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112: My Blind Date


I heart radio and state farm know the graduation stage is the first of many, and while grads may not be walking across one this year. They can get the send-off. They've always dreamed of with our new podcast commencement, featuring inspiring speeches from the biggest names like John Legend. Katie, couric and cashew listened iheartradio's new podcast commencement brought to you by state farm speeches are now available on iheartradio APP or wherever you get your podcasts and remember state farm will be there for this stage and every stage after like a good neighbor. State farm is there. We're all living in the ripple effects of history. The Butterfly flaps its wings in China in the nineteenth century and your Uber driver misses the turn for the airport or an eccentric genius and Vince air conditioning and changes the course of American politics. I'm Sean Braswell host of the thread and I'm back with a brand new podcast presented by Ozzy. Back a series of stories of unintended consequences listen to flashback on the iheartradio, APP, apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. sweaty. Why are you sweaty? So I worked out today? right before the right before we started recording a jumped on like most people in the world I bought a Peleton bike all right well, not most people people that can afford inexpensive Peleton well according to the stock market right, which is failing right now. Peleton is the one product that is succeeding young. These troubling times well, so so yeah, because no one can go to the gym and it's like a subscription things right so people. A bunch of people bought peleton bikes. I am now riding with. Those people wrong. You go for forty five I did a thirty minute class just now, but this dude kicked my s. you know the last time I did it I had. Tried to pick a you know we talked about this. I took dance around your words. You tried to pick a hot chick. Yeah, I! I do have to dance around my words I. Am I am sure your wife knows that? To Chick. She does know she well. She picked it I kind of tricked her into picking and right, and she was like she was like. What do you want? I don't know I prefer I someone that looks a little bit like her. Right and so I complained after the workout about how the person talk too much and stuff you do when you want to deflect right right and. My wife is like well. Pick someone for you this time, so she picked this dude was like dude and was very commanding. Demanding that better for you, was it a better workout? It was a better workout for me, but then I started thinking to myself. Maybe I'm playing this role wrong in my relationship with my wife, she picked the do. Now get on the Pike. Fast, God it! For maybe that's. Pedal Harlem Fucker. Maybe that's what you need. Maybe I need to switch up my styles that are being passive. Gentle. Sensitive Guy. The Guy who loves a puppy. Dogs and moonbeams run to beat up motherfucker now you're right well. I think that's probably good for you. I got to admit I don't have a bike, but if I got one I think I would probably pick the pretty attractive girl to to yell at me. I'm never gonNA. Pick the pretty attractive girl again I'm sure there's probably a pretty attractive girl who scream at you if you want, but you're saying you got better results from the dude who was life pedal. Mother Poku pedal right now got it. You. Ain't paddling hard enough. For me, it's all about the music if I if the music's good, if I like the music. I was been class and I will go so hard, but I can't get into it when it's like when it's music I don't like all right. I totally understand. I Hate I, hate getting on a bike and having to listen to listen to something that I'm not in the mood to the angry guy. Have good music was straight up hip. Hop All perfect for you. You love that it was straight up. Hip Hop was good hip hop to M. X.. Wayne old school. Little Wayne I'll see that's perfect. See I think I think that's the key. Obviously, you want someone who's going to push you and be like. Come on, you WIMP. You got this, but I think. You could call me mother Fucker, but don't call me a WIMP. You know what I mean rather be called motherfucker than WIMP. Yeah, absolutely well I gotTA write that down. I am learning new things about you on from here on out from here on out. If you WANNA. If you want to respond right away, that is positive. MOTHERFUCKER was out. Do you WANNA countersuit to the theme song as that guy? Here. We go got Democrat ready for this. Talk. About? Canada's. Here! I'm so sorry everyone I think that Donald has lost his damn. mind. Tell them. What else you offer your kids? You. Semi Video Personnel Donald's like I'm running. It doesn't have a pool at his house. I'm running out of things for my kids do they're going crazy I got this this water thing for them in the backyard I pictured a Kiddie Pool. Like you bought like fucking water park waterpark I bought an inflatable water park and we set it up, and I sincerely thought that these kids like most kids. We're going to spend the whole day in the waterpark. How fast? They were over in forty five minutes. And we spent so much money on this thing. It. Is this visit ready for the water park and they were. Good, described to people, it's it's the size of like three cars. No. It's about the size of a nice big ass pickup truck. Like Mike. Ford you know Big Shit. Right and it's huge, and also our back yard isn't grass. It's fake grass right? There were lots good. You're? You're. Underneath that it's just hard, and so it's you climb up this big ass ladder about ten feet up, and then you slide down slide into the pool at the bottom. There sliding onto concrete now granted we did worse than that when we were kids, but to watch my wife panic and lose her shit. It was a tiny. Every time the kid climbed up every time the kids slid down. She was like I gotta go inside. I'm going to have a heart attack out here. And, so you have a slip and slide when you're a kid I mean yeah you. We used to slip and slide on concrete though. In Manhattan in the city here in the city, so I grew up in a building that had a big ass playground in the middle like most buildings in Manhattan when tall buildings and they had, and and you know if somebody bought a slip and slide. We put it down on the concrete on the playground and. It's so dangerous. If you catch it right, it's fine, but if you don't catch it right. Yeah, YOU'RE GONNA. Hit your head on the remember. Ever being fun like there was so much fun and setting it up, and then you go down at once and he'd be like how. To Pinch on it right if you don't know how to slide, it hurts it hurts. I wonder if these still sells lipids is because there's. Like lawsuits. They've even patted them now, so a slip and slide is now padded. Jumping dive, you can get a little bit of a balanced and these kids today. Donald they need to slip and slides. They haven't when I was a kid. We hurt ourselves I. Remember Setting up on the lawn and my stepfather just spent a fortune residing the lawn and he came home and he was like what. Did you do? The law off trashed money. The a just a fortune re-sodded like looked like beautiful dream lawn like some people are about similar similar to how you are when my wedding was over. Trash my lawn, but you know what it was on the name of Love I'll do anything for you. You and your you and your family can trash my lawn. You've put down a dancefloor. Yeah, I'm not on the lawn. No, no, but on on an area it was botchy court, but now it's a garden, but you put down a full I. Mean I was I was shocked with the effort that went into that looked beautiful, and I was I was like we should keep it, and then people were like well. It's not really meant to be permanent. It's not like. Greenhouse without any Greens in it pretty much. No I mean the tech. They tend to it because there was there was going to rain, but like they put down this beautiful flooring Oh. Okay, you're winning. And I was like Oh. My God. Maybe I should keep that and then i. someone told me like now. It's on weatherproof. It's meant to be like last weekend, so so we. We took it down, but God you winning was really beautiful. I gotta say. Thank you very much for helping us out there man. The cost of the wedding dropped dramatically when you said you can do it in my backyard. Well I I was so happy to be able to do that for you in. It was a beautiful ceremony and I'll never forget it. It was way you guys did the designer of it the whoever did all the decor and everything? It was almost like a far a farm vibes. And it was we tried to make country meet soul. The country I remember there was a gospel. There was a lot of music. There was a gospel choir we had A. What are they saying? They saying the song from street, noticing a song from the muppets. Everything is great. Everything is grand. I got the whole wide world in the palm of my hand. Everything is perfect. It's falling into place. I can't seem to wipe this smile off my face. Life's a happy song when there's someone by my side to sing along. So beautiful. How did you guys pick that? I picked that song so the new muppet movie. Had come out I had been out. Guess, but the music from that movie obviously is amazing, won an Oscar, but that song is the I believe. It's the first song of the movie, and so it's the number one number and. muppet songs always dope the Rainbow Connection. I'd never heard that song and just just so people can picture it. I told all my neighbors like have a big ASS wedding and I sent them like little gift baskets, and I I I. I sent them a letter saying. Hey, it's going to be loud. We'll be done by midnight. Hope everybody's cool, but I was anxious. Because you know my neighborhood is is. The sound bounces around so everything is. Everyone was coming to this wedding. Are they wanted to or not right? And and so that's all set up, and it's all quiet and all of a sudden, and then the Gospel Choir comes, and it's time for that moment, and they us me walking out for that right, so they turn. Turn on the mics. And I had never my mind imagining it was gonNA. Be This loud and granted it was beautiful and amazing, but as the neurotic homeowner I was like Oh shift. These people are suing. But maybe because it's amazing. I guess there were were they? Acquire was like six people I don't know if it was six, but. Anyway this this. Gospel Group Sang that song and it just. Aged reverberate. It was beautiful, a balanced everywhere all over the whole neighborhood and I was like this is the I was just it was magical tears in my eyes. I gotta ask my wife with the name of the band was the name of the group was but. Also? When she came down the aisle, I can't sing this song for anything because beyond say things but I. Think better than beyond. Say die wish. You should see Joel space everybody dwell made a face like how dare you, Sir gotta be out your mind. Dwells face was like. Joel's face was like I will not be a part of this podcast. It's funny. It's just like the character. Eddie. Murphy makes fun of Stevie. Wonder and comes with. A musical Scott. You can't joke about beyond saying you cannot. You can't even say jokingly Donald. Phase on things better them. People like Joel. Like lose their breath. There's about we lost about seventy five listeners just now. People were like I love the podcast. Donald phase on sex better than say fuck y'all. She's Queen. Fuck Donald. McQueen Joel. The it is listen. She has the hottest check out right now. It's just released a new mega stallion. Track, was dope before. Truly truly. Elevated it was a whole at Sharon record got elevated after beyond got on a dude. Yeah no doubt no doubt. Beyond. Lacing people man I'm telling you right now. There are people who have songs, and the song will be really good, and then she sings a verse on it, and all of a sudden, the songs, a top five on the billboard charts man like that Ed Sheeran Song was dope and it was. It was already on the billboard charts for a long time, and then she sang on it, and it's an broke even more records. Thanks to her I met her once you know. So did I go I met her once. What matters several times together? Yeah, we were and you like you're. Not, be it'd be? Talking about it at the restaurant Bar, No name in Hollywood Nano. Way, before that we went out one night to a poor, please respect my father and call her aons. Yes bayonets. Out We spe on something else. We went out to a Ferrari party or something like that you me rate and carry brothers, and beyond say was there was somebody this is well before hosver well before all of that. This is early on in scrub early beyond so yeah, yeah and. I remember you guys have been like say her house like the fuck. Outta, here, that's beyond. Say Dude, and this is before she even had solo, record or anything like that she was still with destiny's child, and I was still like. You know. What if I say hi, and she said get the Fuck Outta here and finally she looked at me. He was single. Maybe maybe she was single to. Finally, she looked at me and she goes high and gives me to look like motherfucker. Say Hi, do Oh, Shit! We're only black people at this party. That was the look the look is. Doing And I was like Oh. My Hey, how you doing! I don't remember that. That's funny long time ago, do so you just said hi? And I just said Hi and I walked. We walked away. I listen man I played myself to so many of these lovely ladies, in Hollywood, that I decided I will never do that again like I played myself. You saw a heart I went after Casey I've I've I've done things that are so stupid that I was like what was I thinking when I look back at it now? You mean like you should have taken your shot. No like I shouldn't have taken a shot at all because I sounded like an idiot. Show. We all have those flinch moments for your like that was. Right, but I was in a restaurant bar called no name or that since closed run by my friend. Brian Ling. On Fairfax in in Hollywood, and it was like a cool restaurant bar and upstairs on like a mezzanine that was a private area where you could have a private dinner party, or you could have a small cocktail party, and if you went past that room, there was another room, so we were headed to that room. He and I and somebody else and I can't. The stairs I come around the corner and they are just seated alone at this private. Table was beyond saying Jay Z and they looked up, and they stared at me and tear back at them. And they had big smiles on their faces like saying hi, but I was like I was imposed. Shock I really was I froze. That's that's royalty man. They got that they got that. Glow mandate got that Bruce Lee Roy. You come around a bend and you're not expecting to see like. There's no one else in the room I mean. It was just beyond. Say Jay Z. Having dinner and I was like and I just walked in like I. Say I, of course I said I sound so sorry. Interrupt high high, and they were like. Hey, how are you and I said I'm good? You. Guys are awesome, I'm GONNA. I'm GONNA keep moving. You know they were very sweet. They obviously smiled and laughed at me because I. I was like a nervous wreck for myself so many times Jay Z.. It's ridiculous like commitment like there's certain people on my list of people that I think are. Shizue and he's one of them him Michael Jordan. You Know Denzel Washington. Harrison Ford. Billy. Billy Dee Williams when it comes to athletes. I have a lot of athletes on my list, but not I don't have a Lotta rappers on my list where I see them and I'm like Holy Shit. I used to be like that, but then I grew out of that face. One athlete, you could meet and not just me. There's one athlete that would be like Donald. Let's go get a drink I want to get to know you better. Be. Man Well. He's no longer with us, but that's Kobe Bryant. Essays one. I've met Michael. Jordan wanted now is cool I met Kobe. But there was something special about Kobe Bryant. That was like you know. I mean I'm Michael Jordan to But you know when I first moved out to La. Kobe Bryant was just getting. You know he'd just arrived and. I got to meet him before he played basketball and stuff and reading before he played basketball, so l. as a small town. We act like it's the Hugh Hollywood is huge and stuff like that, but you run into people and L. A. and one of my friends was. Not Dating Shaha Brian, but was hanging out with Shay Brian. So share would come over to my apartment like all the time and we would you know hang out and. Go to the movies or go to magic mountain stuff like that and one day she comes over. We're going to magic mountain and she comes over and she's like. My brother's outside. He wants to talk to you now. It's like Oh shit with what is your brother? Want to talk to me, but he wasn't famous. You know everybody knew Kobe Bryant was at this point. He had brandy to the prom right I mean. And I'm like Oh man. Oh, wow, okay. So I go outside, and he had broken his arm, playing basketball at the beach at Venice beach at the course on Venice beach right, so he had the cast on number when he broke his arm I. Remember Thinking Come on Man. You've got this contract coming up. What are you doing playing basketball at Venice Beach? That was what my thought was when I saw him with the cast psycho shit. He got the cast on Yo like it was. Because you've heard about it, yeah I heard about it, but I was like Yo. Casto. Did you think he's guilty. Sign it. No, no, no, but I but I did, but I definitely thought. This about to tell me you know a better respect. His sister, all of that stuff right and there was nothing going on his sister so I go outside. He's like Hey, man how you doing. I just wanted to meet you you going to magic. Mountain when my sister I just want to meet you to make sure you know the Swedes looking. FOR SISTER! That's cool. I'm I'm. I ran into him several times after that, but I just when I first moved to La Kobe. Bryant was in La also is so tragic. Keep an humanity me. Like it's unbelievable. I just want you ought to know man. I loved Kobe Bryant, like I loved Kobe, Bryant I named my Kid Kobe. I know I know. God, I see the love. There's all these amazing murals Oliver Town I'm sure you've seen him. Yeah, he was one of the most beloved people in the country. Probably World. Maybe world is week. Switch tones again in the episode. Let's do it, you know this is an episode with it was directed by Marc Buckland by Mark Stegman to marks to mark's. My blind eight. Yes, mark. Stegman is great writer great. I believe you went to write on community after US and some other shows and Marc Buckland. I really think Marc Buckland I'm GONNA. Say it now in nine years. One of by far one of our top directors yeah, well, that's easy. This episode is is. Not to not to say as a director, but as a director, this episode is incredibly directed well well, well directed. One Really Mex- I know we're going to get to. Yes there. There's a really cool one for those of you. Don't know what a wonder is. It's when the camera never cuts. So there's no, it's a long one shot that moves around involves lots of choreography, and it often takes a Lotta time to get it right. And? It's just done really well On. This episode is amazing. I really want to say the thing about TV. Directing is these guys and gals. Who Do this you come in? You have to execute your vision, but in the tone of the style that's been de established by the show runner, and by whoever directed the pilot in this case Adam. Bernstein the show runner in the pilot director sort of set. This is the look of this. Show it it has this. This five. The camera can move like this. This is this is the sort of tools you can use. Now you go. Do it so for a director to stand out. It's tricky. You got how you how you can put your own stamp on it. Because otherwise you just kind of like okay. I'm here to execute someone else's someone else's vision, but but someone like Marc. Buckland with his level of talent really does send you. I was watching this before i. Even knew it was mark I was watching going. Someone good directed this. I can tell already. There's just a he finds a way to put his own stamp on it and I looked it up because I haven't seen in years also really good card magician if you remember that dull. Also Very Great Ping Pong player. Yeah, I remember that, but during down time you would do these insane card tricks. He was one of those guys. He's on. He's doing a show. Called produces and directs show called stump town. Show. Do you watch it. It's on ABC LINEUP WITH THE NEW ABC lineup. Toby, toby US smolder. Zenit yeah as you know I. do a television show for ABC called Emergence Emergence Yeah. When are we finding out if we're getting a season two, we have no idea I don't even know if step down if they're getting a season two yet or or if they do then probably we didn't get. Get it, but all I know when Wendy. When does it ABC tell you that we have? These things are different right now. Man Life is right now. Nothing is the same I'm supposed to find out. We were supposed to find up process the fourteenth or something like that we should be finding out soon, but I don't know doling out drunken newbies at this year's up fronts I've learned my lesson. I A yo, you know what last year I did crash the NBC Upfront I did crash. That and I was a lot of fun. To do anyway. Mark Buckley and also just finished. My Mark Buckland research won an emmy for directing. The pilot of my name is Earl Oh. Nice, yeah, so he's very talented fellow very very very, and I just wanted to say that. The blitz I really notice how good he is so this episode has a lot of good stuff in it man. This is a good one. This was a great one. I laughed allow I laughed out loud. None none harder than Kelso when Kelso go. She goes to Kelso I'm not going to the hospital, and he goes Oh, and then just walked up leave. Elizabeth Bogus was a guest starred, didn't arc really talented Gal and she this was JD's I. I love interest. Yeah, yeah, I was GONNA. Say That and I was just going through the rest of the season one I think she's the only I could be wrong so sorry if you know better than I do, but she's only love interest before Sarah and I start. A relationship. Really Really Joel. Isn't that what happens? I'm not aware I haven't gone forward. Might know or she can look it up, but I think what happens is there's three episodes with Liz bogus and then and then Elliott Nice. Start our our thing I think. Direct, okay, good see. I was right. Donald did my research. I did a lot of research for this episode. I, I want the fans to know I did I got Trivia you WanNa, know the Trivia to start off the right off. The Bat is a good one. Go for yours so so cox is trying to get his his perfect. Game All right I gotta ask questions before you do the Trivia then. Did! You know what the perfect game was before we started doing before the show I know it. Perfect pitcher game is I know it's happened my brothers. My brother's a baseball fanatic. My father was a baseball fanatic, so I know some things, so don't talk to the pitcher while. And I WANNA talk to you about that. Because first of all. How the fuck is Jay Dee know that I mean jd doesn't know anything about sports. We hammered home in every episode. and Jd's whispering like. Stuff never. Talk to the pitcher during a game, so tell me about this. This is thing if the pitchers doing really well and again you don't talk to him like in the in the Doug. Ice Yeah you, don't you leave him alone? You don't say anything to him and let him you don't even get my butt tap. Now. You don't say look you don't WanNa. Be The reason that his rhythm. All of a sudden falls off. What if I'm throwing a perfect game and I'm like Holy Shit in my head I'm like I'm fucking killing this. And then I go into the dugout and I get no but taps, and like Oh. Why don't they tap my, but they don't know. And then I started spiraling you. I'm GONNA fuck it. Up, now, And and it'd be your fault that you fucked it up their fault, because so they ignore you. Tap You on the button, and then you don't have a perfect game could be like well. Fuck you. Tap Me on by so so that's a thing. You just don't talk to him. You let that person do what they gotta do to get that. That I, know and I find it hilarious. The JD did know. Why did even Joel wrote that down and she's like how the hell does. JD, no all. Right. Here's a little trivia for you ready. Okay, let's do it. There's twenty seven patients that in the ICU that Dr Cox Cox's trying to keep alive through midnight. Do know why twenty-seven. I don't there's twenty-seven outs in nine innings. Holy Shit. MARNA gentleman, Slow Clap Slow Clap Clap Zach braff. Why is not my I got scrubs, Zwicky but. But I don't know I. Don't know if mark segment gets that, but. It Goes Zach. I didn't I, didn't I? Didn't figure that out I? Read that, so don't be too proud of me. I don't even know if that's what we give them. Credit for that. Let's spill. That's a good question bill. You're not going to remember and he's going to be like. It was me that was me. Bill. It's very clever that There's twenty seven patients and there's twenty seven ounce nine innings. Who came up with that twenty seven on a ballgame to save twenty seven patients. Came around because the episode started with Dr Cox wanting a perfect game. And a perfect game in Baseball Zach which is a sport is not only does no one get a hit, but nobody even gets a walk or gets on base with an air, so it's not just a no hitter. It's a perfect game. You only face twenty seven batters That's it all right, so deaths back played by the wonderful Randall Winston. Yeah death is backed by Randall. Winston, now I don't mean to take a dig at Randall but. Listen man this. Random, love to death, but with all my heart now don't. Randall was auditioning. He would have gotten this role because. You guys. I love Randall the dead, but if A. If, SAG actors auditioned for this part probably should have gotten a better fucking performance. That's horrible that you say that they're no I'm sorry, but I. Don't know Randall Winston is. The line producer on scrub was the line producer at the time once. He, since gone on to be an executive producer on showing he's. Iraq's now he's he's he's very. He's a very very established. Producer slash director in. On television right now, also, he married my wife and I. in Zach's backyard, he was the master of ceremonies for guy were married by deaths. Married by death in your backyard, Randall Winston is one of my all time. Favorite people so, don't you? It's like it's like Joel. EMBIID don't do. Bad Man to winced. You made a face like Joel made. This and I just want to say I love the guy to death. He's an extremely talented producer. I don't know that acting is necessarily his forte, but. But listen. death talks to his daughter in any in any art form of ever seen deaths daughter. There's so much alike. He's a girl scout outfit trying to sell her cookies right well, deaths occupied. He's selling cookies. It's pretty. To try to help Cox out. These does something like she's in second place, and if the first place girl keeps winning. TIGGER! In the ICU. Takes Place. There's a lot of amazing camera work at one sixteen. There's a call three sixty pan. It's always challenging for cinematographer and film makers to light when there's no place to put the lights, and when the camera is is a steady camping for those what that is, it's I think we've mentioned it before. It's this rig mounts. Operators Body and allows him or her to move around, and it gives the, and they can run and do all these cool shots in the camera always looks like it's floating. A lot of scribes was shot on a steady cam, because of all the quick walking and running around, and sorry to digress. Our steady cam operator has a cameo in this episode. Did you recognize Charles Papper? Dumb peppered Oh. Yeah, he was the guy on the the MRI. Tag when the Mre Goes Awry and you see a guy. By the way speaking of people aren't accurate giving a decent performance. I thought Charleston Wonderful Job Yeah. You're not Charles Pampered. Every time I run into Charles papper. Yes, every time I run into him. He's like he'll introduce me to the people on his. In his camera crew and he'll be like. Tell them the song. I'll be like what the cinema, Song Told everybody about the song I was like Oh. You fucking serious right now. He's like cinnamon assaults. The transformers Melanie but I don't remember the words. You remember the words Charles peppered. All Ball. Shaft all balls and no Shah oft yeah. Is that he's got the show. I love that he's begging you to sing. A song lead him to his friends about how he's all balls, and no shots, all balls, no shaft. He begs me I'll. Just like he says to them, so donald phase not coming in the day. He has a special song about me I I want to say that what's funny about that song is that it's the transformers melody, but and sung very softly like a ballad, but it's it's. It's all, said No. A Anyway Charles Papper. Steady came operator and he. Plays the tech and I thought he did a wonderful job. I thought he doesn't amazing job in the episode. To eat an amazing set of Cam and normal cam operator right worked with him several times since then, and maybe he's had some A surgery to adjust his shadow justice his situation. He He. Shaft extender. Is that a thing? I want to ask a real J. D. about that I was like. Yeah, so, what is this about this penis enlarging stuff? You don't need that? Why the hell are you asking about that? Listen Man. Everybody wants to be remembered in the episode of bombs. Do you remember in the episode bombers? When I thought I saw an eel yet, and it was my. It was me. On that. While you guys thinking about Donald, zeal. An it career at ddat means owning the opportunity to play a crucial role in transforming how agencies operate join DDAT for challenging and impactful work that advances your career apply now. 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Real friends babble language for life. Come on, guys learn, babble, you get a discount from us and next time we see you. We want you to say Ola you mean Shalom. Shalom is right. And we're back speaking of your eal. My girlfriend's mom was face. Timing me about the show about our podcast because she listens and she was like I really like it, but you guys talk about your willies too much. As. We began to talk about your Eel I. was hearing my girlfriend's mom talking telling us we talk about our really similar so. Sorry to the people of the United Kingdom. I wo-. I don't like talking about my. Willy, Colonel Dr to forty, nine I just got excited to see him. SNOOP DOGG in turn. A lot of the grates are in this episode Yes Lens in the episode of people. Lynn Deontay once again. deontay worked a lot. Yeah. Well you. See what they would do is sometimes when they needed more background performers than they had, they would ask the standings to put on a costume and join the scene. I think that's what happens well. Yeah, not just that also the standards. Are you know? They're all good actors on their own. You know what I mean. You Give Dante He. He'll deliver well, not everyone but the. Auntie was someone who was a good actor. Right and so, but my point is is that. I think usually. The standings weren't dressed in costume so often. When you see them, my brain goes. They wanted a couple more bodies, so they asked them to suit up right, but they're always prominently featured. If you noticed well of course because they're not. Dante's not fucking around. He knows what the cameras. Doing he's. He knows what he's doing. Saying deontay first Rodeo. He knows where that caverns GONNA be. He's like if I'm GonNa, put on these scrubs. You'RE GONNA. See me cry. So at four. Oh Two! There's this long monologue with Johnny. See what Johnny sees incredible episode crushes well. What I've learned that I you know. I didn't appreciate it when it was there. You know what I mean. There were so many lessons to be learned just from watching Johnny just from watching Judy just from watching Ken. WanNa get the fuck out of there a certain point in time. You know what I mean and I. Look back at this stuff now and johnny crushes. He's very funny. You know I. I agree with. You Don watching even just watching the however many. We've watched a twelve at this point. I'm really taken by. What a good actor! Johnny McGinley! He's just he's fantastic, and this episode really highlights good. He's and Sarah's wonderful in this episode my Gosh. It you find is weird. I always find it weird in a TV show, and they reference another TV show. So, here here, we referenced I referenced Er for of all things another hospital. TV show. I think we were trying to be funny. Now I know, but I just think it. I always think it's weird when when GDP me playing A. A A fake doctor on television then references another doctor show I just I just pulled me out of the show. It's I find it weird, but the problem is. Is that an er? Anthony? Edwards was still Kinda. He Still Kinda looked like. The character he played in top gun. You know what I mean we? He was more bookish. Academic Kinda SORTA, but he's still. Good on Anthony Chuck Edwards Anthony was reprinted a nerds that you like Holy Shit. That's the dude from revenge. nerds Anthony Tablas. Anthony Edwards has had such a career. We just talk about him for a second edit. That is, that is the right name right? Anthony Edward Absolutely. What's the name of the black guy named Anthony Edwards. And you're thinking of Anthony Anderson. Oh sorry! Sorry, sorry. They're very similar. Anthony Edward by the way I love that you knew what I was talking about. That's how close we are. Anthony Edwards has spanned revenge of the NERDS. Top Gun yes, and then back to the ER and plumbers. Zillion things I'm sure, but those are the things I think of him for. Yeah, he got range, but now we are not allowed to like prevented the nerds anymore. I know that it has. It's very problematic movie, but man as a child. That was life changing for me in that movie. I went with a babysitter to see that movie in the theater and and I. Think Nineteen Eighty-four I. was probably your babysitter get kicked out. Listen. I think it was. I was nine I. Think I can't believe I got to go see this movie with the babysitter. Was Your Babysitter fired? Was It nineteen eighty-four Joel? Can you look that up, please? I remember went to see I had a crush on her nine year old crush, and then I see this movie. That's obviously our and I can't believe I was seeing this, and then I the end. I was so roundup I was so turned on. If you will by the movie and I thought I. Thank, she says Nineteen eighty-four I my mind. I thought like Oh. I'm going to try and impress. My date I started thinking for like she was my date. And we went into like a CVs type pharmacy giant. You know one of those big ones. And I forgot someone that my sister probably wanted to buy something and I was like in an aisle and I was like what can i? What can I act like I WANNA buy? That's GonNa seem impressive to my. And we were like Oh. I went into the hardware aisle because that felt masculine and. and. I saw this this battery number. One of those big chunky bad, not a car brick for like a lantern. It was like this. Like. A lantern battery basically and I remember looking at it, and then I saw my periphery. She was coming down the aisle and she's like. What are you doing in? This aisle and I was like. See this. And I pointed to the battery and she goes yeah I go. Is, what I want for my birthday. Because in my mind, I thought she would be like Whoa. This kid this kid is deserves to see my boobs now. This kid is fucking. Manley I know he's nine. But if these into batteries like this big. I thought I really thought I. I remember this many years later I. Remember Thinking like just act like you want this fucking battery. Veg The nerds did to me. All Right? Let's move on the French Fifi. Talk about this John Because. You're married. You probably have this fight with your wife I believe in this fight, and I believe in Turk- side of this fight to and at the end of the show it goes someplace different, but absolutely if I if we go to get burgers at McDonalds and I get a combo meal. And I! Ask you what you want. and. You say I'll just have a burger. You not eating. My fries got dammit right. Those are my fries. Does it all the time? It sounds like you got riled up just now. Is this has happened in your home? I got round up because of this dude that was teaching me how to ride the bike today. You. On you, take it on his persona you are you are an actor? You were like a sponge, and you've taken on his persona. Don I, am I. Am I am the bike riding instructor? Remember. You remember his name. No I. Don't remember. His name got even understand right now. Okay? Calm down. Calm down. He's probably smoothie on on a couch right now and you're all. Drinking Orange Goo Goo, probably probably a steam room with other dudes. Anyway, but no. This is sincere and this happens all the time and I. I used to hate this. When, but then this is also when I knew holy cow. I love my wife. We would go and get food from someplace like Astro Burger or McDonald's or something something quick, fast and Greasy and everything after night out of partying in the club and I'll be like. Do you want anything and she'll be like? No. I'm not really that hungry. In my mind I knew exactly what that meant that man. She's going to eat my shit. Right, see, would you order extra for? No I. You don't realize that, and then when it when it gets to where Turk and Carla are, it's when you start testing it and you're like I'm GonNa test and see if when I say. Do you want anything? And she says No. I'm good I. Bet you she's going to grab my fries watch. It's GonNa. It's GonNa. Happen! It's GonNa Happen. And when it happens you like I know it, and you and you explode, and that's what happened with Turk Turk was online with Carla at the cafeteria, and he's getting all of this food and she's looking at him and in his mind. He's like she's GonNa. Want this stuff. She's GonNa. Want it. It does feel like an example of not sweating the small stuff though, doesn't it? But that's not the small stuff comment. That's not fries on. That small STA Harley Pasternak who we both know very fast celebrity trainer. He told me that I think it was him who told me that French fries is the worst thing you can put in your body. He wants told me pizza was the worst thing. You can put your body so i. don't know I think that was him just trying to get you to stop in French fries and he also told me something. I'll never forget that. He calls a banana sugar stick. He's like you might as well a candy. Bar Bananas Sugar Really Yeah. I Love Banana, Celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak ruined bananas for me. I sleep bananas. I like them in my smoothie, but but he told me that they have even though it's natural sugar, it's filled with sugar, but he also said French fries are the worst thing you can put in your body because he's just saturated fat. But he also told me pizza was the worst thing you can put in your body. He got shape once, and you played basketball with yeezy right. I have played basketball with CON yeezy. Hani's house gave Yeezy and common the business. They know what's up. Don't act like you know. I'm sure ease listening listen. Did you play? Did you play? He's somewhere Wyoming. Do you. Did you played Donald? About me, did you play it, harleys house. I know we would go and play it like a gym. We would go to a gym. He would run out of Jim in me him. That's the only time I ever when I was working out with Harley. That's the only time I ever met Kanye was before he became. Normal he was a huge condie as been con-. You know I know but I didn't. He wasn't a household name at time right yet. He was making music since back in, and I used to get on the treadmill next to Rick Fox. Donald WHO's play basketball? We're brick Fox before to really yeah I play basketball with a lot of people. I know your fancy all right listen. A drunk clown hurt me. Once laughed out loud laugh out. Loud, laughed out loud I don't know if I made that up or not. I would like to take credit for it. Okay, let's ask Bill. BILLS NOT GONNA remember and if so he's definitely not going to give me credit but Joel Joel. Please ask him who made up a drunk on her once and make sure to put in parentheses. Zach believes it might be his. He's GonNa. Come back with the Sassy EST answer and here it is drunk. Crown hurt me. Once was Zach Braff Improv. He came up with that and I. Remember watching it happen and I remember taking credit for it afterwards. Thank you kill. Why would we even heard bills answer, but I'm just. GonNa. Say Thank you bill. I agree. No! I don't I don't know that you're going to agree. I might not agree I might not agree. Drink. Hurt me. Once is very funny I. GotTa Sale after a lot about that because God knows what that story is. And how you found out the clouds drunk is. I love these jd things that never get explored like these long. Time like this random sentences that we could have got into a fantasy, but we but we never do love those moments like yeah, like I got tree by a coyote. That is probably my favorite episode. And you know why, because you directed. It is the first one I directed, but also not just saying because I directed it. That is a fucking epic, great episode as a great episode. Season that is oh my God. I never having shows up i. know what I know. What happens I got dwell. You please look for me. What episode that is. It's the first one I directed I. don't even I have no idea what it's called Heather Graham's in it, but Donald I got treated by Kayo. Yes, that one and then I'm starting to see why. What did he say? Name was I'm starting to see why Leon Fox to you. I don't remember that. Jason Bateman. Like to make I like to make belts out of when Jason Bateman and says to make belts out of their next. Mean how stone were, they must have been in the writer's room when they came up with an idea that the ostriches are are are centuries. Right, right Jason Payments Characters home. He has ostriches, but they they not only work as guards, but they stole your Kengo right and put it on right. That's Leon. Very funny episode. For back to this one Mike, McDonald is back Michael mcdonagh's back. That was right away. He was just on. We should have him on, and he's paying the same guy. I. Think you're well, you may have thought he was playing multiple characters. He's always playing. The same guy he's plays a hypochondriac. Always leave unless. The Fan, he's wrongly, he plays different characters in a leader season. Okay, well, we don't know. Maybe the fans will tell us on the social media's but I believe that he's always playing a hypochondriac the episode. Thank you for finding this that we donald and we're talking about was is season four episode eight miles chance. It's probably my favorite episode of the whole. One of my top three of the whole run granted it was my first time directing, and that was special, but also bill because he's so fucking competitive decided to read an episode that should have been in like ten days, and because it was epic, we called. It scrubs the movie. If you recall, it's the one where Donald and I have a permission slip from Elliot, that allows jd to sleep with Heather Graham's character and we go on an epic nightlong. To Find Molly to give her the permission slip. I have a question for you when you were making this episode. Did you realize when you were making it? How big of episode was for you to have to execute? Yes, I knew I knew bill. Bill's a big brother to us both, and has always been competitive with me, but we don't play sports, so the competition came in like in other ways, so it came in like. After Garden State, and he's garden. State was success and he's like okay you can direct. Here's the script and it was like the most epic impossible thing you know. We shot an episodes traditionally and five days, and you had to write them, so they were executed in five days, and and this was you remember Donald? We realized we were on the universal backlot ambulance chase with. The accident it was huge and I just like Oh my God he's totally testing. If I can pull this off and you Dan and I think it's amazing I mean we were zip-lining across the universal backlot? Let's say for that episode. I know sorry. You got me talking about because. I really love that episode. So now we're at this awesome one. No, you're going too fast. I WanNa talk about sanding the legendary. Sammy Lloyd has some good stuff. This episode Oh. My goodness, okay. Five Oh nine Sammy Lloyd comes in and I remembered now because he's covered in sweat, right before right before takes, they would sweat Sam up, so he would cold totally look like he was always on the verge of a panic attack. Yes. and. Kelso goes to tell them tod. Ted But. It's only been twelve years. And five twenty seventeen lab when he goes, and then if there's if that happens, the higher ups, heads are GonNa roll. And then he starts laughing. Very funny. Yes some funny shit later later on in the room Run Away with me. Yeah, he goes running away with. And then before that I wrote down something, it was so funny, says since my wife left me i. find it hard to see past the evil. I can't eight women since my wife left me I, find it hard to see past the evil now he finds love again. He finds love on the show later to right. Yeah with. Mizuki right with Gooch. Yeah Gooch played by Kate Makuuchi, who's a very talented Gal and plays the an sings really well and plays the Ukulele, very well, yes. So Donald Liz Bogus I, she did, of course. That's her voice. Imagine getting apart good thing. She knew she had two more episodes coming up getting part and be like. Hey, we're never gonNA see your face and I forgotten. At the end of the episode. They were clever enough to not even reveal. That was cool. Right and you had to wait until the next episode right, but it wasn't even like to be continued. It was like right. Some of the audience vitamin like. Her right well, that's that's also very interesting, because this is so at some. Point during the season, the show does start to connect where it becomes a serial right. Where becomes Is that the right way to put it where? They're when they're when they're going into. Every episode is connected to, and then it breaks apart again. I always liked the fact that you can tune into scrubs and no matter what episode you catch it on. It's like you you know. Yeah, you can watch it out of order as I'm sure aired on syndication out of order I imagine, but but this specific specific two episodes, people would also yeah in certain actors would do arc's. They do three you know. I think listed. All right, but come on first of all. Why can't Gd Bend Down and look into the damn machine I? Don't know man I. Don't that's you know I'm? Worried about that. If you're worried about that, you're not really watching the show. I Know Donald, but I'm telling you. They rationalize the little bit. You can tell the writers wrestling with this because they were like. Oh No, she's harder self. We can't move her. Otherwise. It was like okay. I'll climb out of the fucking thing. Or if you're that worried, slide of backboard in there and helps them do slider out. Get her out, but it is very clever, but I just want to say that. The device was a little like come on buddy. Just, just peaking their jd right well, he's, but you just see nostrils and forehead offers you've you ever had an MRI and I have you demand that your deepen that thing all the way all the way in. I. Don't know what the hell kind of MRI voguish was getting. Yeah she just ahead, I guess. But even when it's just ahead, you're all the way in you. WanNa take a break. Yeah, we should cut to commercial. They'll be here two minutes, so let's. Do Give me a break Gimme a break. Say we'RE NOT GONNA. Save up ran has four. iheartradio and state farm know that the graduation stage is the first of many, and while grads may not be walking across one this year. They can get the off. They've always dreamed of with our new podcast commencement, featuring inspiring speeches from the biggest names like John Legend. I'm honored to have the chance to speak to to share in this special moment Katie couric. 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Figure it out, so iheartradio asked soon to be graduates if you had a ceremony, who would you want to deliver your commencement speech? And then we made some calls. Hillary Clinton. She's in John Legend Dj. Halid Halsey and coach k. all. Over twenty of your favorites, and their writing commencement speech is just for you. Listen to iheartradio new podcast. Commencement speeches are out now iheartradio APP or wherever you get your podcast. And we're back with Donald Zach braff. Marking about this awesome water, finally starting to talk about this for the entire episode, yeah, so this this one shot in starts at six fifty six goes for a full minute it's. Very cleverly choreographed and. and. Here's Jackie. Jackie. Jackie's. High I was GONNA. Use My computer, but at the very oak computer and it just wasn't working at. Worries glad you're here. Welcome to fake Doctors Real Friends Ladies and gentlemen please welcome, Jackie. is here to surprise some like Oh another thing is your well. You are just making people's month. I needed to pick me up and. Said inside. Jackie. What's the story here? So at the end of this month is my boyfriend's thirtieth birthday and I've been trying to own I wanted to give him and he has no idea what he wants. To be a really nice surprise. We both are huge fans and we just finished wall. At millions time we watch it once a year together. Oh, thanks so much! That's that's really cool. Donald we got. This is A. This is a thirtieth birthday present we got like. Do you want to straighten your shirt or something? Do you want to change your shirt because you don't good dog. What's his name Jackie Shawn Shawn All Right Sean? It'd be funny if you tell Donald and I something about Sean that we couldn't possibly know and we'll. We'll throw it out there during the conversation. He is a very big D. and D. Person. Guy Tom. Donald can tap into that. Yes, he is a very big dungeons and dragons person. We actually campaign. Knows, he does, he does not DM not yet He's you. This I'm in my very first game with him right now. Okay, how do you? I guess sorry for. Have you played dungeons and dragons before, or is this your first time? This is my. Are you liking it I am like having to remotely unfortunately because A. Pandemic going on, but it's still really fun I would imagine. A lot of folks are doing this online these days right? Yeah, they are you to. Games DONALD CAN WE GET INTO A game? Donald, 'cause you like it right, I. It depends on what their rules are. You know what I mean certain rules are. I. Don't know man you play, you know I grew up playing dungeons and dragons, and so you kind of get used to your DM, and then you go and play in somebody else's world and you're like this is nothing like how I remember playing it now. It contains very long time, right? We don't have that much, can we? Can We? Can we do a short campaign? Are you able to do a short campaign? It's possible. Yes, how long is the campaign that you're on right now? How long have you been doing it for? We have been doing it for about a month's same campaign. We. meet up once a week and we'll play for about four hours. So. You guys play like short hours. You don't really do the eight hour nine hour. Unfortunately, not because some of like, my boyfriend has gone to work in the morning Albert. So. That used to be the jam plane until the sun came up and then sleep all day, and then getting back together that night and playing D. again. Campaigns like that, you know. We used to love that. And I grew up in the inner city so I used to play D with a bunch of drug dealers is hilarious to. Do. Why did you end up in a D with drug dealers, because I grew up with a bunch of drug dealers and That's why. So they would they have to pause the campaign to deal drugs? No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, but it would just be funny because you know. It's funny listening to your Boy Tuckey. Rolling dice, so I pulled out my. Reach into my bag, a in and pull out my sword plus five swing blackout. Rolling dice turns into something completely different when you heard. It's completely different now that. You know what I mean. You roll a twenty sided. This is the thing about twenty five. You could either do a twenty side ice, or you could do. A ten sided, and a six sided I think at the same time, and that's the same thing right, and so you row, and it's like rolling dice you both blowing. Hit it off the feet off. The Dogs God on the table. You got rules. If it goes off the if it goes off, the the board does account. Then you particular about it like let's say it does go up the board, but you roll natural twenty, which is a critical hit in the game that my my buddy would dm. And it rolled off the board. You fight for hours. Please let this stand. Let this be! Ice Love playing. Well, maybe maybe Sean. We'll let us into his game. To bring that up. We'll bring that up in the conversation. Like kind of crazy I made them hide in our bedroom. What does he happen, does he? Does he have any idea what's about to happen? He's like she's. Guesses, but not really. I hope we're the best of his guests. DOUBT, it It's going to be like. This. Is Like what the Hell's is bullshit. I thought I was getting a new Di di. Yeah I. Even sit next to you. You got to put the phone in his ear. I'm sorry, direct you. Happy Birthday Happy. Birthday to. The. Happy. Birthday happy birthday to. Happy! Happy. Birthday Hi Sean. I. Turn Thirty Day donald that. Demand speak. Jackie hooked it up. A girlfriend. Real friends. Happy, happy, birthday! Surprise you expect it. We WanNA. Make sure that we're better than the surprise. You were expecting well I. I did make a guest earlier. was. Yeah it was you, but it was like a out of the world like yeah sure. What maybe you did I thought. I had a friend coming over something, but. This is. A friend coming over during quarantine. That's what you've wanted. No Schon, no friends only be a masked friend. I don't all right. Hey Man, well, thank you for for liking shown for being fans of us. We really appreciate you and it's so. It's so one of the cool things about this podcast is. We get to randomly meet? Fans and and it's so. Much Fun for us to be able to see your face and talk to. Absolutely it's like it's like when we play dnd and we wish you weren't dnd because we were going to invite you game. We hear you're not into it. I know. It's just like when we play right and it's like you know you're going up against a Goblin. Playing! I grew up playing with drug dealers in my in my hometown. Running. I was GONNA take your. Whole Story. And impressed Sean. Tuckey. Houma Gone Yeah so so tell us about yourself shawn. We WanNA. Get to know you briefly while we have you. Oh! Where'd you guys live? we lived in Morgantown West Virginia. The in the house right right, right West, Virginia and how? Do you guys do for a living. I'm a pharmacy technician Nice. Currently I work at Ulta beauty as a prestige Sorry put makeup on people for a living right now. It's not able to do that. I imagine right now, or maybe they're open I. Don't know We are open for curbside pickup so we managers are currently working as been home for the past month and a half. You'RE NOT GONNA. Be Able to go to the curb and put makeup on someone in the car. Unfortunately not. When you're reopened I imagine it's going to be masks and gloves as yeah. Yeah, yeah, now Sean have you still been working. Because pharmacies are obviously open. Yeah, yeah, still nothing every day. Yeah, so no time to. Dragons Yeah how you able to do your campaign. She was telling we. We've been doing. We've been doing like skype or Google hangouts and there's a lot of online. In your sources to use your three campaigns right anyway I'm playing for different game. But what kind of character you do you have like I had a I had a cleric in one, and then I had a monk in another like. My brother. At one point, the got funky in the game we were playing, and he got to play a ogre match, which was so sick. Yeah, yeah, can Dan Kennedy M make up any rules. He or she wants gets their world. There yeah. That's cool I'm currently planning a Goliath fighter in one I'm playing A. Hassling road in. And a house Elf draconic sorcerer in the third one. Nice, do you guys have dark elves and elves, and all of that stuff and oh? Yeah, It's such a fun game man. Oh, man, yeah, it's A. It's a lot of fun. I've made a lot of friends through it and our. That's cool, and so now that it's all online. Is that make it easier for you, or is it just as fun or do you prefer to be in person like around a table? I prefer to be. In per table It's you know it's just Some of the Games have yet. Maybe six seven people that so it's kind of a big group to do online a lot of screens to go through on, and it's just easier to do in person, but it's still know it's still scratches that edge. People get really passionate about it right. Shit when you play one. I'm about to practice my fuck upside. John Sean doesn't seem like he would say something like that Donald. Not so much Maybe I should though. Do you guys ever got heated? Ideas ever get heated and get in fights like I should have done. That should have worked that role. Yeah, there's been some. There's been some friendly conflict. In some games, but yeah. Do you guys have a question. Oh Yeah. We forgot. You're supposed to ask a question wrong. You can ask. Is there anything Sean you can ask you know how on read it they have. Ama Ask me anything. This is your own personal birthday. Donald Phase on Zach Braff Ama. Be Anything. Donald though it. Donald a very private question. He'll answer it. I'll make. Don't blow it Sean. I. Was Not ready to go. Okay, well Jackie maybe while he thinks you have a question apple now. I've had a question because we if discussed while we listened to your Catholic. If you're ever on here, what will we WANNA ASK! while we will watching scrubs. So I assume you'll have seen the last season season I'm not the best season I. Don't know what you're talking. We don't even know the reason. I didn't know there was a season high. Talk Jackie the first rule of season nine is there is no seattle. Don't They. Make It as season nine on Hulu so as this wondering your. Feelings on season nine in general I I thought season nine had some very funny moments. You know I was going through a lot during season nine like. I got new teeth while we were doing season nine, so there are a couple of episodes where my teeth like. Ma. I didn't know your teeth didn't come 'til season nine and. That's when I changed it up and got these big ASS pearly. Y- anyway. There's some really funny performances and season nine day. Frank of makes me laugh, you know in season, nine and outside of the show I have great memories of nine I also have really bad memories of season nine. I knew it was over I knew we weren't necessarily making the show that the fans wanted, but did you miss? Well you were in a lot of the episode I was. I was only in the first six. We only did thirteen well. Did you miss me for the seven? So much. But the the point is I you know. I didn't mind season. Nine Granite I've never really watched any of the episodes of scrubs anyway so it all Kinda seems. It felt like we were still doing our job, but yeah, it was weird. It was weird for multiple reasons. One I was leaving, and that was in the air, also also eight seasons had been shot, as you may know from just us talking about in the past in this abandoned hospital, and then for season nine, we moved to a traditional studio backlot, and all, and so they built that fake hospital on a stage and the classroom stuff was on a stage, and it felt weird to me. It felt like jump the sharkey a bit if you will. You're going to jump a shark. You might as well do it season nine, though we we did. I, mean you know we're so blessed? We went nine seasons, but it just felt. I don't know. I felt weird about it and I to this day it's going to be funny. We keep going and decided to make a disease tonight. It's GonNa be really funny, because I've never seen them so I will be watching them for the very first time, but I know day Franko is so funny and I I like to say. I discovered Keri Shea because I put her in a pilot and then bill saw the pilot. Of the show yeah, I think Kerry northwestern graduate mind. You is very talented. But But I don't know it was weird. It was a weird energy in their. You know when when you think we all knew something was coming in. And we kind of we kind of knew his time for to be over, but we kinda didn't want it to be over. And and I think in bills. Mind was like if these new kids if this gels with the audience could take off like like e Er you know, and just keep putting in new cast and have a keep going. I remember the moment. I realized I was like Holy Shit I'm screech Holy Shit. You were screaming, and and and John is building. I was like Holy Shit Yeah especially after. I. I did read I? Don't know if you guys talked about it or else looked it up that it was almost season with almost supposed to be like a not a spinoff kind of, but like you know they were going to call it. Something different like well. It is a spin. It's not the same episode, right. If it's not same show if you recognize season came like a year and a half later and not necessarily a year later. You know what I mean I was I leaving and the the idea was to. Help launch this new series, so jd would be there for six episodes to like. Make the audience feel like it wasn't that different and then I would tiptoe out and Karen Handel clearly off to carry Boucher and. And it was going to be like scrubs med school was kind of like the idea, right? Yeah, and you know we're. We're teachers now. We had gotten so far into the silly round. By that time to you know what I mean like. It was very broad. Yeah, absolutely dude like you and I dressed up as a cowboy. and. What was the name of that guy who I think may have passed? He was very funny. The Security Guard Guy Yes. Yes, he did he pass away. He did pass away. Yes, Joel is going to get his name for us. When. He was very funny. I. Remember doing some funny stuff with him while I was there for season nine. Do you have another? Look. I'm just, trans. Trans, shock yeah Requests Donald Concern with the song. The only request is that if I can do. A. Sequence of numbers that after the numbers, a song planes. You. Guys always doing the pocket. I don't want to say is if I, say Oh, you want to. Way What is done. It already know he's very respectful. I appreciate that, but I would have six. Dan. Dan Dan. Dan Listen. Listen you will be. You're allowed to do it because it's a special occasion and by the way a lot of a lot of people. Sorry window a middlebrooks. And he was hilarious and I'm sad to say that he did pass A. He was a very very funny man, and he was on season nine describes a security guard, but a lot of talk on the social media about Bill Lawrence and these numbers this week. And I think people were cracking up about how bill kept doing that. And these numbers are all over my timeline I. don't know if it's happened to you to Donald. No I knew exactly what he was talking about. Okay, I'm I'm very impressed that he asked if he could do it. Unlike Bill. As. During it made it great, I mean yeah like. You, take the obviously you're. Don't. Stop It. Listen. Listen in. Your birthday your the very first person. We've allowed to do this. WHO's not dialed? Bill Lawrence O., Judy. Judy did and so did What's her name? The caller, didn't she? Yes okay, you're right, you ruined. Do you ruined? The specialness of it was the Sean. I'm not the only person I will you're you're you're you're one of few other than? Your way to respect for Sean I'M GONNA. Say Your Way to respect. Thank you, thank you for calling in happy birthday. And as you leave, you may yell those. Don't yell them because dance just. But. Donald led me direct. Sean, go ahead. I'm sorry. Do I didn't mean to get into way. Okay, Sean. You can do whatever you like. Thank you for coming on the show. Happy Birthday! Thank you guys so much. Amazing, fortune? Five six. and. Turn it off. That's enough, thank you. Okay, we're back. Thank you guys for coming on happy happy. Birthday. All your in, how do you? How do you wish someone well on a dunk? A DUNKIN ON A. Campaign you say like May, your jury be successful or something like that, but sounds great may. You'll be all of your mailonline journeys be successful. May the dice fall in your favor? That's perfect. Yeah, there, you go, wish you. I, wish you twenty five critical hits in your next campaign. May a warlock never eat your brains? I hope I never see the eyes of the holder. Yeah, if you ever come across Elf and his name is Jasper ignore him. On L. Foot, the Bo is so cliche. Okay Bye. Guys. We have let you. Is Going on forever Donald. This is a log on high. Going on D. and and and and so many other things French fries. Okay, let's get back into it. Okay, so we were talking about the awesome. I think we've done Justice Janis. Great Charles Peppered City came operator to find job. Brooklyn Mr Mann. Amazing okay. With the medical jargon I know I wanna say that was bad and I was watching him going. Go Zach there. You guys at nine ten. I have a big ass chunk of jargon, and for all of you in the medical profession. You know what the Hell I'm saying. You guys are smart. And all I had to do is memorize it. Get too many of those, but that was a doozy. That wasn't doozy. Also the return of Jimmy Walker. So funny. Wow, you owe ways in my. In my always fantasized the way you've got a problem. Man Yet used mentioned it last time Jimmy Walker showed up and he makes really fun bazaar choices. Yes, like. Why are you oh Louise? Fantasies. got a problem man. That was hilarious though. Interesting, line but right. It makes it very very funny, yeah. He. Was Kid dynamite little bit of Trivia on Sarah Shock in the catcher outfit. She looks very cute at eleven forty two, but she's wearing left hand. Admit Donald Well. That's for camera purposes. Obviously I guess so, but I'm telling you I looked on the on the Trivia and Sarah's a right hander. She shouldn't be wearing a left hand admit. Though right here right here. She was helped me to help you I. Don't know how she didn't laugh with him doing that in her face. On the to help you. I'm sure on the gag reel, which is probably on Youtube. You can see your cracking up at that. And they'll. Find One doctor. Kelso! Say Dr Kelsall. I'm not suing the hospital and in Him walking out was my biggest laugh of the show. I said before I'll say it again. That's it was hilarious. Man. That was funny. Put My heart hates agos for fourteen for. Funny but. It's a funny line, but first of all I'm no piece of art and the idea that jd was saying. This is. A bit ridiculous because I'm no Brad Pitt Myself, but it was funny, but it was very funny. Very funny that end song is supposed to be five for fighting easy tonight for licensing purposing purposes I. Listen to it on. Was it that on on who on Hulu? It wasn't that for sure. Yeah, it wasn't I was on I tunes and it wasn't I tunes so just to reiterate some. You've heard of this a thousand times, but those of you hadn't. Because there was no streaming and such when the show was made in these licensing agreements were made with these songs unless you're watching them in certain places. You have the DVD's of course or most of the time on when you purchase it like really purchase I tunes Amazon. The songs will be the original songs I believe. But when you stream, some of those contracts have expired or didn't cover streaming, so someone who we never know has nothing to do with bill or Krista. WHO DID A lot of music? Just, put songs I'd love to meet that person maybe. Maybe, dwell CAN DO A. Homework assignment tonight on a very special episode of. Friends, we've got to find that person. It'd be like some mysterious intern at Disney was responsible for putting in random song because I was watching this. This montage you moment with Sarah. Starting to kick is in the ICU and I said to myself. This music is moving me and one of the great things about scrubs is when they would find the perfect they slash. We would find the perfect of music, and it would give you goosebumps and it took the. The show to the next level and people love that about the show and there's just goes to show you stick any old song in there. Because a lot of the magic of this montage for me was lost because the song did nothing for me, no offence to those musicians. It's a lovely song, but it wasn't that magic that happens when you find just the right song and I bet that five for fighting easy tonight song would have been perfect. Tell Judy. You Love Her at Twenty, twenty twelve. I was surprised by a why. Why are you to break up with her? The whole fucking episode I don't think he's trying to I think he's panicking yet. You know what I think the fact that he got. Upset about her taking the fries. panicked him because that's a sign of I, really do care. About you know what how this girl makes me feel I care so much that I'm starting to recognize patterns. You know what I mean and when you start to recognize patterns, you're invested and I think Turk realized holy cow. I'm so invested in Carla that. And and it's it's it's new for me. Therefore he snaps with the French fries and he doesn't know how to take it, and when it comes time to you know. Break up with her which she thinks about to happen. He tells her the truth. That was. The writer so much. The writers did a good job with that mislead. 'cause I again haven't seen this in twenty years and I I was like Oh. Did they break up for a few episodes? I had no idea that you're about to say. I love you. Oh. You did a good job though it was a very heartfelt moment in your nine actor, Dolph Phase on Oh sack, braff, yum, or a fine actor, who more small things first time Dr Cox ever calls Sarah Barbie. Okay. This little trivia for you. The two of them together was really fun. Good together. They were good. They were good Combo, and and lastly because there's girl scout cookies in this episode. Do you WanNa? Tell the listeners what your favorite girl Scout Cookie is, Joel do you WanNa, go first of all. I don't Fuck I. Don't fuck. Would you go style kick reason? Fighting where donald how could eat from these adorable little girl I? Don't care about. I think I'd say cookies are overpriced. You don't okay, but for the sake of this fucking exercise. Can you name your favorite Dick? Look I'll fuck with girl scout. All right. Joel What's your favorite I like Samoa's similar delicious that a frozen tag along though is my favourite chocolate and peanut butter on one of those ones Dan you want to weigh in favorite. Gross Cookie. Oh. He's. Oh Shit got a box of Samoa's. Do you always this? Do you have a niece or something like that you had to buy? Where did you get those I see those girls I see those girls and their mom on the corner and I'm like and they're like girl scout cookies. They don't mind. I'm like no Dan Dan. Where did you get those? They come to my parents neighborhood all the time against, so they always have this. Damn. They're coming around throws an order and I get. In between five and ten boxes of smokers. You know what they do in money. Money shut pound. You're supporting a charity all right, listen Oh. Is it for charity? Yeah, they give it to the do girl scout things. What girls I think they're just pocketing the money and putting badges on their shit, so let me get this straight. Yeah, girl, Scout! Cookies aren't. Doing money, let me by throwing a prom. Hold on, let me get straight so when you're a kid and you had to sell candy for something. You didn't pocket that money. No and I never had one of those things because I wasn't involved. In any of those activities pocket that money. No, you're admitting to the audience that you stole fucking charity money. The price all you gotTa, do is after price. Oh God instead of making it a dollar. You make it a dollar fifty and you walk away with fifty cents. This these are this is like A. Hustle. You WanNA learn how to hustle. This is the perfect way to Hustler listen. They gave listen to give kids. There's a reason why when you see those kids with the candy and chocolate bars that they're charging you. Five dollars for the chocolate only got this peleton character be back on the next episode, or is he just in this episode? He might just be this I didn't drink. Hey, check this out. I didn't drink the drink. Water you ought worked up because of the Peleton Instructor Peleton Instructor, and how my wife responded to him. I was like so that was really interesting that you. You know you made me you gave me that guy. I rode with him this morning. Oh okay. Wife Casey Com got all worked up by this guy I think she might have got worked better odds than you Donald. He definitely has better APPs in me. He has guns in me. He's probably got better. Go Way more stamina than I have. Hey, listen I just WanNa, tell you something what these girls scouts are doing in California is setting up outside the we'd shops because we'd is legal here. Even for recreational as it is in several other states, so you're telling me that's not a hustle, so you telling me they ask US smart Hustle area, so it's not a smart hustle up the price of girl scout cookies, no smarter hustle to stay in Asia I love. To have a week shop within feet of children right there breaking the law breaking the law girl scouts. Lining up in front of the week shop. You're breaking the law, so donald is now going to put in the weeds shop in jeopardy. I'm just it out there. You're going to go out there and start breaking it up right out in front of my shot. But let me get a box of Samoa's I I'm calling the cops call the cops on it but I. let me get within minutes the only. Way? To the actual retail price. Actual retail we've kept you people for an hour and a half. We love you. Thank you for listening. This is in fact, doctors. Real Friends Count Donald six seven eight stories about. About. About. Dr Seuss. Candidate who? Nets Lawsuit Here. Zach. Long. Jordan Magic Bird Barkley. Some of the greatest players to ever grace the court play together as a team only once. Ninety, two Olympic Team Com Jack McCallum sports illustrated writer, best-selling author, and now host of a new podcast, the Dream Team tapes the real story of the greatest team in NBA history here, the whole story straight from the voices of the legends themselves from diversion podcasts listened to the dream. Team tapes on the iheartradio APP on Apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcast. He Classic Twenty Twenty. 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