Steelers Post-Game: Steelers squander opportunity in Mile High, winning streak snapped


The Pittsburgh Steeler fans. Welcome back to another episode of the Steelers postgame show. Little somber today as the Steelers lose to the Denver Broncos twenty four to seventeen I'm Jeff Hartmann editor of behind the seal curtain dot com. With me is always Lancia's by coz, Lance. How's it going? What are your thoughts on the game today? Not very good. I'm doing fantastic, man. You know, it's just a ban loss. All losses are bad losses. But you're not an feeling a little bit optimistic because I am still in the thanks giving glow. I hope all you guys had also thanksgiving and man, Jeff my co-host is the man on the get down with. Oh, Jeff Gasol skills on the grill. Yeah. You know, Jeff, you need to post a picture on the site in have a contest of who can get down better than me on the grill Jeff gas series skills. In fact, I got some serious kills two. I'm just not courageous enough to do a Turkey on thanksgiving. But thinking of Turkey's, oh, it was a Turkey of a game today. And there are a lot of Turkey's on the Steelers offense a side of the football. I've said this before I'll say two million times over their games where losses acceptable because there are times where you're just not the better team. There's times when you watch the game. Whether the team doesn't have it. Whether other team is superior. We've all seen these games the Pittsburgh Steelers through our lifetime. The one thing that infuriates the nose in. This is the way I feel that this game this game would fall in this category. Is that I there's no chance in hell. The Denver Broncos are as. At team as Steelers they did not deserve to win that game. The Pittsburgh Steelers gift wrap that win for them with four turnovers. But the thing is lands, and you and I will talk about this in depth here. The turnovers weren't just those random deep throw picks. They were turnovers that took points off of the board. You talk about the Chris Boswell blocked field goal. That's a potential. Let's assume he makes it that'd be three points tied the game. The grumble play might have been in my opinion the worst turnover of the game and maybe of the season because he was wide open. And even if he just initiates contact I in doesn't received a blow of the safety. He's probably down at the one at the worst. Instead he has the ball in the wrong hand everything just goes wrong fumbles into the end zone, which I still think is the dumbest rule in the National Football League. And it just kind of snowballed from there. Ben Rothlisberger with to pick. None worse than the last. One booths that feel like the week fifteen game at the pensive patriots. When it came to the goal line situation. It just seemed discombobulated it seemed rushed it just was awful Lance at of all turnovers, which do you think was the worst the red zone? Turn over at the end of the game. Because with all of the other turnovers. If you score the touchdown there you still have an opportunity to win the football game, potentially in overtime. And so I think that was the costliest one the other ones came at other points in a game. And you were still in the game that one finished so any turnover that completely closes the game out. And you lose you can't come back from that is the worst Turner. So I think it was a turn over the interception. Oh, yes. Absolutely. If they were all bad 'cause they all took points. The board. James Connors fumble was bad because it's still driving. And that was a first down run. He didn't even didn't even seem as if the ball. All was touched. He got hit in the leg. And he was flipping over. It was one of those games. We'll put it that way. And so the Steelers are now seven three and one big from the number two seed and drop down to the number four seed as the New England Patriots climb back up to number two since they beat the New York Jets today and advanced two eight and three so the Houston Texans. They play on Monday night football against Tennessee titans to the AFC playoff picture could still juggle. But at the same time the Steelers find them find themselves in the four seeded said, this is sketchy territory when you look at this late of games they have coming up next week. Just see the lay of the land next week. The Pittsburgh Steelers host the I always say San Diego, the Los Angeles chargers on Sunday football. Then they go to Oakland. Then the patriots come to town. Then they go to New Orleans in host the Bengals in week seventeen. Okay. Let's go. Let's just do some grades. And we'll talk it through. We'll talk it out as we do it. Okay. That sound good to you. What's our greatest? Are. We going one through five four has always on through four just wanted to make sure I did not fumble and give somebody a four point two five. Could give an a plus if he wanted, but I don't think there's anyone deserve that today. Actually, there's probably one player that might get in a great in the entire game. I. Okay. Well, let's the quarterback has quarterback overly Ben Rothlisberger. Talk about some stats forty one of fifty six four hundred sixty two you think if you if I asked you. Hey, Ben Rothlisberger is gonna throw forty one fifty six for four hundred two yards thinking probably win the game. Now, he averaged eight point three yards one touchdown to interceptions with sacked twice for eight point five rating. I have to give a nod to Chris Boswell who was one for one two yard touchdown pass out hundred villa wave with a one eighteen point eight rating pretty solid quarterback praying for him, Lance Ben Ross burgers grade, one through four what he got. I'm gonna give him a one the turnover was deadly at the end of the game. That indicating the miscommunication with AB on the route stopping another drive. I'm put him giving him a one because the fantastic throw out of the end zone. That was probably the throw the year. Affect the other throw the year. NFL was throw Josh outling made today against Jacksonville that was a fantastic play. But you got you you've got to take care of the football. You can't turn the football over in that in that situation. And you just can't turn the football over. I mean, you know, you know, that you're better than this team. You have to think that if you can secure the football you'll probably win, and we drives where you just need to get points. And you just gotta take care of the football particularly on the road that red zone turnovers. Terrible. I thought there was some ball location issues. I thought James washes should come down with the ball. But if he throws a better ball there. I think it's an easier. Catch. I'm gonna give them a one. I in fact, I thought the game plan was a little curious. I think we both thought or Wednesday that they run the football more potatoes short passing game sort just going to give it a one. It's hard. I didn't think Ben had a pretty decent game. The turnover was bad. Both turnovers are bad to be honest. And then you have the situation with the overthrow he missed juju on in the first half would have been a touchdown. I don't I'm not going to say that the James Washington throws bad. I feel good Jane's Washington doesn't jump and just rotates his body to catch the ball. He walks into the end zone. I'm not putting that on Ben. I'm gonna give a I'm gonna give bene- too. Because even though there were some head-scratching throws and plays. There were some plays in. There were some throws. He made put Tova Threadneedle hidden Ryan Switzer over the middle with some bullets early. The path. Like you said juju he hid juju on a couple on that last dry before obviously ended in a turnover. Some really nice throws to beat that cover to show that they're running. So I'm gonna give them a to not a great game. But I don't think it was a one. That's just that's just me. Let me Jeff thank for bringing up throw that he missed on. Juju on double move. I mean, that's another reason why put in a great down that seven points. That's almost as bad as the turnover getting into game. But that seven point you're taking out the board. That's that's in the barrel. You've got to make that throw. You cannot miss that. That's the shot play that they called directly of the have it, you know, that they had it teed up because they ran a specific double move against that guy. And I'm sure there was a tendency that they saw that teed up and you have to make that in golfing terms. A man that that that's a three foot birdie putt for the money for the nine million, right? Yeah. Gotta make that throat, by the way that Tiger Woods. Feel stuff was pretty. I don't know. I watch. I'm glad it was free. And I watched it last few holes for Jeff did you watch eighteen holes of that mess? I did how did you get for free? I had to pay twenty bucks for it should be getting your refund because bleach report put it out free because the strain was bad for majority of the people. So you should be getting nineteen bucks in the mail. Well, then I'll be calling TV then. But let's talk about that another time. Let's let's move on with our grades to the running back position. Ben James Connor finished the day with just thirteen carries. Fifty three yards four point one average along run of eleven yards out say of said it before it again, Lance. I don't mean to step on your toes here when the Steelers failed to commit to the Ron James Connery's ineffective. That's not a that's not a James Connor thing. I I've already seen on Twitter. Some comparisons to the player that we don't wanna talk about anymore. Look the same thing happened. When the other guy was here if they don't commit to the run, they often divine never gets going. They never get that greave and being become predictable. And I wanna say and I'm going to go back and look at the stats. I think that every time the Steelers have given James Connor the ball at least fifteen times, it might be twenty after double-check. They he's rushed Rhonda yards here. He gets thirteen carries that I swear I don't. Understand that the Broncos. I think the twenty seventh ranked run defense coming into this game. And you only run the ball thirteen times in a game where you just lose by seven. You just lose by seven. It wasn't like they were getting their doors blown off like they did against Kansas City where you feel like I have to throw it to get back into it. I didn't get the play calling. I didn't get the I I didn't understand the scheme coming into this game. You mentioned that a little bit earlier if I'm grading James Connor I'm going to give him a one based on the fumble. But I'm not giving them a one based on the lack of production because it's not his fault that his numbers getting called so Lance. What's your grade for James CONNER? See I'm have to call you out. Jeff man, you soft on man. See Jeff assault on. I'm James of one is well 'cause the fumble is deadly that takes points off the board in a close game when you're driving, and I agree with everything you said about not using James Carter, and I agree with your one. But I don't think you should get a one you're just a softy on bid listeners. I'm going to say. Something that was said back in eighties before Jeff was born. I don't think Jeff when you born where you live when Michael Jordan played for North Carolina. I was born in nineteen three. Oh, so you were you probably like one years old. I remember that two years saying that the only person that could stop Michael Jordan Dean Smith, the only person can stop James Connor is Ben Rothlisberger and Randy feet ner. That's the only people that can stop James Connor when you feature James car, you give him the ball. He produces this offense goes through James, Connor. He leads his touches when they are running the football. They are much different and much more complete offense. Now, I agree with you. And I think that ultimately when you see them running the football when you see imposing their will. I thought the past protection was very good today. I can't stay Outside Linebackers that they have against them with a rookie, right tackle and Chuck's core. Four out there who I've not played a very good game. He had a lot of help. And that's that's expected when you're gonna get on Miller. But I just didn't understand when you're interior line is intact. Run it between the tackles it with his crazy. 'cause they ran it successfully a few times, they just abandoned it right away. So am I soft on band? I don't know when he throws the fifty six times, I know that the turnovers were bad. But at the same time he made a lot of good throws James Connors case. He didn't get a lot of touches is very small body work. But in my little soft on I'm sure he's always been my guy. All right. Let me try to. Even more to try to drop the great lower. Now. I don't know of you can tack completely on been because we don't know who made the mistake, but how about the two turnovers excuse me. The two time outs used early in the third quarter leaving the Steelers with one time out late in the game which really altered the play calling and really stripped him of the ability to run the football late in that game. I was bad too. Well, one of van's McDonald awake. He showed up in the huddle and shouldn't have been there. And so that's not necessarily a den. What I would say is did did not having timeouts really hurt the Steelers. If anything I agreed with what Tony Romo said where they should be Milquet McLachlan taking as much as they can off the clock because the Steelers defense would was kind of sievelike down the stretch, and they retired. And I get that. I don't think that the not have timeouts hinder them too much. But if you want just to appease, y'all give them a one point five ZV down. All right. Yes. Yes. I yes. I we can move on now. For big, Dan. And let's go the receiving core. Where I think we both agree juju Smith Schuster has a career day. Sadly, it goes for not thirteen or sections one hundred eighty nine yards. None more electrifying than the ninety seven yard touchdown pass in the early. Portions of the third quarter crazy thing is he did this last year against Detroit, very similar situation. Ninety seven yards. He's not a burner. He's not fast. But when he gets the ball he's tough to bring down. He's a big body guy. He has strong arms in terms of stiff arm. He finishes with an average of fourteen point five one touchdown and seventeen targets thirteen receptions on seventeen targets pretty impressive, Lance. We both give them a four, right? Absolutely. He's USC guy hate to give juju four but juju he's probably gonna four and a half. Juju was out there eating and having abo and other side AB getting all that double coverage. He takes advantage, and he gets a fool core. Seven course meal out of it. And ju ju is eating. That's what he should do so kudos to juju. For fantastic shockingly in a tie for second in terms of yardage for the Steelers receiving core. Ryan Switzer was six catches on eight targets for sixty seven yards and average of eleven point two. Don't look now as Ryan Switzer becoming the team's number thirty wide receiver. If he is. That's a problem you want it to be James Washington because Billy to get vertical. I think James Washington. I think we both agree to mate that catch. But James Washington's ability to get vertical is what you want to potentially alleviate some of the dump coverage to a AB you want another guy that has to be accounted for. So you can keep a deep safety and it helps the run game as well. And it just gives the defense another person that they have to be preoccupied with to clear out you can run clear outs with them over with them and just different concepts. If he's able to stretch the field and make some plays. They're gonna need him to make some plays. I don't think anyone is scared of Ryan Switzer. But it's good that he's producing. What is numbers called? The funny thing is down the stretch in this really bowling. My Chris Harris junior was on Switzer seemed to be following him. Almost it's ad. It just seemed to me that there should have been someone that headed favorable matchup. Juju is winning his. And this takes me to my next guy interior around wanna great his performance. He finished with nine catches on twelve targets sixty seven yards seven point four average the long of fourteen. Is it tough grade land? I'll kick it off to you. What do you think in terms of grades for Antonio Brown? I'm gonna give Avia three I'm giving a three point two five. I think AB is doing what he supposed to do within the context of the offense. If you're double cover, you're going to have limited opportunities. But because you're double cover that has to lead to a secondary option getting a bunch of catches having bit games. And that's what's happening. I think AB played a solid game. I mean, I think he took what was given to him. And what the coverage was provided an eight didn't really didn't force it to him, which is good name able to get other guys. Opening other guys targets in other guys made plays. It's just this game. Offensively is more of missed opportunities than AB not having no marks getting. So I'll give them with three point two five three based on the fact that. It's it's it's very thera- Steeler fans are very spoilt when he didn't get his feet down that fifteen or sixteen yard pass play. I Komi stunned. I was like, man. Yeah. I thought for sure he got that foot down. And he didn't he's not. He's not breaking free his streak of touchdown. I think it ends in five games. I may be wrong. He does not hit paydirt. But again was targeted twelve times juju Smith she strained Tonio Brown combined for twenty nine targets in the game. Throw in Ryan Switzer in thirty seven targets in three of those three players. That's pretty crazy. When you think about that in that fact, guess I could go through some other players. I think one of those great it's good the defense. Wow. Terrell Edmonds leads the team in tackles anytime a safety leisure team in tackles. That's not good in my opinion, thrill Edmonds leads the team nine total tackles eight solo. That's good at team stats here. In terms of Saxe. The Steelers finished with two they gave Hargrave a half and Hayward a half. And Vince Williams had his own quarterback heads five the sealers defenses gave up a lot of rushing yards. They gave up their first one hundred yard rusher today on fourteen carries mind you Philip Lindsay fourteen carries one hundred ten yards seven point nine yards of rip for a touchdown. When about go ahead. On Wednesday show. That's one thing. I mentioned in that Lindsey super explosive boy can run I mean when you can jump cut like he does and still be a topic celebration. I mean, that's rare. And I agree a hundred percent with Tony Romo when you watch him run in his level of explosiveness. You're just wondering what are scouts doing at times because there aren't many guys in the National Football League at that position that can run like that. I mean that that boy can go boy got juice, and you can see as clear as day. If you just watch a few snaps at him. I watched a couple of games last week against San Diego boy can run and they were getting creased, and they were getting leveraged in flanked off tackle Ron's. And he was ripping them. You know, just in terms of looking at the Jeff let's just look at the front. You know, maybe look at the linebackers the secondary. I will give the front maybe a two and a half. I thought they were spotty off tackle runs and they couldn't finish. When they had case keenum in in some situation several times, they just could not finish. I thought they were getting some adequate and some pretty good pressure. They just couldn't close the deal. So I'm going to give them a two and a half. I don't think it was terrible game. But definitely not one of their best. Yeah. It wasn't good. It wasn't. He. Reminding few years ago the stretch stretch zone run is what they gashed him on a few times. It seemed like the Steelers head sure that other the years, but how bad did they miss deaf? Onto it lands, in your opinion is a is he going to be a cure all for this dealers defense or this run defense or any kind of being exposed. I think he will cure. And here's the reason I'm giving a funny reason why it's because if he comes back the rotations of the defensive lineman or back to where they should be in. Daniel mccullers does not have to play Daniel mccullers cannot play the outside zone and mccullers plays at a Pat level that's far too high. If you go back to the Jacksonville game, you look at all twenty two they get gals ripped when day covers into gay. So if two incomes back the rotation is back into it's a better player spoke Tyson allu- or Allahu Allahu Cal grad plays less. Snaps Walton doesn't get on the field is much and Daniel mccullers never plays. So I think with to back it really helps and they better have him back next week because Melvin Gord is even more dynamic in explosive than linzie. Yeah. I did see thunder. Saw Gordon was banged up a little bit in the game today off to double check on that. We'll we'll into that came ad nauseam on the websites. I'm sure will be tackling that in every different aspect. Let's go to some teams detested here. You're looking at this telling stats we always talk about red zone third down. So it's down offensively Steelers. Third down efficiency five for fourteen that's below the bar. Not very good. But Steelers defensively held the Broncos on for three of eleven on third efficiency. So it was Steelers offense. Yikes. That's bad. It's a little it's a it's a take under obviously five hundred. I look for above five hundred to be good. I'm below five hundred to be bads. That's just my definition of that you hold the Denver defended. Defensively holding Denver's off has three for Levin is not that bad either. What are your thoughts on the third down efficiency offensively lands, and what can they do to fix it? Not good enough on third down this Jeff. There was a play believe lately. Game third and six they target AB one on one I believe they throw it seventeen yards down the field to try to pick up a third down. And this was late in the fourth quarter calls like that are head-scratching to me. Why throw the ball seventeen yards to get six when you have one time out late in the game in you know, if you kick it back and give up a score you're gonna lose clock. And if you give up a score the game is going to be over. I think sometimes on third down to play calling just from a logical sensical perspective is off. But but but you got to convert their down more. I mean, you have to because the defense limited giver to three of eleven is outstanding. And I thought the defense had a pretty good handle on what? Denver was trying to do ofensive lycee safe for the fact that no one could cover Emmanuel Sanders. So yes, the offense has to be better on third down and better in the red zone, which I know you're getting ready to bring up. Yes. The reds. It is typically the second statistic that we mentioned when we talk about teams. Mystics seals finished one for two bud defensively they three out of four. That's not good red zone team. Play the sealers offense shockingly they turned it over to many times before they got into the red zone. I want to say there might have only been one possession to the most though the whole gain. The seal is didn't make their way across the fifty. And it's just oh my gosh. From the fifty to the red zone is just all the trouble having lands. What about the defensive side? They didn't have good red zone defense today. What's going on? Yeah. I mean, you just I mean that that past plate of may will Sanders. I don't know if he was he had to be at least a third option thought they were couple of coverage bus down near to particularly on the run play down there where they saw Sensabaugh in what kind of going back and forth on the sidelines. I think the rookie at times does it actually know his assignments Edmonds down near in the red zone. They looked a little discombobulated down there. You know, it's hard to say that they didn't play a good enough game to win. But you have to say that because they didn't win. I gloriously. They couldn't handle Emmanuel Sanders. He did it adequate enough job against the run. I think they held him down on third down. But you just have to play better in the red zone and on offense. You've gotta get more reds on trips. You can't have to red zone trips or you have to have more trips. It's like chopping wood the more trips you get the more chances. You are going to be successful. In those you can't get two trips on the road. But again, I mean, Jeff is bad as some of these stats are, you know, in this game comes down the turnovers. We just can't turn it over on the road like that and expect to get a win. Now. You're absolutely right. And that's when everything that we talk about I mean, people wanna talk about, you know, rushing numbers and rushing attempts and all this stuff when a reality. It comes down to the fact that the Steelers turn the ball over. Way to freaking much in this game to win. And when you think about last week every my goodness. Maybe we maybe. Not might maybe they were fortunate to win that football game last weekend Jacksonville. And you know, the stumbling block so to speak and the games that were not marquee match ups and long stretch were adjuncts Ville had Denver and add Oakland three road games. Three teams that are below five hundred. And you know, what they barely got out of Jackson with a win. Some would say they should have won this game. But they didn't now yet Oakland in two weeks. But in in between those are big games big games against good teams were not counting the the Bengals at this point. But so let's get to some questions here. Pose the question here too. Okay. Yeah. So Lance any other thoughts of whether any questionable decisions he thought happened. Or were there any key turning points in the game other than turnovers? You wanna talk about I'm gonna be surprisingly positive. This is a really good football team. I know they lost the game. But just consider you go on a road. You start your third. Right. Tackle you give up what to Saxon game. You have close to five hundred fifty yards of offense. And the you really handle that pass rush. You really do everything that you wanna do ofensive -ly? It's a it's a loss. But it it's a loss that you walk away from saying. Where football team we just have to button this up. We have to keep this buttoned up. We have to take care of the football. I if we take care of the football, and we're supposed to we're going to win a lot of football game. So although they lost. I'm not why I'm not coming away with this game thinking anything differently about this team other than the fact that they just got a button it up secure the football. And I think they'll be fine. I'll go on and say that there is underneath a change about this football team. That's their dead fed outside linebacker Ola. Dania was brought off the injured reserve this past week. He can now they have twenty one days to make a decision on him. The find the Steelers, but TJ and a banged up which with by which by the way, the injuries that happened in a game yet TJ about the risks. Vance McDonald with a hip and bud depre- with the shoulder all return to the game the two of those three players that I just named Outside Linebackers in Anthony Shaquille is the only other outside linebacker on the roster on the Steelers this week. I'm promoting all day Nate to the roster because they need someone else out there because you forgetting Anthony Shaquille O plays every single special teams. You know, every single special teams. Kick team return, teeny name it. He was on the field a ton today. And that's not any type of let me let me stop is overstating say is day need the solution. No. Is he another body? Yes. And that's what they need. They just need more depth at the position. I've never thought it was good or smart idea to go roll with three. And now they've got some injuries at the position. So I don't know what you think about that. But that's my theory on the team. I think it's an issue. I mean, it's absolutely an issue. I mean, they don't have depth that the position. And I think everybody was holding their breath when they saw watt go out with the wrist injury. And hopefully, it'll be healthy next week because they're going to be able they're going to have to get pressure off Philip rivers next week. That's a guy that you can't let sit in the pocket with the weapons that they have a we'll deal with that. When we break that down next week. And a you said this is a good football team. Hope people realize that and if they win Sunday night, no one will remember this loss. And it's a big win over good chargers team. You'll see you'll see that's all I gotta say. All right. So let's get some questions is it time to bench, James Washington. I'm gonna say no, he's a rookie. He's going through some growing pains in Ben Ross Perot's said this multiple times throughout the season. And that is when he was in college he played on one side of the field and he played one position. And his job was mainly to go deep when a reality in the NFL. You've gotta run every route. You gotta do it on those the field. Andy minutes ago this lot. And that's how they run the Steelers offense Judaism issues to able to do that with these not every rookie juju Smith Schuster. So I think you agree with me here. Right. James washington. Not who we thought he was rookie. But it's not time to make any drastic measures on him. No officer after a look at James Washington on all twenty two. He's getting separation and he's getting open. I would be concerned if that wasn't happening right now, they just don't have confidence in him to do everything that they need him to do thus Switzer's gonna get some of those targets just be patient with the young man he'll continue to develop one thing. I'm not worried about is the Steelers develop developing wide receivers. He'll be a good one. Yeah. I think so too. All right next question is why can't get these Turner's controlling. It says something I told Lance before we got on the air. The Steelers worth minus three and turnover ratio heading into this game. They turn the ball over four times. It means a minus seven I the turnovers on offense or one thing, but lands, what do you think this team has to do to get more turnovers on the defense of end? Is there anything and think other than just luck and happenstance that they're not doing that? They could do better. I think they probably have to play the run better on first down. Because I think if you can do that you can get some teams in some third long situations in force in dictate. Some throws is that way. I think you could put yourself in gore physicians to get turnovers you're Steelers, aren't you know, they gotta get teams into some more third and seven along there's so they can really gate after teams put the pressure on quarterbacks four some errant throws. And or get shocked ships fumbles of that nature. I think if you play veteran, I doubt on against the run in teams aren't in second six or or second in four second five. I think you'll see those opportunities go up. All right. Yeah. Next question. Do we need to see more? Jalen Samuels as like a third down back, and this is tough because I don't think past pros specialty. But he does have good hands. He was utilized that way at NC state last year. What are your thoughts on that? I'm not sure I mean, I just haven't seen enough of him to suggest. Just that. I think the offense isn't an issue. I think it's just about securing the football past pro is consistently good. It's about keeping securing the football. And it's running the football. When this offense commits to featuring James Connor and getting him from twenty to twenty five touches that's when this offense roles. I think that's the identity of which they should pull up. You're throwing the ball almost sixty times in getting seventeen points. We know they turned over the ball multiple times. But throwing the ball sixty times. I don't think that's the recipe for this office. I think this offense needs to run the football in everything needs to go through that. And goes through James Connor in him getting touches. Okay. That to you. That's question. Do you think Chuck's accord for will replace Marcus Gilbert next year? What are your thoughts on the rookie offense attack? I mentioned how he had a lot of help today. But did you notice him at all? To answer the question. No, absolutely not. I mean, I have to look at Marcus Gilbert's contractor to shop probably have a better answer for that on Wednesday. Just see what the debt money charged with if you cut him so on and so forth. But no, I think we Gilbert plays the best right tackles the National Football League. The problem is he does not play it. He's unhealthy. And he's a guy that MRs several in numerous games every single season. But I don't think Chuck's is the replacement. I think if anything that they were to go in that direction. It will be a competition against him and filer I think they would compete for the right tackle position. But I don't think we're at that point yet. Yeah. Okay. Another good question here. I thought from Amen, essentially, asking what are your thoughts on why the Steelers don't get banned under center more than they do. They run a lotta shotgun. And they run out of the shotgun. Formation a lot rants. What are your thoughts on that? Why are they not getting banned under the center? It must be something that he sees. He must he must like looking at the field detached. That's the only thing that I think I mean, it's more of a shotgun league. Now. I'm not sure that that's a really good question. It's hard to know what that answer is. But you don't he only got just say to answer it in extreme generalities is he just be must be more comfortable, not dropping back it taking his eyes off to feel per se, particularly play actu- or just dropping back in general. He must just feel more comfortable, you know, already being able being detached from center reading reading the defense that way. Maybe that she said, I don't know. It's hard to say, what do you do you? I think right now, it's a comfort level with Dan. I think it's also about packages. In other words, if they have been under center, I think the one of the situations is that a lot of people wanting four in this common actually said this they want to I formation. They went Roosevelt Knicks out there. They went James Connor. But you've image yourself in the passing game is everyone's play action. But they want Roseau next. You're limiting yourself when you do that. I think that the Steelers are a primary shotgun offense. They they actually run the ball well out of the shotgun. It just seems like the offense of line actually works better. When they don't have Knicks out there when Knicks isn't in their potentially plugging holes clearing holes. I saw that on a couple of cages tonight when the Steelers ran at the I formation with Knicks on the field. It'll be interesting to see where they go from here. I don't think they're going to see your to see any major changes. But I. I think Rothlisberger and feeder a comfortable in the shotgun. They like spreading the T spreading teams out running out of the shotgun because they've proven successful doing. So that's just my long answer to two very simple complex question. And every quarterbacks different. Let me add to that. Jeff. It might have something to do with the ability to be able to RPO out of shot. Good as well. Because you can't really RPO to center also is probably something to do with the way the James Connor feels more comfortable running out of shotgun as well where he can pick it and hit it in a different way. Then you would if he were under center. So it's probably a combination. Like, you said the packages. Also, I think Conor inventor probably more comfortable outta shotgun. Yeah. I agree. So all right Lanza questions have seen gone dry at this point. What are your final thoughts and the game in the Steelers moving forward all all loss? Are bad losses. But I don't come away thinking that this is a bad football team. I think the Steelers you know, when I look at them. They're on the precipice of being an elite team one of the reasons they're not in the league team is the turnover stuff they give the ball away. And they can't take the ball away. I think daxon issue. I think another issue is they don't have a primary options a third wide receiver. I think that's an issue as well. One of the things that cropped up in this game is Joe Haden. You can Joe Haden still run. Emmanuel Sanders Ryan by him with no issue. And that's a problem. I think this team has rebounded from what we saw earlier in the season. They're coming off a five game winning streak. So I think the team is still pointed in the right direction. They just have to they have to clean some stuff up and they can't leave some plays on the field. But I'm not coming away from this game thinking this isn't a football team. I think they're exactly what I thought they were last week. Probably the second or third best team in the conference with Kansas City being the best. Probably New England a close second with the Steelers followed by San Diego daring that mix of the best teams in the conference. They're just not in the league team. They're they're not the saints. They're not the Rams, but I think if things bounce right for this still is a team that has a good opportunity to go to a Super Bowl. Yeah. And that's the thing is the Steelers the last two weeks, and yeah, people will talk about some calls this way calls that way. But ultimately they've had a lot of bounces go against them as well. Some of these fumbles anything James Connors fumble. When I know Ryan Switzer, someone was covered by Pittsburgh. But ultimately if things are going their way little bit this team, they can go on a tear. They've proven that. And they'll definitely be tested down the road. And I've always said it you just have to get into the dance everyone talks about number one seed in a home field advantage and all that stuff. You just have to get into the dance. Win your division punch one home game ticket. And then from there you see where the chips fall. But I I like the Steelers chances, and I won't know a lot more about this year's coming up even as early as this upcoming Sunday night in week thirteen. So for me, I just want to remind everyone out there. If you're listening on podcast, check us out on YouTube. We can go to YouTube search BTS's Steelers radio. Subscribe like comment. We appreciate all that stuff. Also, if you're watching on you didn't know that we have a lot of podcasts that maybe are on you to check us out on other platforms was art nineteen stitch Google play I tune Spotify. You name it. Search Steelers you'll find the behind the Silkroad dot com platform their lands. I know you wanted to ask people their opinions, especially those on YouTube in our group chat that offseason contents. And I'll give you the chance to do that. Now listeners one of the things me Jeff kicked around off air just just some of the content. We wanna bring to you guys in the off season. And we just want to get your feedback. If you get a chance, you know, reply reply in the comments on the YouTube video reply in the live chat, just a different type of content that you might wanna see in the offseason. So that's pretty much. But the one thing I did want to add to your com-, Jeff when you were mentioning. Your thoughts about this football team in a funny way. I think this sandiego game will say more about them then this loss against Denver. I think as they go out and play a really good football again in handle a really good sad Yego team that'll say more about them. Then this loss in Denver. I agree. And I'm always someone that says that you can eight loss can be beneficial to you. And I think that there were some Steelers that might have been drinking their own Kool aid a little bit. Now. Denver beats this not at a in an all around kind of way, and your this himself evaluation going on right now the seals Raskin themselves as defense make it we need to south the run. The offense is talking about not coughing up the football, a can be a good thing. This this loss as much as it sucks right now. If it propels them to bigger and better things would be totally worth it. So with that said. With thank you for your time lanes. I appreciate that. Also, check out behind the steel curtain dot com for all your Pittsburgh Steelers needs. We update the site over ten articles day all your Steelers knees right there for you in one location. So we create the time lands per sheet. A time makes you check out tomorrow night the Steelers hangover that's with Brian and Tony will be back on Wednesday for the standard is the standard. We'll see next time. Hello. I'm Spencer hall from SP nation, and I wanna tell you about my new show. It seemed smart it's smart as a show about people doing things that for some reason or another same smart at the time. Those things might include doing a little cocaine and driving a bike up mountain or I don't know maybe racing one hundred miles per hour across the country in the middle of the night with no one's permission or even stealing a bat from an empire is room in a major league baseball park, check it out. And if you like it Tele friend, I'm Spencer hall. Don't do anything smart.

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