in the limelight, especially if it's a female because females not that we don't know how to handle ou- win the limelight. You know, we could be a bitch about it because we know this shit. So it changes a little bit. When this Email males is like. Feels like skews me this shit. Okay. Tell them even telling young boys that they beautiful. Yeah. So you can start that as a young show. Now when somebody called me pretty someone's attracted to me, you pretty I mean, I mean you handsome that pre kind of down. Okay. Handsome or a great engineer. It don't like none. Like the able to see me and handle me as just like a person. Putting that forward K. Nobody else come really love you for something other than because you're going to notice it in venture was going to be like stale anyway. Yeah. Because you know, who you are as it is a lower self esteem issue where you don't permission this men. I mean be used to people get natural. I mean, come on women used to because they can't walk a block without. Hey, hey. Acid rain on one. Don't matter. They own you. He'll look look something like something. You don't even know they own your back. You'll even know the worst thing the most airframe thing for woman is a walk past a group of guys like this on the corner, something like that. Because no matter what you're going to get out of it. I was going to have a gas station one day not to get out. I was coming out the gas station. I just faith get let me get thirty pump five and I came back in. Do was in explorer. I get rain I have my baby with me to go which finance, and I was like what type of the work for you like in the has. Why he did it? Paul. I was offended as I do. People in. What would you say that to me like you see the rain? I mean, I saw that you had rain on Saudi stole and overs. But no respect maybe we'll Gupta. But I mean, you know. Shoes all types. He was mad. Get so we'll get you out of here. Told them not to do it again. Yeah. Ain't gonna find some different. Maybe the car. I just thought gonna him boy. Get your need to go get my my my old as explore tick that nineteen ninety seven as explore. I was gonna know. Because that's what we do is. We'll start talking about you. We Ruth New York is the root is as women you will ever meet in your life. Like, he's on what a mess with because they talk about you. They okay. If you like about the commit suicide, I've seen New York women be roofless like L of talk to New York woman. But they pretty my guy, you know. And there's going off no matter what you're gonna do it. You'll lining fucked up my guy up anyway, I said at the. Say is harmful a woman to one of the scariest thing is for women to walk past a group of guys because they going to get how. But guys had the same way. Where if you again, you get some going on for yourself somebody go holid- somebody come through, and they fashioned over fit about to say. Oh, I saw you football field. You know because we don't outta holiday. So like, you know. It just it through like that. I think me and empower had to be ever so careful with who they choose as their mate their commitments and their commitment, man. Fucking know your commitments. Yeah. Don't have a mean. Something to you. Yeah. Something just don't be saying one thing. And then you doing doing more don't do that. Yeah. So manpower gotta be committed. A and they gotta know who they win and be Dafur where they wit. And if not I mean, the temptation is crazy so they will go with it. So I percents you saying that the commit that the the obstacles are there. But you just have to know how to keep. Down to be cool. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, get used to being, you know, holiday get used to that being a thing on experience as a man shouldn't like really excite you too. Because you know, why they don't know anything about your wearing the ring. Right. Yeah. So they don't really care. So, you know, how absolutely, you know, make those distinctions, and and do the right thing there for what you're there for which is probably some music, and your people that you would. Yeah. Absolutely. Not that other should absolutely. So they at least a man in manpower is this is important as Dayton women power where you have to know who you dealing with a and be able to bring something to the because I think men in power need to download when they get home and that have that nagging or whatever hanging over their head. Like man was on a roll, you know, this person. You know, they messed up the ball and all that room. Like, I couldn't even get through. You know, they need to be able to talk about that too. And not have the other part come in like, okay, all having whatever. But why he was going? They need to be able to download and get all that out. It was they get all that out. Then we can you know, they can be open to whatever you gotta talk about two people to be like who they are you. You're no good to anyone if you're not doing what you wanna be doing. If you fill in amazing. You ain't. No, good anybody. Yeah. That's true. Really? So that's true. You focus on that. And let me encourage that instead of year all of that shit. But. Last night phone win. Who was that just asking? Just ask it. It was three in the morning when I heard because I would do that too. Okay. If you'll follow what? One of the home is somebody says some crazy something is not hurt. It's not her. I need this Zima heard sex at three o'clock and one because should be no coming through the three. I don't know communication happens. It could have been somebody was drunk. Yeah. We need to be express own thing. I care about as a g mail went through. It was like spam. Like, hey your own navy account. Okay. Cool. We can we can talk about at three three three only that being the what? Glenn at three tone. But if he's thing because if you'll get on three he probably his people to and he just call you to make sure that you can back up his live tomorrow morning at eight like I just live over Creole fail. It was the bomb. But if my wife, call make sure she know, I wanna say tonight, come to mind like it, mama. Man. That's how they could be happening. Covet through. It wasn't again. Appreciate the fact that use a guy here in by engineers in like nine times, you right? I mean, the man is right on it. He gave the. He gave the. That's it. That's it. I get that. Let's talk like females. Thank you, man. Say rail-ship football talking about the Basta. Appreciate it. But. As you go through this time away co host was out. So solutions Fabian, Connor going website. Click the donate button, man, if everyone few will donate a dollar man man to be able to change community rapidly. Man. I'm make sure going through the same. Hey, come through faith. I've been doing again for years and years, man. I just appreciate able to come back and talk as we always through faves. Look say did two thousand two if you knew him into that TV like. Exciting at the same energy. Hey, Imos know what you thought about it down low. Make sure you subscribe review. Hey to Nisha. It's an issue be voice because it's prerecorded. So I'm going to say today should be how can you reach us in my engineer can put it on. Hey, battles. You can reach us at combat divas podcast on Instagram as well as YouTube combat divas power one on our Twitter account, combat divas podcast at g mail dot com. Combat divas podcast on our Facebook page. We'll see you all there. Combat Jeeva stomp, you'll live comedy.

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